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Lithuania is a beautiful country which we live in. This tiny country is located near the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is also the center of Europe. Our country has a population of nearly 3 million people. There are a lot of forests, rivers and lakes in Lithuania. The Lithuanians are mad about basketball. This game is even called the second religion in our country. Lithuanian basketball players are the most beautiful  and certainly the best! The people here are very friendly and cheerful. We love living here, and we can be proud that Lithuania is our homeland. There are many what to see in our country. If you visit Lithuania you must see the most famous places like Trakai Castle, Vilnius Old City and the UNESCO word heritage site Curronian Spit. It’s me Gabrielė, who promise to be a guide to you. 




I’m going to present our group which is participating in the project. All students study English at different levels in our school. Our group is in the highest level, it means that we are the best at English in step nine. So we have to study very hard. There are fifteen people - twelve girls and only three boys- in our group. There are three girls called Karolina, two pairs of girls named Gabrielė and Rita; also we have Simona, Martyna, Vidmantė, Edita and me whose name is Ema. Our boys are called Laimonas, Lukas and Gytis. We all are 15-16 years old. We have a good English teacher whose name is Danguolė. She suggested us to take part in this project. So we are there and say hello to everyone!


Hi! My name is Edita. I am 15 years old. I have a few hobbies, and I tell you what they are. My favorite is singing, it helps me to relax. I like dancing too. Also I really enjoy evenings strolls. I love food but mostly I love chocolate. I am friendly, funny, gotten a head when it comes to serious. Just this year I started to learn in Žemaiciu Naumiestis school. I really like it.

Hello! My name is Lukas Vingis. I am 15 years old. I have been learning English since second class. Altogether there are four English groups in our classes. I’m in the group where study the best students. I live in Zemaiciu Naumiestis. I like playing football, basketball and volleyball, street workout. I think I like cars and motorcycle like most boys at my age and I like to ride them. Also I like riding my mountain bike. In my town there are a lot off places where I can ride with mountain bike.

My name is Karolina, I’m 15 years old. I live in a small village. I have dad, mom, brother and sister. My brother is 18 years old, sister is 12 years old. I love dogs, but hate cats. I like playing volleyball and basketball.


Sing if you can Many students wait the month of November not for Halloween but for a Students’ day. This year, like every year, in our Žemaičių Naumiestis gymnasium was that favorite event. The students from neighboring schools came to our gymnasium and in teams competed completing funny, crazy tasks and just having a good time. They also met their old friends and made new ones. This year came 5 teams from different schools. There were nine teams the year ago. Sing if you can was just one of the many tasks given. Students had to sing karaoke running, eating or even to sing blindfolded. Also they had a chance to take part in the fashion show. Having a secret box they had to dress up the student from other team. This is, of course, just a couple of assignments. After the event all the students could treat themselves with snacks and then they danced in a disco. All had a good time and left for home with good feelings.


Žemaičiu Naumiestis gymnasium It was established in 1921. The principal is Liudvikas Genys. The school has two separated buildings. There is a library with two reading rooms, a museum, a gym, and a hall for special events, also classrooms for the Lithuanian and German languages, Mathematics, History, Religion and Ethics in the first building. Other subjects – the English and Russian languages, IT, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Physics – have classrooms in the second building. Our school is surrounded by a beautiful park called Žaliakalnis. There we have the lessons of Physical Education and sport competitions take place there as well. About 400 students study in the gymnasium. They are taught by 40 teachers. Our school is hosting interesting events, for example "Youth Day", "Awards 2013", which we, Karolina and Edita, like very much.


Photos from our school life



Zemaiciu Naumiestis is in the western part of Lithuania. The nearest big city is Klaipėda. It‘s a small town, there live about 3000 people. There are 3 schools- elementary school, Zemaiciu Naumiestis gymnasium, the School of Agriculture- in our town. There people are friendly, and we know each other rather well. Old times this town has been called the little Hollywood, because in the center of the town is an old stone paved square surrounded by old buildings where many films were filmed. There are three churches, the Catholics named by Archangel Michael, Lutherans Evangelic and Synagogue for Jews. Every September we have a huge festival called Mykolines. Outside the town we have a nice lake which is a place to meet and have fun.

The lake

Town’s coat of arms

Catholics church

Lutherans church


Hey everyone, I‘m one from the Lithuanians. My name is Rita I‘m 15 years old. I‘m like every normal teenager, I like listening to music and spending time with friends. Also I love drawing, but I‘m not very good at it, it‘s just my hobby.

Hey! My name is Simona and I‘m 15 years old. I live in Lithuania and go to Zemaiciu Naumiestis gymnasium. I‘m very cheerful and funny person. In my free time I like to read books and hang around with my friends. Also I love to dance and listen to music. I can play the guitar and piano.

Hi. My name is Martyna. I‘m 15 years old. I really love my school. The atmosphere here is really good! So, what about me? I love dancing and listening to music. I‘m attending a dancing club in my school and I really enjoy it. I like Science and English. In my free time, I like to hang around with my friends or cook with my mom. That‘s all about me. P.S:


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I want to tell you about the place that I live in. I am staying on a mountain top.(namely,our house was made there ) There are a lot of buildings there. There are parks for children. There is resort. There is a sports park for ladies who want to become thinner.There is a school, a confectioner’s shop and a buffet. There aren’t many things here but we are happy here. Because it’s calm place. We feel private because we live in a marvellous place. This place’s got clean and fresh air. Sides is full with trees. See You. Here are some photos of me and my street:



Hi,I’m Petek. I’ll inform about Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the conquest of İstanbul. Fatih Sultan Mehmet is 7th king of The Ottoman Empire. He is a very important person in our history. Byzantines lived in İstanbul in ancient times. Many kings wanted to İstanbul, but nobody could conquer. Because rampart(walls) of İstanbul was very resistant. Fatih’s greatest dream was to conquer Istanbul. So Fatih Sultan Mehmet was conquered İstanbul at May the twenty-nineth. The conquer of İstanbul is not important only for Turks history. The conquer of İstanbul is very important for all over the world. This war is one of the most important events in the history. It was the beginning of new-age. Feudalism was finished in Europe. Ottoman Empire became stronger. PETEK


LET’S HAVE FUN  Tuesday Namaz Nasreddin Hodja dresses up his frock and rides on Karakaçan(his donkey). In his way one of his collegue’s asks: Where are you going Hodja? I am going to Friday Namaz. How can you do that, today is Tuesday? Hodja shows Karakaçan and says: I never know my faithful Karakaçan’s way, we can hardly catch it on Friday.


Nasreddin Hodja buys some books about the Holy Koran and its interpretation; and rudiments of Islam. He puts them in a large bag. He takes the bag onto his back and rides his donkey to the village. The people who see Hodja on the way ask: Oh, Hodja! Why did you take the bag onto your back? Hodja answers “What can I do? The poor animal always tolerates me. Anyway, it is carrying me, and I don’t want it to carry the bag as well.” BURAK ÖMÜRCAN

Hi! I am Fahri. I am sixteen years old. I am attending to 10th grade. I am doing wrestling as hobby. I am a good wrestler. I’ll introduce you the wrestling.Wrestling is one of our ancestor sports. It has two species. For example greasy and lean wrestling.There are two players in this sport. It is directed by a referee.The players have to overturn his rival to win the match. At the end of the match, the winner takes a medal. FAHRİ


Hey there, I’m Büşra Naz. How are you? Firstly I’ll talk about myself a little bit. I am Büşra Naz but you call me as Naz, because my full name may be difficult to pronounce for my foreigner friends. So I’m Naz  I’m a 10th grade student. I have two brothers and a sister. I love singing a song and I have a song cover. I always sing a song because it’s my life. But I can’t sing Turkish songs. I think my voice is not suitable for it. I love music, and music is my life. I love everything about Korea. I’m interested in Korea for five years. Do you about Korea? If you’re interested in Korea like me, and want to get more information about it, I can tell you with a great pleasure. In fact, I want to study a university in Korea. It’s possible but I don’t know how to do it. So, this is me. This is my first essay for our newspaper. I like writing something That’s all for now. See you. BÜŞRA NAZ

Hello, I’m Özlem. Let me tell you about my summer holiday plans. I’ll travel to France with my cousin and aunt. We’ll spend a lot of time in the shops and watch a theatre. I love France because it’s really attractive. It’s going to be a great summer holiday. ÖZLEM (a volunteer student from 9th grade)


Hi, my name is Ayşenur. Iwant to give you information about a Turkish football team Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe Football Club was found in 1907 by Mr. Nurizade Ziya Bey, Necip Bey and Ayetullah in Kadıköy/İstanbul .The Jersey colors are yellow and navy blue. Professional football team plays home games at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium Other branches at the Club are basketball, volleyball, athletics, boxing, rowing, sailing, swimming, table tennis Professional football team, • the first international success of Turkish football in the history; the Balkan Cup (196667). • quarter-final inUEFA Champions League in 2008, • UEFA Europa League semifinals in 2012-2013 season. • U-15 team was the European champion in 2011, • Men's Basketball Team played Final Four in the FIBA Europe Cup 2005 • Reached the quarter-finals in the Euroleague in 2007-08 season. • Women's basketball team played Final Four in 2005, • Women's volleyball team in the European women's CEV Cup in 2009 and they were the third, • The team became champion in World Clubs Championship made in Qatar in 2010, and has achieved a historic success. It goes on like this in amateur and professional branches. As a result, it’s one of the best teams in Turkey and it’s my favorite team :)




Hi my name is Onurcan I am fifteen years old I am from Antalya I will introduce you to my hometown. Antalya is located on the Mediterranean coast of South-west TURKEY between the Toros mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Antalya is the centre of TURKEY’S tourism industry attracting 30% of foreign tourists visited city by number of international arrivals in 2011. Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort. The province of Antalya corresponds to the lands of ancient Pamphylia to the east and lycia to the west. It features a shoreline of 675 km with beaches ports and ancient cities scattered the World Heritage Site Xanthos The provincial capital is Antalya city with a population of 1.001.318



MY IDOL Hello everyone ,my name is Anastasia , I am 16 years old I am from Moldova but I I live in a beautiful small island Aegina where is in Greece .I have chosen to tell you about the celebrities because it is a common interest ! Everyone has his /her favorite actors/actresses and singers .We tend to admire idols because of the need of someone to respect and look up to .So do I ,I love singing and listening to music this is what cheers me up . To tell you the truth ,I am listening to music all the time it has become an addiction .By far the person I like most is Rihanna who is famous all over the world and her songs are amazing .Half of my friends like her and we have collected lots of posters !She is very fashionable and very beautiful too. I sometimes try to look like her!


Another celebrity that I am in love with, is Timati .He isn’t popular among European population because he is a hip-hop Russian .However ,he is very popular in Russia, Ukraine ,Moldova and America I have many friends abroad who has him their idol !


Finally, I like as a singer, Tinie Tempah who is also well known! I love hip-hop and in my opinion he is the best British hip-hop. I downloaded all his songs!



As all teenagers me as well I have a hobby which I like to do when I have free time. My hobby is dancing and when I say dancing I mean ballet! I started taking lessons when I was five years old. At the beginning I was doing only classical ballet lessons. But as time passed I was interested in other kinds of dancing such as tango and Viennese waltz. When you do ballet it is a good way to learn discipline and how to control your body. You obtain a nice figure and how to move with grace. If someone wants to become professional she/he needs to sacrifice a lot of time so as to achieve her/his goal. But I believe that dancing is a way to relax so I use dancing as mean of relaxation. I participate in a group of children of my age and we organize theatrical performances with a lot of music and dancing. We have a great fun and we believe that one day we will become famous worldwide. So this is me, my name is Anastasia, I have five certificates from royal academy of dance ,I am a member of this group and I enjoy very much what I do and I believe that music and dancing can bring together all nations whatever their differences are. That I had to say about my hobby which I think it is not only a way to relax or just to pass your time nicely but also you learn discipline and to corporate with other people as a group. It is something which it is useful in all times of your life.



In our school we learn useful things but some subjects irritates me but of course most of them are really useful for our lives. Some subjects at school are really boring like history and ancient Greek but others are really interesting like maths, chemistry, physics and PE especially for me. In my opinion the teachers in some way do the lesson boring or amazing. Some of the subjects that we do at our school is biology, chemistry, physics, religion, English, economy principles, history, literature,PE. However I would be really pleased if we had more subjects like art, music, drama. Furthermore the most important thing about school is that it educated us and help us with our future jobs. Melio has been a close friend for 1 year. I first met her when my friend Iro introduced her to me and we found out that he had a lot common interests. We've been friends ever since. Melio is quite good-looking. She's tall and slim, with brown skin and curly dark hair. She has a great sense of style, so she always looks well-dressed even in casual clothes. She is very outgoing. She is always friendly and loves to have fun. She's got a fantastic sense of humour and he always makes me laugh. However, she can be a bit immature at times. For example, when she doesn't get what she wants, she acts childishly. Melio is very keen on dancing. She likes ballet and Jazz and spends a lot of time training. All in all, I'm glad to have Melio as my friend. I really enjoy her company. I'm sure we'll always be close friends.


Hello! My name is Antonis Axiotis and I am from Aegina. Aegina is a small island of Greece. I am 16 years old and I am a student. I go in the first class of high school. My favorite hobby is football. I have been playing football for eight years. I am a very good player and I play CB. I am taking part in a very good football team and since this stage; we are in the third place of the tournament. We are all very promising players and we have so much fun when we are playing all together. I am hoping you too like sports, just like me! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Antonis

In this brief passage I will be speculating on what I’m interested in or used to be. I consider that all of you have and some or an abundance of knowledge in sports, in particular football and basketball but what is your knowledge of the eSports. I found about the electronic sports a while ago when the industry was at a point of culmination and when huge revenues from both sponsors and gaming companies where now slowly coming into play But what are eSports? Electronic sports are organized video game competitions something that began in the mid 1980s and after a while it became a huge and profitable industry. The two most well known games played at the early stages of eSports where called Starcraft and Warcraft III both created by a vast company named Blizzard. After those two games followed many that made their mark to the scene and are popular until today. Games like Starcraft II, Dota II, DotA, Counter-Strike and League of Legends still attract both young and adolescent audience. Professional gamers who take part in the competitions are praised by many and the industry of eSports is only expected to expand. Anthony Kassis


View towards Aegina town

Temple of Aphaia


Church of Agios/Saint Nectarios

Me with a friend


My name is Nektarios Dedegkikas and I live in Aigina

I am in the first Grade of High School .My school is one of the most SOPHISTICATED school in Greece because lessons are done with views, videos and others things that we can do in school contexts. Also our school organize many educational trips to do lessons more INTERESTS. at the beginning of the year our school organize teams for football, basketball and volleyball. Now I will show you some pictures from my island!!! ď Š



ME My name is Florida , i am 15 years old and i go in the first grade of high school. I live in Aegina a small island near Athens , Greece . Although i am not from Greece [ i am from Albania ] i love Aegina and Greece . AEGINA Aegina is a very beautiful island and many tourists visit it every year. But the main reason the tourists visit Aegina is the church of Sant Nektarios. Many people come from all over the world to see it. I have been there many times , it,s a very beauyiful church. You should visit it one day. Except from that there are many attractions to visit here in Aegina. Also there are many beautiful sandy beaches there. MY SCHOOL My school is far away my home i need 40 to go there and i take the bus every day to go there. To catch the bus i have to grow up every day at 6:00 because the bus live at 7:00. My school is very big , there are many classes and many students.

We learn many subjects in my school but my favourite are english and history.

What about you? Love Florida Ilazaj


My name is Maria Dedegkika and I live in Aigina , Greece. I am in the first Grade of High School. The school where I go is near from my house. The Lyseum of Aigina has big buildings which surrounded from a lot of trees. Here are some pictures from the school.

Maria Dedegkika ď Š




THE PLOT The protagonist of the film ‘We are infinite’ of Stephen Chbosky is Charlie, a young man who lives a difficult time of adolescence. Charlie is shy , introverted, thoughtful, a lover of poetry , he knows how to listen to others or keeping secrets. Charlie especially loves writing, this helps him to calm his anxieties and fears like the one he has for his first day of high school. Initially, Charlie 37

finds support and understanding in Professor Anderson professor of literature that immediately includes his strong sensitivity . He is sorry for the suicide of his only friend , Michael, and for the memory of the death of his aunt Helen who was very fond. He has a brother who attends Pennsylvania State University with a scholarship for football and a sister who is at the last year of the high school. He became a friend with Sam (a girl of last year for which he took a crush ) and with his half-brother , gay, Patrick . They led him to meet new friends, to the first party, the first fight, first love , first kiss, to music, to the drug. Charlie will begin to learn about the world around him. Then a buried secret of her childhood come back and force him to remember a great pain he had removed , that is, the violence that he had suffered from his aunt Helen , but then the friendship of Sam and Patrick helped him and with them, through the usual tunnel and listening their favorite song , Charlie finally felt good , alive and ‘infinite’. This film has given us so much, and for us it was beautiful and exciting, because it tells us how difficult life can be for a teenager with his doubts, through the discovery of himself and of the world, the friendship and the difficult relationship with others. Addresses issues such as drugs, homosexuality, sex, suicide. We also go through this time of unrest and therefore we found a bit of ourselves in Charlie. The message that the film gives us is that we are not merely the love we think we deserve because we have more, because everyone has the right to live a great life opening up more to the world. SABRINA PONTORIERE- SABRINA PISCOPO - MARTINA IADONISI


“The perks of being a wallflower” (The name of the movie) talks about a young guy who, like the most of teenagers, suffers because of love and loneliness. One day Charlie, the main character, meets Sam and Patrick with whom he starts to feel alive, to feel infinite. On an evening, after they saw a football match, in a tunnel they listened to an unknown song. They loved that song so much they tried in every way to find the name of it and its singer. Only after few months, a new friend of Sam made her listen to that song that was "Heroes" by David Bowie. So she made a mixed box with "Heroes" inside and she gifted to Charlie and Patrick in sign of their endless friendship. That song will remain the soundtrack of their life and, as the song says, they will be Heroes and friends for ever and ever.

In the film we’re dealing with,’ Heroes’ is the soundtrack and main theme of the story. That song encourages us to seize the time, to live the life as it were the last day of our life..


DAVID BOWIE ''HEROES'' - LYRICS I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day We can be Heroes, just for one day And you, you can be mean And I, I'll drink all the time 'Cause we're lovers, and that is a fact Yes we're lovers, and that is that Though nothing, will keep us together We could steal time, just for one day We can be Heroes, forever and ever What d'you say? I, I wish you could swim Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim Though nothing, nothing will keep us together We can beat them, forever and ever Oh we can be Heroes, just for one day I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can be Heroes, just for one day We can be us, just for one day I, I can remember (I remember) Standing, by the wall (by the wall) And the guns shot above our heads (over our heads) And we kissed, as though nothing could fall (nothing could fall) And the shame was on the other side Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever Then we could be Heroes, just for one day 40

We can be Heroes We can be Heroes We can be Heroes Just for one day We can be Heroes We're nothing, and nothing will help us Maybe we're lying, then you better not stay But we could be safer, just for one day Oh-oh-oh-ohh, oh-oh-oh-ohh, just for one day


“We can be heroes just for one day.”


David Bowie is an English musician, singer-songwriter, producer, actor, arranger.. Well, quite EVERYTHING, I mean: “ is there anything he can't do?” Bowie has been a major figure in the world of popular music for over four decades, and he is renowned as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s. He is known for his distinctive voice as well as the intellectual depth and eclecticism of his work. He can play something like ten instruments including guitar, keyboards, harmonica, saxophone, viola, drums, percussion and so on... He's sixty-six years old, and he's on the scene since 1962 and he's still in activity! In a September 1976 interview with Playboy, Bowie said: "It's true—I am a bisexual. But I can't deny that I've used that fact very well. I suppose it's the best thing that ever happened to me." Bowie married Mary Angela Barnett on 1970 and they had a son together, now known as Duncan Jones, film director. But they divorced on 8 February 1980. On 1992, David Bowie married a Somali-American model in a private ceremony and later solemnized on Florence. They have one daughter, Alexandria "Lexi" Zahra Jones, born in 2000. Now the couple reside primarily in New York City's Manhattan and London.


THE SONG 'Heroes' is a song written by David Bowie in 1977. The song wasn't a success hit, it has become one of the best Bowie's signature tunes during the years and is well known today for its appearance in numerous advertisements and films. "Heroes" is the desperate scream of the last romantic on earth: In a world now destroyed, David tries to plead his girlfriend not to leave and not to choose the easiest roads, because as he says in the song: "We can be heroes, just for one day�. The background of "Heroes" is the Berlin Wall obstacle between two lovers and symbol of the Cold War. In fact, the song has been written in the Bowie's fertile "Berlin' period", when life in the city was crystallized into a tale of two lovers who come together in the shadow of the 'Wall of Shame' to be together.


The quotation marks in the title of the song, were designed to impart an ironic quality on the otherwise highly romantic, even triumphant, words and music. I think that Bowie, seeing the two lovers as heroes, was looking at them as sort of leaders who, by the infinite power of love, could destroy that damn awful wall that no one were too brave to wreck and they finally restored peace.


KEY SENTENCES “I, I will be king. And you, you will be queen.� With this sentence, David puts the two lovers at the center of the world as King and Queen, one of the most truly love ever seen and nothing can divide them even not a stupid useless wall, a stupid act that only brings grudge and sadness.

"Though nothing, will keep us together, we could steal time, just for one day." As I've said before, this song talks about two lovers that are divided by this wall, but their love is stronger than anything else and even if it seems impossible because of the wall, every night they "steal time" to stay together. Sometimes this kind of barriers makes love stronger and more beautiful because if even after thousand troubles, someone still loves you, this make you sure that is true love.

XOXO- Mauro, Roberta, Giovanni.


THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER - QUOTES. The film has a rich pregnant language too. These sentences particularly moved us: "Welcome on the island of broken toys." With this sentence, Sam introduces Charlie in her group, a club where nobody is perfect, where everyone has a difficult story, but despite of this, they accept each others, with all their weaknesses, their lacks and their insecurities, and together they are able to be always strong! "You observe the things from afar and you understand them. You don't exhibit yourself." Patrick says this sentence to Charlie during his first party. In fact Charlie is considered a " wallflower", someone who observes the world surrounding him but without participating, and without using his qualities. "We can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where we will go from there onwards." With this sentence Charlie wants to convince himself that, even if he can't change his past, he can choose what he wants for his future, and do his best so that his dreams come true. Sam : "Why we choose people that treat us as we are nothing?" Charlie: "We accept the love we think we deserve!" With this sentence, Charlie would say that everyone doesn't love at the same way that he receives love, because we can't choose how and who to love but we can only accept the love we receive, in fact, Charlie knows that he loves very much even if this love isn't reciprocate. At the same way, Sam doesn't think she deserve the little Craig's love and she ends up accepting Charlie's love. "I don't know if I will have the time to write other letters, because maybe I will be too much busy in trying to participate. So, if this should be the last letter, I want you to know that I wasn't fine at the beginning of the high school and you helped me. Even if you didn't know what about I was talking or you didn't know anyone who had these problems, you didn't make me feel alone. Because I know there are people that say that this things don't exist. Because there are people who, when they are 17 years old, they forget when they were 16. I know that one day these will become some stories and that our images will become only old photos and we will become the parents of someone. But here and now, these moments aren't stories, this is happening. I'm here and I'm watching her. And she's beautiful. Now I see it, the moment wherein you know you are not a sad story. You are alive and you stand up and you see the light 46

above the buildings and everything that makes you agape. And you hear that song, on that road, with the people you love most in the world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinity�. This sentences are said by Charlie during the final scene. With these sentences Charlie says goodbye to his imaginary friend, and he thanks him for his help when he needed it. He is convinced that, even if the time passes and the lived moments probably will become only memories, we have to enjoy the present and the moments that make us feel happy, with the people that love us, that make us feel infinity and that help us to watch at the end of a dark tunnel, the light at last. BRUNELLA , MARIA, CHIARA,SIMONA P.

This movie includes topics such as adolescence and the fear and insecurities that it brings. The feeling of being different, the difficulty to fit into a society that lives of prejudices in fact, into the movie, Sam strikes with a phrase :" Welcome into the world of broken toys" In the movies it is also highlighted that we don't have to break down and that is possible, with the help of trustworthy people, to overcome evrything. Simona Marigliano, Linda Cipriano, Giovanna Amoroso e Simona Castiglione


“The perks of being a wallflower”

We discussed in class, with our comrades, of a movie we saw at the cinema. "The perks of being a wallflower", a beautiful story of friendship, love and dreams hard to die. Everyone has an opinion beginning to specify the meaning of the word "adolescence", also being able to express personal experiences. Charlie has to start high school. There are so many fears for this sad-eyed boy with a beautiful family behind and a big difficult pain to overcome, that constants sense of guilt towards his aunt Helen, who died in a car accident in a Christmas of his childhood, while he was going to buy him a gift. The suicide of his only friend that had happened the year before inexplicably. What Charlie wants for now is to be able to pass the first year of high school, but his sister Candace, at the last year, don’t even think to help him to through this new door, this new world. Not even the fame of his older brother Chris, who at that time was at the college for having received sporting merits, serves to prevent him teasing affected by the students of the first year. Charlie is only in understanding with literature teacher Anderson, who manages to capture, at the first lesson, under his shyness, introvert and unstable psychology, the intelligence, and the thickness of the boy. During a football game Charlie knows Sam and Patrick, peers half-brothers, students at the last year. Being too isolated and judged ( she’s named "easy" and strange, and he’s homosexual) they really understand how to find the boy and they take him under their wing. Charlie immediately falls in love with Sam, but his love is hopeless, because she goes out with Craig, which introduces in his group of friends. Charlie confesses to Sam that he wanted to be a writer, "Write to us" is the answer of the girl, which at Christmas gives him a typewriter.

Meanwhile, he’s helping her to prepare for the entrance examination to the college. After the Christmas holidays, having relived the circumstances of the death of his aunt, she finds herself, without knowing how, with Mary Elizabeth, one of the friends of Sam, which isn’t in love, but don’t know how to get rid of it until during the game " Obligation or Truth? "one evening, invited to kiss the girl in the room the most beautiful for him, he chooses Sam. So Patrick advises Charlie to leave the group for a while. Towards the end of the year comes the news that Sam was admitted to the college 48

and she closes with Craig, after discovering that cheated on her constantly. Sam likes Charlie, but when she, after having kissed him, tries to make a more intimate gesture, the boy suddenly escapes and flees. The next day, confused and anxious, for the departure of Sam and Patrick, and to fail, even wanting, to stop them, he calls his sister telling her disjointed sentences, so the girl, worried, call the police to prevent the brother accomplished some nonsense. Charlie wakes up in the hospital and the doctor explains to the parents, which shocked and incredulous, that Aunt Helen had sexually abused of the child, which, over time, had suffered a trauma, blaming himself for the accident that caused her death. A few weeks later Charlie was discharged and, to celebrate, Patrick and Sam invite him to their favorite restaurant. On the way of back, in the car, through the usually tunnel, listening their favorite song, Charlie kisses Sam. Now he sees that moment when he knows that he isn’t a sad story, he’s alive, and he stands up, and sees the light of the buildings and everything that makes him stand openmouthed. And now, finally, he swears to himself that it is "infinite." In this film you feel the sensation of this constant search of a fixed point of a relationship that never dies in the midst of so much pain and a lot of fear of failure or of hurting. From this point of view, Charlie, is the most centered and in the relationship between ups and downs with his family, both in his "casual" relationship with a girl a little older than him who doesn’t love sincerely. As Sam says, well, towards the end: "I don’t want to be the 'crush' of anyone, I want to be loved." In fact, an all-encompassing love that embraces all that complex of expectations, desires, hopes and fears that it’s just typical of adolescents. Because, yes, the guys are infinite and Charlie, Patrick and Sam know it well: they wish all, a true love that doesn’t die, a job nice and helpful, a warm and sincere friendship. And they remember those who are older than them, that beautiful and complicated age in which they believed in the greatness of their heart.

Adolescence is a difficult period to define. In terms of time it’s the period between childhood and adulthood, but when do we finish to be children and we become adults? It’s difficult to define exactly, but roughly adolescence covers that period of time, those six hectic years, between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. For those children who have behavioral problems, the new demands of adolescence may exacerbate tensions with which they struggle, exacerbating the difficulties. Even others, who as children had reached an adaptation fragile and precarious, can be overwhelmed by the huge changes which occur with adolescence and then develop behavioral disorders. But there are also those who have had a relatively "healthy" and have gained a solid sense of self-esteem and self-confidence: for these children in adolescence can be a really exciting time, enrichment and psychological growth. It’s a developmental period in which the child is attempting to create a personal identity. This identity, for obvious reasons, is imposed by the environment in which we are engaged: an outer identity that "works" as long as we are in a dependent position. But, as we grow up and we depart from our "roots" we discover that our aspirations are in conflict with the expectations of our parents. This is the reason because one of the most common emotional distress of adolescence is called "identity crisis". Sometimes, adolescence is a bit paradoxically considered as a disease, it’s often said "we need to pass the youth," as if there was talk of some infectious disease. But he speaks more often of adolescent crisis, referring to this notion of crisis to a particular stage of development of the personality or psychosocial 49

crisis. Many guys aren’t sure of themselves, they are closed in themselves, often for problems or disappointments of the past that continue to haunt him, a bit like Charlie, in fact. These guys need to confide in someone, to be encouraged. The encouragement in words is not enough, because the guy doesn’t convince of their skills on the basis of compliments and praise. His lack of self-confidence is very deep to be shaken by flattery. To believe little by little in his ability, he must achieve sensible results. It needs discover within himself the talent that until then had not been encouraged, the parents have to help him to be realized. It’s important a successful, a success, a progress: even one. Through the deployment of his faculty trampled, we’ll give to the timid the balance and the willingness to face his life. "Moreover, as has happened to me" - says Anna Lucia. "All I needed, was to feel me strong enough at one thing, to be able to better address all the others and to combat shyness that had taken possession of me. And I must say that now I feel free of a burden, I feel strong and very determined, I feel infinite, in the true sense of the word, just like in the movie". In the film, Sam welcomes Charlie with warmth in the group with one sentence: "Welcome to the island of defective toys". Charlie crosses the threshold of a "borderline" world , where they meet parties, soft drugs and Buddhist Punk, but in which the feelings are deeps and alive, until make them bad. Perhaps the expression of Sam wants to make it clear that in the end the whole group feels so, a "defective toy", full of ups and downs, because each of them is judged by someone outside of the group, probably only for the appearance or maybe for a past that cannot erase when instill in their hearts, they are the best people, that despite all fail to address the obstacles that lie along the road head-on. In our opinion, this "island", this "club", represents the company in which they are teenagers. Everyone feels that he’s a bit as a "fish out of water", each of us is different, and needs to feel accepted by other. We are a sort of chain, everything we see the others do, for us, it’s automatically to be redone. We seem many programmed machines, yes, many manipulated toys, people without character, when that isn’t the way we are. We need to stand out, but many guys haven’t the courage, which is the key thing. By Anna Lucia Pierro, Maria Anna Manocchia, Emanuela Cozzi, Chiara Amato, Mario Tortoriello. 





Dear Żaneta Dyląg


November news from Poland Poland’s national holiday On 11th November 2013 in our country we celebrated the Independence Day. Crowds took part in parades and other events connected with this holiday. All those people wanted to show their patriotism through engagement in such ventures. Unfortunately, there happened disturbances and some cases of civil disobedience during one of such marches. Consequently, the police had to discontinue the parade and arrest some volatile men who, for example, attacked the Russian Embassy. “National Independence is a public holiday in Poland celebrated every year on 11 November to commemorate the anniversary of Poland's resumption of independent statehood in 1918 after 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia and Austria.”

From 11th- 22nd of November in Poland there was held Warsaw Climate Change Conference. A huge number of influential politicians and activists attended that conference. The issues revolved around the ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while creating jobs and opportunities for economic growth. According to the closing press briefing, the summit “concluded successfully” and many important decisions had been made. All Saints’ Day On November 1st, Poles observe a melancholy holiday called “All Saints’ Day”. On this day a lot of people go to cemeteries to remember all their near and dear ones who passed away. They decorate tombs with flowers and light candles. A candle symbolizes our memory of that deceased person. Those of us who are religious pray.

Written by Justyna Zyss


SERIAL PENCIL KILLER Besides ordinary interests and hobbies I'm keen on, one of my greatest passions is drawing. I never liked, let's say, standard art, although I tried. What I mean is that drawing classes aren't really my thing. I used to attend such lessons, but it ended up with giving up drawing at all for a long time. Even though the atmosphere was great and so was the teacher, I didn't enjoy the mentioned classes. Eventually, I took up drawing again, but still I can't bear the thought of standing for hours to sketch a still life. It seems so boring to me that I'm getting nervous whenever someone even mentions it. Nowadays I avoid any type of classes I mentioned before, and draw just for myself. I appreciate this a lot because when I used to draw for other people's opinions it would make me more irked than joyful. For me drawing is a thing that truly let one develop people's creativity and it gives a lot of happiness when is done for themselves, not for others.

Some people regard my pencil drawings as quite admirable, and I admit that pencils are my favourite technique, even though I don't find my drawings perfect. Apart from them, sometimes I use pen, ink or watercolours. Painting isn't my thing, but it's perfect for making illustrations or colorful, simple pictures. My pencil drawings are much more refined and they took much more time to finish. And because of the number of pencils I use up, in my family I come across as a serial pencil killer. Above you can find some of my drawings made during this year. Judging by them you can also tell what other things I'm interested in: fantasy and computer games :). Zuza WuĹźyk, 16 years old, Poland 55

Zuzanna Czyżewicz

Things I don't like Hi there! I am Zuza. Let me tell you a few things about me. I enjoy doing very many different things, yet I decided to write about the things which literally make me furious because, I think, it's just easier for me to speak about what I despise. Let's start with after-school activities. Since I was a child my parents have been trying to persuade me to have something like a hobby. So far, I have tried to learn how to play the piano, played table tennis, gone to ballet lessons and played tennis. Each and every of those “hobbies” was a terrible experience for me! A total nightmare. I just wanted to stay at home and do nothing, but my mum was inflexible! I am not saying I'm lazy (or maybe I am) but I just hate it when people tell me what I should do. Another thing I find really annoying and it is definitely one of my pet peeves is a situation on the bus when there are more than one free seat but someone just has to take my seat. Come on! There are plenty of seats! Why do you want this one where I'm sitting? Another thing connected with public transport is crowded buses. You feel like in a can of sardines. People sometimes behave like real beasts! It’s almost impossible to commute without experiencing jostling, shoving and angry remarks. ! Another thing which drives me insane are ads on TV! Probably no one likes them so what they are for? Personally I watch only these channels where there aren't any commercials. Ok, so now you know a little bit about me. That's not a lot, but nothing else comes to my mind now. Don't think I'm a grumpy person, in general I'm rather cheerful... at least I like to think I am. ;-)


Kasia Zacharias Hi, I'm Kate. I will tell you about my favourite passion, which is taking photos. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for it but I try my best to take some photos every now and then. What I excel at is a landscape photography. You may see some of my photos below. Many times I see some breathtaking views and I regret that I haven't got my camera. I dont' t plan my future around photography because I don’t consider myself good enough, but it's a great hobby for a vacation or an interesting alternative to spending time in front of the computer.

P.S: Sorry for the document of “Ania Kościelniak on her passion”. There was a coding error on that file. If you send it again, be sure that it will be published in next issue.




My name is Adrien, I am 15 years old, I have no sister and brother, I am at school in Les Fins, My leisure is football, My passion is DJ and rallye. Matrix (in France) and The Matrix (Quebec and New Brunswick) (The Matrix) is a sci-fiction1 a "cyberfilm2" directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (then Larry) and released in 1999. It is the first of a trilogy that will continue with the movies The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. It is considered one of the most important films of its genre time.3, 4.

My hobbies and life


My name is Antoine Robert. I am 14 years old. I come from MONTIVERNAGE, 2 chemin jean billerey. My school is MFR « les deux vals ». I have twelve teatchers. My hobbies are fishing and hunting wild pigs and I have two dogs and two rabbits. My favourite film is EXPENDABLE because of my actors favourite • •

Sylvester Stallone Jason Statham

Dolph Lundgren

Jet Li

Terry Crews

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Giselle Itié

Eric Roberts

David Zayas.

In the region, we have Saut du Doubs, a beautifull waterfall

We have a beautiful dam of Chatelot

Antoine Robert


Hello, My name is Laetitia Devaux and I am fifteen years old. I live in Bonnètage my address is 16 rue de la gare 25210 Bonnètage. My mom is Maria and dad is Gérard. I have one sister. Chloé is my best friend. My hobbies are horse-riding and gymnastics. I introduce you to Jappeloup a film. Jappeloup is very very good. It Is a film that-is about a small horse black and of rider.At the beginning of the 80s, abandoninga promising careerof lawyer , Pierre Durand dedicates himself body and soul to his passion, the show jumping. Supported by his father, it put everything on a young horse in which nobody really believes: Jappeloup. Too small, too emotional, too unpredictable, it has numerous defects but a relaxation and remarkable capacities. From competition to competition, the duet progresses and stands out in the world of the equitation. But the JO of Los Angeles are a terrible failure and Pierre then becomes aware of his weaknesses. By means of Nadia, his wife, and of Raphaëlle, bellboyof the horse, Pierre is going to get back to the confidence of Jappeloup and to build a relation which is going to lead them to the JO of Seoul in 1988.


Hello ! My name is Elodie Renaud , I'am fifiten years old. I live in Narbief. I love agriculture I introduce you the Chorist, a film very good Résumé du film: It is the story of Clément Mathieu professor of music who accept a post of monitoring in a boarding of reeducation school. Mathieu changes the pupils.

Hi ! my name is ilimdar yuksel I live in France in Morteau I have got 2 brother and 1 sister. My favorite film is fast and furious. Fast & Furious 6 (alternatively known as Fast Six or Furious 6) is a 2013 American action film written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin. It is the sixth installment in the Fast and the Furious film series. The film stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker,Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Sung Kang, Luke Evans, Gina Carano andJohn Ortiz. Fast & Furious 6 follows a professional criminal gang led by Dominic Toretto (Diesel) who have retired following their successful heist in Fast Five (2011), but remain wanted fugitives. U.S. Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Luke Hobbs (Johnson) offers to clear the group's criminal records and allow them to return home in exchange for helping him to take down a skilled mercenary organization led by Owen Shaw (Evans) and his second-in-command, Dominic's presumed-dead lover Letty Ortiz (Rodriguez). A sequel began filming in September 2013.

My Name Is Jérémy and I ‘ m 16 years old. I’ve two Brother Lucas and Michael. I enjoy playing video


games and watching anime on my PC. I really play sport in riding bike. I enjoy listening to most music and my favorite music Is rock. My school is MFR in LES FINS .

FILM REVIEW My favorite my film is fantastic: HARRY POTTER And action : RESIDENT EVIL

Description in Harry Potter : Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The series, named after the titular character, chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Wesley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story arc concerns Harry's quest to overcome the Dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who aims to become immortal, conquer the wizarding world, subjugate non-magical people, and destroy all those who stand in his way, especially Harry Potter. The actors are: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint.

My name is Lucas Joliot I am 14, born in Besancon 9 mars 1999. I live in Guyans-Vennes.


I like motocross, paintball and Sarah. My movie prefer is Fast and Furious 5, its very good, Vince Diesel play in the movie. I love the movie because of action and beautiful cars.

Hello !! My name is Ludovic. I am 15 years old I live in Indvillers. I have got two brothers and one sister. My mother is Sandrine and my father is Jean – Michel. My hobbie is motocross. The film that I present is Fast and Furious is very good. They are a lot of action. I admire a lot of actors and actress. The name of the actor are : Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul walker.


Description: Hello my name is Jeremy. I’m fifteen years old. My hobby is handball. I live in France 33 rue de Bellevue 25500 Montlebon My school is Maison Familiale les deux vals My school was created in 1957

My mother is Alexandra and my father is Antonio. In our class there are about 20 students, so teacher can help everyone personally The story is Intouchable Intouchable is a very good film It’ is story of handicapped The actor is OMAR SY The story is very funny I love the film

My name is Baptiste, I’m 15 years old, I live in France, 1 Grand rue 25210 Le Luhier.


I have got 2 sisters and 3 brothers. My mother is Alexiane and my father is Pascal, I have got 2 dogs. I love pizza and lasagna and patates. I study in MFR Les deux vals 25210 les Fins. My hobby is hunting and fishing. I like Amercian pie. This film relate history of group of fats adult who shape them life in sex!

My name is Jonathan. I’m fifteen. I live in 34 rue des cotes, my father is Stephane, my mother is Rachel. I’ve 3 sister, Manuella, Aurelie, Emeline. My hobbies are play video game, rally. My favorite is be on bike. My school is in MFR. Titanic is good. My actor favorite : Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winslet. Titanic it is the story on boat to flow

I am Nicolas Fernandez, I am 14 years old I live in Valentigney (25) my hobby is football, I love Fc Barcelone and Marseille. My school is les Fins (25500)


Banlieue 13: Actor: David Belle , Tony d’Amario , Samir Guesmi . Banlieu 13 is one movie very good for me because its movie in action . the story of Banlieu 13 is one Banlieu in Marseille one man escape of one prison to save the banlieu, from one bomb put ..

DESCRIPTION : Hello!! My Name Is Bryan I ‘m 14 years old I’ m from France and Mathay and I‘ve been living in Montbéliard since I was born i’ m medium height i’m brown haired and my eyes Is brown. I study English. My school is Maison Familiale Rurale. My hobbies are football and tennis. I’ve got 2 sisters. My mother is Genevieve and my father is Guillaume. I‘ ve got 2 dogs and 1 cat my favorite food Is potatoes and pizza and kebab. I have very good relation with my friends. I love to play games FIFA, GTA 5. INTOUCHABLE : The story is intouchable intouchable is very good. It‘s story of handicapped the actor is OMAR SY. I love the film and history is very funny.

Hello!!! My name is Thibaut Rieme, i am 14 years old. I live in Le Russey, I have got one brother and one sister. My father is Damien and my mother is Carole. My hobbies is listening to music. The movies that I present is James Bond: James Bond is a movies action with weapons.


Hello my name is Valentin. I am 16 years old. My passion is guitar and JSP (Jeune Sapeur Pompier). I live in Fournets-Luisans. My school is MFR les Fins. My movie is AVATAR, the movie is very good. The story is AVATAR, an ancient soldier want to destroy trees the AVATAR but a man and a girl try to make AVATAR not to leave.

Hello My Name is Voisard valentin, I’m 15 years old I live in MaÎche and les Plains ET Grand Essart , I like sport (run, football) and bike. 68

Fast and Furious After stealing a large sum of money, Dom and his gang have disappeared in the wild, living a comfortable retirement. Brian is now a father and his cronies take it easy around the globe. The agent Hobbs eventually finds them and offers them a dangerous mission: silence a criminal organization trying to get their hands on an extremely dangerous technology. The company agrees to obtain pardon that erases all their previous actions. For its part, Dom is especially interested to discover why his former love, Letty is now allied with the enemy...



Dear Barbara Jurzyk

Languages play an important role in human life. Out of all the languages in the world, English is considered to be international. There are some reasons why English is so important.


First of all, it is a global language so wherever you go, English is the best accepted language you can use to communicate. It helps develop tourism because it’s easy to communicate with the foreigners. How hard would it be in every country if tourist guides and tourists didn't know at least a little English. English makes the things go easier  The next fact is finding a job in competitive societies. Every boss is looking for qualified, talented, smart and confident employees. For example, if you apply for a top rank job and you go for the interview, do you know what kind of employees are going to be hired up? Obviously, those with fluent English. Why English is so important to find a job? Because we already know that people deal with others in English, especially in the business or scientific world. If you have good working knowledge of English you are very preferable for global companies. You can have a chance to work in an international team and earn well. Another reason for taking up English seriously are books! A massive quantity of books are written in English so you must know it to gain some knowledge, to learn something new or to read more. If you want to continue your higher education then you have to learn English because most of the academic books are in English. Even if you want to go abroad to take your higher degree there, you have to use English to communicate and understand other people. Why not to try studying at the best European universities? The final reason is internet. Most of the information there is in English so you must know it to understand what it is all about and also to communicate with other people via internet. In the field of IT (Information Technology) most of the information is also in English. So if you want to explore the unlimited opportunities of the world, English is the key. Learn it not only during the lessons. Listen to English songs, read English books (Graded Readers are waiting for you), watch films in English and take part in eTwinning projects. There are plenty of them. Why not to have a penfriend? Why not to write an article for an international ‘Chain’ paper? Why not to create a comic with other European schools? Thanks to the etwinning projects we are running this year your English will get better, you will also broaden your mind and improve general knowledge. Have a look at our school website for details and join the projects. B. Jurzyk

There are many Powerpoint slides on our project’s twinspace page from Poland. You can either have a look at them on twinspace or download from the links below. Thanks to the students who prepared them. Links for the Slides from Poland: 71

http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/42975727/file.html http://speedy.sh/84xYJ/Slides-from-Poland-Barbara.rar

Thanks for your contribution… Uğur ÖMÜR ELT Teacher November 2013


Profile for Ömer Öner

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