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August 2010

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Are Your Buds Ready?

Sarah Warburton f your taste buds are tired, they need a treat. Why save fresh food and fine dining for special occasions only? Fort Bend business owner Ray Salti has developed some of our favorite local restaurants and when he realized this community needed a place that celebrated local meats and produce with a true “farm to table” concept, he called on renowned Danish chef, Soren Pedersen. Together they created a perfect blend of fabulous food and an amazing wine selection. Got friends with a real zest for fresh food? Meet up with them at Ray’s Gourmet Country. All the meats served here are locally farmraised and organic or natural. The tomatoes in these pictures? Grown less than five miles away. Whether you enjoy a fried green tomato appetizer or cherry tomatoes roasted next to a mouthwatering buffalo strip, supporting local growers never tasted so good! Soren says, “We designed this menu to enhance the true flavor of food, not to cover it up. We’re passionate about choosing the ripest seasonal produce, the highest quality local meats, and the freshest seafood, so you can really taste and enjoy the food we serve.” “I grew up in Denmark eating fresh, seasonal food,” Soren says. “Ray and I take great pleasure in giving our patrons imaginative, creative dishes with fantastic ingredients. Our menu changes with the seasons and we have daily seafood specials based on the actual ‘catch of the day’ at our local market. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we offer a special ‘economy-friendly’ blackboard menu of specials I designed as a mid-week treat.”


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Forget driving into the city for fantastic food…thanks to Ray’s Gourmet Country, traffic is flowing our way! Houston Chronicle food critic, Alison Cook chose the “chicken-fried ostrich” at Ray’s as one of her favorite dishes of 2009. Check out Ray’s Gourmet Country website, sign up for email updates, or visit Facebook, so you can stay informed about events like eight course wine dinners, jazz night, wine tastings, cooking classes and Ray’s very own catering division, Watercress. Call up your best buds and head out to Ray’s Gourmet Country Grill, where Soren and Ray invite you to enjoy the freshest ingredients of our local growers in creative dishes you’ll love. Every meal you eat at Ray’s will be a special occasion…any night of the week! Ray’s Gourmet Country Grill 8502 FM 359 Rd., Fulshear, TX 77441 281-533-0099


From the Cover

TurnedOn! Sarah Warburton

This Sounds Amazing!

Sarah Warburton


re you a secret audiophile? Whether you have a serious love of music or you just want the full-on movie experience from your big screen television, Richard Machemehl and Scott Crain of Home Theater Evolutions know what prod-

ucts deliver pure, accurate, amazing sound! Break the sound barrier at Home Theater Evolutions. On the “wall of sound” you’ll find a range of speakers hand-picked by Richard and Scott, all clearly labeled, priced, and ready for a listen. Richard says, “Scott and I chose to stock the DALI speakers because of their fantastic performance. They’re designed to work with your amplifier to produce the sound exactly as it is, without any distortions. You can get them in-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf and floorstanding speakers, or as an on-wall to match those flat panel TVs...and the sound is so incredible that these are the speakers I chose for my own home.” Why can loud music make speakers perform poorly? Scott says, “Most speakers are not able to handle the power pushed from the amp at high levels and can over drive the speakers causing damage. It would be like driving a sedan on the freeway at 120 mph, it’s just not meant to happen. DALI designed their speakers with high-quality materials, crossovers and drivers to handle high volume very easily while keeping the sound clear and undistorted. They’re very durable with amazingly accurate sound!”

DALI delivers your favorite music like it should be heard—from the snaking on the drums to each pluck of the guitar to every second of the bass. One customer, John Dorrier, writes, “Home Theater Evolutions designed and installed the security systems, home automation systems, internet connectivity, central audio system and home theater systems in my new home. All of the work was done by highly qualified and conscientious professionals, and the results show it. All systems are working beautifully, and the Home Theater systems with the DALI Helicon speakers are just amazing. Once the audio systems were tuned to their individual room environments, the sound was incredible and even in quite large rooms; the bookshelf-size Helicon speakers filled the room with concert-quality sound. I highly recommend both Home Theater Evolutions, their choice of suitable equipment matched to purpose, and especially the DALI Helicon speakers.” Want your speakers to sound their best? Richard says, “A good AV Receiver will make your speakers and your video display even better! AV receivers amplify sound

To advertise, 281-235-0600

from different audio sources and route video signals to your TV. We love the way Primare receivers and amps work with the DALI speakers. They don’t skimp on power so they process the digital audio from a DVD or any other source much faster and more efficiently for a clearer, crisper sound. They also use separate windings in the power supply’s transformer for the audio, video, digital, and mechanical sections…your video will look amazing, too! We’re really impressed with the look and quality of their design.” Sound good? Come by Home Theater Evolutions’ new showroom and hear for yourself! Scott says, “We offer free in-home estimates, up-front pricing, complete installation and set-up. Tell us what you want and we’ll put together a package that fits your goals, your space, and your budget!” Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

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Swing for the Cure with Methodist Sugar Land, Fort Bend Junior Service League

Charity golf tournament to benefit local breast cancer patients Top row Left to Right: Leena Taneja, Sponsorship Chair; Lowell Stanton, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital CFO; Jeremy Finkelstein, Medical Director of EmergiGroup; Parin Shah, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital ER physician; Scott Rivenes, Medical Director of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital ER; Chris Siebenaler, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital CEO and Kaelyn Stolhand, Logistics Co-Chair. Bottom row Left to Right: Melissa Roca, Finance Chair; Sean Sevy, Logistics Co-Chair; Pam Spencer, President FBJSL; Beth Butler, Director of Community Relations, FBJSL; Lisa Nobles, Logistics Co-Chair and Pat Hogue, Auction Chair.


ethodist Sugar Land Hospital and the Fort Bend Junior Service League are teaming up to host a new charity golf tournament benefiting the American Cancer Society. Swing for the Cure – presented by EmergiGroup Physician Associates – is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 18, at the Houstonian Golf & Country Club in Richmond. All monies raised will stay in the community to help Fort Bend residents who need assistance in their battle against breast cancer. “Swing for the Cure benefits an excellent cause and we’re proud to be associated as the title sponsor,” says Dr. Jeremy Finkelstein, medical director of EmergiGroup Physician Associates, the physicians who staff Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Emergency Department. “Every day, our doctors are on the front line of medicine here in Fort Bend, but Swing for the Cure gives us an opportunity to help on a different level.” In fact, doctors with EmergiGroup Physician Associates treat more than 40,000 Fort Bend patients a year at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. Throughout the Houston area, the board-certified emergency room physicians with EmergiGroup handle more than 100,000 cases every year – everything from minor illnesses to life-threatening conditions. “Breast cancer is very prevalent in my family history, as well as my wife’s,” says Dr. Finkelstein. “And over the past few years, we’ve lost several young friends to the disease. When family members and close friends die prematurely – especially those who have children the same age as mine – it affects you. You can’t help but become involved with this important cause.” Tournament organizers have already raised more than $117,000 from sponsors and are hoping for a large turnout of golfers to maximize the amount of aid that can be distributed to local cancer patients.

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“What makes this tournament different from many breast cancer fund-raisers is that the money will be used to help Fort Bend patients in their fight against breast cancer,” said Leena Taneja, sponsorship chair and director of physician relations at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. “In addition to their direct medical expenses, breast cancer patients often incur extra costs related to their condition and in many cases, they can’t work for extended periods of time. Swing for the Cure will help provide assistance where needed to ensure that breast cancer patients don’t have the extra burden of where they can find help.” A heartfelt thank you goes out to the EmergiGroup Physician Associates, along with all of our sponsors which include: Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas, Plastic Surgery of Houston, Breast Center of Fort Bend, Foot Centers of Texas, Total Inpatient Services, Consolidated Home Health, Texas Spine & Neurosurgery Center, Houston Radiology Associates, Chevray Plastic Surgery, Fort Bend Lifestyles and Homes, CNA Advertising, Gen-Tech Construction, Greater Houston Anesthesiology, Priority Integrated Marketing, Templeton Breast Care, Sugar Land Oncology, Healthy Advice Communications, Methodist Sugar Land Breast Radiologists, Founders Bank, Colorectal Surgical Associates and Advance Oncology.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available, auction items are still needed along with monetary donations. To participate or for more information, contact Leena Taneja 281-274-8097 or

When the Weight Creeps Back Becca Bragg


hat happens after you’re successful…and then the weight creeps back? One local woman, Phyllis says, “I lost a lot of weight, but due to age and hormones I gained it back. Nothing that I tried—diets or programs—took it off. I heard Dr. Ahmadi talking about his procedure on television and I knew he was just exactly what I was looking for.” Compassion, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology are the bedrocks of Dr. Ahmadi’s Avante Plastic Surgery. As a double board certified plastic surgeon and Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ahmadi performs every kind of procedure from facelifts and nose reshapings to breast augmentations, reductions, and lifts. The procedure that really showcases Dr. Ahmadi’s master work is the Lipotuck™. This unique trademarked procedure combines liposuction with tightening of the skin, to provide a firm, curvy figure. Dr. Ahmadi says, “Whether a patient starts at a size 2 or a size 16, the Lipotuck™ is completely-customized, so that each individual patient gets the very best results possible.” During her consultation, Phyllis talked with Dr. Ahmadi about what the procedure would involve and what results she could expect. She says, “He treats you like you’re his top priority and he knows how to achieve results. He does expect you to follow his rules, but if you do…it will absolutely work! He performs the surgery in the surgery center attached to his office, so it’s very convenient and professional. Everyone, from the receptionists to the nurses was warm and put me right at ease. On the day of the surgery, you are his only procedure… he doesn’t rush from one patient to another. I can’t imagine I could have found anyone who would have done a better job.”


Before Three weeks after her procedure, Phyllis says, “I went from having huge rolls of fat to having absolutely nothing. I’m so pleased with the entire experience…and it’s all thanks to Dr. Ahmadi!” Avante Plastic Surgery 281-265-2639 (BODY) The Art of Skin 281-879-8039 1112 Soldiers Field Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77479

Don’t Miss This!

TCRN Sugar Land Network President Brian Covault


e’ve found a hot new source for the latest news…and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! People “in the know” get updates on Sugar Land, and the inside-scoop on the best businesses around at… Brian Covault, founder of the TCRN Sugar Land Network says, “I’m looking forward to blogging about what’s happening in Sugar Land

and giving you a sneak peak at special deals and events at the best businesses in our city!” If you want to get information on events, services, and specials around Sugar Land, you have to know where to go. Visit the “Best Businesses in Sugar Land” blog and subscribe, so you won’t miss out on a single post. You’ll get an in-depth look at the places that stand out in our community for their excellent services and generous spirits. You can also follow the Best Businesses in Sugar Land at and you’ll get “up to the minute” updates around town. When you love Sugar Land, you’ll love supporting the businesses that make this such an amazing place to live. Where can you find a comprehensive list of the best businesses in Sugar Land? Brian says, “Just go to You’ll find a list of the best local businesses, and we’ve organized them by category for your convenience. For example, Pawz n Clawz Pet Sitting, owned and operated by Raquel Baker, and Lexington Boulevard Animal Hospital can be found under the category of Pet Services. You

Sarah Warburton can receive a 5% discount with your Preferred Customer Card with Pawz n Clawz everytime, and SAVE $25 OFF your first visit at LBAH when you present your Preferred Customer Card! There are more than 25 different categories, and 100+ businesses in the TCRN Sugar Land Network. The Preferred Customer Card is a way TCRN businesses give extra savings and discounts back to our loyal customers. Pick up your FREE TCRN Preferred Card at any TCRN business!” We’ve got enough blogs on politics, food, families, and fashion… visit www. for a blog that’s all about Sugar Land and the best businesses in town! At www.SugarLandNetwork. org you’ll find a directory of members (over 100) from businesses like home services, restaurants, and medical services to community resources like churches. Brian says, “These are the same places I send my friends and family, because they excel at customer service and deliver the quality experience I know you’ll love. All of us in the Sugar Land Network are dedicated to being the best around!” To advertise, 281-235-0600

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Pencils, Notebooks... and a Smile!


Sarah Warburton re your kids as ready for the start of school as you are? Before the big day arrives, treat them to a mini-vacation at a place that combines the best of sunny California with surfboard counters and a boardwalk with toys and balloons. At the Little People’s Dentistry, Dr. Bianca Sanchez knows what makes “Little People” smile…even about going back to school! Do you have your “back-to-school” smile supplies ready? Maybe your kids have their toothbrushes and toothpaste…but what about their dental floss and plaque detector? Dr. Sanchez explains, “Start flossing as soon as your child has teeth that touch each other…because back teeth are especially prone to cavities and kids don’t lose their canines and back molars until they are ten or even twelve. If your child doesn’t have the manual dexterity to write in cursive, they’re probably not ready to brush and floss without supervision. You might try laying your child down on the bed so you can really see those back molars as you brush…that’s what I do with my one-year-old. We also offer plaque detector rinse and tablets that will highlight one-day old and three-day-old plaque, so older kids can see what a difference carefully brushing takes.” Do you have a toddler who’s just not excited about big brother and big sister going off to school? After school starts, Dr. Sanchez offers special morning appointments just for those little bitty ones… and she’s always happy to teach them something new. Psst…we know where she’s hidden the answers to her quiz: check out her website! In Tooth 101 mom and dad will find the facts

about dental care and kids will love playing cool games like Frogger and Tetris or coloring a page in the downloadable “Dynamite Dental Kid” kit. Make time before the end of summer for a play date at Little People’s Dentistry with your friends Dr. Sanchez and her special tools “Mr. Whistle,” “Mr. Bumpy,” and “Mr. Thirsty.” Digital x-rays, the option of sedation, sunglasses, movies, prizes and fun make this a favorite destination for those twice yearly checkups. Dr. Sanchez says, “We want your kids to go to school with a great grin!” Little People’s Dentistry “Because Kidz Are People, Too.” 281-261-0020 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (Located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone)

Don’t take BACK PAIN lying down!

Low Back Pain is a common problem. You are not alone and you don’t have to suffer. If back pain is keeping you from doing what you enjoy: walking your dog, playing with your kids, golf…call Mark Brown, M.D. of Back Pain Interventions P.A.. 6 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

Back Pain Interventions P.A. 6350 Hwy 90A, Ste 700, Sugar Land, TX 77498 281.494.6900

Set the Music Free! Sarah Warburton


hy do Fort Bend families sing the praises of the Fort Bend Music Center? When you walk in the door, you’ll be amazed at the huge showroom with new and previously-owned pianos, the wide range of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, PA systems, and the wall of band instruments and accessories. But any student will tell you that the classrooms are where the real “music” happens. Did you think you were just born with an ear for music? Between the ages of four and eight, a child’s inner ear is still developing and can be trained! Education Director David Floyd says, “The Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) offers more than piano lessons, it includes pitch and rhythm, so children learn to be real musicians. It’s the number one curriculum used in Asia and we’ve been a Yamaha certified piano school since 2004. All our teachers are Yamaha certified and trained. Since this is such a popular program, we’ve added classes for every age group on the weekdays and on Saturday…but they always fill up quickly!” If your child has never studied music before, piano lessons are the perfect overture! YMES keeps kids busy, going from the board to their own pianos to the instructor’s instrument. Kids ages four through six use full body movement to experience beats and rhythms. Students practice with a CD that offers them full accompaniment by the London Philharmonic and have the option of an entertaining DVD, too. David says, “We still focus on ear training as well as piano in the Young Musician Course for ages seven and eight. After the ear is fully developed, older kids and teens concentrate on playing, technique, and theory in Keyboard

Encounters. YEMS delivers proven results…and kids of all ages really love it!” Strike up the’s about to start and the only name you need to know is Fort Bend Music Center! You’ll find an amazing selection of new and like-new band instruments—from brass to woodwinds—available for purchase or rental. If you find your musical prodigy doesn’t want to give the instrument back, you’ll be thankful for Fort Bend Music’s rent-to-own program. And since they’re fully stocked all the time, you’ll have a one-stop-shop after those last minute band signups. David says, “We’re an approved vendor for Lamar Consolidated, Fort Bend ISD, Alief, and Houston school systems. We work with local band directors to make sure we have everything you need from books to reeds!” If you’re thinking about snagging a space in beginning piano, drums, guitar, or voice, now is the time to make that call! After the most successful summer camp season ever, Fort Bend Music Center anticipates record numbers of new students. David says, “We don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to free the music in their souls. Visit our website to see the 2010 class schedule. Signing up is as easy as walking in and reserving your spot. We’re also happy to give you a tour…but don’t wait! Class space is limited.”

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281-494-5885 12919 SW Freeway, Ste 160

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Playing the Game Like a Pro Sarah Warburton


on’t get “trapped” by big city plumbing prices. Master Plumber Alan Burkhalter says, “We love what we do like golfers love their game… but we treat the craft of plumbing and the care of our customers with the utmost seriousness. You’ll always get the best service at a fair price from us, because we believe in treating people right!” Some companies might try to “sandbag” you, but the ace team at Alan’s Plumbing plays the game by local rules while keeping the knowledge and professionalism that make them the real pros! Are you dealing with water hazards in your bathroom or kitchen? Are leaky faucets or faulty pipes giving you a “rough” time? The team at Alan’s Plumbing has the drive and the follow-through to handle all your plumbing problems. Professional, prompt, courteous, and conscientious, they’ve been Fort Bend’s first choice for plumbing for the last fourteen years. Nothing’s out-of-bounds

for this professional team, and they’ll stay the course until the job is done. How many golf pros can boast they make a hole-in-one every time? Alan’s Plumbing’s got such a successful track record that they’ve earned the prestigious Reader’s Choice awards seven times running! Alan says, “We’ve dedicated ourselves to knowing the business inside and out and offering superior service to our neighbors here in Fort Bend. We’re a family business, and we love serving this community.” If you want to make it to the pros, you’ve got to put in the hours on the course. You won’t find any weekend duffers at Alan’s Plumbing! Alan earned his Master Plumber certification through hours of work as a journeyman and a strenuous two-day master’s license exam. Along with his brothers

Brian and Chris, and his sons—Beau, Luke, and Jake—he’s made a name for Alan’s Plumbing based on honesty, quality workmanship, and real down-home values. The rules of golf and the rules of a reputable plumbing company like Alan’s Plumbing aren’t too different: “Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.” When you need expert plumbing help, call the masters at Alan’s Plumbing… where you’ll always get excellent service and a fair shake! Alan’s Plumbing 281-261-1064

There are some jobs that are best left to the professionals.

 Uniformed, Trained, Bonded, and Insured Employees  Custom Services to


Accomodate Any Schedule and/or Budget  No Contracts to Sign  Established in 1999

Visit our website or contact us by phone for a free in-home estimate www. 8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

The True Test

Charlotte Grace he lazy days of summer are coming to an end and school is about to begin. You can almost smell the paste and fresh notebooks as kids and parents begin to prepare for another semester. With a lot of academic focus on testing and test results of students, what’s the true test of a school’s performance? If you ask Barbara Irving, she’ll tell you it’s how you feel when you walk in the door. She says, “When I entered International Preparatory School, I couldn’t help but get excited because the students were genuinely engaged about learning.” She also liked the mutual respect that was obvious between the students and the staff. Barbara first visited IPS at the recommendation of a colleague. She was searching for the


right setting for her grandson Tyler. Over the past year, it was revealed that Tyler is gifted and talented and has ADD. With the small class setting and close student/teacher ratio, Tyler excels in his mainstream class. Director, Susan Rhorer-McMahon gives credit for the school’s success to her talented staff, some of which have been with her for over eighteen years. She refers to her team as, “a united community of enthusiastic educators dedicated to helping children realize their full potential.” More than half of the faculty at International Preparatory School has earned advanced degrees and average over fifteen years of teaching experience per teacher. In addition to teaching, most of the faculty are involved with extracurricular activities and assume the roles of class advisors, coaches, and/or club sponsors. Impressed with the level of commitment of the IPS staff, Barbara volunteers her own time

as a mentor and support person, coaching students competing in Modern Oratory with the PSIA (Private School Interscholastic Association). IPS is a true college preparatory school. It is a unique learning environment made up of a culturally diverse student and teacher community with a traditional and innovative curriculum that is multilingual and multicultural. If you want to put IPS to the “test,” call today and schedule a tour or visit Susan and her staff during their Open House on August 16th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Everyone is welcome. International Preparatory School 281-208-1403 1717 Dulles Avenue Missouri City

Got the Right Sight?

Sarah Warburton


oes your child have the most important school supply this year? No, it isn’t the perfect backpack, the right lunchbox, or a stylish back-toschool outfit…it’s 20/20 vision and you can find it with a visit to Sugar Land’s own Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source. She says, “Accurate eyesight is crucial to learning, and seeing their best allows children to do their best in school, at sports, and in life!” Your child needs more than number two pencils and a “thinking cap” for success in school. Visit Dr. Doan for a comprehensive vision exam and she’ll check that eyes work properly together, rule out lazy eye, address over or under focusing, and identify colorblindness and problems with depth perception. Dr. Doan says, “Kids won’t say the world is blurr y, because they don’t know it should look different. Sometimes kids

are far-sighted and see the board just fine, but can’t see well up close to read or study. Other times a child’s eyes might not work together, or track, properly. Identifying these issues before school starts keeps kids from entering at a disadvantage.” “To see or not to see” isn’t the question you want your teen asking in English class this year. Prescriptions can change over the summer. Why wait for the headaches, inability to see the board, and poor test scores to visit the optometrist? Go ahead and get the “all’s clear” today and your teenager will be ready to ace another year! Dr. Doan says, “We offer frames in every style imaginable as well as contact lenses. For teens who are active in sports or want to start the year with a new look. Many patients can even wear their new contacts home the same day, but we’ll talk together to decide on the best solution for you and your student.” Don’t wait until your child has problems seeing at school...get their eyes seen early and set them up for success! Visit Sugar Land’s own Dr. Doan and start this school year with the right sight!

To advertise, 281-235-0600

Dr. Anh Doan, Therapeutic Optometrist Vision Source! 281-261-2647 4725 Highway 6 South You can become a Friend of Dr. Doan’s on Facebook at: Vision Source – Missouri City

$59 Expires 8-31-2010

FREE Expires 8-31-2010

complete glasses SV plastic lenses. Frame value not to exceed $100. Current Rx required. Cannot be used with insurance or any other offer. Certain Rx restrictions may apply.

color contact lenses

10 pairs of Dailies colorblends with exam and year supply of contact lenses. Choice of 4 colors. Certain Rx restrictions may apply.

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Fort Bend Moms Helping Fort Bend Moms… Sarah Warburton

...and daughters and nieces and aunts and sisters and grandmothers, too! Local moms Reena TharappelJacob, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. and Chantal Nguyen-Tran, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. of Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates-Southwest empathize with the challenges of balancing work, family, and your health because they do it every day. Dr. Nguyen-Tran says, “Our office is a friendly, convenient place for all the women in your family. We partner with our patients for a lifetime of good health.” With pregnancy comes excitement, anticipation…and thousands of questions! At OGA’s intimate, boutiquestyle clinic, you’ll get personal attention from Dr. Jacob or Dr. NguyenTran and their nurses. Dr. Jacob says, “My patients know when they call they’ll speak to me or my nurse, Sonia. We understand that moms-tobe need extra reassurance and we’re happy to be there for them. My two daughters are a daily blessing in my

10 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

life and I want to help my patients have happy healthy babies, so they can discover that same joy; whether they’re planning for a natural or assisted childbirth.” When you spend your days driving from playgroup to soccer practice, it can be hard to make time for yourself. As the mother of three – including a busy two-year old, Dr. NguyenTran understands how precious your time is! She says, “Dr. Jacob and I have moved lots of procedures into our office to make life easier for our patients. In addition to our in-office ultrasound and on-site lab, we also offer endometrial ablations to relieve excessive bleeding and permanent birth control choices like Essure® and Adiana®. Patients can also enjoy total skincare and aesthetic services including Botox and Juvederm XC. We’ve listened to our patients so we can better meet their needs.” Let the important women in your life know that OGA-Southwest is

right around the corner—next to the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital. Dr. Tharappel-Jacob says, “We work with women from adolescence to post-menopause, and we follow up with our patients, to let them know when they need a pregnancy checkup, a mammogram, a colonoscopy, or a bone density test. We’re looking forward to getting to know your family for a lifetime!” Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates, P.A. Southwest 713-578-3820 or 713-578-3827 (Viet Line) 17510 West Grand Parkway South, Ste 430 in the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Medical Plaza

Send Them Off With a Smile! Sarah Warburton


o matter how much fun your family had this summer, every parent breathes a small sigh of relief once school starts up. Suddenly, it’s your kids who have the crazy to-do list. After a full day of

school, they’re off to scouts, football, karate, theater…a never-ending list of after-school activities! Do your family a favor this August and make a trip to Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S before the back-to-school rush. When your “big kid” is ready for preschool, it’s time for a first dental checkup, too. Why not make it a family outing and bring everyone to Dr. Lomonte’s office? He says, “My staff and I love chatting with our patients and their families, and we welcome all ages. We’ve got

a treasure box for the little ones, and often they’re more confident getting an exam after they’ve seen mom, dad, or big brother go through the same thing first.” Want to ace your dental exam? The answer’s as easy as ABC…Always Brush and floss daily, and get routine Checkups twice a year. Dr. Lomonte says, “Preteens and teenagers are more independent and may be making poor food choices. Wise parents bring their kids to the dentist twice a year, so we can catch problems early. August is the perfect time, before school starts and your schedule goes haywire!” Whether your recent graduate is heading off to work or off to college, a healthy smile is a “must-have.” At Dr. Lomonte’s office they’ll get a good cleaning, a clean bill of dental health, and down-to-earth advice on keeping a shining smile for life. He says, “We also have some great confidence boosters like Invisalign to straighten teeth, Lumineers—extremely thin and strong veneers, and the Opalescence Xtra BOOST teeth whitening system.” Don’t wait until the kids are back in school and you’re back at work. Make life easier and bring the whole family for a special back-toschool visit to Dr. Lomonte’s cheerful, friendly

Weight Loss That Works! D

Karen Daniels o you feel like you’ve tried every diet and still haven’t achieved the promised results? Do you lose it only to gain it all back? That’s how it was for Kelsey. Over the years she’s tried many diets, but after joining the Kalologie Skincare team last year, she started the MD Weight Loss Program offered at the Medspa. “The premise of the diet is to reset your metabolism. It literally gives you a second chance to start over and transform.” MD Weight Loss Program consists of three - 21 day phases – each stage scientifically designed to retrain, stabilize, and maintain



your body’s new healthier weight and habits. During Phase 1 you will receive hCG (Human Chorinic Gonadotropin) twice daily, administered under the tongue. Yay! No shots! hCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in our bodies, and when an elevated amount is introduced, our fat storage is used as the body’s fuel source, so even though you are on a low calorie diet you are not starving the body. By the end of this phase, an average of 1 pound a day is lost, and the daily weight loss is great motivator. According to Kelsey, “I lost 22 pounds in the first 21 days and by the end of the three months I lost 55 pounds. There’s been a shift in my brain and how I perceive food. Not only do I sleep better, my cravings have changed, too.” Co-worker, Beena, is currently on Phase Three, has had similar results and is a true believer in the program. She provides her personal cell phone number to all of her clients. “I know how hard it is to diet. If they need to call me while they’re at a restaurant to ask if they can eat something, I have no problem with a call or text. Support makes all the difference.” And don’t think that because you’ve had the extra weight for years that you can’t get rid of it. Mariette explains, “This diet works and I am proof that you can shed that pregnancy weight even after 12 years. It’s been a year and I’ve kept the weight off.”

To advertise, 281-235-0600

office. He says, “I’ve been treating three generations of patients…and my staff and I really enjoy delivering personal treatment with a smile every time.” Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 281-530-1440 12122 Murphy Rd.

To learn more about this weight loss program that really works, call Kelsey, Benna or Mariette at Kalologie Skincare/Medspa. They’re happy to talk about their experience and let you know about any special promotions or discounts available. Kalologie Skincare/Medspa 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway Whole Foods Shopping Center Sugar Land, TX 77478



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All the Wow… None of the Ow!

Sarah Warburton re you looking for a way to update your kitchen and bathroom without the hassle and expense of a major remodel? Big changes don’t have to cost big bucks. Homeowners all over Fort Bend love the simple, durable beauty of surface refinishing by Miracle Method. Owners Jonee and Paul Barnett say, “A big surface like a counter makes a big impact. Give us just a couple of days and we’ll give your room a whole new look!” Giving your kitchen counters a facelift improves the look of the entire room. Miracle Method transforms tile, cultured marble, CorianYour browser may not support display of this image. , FormicaYour browser may not support display of this image. , WilsonartYour browser may not support display of this image. and other laminate countertops. After your original counters are cleaned, the scratches and chips repaired, you can custom-


Before After create the perfect shade for your finish, or request a “color match” to coordinate with your décor. Jonee says, “Our customers love Natural Accents™, a finish that delivers the look of natural stone…without the high price!” Reduce, reuse, recycle…and renew! Miracle Method makes it possible

Sugar Land Shuttle On Time, Every Time

Before After (and painless) to refresh the look of your bathroom without tossing your old tubs, sinks and countertops. An old vanity gets a new lease on life with a whole new surface. Whether you’re dreaming of a spa-inspired retreat, a terracotta Mediterranean bath, or an art deco black and white fantasy, Miracle Method makes your decorating dreams come true. Do you believe in miracles? Not only is Miracle Method easy and affordable, it’s durable enough to stand the test of time. Paul says, “We have the experience and the professional training to make sure your surfaces are properly prepared and the finishes are correctly applied. In fact, we offer a five-year warranty against peeling or adhesion problems. Miracle Method is used by Hilton and Disney and has been featured on DIY’s Bathtastic, HGTV’s Carter Can and the Today Show. The truth is, it looks amazing in hotels, resorts…and homes!” Are you excited about changing up your countertops? The professional, courteous service and incredible ease of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing makes getting the “Wow” factor in your bathroom or kitchen really fun! Call to schedule your free in-home estimate today. Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX

24 Hour Airport Transportation

(832) 434-8312

Danny Nguyen, D.D.S.

The Best Black Car Service In Town 24 Hour Airport Service Corporate/Executive Shuttle Hotel Transfers Personal Chauffer

COLONY HAIR 22 Years of Full-Service Family Hair Care Colors of the World Salon

Highly Specialized in Double & Triple Hi lites, Color Correction and Texture Cuts! Aquage Biolage Nioxin Redken Sebastian •

3632 Highway 6, Sugar Land

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take home whitening kit for new patients - exp 8-31-10 call for details

281-491-9494 15870 SW Freeway #500 (59@hwy 6 next to Whole Foods) Sugar Land, TX 77478

Do You Know a Teen in Need of Substance Abuse Treatment?

The Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center treats adolescents from 13 to 17 years of age, including dual-diagnosis patients with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency. The PaRC offers every level of care for substance abuse treatment, from medical detox to residential stays and intensive outpatient programs. There is no school time lost in our comprehensive program. Teens can move forward with their academic studies including summer school and advance placement capabilities. At the PaRC we treat teens and their families. There is weekly family counseling and a 3-day intensive family program. Our therapies include: equine therapy, drum therapy, fitness activities, art and expressive music therapy, and individual, group and family counseling. PaRC offers essential education about chemical dependency, relapse prevention and life skills. It is known for its extensive Alternative Peer Group involvement and both teens and parents are eligible for one year free aftercare and lifetime alumni membership.

If you know a teen in need, PaRC can help. Simply contact us to begin the process. 713-939-7272 We are Building Recovery One Life at a Time

Could It Be Magic? Sarah Warburton


ave you ever wished you had a magic lamp? Just one rub and three wishes later, your problems would be solved. If your kitchen isn’t working for you, three wishes is two too many! One call to ShelfGenie and your consultant will deliver solutions beyond your wildest dreams. Kitchen expert, Ric Trahan says, “We don’t offer generic, one-size-fits-all products… we custom-create smarter space!” Where’s the magic happen? Right in your own home! Ric says, “We actually redesign your cabinets, drawers, and pantry on the inside. Our design consultant will talk with you about what you use most often and how you move around your kitchen. If you’ve got cabinets that are working just fine, we won’t touch them. We only change your storage to create solutions.” The design process takes about a half an

14 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

hour and the installation takes half a day. No sawdust, no mess, no hassle. Almost as easy as one, two three… poof! A good magician never reveals his tricks, but we convinced Ric to share just a few of ShelfGenie’s most popular innovations. You know that thin strip of wood between your cabinet drawers that makes it impossible to slide a cookie sheet onto your shelf? Ric says, “We’ve designed a ‘stile removal’ solution to attach that strip to the door of your cabinet. When the doors are closed, everything looks the same. When your cabinet doors are open the entire length of your shelf will be usable and completely accessible.” Is there a magic wand that would make husbands and teenagers empty the dishwasher and put things away in their proper places? ShelfGenie makes

it easier…since all your bowls, plates, cutlery, pots and pans will have space that’s easy to see and easy to reach. Ric says, “A big favorite at the Home Show is our solution to blind corners where two shelves meet. We use glideout shelves that slide perpendicularly, one above the other to make your entire “blind corner” usable. Could it be magic? No, it’s just ShelfGenie’s combination of innovative products customized for you. Ric says, “At ShelfGenie, we won’t give you more shelves…we give you solutions. With our lifetime guarantee on materials and installation, you’ll love rediscovering the space you already have!” ShelfGenie 512-771-7894




No Place Like Home Donnielle Carter


oes the inside of your house look like you want it to? Does it have the style or comforts that you desire? Starting from the floor up if you could change anything in your house what would it be? New carpet? Tile? Remodeled bathroom? New countertops in the kitchen? Wood floors? So often people won’t make changes in their house because they don’t know where to start or even how to start. That’s where All About Carpet and Floors comes in, as the only IICRC certified firm in the Sugar Land area, owners and operators Bob & Renee McKelvey make customer satisfaction their top priority. And regardless of the name, All About Carpet and Floors is more than carpets and floors. Loving challenges and wanting to provide their customers the best customer care possible, several years ago Bob & Renee answered their customers’ needs and have now compiled a network of the most expert and reputable trades people and contractors in the area. With this network in place, they can assist you in not only floor work, but also remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, plus so much more. And with Renee’s chic style advice and Bob’s ingenuity, the changes will not only reflect your style and but also fit your budget. With an extensive selection of styles, colors and textures to choose from including porcelain, marble, granite, travertine and more, All About Carpet and Floors can assist you to find what you’re looking for. Their in-store and field technicians are trained to tackle any project, answer any question and help you in every way possible. “Every job is unique, so every job is a challenge,” says Bob, “especially when you’re as concerned as we are about getting it done right.” Just like a family, a house needs a strong base to grow upon. To turn your house into a home that you can’t wait to spend time in, why not turn to a business that knows something about family work and building a strong base? Almost 20 years ago Bob & Renee started with a simple carpet cleaning business. And while raising a family

they worked hard, worked together and turned that carpet cleaning business into the highly regarded and respected All About Carpet and Floors, Sugar Land’s premiere destination for flooring, tiling, and remodeling. “Back then, I’d answer phones while he was out on jobs, and he’d answer phones while I pounded the pavement, drumming up business,” says Renee. The rest, as they say, is history. And those children they raised while building a successful business? Two sons, Shaun and Steven also work at All About Carpet and Floors. So stop by the lush, warm and family friendly showroom any time Monday – Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00pm to see how Bob & Renee plus their family can help your family make your house a home you can’t wait to come home to. All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

To advertise, 281-235-0600

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Image means ever ything! FINALLY, ONE STEP FOR ALL YOUR IMAGING NEEDS… • Nuclear Medicine • Ultrasound • MRI • MRA • CT-Scan • X-Ray • Discogram

ONE STEP DIAGNOSTIC provides the ultimate convenience for physicians and their patients. Being a free-standing diagnostic imaging center allows One Step Diagnostic to pass along savings that come from having a lower overhead. One Step Diagnostic charges as much as fifty percent less than going through a hospital for a test, it makes it more affordable for people to be proactive about their health!”

ONE STEP DIAGNOSTIC Finally, one step for all yout imaging needs

281-313-1414 2121 Williams Trace Blvd. Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Please visit our web site to find all 6 convenient locations in the Greater Houston Area

Forget the “Home” Work! Becca Bragg


id you spend your summer vacation with kids running in and out of your house from the pool, to camp, to a friend’s house, traveling to visit family, or just relaxing? Chances are, your house is the worse for wear…but once everyone gets back to school and back to work, who’s got the time to clean? Julaine Blanchard, owner of The Maids Home Services here in Fort Bend says, “We know you’re busy. Enjoy your life and leave the ‘home-work’ to us!”

“When you work all day, you deserve to relax and enjoy your home in the evenings.” The lazy days of summer are coming to an end…is your house ready? If your teenager has to be at school at 7:30, your Kindergartener has to be at school at 8am and you have to be at work at nine, you don’t have time to waste. The Maids get in, get out, and get the job done right. On each visit a highly-trained team of four follows a checklist of twenty-two items. They

use a professional-grade backpack vacuum with HEPA filtration to absorb up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutant so they won’t just move dirt around, they’ll take it with them when home in the evenings. We prioritize the they leave! Julaine says, “We take pride in combining personal, friendly service security of your home and we’re completewith consummate professionalism for your ly licensed and bonded. Just let us know if you want weekly, bi-monthly, guaranteed satisfaction!” or monthly cleanings. When you Working nine to five come home, the work will already is hard enough, but a be done!” teacher’s workday never When the kids get back to ends! After a school school and you get back to work, day that starts at seven why not let The Maids handle and ends at four, teachthe “home-work?” Julaine says, ers still have families to “Make time for the things and feed, papers to read, lesthe people you love…and leave sons to plan, and tests the cleaning to The Maids! to grade. Teachers and working parents all over The Maids Home Services Texas love the easy turn832-593-7500 key service of The Maids. 5263 Barker Cypress Rd Suite 400 Julaine says, “When you Houston 77084 work all day, you deserve to relax and enjoy your Busy Fort Bend mom herself! Local owner Juliane Blanchard

La Magia • Treating All Pediatric and Adult Emergencies from Major to Minor • Specialized Pediatric Rooms • Emergency medicine trained staff • Board Certified Physicians • On-site Lab/X-ray/CT Scan • Accepting All Private Insurance Average Wait Time Less Than 5 Minutes

Come taste the Magic! 3699 Hwy 6 South (in the Kroger shopping center) Free Delivery & Catering Available

A department of First Street Hospital


281.419.2911 26226 I 45 N Spring, TX 77386


713.343.0911 9000 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063

Sugar Land

281.980.4357 16062 SW Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479

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281-565-0366 Be sure to check for

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A Love Letter to Your Family


hat’s the finest love letter you can write your family? Gary S. Wolfe, MBA, CPA, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC, CLTC recommends protecting their future financial security and dignity by putting your signature on quality life insurance and disability income insurance policies. One of his clients, Sharon, took Gary’s advice… and now she calls him “her hero.” When they heard about my husband’s health most agents lost all interest in us … but Gary Wolfe was different. When Gary called us, he said, ‘I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get you coverage, but I can promise that no one will work harder for you.’” His tenacity and his loyalty to us have been amazing and he was able to find coverage for my husband through Northwestern Mutual. After my husband passed away just four years later, Gary gave us amazing support and advice. I don’t know what my daughters and I would have done without him. No one wants to think about needing life insurance, but there are bills you can’t imagine from grief counseling to child care. Social security alone wouldn’t

have been enough. And after our struggle with a preexisting condition, we got our eight and ten-year-old daughters insured to guarantee their insurability for life (provided they keep up their payments as adults). You have to plan ahead.” “Very few people are lucky enough to find a career that’s a perfect fit for them… but Gary certainly has. After losing his father when he was very young, he made the commitment to protect other families. I really believe that he’s doing what God put him on this earth to do…and he’s absolutely my hero!”

Gary S. Wolfe, MBA, CPA, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC, CLTC Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual Financial Network One Riverway, Suite 900 Houston, Texas 77056 713-972-8029 – Phone 713-783-7197- Fax

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company – Milwaukee, WI (Northwestern Mutual) has helped clients achieve financial security for more than 150 years. Northwestern Mutual and its subsidiaries offer a holistic approach to financial security solutions including: life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities, investment products and advisory products and services. Subsidiaries include Northwestern Mutual Investment services, LLC, broker-dealer, registered investment advisor, member FINRA and SIPC; the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, limited purpose federal savings bank; and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company; and Russell Investments. Further information can be found at


A Fresh Solution for Fresh Focus

ADD • Autism • ADHD • Asthma/Allergies Bedwetting Issues • Obesity • Diabetes

Cara Smith f your child has been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder, debilitating allergies or asthma, or suffers from obesity or diabetes, life can seem more difficult than it needs to be—for your child most of all. It’s hard to cope with, and harder still when you can’t find a treatment that works or that isn’t worse than the problem itself. If you’re ready for a fresh approach, Dr. David Martino may be what you’re looking for. In fact, he’s just beginning a new study that will examine the connection between misalignments in the spine (which damage your nervous system) and common health problems in children. “With corrective chiropractic, I correct injuries to the spine which are putting pressure on the nervous system. By doing this, the body can now communicate properly, and heal itself the way nature intended it to. A lot of behavioral disorders and health problems in children may actually be due to nervous system damage, and we’ve had amazing success helping them,” explains Dr. Martino. Give Dr. Martino a call to sign up for the study today—he’s offering discounts for all participants, and places are going fast. As he says, “Let’s give our children back the lives they were intended to have.”



Now accepting 30 special needs children for a 90 day Chiropractic study. Safe, natural, non-drug approach customized for your child to restore their God-given function and improve their health.

Call NOW to see if your child qualifies for this study. Let’s give our children back the lives they were intended to have.

David Martino, D.C. Corrective Chiropractic 5201 Hwy. 6 South, Suite 800 281.261.7200

18 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

Corrective Chiropractic Dr. David Martino, D.C. 5201 Hwy. 6 South, Suite 800 Missouri City, TX 77459 • 281-261-7200

Hot in the City! J Donnielle Carter

ust like the song it’s Hot in the City! And that city is Sugar Land. Temperatures are rising and families are getting ready for school. Are you staying cool in these times? How is your air conditioner working? Did you know that if your air conditioner is older or a low efficiency unit, it can equal up to 60% of your utility bill? Never fear, Jackson Air is here to help you cool off and save money! Brian Jackson, owner of Jackson Air, knows that older air conditioners can have a hard time keeping up with the heat during the summer months. If your air conditioner stops putting out the cool, Jackson Air has the expert repair service for you. And if it’s time to upgrade to a new system, call Jackson for a free estimate. Trane Models such as the XL20i might even qualified for the $1500 tax credit plus special Trane financing options. And the cool silver lining is that a more energyefficient air conditioner will not only lower your utility bills, it’ll reduce the amount of humidity in your home. Jackson Air is the area’s most trusted and

reliable A/C Company. Family owned and operated since 1982, Jackson Air has customer service and the safety of your family forefront in their minds. “With recent changes in the A/C industry, if the correct procedures are not done right from the beginning, you will have problems down the road,” says Brian. And because of that philosophy they are all EPA and NATE certified, Trane Comfort Specialists, factory trained, insured and keep up-to-date with the latest changes in the A/C and energy industry. As Sugar Lands oldest independent Trane dealer, Brian is very proud of the fact that a whopping 80% of their new customers come from referrals. And when it comes to fixing your family’s old air conditioner or installing a new one, don’t you want a company you know you can trust and is recommended by your family and neighbors?

Licensed to


A company whose number one priority is keeping your family safe and comfortable? Make sure and keep Hot in the City a song and not a way of life this summer. Contact Jackson Air today for your air conditioning needs. Jackson Air, a family company with a cool history, a cool reputation and a License to Chill.

Jackson Air 281-240-1037

The Calm Before the Storm

Sarah Warburton few years have passed since Hurricane Ike, but the memory of those blue-tarp covered roofs lingers on. Hurricane season lasts until November…is your roof ready? Call Ameristar today for a free-inspection from the one local company with the reputation to keep you covered. When a storm hits, you need to know where to turn for help. Ameristar is endorsed by Check Pro Sugar Land and Katy, the TCRN Sugar Land and Katy Network, the 950am Radio Mojo, The Home Improvement Hotline, SportsTalk 790 AM, the Walton and Johnson show on 93.7 the Arrow, and Milo Hamilton of the Houston Astros on 740 AM KTRH News Radio. Managing Partner, Joe Rangel says, “We’re an active member of the Better Business Bureau and the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance. Building our reputation as a responsible community partner is something we take very seriously. When we come out to your home, you can ask us for recommendation and references…we’re happy to share information about the kind of company we are.” Hurricane season isn’t the only time to take extra precautions. You stock your supply closet and fill your gas tank when bad weather threatens; you also need a roofing company that prepares for the unexpected, too. Ameristar is licensed and bonded for your protection. Joe says, “At Ameristar, we carry two million dollars worth of general liability insurance, so you won’t have to worry. And we won’t ask for a cent until the job is completed to your satisfaction.”


When the winds die down and the sun comes out, you need a roofing company that stands the test of time. Everyone— the management, sales team, and installers—at Ameristar have passed the CertainTeed Quality Master Exam and the Master Shingle Applicator Exam. Since Ameristar has earned the elite certification of “Shingle Master Company,” (something only one percent of roofers nationwide can say), they can offer CertainTeed’s 3 Star, 4 Star, and 5 Star Extended Warranties—the gold standard in shingle protection. Ameristar customers get the best products with the highest available warranty…and stellar service every time! NOAA predicts between eight and fourteen hurricanes this season…can your roof take the pressure? Give Ameristar a call today for your free inspection and get to know the roofing company that’s endorsed throughout our community—and by your friends and neighbors, too! Ameristar 281-238-4230 • 3821 F.M. 359 Richmond, TX 77406

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A New GREAT Dress

Donnielle Carter


hen Carmen lost her job as a Radio Host at a local Houston radio station she began feeling depressed and exhausted and turned to food for comfort. She spent more and more time sitting on her couch, watching TV and eating. Without having to dress up to go to work, she barely looked at herself in the mirror, so she didn’t notice as her appearance began to change. Carmen had no energy or motivation to leave the house or wear anything but baggy tops and sweats. She didn’t feel sexy or joyful and it started to affect her marriage. With her confidence gone, she started hiding in her house and hiding the weight behind her clothes. She constantly wore a grey dress she dubbed, her “GreAte” dress, “The dress I wore because I ate.” Wearing the GreATE dress at a family function, Carmen’s brother hinted that she should start exercising and embracing a healthier lifestyle. She was stunned and embarrassed. Later, Carmen saw pictures of herself from that day and realized that the solitary days of eating at home had turned her into a woman she barely recognized. She stepped on the bathroom scale to find her weight had ballooned to 220 pounds. Shocked and dismayed Carmen was determined to make a change. Carmen sought the help of herbalist Robin Anthony, whose new all-natural fat burner, Drop Slim was showing impressive results. Anthony designed Drop Slim with three goals in mind: to increase water intake, reduce calorie intake and increase energy. This unique blend of nine herbs works to break bad eating habits by filling you up and controlling sugar and carbohydrate cravings. These powerful ingredients deliver all-day energy and naturally invigorate your metabolism, delivering a

potent weight loss combination. With just one Drop Slim pill a day, Carmen started to feel energized, and her mood improved too. She said, “It got me out of this depression, this sadness, this marathon of food that I was eating nonstop!” The pill calmed her cravings for fattening foods. With her appetite controlled, she was able to shrink her portion sizes; as quickly as the pounds added up, they started to come off. Carmen said, “I was even inspired to dust off my treadmill and get moving again!” With the jumpstart that Drop Slim provided, she was able to turn her entire lifestyle around. So far, Carmen has gone from 220 to 145 pounds in less than 7 months! She says, “I finally feel confident and sexy again, which my husband definitely notices. My new body is proof that this herbal blend works…it’s my own little miracle pill…I am totally a new person, both in mind and body.” Customers surveyed report an average weight loss of seven pounds in just twelve days! One Drop Slim capsule in the morning controls cravings and gives energy that lasts all day. If you have struggled with dieting in the past, Drop Slim could be your natural key to weight loss success. Robin Anthony’s Drop Slim

Jump Start your weight loss

500 OFF


Dropslim 20 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

20 Days to a Pain-Free Back: Hope is Just Around the Corner Sarah Warburton


ow long have you been living with back pain? Over 21 million Americans know the agony of searing pain that keeps them from enjoying their lives. If you thought surgery was your only solution, take heart. We talked to Angela, the newest back pain specialist at Sugar Land Spine and Disc, about how the Lordex Decompression System offers non-invasive relief for your aching back. Hope’s just around the corner at Sugar Land Spine and Disc.

Call for your complimentary patient information packet 281-491-DISC. Can you imagine your life without back pain? Picture this—most back pain can be traced directly to problems with the spine. The Lordex creates a slight vacuum to open up the disc spaces, restoring normal blood flow and nerve activity so your body can begin to heal. Angela says, “I’ve seen patients come in for their

initial visit complaining of pain and after their treatment they’re stretched out and they feel better physically and emotionally. They can see there’s hope!” You don’t have to rush into scheduling serious surgery. The Lordex protocol consists of 20 non-invasive Lordex sessions lasting about one hour each and most patients feel relief after the first few appointments. After the full course of treatment, patients have enjoyed freedom from pain stemming from a herniated disk, degenerative joint disease, sciatica, facet syndrome and even spinal stenosis. Angela says, “We’ll work with you to strengthen your back through exercises and physical conditioning, so your back pain won’t reoccur. With the Lordex protocol and the proper education, we’ll make a difference in your life.” “I’ve always been drawn to the medical field and after college I worked for a while in the organ transplant field, running tests. I loved making a difference for people…but I really missed working

Our staff at Sugar Land Spine and Disc invites you to come and tour our facility or call for a complimentary patient information packet. Left to right: Dr. Stacy Croft; Dr. Michele Miller; Angela Hoover, Exercise Physiologist; and Dr. Nicole Geer. face-to-face with patients. That’s what brought me to Sugar Land Spine and Disc. Dr. Stacy, Dr. Michele and Dr. Nicole prioritize patient care. Talking with people as you treat them and really getting to know them makes a huge difference…and I love the doctor’s philosophy: ‘Our goal is to instill a total awareness in our patients about the entire body…not just where it hurts!’”

Sugar Land Spine and Disc 281-491-3472 (DISC) 54 Sugar Creek Center Blvd. Ste. 100

Are You Being Served?

Sarah Warburton hether your car needs a little pick-me-up or your pick up needs major repair, you need a service from people you can trust. Real, oldfashioned customer care isn’t a thing of the past…not at Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land. Don’t be fooled by the name, Classic Chevrolet’s service department handles all kinds of vehicles. Service Director David Alexander says, “Sure, we work on all GM cars, but we service every other make and model, too. We’re proud to announce that we’ve undergone extensive training to become the only authorized Saturn repair shop in Sugar Land…and one of only four in the Houston area. My manager David Hill and I always do our best to make sure our customers are happy. We want to get your vehicle fixed right the first time, so you and your family can get back to your regular routine.” Have you ever been to a repair shop where the person who works the front desk isn’t the person who works on your car? Your car disappears into the garage, you pick it up later, and you have no idea who’s actually serviced it and can answer your questions. One visit to Classic Chevrolet’s website and you’ll see that’s not the way they do busi-


ness. David says, “Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We run a really clean service floor and our team is proud of the excellent job they do. Their pictures are up on our website because we want you to see the friendly faces of the people who work on your car. Our customers are real people to us and we promise to treat you right.” Classic service never goes out of style and it’s the hallmark of the Classic Chevrolet experience. Don Kerstetter says, “Whether we’re talking about our sales, our service, or our body shop, we’re here to help you over the long haul. The great relationship we’ve built with this community is the foundation of our success…and all of us are committed to offering the friendly, dependable service that makes us a Classic!” Schedule service for your car or truck online and take advantage of special coupon offers at Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land Sales: 866-498-5485 • Service: 866-500-1660 13115 Southwest Freeway • Sugar Land, TX 77478

To advertise, 281-235-0600

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Who Do You Call? A Karen Daniels

t 73, Bobbie Conner found herself in need of a general practitioner. Managing her own care and accustomed to going to specialists over the years, it wasn’t until she needed clearance for surgery that she realized she could benefit from seeing an internist or family practice physician. Not knowing who to call, she asked her nurse for a recommendation. Among the physicians she talked about, one stood out: Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj of Internist Associates of Houston. Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj is a second generation physician, originally from Toronto, who learned the importance of care and compassion from his father. Having achieved dual residencies in Family Medicine from Baylor College of Medicine and Internal Medicine from Weil-Cornel Methodist, he is certified with both the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is a wise choice for anyone’s primary care physician, treating adults and children 11 and older. Bobbie drove from Baytown to the medical center in Houston to see Dr.

Bhardwaj. She was given a thorough examination to make sure she was strong enough for surgery. During her visit, Dr. Bhardwaj not only detected a slight kidney problem, but he also evaluated her blood-pressure medicine. “My medicine was no longer working for me. Dr. Bhardwaj changed my medicine, treated my kidney problem, and gave me the clearance for surgery. He is now my permanent physician.” Bobbie couldn’t say enough about Dr. Bhardwaj. “He is so personable. He took the time to get an overall picture of my health. I think anybody who goes to him will be very satisfied. And, not to mention, he’s easy on the eyes. Dr. Bhardwaj told me I didn’t need to come back for another for six months, unless I just wanted to stop by and say hello.” Even though Bobbie

“One size fits all”

didn’t mind driving from Baytown to Houston for the level of quality care she received, residents of Sugar Land don’t have to leave town to see Dr. Bhardwaj. They can now discuss all their health concerns at his new location at The Woman’s Place located on the north side of the Southwest Freeway, between Highway 6 and First Colony Blvd. Make an appointment with Sugar Land’s newest doctor and find out for yourself, the one to call is Dr. Bhardwaj. Internist Associates of Houston 713-797-9933 16552 Southwest Freeway At The Woman’s Place Sugar Land, TX 77378

The marketing fiction of “one size fits all” will not fly in this world. Our compounding professionals can prepare “just what the doctor ordered.” • Unique dosage forms containing the best dose of medication for each individual. • Medications free of problemcausing excipients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol. • Medications that are not commercially available.

• Combinations of various compatible medications into a single dosage. • Women’s Health- Hormonal Balancing • Men’s Health and Testosterone Therapy.

Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy

An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone. 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010


4760 Sweetwater Blvd.,Suite 103

Don’t BeVein Karen Daniels


or years, Heidi Huang wanted to do something about her varicose veins. Preoccupied with taking care of her husband and two children, it was easy to put off, and when she finally did visit a doctor, he was dismissive with her concerns, so Heidi put it off again. As time went on, some of the veins in her legs began to deteriorate. “I always had to wear Capri pants or cover ups by the pool which is uncomfortable in this heat. Sometimes I found myself sitting a certain way to obstruct the view of my legs.” After reading an article about Dr. Baltazar, she knew he was different. Heidi made an appointment last August. “With my kids back in school, it was the perfect time to do this.” She immediately felt at ease with Dr. Baltazar. Every question and concern was treated with professionalism and empathy. After receiving the go-ahead from her insurance company, Heidi scheduled the procedure for the following week. Heidi’s surgery was performed at the doctor’s office, one leg at a time on two consecutive days. With local anesthetic, each surgery took less than an hour. “Through the entire surgery, Dr. Baltazar kept checking with me to make sure I was comfortable. He applied more numbing medicine when I needed it and kept me involved each step of the way.”

And her recovery? Heidi said, “I thought I’d be black and blue, but I wasn’t.” Following Dr. Baltazar’s recommendations, she took it easy for the first day or two after the procedure. When she sat down, she made sure her legs were elevated, and she wore support hose. She said, “I was amazed at how fast I recovered.” This is Heidi’s first summer with her new legs and she loves it. Shopping for clothes is much more fun now that she doesn’t have to hide her varicose veins. Her only regret…“Not finding Dr. Baltazar sooner.” Dr Baltazar is certified by the American Board of Surgery in General and Vascular Surgery. At Sugar Land Vein Specialists, he can provide you with the most advanced laser vein procedures and treatments. Dr. Baltazar offers free vein screenings during regular appointments; he says, “Caring for the patient comes first.” So call today; don’t be “vein.” Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS Sugar Land Vein Specialists 281-240-8400 4660 Sweetwater Blvd Ste 130

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Dr. Ray Valdez can resolve your chronic foot or ankle issues. Take that important first step today and end your pain this year. Located in Fort Bend County, Dr. Ray Valdez is one of the leading Orthopedic Surgeons in Texas and can help you resolve your foot and ankle pain, as well as many other orthopedic issues. At the forefront of treatment options, research and education, Dr. Valdez utilizes his extensive fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery, specialized experience and use of state-of-the-art technology to give patients quicker recovery times. So you can get back to being pain free faster than ever before. From total ankle replacement and difficult fractures to highimpact sports injuries, Dr. Valdez provides leading orthopedics across Fort Bend and beyond. Let Dr. Valdez help you walk away pain free.

Call 281-494-MOST (6678) for a personal appointment today.

L E A D I N G M E D I C I N E SM 1201 Brooks Street Sugar Land, Texas 77478 281-494-MOST 24 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2010

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hether your kindergartner is excited or shy, whether your teen is athletic or bookish, everyone wants to start the school year with an A+ smile. Dr. Laurena Moore Powell of Powell Dental Care says, “Every student deserves to start the school year with strong, healthy teeth and a sparkling smile. We really enjoy making it easy and fun for your whole family to get a dental checkup.” As the mother of four children getting ready for schools from elementary to college, Dr. Powell knows how hard it can be to keep everyone’s schedule straight. You don’t need Cliff Notes to make life simple. Schedule appointments for your whole family at Powell Dental care and no one’s smile will fall through the cracks! Dr. Powell says, “At first, all my patients were pediatric patients, especially patients who were very young or had special needs. Eventually their parents asked if I could treat them, too…so I expanded my practice to include everyone in the family. My youngest patient right now is just twelve months old and my oldest is in her eighties.” Has your eager student picked out a brand-new lunch box? When you’re packing lunches or planning after-school snacks, keep nutrition in mind. Dr. Powell wants to remind you that juice boxes and sports drinks can have as much sugar as a soda and can lead to cavities. Make sure your kids stay on top of their brushing and flossing “homework.” As Dr. Laurena Moore and Dr. Marty Powell like to joke, “Your head is connected to the rest of your body...and what happens in your mouth can change your life.” Making the grade with a smile could be as easy as making and keep-

ing checkups with Dr. Powell twice a year. Kids love coming to this inviting office…and moms and dads love the convenience of finding professional dental care that works for the whole family! Dr. Powell says, “There’s nothing more rewarding for my husband and partner, Dr. Marty Powell, and I than treating three generations of a family. Come and see us before school starts and we’ll help you and your kids get A+ smiles for life!” Powell Dental Care 3681 Highway 6 S @ Settler’s Way 281-302-6284

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Cash Flow Gives You Freedom To Run Your Business Trevathan, CPA, PLLC provides small and mid-market firms in and around Houston with unique solutions to help clients focus more on achieving their goals and less on accounting issues. Our qualified staff, analytical tools, and holistic approach help our clients to improve their operations and provide them with the freedom to run their businesses.

You need me! Trevathan CPA, PLLC 19901 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479 Certified Public Accountant Phone: 281.207.1333 Fax: 281.207.1334

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A New Detective Sarah Warburton ometimes the answer to poor health is as simple as a blood test to discover a vitamin deficiency…but other times your pain doesn’t have a simple answer. If you have an auto-immune


disorder, it can be tricky to diagnose and challenging to manage. Now Dr. J. Edward Hernandez, M.D. is pleased to

welcome another “medical detective” to Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates. Dr. Hernandez says, “Dr. Ryan Valicek shares our philosophy of building relationships with patients as we work together on a treatment plan.” Autoimmune disorders often masquerade as other problems. Diseases like lupus are painless and joint pain can indicate rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis. Dr. Valicek says, “While I was at medical school at Baylor, I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Hernandez, an Associate Clinical Professor there. He really inspired me to rise to the challenge of working with complex diseases of the joints and soft tissues as a Rheumatologist. I did my Residency at Washington University in St. Louis and came back to do my Fellowship in Rheumatology at UT here in Houston, where my wife and I grew up. This field combines medical challenges with the rewards that come from working closely with patients.” If you’re looking for answers, your family doctor may refer you to a rheumatologist. Dr. Valicek says, “After you and I talk, I’ll do the detective work and look back over your medical history to see if there are criteria that point to a diagnosis. Together we’ll discuss

the risks and benefits of different treatment options. We’ll be partners in deciding on the best solution. The office at Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates is already set up to make things as easy and convenient as possible. We offer in-office blood draws, ultrasound guided injections, and electronic medical records. We also have an on-site infusion center for IV medical therapy.” As the father of an active fourteenmonth-old daughter and the husband of a practicing pediatrician, Dr. Valicek understands how busy your life can be. He says, “Whether you’re an avid fisherman like me, a golfer, a Girl Scout Troop leader, or a soccer mom, Dr. Hernandez and I will work to manage your health so you can enjoy your life.” Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates 281-980-1742 2225 Williams Trace Blvd., Ste 110


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Your Pratt & Lambert and Martin Senour Paint dealer in Fort Bend County

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f you want your child to become smart in today’s tech-savvy world, you need a school that uses the TeachSmart® Learning System. Only one preschool in Fort Bend County offers the new TeachSmart Board and its technology based curriculum—the Kids R Kids West Airport Sugar Land location. Owners Lonnie and Sue Hutson understand that our young children are growing up with technology in their lives and searched for a technology tool that will not only get their students excited about learning but incorporate their award-winning curriculum. When Lonnie saw the TeachSmart Board for the first time, he knew he had found something unique. “He was a like a kid in a candy store,” says his wife Sue. “This isn’t a computer class that our children sit in front of a desktop computer,” Lonnie adds. No kidding! The TeachSmart® Learning System is an interactive board with a touch screen that is 60 inches wide and taller than a three year old. The “smart screen” responds to the touch of a finger, teach smart pens, or even tennis balls, allowing children to develop their curiosity, problem solving and independent thinking skills while working their fine and gross motor skills. And the screen itself provides an IMAX-like experience with real pictures (not cartoons!) to hold children’s attention and stimulate development. Multisensory learning is the name of the game at Kids R Kids! How smart is this board? It offers over 1100 learning activities in four subjects: math, emergent literacy, social studies and science that tie directly into the Texas Pre-K guidelines, as well as national accreditation guidelines like NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children.) Each learning activity has three levels, so children are continually challenged on the TeachSmart board. Just like “leveling up” in a video game. Whether your child is playing with the Wii or games on your iphone, kids are naturally tech-savvy. “The kids are very intuitive with the Smart Board” says Mr. Hughe, their full-time technology teacher. Mr. Hughe,

who holds a Masters degree in Education, works with the teachers and develops a customized curriculum on the Smart Board that complements what the children are learning that week. “It’s an incredibly valuable resource for creating engaging learning experiences,” adds Kindergarten teacher Ms. Thibodeaux. Mr. Hughe has set up a portfolio of each child that keeps track of their activities which can also be saved to a DVD for parents to review. The Smart Board is an outclass where three year old classrooms through Kindergarten are broken into groups of four with hands-on learning time on the Smart Board three to five times a week, “I love to play on the Smart Board,” says Kindergartener Sydney Duplant. Amazingly, this outclass is all included in the tuition. Everything at Kids R Kids—from the TeachSmart® technology to the classrooms to the field trips—celebrates purposeful play. Now the days of point and click learning are over. In this extraordinary preschool, children learn with straight-up, full-impact, hands-on fun! Kids R Kids, North Sugar Land 281-575-0011 • 11118 Highway 6 South (West Airport and Hwy 6)

Free Day Friday Join us for a free day in any of our Infant- School age classrooms Choose from Friday, Aug 6th or Friday, Aug 13th Please call and reserve your child’s spot in advance to ensure availability. - 281-575-0011

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back pain? neck pain? The Spine Center at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is the comprehensive, coordinated option for you in Fort Bend County. For back and neck pain, there’s only one premier choice – Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Spine center. Whether you’ve had pain for just a few days or several long years, you’ll find everything you need to diagnose and treat your condition in a convenient location, with access to premier spine specialists and a complete range of treatment options. Getting started is easy. We will guide you through a customized treatment plan, with expedited access to world-class neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons and interventional pain specialists. plus, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and the most advanced imaging and surgical technologies in the world are available on-site.

Stop enduring pain. Call today and begin your personal treatment plan. 281-313-BACK (2225).

Spine Center 16655 Southwest Freeway • Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-274-7000 •


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UpClose Magazine August 2010  

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