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May 2010


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The Sign of a

Great Lady... Charlotte Grace

…is that she stands the test of time. Lakeview Auditorium is that great lady. Built in 1918, she is the last remaining public building of the company-owned town of Sugar Land. Once the focal point of a school campus that consisted of eleven white stucco buildings, she has large windows that allowed fresh air to circulate and cool the inside. The superintendent’s office was at the front of the auditorium and there was a custodian’s apartment on the second floor. Located adjacent to Lakeview Elementary School, at the intersection of Lakeview Drive and Wood Street, she once served as the site for all important community events. There was a time when residents followed the sound of music playing as they made their way up two flights of stairs for rooftop dancing. She has hosted graduations, plays, church services, recitals, band concerts, and silent movies. Long time Sugar Land resident, David Chernosky made regular visits to the auditorium for music classes during elementary school, but that’s not his most exciting memory. On the morning of February 20, 1962, David went to the Lakeview Auditorium for the first time. He filed into the building with his classmates, took his seat, and watched a small television screen in the middle of the stage as Astronaut John Glenn orbited the earth for the first time.

Children have arrived at her doorstep on foot, on horseback, by bus and the family car. This historic building has survived two world wars, a depression, numerous hurricanes and neglect; and she continues to serve her community today. In 1993, the auditorium was given a historical marker from the Texas Historical Society. The marker, as well as the original preservation and restoration efforts, was made possible by the work of another great lady, Jane McMeans, President of the Sugar Land Heritage Society. Although in good condition, the building required significant work to meet current laws to accommodate the needs of the handicapped; replace wiring, add air conditioning, and redo floors and chairs. The Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation (SLCAF), a tax-exempt organization, was formed in 1999 to raise the additional funds required for restoration of the auditorium, to develop policies for the use of the building, and to protect the investment for future generations. Today, the interior is restored and upgraded with state of the art sound and lighting equipment and the building is regularly rented for recitals and performances. Phase 2 restoration plans, scheduled to begin in May, include the repair and restoration of the exterior of this historic landmark, recreation of the historic rooftop balustrade, the construction of backstage dressing rooms and restrooms, a storage area, and landscaping. The SLCAF is responsible for all fundraising efforts and oversees the restoration work and rental of Lakeview Auditorium. If you are interested in supporting this great lady that has withstood the test of time, contact the Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation. Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation 281-898-4518 4771 Sweetwater Blvd, PMB 107 Sugar Land, Texas 77479

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Miles Away From Ordinary Sarah Warburton


iles away from the ordinary, but it is minutes away from where you are now. Just off Highway 6 there’s a secret studio gym, where you can get expert advice and personalized training in an intimate, non-intimidating environment. At the award-winning Fitness Retreat you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and new services like mixed martial arts training, batting cages, and professional baseball instruction…in a peaceful country setting. Do you really trust your trainer to train you well? Glenn Gagnon and Jill BylerHarrison share a lifetime of passion for health and fitness. From their educational backgrounds in health, kinesiology, and nutrition; to their competitive experience in power lifting, Glenn and Jill know what it takes to get your body where you want it to be. Additionally, personal trainer Ashley Hahn was educated at the Cooper Institute and continually updates her

training as well. Glenn says, “We don’t have a lot of turnover here, and we’ll never take a ‘one-routine-fits-all’ approach. If you’re working out on your own, we’re within earshot…and if we’re training you, we won’t be on our cell phones or texting. We’ll help you achieve proper form for real results and tailor what we offer to what you need.” Ready for your workout? Tune the television to your favorite channel, put on your own music, or just enjoy the incredible view of rolling fields that stretch all the way back to the Brazos. Watching the horses race from one side of the pasture to another or enjoying sunlight through the spreading boughs of the oak trees makes focusing on fitness fun! The Fitness Retreat has everything you need for your workout and to get you back to your regular routine—towels, bottled water, complimentary toiletries. Ashley says, “We take pride in wiping down all our equipment several times a day, keeping all the weights neatly on their racks, and maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.” If you have questions about The Fitness Retreat, give them a call. Glenn says, “We’re

happy to answer questions over the phone, and we’re upfront about prices. You won’t sign a contract or commit to a package deal, because it’s pay-as-you-go with no hidden fees. We never lose sight of the reason we’re here… to help you!” You shouldn’t have to compete for equipment…or for your trainer’s undivided attention. Maximize your time, your money, and your results at The Fitness Retreat. 281-499-6067 1206 A Hagerson Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77479

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A Passion for Helping People Especially the Little Ones! Cara Smith


r. Bianca Sanchez always knew that she wanted a career caring for people. When she toured a dental school in college, she knew she’d found a good match. But it wasn’t until she specialized in pediatric dentistry that she found her true calling—and her patients are mighty glad she did! That’s because her practice, Little People’s Dentistry, is a place where kids can have a total blast while getting their teeth totally clean and cared for. In every detail of her office, you’ll see one thing clearly: that Dr. Sanchez really loves what she does. “I love working with kids,” she says. “They always have interesting things to talk about, from the youngest toddlers to graduating high schoolers. I learn something new every day!” Dr. Sanchez’s admiration and respect for children is evident in everything she does, and it’s part of the reason why she offers such great care. “The name of my practice

says it all,” she explains. “So many adults think of kids as ‘just kids.’ But they’re people, too—intelligent, thoughtful, and caring— just a little smaller!” For Dr. Sanchez, watching her patients grow up is one of the greatest rewards of her job. “We take photos of our patients, so we can look back with them over the years and see how they’ve changed. It’s such an honor to take care of their mouths and be part of their lives, too.” As a highly-trained professional, opening her own practice was a no-brainer for Dr. Sanchez. It gives her the freedom to care for her patients with all the patience and respect they deserve—and to have time for her own year-old son, too. “I’m lucky that my husband is able to stay home with him, so I never worry. I have the best of both

To advertise, 281-235-0600

worlds—I get to watch my patients grow up at work, and my son grow up at home!” If your little people are patients of Dr. Sanchez, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If not, make an appointment to find out what caring for kids is all about! Little People’s Dentistry Bianca Sanchez, DDS, MS 281-261-0020 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone) Missouri City, TX 77459

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How Busy Is Your Family?

Sarah Warburton t’s time to look at your calendar and schedule a vision checkup! Optometrist Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source understands the challenges facing moms and dads today. Not only is she an avid runner herself, but she spends time every week running her kids, sixteen-year-old Alexander, and thirteen-year-old Addison to soccer, volleyball, scouts, and more. She says, “Finding an optometrist for your whole family helps with scheduling and with the quality of the care you receive. When I see a patient through several stages of life, I can track changes in vision and look for problems that are in a family’s history…while enjoying the personal relationships that really make my profession personally rewarding!” Even if your baby can’t read the eye chart…there are important reasons for a first eye exam before baby turns one year old. Dr.



Color Contacts with exam and annual contact lens supply.

Offer includes 10 pairs Dailies Colorblendblue, green, gray and pure hazel. Not all prescription available. Not valid with other offer. expires 5/31/10

Doan will check visual acuity, alignment, and eye coordination, looking for problems like strabismus—a misalignment of the eyes that can hinder proper visual development and could become amblyopia or “lazy eye.” Once your children head off to school, vision problems may look like learning problems. Dr. Doan has done vision screenings at many of our local school, and she says, “It’s a sobering fact that one in every ten children is at risk from undiagnosed eye and vision problems. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to helping your children see clearly… for life!” Protect your family’s eyes from the sun… and you could prevent major problems down the road. Dr. Doan says, “Studies have shown that 85% of the UV damage done to a person’s eyes occurs before they are eighteen years old. We make prescription lenses for just about any sunglass frame…and we have sunglasses for all ages. It’s just as important to protect your infant’s eyes and your child’s eyes as it is to protect your own.” Even if you see Dr. Doan on the sidelines of a soccer game, volleyball game, or at a scouts functions, bring your family to

her office, too. She says, “As our children change from year to year, their vision changes, too. I really love helping families see the world clearly…at every age!” Dr. Anh Doan, Therapeutic Optometrist Vision Source! 281-261-2647 • 4725 Highway 6 South You can become a Friend of Dr. Doan’s on at: Vision Source – Missouri City

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A Lifelong Endeavor F Cara Smith rom the age of just twelve, Dr. Laurena Moore knew she wanted to be a dentist. “For me, there was no ‘Plan B,’” she laughs. What attracted her to dentistry in the first place? “Well, I worked in my middle school library, and I did a lot of reading on career paths. Dentistry appealed to me—plus the fact that there weren’t many women dentists around. All the dentists I’d ever seen were men, and I wanted to push the boundaries.” Since then she’s never looked back, and every day she’s grateful she made the right choice. “I love my profession because I truly love meeting people’s needs. I love to see end results—watching patients walk in one way and walk out another, with a beautiful, healthy smile.” Over the years, Dr. Moore has had diverse experiences working with all kinds of patients. “When I started out, I worked exclusively with pediatric patients, and particularly with very young and special needs children,” she says. “At some point, their parents asked if I could treat them, too, so it just made sense to expand from there.” Now she and her partner, Dr. Marty

Powell, operate a brisk family practice at which they attend to every aspect of their patients’ dental care. The best part? Her partner is also her husband! “We work incredibly well together,” says Dr. Moore. “We have similar personalities, and of course we have a special kind of trust in one another. We each know that either one of us can do the other’s job, so that gives us a lot of flexibility.” And with four children of their own—from a college freshman to a five-year old—flexibility is key. “It’s win-win for us,” Dr. Moore continues. “We can be the parents we want to be, and it also allows us to be sympathetic to the needs of our patients with busy family lives of their own.” Because she loves her career so much, she never stops learning. “It’s been a lifelong endeavor,” she says, “and every day brings new challenges and rewards.” Thanks to that commitment, her patients are rewarded, too—with exceptional dental care!

Powell Dental Care 281-302-6284 3681 Highway 6 S @ Settler’s Way

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Making Miracles Together Sarah Warburton


difficult abdominal hysterectomy years ago and another surgery gone awry left Joanne depressed and upset about her figure. She says, “I had a vertical Frankenstein scar right down my abdomen and a bulge on either side like I was wearing buttocks on my stomach. All I hoped for when I came to Dr. Ahmadi was for that area not to look so horrific anymore. I couldn’t have imagined what a miracle he would perform!” Although Dr. A. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery is double-board certified and world-renown for his trademarked procedure Lipotuck™, that combines liposuction with tightening of the skin for a firm, curvy figure…it was his warmth and personal attention that won Joanne’s



confidence. She says, “From the minute I called to schedule a consultation, the staff made me feel like I was their top priority. When I met with Dr. Ahmadi, he asked about my expectations for the surgery, and then he told me, ‘This is what I can do for you, but I’ll need you to do some things on your end, too.’ I felt like we were a team, working together to change my life. After that first meeting, I started to feel hopeful that my surgery might not just make things less awful…it might make me look phenomenal!” “Even three days after the surgery, I could see a difference. Now I’m amazed at how quickly I recovered! When you go to Avante Plastic Surgery, you feel like you have a whole team working just for you. Dr. Ahmadi gave me an amazing gift, and my commitment is to help my body reach its true potential. Now that I feel like a beauty queen, it’s fun to go to the gym and I love shopping for workout clothes. Even now, a year out from my surgery, I see a little more improvement every week. I actually stand naked in front of the mirror and stare…I

still can’t believe the fantastic change Dr. Ahmadi made possible in my life!” Avante Plastic Surgery 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112 Soldiers Field Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77479

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Cancer Center celebrates National Cancer Survivors Day Luncheon—June 4, 2010


ethodist Sugar Land Hospital will and promising new treatments, inadequate or no insurance, financial hardships, employment probjoin America’s 11 million cancer survivors around the world in observing lems and psychological struggles. Despite these the 23rd annual National Cancer Survivors Day difficulties, cancer survivors can live active, prothis year. Hundreds of communities throughout ductive lives,” says Chadwell. North America will host events on this day to celMethodist Sugar Land Cancer Center welcomes all ebrate life and demonstrate that there is hope. The local cancer survivors, caregivers, community leadcontributions of the families, friends and healthcare ers, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital physicians and providers who support cancer survivors will also be anyone compassionate about the cause for National recognized. Cancer Survivors Day to join us as we honor the The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation survivors living with a history of cancer in America Methodist Sugar Land Cancer Center today. The Cancer Survivors Day Celebration (NCSD), administrator for the celebration, is encourRadiation Oncology Staff and Clive Shkedy, and Luncheon will be held Friday, June 4, 2010 aging everyone to participate in their community’s M.D., Radiation Oncologist and Medical event. “Come join in the fun and see for yourself that from 11:45-1:00 p.m. in Conference Rooms A-D Director of Methodist Sugar Land at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. RSVP Required. life can go on, and is sometimes even enhanced by Hospital’s Cancer Center. a cancer diagnosis,” says Foundation spokesperson, Please RSVP your attendance by May 31st to Frances Paula Chadwell. “National Cancer Survivors Day is a great opportunity for Goerlich by calling 281-274-7930 or emailing at cancer survivors, caregivers, friends and family to come together and affirm For more information on Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, visit www. the possibility of quality of life after a diagnosis of cancer,” added Clive Shkedy, or call 281-274-7500 for a physician referral. M.D., radiation oncologist and medical director of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Cancer Center. More information on cancer and cancer survivorship: NCSD is the world’s largest and fastest growing cancer survivor event, says National Cancer Survivors Day: Chadwell. Having started in the United States, it is now observed in countries National Cancer Institute: as far away as Australia, Italy, and Malaysia. American Society of Clinical Oncology: “A ‘survivor’ is anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures: diagnosis through the remainder of life,” as defined by the Foundation. Cancer survivors may face many challenges such as hindered access to cancer specialists American Cancer Society:

To advertise, 281-235-0600

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It’s Unanimous! Charlotte Grace


f you ask the students at International Preparatory School what they like best about their school, they all say the same thing, “We feel like family here!” Sydney Ivy, an IPS student for seven years says, “There is no peer pressure here. Everyone is different and that’s what makes it fun.” Sydney and several Student Council members began talking animatedly about their upcoming Spring Fling. They wanted to have a game from each country their fellow students had lived, but during the planning stages they realized just how many countries are actually represented at IPS. So, in an act of genuine global diplomacy and quick thinking, these clever students chose a game from the six continents there classmates and families had lived. And as Han Nguyen pointed out, “That’s every continent except Antarctica.” It’s obvious this multitalented, multicultural student body enjoys the total immersion that comes from learning in a setting that is so inclusive. Twin sisters, Rachel and Tamara Coleman said, “It’s fun! We even learn things at lunch just by seeing the different foods everyone brings.” Recently students at IPS competed in the Private School Interscholastic Association’s academic competition, winning several awards including Tamara Coleman taking Second Place in Modern Oratory. Tamara earned the honor of participating in the state competition at TCU in Fort Worth on May 1st. While Sydney Ivy and Logan Robinson compete off campus at the Sugar Land Ice and Sports Center winning competitions at the state and national level, Imad Morrison is looking forward to the Sports Activity Day on campus. International Preparatory School considers the needs of each student and creates an environment where every-

one is nurtured and educated. Their global approach does not just apply to the world, it means meeting the needs of the whole student. International Preparatory School has a traditional and innovative curriculum that is multilingual and multicultural. Director, Susan Rhorer-McMahon gives credit for the school’s success to her talented staff, some of which have been with her for over eighteen years. She refers to her team as, “a united community of enthusiastic educators dedicated to helping children realize their full potential.” This culturally diverse student and teacher population makes International Preparatory School a truly unique learning environment and the small classes and caring staff makes it “feel like family.” That could be the reason why everyone says, “I love this school!” International Preparatory School 281-208-1403 1717 Dulles Avenue Missouri City

We feel like family here!

Now You Can Turn Back Time

Sarah Warburton ave you ever wondered why we get those little tell-tale wrinkles as we age? Collagen’s to blame! Kalologie’s medical director, Dr. Patrick Wong, says, “Collagen is a type of protein that connects and supports cells throughout your body to provide strength, flexibility, and resilience. With age, collagen degrades, and skin begins to wrinkle and sag. At Kalologie, we have in-office treatments that actually increase collagen and tighten existing collagen in your face.” Do more than stop time in its tracks…turn back the clock for younger-looking, firmer skin. In addition to the anti-aging products that work like time in a bottle, Kalologie also offers a full range of aesthetic services that


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deliver real results. Dr. Wong says, “Our aestheticians are experts in Intense Pulsed Light or IPL laser photo facials. Not only does the pulsed light improve the appearance of reddened, sun-damaged skin, it also stimulates the production of collagen. You’ll see fine lines and wrinkles fade as the skin becomes smoother and tighter.” Peel back the years and let your true beauty shine through with a full menu of incredible choices from Kalologie. The skilled aestheticians will walk you through your choices—from Kalologie’s signature medicalgrade peel, an enzyme peel or an alpha beta peel. Dr. Wong says, “Our aestheticians have found that the enzyme peel in particular stimulates the dermis, helping to increase collagen and elastin production for a healthier, youngerlooking complexion.” Isn’t it time to show collagen who’s boss? The experts at Kalologie have the latest time-

defying tools and techniques for improving the elasticity of your skin. Using unique radio frequency (RF) technology, Thermage procedures smooth and tighten skin in a single non-invasive treatment…without surgery. In addition to treatments for your face and for your body, Thermage also has a treatment specifically for cellulite. All Thermage treatments tighten existing collagen, while stimulating new collagen growth for skin that looks and feels noticeably smoother and tighter. Making the time for a trip to Kalologie will leave you relaxed, glowing, and gorgeous. They’ve got products you won’t find outside a doctor’s office and expert advice from people passionate about beauty, so time will be on your side again! Kalologie Skincare/Medspa 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway In Whole Foods parking lot Sugar Land, TX 77478

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The Perfect Summer for Speech Therapy

Sarah Warburton f you want to improve your son’s batting average, you take him to a batting coach for a diagnosis of his stance and grip. Common sense tells you that one-onone attention delivers quicker results. If your child needs work on speech and motor skills, come to The Speech Enrichment Center for speech and occupational therapy. Clinic Director and Owner, Stephanie White, M.A., CCC/SLP says, “We’re passionate about helping children gain the confidence and skills they need…and we get results!” Does your child get frustrated when you don’t understand what he’s saying? Lisping, mumbling, and having a lazy tongue can be signs that a child has difficulty forming sounds correctly. A speech therapist can diagnose areas of weakness and create exercises to correct the problem. Stephanie says, “Our Speech-Language Pathologists hold the highest level of certification recognized nationwide. They are master level clinicians licensed by the state of Texas and certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association…and they love working with kiddos! We’ll do a speech evaluation to determine areas of weakness and design a


program to work on those areas. I love seeing kids get a boost of confidence as their speech improves.” Speech may be in the name of The Speech Enrichment Center...but this is a place that strengthens all kinds of skills. Stephanie says, “Often the problems that cause speech delays also cause delays in motor skills as well. We’ve found that Occupational Therapy can be an excellent complement to speech therapy. Improving speech and motor skills can actually make a huge difference in a child’s attention and focus in the classroom. Call now for more information about our special programs especially for handwriting skills.” Why not get started before the new school year begins? Summer’s the perfect time to visit The Speech Enrichment Center. Stephanie

“I love seeing kids get a boost of confidence as their speech improves.” says, “We’re passionate about helping our clients reach their full potential…whether we’re working on the pronunciation of a few tricky sounds, improving handwriting skills,

or rising to the challenges of children on the autism spectrum or children with cerebral palsy. Getting personal attention and working with a speech or occupational therapist really helps kids succeed!” Speech Enrichment Center 281-403-5437 3424 FM 1092 Rd Suite 200

Can You Believe It?

Sarah Warburton uying a car really can be simple and straightforward. One satisfied customer at a time, Don Kerstetter’s building a reputation for honest-dealing, a relaxed atmosphere and the true spirit of community at Classic Chevrolet. “When I buy something for myself,” says Louie Rukab, a co-owner of Brook Street Barbeque (, “I like to buy locally and keep my business in town. I knew I was going to need a new car, so I went online to the GM website to see what would work. I’ll be honest…I’d love a Corvette, but I need something that’s practical for work. A Corvette might make us the fastest barbeque delivery service ever, but it doesn’t make real-world sense for catering or picking up stuff for the restaurant. I decided I liked the Tahoe and it offered everything I needed, so I emailed Classic Chevrolet and asked about it. They got right back to me to


tell me they had the car in stock and they were up-front about the price. Soon as I had a chance, I drove over and two hours later I drove off the lot in my new black Tahoe. To tell you the truth, a half an hour of that time I spent sitting in the Corvette. Seriously, dealing with the guys over at Classic Chevrolet is completely painless…they make it really easy to get exactly the car you need. No hassle, no fuss, no hard sell. I know I’ll buy my next car from Classic Chevrolet, too.” The guy who shakes your hand when you walk onto the lot at Classic Chevrolet can handle your whole transaction until you drive back home. Don says, “We know our customers are busy, so we pride ourselves on transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We want to look forward to coming to Classic Chevrolet.” Like Louie, Don and the guys at Classic Chevrolet like to keep things local. Buy your raffle tickets now for the Sugar Land Bash on

To advertise, 281-235-0600

May 16th to raise funds for the Snowdrop Foundation…and you could win the grand prize, a 2010 Chevy Cobalt donated by Classic Chevrolet. (Tickets available at or at businesses in the TCRN Sugar Land Network) Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land Sales: 866-498-5485 Service: 866-500-1660 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478

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Taking Care of Women… Sarah Warburton


s Dr. Leslie Cohan’s business, her passion, and her calling. For the last twenty-two years she’s offered the latest in compassionate, personal care at The Woman’s Place in Sugar Land. She says, “Over those years, I’ve seen some real changes in all areas of the field…including our approach to hysterectomies. In the past, surgical removal of the uterus was a common solution to problems ranging from fibroids, uterine prolapse, and persistent vaginal bleeding to endometriosis and cancer. Now new technology and new techniques give us all kinds of additional options.” Ten years ago, hysterectomies were relatively common and required six to eight weeks of recovery time. “Today,” Dr. Cohan says, “We have a range of alternatives for issues that used to result in a hysterectomy…and often the procedure itself can be done in a less invasive way. Instead of abdominal surgery, a hysterectomy may be performed vaginally or through laparoscopic surgery, which leaves a scar of only 10 mm…with a recovery time of only two weeks.” If persistent, heavy bleeding puts your life on hold…it’s more than a nuisance, it’s a major concern. The good news? You don’t necessarily need a hysterectomy. Endometrial ablation uses heat to lighten heavy bleeding and takes only ten minutes. Other women find relief through the Mirena IUD, a progesterone-based birth control. This device is implanted in a matter of minutes in your doctor’s office, and can reduce bleeding while offering birth control. Both endometrial ablation and the Mirena IUD may reduce bleeding by forty to seventy percent. Dr. Cohan says, “We also have

birth control options to help women in their fifties control their cycles. We’ll consider your overall health, lifestyle, and personal situation to find the best solution for you.” If a hysterectomy is the best solution for your health, Dr. Cohan will help you feel your best afterwards. She says, “Starting HRT after your hysterectomy can replenish your estrogen levels to improve the quality of your sleep, your sex-life, and your overall wellbeing. One thing I love about this field is that every year brings new discoveries. I look forward to helping all my patients live healthy, vibrant lives.” The Woman’s Place (affiliated with the Woman’s Hospital of Texas) 713-795-0349 16552 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77378

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Heartbeat of the Company Sarah Warburton ver y family loves to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day. After all, moms put in years to raise their kids right and turn a house into a home. When we talk to family owned and operated businesses, like Alan’s Plumbing, we find that moms give the same loving care to building a business that they do to building a family. Master Plumber, Alan Burkhalter says, “The kids and I know that my wife Jennifer is the hear tbeat of our business. She’s special to us and to our customers ever y day of the year!” When you call Alan’s Plumbing, the friendly voice that answers the phone belongs to Jennifer. Alan says, “She makes each customer feel like a real person and not a number. One client even told me that Jennifer made her feel like our only customer. She’s a people-person,


8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

and that’ll come across when she’s talking to you.” Are plumbing problems stressing you out? With over thirteen years of experience talking plumbing with her customers, her husband, and her sons, Jennifer’s heard ever ything! If you’re in a real pickle, Jennifer can actually give some advice over the phone. As Alan always says, “Jennifer’s great with people who are worried or upset. She keeps her cool and will talk you through it. We’re not just about taking people’s money here… we really want to help people out.” Moms (and Dads) who need solid plumbing service they can count on recommend Alan’s Plumbing. They’ve built their reputation on good old American values like honesty, integrity, and hard work…and you’ll get personal attention every time! There’s a tradition of service being passed down in this family, from Alan and Jennifer to their three sons, Beau and Luke, who are away at Texas State University and Jake, a sophomore at Elkin’s.

We promised not to tell what Alan and the boys have planned for Jennifer this Mother’s Day…but we can tell you that they call her the “heartbeat of the company,” and they’re just as proud of her as she is of them. Call Alan’s Plumbing for quality plumbing repairs, remodels, and installations. Alan’s Plumbing • 281-261-1064

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Caring for the family…

Charlotte Grace …means caring for the family car. So much “rides” on the safety and reliability of your automobile, and no one knows that better than Kelly Adams, owner/manager of Christian Brothers Automotive in New Territory. As a former single mom and current car-pool mom, she knows first hand the value of a well maintained vehicle. She wants to make sure Ft. Bend County families are safe on the road, and she does it everyday; one car at a time. As a matter of fact, Kelly invites you to bring your car to Christian Brothers Automotive on Homeward Way for a free bumper-tobumper inspection before you head out for your summer vacation. Don’t leave home with that nagging feeling that your car may not be in tiptop shape for your trip. You’re in good hands at Christian Brothers. They explain everything in simple terms that are easy to understand and they give you options on how you can best take care of your car. One satisfied customer had this to say, “In the past, I was always nervous when I had to take my car to the shop. I felt like the mechanic talked down to me. At Christian Brothers, Kelly made sure she got all my questions answered. I never felt rushed to make a decision, and I left feeling confident and knowing more about my car. I would recommend them to anybody.” Christian Brothers Automotive is committed to serving its customers with honesty and integrity, that’s why Kelly got into the business. After working at the home office for several years, Kelly knew this was a company that matched her personal values. She understands, “People come back to us because of the quality of parts and service we provide. We back all parts and labor with a 1 year, 12,000 mile

warranty. When your vehicle pulls in my garage, we give it a free, bumper-to-bumper road worthy checkup, so no one has to be stranded on the side of the road because of a preventable issue.” If you get a chance, visit Christian Brothers Automotive in New Territory, you’ll notice the difference right away. Kelly says, “My service manager, Duncan, has 28 years of experience. He takes excellent care of the cars so that I can focus on taking excellent care of the customers.” This month they are offering an oil change for only $14.99, and it includes the bumper-to-bumper check up. Kelly and her team really know how to take care of you and your family car. Christian Brothers Automotive New Territory 281-242-AUTO (2886) 8431 Homeward Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Good Advice From a Friend… Sarah Warburton

…introduced local mom, Carol Zhang to the comfort and convenience of EcoDental. She says, “Last December, a friend of mine was raving about this new dental office, and she told me, ‘You have to see this place…it’s brand new, really fresh-looking, and incredibly clean!’ I went to EcoDental for a regular cleaning, and I liked it right away. Dr. Nguyen, Susan at the front desk, and Natalie the dental assistant are so patient and knowledgeable. The dental chair is actually a massage chair…so if you are stressed when you come in, you won’t be by the time you leave! I came back for a filling and a crown and I wasn’t worried at all. They really take the time to explain the problem and every step of the procedure. That made me feel so confident…and now I have no dental problems at all. They do excellent work.” Like a lot of moms, Carol travels with a tiny entourage. She says, “Getting to the dentist can be hard enough, but sometimes I have to bring my kids with me. Luckily, EcoDental has a great children’s room with beanbags, movies,

toys and games. When they play in there, I can hear them and waiting isn’t a problem. Dr. Nguyen even did my three-year-old Rachel Li’s first two dental exams. She’s very shy and afraid of everybody…but she loves Dr. Nguyen. When he found something that concerned him, he referred us to an excellent pedontist.” Now one-year-old Kevin Li can’t wait until he’s old enough for his first big-boy dental exam at EcoDental, too! Want to give mom’s smile a little extra boost this Mother’s Day? After Carol’s smile was healthy, she got laser whitening from EcoDental. She says, “I love my new smile! Dr.Nguyen and his staff are so quick and professional. That’s another reason that my husband, Henry Li is also a patient. Our whole family loves EcoDental…and you’ll get a little goodie-bag of earth friendly tooth care products when you leave!” Dr. Danny Nguyen says, “We here to change the way your family thinks about going to the dentist…because we love to see you smile!”

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Dr. Danny Nguyen, D. D. S. 281-491-9494 Ecodental 15870 SW Freeway #500 59 @ Hwy 6 next to Whole Foods Sugar Land, TX 77478

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orthopedic pain

should never be a way of life.

Dr. Christopher Smith is a leader in adult and pediatric orthopedics. Let him help you begin to live pain free. Do you have orthopedic issues related to joint pain, carpal tunnel or a nagging sports injury? As one of the leading, board certified orthopedic surgeons in Texas, Dr. Smith specializes in orthopedic conditions for both children and adults. His experience and use of state-of-the-art technology allow for quicker recovery times. Let Dr. Smith give you or your child the tailored treatment you need to live free of orthopedic pain. From total joint replacement and difficult fractures to high-impact sports injuries, Dr. Smith provides leading orthopedic care right here in Fort Bend County.

Call 281-494-MOST (6678) for a personal appointment today.

L E A D I N G M E D I C I N E SM 1201 Brooks Street Sugar Land, Texas 77478 281-494-MOST

From the Cover

The Inner Strength of Women Sarah Warburton o you know why osteoporosis is called “the silent killer?” Since there’s no pain, there may be no warning signs until a bone breaks. Screening and early diagnosis are the first steps in preventing serious injuries like hip or spinal fractures. Gail Burleson, R.T. of Mammography and Ultrasound Specialists offers bone density tests—as well as mammograms and ultrasounds—in a convenient and friendly atmosphere that actually makes it pleasant to take care of your health. Got milk? Even eating and drinking enough dairy and taking your multivitamin might not be enough to stave off osteoporosis. Gail says, “Lots of different factors affect bone density—chemotherapy, thyroid disorders, gastric bypass, and some birth control methods; but the most common trigger seems to be when the body stops producing the sex hormone. Since men produce testosterone longer than women produce estrogen, osteoporosis is more common among women than men. Currently, it’s recommended that all postmenopausal women under age 55 with at least one risk factor get a bone density scan. The DEXA bone scan has made it possible to catch the disease in its early stages.” If you’re concerned about your bone density, getting a bone density scan has never been easier! At Mammography and Ultrasound Specialists, Gail’s created a warm and personal setting with free parking and no wait. In fact, you won’t have to make any extra stops before getting your test done. Gail says, “We have our screening license, so you can self-refer for a mammogram or bone density test. Of course, if you’ve had a check-up


with your physician, you can bring your doctor’s orders to us. We also work with most major insurance companies…and have great self-pay prices, too!” Ever since she was a little girl, Gail’s loved the medical field. She says, “Seeing the way bodies really work is amazing to me. I’ve been an Ultrasonographer and in Radiologic Technology for over thirty years, and opened my own women’s imaging center fifteen years ago. Everyone here really loves chatting with our patients and walking them through the process. We’ve done our best to create a friendly, non-intimidating place…and we’ll help you see what’s truly going on inside your body! Mammography & Ultrasound Specialists 281-240-0448 1403 Hwy 6, Suite 700

6 Million American couples are effected by infertility

Fertility Boosting Strategy #1: Dr. Chauhan 832-553-5483 (5IVF) To advertise, 281-235-0600

“Do you have questions about fertility? I have the answers and am here to help.” 4724 Sweetwater Blvd, Ste 105 Sugar Land, TX 77479

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“When We

Grow Up…

Sarah Warburton


e want to be like our Dad!” That’s what fouryear-old Cole and two and a half-year-old Chloe Campbell tell us. After all, they’ve seen how their dad, Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. helps kids (and their parents) feel better…and when they get sick, their dad compounds a little something to help. He says, “I know firsthand how upsetting it is when your child doesn’t feel well. We’ve got all kinds of solutions to common childhood problems.” Your kids may want to be just like you; but every parent knows a child is not just a small adult. Children’s little tummies are sensitive. When they’re queasy and nauseated, they may not be able to keep down any medication. Dr. Campbell compounds Ondansetron cream for unsettled stomachs. Just rub inside your child’s wrist and it knocks out nausea—perfect for kids recovering from a tonsillectomy, undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering from GI distress. When Dad has a touch of heartburn, he just pops an antacid. When baby’s got reflux, there’s spit up everywhere…followed by fussiness, burping, and difficulty sleeping. Even some older children experience heartburn, stomach, and chest discomfort after eating. Dr. Campbell says, “We can compound Prilosec and Prevacid into suspensions that are Ph balanced for efficacy and mixed without any medicinal harsh taste. Since we’re mixing the medication ourselves, we’ll choose a flavor your little one will love!” As a dad, Dr. Campbell has seen it all. If your baby’s suffering from chronic diaper rash that nothing seems to solve, ask Dr. Campbell about compounding a batch of his magic diaper rash ointment tailored to your baby’s symptoms. The expert staff at Campbell’s Compounding also offers remedies for children suffering from allergies, and dye or additive sensitivities. Dr. Campbell says, “We’re always looking for ways to help the families of Fort Bend feel their best!” And this July, Dr. Campbell’s family will get bigger as Cole and Chloe welcome a new baby brother. We’re sure that as soon as he can talk, he’ll say, “I want to be just like my dad, too!” Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 4760 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite 103 12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

Imagine a Woman

Pushing a Piano Down the Street… Sarah Warburton …with a toddler pushing a baby in a stroller behind her. Back in 1983, Debbie Floyd and her husband started a piano delivery business. Now, twenty-seven years later, Fort Bend Music still delivers—and services and sells— pianos, as well as guitars, drums, and band addition to operating a thriving music school with over seven hundred students! Education Director David Floyd says, “I’ve come a long way since my brother and I followed mom on her deliveries. Like all the teachers and staff here, music isn’t my job… it’s my life! We offer lots of way for your kids to have fun with music this summer.”

Now Fort Bend Music has a new face! When you walk in the door, you’ll be amazed at the huge showroom with new and previously-owned pianos, the wide range of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, PA systems, and the wall of band instruments and accessories. Fort Bend Music Center

offers expert advice and an insider’s look at the right instrument and accessories for you or your child…and professional lessons for students of every age at any level. David says, “We’re all musicians here! The teachers and staff play gigs, tour, and record music professionally, and we encourage our students to treat each recital as a performance and to learn solid music theory. Our summer camps are designed to let students experience different instrument and musical styles…so they’re always fun and fill up really quickly!” If you’ve got a diva-in-training or a fan of “Glee,” call about Fort Bend Music’s musical theater camp. This summer the featured musical is “High School Musical” and space is limited! One summer camp option that hits all the right notes offers three forty minutes sessions…one in piano, one in guitar, and one in drums. Students will end the day with a fifteen minute discussion and a drum circle to explore world beats as the finale. Ready to rock and roll? Another summer camp course allows students to enjoy six group lessons in their favorite instrument—piano, guitar, drum, or voice. David says, “We’ve always been big believers in the group music lessons. Kids love that it’s more interactive, more entertaining, and they learn to play music like real musicians do…with a group like a band or an orchestra. We’ve been a Yamaha certified music school since 2004, and in the past year we’ve revamped

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our drum lab so that students use electronic drum pads and are hooked up with ear-

phones. They learn to play with each other and to accompany bands on CD, and it’s all completely silent!” Nothing’s gonna stop the music at Fort Bend’s biggest music school! Whether you need to find an instrument, want your own instrument serviced or restored, or you’re looking for group or private lessons…this is your one-stop-musical-shop. David says, “We believe everyone has music in their hearts. Call today for information about lessons and camps…and to reserve your spot in summer camp!” Fort Bend Music Center 281-494-5885 12919 SW Freeway, Ste 160

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From the Cover

Turning Today’s Teens Into Tomorrow’s Leaders.


Carol says, “Since our students set educational goals and progress through subjects at their own pace…they actually master each subject before moving on. They make better grades, score higher on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, and qualify for college scholarships. We offer a targeted approach to learning, so that students can pursue extracurricular activities without homework. One of our students is an iceskater, and she’s able to spend more hours at the rink, since she’s practicing excellent time-management in the classroom.” Ready to help your child excel? Call for information about the Open House on May 13 at 6:30pm or about the Student Camp on June 9-11 that will focus on leadership skills, goal-setting, and positive motivation. Carol says, “Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us. We’re helping students become leaders in life…at the Turning Point Academy.” Photo by studiodetro

Sarah Warburton e’ve discovered a school that gives students an edge in academics and in life! Carol Appelbaum, the co-founder of Appelbaum Training Institute, a world-renown Educational Training company, couldn’t find the perfect middle school for her daughter…so she used her own experience, training, resources and even her family’s large home to create one. She hopes to move from her home to a storefront setting in the near future. She says, “The Turning Point Academy (TPA) is a grades 6-12, non-sectarian school that offers a “boutique style” learning experience…guaranteed to prepare students for college, for business, and for a successful life.” Some highly-motivated students just need the right environment to bloom. At The Turning Point Academy, students enjoy personal attention, socialization in a positive and encouraging environment, and opportunity to pursue a rigorous academic curriculum. Carol says, “Students run their day like they would run their own business…with goal-setting, planning, and mentoring. We prepare them to navigate the college selection, application, funding, and enrollment process. The Turning Point Academy is affiliated with the NEW American School, recognized by the College Board, and the Educational Testing Service. Your teen knows how to Facebook, but what about the other tools on a laptop? From digital assignments to webinars, blogs and digital coursework, classes at The Turning Point Academy prepare students for a tech-savvy future….and delivers serious academic results! Students consistently complete grade levels early, prepare for the SATS and ACT test, and take dual college credit courses.

The Turning Point Academy Now enrolling for 2010-2011 281-780-8713

ProTips from the ProMaids

Spring Into Clean! Cara Smith t’s spring in Texas—those few short weeks between running our heaters and our A/C systems 24/7. Taxes are over and Easter guests are gone, so what better time to air out your house and do some heavy spring cleaning to get a fresh perspective on things? For most of us, there usually isn’t time in the day to ferret out the dust and dirt from every nook and cranny of your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Professional Maid Service is there to help you—whether you’re a busy professional or a professional mom. “Freeing yourself from heavy housework can make such a difference in your life,” says owner Max McCammond. “You’ll have more time to do what you love doing—and a clean house to do it in.” And with Professional Maid Service, you’ll be free from worry, too; all their maids are insured, experienced,


14 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

and highly conscientious, as their huge base of regular customers would readily tell you. If you want to get a head start on your spring cleaning yourself, Max has these great tips to offer. See what a difference a little freshening up can make! Grimy windows. To really enjoy your view, windows have to be clean and streakfree on both sides. Can’t tell where the streaks are? Use vertical strokes outside and horizontal strokes inside—problem solved! Use straight vinegar on the outside, but don’t wash them on a sunny day; they’ll dry too fast and most likely streak. Freshen up the bedroom. If your bedroom smells a little musty, try dabbing perfume on your light bulbs to release your favorite scent when the lights are on. You can also put a fabric softener sheet in each of your dresser drawers to keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh all year long. Unwanted artwork. We all love our kids’ art—just not on the walls! Nothing can ruin the ambience of a beautifully decorated room like Crayola wainscoting. Try dipping a damp rag in baking soda; with a little elbow grease,

“We would be happy to help you.”

Connie crayon marks are gone! So open up those windows and do some scrubbing—it’s good for the body and spirit. But when you need help with your spring cleaning, call the professionals—Professional Maid Service! Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500




The Soft Touch E Cara Smith

ver been to a carpet and flooring showroom? Often enough, the carpet samples are the only “soft” thing there. Everything else can be pretty rough around the edges, cluttered at best and downright dirty at worst. Not so at All About Carpet and Floors—and Renee McKelvey is the #1 reason why. “Working with three other guys can be tough sometimes. They can really let things go if you don’t keep an eye on ‘em!” laughs Renee. But she has a special fondness for the men she works with every day, because they’re also her family—her husband of 25 years, Bob, and her two grown sons, Shaun and Steven. Everywhere you look in the showroom you’ll see signs of her feminine approach, from its tidiness and organization to its thoughtful touches, like a collection of toys for kids whose parents are lingering over major flooring decisions. But if Renee has a fiercely devoted attitude towards her showroom, she certainly came by it honestly. She and Bob built their business from the bottom up over twenty years ago— from a mom and pop carpet cleaning business to Sugar Land’s premiere destination for flooring, tiling, and remodeling. “Back then, I’d answer phones while he was out on jobs, and he’d answer phones while I pounded the pavement, drumming up business,” says Renee. When their oldest son was in kindergarten, almost 20 years ago, they opened their current showroom—and the rest is history. “Renee was really a driving force,” explains an admiring Bob. “We had so much going on, what with trying to start a business and raise young children, but she never looked back. She just always knew we could do it. I don’t think we could have found so much success without her positive attitude and support throughout the years.” This month, Renee and the McKelveys are really excited about some of the new flooring products they’ll be offering this spring. Take the Johnson Wood “Forever Tough” line, for example, which comes with a 50-year warranty on the finish alone—twice that of other major brands. But the “tough” part ends there. They’re introducing a number of gorgeous new styles, and with her eye for design

Renee can help you select just the look for you. They’re also proud to begin carrying Kahrs wood flooring again. It’s a top-quality, hand-rubbed Swedish floor, and it’s also the original floating wood floor. That means that it has a slight give when you walk on it, so it’s easier on your back and heels. Finally, Renee and company are excited about all the new carpets they’ll be stocking after their recent trip to market. They’ve got a wide selection of softyarn options, like Dupont’s Tactesse, that come in a world of colors and feel cottony smooth to the touch. So stop by their showroom Mon-Sat 10:00am to 6:00pm to check it all out for yourself. And while you’re there, notice the difference—the difference made by that soft, feminine touch! All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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Making Women Smile M Sarah Warburton

oms, business women, athletes, and shopaholics all agree…every woman wants a dentist who’s professional, honest, efficient, and fun! For twenty-seven years the women (and men!) of Fort Bend County have trusted Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S to make them smile. Shouldn’t you enjoy chatting with your dentist and his staff? Cynthia says, “My husband and I are big fishermen, and that’s how we learned about Dr. Lomonte, because he fishes competitively in saltwater tournaments. I could tell he was a cool guy, and after my visit I knew he was an excellent dentist, too. He’s not going to talk you into some treatment that you don’t need. Dr. Lomonte tells me what he’d do for himself...but without any pressure. It’s a pleasure to deal with an independent dentist who’s so down-to-earth!” Every woman wants to be treated like she’s special…the only woman in the world. Dana says, “Dr. Lomonte acknowledges that our time is just as important as his. Everyone in his office does outstanding work and they’re all really efficient.

From the front desk through the exam room to the final check-out, they just don’t have any hold-ups...but you get personal attention and don’t feel rushed.” You never walk alone when you’re a stay-at-home mom, so you need a dentist that can accommodate you and your darling little shadow. Rosmarily says, “I stay home with my daughter, Sofia, and Dr. Lomonte treats our whole family. Sofia really loves it here…and so do I! In fact, after our last visit, she even told me she wants to be a dentist when she grows up.” Go ahead, Mom…put yourself first this Mother’s Day! Dr. Lomonte offers excellent dental care, and he’ll improve your smile to make you feel like a star. Rosmarily says, “Dr. Lomonte fitted me with Invisalign and in just four months the gap between my front teeth was almost completely gone. This isn’t like metal braces or a retainer…it’s almost invisible when I wear it. My husband couldn’t believe how quickly we saw results!” To schedule a check-up or get more information about Invisalign, the simple but dramatic results of Lumineers, or Opalescence Xtra BOOST teeth whitening system, call Dr. Lomonte and see why his office makes women smile. Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 281-520-1440 • 12122 Murphy Rd.

How do you want your toes to look this summer?

You decide! Have Healthy Looking Nails in just one visit to Foot & Ankle Associates Sign up for laser treatment by the end of May and receive 50% off Keryflex. Richmond / Rosenberg Office 1601 Main Street, Suite 211 Richmond, TX 77469 (Next to Oak Bend Medical Center in the Professional Building) (281) 342-8700

Marco Antonio Vargas DPM Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon 16 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

Sugar Land Office 17510 West Grand Parkway South, Suite 530 Sugar Land, TX 77479 (281) 313-0090 St. Luke’s location 1327 Lake Pointe Parkway Ste. 400 Sugar Land, TX 77478

From the Cover

Celebrating Six Years in Sugar Land

Sarah Warburton …and life is so sweet! Board-certified periodontist and dental implant specialist, Dr. Hiru Mathur DDS, MS says, “I want to thank my patients, the fantastic dentists in this area, and our neighbors for their support. My family and I can’t imagine a better place to live and work. Whether we’re spending time with friends, taking our boys to the playing fields or out to see the bluebonnets and enjoy an icecream at the Bluebell Factory in Brenhan… we’ve made wonderful memories here over the last six years and we’re proud to call ourselves Texans!” Dr. Mathur loves seeing how happy confident smiles light up her patients’ lives. One young girl broke a tooth, and immediately began to stress out that her friends would see her damaged smile. Dr. Mathur took the time to talk to the girl, put her at ease and to calm her fears. After replacing the broken tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Mathur sent the young patient to her regular dentist who fitted her with a crown. Dr. Mathur says, “Her tooth now looks completely natural and she’s confi-

dent when she smiles. I’m always happy when we can give a patient a permanent, worry-free solution.” Imagine living your life with a secret. One woman didn’t want her husband to know she wore dentures…so she never took them out in front of him! Dr. Mathur says, “A dental implant is a metallic tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement crown or bridge in it’s very stable and secure. After we fitted this patient with an implant for her dentures, I could tell she felt relaxed and confident again! No more fear and secrets!” “As a young girl,” says Dr. Mathur, “I myself had bad experiences at the dentist’s office. That’s why I decided to go into the field—so that I could make a difference. I’m happy to say that here in Sugar Land we have some of the most gentle, caring, and expert dentists imaginable, and I’m privileged to work with them. I have a special

Get your to-do list done today!


all Dry w ng ri Textu g in Paint Siding s ow Wind s e Fenc Decks s Patio ns io t Addi work Trim

place in my heart for patients who are afraid of dental work, and I always offer the kind of compassionate, empathetic care I’d want for myself and my family.” Dr. Hiru Mathur 281-494-2477 15200 Southwest Fwy, Ste 120 Sugar Land, TX 77478

22 Years of Full-Service Family Hair Care Colors of the World Salon

Same Day Emergencies Purvi Parikh D.D.S.

Omar Hakki D.D.S., M.S.

New York University College of Dentistry Family Practice

Indiana University Specializing in Periodontics And Implants

Family Cosmetic Dentistry and Periodontal Care

281-265-2869 We work with you to make your project a joy, not a nightmare! Member of the National Association of Remodelers



1951 Lakeside Plaza Dr.

(between Hwy. 6 & 59, across from Super Target)

Highly Specialized in Double & Triple Hi lites, Color Correction and Texture Cuts!

Aquage Biolage Nioxin •

Redken Sebastian •

3632 Highway 6, Sugar Land


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Professional Teeth Whitening $299



expires 5/31/10

2 Bitewings 2 Periapicals Exam & Cleaning some restrictions apply.

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From the Cover

A Little Serendipity… and a Lot of Talent Cara Smith ow many of us ever discover our hidden talent? We may be happy, have a job we like and a family we love, but the opportunity that reveals our gift might never present itself. Sometimes, though, all it takes is a little serendipity. For Michelle Delgado, owner of WonderFaux Studio School of Decorative Arts, it was a trip to Italy with her family. While there, she became completely smitten with the all aged patinas and decorative finishes she saw in the old-world buildings. Who wouldn’t find them gorgeous? But for Michelle, it was more than appreciation—it was a drive to emulate, and a true gift that allowed her to do it. “I’d always loved decorating my house,” she says, “and when I got home, I thought, ‘Hey! I could do that!’” So she dug in, a bathroom here, a bedroom there, systematically teaching herself everything there is to know about decorative finishing. Along the way, her family, friends, and neighbors commissioned her to do rooms in their own homes—often with budgets as little as a


hundred dollars. The more she practiced, the better she became. She attended decorative arts school and immersed herself in all things faux. Eventually, her talent became widely recognized, and she found herself doing total design projects all over the country with budgets of half a million dollars and more. Her crown jewel is “The House that Faux Built,” a multi-million dollar home right here in Sweetwater in which she’s been in charge of almost every element of the design process. One thing that’s stayed with Michelle over the years is her appreciation for serendipity. “Decorative finishing is all about happy accidents—you never know what you might come up with,” she says. Now she’s seized the

opportunity to open her own studio and share her gift with others. “That openness and creativity is what I hope to pass on to my students and customers.” With a complete line of decorative finishing products and tools—and Michelle’s know-how, of course— WonderFaux Studio is the local resource for achieving your house beautiful. So stop in and surprise yourself— you’ll never know until you try! WonderFaux Studio School of Decorative Arts 281-242-4937 12919 Southwest Freeway, Suite 120 Stafford, TX 77477


It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This!

ADD • Autism • ADHD • Asthma/Allergies Bedwetting Issues • Obesity • Diabetes

Cara Smith


oes life seem harder than it needs to be? It’s easy for it to feel that way if your child has been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder and you don’t know where to turn for help. If you’ve tried everything else—and even if you haven’t!—Dr. David Martino of Corrective Chiropractic offers a fresh solution that’s producing results in many of his younger patients. “These days, we’re seeing more and more kids being diagnosed at early ages with behavioral disorders and severe allergies and asthma,” says Dr. Martino. “I believe that many of these cases may be attributable to spine and neck injuries sustained at birth, and that chiropractic may be of tremendous benefit. By correcting misalignments in the spine, I allow the nervous system to do what it’s supposed to do—heal your kids and keep them healthy.” That’s why Dr. Martino is conducting an ongoing study to track the benefits of corrective chiropractic in children with behavioral disorders. He’s still accepting new patients, so give him a call to participate and receive a discount on treatment. The solution to your child’s troubles may be simpler than you think, so give Dr. Martino a try—and find out how much easier life can be! Corrective Chiropractic David Martino, D.C. 281-261-7200 5201 Hwy. 6 South, Suite 800

18 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010


Now accepting 30 special needs children for a 90 day Chiropractic study. Safe, natural, non-drug approach customized for your child to restore their God-given function and improve their health.

Call NOW to see if your child qualifies for this study. Let’s give our children back the lives they were intended to have.

Corrective Chiropractic Dr. David Martino, D.C. 5201 Hwy. 6 South, Suite 800 Missouri City, TX 77459 • 281-261-7200

UpClose and Personal

I Charlotte Grace

n the Information Age, where do you go to find out about local people and businesses? With so much instant access to world events, it’s easy to pass over things that are happening in your own backyard. Did you know that at the same time a popular golfer was trashing his reputation, a local waitress was staying up late at night knitting baby blankets for a neonatal unit in an area hospital and Fort Bend County business owners were putting together a fundraiser for kids who have survived cancer? There was a time when you could lean over your fence, talk to your neighbor and find out about what’s new in town. Well fences are higher and schedules are busier, how do

you get the word of mouth started? Fifteen years ago, Gina recognized that same dilemma. As a business owner, she experienced first hand the challenges of driving traffic to her doorstep and letting people in her immediate area know what she was doing and what set her apart. That was when she came up with the idea of UpClose Magazine. UpClose introduces area businesses and their owners with stories that are light and informative. Written as a quick read for people on the go, the magazine provides the human element we sometimes miss with the sound-bites and constant chatter of other media. In the past fifteen years Sugar Land has become the second fastest growing city in Texas, we built a mall, a Town Square and multiple communities. During that time readers have begun doing business with their neighbors and friends

To advertise, 281-235-0600

just because they learned about the difference they offered with their products and services in an article in UpClose. In 1995 UpClose was mailing 15,000 copies to area homes and today they mail 75,000. Then, in 2000, UpClose Magazine launched the first Successful Women in Business edition and Successful Men in Business edition of any local publication. A lot has changed in the Sugar Land and Fort Bend County in the past fifteen years but one thing hasn’t, people like doing business with people they know. That’s why there is UpClose Magazine; it brings you up close and personal to people doing business right here in your own backyard. Gina Pizzini-Beil, Publisher 281-235-0600

UPCLOSE ~ May 2010 ~ 19

“Luis, Marcos, Juliana, and Christopher will peak your interest, make you laugh, and wonder in amazement at their many accomplishments. You will be kept amuzed, alert, curious, and interested in each and every one of them. Juliana, Christopher, Luis, and Marcos each have a unique personality that sets them apart!”

Sibling Group Looking for

Special Forever Family Imagine being 12 and being the head of your family. For Luis, that’s life. He and his three siblings need a home. They’d like one that would keep the four of them together. It may be a long shot but it is a very special dream for these four children.


f ficials with the Department of Family and Protective Ser vices say these are great, great kids. They are prime examples of why sharing the stories of the 1700 children in our area is so important. For a lot of 20 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

these kids, hoping for a Forever Family is a full time “job.” T h e y d r e a m a b o u t i t . Ta l k about it. And while most kids

Kathy Williams

think about material things for birthdays, holidays and special occassions…these kids think about celebrating their next s p e c i a l d a y w i t h a f a m i l y. A n d

the definition of that family could be 2 parents. A mom. A dad. Just someone for their h e a r t s t o b e l o n g t o e v e r y d a y. That someone for Luis and Marcos (11) Juliana (6) and Christopher (4) could not come at a better time. DCFS records show that the kids have had to overcome many challenges, but they’ve done it ever y time with positive energy and happiness and they are consistently full of life on a daily basis. Each of the kids has a wonderful, unique personality and words like loving, curious and funny come up when you ask about them. The children help each other and take care of one a n o t h e r. I f y o u a r e i n t e r e s t e d in making these kids part of y o u r f a m i l y, t h e y a r e S i b l i n g Group 28889 if you log on to Kathy Williams is an award winning news executive at KPRC Local 2 Houston. She donates her time to write this column for Up Close Magazine each month.

From the Cover

Saving Your Spine (so you can enjoy your kids!) Sarah Warburton hen you’re at the drive-through pharmacy, do you ever wish they could just pass a gallon of milk and a roll of paper towels through the window? Or that the bank and the post office would share space to make your life easier? Dr. Stacy and Dr. Michele understand how stressful your life can be…and they’ve joined forces to offer you a comprehensive solution to conquer the aches and pains of motherhood. Are you carrying a too-heavy toddler on your hip or spending hours in the car shuttling your pre-teen to soccer games and scout meetings? Either way, your body pays


Call Sugar Land Spine & Disc today for your Complimentary Patient Information Packet! 281-491-DISC (3472) the price. Dr. Stacy says, “At Sugar Mill Chiropractic, we offer non-invasive, drug-free solutions for your pain. Now that we’ve added the Sugar Land Spine and Disc to our medical suite, we’re a complete solution for spine related disorders, but we don’t offer a one-

size-fits-all solution! Pain, stiffness, inflexibility, and unbalanced posture are your body’s cries for help…and we’ll get to the root of your problem, so it won’t knock you off your feet and keep you away from your family. We can help you to determine which course of treatment is best for your condition.” Every parenting book recommends nipping back talk in the bud…and that’s good advice for your body, too. Dr. Michele says, “You could have a degenerated or herniated disc and not even know it, until it puts pressure on a nerve. After we look at an MRI, we’ll be able to tell if you’ve got the kind of problem best treated by non-surgical spinal decompression. At Sugar Land Spine and Disc, our Lordex decompression system treats problems like low back and neck pain, herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease,

facet syndrome, sciatica, failed spinal surgery, and spinal stenosis. I love seeing that moment when someone who’s been stressed and in pain gets out of the Lordex and really decompresses…in every way!” Tell the kids that mom’s not a jungle gym and get the help you need from Dr. Stacy and Dr. Michele. Dr. Stacy says, “Our goal has always been to instill a total awareness in our patients about the entire body…not just where it hurts! We wish every mom a Happy Mother’s Day!” Sugar Land Spine and Disc 54 Sugar Creek Center Boulevard, Ste. 110 281-491-3472 Sugar Mill Chiropractic and Acupuncture 54 Sugar Creek Center Boulevard, Ste. 100 281-494-1690

Things are Heating Up Cara Smith ature’s starting to turn the heat up on us, which means we’re reaching to turn our A/Cs on. Are you ready for the heat? And, just as important, is your air conditioner? The best way to find out is to schedule a check-up with Jackson Air, Sugar Land’s oldest independent Trane dealer. Just like your car, A/C systems need preventive maintenance to run as smoothly as they’re designed to and prolong their life. Don’t wait until it conks out in the middle of July—give it a little attention now! “A lot of people don’t realize that air


conditioning makes up 65% of electricity bill” says owner Brian Jackson. “A little prevention goes a long way—by keeping your system well-tuned, you can keep your bills as low as possible.” It’s also important to do your part: change your filters monthly, seal up any air leaks around doors and windows and use a programmable thermostat. But if you’ve got a really old clunker, there may not be much you can do—except get a new one, of course! You’d be surprised how affordable a new A/C system can be right now. That’s because you may be eligible for a $1,500 tax credit, and Trane is offering rebates of up to $1,000 on many of its systems. That’s $2,500 altogether…more than enough for you and your family to take a much-needed vacation and have a little left over, too. “Models like the XL20i offer the ultimate in efficiency and comfort, so you’ll find that your utility bills will decrease significantly,” says Brian. “They’re also great at removing humidity to keep you as cool and dry as can be.” And if your allergies are starting to drive you crazy with all the pollen floating around, try the Trane CleanEffects. It combines Trane’s

To advertise, 281-235-0600

Licensed to


advanced cooling technology with the best filtration system on the market, eliminating 99.9% of airborne particles from your home so you can breathe easier. With today’s busy schedules the last thing you need to worry about is your air conditioner breaking down, especially in the middle of the summer. For a little piece of mind Call Jackson Air for Tune up or a free evaluation of your old system. They are Trane Comfort Specialist; NATE & EPA certified and have been licensed to chill since 1982.

Jackson Air 281-240-1037 UPCLOSE ~ May 2010 ~ 21

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Treat Mom Like a Queen… Becca Bragg


ot like the scullery maid! After all, Dads…Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Are you prepared? Before you snag a store-bought bouquet or some pre-packaged chocolates, stop and think about what Mom really needs. Give her the opportunity to put up her feet and relax…with The Maids Home Services. Julaine Blanchard, owner of the Fort Bend location says, “As a mom myself, I know how important it is to have a professional service you can trust to get the job done. The Maids Home Services makes it so easy!” Breakfast in bed is a time-honored Mother’s Day tradition, but the postbreakfast cleanup puts Mom right back to work! Give her peace of mind with dependable, personal service from The Maids. Julaine says, “We send teams of four on each job…and they have a checklist of twenty-two items. We also divide your home into four areas for even deeper cleanings. Our team leaders give an extra level of quality control, and you can see their profiles on our website. If you’re not completely satisfied with the clean we’ve

left behind, call our main number within twenty-four hours and we’ll take care of it right away! We combine personal, friendly service with consummate professionalism for total customer satisfaction.” Every Mom’s a Superwoman, zipping from work to the grocery to soccer practice and back. Give the most amazing woman in your life a boost by scheduling regular cleanings from The Maids. As an added bonus, The Maids use a patented Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System for a deep clean that helps allergy sufferers and makes your surfaces sparkle! Each team uses a professional-grade backpack vacuum with HEPA filtration that absorbs up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants. Finally Mom—and the rest of the family— can breathe easy! Mom, you could leave this article lying around in a strategic place….but sometimes you have to take Mother’s Day into your own hands. Put down that mop and bucket and pick up the phone to call The Maids! Julaine says, “Visit our website for

testimonials and a YouTube demonstration of our cleaning team in action. We promise…we’ll make this a Mother’s Day to remember!” The Maids Home Services 832-593-7500 5263 Barker Cypress Rd Suite 400 Houston 77084

Start With Trust

The Search Is On! H Sarah Warburton aving a solid roof over your head is no joke…and you need a company you can trust to stay with the project from start to finish. If you’re looking for the best, you need to know what questions to ask. Luckily, we’ve got the inside track with resident roofing expert, Joe Rangel of Ameristar. He’ll give the run-down on how to tell if your roofing contractor’s the right guy for you.

At Ameristar, we don’t want your money until the job’s done to your satisfaction. Does your contractor make a good first impression? We’re not talking about his smile and handshake, but about his professionalism. Joe says, “You should never be asked for money down or money up front…that can be a sign that a contractor doesn’t have the capitol

22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

to carry your credit. At Ameristar, we don’t want your money until the job’s done to your satisfaction. That’s why we offer a free, on-site evaluation…and why we’ve built a reputation for honesty and excellence.” Did you know that if you hire a roofing contractor who isn’t properly insured and bonded, you could be legally responsible for damage to your home and injuries on the job? An insurance certificate is an incredibly important part of choosing a roofing contractor. Joe says, “Anybody can flash a piece of paper…go ahead and call the insurance company to confirm your contractor’s kept that policy up-to-date. At Ameristar, we’re fully insured and bonded…we’ve got the documentation to back up our reputation. We’re also certified by the manufacturers of the products we install, so you’ll get additional warranty coverage straight from the manufacturer. We’ll assist and walk our clients through the insurance claim process. We warranty our work, and guarantee your satisfaction…every time!”

When it comes right down to it, most people choose a contractor based on good word of mouth. With over fifty years of combined experience, Ameristar’s team has built a reputation for solid work and real skill at handling insurance claims. Joe says, “We’ve been in this community for a long time, and we’re always happy to provide references. Our motto for every job is: We want your recommendation...because of our reputation! Ameristar • 281-238-4230 3821 F.M. 359 • Richmond, TX 77406

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Protecting the Things That Really Matter Sarah Warburton


hen life brings changes to your family, you need a law firm with a heart and lawyers that know how to put you and your children first. At Bastine and Associates, you’ll find a family law firm that really cares about families. Ronique Bastine says, “Our mission has always been to provide clear-headed legal services with empathy and compassion for our clients.” Countless families in Fort Bend have turned to the law firm that feels like family. Ronique Bastine, Shahara Wright Menchan, and Valerie Waddell have been practicing law together for the last ten years. With over thirty-five years of experience between them, they can guide you through the ins and outs of divorce, custody, child support, paternity, premarital agreements, and more. Ronique says, “As moms ourselves, we really cater to the needs of parents. We definitely believe that efficient and effective co-parenting is the key to getting through the difficulty of divorce…for everyone in your family, especially your kids.” Any stage of life brings its own chal-

lenges…and the need for legal advice. In addition to family law, Bastine and Associates offers a wide range of services for every area of your life. Valerie also focuses on juvenile and criminal law and Shahara handles business law. Ronique says, “Often a small business is a familyowned business where the owners are experts in their field…but not in the field of law. Even a business that is doing really well may experience growing pains…and Shahara has the skills to walk you through the situation to make sure you’re properly educated and protected.” Ten years ago Bastine and Associates opened its doors in Stafford, and since then this compassionate law firm has made a real difference in lives of local families. Ronique also ser ves as an Associate Municipal Judge for the city of Stafford, continuing her commitment to the families of our community. She says, “At Bastine and Associates, we understand that changes to a family bring emotional issues as well as legal ones. We treat our clients like the real people they

are to us, supporting them through the pain to a healthy, satisfying outcome.” Bastine and Associates “The family law firm that cares about family” 281-240-7979 12603 SW Freeway, Ste 571, Stafford

Planning for Success

Sarah Warburton rowing your business takes year-round planning…and it doesn’t end when your taxes are due. Imagine having a plan for the future, improving your finances and efficiency, and coming out ahead in the long run. Clients like Mark Meeker of Christine Meeker Studios ( have found that John Trevathan, CPA helps them plan for success. The old saying goes that “failure to plan is a plan to fail.” If you’re working hard every day, it can be hard to find time to look at the big picture…but every business thrives with a solid plan. Mark Meeker says, “John Trevathan has served as the CPA for my small business for over two years. He’s very intuitive and caught on to the nuances of our niche business immediately. He even displayed a good working knowledge of our custom software after just an hour or so of review. He has a good head for how business works…which saves time and money!” Do you really know how your business is doing? Mr. Trevathan says, “We’ll work together to come up with good metrics to measure your business. Every business needs about four or five metrics to measure success. We could consider your revenue growth, cash flow, units sold, customers serviced or other indicators…but we’ll be looking at whether your business is improving. Christine Meeker


Those metrics drive your budget…which gives you a yardstick to measure where you are and where you want to be. Business planning isn’t about math as much it is about logic. You and I will talk about what’s happened in the past and what you’d like for the future…and your plan will follow naturally. I can’t plan your business for you, but I can help you plan your business, efficiently.” “The key to my business is helping your business succeed,” says Mr. Trevathan…and he’s helped clients with all kinds of companies save money and plan for the future. Mark Meeker says, “John’s been vital in helping Christine Meeker Studios with business planning, tax planning and tax settlement issues. He’s fun-loving… and a serious strategic thinker. I can take any financial issue to him and he addresses it like a new challenge to conquer.”Are you planning for success? Call Trevathan CPA, PLLC. Trevathan CPA, PLLC 281-207-1333 19901 Southwest Freeway

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The Moment Sugar Land’s Been Waiting For…

TCRN Sugar Land Network President Brian Covault


he Second Annual Sugar Land BASH is here! Brian Covault, founder of the TCRN Sugar Land Network says, “Our annual BASH benefits Snowdrop Foundation, as they assist patients and families at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and raise funding for continued research to eliminate childhood cancer. We’re particularly honored to help the Snowdrop Foundation raise money for scholarships for college-bound pediatric cancer patients and survivors...from Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Richmond, and Rosenberg. Our annual BASH is family-friendly fun for a fantastic cause!” Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 15 and meet Samantha TCH patient your friends and family at the Sugar Land Town Square Plaza for this year’s BASH from 6-10pm. Bring your ice chest, a picnic blanket, lawn chair and your dancing shoes so you can move to the music of L.T. and the Zydeco Mob, the Sugar Land Brass Company, and Strange Days. Kids young and old will enjoy clowns, face painting, and free cotton candy, popCory TCH patient

corn and beverages. Several TCRN Sugar Land Network restaurants are within walking distance as well, with great BASH discounts… just present a BASH raffle ticket stub! All our local heroes will be at the BASH. You can “Dunk Your Doc” at a dunking booth sponsored by Richmond Bone and Joint Clinic to benefit the Snowdrop Foundation. Between the first and second band, watch as local pastors participate in a cake-eating contest sponsored by Julie’s Cakes. After the second band plays, cheer as the Sugar Land Police and the Sugar Land Firefighters compete in a tug of war sponsored by the State Farm Scott Wong Agency. With events scheduled throughout the night, there’ll be one thrill after another. Channel 2 News is the media sponsor for the BASH, and local residents Daniella Guzman and Randy McIlvoy will emcee the event…so you won’t miss a thing! After the third band, you’ll witness the dramatic unveiling of the Small Miracles calendar by nationally recognized fine art portrait photographer, Alisa Murray. This limited edition calendar features photographs of thirteen pediatric cancer patients and will be available with a twenty dollar donation to the Snowdrop Foundation. Interviews with some of the children featured in the calendar will show on a large outdoor movie screen, and you’ll hear the premier performance of the Small Miracles song written and recorded by a local artist. In addition, Alisa Murray will present the families of featured patients with an heirloom portrait. There will also be a larger portrait, featuring all 13 children with Chelsey Campbell (the inspiration of Snowdrop Foundation) in the center, to hang at Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. The Small Miracles Project is collaborated between the Snowdrop Foundation, Texas Children’s Hospital, TCRN Sugar Land Network and Alisa Murray. Ready for the grand finale? Brian says, “We’ll have more than twenty raffle prizes totaling over $20,000 and we’ll end the evening with the drawing for our Grand Prize, a 2010 Chevy Cobalt generously provided by Classic Chevrolet. Now is the time to buy your $15 raffle ticket for a chance to win. Tickets are

Snowdrop Foundation was created from the inspiration of Chelsey Campbell and all of our other courageous friends and their families treated at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. available at our participating businesses, and you’ll find a complete list on our website, www.” “At the TCRN Sugar Land Network, we’re thrilled to have created such a popular event for such a worthy cause,” says Brian. “I think you’ll find that excellent service and a community spirit define our members every day. Visit our website to see our full range of members from businesses like home services, restaurants, and medical services to community resources like churches. We’d love to see you at the BASH…but we promise we’ll do our best for you all year long!” Morgan TCH patient alisa murray photography

24 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

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Choosing MORE W

Charlotte Grace hen things are a little out of control it can be hard choosing a clear course of action. Your first response may be to pull back just so you can concentrate on one thing at a time. When the thing you are concentrating on is your adolescent son or daughter with a substance abuse problem, you may think you don’t have many choices at all. Jane Barnes, MBA, LCDC, CRPS of Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) says, “We can help you figure it out.” The PaRC has an Adolescent Program with you and your teen in mind. They understand the challenges your entire family is facing and they not only care, they can help you right now. The PaRC Adolescent Program provides comprehensive residential treatment for adolescents ages 13 to 17 who are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, as well as those struggling with co-occurring substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. Program Manager, Stacie Allphin, LCDC, NCAC believes, “There is hope for everyone,” and she says, “Until you take care of the alcohol and drug abuse, you can’t take care of the underlying problems.” She and her staff of doctors, addictionologists, psychiatrists, licensed chemical dependency counselors, and patient care assistants ‘provide a safe environment where teens can learn about addiction and how

to live effectively and comfortably without the use of mood-altering chemicals. Along with their private and group counseling, teens can participate in music and art therapy. They can also “earn” the privilege of going on various outings that include swimming, equine therapy and even trips to the park or museum. It is the PaRC’s philosophy that chemical dependency is a disease that affects the entire family. Each Jane Barnes MBA, LCDC, CRPS family member is encouraged to participate in the healing process. There are day and evening programs offered for parents, siblings and the entire family. Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation and is not limited to inpatient care. The PaRC is known for its intensive outpatient program which includes Community-based Support, Relapse Prevention, and Alternative Peer Group Support Networks. The free Aftercare services are available for a year after discharge.

Stacie Allphin, LCDC, NCAC If you thought you couldn’t seek help because your teen can’t afford to miss another day of school or you’re trying to hold on until the semester is over…you don’t have put off getting help any longer. When it comes to academics, the PaRC believes that the patient’s education continues to progress while he or she is in treatment. You don’t have to wait until school is out to get help. The PaRC has a state accredited school program within their campus. Affiliated with one of the oldest charter schools in Texas, this inhouse educational program is just one of the ways that Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center helps you choose “more.” The PaRC is open for admissions and referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center 713-939-7272 • 3043 Gessner, Houston, Texas 77080

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What’s Holding You Back?

Sarah Warburton f your back pain is keeping you from living your life to the fullest, you need the advice of a man who specializes in back pain. Dr. Mark Brown, M.D. of Back Pain Interventions says, “Many times I see patients who’ve tried to stop their pain in all kinds of ways. When you come in, we’ll start with a thorough diagnostic workup, because often there’s more than one issue going on. If you have pain in your neck, arm, low back, or leg, you might find that an epidural



steroid injection (ESI) offers all the relief you need.” You may be a candidate for Back Pain Interventions if you feel agonizing pain radiating through your lower back and down your leg, and nothing seems to keep it away. Dr. Brown says, “If your pain is caused by spinal stenosis, spondylolysis, a degenerated disc, or disc

herniation, there’s pressure on the nerve roots in your spine. Once they get inflamed, it’s a viscous cycle…more inflammation, more pressure, more pain. Targeted, controlled epidural steroid injections (ESIs) reduce inflammation right where it starts at the bulging disc or pinched nerve.” Maybe you’ve tried all kinds of ways to ditch the pain…from muscle relaxants and pain killers to physical therapy. If your problem is inflammation, the pain keeps coming back. Dr. Brown says, “You’ll typically receive no more than three ESI injections, and this therapy works well in conjunction with others. If you have an inflamed nerve, the muscles around it will clench and spasm from the pain, too. Once we’ve bathed the swollen nerve with medication from an ESI, then physical therapy can work on your clenched muscles.” Whether you have always had a bad back that goes out on you a few times a year, or you were fine until something in your lower back went ping; Dr. Brown’s got a crystal-clear understanding of your spine and nerve roots. He’s double board certified in anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, and all tools to get to the root of your back pain. He’s treated patients in their late teens to late eighties, and he says, “We’ll do what it takes to find out what’s causing you pain…so you can get back to life!” Back Pain Interventions P.A. 281-494-6900 • 6350 Hwy 90A, Ste. 700, Sugar Land, TX 77498

Have You Heard About…

Sarah Warburton …the new Italian restaurant that’s doing things right? If you’re missing the kind of neighborhood joint where you could hang out with friends, drop by with a date, or bring the whole family for a casual night on the town…you need to check out La Magia. This undiscovered gem is winning rave reviews and repeat customers with fantastic food in a friendly atmosphere. Owner, Ray Razmdideh says, “We use fresh ingredients to make all our dishes completely from

26 ~ UPCLOSE ~ May 2010

scratch the way food should be made…for exceptional quality at affordable prices.” Remember the neighborhood Italian restaurant in your hometown—family-friendly, inviting, locally-owned and operated? Italian food lovers have tracked down La Magia’s, a charming and comfortable place hidden in plain sight. Insiders recommend the Chicken Marsala made with tender chicken breast, sautéed with fresh mushrooms and tossed with fettuccini pasta in a marsala wine sauce. Enjoy it with a glass of wine and you’ll be a convert, too! La Magia’s the perfect spot to gab with your girlfriends or to enjoy a quick lunch special with a choice of pizza, pasta, lasagna or a sandwich with soup or salad. Why eat fast food when you can eat real food at the same price? Want to know a secret? Locals who need a little “pizza therapy,” swear that one whiff of the roasting tomatoes, oregano, and garlic at La Magia drives the blues away. Slide into a booth with your buddies and some beers, check out the game playing on the corner television, or rise to the challenge of the classic arcade games that used to be in every neighborhood restaurant. And since Ray’s pizzas are made from fresh dough, fresh

sauce, and baked in a brick oven…they’ve got a flavor and texture that’ll hook you! Over and over customers say, “Ray’s pizza is fantastic!” Visit the website for current coupons, call and get your pizza (and pasta dishes) to go, or enjoy Ray’s limited delivery service. You’ll want to put his number on speed dial! The only mystery at La Magia is why it’s still undiscovered! Ready for delicious food from quality ingredients for prices real families can afford? Set your sights on La Magia, our favorite new neighborhood hangout. La Magia 281-565-0366 • 3699 Hwy 6 South (in the Kroger shopping center)

For Happy, Healthy Legs Choose the #1 Vein Clinic of Fort Bend County

Ulises Baltazar, M.D., a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and certified by the American Board of Surgery in General and Vascular Surgery understands the risks and discomfort of varicose veins. He has a thoughtful, compassionate approach and takes time to explain test results and treatment options. Dr. Baltazar says, “Caring for the patient comes first.”

Sugar Land Vein Specialists 4660 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite 130







If you are suffering from leg pains associated with visible, palpable, ropy veins—take advantage of his FREE Vein Screening offered every Monday by appointment. The treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency is covered by most insurances. Call today for an appointment. Why wait to have healthy, happy legs?



Just Got Faster in Sugar Land.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is the only choice for the most advanced robotic surgery in Fort Bend County. Imagine surgery with fewer incisions, less pain and blood loss, less scarring, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times and better results. That’s exactly what you experience with the da Vinci® Surgical System. Only Methodist Sugar Land Hospital offers you this state-of-the-art technology in Fort Bend County. With the da Vinci System, surgeons perform complex, delicate surgeries through several tiny surgical holes while viewing a magnified, 3D image

METHODIST SUGAR LAND HOSPITAL leads with superior technology. Let da Vinci — the most advanced robotic surgical system in the world — treat your condition: • Urological

of the surgical site. The result is often a minimally invasive procedure

• Gynecological

with improved clinical results. So, you can

• Colorectal

return to normal activities faster than ever before. It’s your health. Entrust it to the Methodist Sugar Land surgical team.

© 2009 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

To make an appointment with a physician using robotic surgery, call 281-274-7500.

LEADING MEDICINE® 16655 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-274-7000

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