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Software Skills Nihar Acharya, 21 DOB: 2nd Nov, 1997 City: Ahmedabad A jolly soul who loves to explore different genres of work. I believe process of getting final output is as important as final output. Making others laugh keeps me motivated. Contact 8849397020

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Areas Of Interests Layouting Branding UI/UX Photography Illustrations


Wild Musings A coffee table book personifying different animal’s stories of emotions, survival, habitat etc. with the help of photographs. This book will try to show what was an animal going through when he/she was getting clicked by the photographer. The stories will show- animals behaviour towards human, their conflict in decision making between hunger and instinct, survuval difficulties, their lifestyle etc. with photographs portraying the situation. This book will be both for wildlife photographers as well as for coffee table book readers. It will consist of short stories so it will be perfect read while you are having your coffee.

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A Safegaurd manual for epilepsy 14 People out of the population of 1000 are prone to suffer from epilepsy with higher estimates in infant and young adults.The manual is an attempt to help the parents whose infant suffer from epilepsy. This manual provides set of instruction which will help the parents to take care of child during and after the seizures.The Manual gives information to parents how to identify and cope various symptoms of epilepsy with help of illustrations.


Cuts An app made for students of karnavati university to make transportation easier. This app provides students an easy access to use the bus services provided by the college or rent a cycle to reach to the bus stop or anywhere else plus it gives you a option for carpooling with other students, thus minimizing transportation cost incured by students on a daily basis. The payement is done via smart id cards which is already in use by karnavati university which requires the student to recharge their card with money and then use that card for transaction for various needs inside the campus.

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Varka Motors An attempt to rebrand Force Motors so it can appeal to the consumers of both commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles as most of the target audience knows the product but not the brand. Force motors is considered to be the pioneer of diesel engines in India and their products are considered to be tough and reliable.So I simplified elements of wolf and alpha symbol to make a logo showing that Varka Motors is the leader of the pack. Varka means wolf in Sanskrit.

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