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lassic Chevy’s shaking things up…and they’re inviting you to add spice to their celebration! Owner, Don Kerstetter says, “We’ve renovated our Used Car building and our Service and Parts Division…from the lights to the driveways, the walls, and seating areas. We’ll always be looking for more ways to improve…but now we’re ready to throw our doors open for a Grand Re-Opening celebration!” One of the first things you’ll notice is Classic Chevy’s better, brighter entrance to 90A. Don says, “Our customer surveys drove a lot of our changes, especially improving access to 90A and creating a driveway between our sales lot and our Service and Parts Departments. We took advantage of this new, safer drive connecting the two parts of our business to create a showcase for our coolest used cars. Right now it’s all Corvettes! And when you arrive at our Service and Parts Departments, you’ll see we’ve replaced the grey rubber floors with modern tiles, opened things up, added new seating, and also a glass-doored playroom for kids.” Classic Chevy’s Pre-owned Salesroom represents the bright and open sales approach their customers appreciate. A friendly atmosphere with floor to ceiling windows lets the light shine in…because there’s nothing to hide! Sales Manager, Mark Kolon says, “We don’t do high-pressure, closed door transactions at Classic Chevy…and we wanted our building to reflect our philosophy. That’s why we created an inviting, open seating area in the main space and added a more intimate space with a coffee bar, snack machines and bistro tables, too. We hope you’ll also enjoy sitting under the awning on our new benches by the Southwestern style fountain. We take pride in helping people find a great car for a great price and we want you to enjoy the time you spend with us!” Do you have the best chili in Fort Bend County? Classic Chevy is sponsoring its first Classic Chili Challenge on Thursday, March 24th from 4 to 8 p.m. Bring your Hot, Sweet, or Non-Traditional Chili for a chance to win cash, trophies, and serious bragging rights. Register in advance by calling Classic Chevy at (866) 498-5485 and submit the $20.00 entry fee. Then bring the heat…three gallons of your best chili for the competition along with decorations for your booth. More interested in eating than competing? Don says, “We need your help with the tasting and judging, so we’re asking you to bring a pocketful of quarters to help vote for your favorite chili. At the end of the day, the booth with the most quarters wins.” A $2.00 donation gets you into the event where you will be entertained by the Fort Bend Boys Choir. All proceeds collected during the Classic Chili Challenge will be given to the Sugar Land Police Officers Association. Come join us on Thursday, March 24th. It’s a great 2 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011

hili Out! way show support for our men in blue, treat your tastebuds to the talented cooking of your Fort Bend neighbors…and have a blast!” “Whether you come to us for a new or used car, service or repair, we’re proud to be a family-owned Fort Bend Business,” says Don. “We want to earn your loyalty for the long-term with our huge selection, low prices, community spirit…and the decent way we treat people!” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 Sales: (866) 498-5485 Service: (866) 500-1660

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Get Comfortable! Donnielle Carter ust like Goldilocks who is always looking for the right temperature of porridge which is not too hot or not too cold but JUST right, in homes across Fort Bend County we are also trying to find that just right temperature to make us and our families comfortable. To that end, Jackson Air & Heat is a family owned and operated business who has made it their family’s business to make sure your family is comfortable. Established in 1982, Jackson Air & Heat is not only the areas most trusted and reliable air conditioning and heating company, they are also Sugar Land’s oldest independent Trane Dealer & Comfort Specialist. Jackson Air & Heat owner Brian Jackson said, “We teamed up with Trane over 25 years ago because they are built in Tyler, TX and they build systems that know how to handle our extreme


summers and give your family the highest level of comfort possible.” Spring for many is the most comfortable season of the year. March 20th marks the first day of spring, but summer isn’t far away. Is your home ready for another long hot humid Texas summer? Brian suggests you let the experts at Jackson Air & Heat give your old air conditioner a tune up. An improper functioning air conditioner will cause very high electric bills and may unexpectedly break down. If it’s time to upgrade to a new system like the Trane XL20i two stage unit, it can be 60% more efficient than your old air conditioner, giving your home more comfortable temperatures with less humidity and lowering your utility bills. And Trane’s CleanEffects™ can actually remove 99.98% of allergens from the air, which helps to minimize conditions such as asthma and allergies,

making it more comfortable to breathe. Helping you be even more comfortable Trane has rebates up to $1000 or 0% financing. And don’t forget there are still Federal Tax credits you could qualify for. Whether its hot spots, cold spots, high humidity, allergies or high electric bills if your family isn’t comfortable and doesn’t have the JUST right temperature, call the experts at Jackson Air & Heat. The family business dedicated to your comfort and with a cool reputation – so cool they have a license to chill!

Jackson Air and Heat Established in 1982 Jackson Air 281-240-1037

Spring Has Sprung! T

Donnielle Carter his year, don’t just spring clean your house, really spruce it up. If you’ve been putting off updating your bathroom or kitchen for fear the expense is way out of your price range… relax. We have a solution that is the “Miracle” you’ve been looking for. Miracle Method can repair and resurface bathroom & kitchen fixtures as well as countertops that are made of all types of surfaces including porcelain, fiberglass and cultured marble. This year you can spring into action by refinishing your existing fixtures and save up to 75% over the cost of replacement. You could have a makeover


4 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011

within a couple of days AND reduce the amount of trash that goes into our landfills. That’s just another “Miracle” that Jonee and Paul Barnett of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing have to offer. As Paul says, “Why rip out a perfectly good bathtub and tile or a kitchen countertop just because it’s worn and dated? We can restore the existing surface and change colors on almost all bathtubs, tile, sinks, showers, vanities, and even kitchen countertops… and the results are truly remarkable!” Used and favored by familiar names like Disney and Hilton, Miracle Method is a unique resurfacing technique guaranteed to give your bathrooms and kitchens the look you desire. The Miracle Method has been around since 1979 and has been featured on The Today Show, HGTV, “This Old House” and DIY Network and you can find it After right here in Fort

Bend County. Miracle Method provides personalized service, quality products, and expert craftsmanship. Jonee says, “Our customers know they can count on us to show up on time, pay attention to detail and save them a lot of money on their home makeover.” Jonee and Paul Barnett want to help you go beyond spring cleaning this year. Call them today for your free in-home estimate and let them create the “Miracle” you’ve been looking for. Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX

Body by Ahmadi Donnielle Carter


ow is a time of great change; changes in the world and changes locally. What if you could make that kind of change to your body that you’ve been wanting for a long time; and, what if it could be even better than you ever imagined? That’s what happened to one Sugar Land resident who went to see Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery for the Lipotuck™ procedure and was surprised at how superior the results were, and how much her life changed. She wrote, “I feel totally renewed and excited about life again. I also have more confidence in my appearance and my energy level has increased!” She was so pleased with the results she goes on to say, “I would totally beyond any doubt, recommend this procedure and Dr. Ahmadi to all.” Dr. Ahmadi of Sugar Land’s Avante Plastic Surgery, who is a double board certified plastic surgeon, diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery pioneered and developed the revolutionary Lipotuck™ procedure. The Lipotuck™ procedure is a one-stage process that goes beyond the traditional tummy tuck and liposuction to provide a flatter stomach with a more streamlined waist. It addresses the upper abdomen, hips and love handles area that a traditional tummy tuck does not, with a superior result and a quicker recovery time. Dr. Ahmadi and all those at Avante Plastic Surgery make every effort to provide a safe, comfortable and healing environment for everyone who comes through their doors. “From the moment I met Dr. Ahmadi and his staff I knew I was in safe, caring, professional and confident hands.” Her advice to other patients, “Trust and know that you will be taken care of and follow Dr. Ahmadi’s advice to a ‘T’, he is an amazing doctor.” So if you’re looking for a change in your body and your life, call Avante Plastic Surgery today for your consultation and see what the future may have in store for you.

Avante Plastic Surgery 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112-A Soldiers Field Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77479

before - size 18

after - size 8

before - size 14

after - size 6

before - size 14

after - size 5

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Flying High and Worry-Free Donnielle Carter


irplane travel today requires that we pay attention to many details. Is my bag too heavy? How early do I have to arrive at the airport? Are my carry-on liquids in small enough bottles and are they in a plastic bag? Helen Weinwright had one more concern about her flight. She was worried about the large, red, swollen and unsightly vein on her thigh, which she feared was not only a varicose vein but also an indication of possible blood clots. “It kept getting larger and larger. And we travel a lot.” Deep Vein Thrombosis, she knew, could be present and dangerous while flying, so she sought out a solution. Her dermatologist suggested she

go see Dr. Baltazar for a free consultation. Dr. Baltazar is certified by The American Board of Surgery in both General and Vascular Surgery and is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of varicose veins. Helen got an appointment quickly and felt very comfortable with Dr. Baltazar from the first visit, “I was very impressed. I could tell he knew what he was doing.” During the initial consultation, Dr. Baltazar determined that the swollen vein was due to venous insufficiency, not to a Deep Vein Thrombosis. Helen immediately scheduled an appointment for the Endovenous Laser Ablation procedure. “Showing his deep concern for me as

his patient,” Helen said, “Dr. Baltazar told me, ‘I will not perform the procedure if you arrive without your compression hose, since they are key to the procedure’s success.” During the procedure Helen said Dr. Baltazar was very neat, polite, professional, kind and organized. “He constantly told me exactly what he was going to do. He was also very concerned that I was comfortable and pain-free the whole time. Honestly, I’m not used to having doctors be that thoughtful. It was a nice change.” Helen describes that during the procedure she just felt a pulling sensation. “It felt just like when somebody tugs on your big toe.” She was also very impressed at the quick and painless recovery time. Her husband had had some varicose veins taken care of many years ago at another clinic and his recovery time was much longer and more uncomfortable. “I wish I had known about Dr. Baltazar then.” So impressed by the results, Helen says, “I’ve already forgotten what it looked like before the procedure. It looks that good. I don’t worry about wearing dresses or even bathing suits anymore.” So, what about airplane travel? “No problem. No worries.” Varicose veins are an indication of improper blood flow. They can cause pain, redness, itching, burning, and swollen unsightly bumps on the surface of the skin and can lead to serious medical conditions. Dr. Baltazar is covered by most insurance plans and offers free vein screenings during regular office visits. Call now for your appointment so you too can say, “No problem. No worries.”



Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS Sugar Land Vein Specialists 281-240-8400 4660 Sweetwater Blvd Ste 130

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Reaching Out to the Community W Sarah Warburton

hat sets a local business apart? It’s owned by a family you feel you know like your own neighbors. You watch their kids grow up and go from little guys helping out over the summers to grown men following in their father’s footsteps. And when a member of that family gets sick, their customers rally around them…because this is more than a business, it’s like a friend. Jennifer of Alan’s Plumbing says, “My family and I are so thankful for all the love and support that’s come pouring in from our customers since I was diagnosed with colon cancer. All your well-wishes really give me strength!” Master Plumber, Alan Burkhalter says, “The kids and I know that my wife Jennifer is the heartbeat of our business and our home. When she was diagnosed, she wanted to get the word out so other people would know the importance of getting screened. She’s always thinking about others!” Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in American women…and experts believe that getting screened saves lives. Most colorectal cancers start with a simple polyp. Screening allows your doctor to remove polyps before they become cancerous and identify cancer

early. Most doctors recommended that on average you should have your first colonoscopy at age fifty and then again every ten years after that…but that’s only a starting point. Colonoscopy may be performed earlier and more often in people at increased risk, including those with a family history of polyps or colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease like Crohns, or a hereditary syndrome. What started as a little pain for Jennifer turned into a major health issue. Most recommendations suggest getting your first colonoscopy when you reach fifty…but this year around 13,000 younger men and women will be diagnosed with colon cancer. Jennifer’s first warning sign was a persistent, nagging pain that wouldn’t go away. Any time you experience any stomach discomfort, bleeding in your stool, or sudden weight loss, call your doctor. Fatigue can also occur in the early stages of some colon or stomach cancers, according to the American Cancer Society. Since the warning signs can be subtle, contact your doctor if you’re concerned.

“Most of our customers talk to Jennifer on the phone before they meet anyone from our company,” Alan says. “She always makes each customer feel like a real person and not a number. One client even told me that Jennifer made her feel like she was our only customer. Jennifer’s a people-person, and it means so much to us seeing that our customers love her, too. Beau, Luke, Jake and I really want to thank you for all the thoughts and prayers our customers are sending to Jennifer.” “My family, friends, and all our customers really have been amazing,” says Jennifer. “My mother-in-law has been here answering phones and helping out. Our customers have sent flowers and cards… we’re just so thankful for all the love and support that’s pouring in.” Whether you’ve got a leak, a clogged pipe, need a hot water heater replaced, or a toilet reset...just call: Alan’s Plumbing 281-261-1064

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Are You One of Seven Million? Sarah Warburton


re you one of the over seven million Americans suffering from bunions? Our local board certified orthopedic surgeon, Mark Vann, MD, says, “Whether bunions are caused by heredity or by the shoes you wear, they’re extremely common. If your bunions aren’t hurting, we don’t typically consider them a problem, however, we have many solutions for individuals with painful bunions”


Sarah Warburton oor old April 15th just isn’t anybody’s favorite day. But you don’t have to suffer through the paperwork alone… or at all! Enjoy the services of a local firm that’s committed to making life easier for you every day of the year. John Trevathan, CPA says, “At Trevathan CPA, we love our small business clients and are continuing to


You’ll always start off nice and easy at Dr. Vann’s office. He says, “I’m a real fan of trying the most conservative solution first…in this case anti-inflammatory medication and a change in your footwear. Don’t worry; I won’t make you wear ugly orthopedic shoes! I work with an orthotic company that actually modifies your existing shoes by stretching and molding them. We might also try orthotic inserts. Often, these measures fix the problem…but if they don’t help, then we might consider surgical solutions.” Talk about choices! There are dozens of different surgeries for bunions, and you’ll have the advantage of Dr. Vann’s extensive experience and expertise in making the best choice. Dr. Vann says, “Many patients can resume weight-bearing activity (using their heel, not the front of their foot) immediately, but surgery for a more severe bunion may mean a few weeks off of your foot. The most common complication following surgery is reoccurrence of the bunion…that’s why it’s crucial to make the right decision. I’ll recommend the most appropriate surgery based on a patient’s age, activity level, and severity of the bunion.” Dr. Vann says, “Neither I nor the American

Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society recommend the surgical correction of a bunion for cosmetic reasons. With few exceptions, surgery should only be performed on bunions which cause significant pain. If your foot doesn’t hurt…just enjoy your active life!” Mark Vann, MD Board Certified, Fellowship Trained, Orthopedic Surgeon Lower Extremity Specialist Sugar Land Medical Plaza 1327 Lake Point Parkway, Suite 520 Sugar Land, TX 77478 713-876-6518

Nobody’s Favorite Time of Year move them to the New Age Accounting mentioned in our last article. But we’re also here to help individuals prepare and file their tax returns with the same first class software and high tech solutions we offer our business clients.” How does Trevathan make tax time easy for you? John says, “I know a lot of people do their own returns with offthe-shelf software…and if your return is simple and you understand the lingo that’s a practical solution. But if you have more complicated tax issues that you don’t understand, it’s probably worth the price of the return to get it done right. We use the best-inthe-business tax research software to get the best answers to those prickly issues that bring you to us in the first place. Then we will scan and store all your data and tax return copies in the ‘clouds’ so can get on with life.” Taxes may be constant, but the rules are always changing. John says, “Remember, you can still make IRA contributions until the filing deadline and that deadline was moved up

to April 18th. If you converted a Roth IRA, you can also change your mind if your tax situation has changed…but you need to do it now! It actually might pay for you to forego your college child’s exemption and give her the exemption and the tuition deduction. Some of your home improvements might be a medical deduction. We know all the ins, outs, and changes in this year’s tax code…and we’ll help it all make sense for you!” Do you know just enough about doing taxes to be dangerous? Call Trevathan and his crack accounting staff for total peace of mind. Even if you hate tax season, they’ll make it fly by! You could actually enjoy doing your tax return this year…with the help of Trevathan, CPA, PLLC. Trevathan, CPA, PLLC 281-207-1333 19901 Southwest Freeway

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Osteoporosis, the Silent Disease Y

Sarah Warburton ou might not feel any symptoms or experience any pain, but osteoporosis could be creeping up on you. We asked Dr. Leslie Cohan of The Woman’s Place to tell us more about the connection between menopause and osteoporosis…and what you can do about it. Until you reach the age of thirty, you’re building more bone than you’re losing. After age thirty-five, your bones will break down faster than you are building them up. Once you’ve lost a certain mass of bone, you have osteoporosis. This is crucial news for those entering menopause. Dr. Cohan says, “Lack of estrogen has been linked to the development of osteoporosis. In fact, early menopause (before age 45), low hormone levels, or infrequent or absent menstrual periods contribute to loss of bone mass. Getting a bone density test allows us to assess your bone health and plan ahead.” Whoops! Too many women wait until they suffer a debilitating fall before seeking a bone density test. Dr. Cohan says, “The biggest risk factors for developing osteoporosis are being a white female over the age of fifty, history of smoking, having a petite frame or thin, light bones, and heredity. While it’s true that postmenopausal women who suffer a fracture, have a risk factor, or are over the age of sixty-five should have a bone mineral density test, there are important reasons not to wait. Knowing the condition of your bones allows us to be Dr. Cohan and her proactive about protecting your health.” daughter Kailey

Take a strong stand against osteoporosis. Dr. Cohan says, “If a bone density test indicates thaet you are at risk of developing osteoporosis, we have some options. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) may slow or prevent bone loss during menopause, as well as lessening other menopausal symptoms like night sweats, mood swings, and sleeplessness. If you start menopause early, have a low bone mass or other risk factors, HRT could make the difference between inevitable osteoporosis and strong, healthy bones. For those who do not want hormone therapy, Evista, a SERM, builds bone but actually decreases your risk for breast cancer. I also recommend that all women participate in some form of weight bearing exercise and take a daily dose of 300 IU of vitamin D along with 1200 IU of calcium to help strengthen your bones for a longer, more independent life!” The Woman’s Place (affiliated with the Woman’s Hospital of Texas) 713-795-0349 16552 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77479

There Is No Time Like the Present T Sarah Warburton

he lessons one learns earliest are the lessons that can stay with you for life. Carol Appelbaum, founder of the Turning Point Academy says, “Parents often want to know when is the best age for a student to enroll at the Turning Point Academy. At our school, even preteens run their day like they would run their own business…with goal-setting, planning, and mentoring. We prepare students for college, for business, and for a successful life…and middle school is the perfect time to get a jump start on the future!” You don’t want your high school student to say, “I wish I had learned then what I need to know now.” Carol says, “We do find that some of students arrive with educational gaps from their previous schools that we have to fill. Our students master academic subjects and prepare early for college using the NEW College Preparatory curriculum, which is recognized by the College Board and also by the Defense Department as a “Tier 1” school. Our students set their own pace and they do not complete a subject until they have mastered it… and earned an ‘A’.” Can you remember what you learned in

middle school? The earlier your student starts practicing goal setting, time management, and other strategies that lead to achievement…the sooner he or she will internalize these life skills. Carol says, “Our students pursue a rigorous academic curriculum in a positive, supportive environment…and we include public speaking, study techniques, and skills students will use through college, business, and life.” Ready for success? There is no time like the present! At the Turning Point Academy, students as young as fifth and sixth grade are discovering that success really can be a way of life. Get a taste of the Turning Point experience with a Spring Break Camp from March 15-17. Students will explore topics like “Majoring in the Rest of Your Life,” “Habits Make or Break You,” and “Why Strive for Excellence.” Families are also invited to an Open house on April 15th. Visit to see what NBC Channel 2 reported about this “boutique style” private school.

Open House on April 15th

The Turning Point Academy 281-780-8713

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Spring Back to Life!

Sarah Warburton oes pain keep you from reaching for a saucepan in the kitchen, picking up your daughter for a hug, hitting the golf course on the weekend, or concentrating on the computer at work? Can you remember the last time you felt completely healthy? It’s not natural to be in pain - but for millions of Americans it’s a fact of their daily lives. Mark Brown, M.D. at Back Pain Intervention offers a conservative, minimally invasive treatment for back pain that’s effective…without the use of strong narcotics or invasive surgery! Wherever your back pain starts, Dr. Brown can treat it at the source! Since he’s double board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, he understands the ins-and-outs of treating and managing pain. He says, “Not all back pain comes from the same source. For example, sciatica starts as irritation of the sciatic nerve which give you pain that radiates from your lower back into your hip and leg. Muscles spasms, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Sacroiliac Joint Pain, and Facet Joint Disease can all cause back pain and make it harder for you to live and enjoy your life!” Ready to break free of the cycle of pain that’s ruining your life? With over twenty years of experience treating back pain, Dr. Brown’s seen it all. He says, “Many patients suffer from back pain that stems from spinal disc issues like a herniated (ruptured or bulging) disc pressuring and irritating the nerves around your spine. Another common disc problem is a degenerated disc which has deteriorated or shrunk and can’t cushion your vertebrae properly. I often use targeted, controlled epidural steroid injections (ESIs) to reduce inflammation…right where you have an inflamed disc or pinched nerve!” Dr. Brown’s experience in anesthesia means he’s got a crystal-clear


understanding of your spine and nerve roots…and his training in pain management means he can treat your back pain right where it starts. He says, “Instead of relying on medication to dull your back pain, I prefer to identify the source and intervene to correct the problem. That’s the core philosophy of Interventional Pain Management.” Discover how Back Pain Interventions can help you Spring Back to Life! Back Pain Interventions P.A. 281-494-6900 6350 Hwy 90A, Ste. 700 Sugar Land, TX 77498

Just Name It!


ame the time and Millennium Town Car Service, formally named Sugar Land Shuttle, will take you to your destination. This elite black car service offers reliable and stylish transportation for your clients, your family, or yourself. Owner Andrew Silva says, “You don’t have to choose between a limousine or a yellow cab. Our fleet of black town cars and black SUVs will get you to the airport in class and comfort…at a price you’ll love!” You don’t want your clients to feel hassled or flustered after they fly into town. Making a good impression on your clients doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For less than the price of a yellow cab, Millennium Town Car Service can do an airport run that will deliver an elite experience at an affordable price. Andrew says, “We want our customers to feel like VIPs…that’s why we keep our cars in pristine condition and all our drivers are prompt and respectful. After all, we understand that your time is money! Our corporate accounts are eligible for discounts, because we’ll do what it takes to earn your loyalty.” How do you travel? Could be trains, planes, and automobiles, but if you drive to the airport and park at a lot, it’s probably cars, shuttle buses, and airplanes. Don’t forget the annoyance of hauling your own luggage, juggling a couple of kids, and the stress of struggling through traffic only to leave

10 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011

your car exposed in a parking lot instead of safe in your garage! Families all over Fort Bend have discovered an easier way to start their journeys off on the right foot. One mother told us, “I wouldn’t trust just any company to take my children to the airport, but the drivers at Millennium Town Car Service are on-time and extremely careful. Knowing Andrew’s a local guy and a Marine veteran gives a little extra peace of mind!” Want world-class service on your next ride?

Call our local black car service, Millennium Town Car Service, and name your destination. Andrew promises, “We’ll meet our competitor’s price or beat it by ten percent. We’re confident that once you give us a try… you’ll call us again and again!” Millennium Town Car Service 832-434-8312

Two Great Names, One Great Emergency Center T

And for those patients he Emergency Department can treat: chest pain or discomadmission, fort, breathing problems or asthma, flu, fever, severe cough requiring or sinus infections, back or neck pain, car accident injuries, St. Luke’s Sugar Land rashes, bites, skin or eye infections, eye injuries, nausea, vomiting or Hospital provides access diarrhea, urinary infections, sprains or suspected broken bones, cuts to modern technolthat may need stitches, boils or infections, nose bleeds, and work- ogy to diagnose and treat patients including related injuries. The same Baylor College of Medicine physicians who provide advanced laparoscopic pediatric emergency care at Texas Children’s in the Texas Medical surgery, cardiac catheterCenter also staff St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital emergency room ization, a comprehensive imaging department, endoscopic ultrasound and a Level II NICU. St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital has well-appointfrom 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day. The Emergency Department also offers a pediatric observation ed medical, surgical, labor & delivery and intensive care patient rooms unit for those pediatric patients who do not require inpatient hos- with Wi-Fi access, flat screen televisions and made to order meals. pitalization, but need additional monitoring, diagnostic evaluation, Our goal is to provide a high standardFor ofemergency care to care, every patient, every day. count on and/or treatment prior to disposition. The St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital Emergency Department offers St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital for your patients. expertise, comprehensive adult and pediatric emergency services for both majorHospital, and to carewe At St. Luke’s Sugar Land combine minor injuries or illnesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Emergency 1317 Lake Pointe Parkway Land, 77478 for the whole person Departmentquality is staffed by and board-certified physicians and includes triage, exam Sugar technology with our special brand ofTXcaring and procedure rooms. A variety of specialists are on-call to respond to the 281-637-7000 needs of patients, including orthopedists, and cardiologists. – body, mind surgeons and spirit – to serve the patients of Fort Bend County.

Offering Our Special Brand of Care for Patients in Fort Bend County

e Pkwy. Lake Poin t


. ngton Blvd exi Hwy .6

. lvd

F est hw t u So

B ce Tra

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kbend Dr.


Brooks St.


Sug ar L ak Creekway Dr. St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital • 1317 Lake Pointe Parkway • Sugar Land, TX 77478 • 281-637-7000 To advertise, 281-235-0600

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Prevention vs. Cure Sarah Warburton


hy do they say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Because taking a simple step to detect and prevent disease today can save you the hassle, pain, and expense of dealing with trying to cure it later. Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source says, “Some diseases of the eye are easy to treat if caught early. Other diseases have no cure, so it’s crucial that we identify them early enough to preserve your eyesight. Making and keeping regular optometric appointments is crucial to keeping your eyes healthy for life.”

Normal vision and same scene as viewed by a person with Macular degeneration Not only is prevention better than a cure, it’s also less expensive! Getting a regular eye exam for yourself and the members of your family is an easy, lowcost way to catch problems early. The treatment could be as simple as prescription eye drops, a change in medication, or a pair of glasses to improve your vision and protect the health of your eyes. Dr. Doan says, “Exposing your eyes to the sun’s rays increases your risk of cancer on your eyelids and

around your eye, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Anytime you’re in the sun, wear sunglasses that block at least 99% of both UV-A and UV-B radiation…and you’ll be on the right road to preventing all kinds of eye diseases.” Prevention is always better than no cure at all. Once a disease like glaucoma or macular degeneration damages your vision, there isn’t a way to restore what’s been lost. Dr. Doan says, “The key to a healthy retina is a healthy lifestyle…not smoking, getting regular comprehensive eye exams, wearing sunglasses (like sunblock for your eyes) and making good nutritional choices to keep your retinal blood vessels free from buildup. Early detection can help us identify most diseases and stop them in their tracks. We can’t cure macular degeneration or turn back the hands of time…so prevention is your best defense.” Prevent problems and protect your precious eyesight by wearing your sunglasses and visiting Dr. Doan at least once a year. Dr. Doan says, “Sometimes the cure is a new set of contact lenses, sometimes it’s more…but preventative checkups are always the best way to keep your eyes healthy for life!” Dr. Anh Doan, Therapeutic Optometrist Vision Source! 281-261-2647 4725 Highway 6 South

We Specialize in Children

Family Law Bastine and Associates

...because kidz are people too

❋ Specialist in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents ❋ Friendly, gentle and caring staff ❋ Offering Oral and I.V. Sedation ❋ Digital X-rays ❋ Most major insurance accepted ❋ Ask About NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200, Missouri City, TX 77459 Located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone 12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011


•Divorce •Child Custody •Adoption •Child Support •Modifications •Name Changes •Voluntary Paternity •Wills •Juvenile Law •Business Law

“The family law firm that cares about family.”

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Ouch. When you end up flat on your back, Sugar Land Spine and Disc will get you back on your feet.


nother year, another grey hair here, another new ache or pain. Did you think your aching back was just a fact of aging? Dr. Stacy Croft of Sugar Land Spine and Disc says, “Nothing—not aging, not stress, not ‘a dicey back’ means you have to live with discomfort. Pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong. If you’re in constant pain or even suffer from frequent debilitating flares, come see us at Sugar Land Spine and Disc.” Remember how it felt to be a kid? You’d take a spill, roll to your feet and keep on going. Now just getting up out of a chair can make you cry “Ouch!” It isn’t the years that brought the pain, it’s a sign that something is up with your spine. Dr. Michele says, “Most back pain can be traced to problems with your spine. Whether it’s a long ago injury from a car accident or a sports game or the result of poor posture, stress from your job, or a hereditary condition, we’ll start with an MRI to get a good look at what’s going on beneath the surface.” Age doesn’t cause your back pain, BUT pain sure can age you! When you’re in agony, you might hunch, move slowly, and forget to smile. Before your grimaces of pain make some permanent wrinkles, call Sugar Land Spine and Disc. Their Lordex Decompression System gets to the root of all kinds of back pain—degenerated, bulging, or herniated discs, facet syndromes, sciatica, failed spinal surgery, and spinal stenosis.

You’ll begin to feel relief from the pressure the moment you get into the machine…and many patients find they enjoy freedom from pain after only a few visits, after completing the entire protocol patients are doing things they haven’t been able to do pain-free in years. “You don’t have to wait until you’re desperate,” says Dr. Nicole. “When I’ve seen patients come in scowling and depressed, I love seeing them transformed with joy…and free of the back pain they thought they’d always have.” Could it be that time has actually done your back a favor? The newly-developed Lordex is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art solution to the kind of back pain that used to be treated by narcotic medication or surgery. The Lordex works by creating a slight vacuum to open up the space between the discs and relieve the pressure. Once blood and nerve flow to the injured area is restored, your body begins to heal. After you do a half an hour on the machine, you’ll perform a half an hour of exercises to build the weak muscles around your spine. Dr. Michele says, “We’ll fix your pain for the short-term…but we’ll also correct the problem so it doesn’t reoccur again!” Don’t keep saying, “OUCH, my aching back!” With the help of Sugar Land Spine and Disc, you really can feel young again. Dr. Stacy says, “All you have to lose is the pain! Give us a call to schedule your free consultation and evaluation.”

Call Sugar Land Spine & Disc today for your Complimentary Patient Information Packet!

281-491-DISC (3472) Need a Chiropractor? Call Sugar Mill Chiropractic - 281-494-1690

Keeping Your Cool


Sarah Warburton ere there really icicles on the inside of the windows? Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but local mom Debbie Duffy does like a nice, cold house. Her family was living in their overcoats when they called All Out A/C. Her husband, John says, “I like a nice hot shower, but Debbie has always preferred it to be really cool in the master bed and bath. I’d had a bunch of stuff done on my vehicle at All Out Off Road, so I knew Chance ran a good business. I called him up when it was time to replace my air conditioning and he fixed a whole bunch of other problems, too!” Does your family take part in the “battle over the thermostat?” All Out A/C’s owners Chance Kamp and Bryan Bellamy have solutions to make every zone in your home one

hundred percent familyfriendly. John says, “We had a two zone system already, but we were having tons of problems with it. I explained everything to the All Out A/C guys and they designed a great system for us. Now we’ve got a split zone downstairs, so Debbie can keep it ice cold in the master bath and bedroom…without freezing everyone else downstairs. Our three kids— eighteen-year-old Taylor, eighteen-year-old Chelsea, and twelve-year-old Chandler—rule the upstairs, and they’ve got their own thermostat, too. Chance and Bryan’s team also set us up with an air conditioner that adjusts the humidity to make things even cooler… with less energy!” Nobody goes all out like All Out A/C! If you need a new air conditioner or service on brands including Ruud, American Standard, Goodman, or Carrier, give them a call. John says, “They did the job fast and left everything clean. Then when we needed an adjustment on a Friday night when we were

having a party, they came out even though it was 9pm. Those guys take care of issues right away. You can’t beat their service…even long after the sale!” Chance and Bryan invite you to “Call us for a free evaluation and we’ll help your family keep their cool!” And be sure to visit for more information in All Out’s online knowledge center, seasonal specials, and Comfort Membership. All Out A/C and Heating 281-238-9292 626 Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406 License: TACLB8446E

Crazy Busy? E

Sarah Warburton ven if your life is going a hundred miles a minute, you can still find time for a smile. One local working mom, Kaitlin Taylor, found the family-friendly service and flexible hours of EcoDental fit perfectly into her hectic schedule! A busy dad himself, Dr. Danny Nguyen says, “Taking care of patients, means taking all your family’s other commitments into consideration, too. We’ll work around your schedule to make it easy for you to smile!” “Working full time makes it hard to find a dentist,” says Kaitlin. “I’m a director of retail merchandising downtown and my husband and I also have a seventeen-month-old baby girl. Dr. Nguyen’s flexible hours on evenings and weekends really made a huge difference to us. I also drove past his office all the time between work and home, so I knew it was convenient.” Your whole family is welcome at EcoDental. Kaitlin says, “My husband and I made back to back appointments and brought our baby with us. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming! Dr. Nguyen has a great family waiting room close to the exam rooms with beanbags, a PS3, and a selection of Blu-Ray movies. One of us held her in the family room while the other had a cleaning and then we switched off.” “You can really get in and out of EcoDental quickly,” says Kaitlin, “as long as there aren’t any issues. If you don’t come with your kids, the main waiting room is very soothing and the whole office has free wireless internet. I’m a real wimp at the dentist, but it also didn’t hurt that he had a massage chair. You can tell Dr. Nguyen has thought about all the little details that really help put you at ease!” Easy on the planet, easy on your nerves and easy on your sched-

14 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011

ule! It’s no wonder busy people all over Fort Bend have discovered EcoDental. They offer flexible hours, treatment in English, Vietnamese, or Spanish, and accept all major insurances. Dr. Nguyen says, “We’re here to change the way your family thinks about going to the dentist…because we love to see you smile!”

EcoDental Dr. Danny Nguyen, D. D. S. 281-491-9494 15870 SW Freeway #500 59@Hwy 6 next to Whole Foods Sugar Land, TX 77478



Making an Old Home New

Donnielle Carter hen Judy Cangelosi’s parents passed away they had a specific desire for her and their house, “It was their wish that I lived in their home…however it needed a little bit of updating.” With all this work to do, to whom did Judy turn to for help? “I always knew I would go to All About Carpets. Besides being in my neighborhood for over 20 years, I had had some work done by them previously and I knew I could count on them and trust what kind of people they would send into my house. And that was very important to me.” All About Carpets and Floors is Sugar Land’s premiere destination for flooring, tiling, and remodeling. It’s a family owned and operated business by Bob & Renee McKelvey who make customer satisfaction their number one priority. They know what it takes to make an old home sparkle like new and they’ve been helping local residents achieve that for over 20 years. Wait a minute?! Judy went to a Flooring company for remodeling needs? That’s right! All About Carpets and Floors is all about making your home your castle. Through the years Bob has developed an extensive network of expert and reputable trades people and contractors to assist you with any renovation you can dream of. Judy was able to update and install granite counter tops, wood floors, luxurious carpet and a tumbled stone backsplash. “Everything that Bob did for me was a wonderful experience. Throughout the whole process he was continually touching base with me making sure I was happy.” During the entire remodel Judy said she couldn’t have been more pleased, “The workers were very conscientious of my property using felt tabs while moving things and then making sure it was put back exactly where it had been before. They were always courteous, communicated pleasantly and then they cleaned up so well, you would never



know they were here.” Going the extra mile, the gentleman doing the stone backsplash took some of the stone and created a decorative insert that has become a beloved focal point in her kitchen. Judy’s friends were doing some remodeling at the same time she was, but they went with another company. When the work was done and they visited her house and exclaimed, “I should have listened to you. Yours is so much nicer!” Judy’s advice for those remodeling a house, “Go see Bob & Renee and the whole All About Carpet and Floors family, they can help you with anything you need. Personally, I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. They are like my own family.” So if it’s time for your old house to become your new house, stop by the All About Carpet and Floors warm and welcoming showroom anytime Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm and see how Bob and Renee can assist you with making your dreams become a reality. All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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Dr. Kesavan Shan is pleased to announce the opening of his new practice, Methodist Cardiology Associates. Dr. Shan is a long-time Sugar Land cardiologist who is highly respected for his skilled approach to medicine. Dr. Shan uses state-of-the-art technology to identify heart disease at its earliest stages, such as coronary and peripheral angiography, echocardiography, nuclear stress testing, coronary CT angiography, nuclear cardiography, cardiovascular MRI and cardiac catheterization. • Board-certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine • Certified in nuclear cardiology and echocardiography • Located on the Methodist Sugar Land Hospital campus in Medical Office Building One, Suite 450

Call 281-275-0330 today for an appointment. Specializing in treating and managing a wide range of heart problems: •Chest Pain •Coronary Artery Disease •Heart Failure •Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmias) •Heart Valve Disease •Mitral Valve Prolapse •Hypertension

•Cholesterol Management •Preventative Cardiology •Diabetes and Heart Disease •Peripheral Vascular Disease •Carotid Artery Disease •Aortic Aneurysm •Structural Heart Disease

Methodist Cardiology Associates Sugar Land

Medical Office Building One 16651 Southwest Freeway, Suite 450 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-275-0330

What Makes a Good Neighbor?




a cy





what we’re all about!” Your neighbors all over Fort Bend—families, athletes, doctors, children, pet owners and seniors—know they can count on Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy for quality care and a neighborly attitude. Dr. Campbell says, “Everyone at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy really likes to talk with people. Spending time getting to know you and your family gives a deeper meaning to everything we do. We don’t stand at a distance…we’ll look you in the eye and give you our undivided attention and personal service.” A good neighbor always pitches in and helps out… and Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy really does

“play well with others.” One local Neighbors doctor says, “You can’t always use a Choice one-size-fits all approach. Lance can fill any standard prescription or comAward pound one to meet your special needs. He works with me to modify your medication to be as unique as you are. People are amazed at the possibilities!” Another physician reports, “I pbel value my relationship with Campbell’s am Compounding Pharmacy… and I’ve come to rely on Lance’s knowledge of medications in patient care. He and his staff continue to provide me with excellent service.” Watch for more ways Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy, our “Neighbor’s Choice,” is positively impacting the lives of people right here in your neighborhood. Dr. Campbell says, “I’m passionate about finding creative, effective ways to help my patients. Come on by and see us, neighbor!” p om


hen someone moves into the neighborhood, you hope they’ll be a good neighbor… friendly, helpful and always there when you need them. That’s the kind of neighbor Fort Bend’s found in Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy. We’ve just learned that this amazing pharmacy has been awarded the very first “Neighbor’s Choice Award.” Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. says, “I’ve always believed that if we treat people with a good, ethical, Christian attitude, our business will thrive. We want to thank our loyal patients and invite the rest of our neighbors to drop by and see

Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

Are You Covered? Sarah Warburton hen the winds are ripping through your neighborhood, you may think about the roof covering you…but do you think about your roof’s coverage? We asked local roofing expert, Joe Rangel, owner of Ameristar Roofing, about the kind of protection your roof needs to fully protect your family. What do you need to stand up to the wind? Joe says, “Homeowners in the fourteen First Tier counties along our Texas Coast including Galveston and Brazoria are required by the State of Texas to have a WPI-8 for their roof. Here in Fort Bend, we aren’t required to have our roofs inspected and insured by a state licensed Engineer inspector…but at Ameristar we’re committed to making your roof stand up to Mother Nature. Even though we’re not in a coastal county, we take the time to install your roof to those windstorm state specifications.” Cutting corners in our neck of the woods can mean wind damage down the line. Joe says, “We put in the extra time and the careful work


it takes to make your roof solid. You aren’t required to get a state licensed engineer to inspect your roof during construction here in Fort Bend, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to go the extra mile to make your roof impact, wind resistant. The things required in a coastal county—like using 6 nails instead of the standard 4—are things we think just make good plain sense for us, too. After all, the wind doesn’t know where the line is between the First Tier counties and Fort Bend. That’s why we install every roof using those windstorm state specs.” Worried the wind has given your old roof some hard knocks? Call Ameristar for a free estimate. Joe says, “We’ll give you our honest opinion each and every time. When it’s time for a new roof, not only will we install it to windstorm state specs, we can also offer you CertainTeed’s 3 Star, 4 Star, and 5 Star Extended Warranties. That’s because our guys have earned the elite

To advertise, 281-235-0600

certification of CertainTeed Quality Master Installers…something only one percent of roofers nationwide can offer. In every case—inspection, repair, or replacement—we want your recommendation...because of our reputation!” (281) 238-4230 3821 F.M. 359 Richmond, TX 77406

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Freedom From Unwanted Hair Trakena Prevost


et’s face it we all look for simpler solutions to life’s every day hassles. And when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body and facial hair, there’s nothing simpler than a laser treatment with Kalologie Skincare and Medspa! Laser Esthetician and Manager, Jennifer Blichmann says, “Hair removal is a breeze with our Palomar StarLux 500. Everyone has been so pleased with their results that we’re offering this amazing service with an incredible new promotion. When you buy a treatment for one area, you’ll get the second area done for free!” That’s right, stop dealing with the pain and aggravation of hot wax treatments. Throw out those pesky tweezers and tell your threading specialist to hit the road.

Kalologie’s StarLux 500 does all the work of those ancient methods, but with twice the efficiency and at a low cost. Says Jennifer, “It’s the greatest feeling in the world to give our customers the service they need, in a way that’s more comfortable on their skin and pocketbooks. “ The StarLux 500 uses a self-cooling wand, which gives clients a comforting sensation that you won’t find with any waxing or threading treatment. And since the laser only targets the pigment in your hair follicle, you can be sure it’s safe on all skin types, regardless of your sensitivity. Hair is destroyed using the StarLux 500 during its active growth stage, so customers can be sure of long term effects. However, due to the differing growth cycles of hair, more than one treatment is recommended...but after six treatments you should be covered. “Why deal with the irritation and discomfort of traditional hair removal methods,” says Jennifer, “We’re so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our service,that we back it up with a written promise. At Kalologie Skincare and Medspa you can be sure you’ll receive the best hair removal services at a price that’s right for you. Don’t waste any more time with the bothersome hair removal methods of the past, call or go by Kalologie today! Kalologie Skincare/Medspa • 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway - Whole Foods Shopping Center Sugar Land, TX 77478

What do dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, pollutants and dirty toilets have in common? They are some things that are best left to professionals!


rofessional Maids are especially great for homes where health is important. They do not move the dirt around, they remove it completely! And when it comes to weekends and precious time with your family and friends, you really shouldn’t have to worry about things like cleaning Connie your house. In fact, you should rest, have some fun, and enjoy your nice clean home. Also, if you invite guests over for a dinner party and you find yourself doublechecking the work of your house cleaner or even worse, re-cleaning certain areas in your home, you are in definite need of a new house cleaning service – a good one! Here’s a tip for you: Professional Maid Services. They are top notch, residential cleaning professionals who make sure that

18 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011

you get to enjoy a spic-n-span, perfectly clean house whenever you like: every week, every other week, once a month, before hosting special events or family celebrations, during the holidays or when you move. The quality of their work is amazing. The crew is so professional that you won’t believe what they can accomplish in a short period of time until you see it yourself. Remember there are some things best left to the professionals. In just a few hours, they clean and scrub every visible and invisible inch in your house, and before you know it they’re gone again and you are left with the cleanest house you can imagine! “At Professional Maid Service, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what other house cleaning services offer,” says owner Max McCammond. “From toilet seat hinges to tops

of fans and stove knobs to baseboards, we provide our customers, every time we visit them, regardless of it being our first time cleaning or the 100th, with a home that sparkles and shines.” Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500

It Seemed Like Everyone Was Pregnant

Amanda’s Story T

he holidays were so hard, it seemed like everyone was pregnant. That was the hardest thing about our struggle with infertility—the loneliness. My husband and I didn’t talk about it with anyone and our doctors told us we were too young to worry yet. Listening to our gut feelings and looking for an answer brought us to Dr. Subodh Chauhan. I was twenty-five and my husband was twenty-seven when we started the fertility process…and we’d been trying to get pregnant for three years. We’d done everything, even one of those over-thecounter ovulation kits. Our family doctor and my ob/gyn weren’t concerned, but we knew something wasn’t right. We decided to take the initiative and find a fertility specialist. Dr. Chauhan really listened to us and understood why we were so worried. He started with an HSG test to make sure my tubes were

okay and then a semen test for my husband, and eventually we found out that we have ‘unexplained infertility.’ If we had waited, if we might never have gotten pregnant! We started with two cycles of the fertility pill, Clomid. Then we moved on to IUI, but it failed, too. Finally, I got pregnant with twins using IVF in January of 2008. Ultimately I delivered a healthy baby boy. I was so excited to go back to the office and see Dr. Chauhan holding my son. I remember how hard it was on the other side, watching moms going in with their babies. There were times I thought it would never happen for us. When we were ready to try again, Dr. Chauhan recommended a frozen embryo transfer (EFT) which we found out does not have the expense and risk of IVF. We got the results we were hoping for, we’re in our first trimester…pregnant with twins again. Following our gut feeling was absolutely the right thing to do. The support groups for infertility on were also helpful and there’s even a ‘shared due date’ group there when you get pregnant. Even if you’re younger, you need a doctor who empathizes with you. Dr. Chauhan dove in, found our answer…and made our dreams come true! Fertility Specialists of Houston 4724 Sweetwater Blvd, Ste 105 Sugar Land, TX 77479 832-553-5IVF (5483)

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without the


Lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days Drop up to 1 pound daily with Amaya’s HCG Diet for $7 per day AND Slim down with Zerona, only $99 per session Pay for 7 Zerona sessions, get 25 days of HCG FREE Regular HCG Clients: Book 6 Zerona sessions, Get 3 more FREE Also offering Bioiden cal Hormones for Men & Women First month BIHRT supply free for new clients

AMAYA NEW LOCATION: 8830 Long Point Road, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77055 1327 Lake Pointe Parkway, Suite 301, Sugar Land, TX 77478



(281) 751-8192

Before the Bridal Pearls, Don’t Forget Those Pearly Whites!


very bride wants a red-carpet smile as she takes her place in the spotlight on her wedding day. But with the extreme expense and hectic schedule of a wedding, you may think fabulous teeth are out of reach. One local dentist is always on the lookout for the most current treatments and latest development to get his patients sensational smiles that won’t break the bank. Dr. Thomas Lomonte. D.D.S. says, “I want you to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day…and every day after!”

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And now, start your special day with something white, too! Even if you’re meeting the florist, the caterer, the organist, and the seamstress, you can still get a whole new smile with time to spare. Dr. Lomonte says, “Whether you just need a little whitening or you want to change a discolored, gappy smile into something dazzling, the latest innovations won’t take much time at all…usually just an hour!” Whether you’re wearing ivory, off-white, shimmering satin or a cloud of meringue tulle, beautiful teeth are always white. If smoking, red wine, or coffee have stained yours, get a speedy boost to your smile and your confidence from Dr. Lomonte’s Opalescence Xtra BOOST teeth whitening system with an in-office treatment or special take-home trays. After all, you’ll have a hundred reasons to smile on the big day…and you’ll treasure those photos for the rest of your life. How long does it take to plan a wedding… three months, six months, a year? In just two weeks you can completely transform your smile; even if you’re worried about crooked, stained or missing teeth! Dr. Lomonte says, “Many of my patients have enjoyed the natural results, reliable strength and incredible convenience of the new Snap-On Smile. We’ll do a free consultation so you can choose from different smile shapes and shades

and I can make impressions. Just two weeks later you’ll get a custom-made, durable Snap-On Smile appliance. It’s a non-invasive, affordable way to straighten and brighten your smile for an almost instant, really dramatic makeover. No shots, no drilling…just a fabulous smile!” Are you ready for your walk down the aisle? Get an expert on your side! Dr. Lomonte travels to Vegas and beyond on his search for the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology. He says, “I’ve been in this business for over thirty years and I’m always discovering ways to make great smiles easier and more affordable for my patients. As a business owner who owns his own building, I can pass those savings on to the hardworking men and women who come to me for dental care. I’ll never charge you for a consultation, so come on in for a chat. And this month we’re offering a special free Bride and Groom Consultation. I hope you’ll let me do my part to give you the wedding day of your dreams.” Come in as a patient…and leave as a friend! Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 281- 530-1440 12122 Murphy Rd. Stafford, TX 77477

Colorectal Cancer—Free Screening


he month of March is dedicated to colorectal cancer awareness. Colorectal cancer affects one out of 18 Americans. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death for both men and women in the United States. “Because of screening tests, colorectal cancer can be caught early, increasing the survival rate for those diagnosed with the disease,” says Charles Phan, M.D., board certified gastroenterologist on staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. Colorectal cancer refers to cancer of the colon or rectum. While the exact cause of colorectal cancer is unknown, Dr. Phan cites the following as risk factors that may increase a person’s chance of developing the disease. Your age. The odds of developing colorectal cancer increase after age 50. Over 90% of people diagnosed with colorectal cancer are age 50 or older. Family history. Having close relatives (parents, siblings or children) who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer increases your risk; therefore, earlier and more frequent screenings may be recommended by your physician. Personal history of colorectal polyps or colorectal cancer. A polyp is a growth that

develops on the inner lining of the colon or rectum. Some polyps may become cancerous. If you’ve been diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the past, the disease may reoccur. Other risk factors include unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, smoking and bowel disorders such as Crohn’s disease. “Colorectal cancer usually does not present symptoms in its earliest stages,” shares Swarna Balasubramaniam, M.D., board certified colorectal surgeon on staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. However, as the cancer progresses, Dr. Balasubramaniam says the following symp- Charles Phan, M.D. and Swarna Balasubramaniam, M.D. toms may develop: saved lives. To schedule an appointment with • Irregular bowel habits, including con- Dr. Balasubramaniam or Dr. Phan, call our physician referral service at 281-274-7500. stipation and diarrhea • A constant feeling that you need to have a bowel movement Free Seminar & Screening • Rectal bleeding or bloody stools Join us on March 30 for a free Colorectal •Anemia (low blood count; found on lab tests) Cancer Awareness Seminar presented by • Frequent stomach pains or cramps Dr. Swarna Balasubramaniam and Dr. Charles Phan. Attendees will receive a free colorectal If you or a loved one is at risk for develop- screening kit to take home. The presentaing colorectal cancer or exhibits symptoms tion starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in of the disease, don’t hesitate to discuss your Conference Rooms A-D at Methodist Sugar concerns with a physician. With colorectal Land Hospital. Seating is limited. Reserve cancer, early screenings can translate into your seat by calling 281-274-7500.

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Sugar Land, Are You Ready for a Challenge?


rom 2004 to 2007, Sugar Land won the Texas Round-Up Governor’s Challenge for ‘Fittest City in Texas’... isn’t it time for us to take that title back? Mayor James A. “Jimmy” Thompson says, “We’re fortunate here in Sugar Land to have many different opportunities to get active… so many that it can be challenging to sort through all the options. I myself work out two or three times a week and love spending time outdoors, so I understand the challenges of living a healthy life.” “Over a year ago a group of citizens active in our community came to me with an idea to bring all the opportunities in our community—running clubs, cycling clubs, heath care advocates, excellent restaurants, supportive businesses—together in one place. We created a citizen’s committee with parents, athletes, medical experts, and industry representatives to put together a plan. We had two public meetings and focus groups to find out the best way to make getting healthier easy and practical for people. Thanks to a huge up swell of support…we’re excited to

launch and the start of ‘Healthy Mondays.’” The Sugar Land Mayor’s Fitness Council received a grant from the Governor’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and contracted with the local nonprofit Shape Up Sugar Land. Mayor Thompson says, “Shape Up Sugar Land’s created an interactive website connecting the health, wellness and fitness individuals, public and private organizations in our community in a ‘one stop shop.’ We’re also eager to involve our corporate community in health and wellness programs to make their employees healthier and happier and deliver health insurance discounts, too.” Ready to let “all health break loose?” Visit www.ShapeUpSugarLand and click the tab for ‘Healthy Mondays’ co-sponsored by Minute Maid and Whole Foods Market. You’ll find tips, resources, and local restaurants offering ‘Healthy Monday specials’ and coupons. Check the calendar for information on athletic events and browse for answers on improving your physical, men-

Ready to let “All Health Break Loose?”

tal and dietary health. President of Shape up Sugar Land, Nicole Volek, says “Go to our website or contact Joy Dowell at 281-844-4982 about publishing information on your health-related event…and visit to support a strong, healthy Sugar Land!”

A playground for your senses Sarah Warburton f it’s early February, (and it is) then that explains the excitement coming out of Sugar Land these days. Sugar Land Area Artists is hosting its third Sugar Land Town Square juried Art Show and Gallery beginning with a Grand Opening on Saturday, March 5 at 1:30 PM and continuing each Thursday through Sunday until wrapping up this visually pleasing show Saturday April 2, 2011, located at 16165 City Walk, on the corner by the fountain and plaza. Admission is free to the show which will feature a variety of work by local Sugar Land and Fort Bend artists as well as some by members of the Lone Star Art Guild, southeast region, an organization encompassing a 200-mile area. Show hours are March 5 from 1:30 to 10 PM,


then Thursdays 4 to 9 PM, Fridays and Saturdays Noon to 10 PM, and Sundays 1 to 6 PM, ending Saturday April 2. Ranging from professional artists, semi- and non-professionals, to students of all ages, and a special section for school students K-12 (who have

22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2011

shown amazing work at prior shows), attendees will enjoy viewing works in a variety of mediums including paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor; pastel/drawing; abstract/experimental; jewelry/sculpture; photography; pottery/ porcelain. Much of the work will be available for purchase. Before the show opens, Fran Knueppel, widely recognized professional artist and instructor, and owner of Morton Street Gallery in Richmond, will judge the show by viewing all the art and awarding ribbons for first, second, third places and honorable mentions, as well as Best of Show. The ribbons will be displayed all day March 5. During the show the public will have the opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice award (one each for adults and school students) to be awarded at the end of the show. A crowd favorite at prior shows, participating artists will also demonstrate their techniques throughout the show, by painting, sculpting, jewelry making, etc. Musicians will perform Friday and Saturday evenings. Sugar Land Area Artists is a visual art society committed to the enhancement of the fine arts in Fort Bend communities through art exhibits, competitions, education and scholarships. For more information please go to

And In This Corner…


arolyn Farb has raised over 50 million dollars, benefiting several hundred charitable causes and non-profit organizations in the Houston area and around the world. Known as the First Lady of Philanthropy, she has not only elevated fundraising to an art form, she wrote the book on it.

Becoming Kinky…The World According to Kinky Friedman. The play is a poignant and hilarious journey into the mind of one of America’s most fascinating folk heroes. A little over two years ago, following a successful fundraiser for Stages Reper tor y Theatre, Carolyn and Kinky joined Ted Swindley (founder of Stages and creator of Always…Patsy Cline) for breakfast. The conversation and camaraderie created a perfect setting for the collaboration between the First Lady of Philanthropy, the Texas Jewboy, and the famous playwright. Often compared to Will Rogers and Bob Dylan; author, musician, philanthropist and would-be governor of Texas, Kinky Friedman is a true original. Don’t miss the music, philosophy and wit of the “Kinkster” forever immortalized in Ted Swindley’s Becoming Kinky…The World According to Kinky •

At the end of this month you can be a part of two of her latest projects. On Saturday, March 26th at the Verizon Wireless Theater, Carolyn Farb and her co-chair, Mar y Jane Fortin CEO and President of American General Life Companies invite you to attend the fifth annual Children at Risk Gala to raise awareness regarding child traf ficking and help stop the exploitation of innocent children in our area. The evening will include a spectacular dinner catered by Cordua, musical sounds of singer, songwriter Michael McDonald, and an exclusive Live Auction. All proceeds for this event will support Children At Risk’s Center to End the Trafficking and Exploitation of Children. Table sponsorships are still available as well as individual tickets for the event. For more information, please contact Laura Nelson at 713.869.7740 or Just two days after the Children at Risk Gala, you can join Carolyn Farb and Kinky Friedman on Monday, March 28th at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston, for the World Premiere of

Sofía van der Dys

Sara Adams

Friedman. The World Premiere performance will benefit the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. For r eser vations call The Mucky Duck: 713-538-5999. Join Car olyn in the fight as she continues to raise dollars and awar eness to help those who ar e unable to help themselves.

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UpClose Magazine March 2011  

A Fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas.

UpClose Magazine March 2011  

A Fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas.