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IN DEPTH [green purchasing] the energy, water, and indoor air quality emissions associated with using a product and the impacts of product disposal. They also considered social impacts such as the manufacturing conditions in which workers make a product, the wages they are paid, the use of child-labor and other issues. As green purchasing evolved, a variety of related terms was introduced to capture the broader considerations. Purchasers around the world have adopted terms such as: > Green Public Procurement (GPP) > Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) > Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) > Socially Responsible Procurement > Responsible Purchasing > Ethical Purchasing > Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Procurement > Sustainable Purchasing

All of the terms share a common set of principles that can be summarized with the following definition: Green purchasing is the intentional practice of buying goods and services that generate human health, environmental, and social benefit and that are produced and delivered in ways that minimize human health, environmental, and social damage while continuing to balance concerns about the product or service’s price, performance and availability. GLOBAL ACTIVITIES More than 50 countries around the world have national requirements to buy greener products and services. Even more have green purchasing activities at the national, state or municipal level. Here are a few highlights from around the world: Europe. A 2011 study of 230,000 European government

Nations With Green Purchasing Requirements ASIA China India Japan Lebanon Malaysia Philippines Indonesia Israel Republic of Korea Singapore Thailand Viet Nam AFRICA Benin Ghana Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco Nigeria South Africa Tunisia


EUROPE Austria Belgium Bulgaria – In development Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Norway Poland Portugal Romania – In development Slovakia Greece – In development Hungary – In development Iceland Ireland – In development Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania

Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom LATIN AMERICA Argentina Bahamas Brazil Chile Columbia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador Peru Uruguay

NORTH AMERICA Canada Mexico United States OCEANA Australia New Zealand

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GovPro - February/March 2014  

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GovPro - February/March 2014  

The official publication of NIGP.

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