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Sip Slowly Mixsultancy™ Plan

Sip Slowly Mixsultancy™ Plan COMPLETE BAR TRAINING

Training: The Lifeblood of the Project Complete and thorough staff training is what the Joseph Boroski Mixsultancy™ project is all about. From the details of making classic cocktails, to bar set-up, to exceptional guest service, to spirits and drinks knowledge, proper training is what turns a decent bar into an exceptional guest experience. Expectations exist to be exceeded.

Focusing on the needs of your staff, a specific training schedule is created that ensures the maximum benefit.

Detailed Staff Training Proper and thorough staff training is imperative for an efficiently run and successful venue. Joseph Boroski and his Mixsultants™ provide comprehensive training for all MIXSULTANCY™ TRAINING bar staff, focusing on a Consistency & Efficiency complete range of bartending, Variety of Sweeteners cocktail, spirits, and serviceTasks • Performance • Multitasking oriented knowledge. The focus Tools & Equipment • Ingredients of the staff training will be an 3 Steps to Every Drink elevated echelon of technique Glassware • Ice Exceptional Guest Service and efficiency. All essential Classics • Standards • Essentials • Modern expertise will be included in the Making a Better Drink detailed and thorough training, Boroski Method-Based Cocktail Making which will have an emphasis on Order of Operations • Drinks Order hands-on and action-based Garnishes • Mis En Place • Preparation exercises in brief and Jigger Pouring • Freepouring Flowcharts: Service Order at the Bar & POS manageable sessions. Topics covered will include maximizing Upselling • Terminology efficiency behind the bar, Cocktails Background & Knowledge Infusions • Fresh Juices • Homemade Syrups consistency in cocktail creation, Best Practices • Exact Measurements garnishes, tools & equipment, Taste & Balance • Flavors •Adjustment stellar guest service, making Hygiene, Cleanliness & Organization proper measurements,

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? • Staff-engaging and hands-on training covering all listed topics • Individually tailored training schedule based on current weaknesses and needs • Complete and original bar manual covering all trained topics • Absolute consistency • No less than the best cleanliness & hygiene, multi-tasking and high-volume bartending, order of operations, spirits knowledge, upselling, balancing cocktails to guest specifications, best use of your time at the bar, and the best creation of specialty drinks. All staff members will be tested and provided with a Certificate of Training Completion. Documentation All training and signature cocktails are accompanied with original, detailed, and easily understandable documentation, which are also provided in electronic format for ease of reproduction.

Sip Slowly Mixsultancy™ Plan !

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Sip Slowly Mixsultancy™ Plan PERFECTING THE CLASSICS

Stellar International Classics Guests expect the best from top establishments, as they should. A good drink—and preferably an exceptional one—is something that the best of venues should be confident that they can always provide with absolute consistency. A distinguished chef with a high focus on the food menu deserves matched attention to the bar service. Classic cocktails, international mixes, and world favorites should be the basis of any bartender’s

knowledge—and it’s not just remembering the recipes. Each drink needs to be crafted to perfection using the proper implementation of technique and the precise measurements of the exact ingredients. These skills are essential for a foundation on which to build a great bar team and an exceptional signature cocktail list. This is the type of training that turns a good bar into an exceptional venue.


Amazing Signature Cocktails On par with design and a strong food menu, the signature cocktails and the quality of drinks has a strong and lasting impact on guests. All signature cocktails are developed to international standards of excellence and originality, introduced via thorough training and detailed documentation, and exclusive only to the venue in which they are launched. Original

recipes are never duplicated to multiple clients. Worldly techniques are used to utilize the fresh locally available ingredients to maximize freshness as well as to incorporate the local color of the region. Freshness, originality, profitability, and excitement are the focus. The cocktail menu will be completely unique and will aim to appeal to a broad range of patrons, while a high level of reproducibility and consistency will be ensured.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? • A complete detailed hands-on training of all classic cocktail techniques, recipes, and standards • Use and practice of all bar equipment with heavy emphasis on proper technique • Cocktail subtleties that make the difference and leave the guest happy • A complete standardized classic cocktail recipe list A signature cocktail should be a culinary adventure that combines tastes —some strongly associated with memories and some introduced in a new way—in a liquid form, or somewhat liquid form, that, when drunken to enjoy, elicits a new experience and perpetuates good conversation and insightful thoughts and encourages old friendships and new. —Joseph Boroski WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? • An outstanding list of unique signature cocktails • Master signature drinks menu descriptions • Easy-to-follow detailed signature cocktails recipes photos • Thorough bar staff training to ensure proper creation and complete consistency • Tastings and descriptions to management and all venue staff

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Sip Slowly Mixsultancy™ Plan GUEST COCKTAIL EVENT

Public Introduction of Results This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your venue’s new cocktail list and your staff’s newly developed skills and knowledge. Generally, the cocktail event is a relaxed social get-together for the opportunity to guests to appreciate a well-crafted drink, engage in conversation, meet new people, and enjoy an evening. Each event is organized uniquely for each venue, cocktail selection, and staff. However, the complete

preparation of all drinks, the organization of involved staff, and the basic concept are all maintained to the highest standards. Positive Venue Exposure The presence of an internationally-renowned mixologist attracts positive press attention, entices a top-tier selection of guests, and boosts staff moral and confidence.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? • Presence of world-renowned mixsultant™ during event • Demonstration of exceptional cocktails in a social atmosphere • Highly marketable feature • Event-specific training to ensure a successful and recognizable event


Ensured Consistency Even the most intense and detailed training schedule is subject to minor slips and loss of traction when mistakes are not corrected and adjustments are not made. This is why the importance of follow-up visits or in-house placement is essential to ensure consistent results. Is the staff continuing to provide an exceptional guest experience by providing the highest level of

services, the best product possible, and with an incredible degree of accuracy and efficiency? Are the expectations of guests being exceeded? The extended placement of a member of the mixsultancy™ team or returning visits for retraining and important adjustments will see to it that affirmative answers to these questions are the standard and remain to be.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? • IN-HOUSE PLACEMENT puts a mixsultant™ behind the bar at your venue to work alongside your staff to ensure steady coverage, guest exposure, and absolute consistency • FOLLOW-UP VISITS provide quality control, allow for additional adjustments and exposure, contribute additional training, and also ensure absolute consistency

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