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Dedicated Services for Breast Cancer in Sugar Land

MD Anderson in Sugar Land Expands Breast Cancer Services


he MD Anderson Regional Care Center in Sugar Land provides comprehensive breast cancer services from a team of specialists focused only on you and your cancer. The Sugar Land center recently welcomed breast surgical oncologist Susan Hoover, M.D., F.A.C.S., an associate professor in the Department of Surgical Oncology at MD Anderson. In addition to her advanced training and extensive expertise as a surgical oncologist, Dr. Hoover also has specialized training as a Susan G. Komen interdisciplinary fellow. Dr. Hoover is excited to join the team of physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and physical therapists who work closely together to customize a care plan for each patient’s cancer. Unique MD Anderson treatment options available in Sugar Land include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, clinical trials, and support services such as

Dr. Hoover and other MD Anderson staff in Sugar Land created a customized care plan for patients like Fatima Johnson.

Appointments available

The physician team in Sugar Land includes surgical, radiation, and medical oncologists. Pictured from left: Janet Tu, M.D., Susan Hoover, M.D., F.A.C.S., Shalin Shah, M.D., Amit Sarma, M.D., Richard Ehlers, M.D., F.A.C.S., and Isidora Arzu, M.D.,Ph.D.

nutrition and mental health. “Our patients benefit enormously from our team’s collaborative care, as well as our expertise,” says Dr. Hoover. “We all are specifically trained in cancer and have a dedicated interest in treating it. Our number one priority is our patients, and we make sure they know it.” Fatima Johnson, a breast cancer patient who receives treatment at MD Anderson in Sugar Land, agrees. “I knew I wanted to go to MD Anderson. They are so close to my home,” says Fatima. “And they are all very nice and caring.” Pain management services are also available to the Sugar Land patients. Cancer pain is very treatable and because each patient is unique; treatment plans are

tailored to address the needs of each individual. “I’m a very good listener and I try to spend time with my patients and really hear their concerns. I like that I get to know them, their families, and follow them through their recovery,” says Dr. Hoover. The MD Anderson Regional Care Center in Sugar Land is located on the campus of St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital.




Home Theater Evolutions Featured on TLC’s “The Little Couple” Sarah Warburton


LC’s “The Little Couple” details the daily adventures of Bill Klein and Jen Arnold. This charming couple’s just like any average newlyweds––except for the fact that they’re both under four feet tall! “The Little Couple” is a new series for TLC that follows the couple as they embark on their new life together. They’ll not only face the struggles of two little people in an average-sized world, but will also move to a new city (Houston!), negotiate the purchase of a home, and weigh the risks of planning a family––all while navigating the ups and downs of any new marriage. If you’ve been watching on Tuesdays at 10/9c, you may have seen a familiar place...our very own Home Theater Evolutions was featured as Bill visited the store to choose electronics for the newlyweds’ new house. Home Theater Evolutions Owners Richard Machemehl and Scott Crain say, “We’re always excited to design an electronic system for a new home...and working with Bill and Jen was a dream.” So what did this cosmopolitan couple want in their new home? Televisions, a music system throughout the house and around the pool, a security system and theater room...and one more finishing touch. Richard says, “With the big move, a new job, and the stress of family planning, Bill and Jen had enough to keep them busy. We knew that the Savant Home automation system would make coordinating their televisions, music, security system, and theater room easy and completely stress-free. The entire thing’s controlled from the system’s iPad. In fact, you can even use your own iPad or your iPod Touch or your iPhone for your whole system. We love that Apple’s technology and interface are innovative and powerful…and affordable! Savant’s desktop and in-wall cradles for your iPads allow people to buy five, six, or even seven iPad controllers for the price of one traditional touch panel. That’s a smart choice for any family.” The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Home Theater Evolutions loves to help you plan out your electronics, while considering your budget. Scott says, “We’ve handpicked every item we carry for its quality and value and the Savant control and automation system’s a great example. Everything—from the design of the docking system to the user-friendly interface—is designed to be intelligent, affordable, and extremely easy to use…the way the best technology should be! We can customize your choices so that the icons that appear are the ones you actually use. You can swipe through photos of your security system, entertainment choices, and lighting options, and retain complete control…even when you’ve left the house!” Don’t worry if you missed the big episode! Look for it at, itunes, or Amazon on Demand and remember...the electronics featured in “The Little Couple” are available right here at Home Theater Evolutions. Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace •

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Fact & Fiction of Varicose Veins! T here are some urban myths tangled with true facts that resonate among varicose vein patients. Through scientific research we will try to clarify some of these myths. The data shown here was found in respectable medical journals and publications written by board certified physicians.

Varicose vein and family history… FACT

42% of patients with varicose veins have direct relatives with venous disease. It is more common in females than males with a ratio 1:10 in patients younger than 30 and 1:3 in patients older than 70. Other well documented factors promoting varicose veins are: Female gender is 2:1 over male gender as demonstrated by Callan in his 1994 study. Obesity, pregnancies and standing for long periods of time are also documented as risk factors for venous insufficiency.

Crossing your legs will result in varicose veins…FICTION

While crossing your legs often and for long periods of time will compress the veins resulting in increased venous pressure that may result in varicose veins, it has never been scientifically proven.

There are no medical options to treat varicose veins…FICTION

There are few substances that seem to inhibit the inflammatory chemicals that damage the veins. Among them are MFPP (Daflon) and OPC (Pycnogenol). Although they can slow the process, they rarely will stop varicose veins.

4 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

Straining produces varicose veins…FACT

Every time we strain, the intra-abdominal pressure increases. This pressure transmits down to the pelvic and leg veins. The one-way valves located inside the veins normally will stop the blood from flowing in the wrong direction (back to the leg). When the valves are unable to stop the blood flow, the reflux will enlarge the veins and thus produce varicose veins. So constipation, heavy lifting and chronic cough are factors that can increase the risk of varicose veins, inguinal hernias and hemorrhoids among others.

It is safe to have other surgical procedures at the same time as varicose vein treatment…FICTION

Performing combined surgical procedures at the same time as endovenous laser treatment increases the chances of blood clots. Much has been written about the increased risk of blood clots during surgery after a history of trauma or previous vein thrombosis (clots), but not much is known regarding elective venous ablation followed by other procedures. Recent papers show that 4 weeks after laser venous ablation of varicose veins, the healing process is not complete, however scar tissue is present within the vein. As long as the recovery is successful, patients have no activity restrictions and may be suitable for other interventions. Most of the scar tissue is solidified between weeks 8 and 12. Nevertheless, every doctor needs to decide when they are comfortable performing additional procedures. Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS • Sugar Land Vein Specialists 281-201-0400 • 4660 Sweetwater Blvd Ste 130 •

Body by Ahmadi Thank you Dr. Ahmadi!

before - size 18

after - size 8

Donnielle Carter


hank you Dr. Ahmadi! These are the words uttered over and over by so many patients once they’ve experienced the superior skills of Dr. Ahmadi. One former patient states, “I love my results they are fantastic! Dr. Ahmadi did a great job!” Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Houston. He is not only certified by the prestigious American Board of Surgery, he is also the only one specially certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to provide all aspects of cosmetic surgery. He expertly performs many procedures one might

the Lipotuck™, I was very, very emotional about all the weight I gained. Directly after the procedure I immediately saw results. There are clothes that I can wear that I hadn’t been able to fit in years. Thank you Dr. Ahmadi!” Dr. Ahmadi is not only changing the bodies of his patients, he is also changing their lives, “I love my body now! Dr. Ahmadi did an amazing job! The changes that I have seen in my life are a lot more confidence than I had before surgery. I feel like I’ve finally started my life. Thank you!” If you are wondering if now is the time for you to take that leap and make that decision to

And Lipotuck™ is ONLY done at Avante Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land by its inventor Dr. Ahmadi. expect to find at a plastic surgery office including: facelifts, nose reshaping, breast augmentations, reductions, and breast augmentation. “I feel like a brand new person after my augmentation surgery.” Dr. Ahmadi has channeled his natural artistic talents and his desire to help people to create the bodies they truly desire into plastic surgery and the creation of the amazing and unique Lipotuck™ that has won him local and national recognition. And Lipotuck™ is ONLY done at Avante Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land by its inventor Dr. Ahmadi. “This (Lipotuck™ procedure) is the best thing since sliced bread,” declares one very satisfied patient. The Lipotuck™ blends together a traditional tummy tuck with liposuction to give you stomach contouring and a streamlined waist all in a single procedure that provides an enhanced body shape with more ease and quicker recovery. One of the most notable differences is that the Lipotuck™ procedure attends to the upper abdomen, hips and love handles areas that a traditional tummy tuck does not. “I am thrilled with my results and my confidence has gone to a new level. Prior to

before - size 14

after - size 6

do body contouring then call Avante Plastic Surgery and make your consultation today with the highly respected Dr. Ahmadi. “It took me about 10 years to finally take the first step. I thank Dr. Ahmadi for everything and I regret not seeing him before. I would recommend Dr. Ahmadi to anyone that wants to enhance their appearance. I think this was the best decision I made in my life thanks, thanks, thanks!” Avante Plastic Surgery 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112 Soldiers Field Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77479

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They never want to leave! “W

Sarah Warburton

hen we moved out here eleven years ago, there weren’t any licensed child care centers in our area,” says Lisa Bonham, civil engineer and mom to seven-year-old Kierstyn and nine-year-old Kylie. “I was pregnant when they broke ground for the Kids R Kids Highway 6 Sugar Land location. My daughter Kylie was not only the first baby in their infant room but the very first child enrolled! From my computer at work I watched on the video feed, as her teachers cared for her. Almost a decade later, I continued to drive past a bunch of preschools to take my daughter to Kids R Kids...our home away from home!” From the baby room through preschool, kindergarten bridge, and the kindergarten program, Kylie thrived at Kids R Kids...but her success didn’t stop there. She excelled in first grade at Sugar Mill Elementary. Lisa says, “Her teacher said, ‘I need to thank that Kindergarten teacher from Kids R Kids. I’ve had eight of her Kids R Kids students in my classes and they’re all so wellprepared!’ Knowing Kylie and Kierstyn have a solid base for school gave us peace of mind.” It’s no accident that Kids R Kids prepared Kylie so well for school. Kids R Kids Sugar Land earned the elite “Texas-School-Ready” certification from the Children’s Learning Institute and The University of Texas Health Science Center. This school is SACS/CASI accredited through AdvancED and has earned the elite title of “Four

6 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

Star Texas Rising Star.” This year the Sugar Land location was designated a “Kids R Kids Learning Academy,” the highest acclamation given by Kids R Kids International. Owners Lonnie and Sue Hutson believe in a proven philosophy of learning through play. Lonnie says, “We were the first Kids R Kids location to adopt the Teach Smart

Board with curriculum that ties directly into the Texas and national accreditation guidelines. Our kids love it...and parents love the results!” For after-school or vacation care, families choose KIDOPOLY, 8400 square feet of fun! Lisa says, “Last summer we let the girls go to Kidopoly two days a week...and this summer they insisted on going three days. They didn’t want to miss out!” After school Kids R Kids offers pick-up from local schools, homework help, tutoring, snack, and stations like drama, arts and crafts, cooking, sports, and Ballocity with a ball volcano and launchers. Everything at KIDOPOLY––the tutoring, the games, snacks, even entrance fees for field trips––is included in the tuition. “Kylie is now going to fourth grade and I can still remember when she read from a newspaper at her Kindergarten graduation from Kids R Kids! We were so proud!,” says Lisa. “As a working mom, I take real comfort in the warm atmosphere and educational standards at Kids R Kids. There was no way I could have done what they did for my kids. Kids R Kids prepared them for a lifetime of learning.” Kids R Kids, Sugar Land 281-575-0011 11118 Highway 6 S

Raising the Bar Sarah Warburton


ack in 1994, one local man began giving karate lessons to his three kids and two neighbors. Today his school is the largest martial arts school in Fort Bend County. At its five locations, dedicated instructors have produced State and National Champions, while building kid’s skills and confidence. Bob Gifford says, “We believe we can achieve the same success with Sugar Land Gymnastics that we’ve had with Safety America. We’re transforming our new gym next to the Sugar Land Ice Center with top-quality staff and a targeted curriculum. We’re serious about competing on the National and International level and we’re already taking enrollment for the Fall. We’ll produce gymnastics and dance champions... and do it with a smile!” Offering the best instruction starts with the best instructors. Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance’s new Executive Director and General Manager, Bryan Kiser, BS, MBA, CPT, CST, CSCS is a Elite Level Developmental Men’s Gymnastics Coach, a Keynote Speaker to the Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT), one of the authors of the Men’s Instructor Training Program (ITP) and Certified Personal Trainer with twenty-five years experience in the Men’s Junior Olympic Gymnastics Program. He has also served as the Strength, Conditioning, and Nutritional consultant for the Houston Rockets Power Dance Squad. Brian says, “I’m excited to help create the SAFEST, MOST fun, and MOST recognized Gymnastics and Dance Programs in the Country.” “I really enjoy working with children,” says Women’s Coach Mei, “and have coached Level Four through Seven State Champions and Level Eight and Nine Regional AllRound Champions.” Coach Mei com-

formed with the Orchesis Dance Company and attended the prestigious American College Dance Festival at Texas A&M. She student-taught at James Bowie High School in Austin and choreographed Crockett Middle School’s musical “Alice In Wonderland” and Austin High School’s musical “Ragtime.” Brittany says, “As a member of the Texas Dance Educator’s Association (TDEA), I’m trained in all types of dance from ballet and jazz to hip hop and modern. As Director of the Dance Department at Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance, I’m can’t wait to explore the possibilities.” Bob says, “We’re gonna “raise the bar” for every student in the gym and have a bunch of fun doing it.” Call today for information about Fall enrollment.” Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance 281-240-0999 16215 Lexington Blvd Sugar Land, Texas 77479

peted as a member of the Chinese National Gymnastics team and has over thirty years gymnastics experience. She is a USAG certified national judge and meet director and has been a professional member of USAGymnastics for almost twenty-five years. She adds, “Competition can be fun!” As a three-time competitor at the Junior National Championships, Eric Bottego, USAG Pro-Member, USAG Safety-Certified understands the thrills and challenges of competition. He says, “I want my students to understand that hard work, desire, and dedication to your goals pays off! I’m looking forward to building a competitive Men’s Team.” Eric is the Men’s Coach and Recreational Program Director at Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance. Local dance star, Brittany Hunsucker was a Stephen F. Austin Angel and earned her Bachelor of Science in Dance from Texas State University. She choreographed and per-

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What’s Your Achilles Heel? I

Sarah Warburton f your weakness is tennis, trail running, basketball, or any activity involving repetitive ankle motion, you’re at increased risk of achilles tendonitis. The first sign of trouble is an achy, burning pain in the upper part of your heel. “Your achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to your heel bone,” says orthopedic specialist Mark Vann, MD. “If you have tenderness where the achilles tendon meets the upper heel, or you feel pain when you sprint or push-off with your big toe, you may have achilles tendonitis. This area is particularly prone to this problem due to the poor blood supply in this region of the tendon.” Have you heard the phrase “too much, too soon?” The number one cause of achilles tendonitis is overuse. If you’re running (for example) longer, faster, or more often, you’re putting additional stress on your achilles tendon. Dr. Vann says, “The most important preventative measure you can take is to stretch your calf, heel and plantar fascia (under the arch of your foot) before and after exercising. If you’re in pain, come visit us, we’ll re-educate you on your stretches and design a focused program. I may recommend heel lift shoe inserts, antiinflammatory medication, or an ankle

brace specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of achilles tendonitis. Many times these conservative solutions fix the problem.” If your achilles tendonitis persists, Dr. Vann offers surgical options as well... only after trying noninvasive methods. He says, “Surgery for achilles tendonitis often involves removing chronically inflamed tissue that has become nonfunctional. I can tailor procedures to each individual, even reintroducing the blood supply and rebuilding a functional achilles tendon unit.” What’s the future of achilles tendonitis treatment? Dr. Vann says, “Controversial treatments like shock wave therapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are being studied as potential cures for achilles tendonitis. The jury is still out on each of these, as further research and independent studies are necessary.” “Remember to stretch well and see me if you have persistent pain. Together, we’ll get you back on track!” Mark Vann, MD Board Certified, Fellowship Trained, Orthopedic Surgeon Lower Extremity Specialist Sugar Land Medical Plaza 1327 Lake Point Parkway, Suite 520 Sugar Land, TX 77478 713-876-6518 •

Treat Yourself Like a VIP

Sarah Warburton


here can you get the glowing skin and youthful radiance of the Hollywood special VIP prices? Kalologie Medspa now offers Spa Pass memberships that make

8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

it easy to treat yourself to the monthly facials that will make a difference in the way you look and feel. Jennifer Blichmann, Kalologie’s Manager, says, “Regular facials will help you achieve your long-term skin care goals for results you’ll love.” If you’re a first time client, sample an introductory Classic Kalologie facial (normally $90) for only $39 without any membership at all. Jennifer says, “We wanted to offer our new clients the opportunity to experience the way we work. This deep-cleansing facial helps repair skin and provide essential nourishment and protection with a deep pore cleansing with steam, exfoliation, and gentle extractions, followed by an antioxidant-rich mask. If you love this Classic facial (and we hope you will!) you can treat yourself to one a month with our Spa Pass Membership for $59 monthly. If you want to take your skin care to the next level, we offer a Spa Pass Membership for $89 a month that

Laser Hair Removal Buy 1 area, get a 2nd area for


Intro Facial

$39 (A $90 value)

allows you to choose from one of our four advanced facials–– our Signature Facial, the Clear-Skin Facial, the Age-Defying Facial or our Vitamin C Facial (normally $120 each).” That’s seventy-five minutes of bliss at a fantastic price! Scheduling a monthly treatment at Kalologie will bring balance to your life and your skin...and you’ll get extra perks, too. Jennifer says, “Spa Pass Members receive 10% off all medical services, 10% off Kalologie Lab products, Botox at $10/unit (normally $12/unit), and Juvederm for $450/syringe (normally $500/syringe)... anytime during your membership.” Kalologie Medspa 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway Whole Foods Shopping Center Sugar Land, TX 77478

Take the Classic Chevy



hether you’re choosing a movie or a restaurant, the internet’s made it easy to compare reviews. Why settle for a dealership without doing a little online digging? Online ratings for Classic Chevy’s Sugar Land location start in 2009, the year that Don Kerstetter and his team bought a failed dealership and turned it around. Don says, “In the two and a half years since Classic Chevy took over the dealership that used to stand at the corner of 59 and 90A, we’ve made changes inside and out. We assembled a bunch of experienced, decent, and genuinely nice folk who love to talk cars and help people. Our team’s empowered to handle your transaction from start to finish …without running back and forth to some hidden room.” Start by letting your fingers do the walking through some online reviews. You’ll find five star reviews on Google, 4.5 stars on Citysearch, and an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau. Classic Chevy was also a BBB “Winner of Distinction” for 2010. When someone reports a problem, this is one dealership that works to make it right. How many new or used car dealerships care about their reputation and about the experience of each and every customer? General Sales Manager Mark Kolon says, “I really believe we’re the kind of dealership and service center that you’d feel confident sending your mom into…even if all she needs is a little air in her tires.” Are you ready for a closer look? Just driving by, you’ll see brighter lights, safer driveways, and clearer signs at Classic Chevy. What won’t you see? An intimidating security shack, sales towers, or high-pressure salesmen. In fact, Classic Chevrolet received the nationwide honor of “GM Dealer of the Year”

for 2010...and placed first among the fifty-three Chevy dealers in the Southwest Region in customer retention, ontime response for service, service training, and customer satisfaction for the first two quarters of 2011. Don says, “We are recognized as the number one Chevrolet certified service center in the entire Houston zone from Corpus Christ to Madisonville to Louisiana. You can not find a better service department than ours out in our area...and that’s straight from Chevrolet itself. Our Chevrolet Service Hero Award reflects our position as number one.” Does Classic Chevy deserve five gold stars? Come see for yourself! Don says, “Drop in anytime for a cup of coffee, a walk around, and a taste of what we’re all about. Ask for me if you like...I’m here all the time and would love to tell you what we’re all about. Challenge us to be everything we say we are and everything you want us to be. I know we’re up to the challenge.” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 Sales: (866) 498-5485 Service: (866) 500-1660

Getting a Great Start Sarah Warburton


he start of school’s only a few weeks away...are your kids ready? Our local expert and “Neighbor’s Choice” award-winner, Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. says, “We can help our kids succeed by making sure they have enough sleep, the right nutrition, and lots of support at home. At Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy, we’ve got a variety of tools to get kids ready to go!” Children in a classroom share more than good times and giggles. The start of school always seems to correspond with the start of flu season. Dr. Campbell says, “We have an anti-nausea cream that you rub on the inside of the wrist. It won’t make your children well, but it will make them more comfortable and help them keep down the liquids and medicine that will help them get better. This cream was really popular when the last 24-hour bug made the rounds!”

Too much math or resistance to reading aren’t the only things that can make students unhappy at school. Dr. Campbell says, “Undiagnosed allergies and inadequate nutrition can interfere with kids’ sleep and make it hard to concentrate in the classroom. If your child is taking medication regularly, they may have hidden sensitivities to addi-

“Undiagnosed allergies and inadequate nutrition can interfere with kids’ sleep and make it hard to concentrate in the classroom.” tives, gluten, artificial dyes and preservatives. We can tailor medications to your child’s needs. If you’re worried about your child’s nutrition (especially if you have a picky eater), we offer isotonic vitamins that provide

essential vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, and probiotics in liquid form. No pills, no yucky taste, and no more worries about fueling those growing brains and bodies.” Local parents and pediatricians trust our “Neighbor’s Choice” award-winning pharmacy, Campbell’s Compounding to get their eager students ahead in school. Dr. Campbell says, “As the father of three kids myself, I know how important good health is to a child’s attitude and achievement. Come talk to us at Campbell’s Compounding anytime...we’ve got nutritional supplements, incredible customer service, and all kinds of solutions to help kids (and parents) feel and do their best!” Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

Solving the Mystery Before School Starts

Sarah Warburton s your child hyperactive, distracted, and moody? The solution to daytime problems could start at night. When a child’s body is in deep sleep, it makes growth hormones, renews cells, and breaks down fatty tissue. At the Little People’s Dentistry, detectives, Dr. Bianca Sanchez and Dr. Gary Radford can tell from your child’s mouth why your child isn’t getting quality sleep. Dr. Sanchez says, “A child who doesn’t breathe well won’t sleep well...and that will affect their performance in school, their general health, and the state of their mouth.” “One of my six-year-old patients was overweight, diagnosed with allergies and ADHD, and breathed heavily through his mouth. When I reclined him for his exam, he couldn’t breathe at all. As a dentist, I could see his bite was incorrect and then I looked for the underlying cause. His tonsils were so enlarged that they and his uvula blocked his airway. To compensate, he consistently had his lips apart and was pushing his tongue forward to open his airway. Once his tonsils are removed by his ENT, he should sleep better, be able to reduce his medications and then we’ll make an orthodontic appliance to correct the position and shape of his jaw.” “Orthodontics for children is not just about looks but about function as well. If your child is a mouth-breather, some-


10 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

“Orthodics for children are not about looks but about function. If your child is a mouth-breather, something’s wrong.”

thing’s wrong. Come in for an exam and we’ll do an x-ray and detailed medical history review to see if the airway is obstructed by allergies, enlarged tonsils/adenoids, asthma or problems in the nostrils. Once the problem is corrected by the medical doctor, we’ll use functional appliances to return the jaw to its proper position and shape, so it won’t continue to cause facial or dental abnormalities.” Get to the root of the problem with the dental detectives at Little People’s Dentistry. Dr. Sanchez says, “We’re seeing patients for braces on Fridays and Saturdays. I want all my little friends to get a good night’s sleep!” Little People’s Dentistry 281-261-0020 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (behind Kohl’s in Riverstone) Missouri City, TX 77459


First Y Sara Adams

ou’ve seen them through so many “firsts” in their life: their first step, their first tooth, the first time they voluntarily reached for your hand when crossing the street. Now they’re taking an even bigger step; a step that will set them on the path of education and becoming a responsible citizen in the world at large. When Emma was ready for her first “big girl school,” her parents looked at various private schools in the area. They chose International Preparatory School because they wanted a place that would continue to inspire her and prepare her for the competitive educational challenges of the future. Emma had done exceptionally well at a local Montessori school and they wanted to make sure she felt supported and encouraged as she takes her next “first” step. International Preparatory School understands the importance of “firsts” in a child’s life. That’s why they place such emphasis on the personal achievement and self discipline of each student. The school is based on the premise that students and teachers will achieve goals together, individual success is viewed as everyone’s success. As one parent put it, “Their top priority is the kids. My son doesn’t feel lost in the crowd; instead he feels challenged and valued.” IPS is a true college preparatory school, more than half of the faculty has advanced degrees and average over fifteen years experience in teaching. It has a traditional and innovative curriculum that is multilingual and multicultural. IPS teaches children intercultural understanding and respect for themselves and others. Its warm, nurturing atmosphere encourages the best from everyone. After meeting Director Susan Rhorer-McMahon, a Registered Nurse, and former department manager at Texas Children’s Hospital, Emma’s parents were impressed that some of her staff has worked with her for over eighteen years. She refers to her entire staff as, “a united community of enthusiastic educators dedicated to helping children realize their full potential.” If you’re looking for a school that creates and acknowledges the “firsts” in your child’s life, call IPS or visit Susan and her staff during their Open House on August 15th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. everyone is welcome. International Preparatory School 281-208-1403 1717 Dulles Avenue Missouri City

No One Will Know You’re Wearing Braces Sarah Warburton ou don’t need fancy shades or a wide-brimmed hat to go undercover. The hottest thing you’ve never heard of could be hiding behind a beautiful smile. Incognito™ Orthodontic Braces are placed behind your teeth, so no one will even know you are wearing them! Dr. Katia Lemke, DMD says, “These unique braces are created using state-of-the-art technology and are the only 100% customized, invisible, fixed braces system on the market today. Incognito Braces can give you a beautiful smile...and nobody will know your secret unless you share it!” Discover a dramatically different way to wear braces...customized, personalized, and completely hidden. Dr. Lemke says, “The brackets we use for Incognito Braces are made specifically for each of your individual teeth with targeted technology. The wires used are roboticallybent for an incredible level of customized precision. This advanced system minimizes the time your adjustments take and delivers results more quickly. Incognito is efficient, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing!” Who’s going incognito? Everyone! Patients who aren’t candidates for Invisalign like extraction cases, combined surgical-orthodontic cases, and many others do well with Incognito. Dr. Lemke says, “Occasionally a patient finds it difficult to adjust to the feeling of


braces on the inside of their teeth, but since the brackets are custom-fitted, they lay right against the tooth. Most patients love Incognito Braces. They’re popular with athletes who play contact sports, models or actors, students, musicians who play wind instruments, professionals, men and women, teenagers or adults, from thirteen years to over sixty years of age... anyone who wants their braces to be secret between you and me!” Whether you want your braces to be a secret or to express your personality, Dr. Lemke offers all the options. Metal, gold, ceramic, or invisible, she has braces for every personality and every smile and flexible hours for every schedule. After you go’ll never want to hide your smile again! Before Lemke Orthodontics 281-277-3555 Katia Lemke, DMD, PA 4907 Sandhill Dr., Ste B Sugar Land, TX 77479

From Stress to Success

Donnielle Carter elping your business succeed is the main objective at Trevathan, CPA. With that in mind, owner John Trevathan is delighted to introduce Regina Rash as their new Director of Tax and Accounting. Regina has 15 years of experience as a CPA, is a small business specialist, advanced tax planner, paperless technology consultant, and is certified in QuickBooks. The skilled team at Trevathan CPA and Regina are “Full Service Advisors” aiming to take businesses out of the break/fix model into catered solutions and financial planning. The experts at Trevathan, CPA concentrate on small and medium business needs such as business consulting, accounting services, tax preparation, assistance with compilations, audits and reviews, and the full service tax and financial needs of their families. Regina will tell you, “It’s a beautiful thing to see someone go from starting a business into a success.” And she knows that each client will have different needs. “When we meet with a new client they have hundreds of questions and we help them out of confusion and stress and into financial peace. We will analyze each busi-


Trevathan CPA, PLLC


12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

ness and see what they are ready to tackle, and then we tailor each solution to a client’s specific goals. We help small business owners focus on more than just compliance. We help their books become a tool for management solutions.” Regina proudly declares, “Leading a business owner who is ready to do the work to get out of stress and panic and back into enjoying their business…helping them leave a legacy… that’s the fun part!” Please join John’s team at Trevathan CPA in welcoming Regina Rash and her long time

assistant, Nancy Weems to their skilled team. If the accounting side of your business is causing you stress and you are ready to reach for the next level, call the experts at Trevathan, CPA, PLLC today and find out how they can help your business succeed. Trevathan, CPA, PLLC 281-207-1333 19901 Southwest Freeway

Everything Old is New Again!


oes the state of your counters, tub and tile leave you down in the dumps? If you’re thinking about yanking them out and starting over, there’s an easier way. All those dings, dents, and cracks will disappear, thanks to the magic of the Miracle Method. Owners Jonee and Paul Barnett say, “At Miracle Method Surface Restoration, we take real pride in transforming your kitchen or bathroom through the magic of the Miracle Method. Before we put on the amazing finish that gives you a new color or the look of natural stone, we start by restoring the surface...making everything old look new again!” Imagine the place where you dropped a mug and left a chip or crack–gone! The discoloration from a hot pan or a water ring on your counter–vanished! That level of professional treatment and serious, stepby-step attention to detail means that the Miracle Method doesn’t just change the look of your extends the life of your counters by ten to fifteen years and actually looks like new! Did you know nine out of ten people can’t tell the difference between a Miracle Method refinished bathtub and a new one? You’ve probably


Millennium Town Car Service

seen one yourself, courtesy of Disney or Hilton, and not even known it! Your original counters, tub, or tile will enjoy a professional cleaning, get scratches, chips, and grout lines filled in and sealed for a complete surface restoration that’s performed and guaranteed by trained and licensed professionals. Then choose a Paul and Jonee Barnett finish that looks like natural stone or request a “custom color match” to coordinate with your décor. The Miracle Method saves up to seventy-five percent over the cost of removing and replacing your old fixtures, takes only a few days, and comes with a five-year warranty to protect your investment. Ready to revamp your color scheme, while erasing all those little signs of aging? It’s easy to give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift with the Miracle Method. Call today for your free in-home estimate. Miracle Method Surface Restoration 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX


Home Care for Seniors

On Time, Every Time

The Best Black Car Service In Town 24 Hour Airport Service Corporate/Executive Hotel Transfers Personal Chauffer

Owners Mike & Barbara Alexander

• Meal Preparation • Light housekeeping • Companionship • Shopping • Transportation

• Doctor Appointments • Yard work • House maintenance and small repairs


insured and bonded

To advertise, 281-235-0600

There’s a huge difference in the kind of home care you can receive from Someone who really understands what your life is like as a senior.

• Overnight stays (24-hour care) • Long-distance check-ins • Pet Care • Affordable Rates

281.261.8107 Office 281.797.3511 Cell UPCLOSE ~ August 2011 ~ 13

What’s the Prognosis?

Sarah Warburton f you’re suffering from pain, fatigue, nausea, infertility and difficult periods, your prognosis depends on getting the right diagnosis. Dr. Leslie Cohan of The Woman’s Place says, “Approximately 8.5 million women in North America suffer from endometriosis, but many suffer silently, embarrassed to discuss their pain with a gynecologist. Getting the right diagnosis quickly is the best path to recovery.” “Endometriosis happens when menstrual fluids are retained in the body and abnormally implant in areas outside of the uterus like the bladder, bowel, ovaries, and other nearby organs, causing adhesions, scarring and pain. I’d like all women to know that the agonizing pain caused by endometriosis is very treatable...together we’ll review our options to find the best solution for you.” More than “killer cramps,” endometriosis can cause symptoms including painful and irregular periods, pain with sexual activity, problems in the gastrointestinal and urinary


tract, infertility, painful ovarian cysts, fatigue, allergies and other immune-related issues. With so many varying symptoms, it’s no wonder that endometriosis is often misdiagnosed as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ovarian cysts, bowel obstruction, colon cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibroids, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), or ovarian cancer. There’s no blood test or pap smear we can do to determine if you have endometriosis. In addition to discussing your symptoms, confirming endometriosis requires surgical biopsy, usually obtained through minimally-invasive laparoscopy. I’ll take a look at your abdomen and pelvic cavity through the laparoscope. Once we’ve diagnosed you with endometriosis, we can treat the disease through choices ranging from hormone treatments to laparoscopic surgery.” Your lifestyle doesn’t have anything to do with developing endometriosis. Dr. Cohan says, “Genetics plays a role in developing this

disease. If your mother has endometriosis, you are seven times more likely to have it yourself. Patients with endometriosis often struggle with other autoimmune disorders, as well. I hope my patients know they can talk to me about any of their concerns. Please don’t suffer in silence...I’m always here to help!” The Woman’s Place (affiliated with the Woman’s Hospital of Texas) 713-795-0349 16552 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479

Third Time’s A Charm Donnielle Carter f you enjoy cooking, and creating a meal is more of a production than just warming up takeout, then maintaining a pristine kitchen is both a challenge and a delight. When Jeff and Katherine Tix were looking for a maid service, they wanted someone who could give their kitchen an intensive cleaning every time.


14 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

They had tried two other housekeeping services before they spoke with Max McCammond of Professional Maid Service. Max, who prides himself on treating customers as individuals instead of a cookiecutter approach, was happy to listen to Jeff and Katherine’s expectations. He said, “Our maids enjoy cleaning and it shows in their work. They receive the highest training and only use top-quality products. When Jeff said, ‘We really use our kitchen; it’s not just for show.’ I knew what he was looking for.” Jeff says he and Katherine have been very pleased with Professional Maid Service and have used them for the past five years. “When they are in my house, I feel comfortable. I trust them. And if we have a special event they have been very accommodating. When they’re done, everything is clean and nothing feels sticky and our bathrooms are spotless. I’ve actually seen them do our tile floors, they really scrub it, they don’t just give it a once over.” Jeff even enjoys getting his reminder call from Connie 24 hours before the maids arrive. If your kitchen is more than a great place to

store your groceries and dishes, if it is as functional as it is decorative…then get the professionals to help you keep it pristine and don’t wait for the third time to call Max McCammond for your free in home estimate. You can get the service you desire today. Professional Maid Service has become Fort Bend County’s most popular and most trusted cleaning service. “All of our maids are bonded and insured to guarantee the comfort level people require and deserve.” Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500




Everyone wants to go Au Naturale If you’re having trouble imagining the perfect floor for your home, the experts in our showroom can help make your dream home a reality. We pride ourselves in offering you the best of the best. Our products come straight from the best-known manufacturers, are installed by the best installers, and are ALWAYS sold to you at the very best price possible. We’re your one stop source for flooring, kitchen, and bath needs. For styles that will match any taste, any idea, and any budget and customer service that’ll keep you coming back, visit our showroom today!”

Sarah Warburton


cross the board, everyone you ask overwhelming picks one kind of flooring as their absolute favorite. We asked Bob McKelvey of All About Carpets and Floors for the big answer... what’s the most-wanted flooring in America? Bob says, “No matter why people come into the showroom, they always linger over the hardwood samples. I don’t know if it’s the natural look, the rich tones, or the timelessness, but everybody wants a hardwood floor.” So why doesn’t everyone buy a hardwood floor? Bob says, “Lots of people really, really want a hardwood floor, but they talk themselves out of it. They’ll tell me that the humidity’s too hard on wood or hardwood floors are too much trouble to care for. But you don’t have to be afraid to go natural with hardwoods like our rich engineered Santos mahogany. Thanks to the latest products...we’ve got the perfect floor for you!” “Manufacturers like Johnson, Mannington and Mirage have engineered floors created to thrive in our humidity.

These floors have an aluminum oxide finish applied in the factory and come with a separate warranty on the finish that’s good for fifty years so they’re a great choice for our humidity. Our installers also have the experience you need when dealing with hardwood in this area. Once as an inspector, I saw a solid wood floor installed without the proper allowance…and it had pushed out the walls of the room! We’ll sell you the right flooring for Texas and install it to last!” “A good-quality hardwood floor isn’t high-maintenance. We love the innovative floors by Mirage in Red Oak, Yellow Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, African Sapelle and Hard Maple to name a few. Gorgeous rich colors from all around the world to improve the aesthetic and resale value of your home. Even better, Mirage put UV inhibitors into their finish to protect against fading and a polymerized finish…one of the best in the industry. And they warranty the finish for twenty-five years and the structural integrity of the floor for a lifetime.

To advertise, 281-235-0600

All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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Methodist Family Medicine Group LET OUR FAMILY CARE FOR YOUR FAMILY!

Yana Finkelshteyn, M.D. Jennifer Diamond, M.D. Julie Hung, M.D. Family Medicine Family Medicine Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Our physicians speak… English

Mona Sheth, M.D. Family Medicine

Seva Papageorge, M.D. Family Medicine

Lisa Holloway, D.O. Family Medicine

Ana Corteguera, D.O. Family Medicine

Tayma Shaya, M.D., FAAFP Family Medicine

With seven family practice specialists and one internist/pediatrician, each with her own unique background and interests, there is a physician on


our staff who is right for you and your loved ones. Our physicians are all


board certified and highly skilled, with extensive experience in diagnosing


and treating illness and disease with a caring, hands-on, family-oriented


approach. Each of our physicians has a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of the Fort Bend community. Methodist Family Medicine Group is also supported by the leading technology and expertise of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital and its medical professionals and physicians.  Call 281-275-0800 or email to schedule your appointment.  Same-day and Saturday appointments are available with most physicians.  Located on the Methodist Sugar Land campus in Medical Office Building Three.

Family Medicine Group 16605 Southwest Freeway, Suite 400 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-275-0800 •

Go to our website now to make an appointment by using your smartphone QR reader. Follow Methodist Family Medicine Group on Facebook.

They Make Summers Comfortable! Donnielle Carter


eople have been overheard talking about Houston summers as the most uncomfortable time of the year. Not only physically but also to the pocketbook when you get your utility bill. But what if summers could be fun and comfortable? AND you could pay less in utilities? The experts at Jackson Air prove that’s possible everyday. Let them guide you thru the steamy heat into a comfortable summer. With your family’s comfort foremost in their minds and due to their honest advice, no pressure sales and a variety of choices, family owned and operated for almost 30 years, Jackson Air has become the area’s most trusted and reliable A/C Company. In fact, the Better Business Bureau awarded Jackson Air the Award of Excellence for 2011. Brian Jackson, owner of Jackson Air cautions, “August is still a very hot humid month and you must pay attention to your air conditioning system. If it isn’t functioning properly or at peak performance, it uses a lot of energy and can unexpectedly break down. The average life of an a/c in our harsh climate is only about 8 to 10 years.” Jackson Air is Sugar Land’s oldest independent Trane Comfort Specialist and as such has many exciting offers if it’s time for that upgrade. If you upgrade to a qualifying Trane system like the XL20i , not only can it save you money, give your house more comfortable temperatures with less humidity and cleaner air, they are also offering 0% financing for 36 months OR up to $1250 instant rebates Plus a new XL950 ComfortLink™ II Thermostat! The Trane XL950 ComfortLink™ II Thermostat is a revolutionary new unit with

With your family’s comfort foremost in their minds and due to their honest advice, no pressure sales and a variety of choices, family owned and operated for almost 30 years, Jackson Air has become the area’s most trusted and reliable A/C Company. standard features but also unique features including: 7” HD color touch screen, air quality management, a history tracking pro-

gram, live weather information plus forecast, wifi capable, remote access from your smart phone and rotating electronic picture capacity. An amazing way to make your

To advertise, 281-235-0600

home and your family easily comfortable. Don’t be uncomfortable this summer. Stay cool with the experts making summers comfortable for families all over Fort Bend County. Jackson Air the company with a cool reputation – so cool they have a License to Chill. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer Jackson Air 281-240-1037

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Do You Love Your Smile? I Sarah Warburton

treatment, you’ll come to my office again. The entire system is completed in only two weeks...and your smile will be up to sixteen shades whiter!” From a teen going back to school to a mom or dad looking for a lift, the Kör Whitening Deep Bleaching System delivers that wow factor! Dr. Nguyen says, “Everyone I know who’s used the system, regardless of age, has had consistently fantastic results. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I heard about a whitening gel that’s permanently effective (with easy at-home maintenance) and isn’t harsh like some other whitening methods. Once I tried it myself, I was a believer!” Getting a smile you love is easy at Eco Dental. Dr Nguyen says, “We offer free wireless internet, a separate children’s waiting room, and have evening and weekend appointments. We accept all major insurances including Medicaid

f red wine, tobacco, coffee, tetracycline, or age have left a shadow on your smile, Dr.Danny Nguyen, D. D. S. and his staff at Eco Dental know how to clear things up. Dr. Nguyen says, “We’re always looking for the most effective, comfortable, and convenient ways to give you a smile you’ll love to show the world. Now we’re excited to offer the Kör Whitening Deep Bleaching System. I’ve used it on myself, my friends and family...and we love the results!” No fears, no tears is the philosophy at Eco Dental and the Kör Whitening System fits in perfectly. Dr. Nguyen says, “The Kör whitening gel usually produces little to no sensitivity. I’ll make molds of your teeth, so your whitening trays will be custom-fitted, ultra-thin, safe, and comfortable. You’ll wear them for two weeks while you sleep, a convenient way to whiten your teeth. When you’ve finished your

Neck and back Pain? Our Sugar Land team iS the anSwer.





and CHIP, offer interest-free financing through Care Credit, and provide treatment in English, Vietnamese and Spanish. I love seeing the confidence and joy on my patients’ faces when they really love their smiles!” Dr. Danny Nguyen, D. D. S. 281-491-9494 Ecodental 15870 SW Freeway #500 (59@Hwy 6 next to Whole Foods) Sugar Land, TX 77478

Big Savings, Little Card

Same Day Appointments Available Pick up your FREE Preferred Customer Card today and take advantage of SAVINGS and SPECIAL OFFERS at more than 40 Sugar Land businesses!

Services Offered · Diagnostic Services · Chiropractic Care · Spinal Decompression · Physical Medicine · Aquatic Therapy · Pain Management · Weight Loss Programs

most private insurance accepted

Dr. Joshua R. Akerman, D.C.

Dr. Jason Schell, D.C. Dr. Mark Yezak, B.S., D.C.

Dr. Lynnette Orrick, D.C.

Dr. Scott Neuburger, B.S., D.C.

Excluding Medicare & Medicaid

For an appointment or additional information 281.362.0006 • spineandrehab.comHablamos español HSRC

SoCial netwoRk


Scan the QR Code on your PCC and see the offers anywhere, anytime.

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Visit us at our Sugar Land Location 2655 Cordes Drive, Suite 130 Sugar Land, Texas 77479

the woodlands

3101 College Park The Woodlands, Texas 77384


2000 Crawford Street, Suite 1220 Houston, Texas 77002

TCRN-Sugar Land is “Your BEST Community Resource”

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Water Lines Prone to Breakage Under Drought M

arsha Bryson spotted water spilling into the street on Lakewood Lane in Sugar Land this morning. She called the city to report it only to be informed that she needed to hire a plumber. It is a common misconception that a meter leak is fixed by the city. “The contraction of the soil caused by the drought followed by expansion caused by sudden rainfall subjects the water main beneath a home to the same harsh conditions that make foundations crack,” says Master plumber Alan Burkhalter of Alan’s Plumbing. “Since the water main has constant water pressure, when it cracks, water floods out into the street. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility, not the city’s, to fix a broken water main under a home.” When homeowners see water running out into the street, the first step

is to shut off the water main. Extreme heat or cold can also crack the area where the sprinkler system connects to the water main. Alan says, “If you shut off your water main but water continues to pool around your sprinklers, shut off your vacuum breaker and call a licensed plumber. At Alan’s Plumbing, Zach, my brothers Chris and Brian, and I saw lots of this in our area last winter and again this summer.” Increased heat and sudden changes from drought to rainfall put severe pressure on plumbing and add to homeowner’s expenses, but choosing a family-owned local business can save money. Alan says, “Over the last fifteen years, we at Alan’s Plumbing have taken pride in offering excellent plumbing at reasonable prices. Now as

my youngest son Jake prepares for his senior year at Elkins, my two oldest sons, Luke and Beau are attending journeyman classes to pursue careers in the family business.” Many residents of Fort Bend County returned from vacation to find their water mains had burst. Experts recommend leaving the name of a reputable licensed plumber like Alan’s Plumbing with the neighbor who holds your key while you’re away. If you’re worried about your plumbing, if you notice a suspicious leak, or if you need a new fixture, call Alan’s Plumbing at 281261-1064.

Which paint should you use, Benjamin Moore’s Aura®, Natura® or ben®? Going to a paint store can get confusing if it’s not something you do every day. You decide that you want to paint the bedroom. Maybe you have an idea for a color or you want the color to go with the bedspread. Try to have something in mind, or better yet, bring props. Take the bedspread with you. Even if there is not an interior decorator at the store, Bob, Eric & Joe in Missouri City (Hwy 6 and Dullas) can point you in the right direction and have an opinion on the colors that you pick.

Heritage Paint AND DECORATING CENTERS 281-499-2000 ~4709 Hwy 6 S (at Dulles)



Offer expires August 31, 2011 Not valid with any other offer.

Offer expires August 31, 2011 Not valid with any other offer.



What’s Holding You Back?


ith multiple parks, hiking and biking trails, and restaurants with healthy eating options, there are no excuses not to exercise and eat healthy in Sugar Land. In fact, the city’s free nonprofit organization, Shape Up Sugar Land, offers a website and ample support to help you explore local opportunities for seriously

ing out on a track. From football drills to sprints and other exercises, Rodriguez’s sons stay in shape during the summer...without venturing far from home or splurging on an expensive gym membership. “Helping kids stay fit is a full-time job,” says Ana, who makes sure that fitness encompasses all aspects of her children’s lives. No video games or television are allowed unless they are visiting their grandparents’

Jovi at Kublai Khan treating the Rodriguez family to a healthy dinner healthy fun! Get the kids up off the couch, turn off the computer and the television, and bring the whole family together in the great outdoors. Local mom, Ana Rodriguez wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning to help her two sons and their friends beat summer laziness by work-

20 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

Local mom, Anna Rodriquez house, and she makes sure to keep them on a strict diet to prevent them from developing unhealthy habits in the future. Healthy eating is easier and more delicious for the Rodriguez family thanks to the many great restaurants available in Sugar Land. The newly opened Kublai Khan’s variety of

Shape Up Sugar Land Receiving a sponsorship from MOST vegetables, brown rice and protein choices allows you to create the perfect meal, while appealing to everyone from the health-conscious to the picky. Follow your family meal with some quality exercise as you enjoy all that Sugar Land has to offer. Have you explored Sugar Land’s ten community parks (including a skate and BMX park), shaded trails, treelined sidewalks, and back-road bike trails? With the wide range of outdoor options, the activities listed on the Shape Up Sugar Land, initiatives such as Healthy Monday restaurant choice and coupons for local restaurants and workout centers, no excuses will stop you and your family from becoming healthier today!

My Search for Answers by Janet Strickland


or the past three years I’ve struggled with pain, bladder discomfort, and swelling so noticeable that people asked if I was pregnant. Working out only made it worse! When it started in 2009, a neurologist diagnosed me with disc dissection. He recommended traction and I treated three times a week for six weeks...but my pain continued. I saw two family doctors––one told me the swelling was “the way I was born,” the other had no answers. I saw two gastrologists––one ordered a CAT scan, a pill cam, a colonoscopy and a breath test. The diagnosis? Gastritis and IBS. The second said “eat right and exercise more.” My gynecologist also dismissed my symptoms. Worried about ovarian cancer, I insisted on a CA-125 test, but it came back negative. My workout partner’s gynecologist agreed that my swollen stomach “looked seven-months pregnant,” but claimed “it’s nothing female,” even though I was in so much pain.” Two months after I lost my mother to ovarian cancer (she was also originally misdiagnosed with acid reflux), I read the article, “Strangers Asked When My Baby Was Due...” in the December 2010 issue of UpClose. I couldn’t believe it! My symptoms and my experience searching for answers were right there in Krystal Parrinello’s story. Dr. Mangal at the Fertility Specialists of Houston diagnosed and treated I called him right away. Dr. Mangal is double fellowship trained Endometriosis surgeon and Infertility Specialist. There are very few fellowship trained endometriosis surgeons who are also American Board certified Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Specialists like Dr. Mangal in the U.S. He sees patients that are referred to him by gynecologists from all over the U.S. and other countries, and is appointed as clinical advisor to the american Endometriosis Association. Based on my symptoms and an in-office pelvic exam, Dr. Mangal said I had endometriosis.l..just like Krystal. He said that not every patient has swelling like Krystal and I did or any symptoms at all except just “Infertililty.” Most common common symptoms are painful menstrual cramps, deep pain during sexual relationship, varying degree of pelvic, abdominal, urinary bladder or bowel movement discomfort and/or simply infertility. Only a laparoscopic procedure would tell us the severity of my

endometriosis...and it revealed Stage 4 endometriosis (the highest stage). Over the next couple of months I had three Lupron shots. On May 11th Dr. Mangal did full-blown surgery. Due to the endometriosis involving multiple organs fused together with scar tissue including my colon, he with his team of specialists––including a colorectal surgeon and a urologist––removed my damaged appendix, my extremely damaged and chocolate fluid-filled left ovary, left fallopian tube, scraped my bladder and removed a “plug” of endometriosis from my colon. He fixed my right ovary and right fallopian tube using a laser. My surgery ended up being four hours. After my surgery Dr. Mangal spoke with my family...they were so impressed with the time he took to explain everything to them! During my office visits he answered all my questions and I never felt rushed or dismissed. If I had been properly diagnosed in the first place four years ago, I wouldn’t have gone through so much pain, both surgeries, and suffered damage to my fallopian tube which will make having children a challenge. In the future if I need invitro fertilization I will only have Dr. Mangal do it because he specializes in challenging procedures... and I trust him completely. After years of going to doctors, thousands of dollars worth of tests, and no answers, I can’t thank Dr. Mangal enough for getting to the root of the problem and making me feel like a new person. His expertise and compassion gave me the answers I desperately needed. Fertility Specialists of Houston 713-512-7900 •

To advertise, 281-235-0600

Dr. Mangal

UPCLOSE ~ August 2011 ~ 21

New Uses for Ultrasound Sarah Warburton


ltrasound is rapidly emerging as one of the most important diagnostic tools for rheumatologists, and the Houston medical scene is on the forefront of this movement. Dr. J. Edward Hernandez, M.D. of Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates

Dr. Valicek

says, “Ultrasound is more sensitive than x-rays, more flexible and quicker than an MRI, and allows us to see inflammation or erosion caused by arthritis, urate deposits on the cartilage that signal gout, tendinopathy, tendon calcification and vascularization as well as bursitis.In the future, ultrasound will be used as a diagnostic tool by all rheumatologists the way stethoscopes are used by cardiologists.” 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

Many doctors began using ultrasound as an interventional tool to guide the needle for corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation. Using the ultrasound as a diagnostic tool as well allows doctors to see into the joint or soft tissue and requires them to analyze that data for a diagnosis. This advanced use has been likened to the difference between groping for your keys in the dark and turning on a light. The waves of the ultrasound work like the beam of a flashlight, illuminating the source of the problem. Dr. Hernandez says, “Ultrasound is revolutionizing the way rheumatologists diagnose patients. It offers a clear picture of soft tissues that don’t show up well on x-rays, can be used chair-side as an alternative to an MRI, and provides real-time imaging.” The non-invasive ultrasound probe is moved around to obtain specific images of the joints, muscle, tendon or soft tissue. Doctors can see tears of the rotator cuff or the Achilles tendon in the ankle, joint damage or erosions signaling rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis, fluid collections within joints like Osteoarthritis knees, tendonopathy, muscle pains and bursitis. Early detection of erosive disease means quicker treatment, less discomfort, and less impact for patients. Ultrasound may actually have advantages over MRI in seeing tendon structure and soft tissues. Without diagnostic ultrasound, patients had to be having an attack of gout or an acute flare-up in order to be confidently diagnosed. The ultrasound reveals sonographic evidence of gout, even when the patient is not having an acute attack. Dr. Hernandez says, “One patient referred to me had suffered pain and joint swelling for two years without a diagnosis. I examined him with an ultrasound and found marks called

double contour on his joints indicating gout. His uric acid levels were also among the highest levels I’ve seen. We started treatment right away. This case study is only one small example of the way diagnostic ultrasound reveals the underlying issues of the joints and soft tissues of the body and cuts down on the time patients suffer waiting for a diagnosis. It’s a tool that will become one of the primary ways rheumatologists diagnose disease.”

Dr. Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez is a clinical professor at Baylor where he instructs rheumatologists on the diagnostic and interventional use of ultrasound. He also has a private practice, Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates in Sugar Land. Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates 281-980-1742 1327 Lake Pointe Pkwy, Suite 515

Offering Our Special Brand of Care for Patients in Fort Bend County Our goal is to provide a high standard of care to every patient, every day. At St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital, we combine expertise, quality and technology with our special brand of caring for the whole person – body, mind and spirit – to serve the patients of Fort Bend County.

e Pkwy. Lake Poin t


. ngton Blvd exi Hwy .6

. lvd

F est hw t u So

B ce Tra

wy .


s am


lli Wi



kbend Dr.


Brooks St.


Sug ar L ak Creekway Dr. St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital • 1317 Lake Pointe Parkway • Sugar Land, TX 77478 • 281-637-7000

True Texan

Bill Stokes

The Outdoor Kitchen King! L By Sarah Warburton

et’s celebrate living in Texas, where we can relax outside year round! Outdoor living and entertaining in your backyard’s moved way beyond a charcoal grill and a couple of lawn chairs. Imagine a bar area, countertops, stainless steel refrigerator and grill, a fire pit or fireplace, even a kitchen island, decorative concrete...and more! Fort Bend’s leading outdoor kitchen builder and outdoor living specialist, Bill Stokes of Increte says, “The hottest trend in outdoor entertaining today is outdoor kitchens. A well-designed one will expand the livable space of your home and increase your property value and long as it’s designed and installed by professionals. Increte of Houston’s been in business for over thirty years. With the largest decorative concrete and outdoor kitchen showroom in the area, we can make your dreams of an outdoor kitchen come true.” Dare to dream about enjoying time with friends and family in your own beautiful backyard. Increte of Houston’s got you covered with all aspects of backyard living from patio covers and outdoor kitchens to landscaping and decorative concrete. Bill says, “We handle everything except swimming pools. Over the years we’ve built up excellent relationships with local contractors and homeowners who appreciate being able to browse our decorative concrete and outdoor kitchen showrooms with high-quality components by companies like Fire Magic and Twin Eagle. Our in-house design team will help you come up with a plan, so no little detail of comfort or visual appeal is overlooked. We offer free estimates and evaluations of the job site. You won’t deal with any sub-contractors. All my employees

24 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

here at Increte are highly-trained and fully-insured...and they’re the ones who’ll do the work.” You don’t want to get into hot water by trusting your outdoor kitchen to the wrong company. Increte of Houston is the BBB Winner of Distinction Award for Excellence for 2010 and 2011 and an A+ rated BBB company. They also won the Decorative Concrete Association Project of the Year for a project under $2500. You can also find them every year as an exhibitor at the Houston Rodeo. Bill and his wife have enjoyed thirty years of marriage. Their two sons, one a Texas A & M graduate, the other a graduate of the US Naval Academy, are both also graduates of Clements High School. And Bill’s been working with concrete since he himself was just a student at Sam Houston University. He says, “We’re fixtures in this community and we love what we do!” Whether you’re a grill master, the host or hostess with the mostest, or just a person who loves to cook, take your outdoor cooking experience to the next level. Bill says, “We’ve got beautiful and unique designs, quality components, and expert installation for a custom outdoor kitchen that will make you the envy of the neighborhood! Call or visit our showroom at Increte of Houston and see how we can transform your backyard today.” Increte of Houston 12201 Carlsbad • Houston, TX 77085 281-499-3990 •

Which side of your mouth do you chew with?

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend! Sarah Warburton hen you have pain on one side of your mouth, what do you do? If you’re like most of us, you start chewing on the other side. Dr. Thomas Lomonte’s seen this approach over and over again and he wants you to know that taking a “wait and see approach” could mean your pain goes away...along with your teeth! He says, “Pain is your mouth asking


for an appointment so we can save your smile.” When you bite down on the wrong side of your mouth or take a big drink of icy lemonade, do you feel a sharp pain? Dr. Lomonte says, “A sudden pain on one side of your mouth is the number one indication of a cracked tooth. The bad news is that a cracked tooth isn’t going to heal on its own...but if we detect it early, it can often be saved. Chewing on the other side of your mouth is ignoring the problem, not curing it...and ignoring discomfort and chewing or favoring one side of your mouth can actually cause more problems!” Sometimes even after your teeth are fixed and your pain is gone, chewing on one side of your mouth still feels right. “No matter how right it feels,” says Dr. Lomonte, “chewing just on one side of your mouth is wrong. You’ll be overworking some teeth, chewing in an awkward way, and positioning your jaw incorrectly. If you chew only on one side of your mouth––whether it’s pain or just a habit––you’re inflicting too much wear on the sensitive jaw joint on that side of your mouth. Just like clenching or grinding your teeth at night can damage your jaw and teeth, favoring one side of your mouth while chewing can also cause long term damage.” What should you do if you’re using one

side of your mouth more than the other? Dr. Lomonte says, “Come on in so we can identify and correct the real problem before it costs you your teeth and your smile!” Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 281-530-1440 12122 Murphy Rd.

Need a Fitness Makeover? Sarah Warburton ired of wishing you had a flatter stomach, tighter butt, and toner arms and legs? You can get all increased endurance, overall strength, a renewed sense of self, better health, and some new friends while having a blast! Shake-up your exercise routine with RipQuest Boot Camp Kick your workout into gear with Ripquest’s amazing outdoor morning or evening workouts at Sugar Land Memorial Park or Bellaire Park. Founder and Director, Carrie Moore, PT, OCS grew up in Sugar Land and played volleyball and basketball at Clements High School. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology at Texas A&M and a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy at Texas Women’s University. She says, “As a Physical Therapist, I saw so many patients whose injuries and chronic pain could have been prevented if they’d had better fitness. That’s why I founded RipQuest Boot Camp. These four-week morning or evening outdoor workout sessions incorporate high intensity intervals with cardio, strength training, and core you’ll see real results quickly!” Why wait to get fit? Choose a four-week Boot Camp session of three, four, or five days per week and it’ll work out to $12.50 per session...less than a fourth of the cost of a personal training session. No initiation fee, no cancellation fee, just four weeks to a stronger, sleeker, healthier you! Carrie says, “No two sessions are the same, so your body won’t get used to the same old routine and you won’t get bored. All fitness levels are welcome. I’ll modify activities to your fitness level and progress you appropriately, so you can get strong and fit at your own pace.” For more information look for Ripquest on Twitter,


Facebook, or at Sign up online or contact Carrie with questions about the next fourweek session starting August 8th...and have fun getting ripped! Ripquest Boot Camp 713-857-3232

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ired of the same old floors? You can refurbish old, wornout surfaces with a limitless palette of colors, textures and a fraction of the cost of traditional materials. Tony Rivera, owner of Bomanite of Houston, and son David say, “The only limit to what we can achieve with concrete is your imagination!” Are you remodeling? Remake your floor with the magic of stamped or stained concrete. Or how about choosing Bomanite’s new textured micro-overlays? As thin as 1/8 of an inch they resurface your existing concrete floor with a material that is typically twice as strong as the concrete it was placed over. You’ll love this flooring that’s colored, then given either a smooth finish or a texture that can simulate natural slate, flagstone, even wood. David says, “Choose one of our many standard patterns or have us install a custom layout to fit your particular space. We will always offer you a sample first, we guarantee our work, and we won’t take any payment until the job’s completed to your satisfaction. We offer artistic possibilities and professional results you can only receive from a company like ours that’s firmlyrooted in this community and committed to customer satisfaction.” Add a little drama and jaw dropping beauty, with Bomanite’s Reflector epoxy finishes. This stunning product places vibrant colors and three dimensional depth on interior floors, taking them to new heights. David says, “The product was so unique and beautiful that

we immediately used it to install a gorgeous floor in our front lobby, as well as resurface our coffee table, and even created some stunning framed artwork from it. Imagine your floors in a subtle bronze for an old-world feel, gunmetal grey for an industrial modern look, or go bold and fun with turquoise, violet, or hot pink. No two floors ever look the same. Even the same floor changes appearance when viewed from different angles.” Tony says, “Rest assured, when you choose Bomanite of Houston you can be confident in our expertise with any paving and flooring system. Since 1976 we have been a Franchise Partner of the worldwide Bomanite network, the company that invented the imprinted concrete process more than 50 years ago. As part of their network of specially trained and licensed contractors, we have access to proprietary products and systems, research, technology, training, and tooling that allows us to do new and amazing things with concrete. Until you see and touch the samples we’ve set in and around our showroom, you can’t imagine the beautiful possibilities waiting you.” Bomanite of Houston 6617 Flintlock Road, Houston, TX 77040-4318 (713) 722-0480




Sarah Warburton

26 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

“The ribbon cutting is August 18th at 10am and there’s a special one-day sale at the Sugar Land location only on Saturday the 20th.”

Nationally-Known, Houston-Owned


id you know the first Sears franchisee in the nation was right here in the Houston area? Back in 1996 Stephen Stark opened that store in the Richmond Rosenberg Plaza. Stephen’s first store was even featured in the very first issue of UpClose Magazine! Ten years later he formed JABEZ, LLP with business partners Jack Hutson and Maynard Lanham...and now they own a total of twelve stores in and around Houston. Stephen says, “We were the first Sears franchisee in the nation, the first to open a Home Appliance Showroom and the first to own an Appliance and Hardware store. No matter how much we expand, we’re still a locally-owned small business that offers the best value for your dollar and exceptional service after the sale.” Remember flipping through the Sears Christmas catalog? Today you can browse all major appliance brands in a Sears showroom....and use a showroom computer station to see everything Sears has to offer. Make your purchase online there and have it delivered to your home or to the showroom. You can even comparision-shop other stores. “We find the lowest prices and beat them … period,” Stephen guarantees. “Great prices and unbeatable customer service are the bedrock of all our stores: The

Sears Hometown Store in Richmond; the Appliance & Hardware Store in Katy; and the 10 other Home Appliance Showrooms in Atascocita, Conroe, Cypress, Katy, League City, Pearland, Pasadena, Tomball and Wallisville Rd., and now our newest here in Sugar Land.” Come to the Grand Opening of the Sugar Land Sears Home Appliance Showroom at 15850 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land, Texas (just a few doors down from Whole Foods). The ribbon cutting is August 18th at 10am and there’s a special one-day sale at the Sugar Land location only on Saturday the 20th. Check their website for more on the Grand Opening specials, and like them on Facebook to get exclusive deals. “I’m so pleased to be opening up the Sugar Land location, so close to where it all started,” says Stephen. “We look forward to giving back to this community and exceeding all your expectations. Come celebrate our Grand Opening, enjoy our Inaugural sale, and see all we have to offer.” Sears Home Appliance Showroom 281-240-0157 • 15850 Southwest Fwy Store Hours: M-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7

NOW OPEN iN Sugar laNd in the Whole Foods Center (On the Northeast Corner of 59 & HWY 6)

Join us all day Saturday, August 20th, 2011 for our One Day Grand Opening Sale Take an additional 10% off our lowest prices. Register to win great prizes: DCS Grill • LG & GE Washer/Dryers • Whirlpool French Door Refrigerators • Dyson & Kenmore Vacuums

• Nationally Known & Locally Owned • Largest Selection of Major Brands • Knowledgeable Staff

“We find the lowest prices and beat them ... period.” 59


15850 Southwest Fwy Sugar Land, TX 77478


Check our website for current promotions and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for special offers.

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Happy hour from 5-7? Pffft. Child’s play.


In an awesome act of copycat-ism that benefits us all, Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar has rolled out a new 3-6-9 Happy Hour! From 3-6 and again at 9, food and drinks are priced at $3, $6, and $9 - appetizers, drinks, sushi and rolls.

Cool down with the hottest summer drinks: Mango, Watermelon or Pineapple Mint Mojitos. Don’t forget to try our famous Cotton Candy Martini!

Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Sunday-Thursday 11:30-10:00 Friday & Saturday 11:30-11:00

281-242-0389 • 4654 Highway 6 South, Sugar Land

Communicating Clearly Sarah Warburton


hether you’re a doctor explaining a diagnosis to your patient, an engineer preparing a presentation, or an art lover chatting at a gallery opening, you want to connect with other people. If your accent makes communication difficult and frustrating, Speech Language Pathologist Cynthia Ginyard at Corporate Speech Pathology & Communication (CSPAC) can help. She says, “Your native language is beautiful and an important part of who you are. If you already speak English fluently, I can help you modify your accent so people will focus on what you’re saying... without your accent getting in your way.” After earning a Bachelor and a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Language Pathology, Cynthia served as Vice Principal, then Principal, then Human Resources Director of Alief ISD. She says, “After thirty years as an educator and administrator, getting back into Speech Pathology feels like coming home. I’m licensed by the State Board, certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Texas Education Agency in Speech and Hearing Therapy and Mid-Management

Administration. Now through Corporate Speech Pathology and Communication (CSPAC) I have the flexibility to meet your needs. I offer one-on-one or small group high-intensity three-day sessions of eight hours a day with follow-up, three-week

To advertise, 281-235-0600

intensive sessions, or weekly twelveweek sessions either in-office or at a location convenient for you. I even offer long distance classes through Skype. I love connecting with people through my passion for language.” “When you learn English as a child,” says Cynthia, “you speak without a heavy accent. When you learn English as an adult, your accent can be difficult for English-only speakers to understand. Some sounds in English don’t even exist in other languages. Identifying and targeting those sounds can make a world of difference in the way you’re understood. I have normative data for forty-seven languages, so you can modify your accent for clear communication when you need it.” “I think it’s important to understand that no one needs to lose their accent. I can empower you to modify your accent as you that patients, clients, constituents and colleagues can understand you easily and with pleasure.” Corporate Speech Pathology & Communication (CSPAC) 281-530-9623

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Sarah Warburton

We can save you forty percent on your monthly power bill...and that’s money in the bank!


ave you got a problem with the size of your electric bill? The first step in finding a solution is identifying the source. It’s easy to blame the big companies who send you the bill, but your home’s not doing you any favors, either. Put your finger on the power sucks in your home with a free energy evaluation performed by the licensed, bonded, and trained green energy experts at Eco-Attics of Texas. Mike Busby, owner of Eco-Attics of Texas says, “We can save you forty percent on your monthly power bill... and that’s money in the bank! Over the long haul, the hard-working families of Fort Bend can’t afford NOT to make a few changes around the house...and we’re here to help!” In the summer months the temperature in your attic can hit one hundred and fifty degrees or more, easily. It’s like living under a volcano... and in Texas the heat just keeps on coming. That’s more work for your air conditioner, more strain on your home, and more money out of your wallet. Mike says, “Getting your attic fitted with a true foil Radiant Barrier will keep the 30 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2011

Who’s Got Money to Burn?

temperature within 5 degrees of the outside air. Blown-in insulation, a solar attic fan that runs off the heat of the sun and keeps your attic dry to prevent mold, spores, and dust mites, and an attic tent can all make a difference in the energy-efficiency of your home... and your bottom line!” How many times in life do you get paid to save money? If you act now, you’re eligible for manufacturers’ rebates and government tax credits. Not only will you be extending the life of your air conditioner, saving money on your electric bill, and making your home more’ll be get-

ting paid to do it! Mike says, “Right now we’re seeing some attractive incentives to get homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. This is the time to do it...before the incentives are replaced by penalties for energy inefficiency! New homes already come equipped with energy-efficient features, but at Eco-Attics of Texas we can make a home of any age greener...and that saves you green!” If you haven’t had a free home energy assessment from Eco-Attics of Texas, you’re blowing an extra forty-percent on your electric bill each month! Mike says, “Call us and we’ll show you where your energy dollars are being wasted. We have solar screens, energy-efficient windows, solar pool panels, and our attic retrofit which will save a guaranteed forty percent on your energy bill. Switching your home over from incandescent bulbs to CFLs means using ninety percent less electricity in your lights. You can’t beat those numbers... these products absolutely pay for themselves!” Does your family have money to burn? If not, pick up the phone and call Eco-Attics of Texas for your free home energy evaluation. Eco-Attics of Texas 281-937-7341

Can Your Family Keep Its Cool?

Sarah Warburton y husband, our thirteenyear-old, and I had just moved to the area,” says Christie Roberts. “When the air conditioner went out in our new home, I went into panic mode. I called the home warranty company and they gave me the information for two companies. Both of them came out, but I wasn’t pleased with their professionalism...or their prices. Even with the home warranty paying a portion, the numbers were too high! I saw an ad in the paper for All Out A/C and I gave them a call.” The owners of All Out A/C, Chance Kamp and Bryan Bellamy, make keeping Fort Bend families cool their top priority. Christie says, “Bryan was really prompt and walked me through the whole process. I’m the kind of customer you just hate to get. I ask a hundred questions, even about the model numbers. Bryan was very kind and nothing was too much trouble for him.


He gave me all the information and made everything really easy. His team showed up on time and they didn’t leave until the job was done right. They were true professionals and the price was absolutely fair. They completely replaced our air conditioner and now we’re comfortable again.” “We want every customer to be as happy as Christie,” says Bryan. “We’ll give you a quote upfront and we’re always happy to answer any questions. We also offer new air conditioners like we installed for Christie with better SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)s making it easier and cheaper to cool down your house and saving you up to 50% on your energy bill.” Why does Christie recommend All Out A/C? She says, “I like that they’re a local, family-owned company. The guys at All Out A/C are

good people and they’ll give you quality work at a reasonable price.” All Out A/C has the hottest summer special around. Call for a new system today and you’ll receive up to $2000 instant discount, plus up to $1150 rebate and up to $300 tax credit for a total of $3450 in savings on qualifying systems. All Out A/C and Heating 281-238-9292 626 Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406


ll Out


Dr. Braunreiter joins


ethodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas (MOST) welcomes Dr. David Braunreiter. Dr. David Braunreiter is dually certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. He completed his fellowship in Sports Medicine at The Cleveland Clinic and has served as team physician for the Houston Dynamo Major League Soccer team for the last five years. Dr. Braunreiter has also served as the team physician for the Houston Texans, University of Houston and many Fort Bend and Houston area school districts. “It’s an honor to join the outstanding staff at Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas,” said Dr. Braunreiter. “My focus on sports medicine fits perfectly with the culture and history of MOST, and I am looking forward to being part of the team.” Dr. Braunreiter graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and performed his residency at Deaconess Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He also completed a Fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio before returning to Houston to begin his practice. “Dr. Braunreiter brings a unique set of skills and expertise

Christopher Smith, M.D.; Jeffrey Wood, M.D.; Kenneth Renney, M.D.; Mark Maffet, M.D.; Carl Hicks, M.D.; Timothy Sitter, M.D.; Ray Valdez, M.D.; Anthony Muffoletto, M.D.; David Braunreiter, M.D.; Eddie Matsu, M.D. and Vincent Phan, M.D. to MOST, and his background treating athletes of all types – from elite professionals to ‘weekend warriors’ – will be a tremendous asset to us,” said Dr. Timothy Sitter of MOST. Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas features one of the largest groups of board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists in Sugar Land. MOST physicians provide general and sports-related orthopedic care, including sub-specialties in hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, sports medicine, total joint replacement and diseases and deformities of the spine. Dr. Braunreiter will continue to see patients at his Lake Pointe address, as well as, at MOST located at 1201 Brooks Street in Sugar Land. For an appointment with Dr. Braunreiter, or one of the MOST physicians, call 281-494-MOST (6678).

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back pain? neck pain? The Spine Center at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is the comprehensive, coordinated option for you in Fort Bend County. For back and neck pain, there’s only one premier choice – Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Spine center. Whether you’ve had pain for just a few days or several long years, you’ll find everything you need to diagnose and treat your condition in a convenient location, with access to premier spine specialists and a complete range of treatment options. Getting started is easy. We will guide you through a customized treatment plan, with expedited access to world-class neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons and interventional pain specialists. plus, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and the most advanced imaging and surgical technologies in the world are available on-site.

Stop enduring pain. Call today and begin your personal treatment plan. 281-313-BACK (2225).

Spine Center 16655 Southwest Freeway • Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-274-7000 •


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