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Company engaged in oil and gas field that many use the pipeline, tanks, and boilers.

Petrochemical Plants,

Power Plants,

Fuel Storage Terminals

Water Treatment Plant.

Companies who want to protect structure the building from corrosion.


PT. INSPEKTINDO PRATAMA Gedung Wisma Raharja, Lt. 4 Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav. 1, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-788-41462 Fax: 021-788-41461 E-mail: Website:

Phone: 021-788-41462;

Fax: 021-788-41461



Cathodic Protection Systems • Pre-design surveys • Design and detailed engineering • Installation supervision • Testing & commissioning of system • Structure-to -soil potential measurements • Installation bonding & continuity • Transformer rectifier inspection, adjustments • Cathodic protection system maintenance and up-

grades Corrosion Control Investigations • Soil resistivity and pH surveys • Onshore and offshore pipeline close interval potential surveys • Direct current voltage gradient (DCVG) surveys • C-scan coating evaluation surveys • Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) Survey • DC stray current interference surveys • Induced AC current surveys • Soil sampling • Tank surveys (internal & external) • Mean time to corrosion failure (MTCF) analysis Pipelines Integrity • Intelligent pigging • Depth of cover surveys • Holiday detection coating surveys • Close interval potential surveys • GPS surveys • Pipeline recoating • Pipeline integrity management systems

Pipeline risk management

B. NON DESTRUCTIVE TEST PT IPP have almost 19 years experiences in NDT for oil & gas, petrochemical and geothermal. We had some inspectors and NDT technicians such as Ultrasonic Test and Radiography Test. 1. Ultrasonic Test Our Ultrasonic Testing services range from manual thickness reading to Time base B-scan for cross section material scan and flaw detection thickness mapping, Phased Array applications include, Angle beam inspection primarily used for weld inspection, Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) for detection and sizing of defect and the ability to more readly inspect complex geometries. 2. Radiography Test PT IPP services supplies a complete line of radiographic services for field applicant. Our staff of qualified, certified, professional radiographer operate within stric safety parameter and produce high quality radiographs that allow us to utilize our interpretation skills honed through many years of experience to determine if an anomaly is actually a defect or scan be accepted per code requirement.

MANUFACTURING & PRODUCT To meet the own needs of the PT IPP and corrosion industrial we has the ability to produce sacrificial anodes, instruments and equipment for cathodic protection inspection purposes. Sacrificial anodes products that we produce include: • Magnesium anode. • Aluminum anode. • Zinc anode. • Mixed metal oxide anode.

In addition, we also produce: • Test Stations, • Junction Boxes, • Transformer Rectifier • Cu/CuSO4 and Ag/AgCl Electrode. • Equipment CIPS & DCVG

INDUSTRIAL WASTE TREATMENT For the procurement of raw materials manufacturing, we treat the waste generated by industries. in addition, we collected electronic waste are scattered around our neighborhood for the purpose mentioned above.

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