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Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and many of you are probably still playing out the memories of the three day weekend in your heads. Many of you are probably thinking about the great time you had at one of our pool clubs, splashing in the pool and spraying champagne. While some of your are reminiscing about your night inside one of our nightclubs, dancing, drinking and socializing. What a time is was. But I’m sure there were a great lot of you who were pissed off because YOUR nightlife connection didn’t come through for you MDW weekend. Don’t be too angry, their hands were literally tied and their wasn’t much they could have done for you if you weren’t spending money. You’ll have better luck next time!

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XS Las Vegas

Marquee Dayclub

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Wet Republic

Marquee Nightclub

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XS put on one hell of a Memorial Day Weekend featuring the likes of Avicii, David Guetta, Afrojack and Steve Angello. XS opened the weekend with Avicii. He dropped a wicked set for all of the guest who had just arrived in Las Vegas for their first night of MDW. Lil Jon and Afrojack were spotted taking in the magnificence of the weekend. Saturday night was highlighted by Afrojack’s high-energy-champagne-spraying set. The man was standing on top of his equipment double fisting two champagne bottle treating all who were thirsty and those who were not.

David Guetta held things down for Sunday Night Swim. Ladies and gents partied in their swimwear at the outside pool while everyone else enjoyed Guetta’s set from the dry indoors. Monday at XS was headlined by the tag team of Afrojack and Steve Angello as all of the guests who were still in town for MDW, danced away for what was left of the three day weekend. Weekends with line ups like this are of legend and will be talked about for years to come by those who attended. What a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend at XS!

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Wet Republic had a few fairly decent DJs at their venue Memorial Day Weekend. You my have hear of these guys, R3HAB, Tommy Trash, Tiesto, Calvin Harris and deadmau5! Arguably the top DJs to push out sets in Las Vegas MDW. Wet Republic opened MDW with dual sets from R3HAB and Tommy Trash, giving their guest a taste of two powerful DJs to welcome everyone to Las Vegas for the weekend. Saturday was hosted by none other than Tiesto. He was a surgeon on the 1s & 2s providing the crowd with sounds to move , dance and jump to. Sunday, Mr. Calvin Harris took to the stage and dropped an insane set for all the ladies and fellas in attendance. On Monday, MDW came to a close but not before one of the dope-est sets from deadmau5. Sporting the golden mau5head, he capped off a great weekend at Wet Republic. By far the best weekends to date for this venue.

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Marquee Dayclub gave us a Memorial Day Weekend DJ line up of Arty, Gareth Emery, Kaskade and tag team Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. Friday’s set was provided by Arty, with Saturday’s set put down by Gareth Emery. Sunday, Kaskade held down the 1s & 2s as the sea of hands and jumping heads went bananas to the electro sounds and beats of Kaskade. Monday saw the duo of Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano put on a show for the last day of Memorial Day Weekend. Wish it could be MDW all over again.

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Marquee Nightclub provided us with a Memorial Day Weekend to remember. Feeding off the wave of energy from Marquee Dayclub, Marquee Nightclub gave us a DJ line up of Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, Benny Benassi and Dash Berlin. Armin put on a show Friday night to kick off MDW and Saturday was no different as the Kaskade did a double shift where he did a set for the dayclub and then capped off the night at the nightclub. The legendary Benny Benassi did his thing on Sunday keeping the momentum of the weekend heading into the last day of the three day weekend. Dash Berlin capped off Monday night with the industry crowd of the Las Vegas nightlife. Everyone was glad MDW was over, but they cannot wait to do it again. Fourth of July we’re ready for you!

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What a Memorial Day Weekend for Hakkasan! They really fed off the energy and success of Wet Republic this weekend. The mega-club displayed some of the greatest DJs in the world MDW. This weekend was controlled by Tiesto, deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Hardwell and Calvin Harris. This weekend showcased the who’s who of Las Vegas DJs and made Hakkasan a force to reckon with for MDW. The only venue with similar DJ power was Wet Republic as they showcased some of the same DJs to amplify the weekend.

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You just have to love this place. Some of the most important and beautiful people on this earth have partied here and there is no thought as to why because this place is incredible. Olympians, professional athletes, musicians, actors, actresses and talentless reality stars have hosted events and their birthdays here. Theses images show why they choose to party at TAO Las Vegas.

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This place is AWESOME. Every single day this place is AWESOME. The party never stops and if it does happen to end, this place picks up right where it left off. It’s by far the best venue of its size and better than most nightclubs that are double its size. This place keep us looking forward to Tuesdays and every second Sunday of the month. Party on Hyde Bellagio!

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Needless to say, Memorial Day Weekend was a pretty sexy weekend for Haze Nightclub. Celebs DJ Pauly D and J. Cole highlighted the weekend for HAZE and they brought quite the crowd with them. We already knew DJ Pauly D had a great group of followers but J. Cole brought the ladies to Haze this Memorial Day Weekend.

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Who ever thought of the “Perfect 12” event is a freakin’ genius!

It’s the one nightclub event that makes people ask each other, “Is this a strip club?” It’s not, but for the duration of this event it sure seems like it! These ladies really know how to make a nightclub pull from their wallet. The winner of this event receives a $1,000 check and have the opportunity to come back and compete for another $2,000. With the tough times people are going through financially, its good to know that these beautiful ladies are willing to come to this event to entertain and dance-for-dollars. You have got to come to Gallery Nightclub to see these ladies “shake it like a Polaroid picture.” It is recommended that you witness this event at least twice in your life time.

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The big-little brother of XS has managed to remain successful even with two mega-clubs within 30 seconds walking distance of it. The place is always packed and hard to get into. It’s just one of those places that people love to be. It’s the one nightclub that doesn’t need a celebrity hosted event because the celebrities always come here to party. It’s a natural occurrence to see Floyd Mayweather jumping on their couches or LeBron James hanging out in VIP. That’s just Tryst and Tryst is just dope like that.

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It was truly an one of a kind Memorial Day Weekend at 1-OAK. Nothing like having some of the most beautiful people fill up your nightclub on MDW. 1-OAK brought in Flo Rida to highlight their super weekend and he put on an amazing show.

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MDW | May 24th-27th Encore Beach Club is the finest pool club in Las Vegas. It’s a beautiful place to take in the scene and party your socks off.. Memorial Day Weekend at EBC was impressive. Hunnies and gents partied in their swimwear to sounds from Avicii, David Guetta, Steve Angello and Dirty South. We’re looking for to what EBC does this weekend!

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MDW | May 24th-30th Thank the architects for nightclubs with pools. There’s no feeling greater than walking into a nightclub with swimming trunks on. Surrender is another one of those nightclubs that is really aggressive on it’s industry nights. Super star DJs such as the likes of Afrojack, Lil Jon, Above & Beyond and Will.I.Am just to name a few, rock this place and force tourist to pay attention to what’s going on at Surrender Nightclub.

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