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Hi everyone  First of all, I want to introduce myself. I’m Petek. Yes,(You can guess)I’m fifteen years old too. I love my family very much, especially my mother. I have a friendly and wonderful mother and I have an ideal (very good ;)) step-father. I haven’t got a brother or a sister. I don’t have a close relationship with my relatives. But I like most of my friends.  I have really big plans for the future. And this plans are important for me. I want to be a translator in the future. And I really want to go to USA. I want to work in the USA. I want to win the Boğaziçi University. So,I have to be hardworking. I’ll go to the English course in this summer. I’m very lucky because I have wonderful teachers.  PETEK

Hi, my name is Ayşenur. I want to write about a special day for Turkish people. On October 29 each year, the Turkish people commemorate the birth of the Turkish Republic in 1923. The leader in the War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is the first president of the Republic of Turkey. The Republic Day is an official holiday in Turkey. All the official government offices, schools and many small businesses are closed on this day. There are many celebrations throughout Turkey. Many people go to local stadiums to watch the performances of the students. Many people also lay wreaths to Atatürk’s monuments or visit Atatürk’s Mausoleum in Ankara. In the evening of October 29, many cities have traditional processions with flags and musical bands to commemorate the Republic Day in Turkey. There are many fireworks. People usually sing marches during the processions. There are many Turkish flags and banners depicting Atatürk everywhere.


MY CLASS 10/F Hello! My name is Berfin. I am a tenth grade student in high school this year. I want to narrate my classroom: Our classroom is a language classroom. We have ten hours English once a week. Then History, Geography, German, Turkish,Literature…etc. I have two English teachers. Mrs. İlknur Kocaoğlu and Mr. Uğur Ömür. I have an amusing class. My classmates are very funny. Actually, sometimes there are clashes like every classroom. I hope, these clashes don’t turn into bed fights. Anyway  There are twelve students in our classroom. Five girls and seven boys. There is a chief executive,a veep and a class representative. I believe that they do their best. We want to decorate our classroom with banners about English on the walls or interesting English topics..etc. Finally I want introduce my classroom’s guide teacher. His name is Uğur Ömür. He is thirty years old. I think he looks like Twenty-two years old  He is funny and very wonderful person. I love him so much and he’s really a great teacher. Consequently, I love my classmates and teachers 


Hi! I’m Can Celiktas.Today I will talk about Atatürk Reforms.Here are the reforms of Atatürk… The model for the system is Constitutional Republic. In the Turkish Constitutional Republic, government created and controlled by the Law of a Constitution. The Turkish Constitution of 1921 was the fundamental law of Turkey for a brief period from 1921 to 1924. It was ratified by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in January 1921. It was a simple document consisting of only 23 short articles. The major driving force behind the preparation of a 1921 Constitution that derived its sovereignty from the nation and not from the Sultan, the absolute monarch of the Ottoman Empire. The 1921 Constitution also served as the legal basis for the Turkish War of Independence during 1919-1923, since it would refute the principles of the Treaty of Sèvres of 1918 signed by the Ottoman Empire, by which a great majority of the Empire's territory would have to be ceded to the Entente powers that had won the First World War. In October 1923 the constitution was amended to declare Turkey to be a republic. In April 1924, the constitution was replaced by an entirely new document, the Turkish Constitution of 1924. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (19 May 1881– 10 November 1938) was a Turkısh army officer in the Ottoman military, revolutionary statesman, and the first President of Turkey. He is credited with being the founder of the Republic of Turkey. His surname, Atatürk (meaning "Father of the Turks"), was granted to him in 1934 and forbidden to any other person by the Turkish parliament. Atatürk was a military officer during World War I.Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, he led the Turkish national movement in the Turkish War of Independence. Having established a provisional government in Ankara, he defeated the forces sent by the Allies. His military campaigns led to victory in the Turkish War of Independence. Atatürk then embarked upon a program of political, economic, and cultural reforms, seeking to transform the former Ottoman Empire into a modern, secular, and democratic nation-state. Under his leadership, thousands of new schools were built, primary education was made free and compulsory, while the burden of taxation on peasants was reduced.The principles of Atatürk's reforms, upon which modern Turkey was established, are referred to as Kemalism CAN


I’m Duygu. I’m fifteen years old. I am from Osmaniye. I want to introduce you our class and our school. There are many trees in our school. There is a great football area and basketball area. Our principle planted lawns everywhere. He prepared a restful environment for us. Our teachers teach very well. We have lots of fun in the lessons. I have a twelve-students class like a special course. The number of the students are little but the entertainment is wide. We are more private than the other classes because we are language class. Our desks are different than others. There are cupboards belonging us. We are private. DUYGU

This is the photo of our school. It’s a bit old  (5 years ago.)

Our School Name of our school is 80. Yıl Cumhuriyet Anadolu high school. It was founded in 2002. It has three floors. It is a big school. Colour of our school is yellow and white and it has got a lovely garden. There are a lot of sports pitches like basketball, football and volleyball. .There are a lot of trees in the school garden. There are about five hundread sixty students and twenty-one classrooms in our school. Our favorite teacher is Uğur ÖMÜR . He is our English teacher .He is thirty years old. He is very polite, helpful and modest. He likes drinking tea. He loves teaching English. So, he teaches us till the end of the lesson. Also we learn English very well. FAHRİ

I am Müberra.I am fifteen years old. I live in Osmaniye. I am learning english in my school. I want to be an English teacher in the future. There is a big garden in our school. We are doing different activity in this garden. I like playing football and I am playing in our school team. I love my friends. They are friendly and kind. My teacher helps me about the lessons. I love my teachers because they are helpful and friendly. I like listening to music and reading book. I like travelling different places. Osmaniye is a small and beautiful town. I introduced myself. It’s your turn… MÜBERRA


Hello, My name is Natasha Gkari and I am fifteen years old. I live in Greece and more specificly I live in Aegina which is a small island near Athens. First of all, I would like to tell you about my hobbies and how I spend my free time. I don’t have a lot of free time because I learn tow language at the same time. I learn English and French, so except the things I have to study for school, I also have to do my homework for the foreign languages too... and believe me this is too much! I spend my limited free time going out with my friends or when I am home I listen to music. However, at Fridays and weekends I go to Piraeus in order to do a very interesting sport...sailing! I take part in competitions and I really love it. It makes me forget everything, all the problems I might have and I also make a lot of friends there! I have travelled in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia and Saint Dominicos (Caribbean ) because of sailing! Just imagine!! Finally, I will be glad to hearing for you soon! Here are some photos of me. ď Š

Aegina Island and Life Here Aegina is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf. Closed to the port of Pireaus, Aegina is a really beautiful place to visit especially for a day trip. It’s history and the extraordinary ancient places it has, it’s really worthwhile to discover. Life in Aegina can be really enjoyable especially in the summer. The sunny weather and the sandy beaches with the crystal waters can be, the perfect holidays. As soon as you come here in Summer, there’re plenty of activities to perform like for example, sightseeing, swimming and enjoy the beach, dining at the traditional taverns in front of the sea, sailing and also spend your night amusingly at coffee-bars or night clubs. However, Aegina in winter is so quiet. There are not so many options you can choose to do, as only the cafes, shops and restaurant are available for a night out or a day out. As about me, I love Aegina in the summer, I really enjoy the sea and my free time as I don’t have school, by doing a variety of activities like cycling, swimming, going out with friends and many other stuff. When winter comes, I spend most of my time at school and homework. For free time, I usually surf the internet and watch films in my room. I also, go for coffee or shopping downtown in Aegina and I often visit Athens at the weekend, to see my relatives and have fun. Άννα Σαλιβερου Β’3

Aegina Aegina is a small island situated in the middle of the Saronic Gulf, just an hour trip with a ship from the Greek capital Athens. Some describe it as a wonderful place for both growing up or visiting for vacations. As it is an island, water related sports and activities exist in abundance. Open water swimming mostly during the summer is a main attraction of Aegina and teenagers spend almost all their summer vacations in the salty sea water and sunbathing at the beach. Of course winter swimmers are not scarce and we all admire their courage and strength of will as it has been proved that cold water is great for one’s health. In addition, sailing is extremely popular in our island as a humble sailing union takes young children who are willing to learn and creates champions competing in respectable competitions. Also sailors of many places of the world make a stop in the island spend some days and continue with their journey. Other sports taking place on land may include basketball, where players from all walks of life meat in a court located in the town of Aegina. Both amateur and professional teams or individuals who enjoy the sport can be noted with the most conspicuous being teenagers who excel in breathtaking tricks. Right next to the court there is a football field used by those who are football lovers and is extremely helpful for those playing in basket as it facilitates warming up. Also those who enjoy sports related to running can be found here practicing and keeping fit. Archeological areas such as The Afaia Temple, one of the most well preserved ancient Greek temples. and small churches dated from the 10th century which exist in large figures all about some hill of the island, draw the attention of many archeologists both Greek and foreign. Those hills tell the history of our island and preserving the findings is needed. Although speculations on the matter by the mayors council have halted since financial crisis is keeping them from investing on it. As far as the people living in the island are concerned, those who visit Aegina describe them as friendly and able to overtly show their emotions, something that conjures up unprecedented feelings for the tourists and makes them feel attracted to the individuality and way of expressing one’s self the locals posses. This is a brief description of a small part of Aegina. There are still so much more to be said about the island, even though a visit will be more than enough than a whole book about it to make one love it.

Hello, My name is Antonis Axiotis. I am from Aegina, a small island of Greece in the Saronic golf. I live with my family in the countryside, in a small but beautiful house with a dig garden. I am sixteen years old and I am student. I go in the first grade of high school and I’m very pleased with my new school as it is big, with many colorful classrooms full of light. It also provides a gym, a soccer and o basketball field. I’m a good student and my favorite lesson is mathematics. I’m a quite athletic student, that’s why I really enjoy playing football, basketball, volleyball and I love fishing. I started playing football in 2004 and it would be great if I could play in a big team. That’s one of my biggest ambitions. Antonis Axiotis Aegina , my school and me ME My name is Florida , i am 15 years old and i go in the first grade of high school. I live in Aegina a small island near Athens , Greece . Although i am not from Greece [ i am from Albania ] i love Aegina and Greece . AEGINA Aegina is a very beautiful island and many tourists visit it every year. But the main reason the tourists visit Aegina is the church of Sant Nektarios. Many people come from all over the world to see it. I have been there many times , it,s a very beauyiful church. You should visit it one day. Except from that there are many attractions to visit here in Aegina. Also there are many beautiful sandy beaches there. MY SCHOOL My school is far away my home i need 40 to go there and i take the bus every day to go there. To catch the bus i have to grow up every day at 6:00 because the bus live at 7:00. My school is very big , there are many classes and many students. We learn many subjects in my school but my favourite are english and history. What about you? Love , your e-pal Florida Ilazaj

Our simple but enjoyable life in Aegina. Many people think that the winters in our island called Aegina, are simply depressing. Well, that statement has a dose of exaggeration but I can’t say I disagree with it. Aegina is full of life at summers, just like every Greek island. Think of it as the ideal destination for summer holidays. I thoroughly think that there’s nothing better than going for swimming every day, going out with your friends, playing beach sports and more stuff. The only think that Aegina lacks of in summer is nightlife. Of course clubs are crowded in the weekends, but not as much as they should be. Unfortunately, I can’t say that the same goes for winter. We are only 10.000 citizens, maybe less, and as you can understand this is not much interesting. But personally, I don’t get bored at all in the winter. I’m playing basketball almost every day, I go out with my friends and at the weekends I travel to Greece’s capital , Athens since is about 45 minutes away from Aegina. The only thing I HATE about in Aegina is that only one or two bars with good music are open in winters. The rest of them are fancy clubs with really low quality music, which I really hate! Summarizing, you should visit Aegina in summer for sure. I guarantee that they’ll have a great, GREAT time. Also, with some good company in winter, you can have a decent time !!! Diamantis Tzoulas

A student’s point of view Most people say that adolescence is the most amazing period of your life. Others say that it’s just a time when you’re fully stressed about everything and Depression is on its highest ranks. Living on a small island like Aegina can bring out some insecurities most teens keep inside. You try to play it off with a smile, you try your best to look happy and prove that nothing is wrong because in such a small community word spreads faster than honey does on bread. The population is quite small and especially at this time of your life the less people that are here, the worse. Just like every other young adult we go to extra classes just because we feel that sometimes school itself is not enough. We fill our free time with extra English classes, we hire tutors and we somehow end up reading all day, eventhough most people do not seem to realizeit, it is quite hard to do everything a teenager does nowadays. But there’s more to it than just me being negative about everything. We are surrounded by nature, amazing nature. We breathe fresh air everyday and we live by the sea. It’s exceptionally beautiful in summer with all the people that come by and the heat radiating from the sand; it just makes everything look so peaceful and relaxing. But I also think that it’s quite compelling in winter time too, it may look haunted from time to time but there’s also some charm in it. I’m not going to go on and on about education and books, eventhough I’m pretty sure that’s what my teacher is asking for. I’m going to say that school is lovely just because of the things that happen there. Even if you think that people in it suck at times and you may hate your teachers for putting you extra homework, they make you feel like you belong. So you don’t have to worry, because you are part of a pack and for at least 2 more years you won’t have to think about where you belong at all. Just sit back and relax.

Hi,everyone my name is George Gkrinezos I am 15 years old and I live in a small island near to Athens called Aegina . I am very proud for my island because the last 10 years makes the difference in lot of important parts than other big islands .For example the activities, in my island we can do lot of sports and interesting things ,also we have areas that you can spend your free time playing video games and surf to the internet. About the life in night you can do also many things we have clubs with live music that you can spend your time. TAKE A PEEP IN THIS PHOTOS

Three years ago, my mother told me that we had to move out from Thessaloniki to Aegina due to her work. At first I thought that this transition would be very difficult. When we reached the port I was stunned from the majestic view of the island. I spent two years going to the middle school in Mesagros, a little village in a natural habitat having the view of the famous temple of Aphea. Now it’s my second year in high school and I’m really enjoying it. I met really wonderful people here and especially our teachers who are always there beside us. I will be really sad when the time comes and I would have to move out in order to continue my studies.

Kaklamanou Joanna

My name is Julia. I’m 15years old and I live in Aegina which is an island of the Saronic Gulf and it is only an hour away from Pireaus. Aegina is famous for its pistachio. It is a local product which is exported all over the world and is widely used in pastry. I have a small family. It consists of my dad, my mum, my older brother and me. Nevertheless I wouldn’t dare forget to mention my pets which I love very much. I have 16 lovely cats. Personally, I enjoy living is Aegina. However, I have to follow a certain daily routine especially in winter. Every day I wake up at 7 o’clock and I get ready for school. School starts at 8:30 and finishes at 2 o’clock. After school, I have to attend extra lessons at an Institute which will help me pass the University Exams in the future. I return home at 4 o’clock and I rest for a while. I have lunch at 5:30 and I start studying. I usually finish studying at 8 o’clock at night and I watch TV to relax. My daily schedule is quite full during the week but on Saturdays I enjoy myself playing volleyball in a girls volleyball team. I love this sport and I am very good at it. I love my teammates and we’re great friends. We trust each other, talk about our problems and have lots of fun together. Another sport I particularly enjoy is swimming. I consider myself to be very lucky to live on an island because I love the sea and I spend all day on the beach in the summer. As every teenager I also like to play computer games when I have some free time. In conclusion, I am very happy with my life in Aegina and I love my family and my friends and I know that they love me back and this is the most important thing in my life.

P.S: Sorry Julia, I deleted some of your pictures because of technical problems.

Hello!! My name is Karmelita, I’m 15 years old, I’m from Greece and Philippines and I’ve been living in Greece since I was born. I’m tall and muscular, with brown skin and curly black hair. I’m athletic and I prefer wearing tracksuits and sweatshirts. I’m quite outgoing. I’m friendly and I love having a lots of fun! I Think that I have a great sense of humor, I feel very happy when I made people laugh, and I also have a very good relation with my friends. However, sometimes they get a bit mad on me because I prefer to play computer games or watch anime rather than go out for a walk with them. Another thing about me is that, I’m keen on kick boxing and I spend I lot of time training.

My name is Nickolas, I live in Greece, more specifically in a small and quite unknown island called Aegina. Aegina, which belonged to the Argosaronic gulf, is extremely close to the harbour of Piraeus and actually, this is an advantage for our island because the main economic resource is coming from tourism, especially, on our days with the financial crisis, Aegina has been becoming a seductive and ideal destination for low-paid people who want to spend some days relaxing without wasting a fortune. In addition, living in Aegina isn't only profitable but, also provides you a better quality of life, for instance the fresh air which implies with health, the magnificent view of the sea and the beaches, the nature and its unique trees with the really tasteful green nuts known as "Pistachio" are some things that you can't find them anywhere else. Furthermore, Aegina is an island with exceptionally low crime rates which is a vital problem in big cities. Unfortunately, Aegina has its drawbacks such as any place in the world but, with goodwill you can find the solution of everything.

Dear Friends,

Hello! How are you? Let me introduce myself! My name is Catherine. I’m 15 years old and I’m from Aegina, Greece. Aegina is a small but extremely magnificent island near Piraeus. Personally, my life is a little bit stressful. More specifically, I have an extremely busy schedule as I’m taking English and computer courses and in December I am going to sit my last diploma at the computers. Furthermore, due to the fact that my house is near the sea, when I’m at home and I have homework to do for the next day, I’d prefer to study at my balcony. The view is great and, moreover, it’s absolutely relaxing. Apart from my extracurricular activities and school, I always find time to spend it with my family and with my close friends. For instance, at the weekends I’d rather stay at home and watch movies with my family and, generally, spend more time with my parents and my little brother or go out with my friends and just relax and chat. That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to get to know more about you all and, of course, I do hope that I’ll meet you all one day. See you! Best wishes, Catherine Koukouli

Dear friends I am writing this letter to tell you for my life. My name is Catherine Kounadi. I am 15 years old. I am from Greece and I am living in Aegina a small island near Athens. My island is a very popular destination it is a very wonderful island I go to high school. I spend my free time playing in my computer, listening to music, doing walk with my bicycle, reading a book, watching television and going gym. My favourite colour is purple. My favourite animal is horse and my favourite subjects is biology and ancient Greek . When I grow up I want to become a teacher. I have two older brother. My mother is working to a store. My father die before 14 years. When I become 18 years old I want to travel in Paris and New York. I have many friends with whom I am going many walks in the summer. Sometimes I help my mother to clear our house. My favourite season is summer because I eat many ice cream and an I go swimming every day. In addition my favourite sports is volleyball and i wanted to play this. I hope to hear news from you soon.

Best wishes Catherine Kounadi

Dear friends, My name is Maria Avramidi, I ‘m 15 years old and a student of High School of Aegina. Aegina is a small island near the port of Piraeus. Life here is quiet and peaceful. Although we live in the countryside there are many services such as cafes, clubs, restaurants, cinemas e.t.c. Personally, I am often too busy because of extra lessons and school work. During my free time I prefer to go out with my friends, going to a café or just getting all together at the port of the island. I also do dancing lessons. I ‘ve been dancing since I was 4 years old. I do classical ballet, hip-hop and contemporary dance. At the end of June, every year, we have a dance show, which takes place at the Municipal Stadium of Aegina. I suppose that I can‘t imagine my life without dancing!

My name is Maria and I live in Aigina,Greece.I am in the first grade of High school.Greece is one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most popular destinations such as museums of the ancient and Byzantine eras and archaeological sites and cities. One of the sights of Aigina is : <<The Temple of Afaia>>. Which is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the Goddess <<Afaia>> on the Greek island of Aigina.

Another sight of Aigina is The monastery of <<Agios Nektarios>>. It is visited by large of people every year . Many of them seeking help from this Thaumatourgic Saint,who died on 1920.

Maria Dedegkika

My name is Nektarios and I live in one of the most beautiful island in Greece itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name is AIGINA

AIGINA is one of the most famous tourist destination,that is because of the miracles that are from saint nektarios who is protector of Aigina

This is the church of saint nektarios hear come a lot of people mainly Bulgarians ,they come hear to thanks the saint Nektario for helping them with their problems. Every year at the end of summer in port of Aigina organized for three days a big celebrate for Aiginas peanut.



Our Schools Seedbed Over the last few years in our school we are holding a seedbed in an attempt to maintain and reproduce local, non-genetically modified seed varieties from all over Greece. We are holding this seedbed in cooperation with â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pelitiâ&#x20AC;? under the supervision of our P.E. school teacher. Peliti is a non-governmental organization that aims preserving the traditional seed varieties of Greece that are almost disappeared due to the fact that big multi-nation companies are selling new varieties of seeds that are more productive or cheap, but most of them are genetically modified in labs . During late October we plant the seeds that Peliti provides to us and we grow them up until April when the seeds are turned into seedlings ready to be transplanted. Then we arrange a feast and we give them away to people so that they are able to transplant them in their gardens and grow them up in order to have their own vegetables or even their own seeds for the next season , so that they are able to continue this process . In this way everyone is able to have fresh, non genetically modified vegetables for them and their families to eat. In conclusion , I believe that our schools seedbed is an action that promotes homemade production and of course the preservation of our tradition through the conservation of the local seed varieties. Themis Argyros

Dear friends, My name is Vera Kalantzi. I’m 15 years old and I’m from Greece. I live in a small island called Aegina, which is close to Athens. I’m really excited about this innovative program that our schools are taking part in. I have never done anything like that and I can’t wait. Nowadays the majority of teenagers in Aegina take part in one sport at least. In fact I adore sailing! Last year I owned a boat called optimist, however now I have changed category and from now on I have a much bigger boat: laser. I have participated in many races in Greece as well as abroad. I have gone to Turkey, Portugal and Hungary. I have to admit that sailing is a part of my life and I can’t imagine myself without it. In December I will be doing sailing for 8 years! Apart from that I go jogging twice a week and I also take up karate lessons. What about you? Do you have any interest in sports? As far as the school is concerned, I am trying to give my best. Due to the financial crisis I guess I have to study hard to succeed in my life. Our generation will struggle to find a job, so I think I have to be the best in my field. We go to school for 7 hours a day and I also do extra english, french and maths lessons. I consider that my program is a bit frustrating and I often get tired. Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to all that leisure time I used to have… Anyway what is like the educational system in your country? Last but not least, I haven’t refered anything about my family so far! There are no words to describe my parents! They are just amazing! I have a sister, who is 13 years old and she does sailing too. Her name is Alise and she is a bit talkative and jealous and sometimes she makes me go crazy but I still love her. My dog is called Mokis and he is really small… I love my family because they support me whatever I do. I hope I didn’t make you feel tired.. I look forward to hearing from you and your life.


HI! This is OUR SCHOOL! It’s a fantastic high school in Naples . We study Foreign Languages here, English, French and Spanish. We love studying languages! Well, every school is different in each country. We’re Italian, so our school have many different things than others school in the world. Every day we have to study at school five days from 8 a.m. to 13 p.m. Our class is on the first floor of the built but the school have exactly tree built and in each there are three floors with many classes. It’s a very big school. In our class there are many desks and we unite them for sitting near our friends We have chosen to study languages in our school so we have many hours of English, Spanish and French. The subject We love more is English we think It’s very important for all our future choices and for our future life. Our class is a multilingual class. There are many Italian students , Elisa and Marisa who are Chinese and Valeria who comes from Peru. Let’s listen to their introduction: - “ Hi, My name is Elisa ,I'm 16,I'm Chinese. I attend the language high school “ Pasquale Villari” and I live in Naples. The subjects I like are English ,French ,Spanish and Math because I enjoy with them. What's your favourite subjects? And where do you live?” - “My name is Valeria, I’m 17 and I’m Peruvian. I’ve chosen to study languages ‘cause I love them. Thanks to the languages I’m learning at school I can read every text in English or French or Spanish, and even talk with someone who doesn’t live in my country or speak my language, like you.  So I’m really happy to explain our school and what we do, and I’m happy to meet you too”

- A PEEK AT OUR HISTORYIs there any of you interested in our history? Well, now we are a Democratic Republic . Last year we celebrated the rising of Italy as a Unified Nation.... But Where does it derive from? It was the 1851 and in France, the Republic's President, Louis Napoleon was establishing a dictatorship and declaring the start of the second French Empire. Meanwhile in Italy, the citizens were pointing towards new horizons: The Italian national unity. But Italy was split into a lot of part and each of them were strong enough to resist to any attempt of invasion. Well, Italy was organized in this way: -All the Southern Italy were under the control of the "Kingdom of the Two Sicilies". -The heart of the Nation were controlled by the Pope. -The "Tuscan" was part of the "Duchy of Florence". -All the North-east and the "Lombardy" were property of the "Kingdom of Lombardy– Venetia". -The whole North- west and the Sardinia was named "Kingdom of Sardinia" So, in Italy, every citizen started having ideas and there was such a brainstorming. A revolutionary patriot, named Carlo Pisacane, proposed to organise an uprising in the southern Italy. Only three hundred people followed him and in the 1857, he landed in Campania where, in a blink, he was exterminated with all his men by the Borbonic's army. In 1852 the King, Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia, placed at the top of Government the Count Camillo Benso of Cavour who tried to bring the "Kingdom of Sardinia" to the heyday, declaring a lot of brand new reforms and setting exchanges with foreign states like France and Netherlands. Meanwhile, the Russian Zar Nicola 1°, tried to invade the Balkan territories that belonged to the French. So Napoleon3°, to avoid that the Russians would take the domain, made an alliance with the British and together they defeated them. In 1855, Napoleon asked to British and to Cavour to send their army in Crimea because there was a war going on and he needed help. Cavour sent his best shooters and he won the war. At the end of the war, Napoleon organised a congress in Paris and also Cavour was called to partecipate. He convinced Napoleon and the British Minister of Foreign Affairs to deal with the problem "Italy". There weren't immediate consequences but Italy gained attention from two of the strongest nation in Europe. Afterwards Cavour made a deal with Napoleon, he would help Italy only if the "Kingdom of Sardinia" would have been attacked by the German. Cavour tried in every way to provoke them and, In the 1859, the Austrian Army felt into the web that Cavour had spun in every detail. Austria issued an ultimatum on April 23, asking for the complete demobilization of the Sardinian army, and when it was not heeded Austria started a war against the "Kingdom of Sardinia" thus drawing France into the conflict. A few months later, Franch and Italian army were dominating the war and suddenly, the entire Austrian army withdrawed back into the Quadrilateral. But at the apogee of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Napoleon did withdraw its forces fearing that after the victory, Italy would never be subjected to France, so he signed an armistice with Austria in Villafranca. Most of Lombardy, with its capital Milan was transferred from Austria to France, which would immediately cede these territories to Sardinia.

Meantime, Palermo rose up against the Bourbons of the Kindgom of the two Sicilies, but they were wiped out from the Spanish army. The news arrived in northern Italy where Giuseppe Garibaldi, a skilled mazzinian leader, recruited a thousand volunteers to guide them to an ambitious and risky adventure aiming to conquer a kingdom with a larger regular army and a more powerful navy and, above all, to support the rebels in Sicily. During the night of 5 May, Garibaldi sailed secretly with two ships towards Sicily. Landed in the Bourbon kingdom, his men defeated all the soldier and he burst into the capital taking control by establishing a provisional republican government. In mid-August, with his thousand soldiers, began the ascent of the peninsula and at the beginning of September he arrived in Naples after freeing the entire southern Italy and ready to conquer the Papal States. Cavour, frightened by the success of Garibaldi, persuaded Victor Emmanuel to stop him. On October 26, the King meet Garibaldi in Teano (Campania) and take control of his troops.(That in the meantime they had become about 20,000) On May 17, 1861, for the complete unit of Italy, there were missing still the Veneto, Trentino and Lazio. A few months later, one of the most ardent supporters of the Unity of Italy, the Count Camillo Benso of Cavour passed away... The church was hostile to the new Kingdom of Italy and was against the fact that Rome became the Italian capital and sought the help from the French, Napoleon descended to the defenses of the Papacy and sent his army to stop Garibaldi before he invaded Rome. Not much later, Napoleon had to fight against Prussia and he was forced to bring along all his soldiers leaving defenseless Rome. The italian Forces took advantage of the situation, and through a breach in the walls of the city, the September 20, they conquered Rome which became the new capital of the Italian Kingdom two weeks later. Papa Pio excommunicated all the "usurpers of the Papal States" -as he said- and he urged all the loyal believers to drift away from the political life of that Christless state, and from that moment a thousand tensions between the church and the Italian state, started and went on for the coming ten years. On June 2, 1882, the HERO of Two Worlds Giuseppe Garibaldi, died leaving a message in his testament that said: "Finding myself fully aware of my words, today I'm saying: I will not accept, at any time, the Minister hateful, despicable and foolish that is a priest... " And here dies a Man without whom, today Italy wouldn't exist and maybe, all the whole world would be different, it could be better or it could be worst, but there are always two choices in life: to accept the conditions in which we live or take responsibility for change them. “Qui si fa l’Italia o si muore!” – Declared Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807 – 1882)And the Unified Italy was born. Mauro Ronga

Naples is the chief town of the Campania Region , in the South of Naples. it s situated in central position in the gulf of Naples, between Vesuvio (its famous Vocano ) and the volcanic area of Campi Flegrei. It was founded around the middle of the 8th century a.C. It was part of the Magna Grecia. Naples is often judged only for its negative aspects and anyone, who hasn't visit it and has never lived here, consider it as seat of ‘Camorra’(the famous criminal organization that oppresses the town) , with a high level of illiteracy, it is considered an infamous city without future. But Naples has also a rich culture that has been left by great civilizations that dominated This city (Romans, Spanishes, Greeks). There are also many important monuments, among them we can we remember Castel dell'Ovo, Maschio Angioino, Plebiscito square , Dante square ,Gesù square ,Napoli sotterranea and Spaccanapoli. The famous San Gregorio Armeno, one of the most visited place by tourists above all during the Christmas Time. We hope you will come soon to visit them with us and to taste The typical Neapolitan products Pizza Margherita, tortano, sfogliatella, babà, and buffallo mozzarella. For the more superstitious there are the lucky horns, symbols of good lucky, and ‘Pulcinella mask’, one of the most representative of the’ Partenope city’ (the old city) . Pulcinella is a Neapolitan mask of the ancient comedy arts. Naples is one of the most beautiful city in the world and regardless of its strenghts and weaknesses it is always worth a visit. Giovanna Amoroso Linda Cipriano Simona Marigliano

We all live in Naples, a big and beautiful city placed in the south of Italy and known all over the world. The tourists love it for its sea, its mild climate and the scent of its delicious foods, like pizza, the "sfogliatella" and the "babà" (two famous cakes ) . These scents are sometimes covered by the smell of rubbish, one of the worst aspects of Naples together to the crime, nowadays widespread. Fortunately Naples is not only sadly famous for robberies and pollution, but also the warmth of the people who live here, always ready to welcome anyone with ‘open arms’ (that’s to say they are ‘open hearted people’) You can see it if you come and visit us. You will find people who seem to not care about you, but that will always be there in times of need. You will find a lot of music, art, history. Living in Naples means also have the first sunbathing on April 28 and the last on October 7.The warm weather is another of the fantastic aspect of our city. Its landscape is marvellous too. When the sun sets, and the night falls, you can see Naples illuminated by bright jewels. Loving Naples is a smile after a storm, in fact it is called “ the city of the sun” - there must be a reason. Chiara, Simona, Brunella e Maria, ITALIAN SCHOOL In Italy the school is composed by 3years of nursery school, 5years of elementary school, 3years of “middle school” and 5years of high school, so boys and girls can choose what they would like to become in the future. Italian’s students start lessons everyday at 8.00am and they finish at 1.00pm without break. The students have their own classrooms and they don't change class every hours to follow others subject but teachers go to them. We take Christmas holidays at the end of December, and in this period, we take also epiphany holidays at the beginning of January and school holidays at the end of school. Our school is situated in the town's centre. It is a very big institute and quite well organized, in fact, our teachers make a lot of extra-curricular courses. There are about one thousand people, divided in three different study plans. The school is composed by three areas : Multimedial, Central and Presidential, in three different sides, and for each area there are about 30 classes. The classes are quite big , and have two or more windows. On the first floor, there is a technology laboratory where in we can surf on internet and make didactic works, a gym where we play volleyball or basket and a bar where every students can relax and talk each other. On the other hand, on the right, there is a multimedial laboratory, and a video room where in we can watch some videos or films. We hope you can come and meet us here in Naples one day! We are Roberta Cartini, Giovanni Landieri, Emanuela De Angelis e MariaLetizia Fragliasso. Nice to meet you!

So: A greet from the whole class 3CL ! We hope to find new friends and share with you this year at school. If you want, we could describe you our monuments and arts , or narrate and comment the films and the books weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll study this year. What would you like we talk about?


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Our country, Poland, is placed in eastern Europe, between The Baltic Sea and The Carpathian Mountains. It has borders with seven countries: Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and a Kalinigrad Oblast, which belongs to Russia. Its total area is about 312 700 square kilometers and it has a population of over 38 million people.

The first historical ruler of our land that later was called the Kingdom of Poland was Mieszko I. During his reign Poland was converted to Christianity. The Kingdom of Poland itself was founded around 1025, and since then has changed its territory and law to become Poland as we know it today.

The longest rivers in our country are Vistula and Oder. Vistula goes through several Polish largest cities along its way, such as Warsaw, ToruĹ&#x201E;, GdaĹ&#x201E;sk and Cracow, in which most of us live. Speaking of water, we also have many lakes, mostly in the north. There's a region there called the Masurian Lake District where you can find nearly 2000 lakes of different types and sizes. The biggest one is a glacial lake called Ĺ&#x161;niardwy. In this region there are also located some medieval castles and other worth-seeing venues.

In the southern part of the country lies the Polish part of the Carpathian Mountains called the Tatra Mountains. It's a place with its own culture, habits and customs. The Tatra mountains are home to a specific ethnic group which we call 'Górale". This word can be translated into English as highlanders, both Polish and English names refer to the fact that they mostly live in upland areas. It's easily visible that their culture is unlike any other in many domains: architecture, cuisine, outfits and other.

Since 1596 our capital city has been Warsaw. It lies in the east-central Poland, and it’s the largest city in our country. It is also known as the "Phoenix City" because it has survived so many wars throughout its history. During World War II it suffered extensive damage and after war ended over 85% of its buildings were destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Buildings of Warsaw are representatives of nearly every European architectural style. Near the town centre you can find wonderful examples of architecture from the gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical periods. Each of these styles is represented by churches, fortifications, cathedrals, palaces and many more. As the capital city, Warsaw also hosts many events and festivals.

Sources: ryszard.flog.pl, www.agroturystyczny24.pl, pl.wikipedia.org, www.edulandia.pl, www.witajwpodrozy.pl, komandir.wrzuta.pl, http://upload.wikimedia.org, http://en.wikipedia.org, www.archiwum.watra.pl

Our school: "VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące was founded in 1993. It belongs to the group of most rapidly developing non-public schools in Krakow. A great number of teachers is recruited from the teaching staff of Krakow universities, especially Pedagogical University, the Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology. This fact guarantees high standards of teaching, whereas extensive pedagogical experience of our teachers, together with openness to new challenges and systematically held teaching workshops contribute to the development and perfecting of the quality of teaching. From the very beginning, our students have been achieving successes in various subject Olympiads (e.g. in German, English French, Russian, Polish Language and Literature or the European Union Olympiad), and as graduates continue their education in a wide range of academic specialisations. For several years the school has taken the leading places in the All-Polish Secondary Schools League Tables compiled and published by „Perspektywy", „Rzeczpospolita" or „Gazeta Wyborcza" (the second place in Małopolska region in 2006, the fourth in 2007, the fifth place in 2005 and the fifth and the second place in two different specifications in 2010). Our recent undertaking is opening the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (September 2012). Our experience in individual approach to our students, promoting voluntarism and various activities make the IB DP a natural step in our development."

From the beginning, our school has been open to any differences. Our school is small so everybody knows everybody. In one class there are about 20 students, so teachers can help everyone personally. Also, our school offers more hours of foreign languages than other schools do. And no one grumbles on PE lessons because we have got a lot of forms of classes. We can choose among swimming, gym, climbing wall, modern dance, squash or fitness. What’s more, we have many extracurricular activities like: volunteerism, theatre, photography, art classes, typing, classes in journalism and a lot more. We also have a lot of school trips so that we can know one another better.

I think everything that makes our school is unique. Źródła: http:/ /r/cb/fc/509cdf16ab39f_g1.jpg/d.naszemiasto.pl/k



All teachers in our school we find as amiable, intelligent and helpful but I have chosen two of them who have a big influence on us. Our form tutor is Mr. Karol Dudek who is a chemist teacher. He comes across as the most hilarious and wittiest person in our school. He always jokes, even during lessons. In my opinion, he has a talent for making people happy. However, he is not all about joking. He is also demanding and strict. For example, we have short tests in every class. Of course, some of us have poor grades , but Mr. Dudek is very fair and he always gives us plenty of opportunities to retake and correct them. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we regard him as one of the best teachers in our school.

Another teacher who we has undoubtedly had a big influence on us is our math teacher Mr. Tomasz Kozicki. He is an excellent teacher. He comes across as a very sensible and reliable person. Maybe some of us find him as a bit strict because he does not tolerate rudeness and lateness but I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mind it. He is very good at holding class attention and he can make math interesting, which is hard because most people consider math to be the worst subject ever.

Our class:

In this paragraph I want to describe our class and classmates. We are the biggest class in the whole school (22 people). What we like the most about our class is that we all differ from one another. Each one of us has different interests, talents, abilities. In this way, we can learn something new for another classmate . In my opinion, it is impossible to choose the most interesting or outstanding person from my class so I decided to describe some of my classmates’ interests. Let’s take my mate Ksawery who wants to become an actor. He even has his own video blog on YouTube where he shows people some funny scenes from films or TV series. Monika is another intriguing person. She is keen on playing drums and she is a member of a school band just like my friend Ola who plays the guitar.

Our English group and our English teacher

Our English teacher is Miss Żaneta Dyląg who is one of the most amiable people I have ever met. She is very encouraging and helpful. Her lessons are always engaging and we all have learned a lot since she became our

English teacher. Our English group is quite small (just 8 people). We are at upperintermediate level of English. All of my group mates want to improve their English to discover foreign countries’ cultures and habits and the English lessons are very helpful in reaching this goal. Sources: www.freebievectors.com 9634078-sowa-nauczyciel-cartoon-znak www.canstockphoto.pl

OUR CITY- CRACOW Cracow is one of the most popular cities in Poland. It is situated on the Vistula River in the South of the country . It is called the city of Polish kings because of its history. In Cracow we’ve got a great many famous and interesting monuments like Cloth Hall, the Wawel Castle, the Barbakan, St. Mary's Church or Town Hall Tower. In our city we have also got two very popular mounds. The most significant are Kościuszko Mound and Piłsudski’s Mound which are in honor of the great Polish people. The most well known places are Cracow's Main Square, Jordan Park, Błonia Park- one of the biggest fields in the center of the city; and, of course, Kazimierz- the old Jewish district . These are the places where almost all cultural events are organized so they teem with tourists and Cracow’s residents all the time. In our city, apart from sightseeing which is probably quite boring for young people, we may find ourselves amused by visiting restaurants and cafes of various types on the Main Square, not to mention museums and art galleries (our special attention deserves a museum of The Second World War--the Schindler's Factory). For theatre lovers, there are performances staged on a daily basis. Among other attractions there are cinemas, an aqua park and a lot of shopping centers where there are plenty of shops with literally everything. Cracow is also the greatest university center in Poland, so each year thousands of students come here to study. Our city prides itself on having one of the oldest European universities, i.e. the Jagiellonian University. Cultural events, celebrations and traditions: In Cracow people every year celebrate various events like an annual cribs competitionorganized during the Christmas time, Lajkonik march- which is connected with one of the Cracow’s legends, Rękawka- an old Easter tradition, Jewish Culture Festival, International Festival of Old Music, the Great Dragon Parade or Coke Live Music Festival. Many of them are an old Cracow’s tradition celebrated over the years. All of these festivals are quite popular in all Poland and every year a lot of people take part in them. An especially beautiful day is the 1st of November, which in Christian tradition is named All Saints’ Day. On this day people visit cemeteries where are buried members of their families. The All Saint’s Day is a good way not only to remember our dead relatives but also to have family gatherings. The most beautiful and magical time is in the evening, in the old historic cemeteries, where ancient tombs situated under the old trees are all covered with lit candles and flowers and the air is filled with the smell of melted wax. Legends: There are a lot of legends connected with Cracow. They are about the history of Cracow, e.g. legends of St. Mary's Trumpet Call, about Lech, Čech and Rus, the Wawel Dragon, the sleeping knights or towers of St. Mary's Basilica. Each legend tells a story about courage, bravery and various positive characteristics as well as about evil and jealousy. Let's take the legend of St. Mary's Trumpet Call. This legend was created to commemorate the event when the trumpeter warned Cracovians against Tatars. The trumpeter lost his life because one Tatar shot him with an arrow. He died but saved Cracovians. Up until today, a trumpeter plays a trumpet call every day at each full hour into four cardinal directions of the world.

Sport in Cracow The most popular sport in Poland is football. In Cracow, we have two first league teams. Both of them have their stadiums near BĹ&#x201A;onia Park. Wisla Cracow was the Polish Champion 13 times. The most popular player who played in Wisla Cracow is Jakub BĹ&#x201A;aszczykowski. The second team is Cracovia and they have one of the most modern stadiums in Poland. Cracow football fans are notorious for the violent clashes and the hatred between Wisla and Cracovia supporters has been continuing for decades now. The derby of Cracow is also known as the Holy War. On the more positive side, in Cracow, we have a lot of sports facilities and some people think that Winter Olympics in 2022 will be held here.


SEPTEMBER NEWS IN ŽEMAIČIŲ NAUMIESTIS GYMNASIUM There were some interesting events in September. Firstly it was celebration of the beginning of new school year. Despite the terrible weather and heavy rain the first day at school was fine. It didn’t ruin our students’ mood. Everyone was happy to meet the classmates and other friends. In the evening we danced and sang in the disco. There were a lot of people and they all had fun.

September is the month when students’ council starts its work. There are weekly meetings to solve various questions and school problems. We also discuss about upcoming events. All council members are hard working on it. Wish them good luck! The last Friday in September was a movie night. When it got dark, students came to the school hall. There we all watched a movie “Identity thief”.

Each September we have sport competition cross country running which is held in a beautiful park nearby our school. Students have to hit different distances which depend on the students’ age. The shortest distance 500m is for youngest runners and the longest distance 3000m have to run senior students boys.

Thanks to the teachers and students who participated in this volume of the CHAIN… Uğur ÖMÜR

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