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da te n ight in b ox SAMPLE DATE EXPERIENCE


Date Night In Box | Dine & Dance

what is a date night in box There is no better way to give you a clear idea of what’s in our boxes than to show you the exact boxes our customers have already enjoyed! We are different than most other subscription boxes out there. The items we include in each box come together to create a complete experience. We encourage you to continue to read and decide if a Night In is a good fit for you and your loved one.

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o u r g o a l fo r t h i s d a t e Put an at-home twist on the classic date night of dinner and dancing. Dancing in public might not be for everyone but Dine & Dance allowed couples to be silly together from the comfort of their own home.

Dine & Dance | Date Night In Box

what our customers experienced Couples created a delicious pizza from scratch while listening to classics like “That’s Amore.” After dinner, couples were provided with three different dance tutorials they could choose from (or do them all)! Dine & Dance concluded with a think-on-your-feet card game and a “What Pizza Are You” quiz. The best part about Date Night In Boxes is that everything is included in the box. We keep the element of surprise. Our Date Night In seekers do not know the contents of their box until it arrives at their front door!



Date Night In Box | Dine & Dance

what’s included Several activities | A snack for two | Something to set the mood for the date | A custom Spotify playlist | A suggested, custom curated dinner menu | And so much more‌.

Dine & Dance | Date Night In Box

optional dinner menu (THAT OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE!) Each Date Night In Box includes a custom curated menu created with love by our friend, Marina. We also offer a printable grocery list, tips, tools necessary and some suggested solutions to those who have common allergies.

GET TO KNOW MARINA… Marina is a mom of two and creator of her food blog, Marina Makes. While juggling two kids, keeping up with blog posts and freelance writing, she’s appreciated alone time with her husband more than ever. Quiet nights at home are their ideal date night, which is why they’re thankful for Night In Boxes. Being a huge foodie, Marina believes that a delicious, quiet meal at home can be just as great (if not better) than a meal out on the town. Marina is dedicated to bringing easy and scrumptious recipes to all subscribers in hopes that the menus she crafts will elevate the Night In Box experience even more.



Date Night In Box | Dine & Dance

dine & dance activities MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA

Dine & Dance | Date Night In Box

dine & dance activities DANCE TUTORIALS



Date Night In Box | Dine & Dance

dine & dance activities 30 SECOND DATE DASH GAME

Dine & Dance | Date Night In Box

dine & dance activities WHAT PIZZA ARE YOU QUIZ



Date Night In Box | Dine & Dance

some of our previous dates sent to our happy couples!





Dine & Dance | Date Night In Box


some of our previous dates sent to our happy couples!






Date Night In Box | Dine & Dance

ge t 1 5 % off a ny plan |





Dine & Dance | Date Night In Box

night in boxes NOTE FROM OUR FOUNDERS Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! As a couple who has c onstantly moved, and as parents of two young children, our need for some “in home” entertainment was a top priority. With no options to turn to, Night In Boxes was born. We often joke that the company is our third born. We have been blessed beyond measure to grow at an incredible pace and the reception from our customers has been life changing. We are proud of what we have accomplished in a two years of business. As a team of twenty +, the sky’s the limit, as we forge the territory of being a category creator in the subscription box industry. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about Night In Boxes. All our best, Megan & Brian Pruitt


did you know? WE HAVE A KIDS BRAND! Kids Night In Box is a custom created, memorable subscription experience that brings families together in the comfort of our customer’s home. Each Kids Night In Box includes interactive activities such as get up and go fun, a custom book, music and a tasty treat all centered around life lessons inspired by real life mom adventures. We hope to bring children together with an influential adult in a creative, fun and meaningful way. In addition to our customers receiving a custom curated experience each month, they become part of a larger community that allow for an experience to be enjoyed beyond the box.

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DNI Dine & Dance Sample Date Experience  

DNI Dine & Dance Sample Date Experience