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Andreas Jonathan Underlying Systems M. Arch I Portfolio

My path through art and architectural education has been an exploration of underlying systems

Projects: 1.Topo 2.Where is Art? 3.Operable Diag

grams 4.Inlet Walkway 5.Passage House

Each project is paired with an underlying formal or conceptual relationship


Memory/Terrain Title:Topo Year:2013 Course:Intermediate Sculpture

This assignment asked for a welded volumetric structure that would be illuminated from within. I selected contour lines from different places I have lived and overlayed them to form the following object.

6 Memory/Terrain

Surface/Volume Material:Welded Iron Polyurethane Rice Paper

Topography lines are extracted and overlayed

Light/Memory Material:Welded Iron Polyurethane Rice Paper

A psychogeography that destabilizes “where� I have been 8 Memory/Terrain


Projection/ Expansion

Title:Where is Art? Year:2013 Course:Intermediate Sculpture

This sculpture began as a speculative proposition, intended to be not quite an art object and not quite an architecture.It became a study on material and projection. The realized piece is a work of uncertain boundaries, where exhibition and the object itself work in conjunction.

Steel rod interacts with wire mesh 12 Projection/Expansion

Rigid/Organic Materials:1/4� Steel Rods Wire Mesh

Blue Light Projection

Red Light Projection

Light/Shadow 14 Projection/Expansion

Light is projected from two directions.

Mixed Light Projection

A work with uncertain boundaries 16 Projection/Expansion


Material/ Communication

Title:Operable Diagrams Year:Summer 2013 Course:GSAPP Introduction to Architecture

This project explored the material properties of piano wire, latex, and rockite. Students took part in a derive, observed people, and diagrammed qualities of their movement. Translating that information through different materials changed the initalinputs and created room for new programs.

Wire Model

Mapping/Diagramming Materials: Piano Wire

20 Material/Communication

Travel routes are translated into a three-dimensional diagram

Articulating surface with latex reveals inherent voids.

22 Material/Communication

Latex Model

Skin/Surface Materials: Piano Wire Latex

Rockite Model

Volume/Form Materials: Piano Wire Latex Rockite 24 Material/Communication

Introducing rockite reveals material relationships and programatic possibilities


Pattern/ Geometry

Title:Inlet Walkway Year:2012 Course:Architectural Studio I

The project asked us to select an object from “nature�. A small rock was made the subject of study. Underlynig geometries of the crystal formations within the rock became points of departure for the design of a pedestrian walkway that moves from enclosed, to porous and semi-open.

Site Plan: Warinanco Park, Roselle,NJ

28 Pattern/Geometry


Point of Intervention

A site of our own creation or choosing.

Photograph of Model

Geometry/Tension Materials:Basswood Chipboard

30 Pattern/Geometry

Circulation that moves from enclosed to semi-open, tense to free.

Plan Drawing


Poetics/ Experience

Title:Passage House Year:2013 Course:Architectural Studio II

The project first asked us to research a house well known in architectural history. Examining the history of Wall House 2 designed by John Hejduk revealed literary and coneptual poetics that evolved into a design for an architectural observatory that would exist on the Wall House’s site.

Site Plan: Wall House 2, Groningen, The Netherlands

34 Poetics/Experience


Point of Intervention

“The Wall,� a brief moment of amplified experience

Traversing the space becomes the mode of observing the prolonged experience of time

36 Poetics/Experience

Section Collage


Concise Resume Education: Ithaca College_Architecural Studies BA_2010-2014 Columbia University_Introduction to Architecture_Summer 2013 Internships/Experiences: Visual Resource Collection Assistant_Ithaca, NY_Fall 2011-Present Institute for Urban Design_ New York,NY_Summer of 2012 Art History Research Assistant_ Ithaca, NY_Summer of 2013 Skills: AutoCAD Sketch Up Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign

Thank you for your consideration

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