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Links of London offer engraving services to help you reach out to a loved one and create an enduring reminder of your feelings. The core values of the Links brand is one of design and function but also British eccentricity and humour and this is reflected in the items available today. links of london sale have always endeavoured to create bespoke and personalised items, in fact that is how they started out, and a simple request for cuff links has led to a hugely successful jewellery brand recognised across the globe. Links of London is a jewellery company specialising in modern and unique designs, which allow customers to find a personally significant and individualistic item to suit their tastes and needs. The huge range of jewellery allows any customer to find something to suit them, or that will make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Their designs are contemporary and clean whether for a necklace, bracelet, ring or earring set. They are crafted from high quality materials ranging from silver and gold to enamel, woven threads and wood. For a special gift, links of london friendship bracelet also have a great range of watches and accessories such as silver money clips, ties, travelling clocks or cufflink boxes. They also have a small range of collectables which includes a wooden and silver crafted Noah's ark, complete with collectable figurines. Whether shopping for yourself or for a loved one, Links has a huge range of ideas to find the right item for any occasion. Their jewellery designs are all very modern and innovative, and incorporate interesting shapes in gold and silver, often decorated with gemstones. They are suitable for any occasion, and would create a modern look with formal attire. There are also many pieces available that are suitable for everyday wear, such as rings and watches, and Links of London has a unique friendship bracelet service that allows for a bespoke design to be created. This is a great way of creating a personalised piece of jewellery, for those who do not want to turn to engraving an item as a method of personalisation. The bracelets are personalised by weaving up to four coloured threads of your choice around a bracelet frame, which is available in a variety of lengths and widths. These are a great way to personalise a gift for a loved one, and could be completed in shades of red and pink for Valentines Day, greens and reds for Christmas, or purple for a graduation celebration. They could also be tailored to an individual's hobbies or interests, such as shades of blue for a police officer, red and white for a chorister, or even yellow and brown for a Brownie pack leader! The range of choices available from links of london charm bracelet is really up to you, and any combination can be used to suit the occasion in question. This style of colour personalisation can also be a great idea for those that are searching for matching jewellery such as brides. Many will be searching for jewellery items that match a colour scheme, and creating friendship bracelets for bridesmaids in graduating shades of your chosen colour can provide a piece of jewellery that will match the theme of the day, and also be treasured for years to come.

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