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$149,000 Inspirada Townhouse. Built in 2008, this 1,798 sf townhouse features a private courtyard, 2 bdrm, 3 baths, plantation shutters, granite and many upgrades. Fully sprinklered, pre-wired for audio, video & security. 2 car garage opens onto alley, front faces street.



Rob Schlegel


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If you don’t recognize his name, just ask around ... In 1986, Rob Schlegel founded and published the (LGBT) Las Vegas Bugle, has been a Las Vegas journalist since 1974 and has spearheaded numerous projects to benefit the community, including Nevada’s first lesbian-gay-feminist bookstore.

Rob Schlegel

$70,000 in upgrades. 2268 sf, 3 car, 3 bd, 3 bath, spectacular home, backs to scenic walking path.

Inspirada Single Story $199,000

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Welcome to Las Vegas By Bill Schafer Publisher, Las Vegas Gay Guide Chinese New Year reminds us of the culinary diversity offered in Las Vegas. Soon to be past is the Year of the Tiger. Coming in is the Year of the Rabbit. Not only does Las Vegas celebrate with food, but also with stunning displays commemorating this important Asian holiday. Visit the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens see the magnificent display commemorating the Year of the Rabbit. The majestic centerpiece of this year’s exhibit is a 35-foot Chinese Junk Boat with a 38foot mast inspired by traditional 15th century fishing vessels. Making its debut at the Conservatory, the boat was created using teak, mahogany and cedar by Daniels Wood Land, Inc. – best known for building full-scale replicas of The Black Pearl for Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise. The ancient vessel is surrounded by a zig-zag bridge, a design that follows the

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principles of Feng Shui, providing a difficult route for negative energy and bad spirits. The bridge leads to a striking, wing-tipped Ming Dynasty-styled gazebo. Or visit Wynn Las Vegas and witness their display in the center of the casino. With the Year of the Rabbit upon us, Las Vegas Gay Guide takes a look at the Asian restaurants available here throughout the year. By the way, in Chinese culture the rabbit is thought to bring financial good luck, so don’t pass those slot machines without giving them a pull. One final recommendation: Award-winning female impersonator Christopher Peterson is appearing at Onyx Theatre in “Eyecons”, a one-man, many-women show. The Onyx a very legitimate theatre, located in the back of a leather/fetish/fashion shop in Commercial Center, one of main areas of gay business in town. You’ll also find some excellent dining in that center.

Wazuzu offers various flavors of Asia in modern Asian bistro Executive Chef Jet Tila is the rising star and expert in Asian cuisine at the helm of Wazuzu at Encore, the new signature resort in the Wynn collection. Open for lunch and dinner, the vibrant, modern Asian bistro features the various cuisines of Asia. Looking to Thailand, China, and Japan for inspiration, the chef has combined his innovative flair with the cuisines from these countries to create Wazuzu’s menu. Sushi chef Masaru Matsuura joins Tila in the kitchen, offering both traditional and innovative sushi. Tila’s dim sum, served all day, features a selection of small dishes such as shumai, BBQ pork buns and braised black bean spareribs. Tila’s imaginative cuisine results from his experimentation with classic Asian ingredients. He grew up cooking with his Chinese–Thai grandmother, and utilizes many of the ancient traditions of classical Asian cuisine in his restaurant. Guests can begin with a Wazuzu sushi roll, which is a snow crab California-roll topped with freshwater eel; tom yum prawn soup with mushrooms; and Thai beef salad with lemongrass Wagyu steak. Entrees include a Chinese BBQ plate with red roast pork and roast duck served with soy and plum sauce and Galbi beef short ribs with Korean soy and sesame. For those craving noodles or rice, Tila serves Pad Thai Kon Kaen, Wazuzu fried rice with roasted duck and pineapple and drunken noodles with shrimp, chicken or beef. To finish, dessert choices include Thai iced-tea ice cream or mango cheesecake with fresh mango and passion fruit caulis. Staying true to the restaurant’s name, Wynn’s in-house mixologist, Patricia Richards, has created nine specialty cocktails inspired by the flavors of Tila’s cuisine. Wazuzu Smash, the restaurant’s signature drink, is made with kusu shochu, orchid mango liqueur, freshly muddled pineapple, yuzu, calpico and ginger syrup. Tila compiled a selection of nine sakes that appeal to both novices and experts alike, such as Momokawa “G Joy” Genshu and Star Rabbit “Blueberry Infused” Sparkling Sake. Wazuzu’s name references a well-known 16th century painting of nine young dragons. In homage to the original work, Wynn’s designer Roger Thomas has incorporated a 27-foot, three-dimensional crystal dragon into the décor, which is comprised of 90,000 crystals and 2,400 flickering lights. Thomas has also included vibrant orange silk draperies and distressed

Wazuzu bleached wood wall panels into the décor, resulting in an overall effect that is modern and striking. Multiple seating levels offer both booths and sofas that look towards the casino floor. The décor of Wazuzu consists of a dramatic, bold color scheme that includes lime, periwinkle, fuchsia and poppy red displayed on iridescent silk wall panels and a hand-tufted, large-scale black carpet with colorful fans. Red and black lacquer elements are found throughout the restaurant, while vibrant, lantern-like chandeliers hang from the ceiling and antique Asian textiles from Hong Kong are displayed throughout. Los Angeles native Tila grew up working in his family’s Thai markets and restaurants, and he incorporates his life experience into the menu at Wazuzu to give his guests a truly unique dining experience in a lively, animated setting.

Beijing Noodle No. 9 opens at Caesars Palace Beijing transplant introduces authentic mainland-Chinese culinary specialties Caesars Palace has announced the opening of Beijing Noodle No. 9 – introducing to Las Vegas an innovative, new dining destination inspired by the many regional cuisines of mainland China and brought directly from Beijing’s sophisticated dining scene. The new casual restaurant offers China’s renowned hand-pulled noodles, authentic hand-rolled Shanghai house-made soup dumplings, Cantonese-style a la carte dim sum favorites, signature roasted and braised meats, and live-to-table seafood specialties all served in a uniquely designed, bird’s nest-inspired glowing floral cocoon. Open for lunch through dinner seven days weekly, the new restaurant has been more than three years in the making, led by recently emigrated Chinese Chef Yu Li, from Beijing, and General Manager Shelley Yu, from Jilin City, China. The December 24 opening followed the Dec. 4, 2008, debut of Sea Harbour at Caesars Palace, a mainland-Chinese-style seafood restaurant The two add an exotic new dimension to the family of Caesars

Palace-based restaurants that ignited, and continue to energize, a citywide culinary renaissance ranking Las Vegas among top U.S. dining cities. “With millions of Chinese leisure visitors exploring world destinations, millions more who regularly eat Asian noodles, dim sum and similar dishes, and relatively few authentic mainland Chinese restaurants in the U.S., we knew that Beijing Noodle No. 9 would immediately appeal to a variety of Caesars Palace guests,” said Gary Selesner, president of the famed resort. “Those early plans were validated in 2008 articles in the New York Times and Wall St. Journal, both of which confirm that there is significant unmet demand for the high quality, authentic cuisines of mainland China in U.S. cities that otherwise have an impressive complement of diverse ethnic restaurants. With the opening of Beijing Noodle No. 9, Caesars Palace is privileged to offer dining destinations that celebrate China’s rich culinary arts. We have opened these restaurants with great respect for China’s

culinary traditions - a sincere gesture of welcome to Chinese visitors and to all who enjoy sampling the world’s greatest cuisines.” At Beijing Noodle No. 9, the restaurant’s menu is immediately apparent at the entrance, where a large showcase window prominently displays a noodle-making chef’s station, an homage to China’s long history of culinary excellence. Adjoining counter seating offers an up-close view of the centuries-old culinary art in action. Similarly, the restaurant has a fullview wok and appetizer kitchen, with adjoining counter seating. Full-menu, a la carte service is available at any of the restaurant’s 100 seats. Two of the restaurant’s abundant tables are equipped with large rotating centers for shared-plate, family-style dining. In addition to the dining room’s two showcase kitchens, a back-of-house, custom-designed seafood kitchen is equipped with fresh-water and salt-water acquaria, ensuring that seafood and live fish are prepared to perfection. Beijing Noodle No. 9 offers an extensive menu, highlighting varied regions’ time-honored cultivation of international spices and cooking methods. In addition to its steaming noodles dishes are dim sum favorites (available a la carte), with chef specials such as: Beijing-style House-made Noodles with Sliced Pork and Mushrooms; Chef Li’s Special Beef Pancakes (filled with savory beef and herbs and seared to crisp golden brown), Steamed Scallops and Rice Noodles with Garlic; Deep-Fried Duck (twice-marinated and flashfried to crisp the skin); Sichuan-style Ma Po Tofu (soft bean curd served with spicy minced beef); Salt & Pepper Shrimp; Beijing-Style Slow-Roasted Beef; and Braised Chicken simmered in a Clay Pot, Complementing the extensive menu are freshly squeezed watermelon, orange and carrot juices, signature Chinese cocktails and popular Asian beverages. Guests enter the restaurant through a corridor of six aquaria, filled with graceful ryukin goldfish, into a dining room that envelopes guests in a contemporary arabesque of Chinese flower motifs. Laser-cut metal, backlit by light-emitting diodes, project a stunning “glowing flower shield” lighting effect that is evenly spread from walls to ceiling. Interior Designer Yukichi Kawai, of design spirits co., ltd, in Tokyo, said, “We were working in 2007 and 2008, when the whole world was excited about the Beijing Olympics, and so were we.” Inspired by the Bird’s Nest and Bubble Pool, he sought to create an iconic space that, like the two Olympic landmarks, will have meaning for years to come. Beijing Noodle No. 9 is open seven days weekly, serving lunch through dinner from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hours and menu items are subject to change. For reservations and information, phone 702.731.7731.

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Contemporary Japanese at Red Rock Resort’s Hachi Red Rock Resort recently welcomed Hachi, a contemporary Japanese restaurant that offers a modern atmosphere with a casual twist to its culinary family. Priding themselves on offering the best in entertainment and dining to their guests, the Red Rock Resort owners, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, looked to add an upscale, yet comfortable, Japanese restaurant with a hip feel to the resort. With this goal in mind, they sought out a chef who could help

them bring this vision to life. Their search led them to renowned Chef Linda Rodriguez. Executive Chef and Nobu veteran Linda Rodriguez comes from New York’s acclaimed BondSt restaurant, where she was known for impressing guests with her unusual interpretations of Japanese cuisine. Linda and the international team of chefs have lent their various cultural backgrounds and influences to the menu, providing diners with a unique culinary experience. Guests can relax in the bar and lounge area with a cocktail or one of the more than 30 sakes offered. Dinner can be enjoyed in the dining room or at the sushi bar. For those looking for a more intimate experience, three private tatami rooms with traditional ground-level seating will be available for parties as large as 12 guests. In total, the restaurant will offer seating for 220 guests. Inspiration for the overall concept of the space came from the original museum-quality pop art installation “Jellyfish Eyes” by contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. The installation is located on the side wall of the dining room. Natural elements such as rosewood, zebrawood and polished St. Laurent marble stand in contrast to the vivid colors used in the seating, wall and floor accent. Fiery orange and hot pink glass tile accents, hot orange leather and plush brown mohair are used throughout the space A sculptural “sake screen wall” wraps the entrance to the restaurant, along with a soothing, modern water feature with waterfalls spilling over splitface rocks from Indonesia The dining room features a soaring 21-foot tall sake bottle display tower that features more than 130 unique sake bottles and a custom-made, modern Italian glass chandelier. A three-ton granite stone art piece table is located in the bar area “Flying Dragon” is a fixture that features more than 2,500 handcrafted glass cherry blossoms suspended from the dining room ceiling The tatami rooms feature tatami mat flooring, low tables with groundlevel seating and a sunken floor below table for comfortable legroom and modern glass “shoji screens”

Featured Chefs and Staff:


• Executive Chef Linda Rodriguez is the first woman to have studied under Chef Nobu Matsuhisa • Sushi Chef Luna Cesario Fernando trained under Chef Masaharu Morimoto at Nobu New York Executive Chef Rodriguez and Sushi Chef Fernando come to Las Vegas after a successful multi-year partnership at BondSt restaurant in New York. Room Chef Martin Swift and Assistant General Manager Tarek Debira also have worked at BondSt in the past Hachi will mark the third restaurant at which the husband-and-wife team of Martin Swift and Linda Rodriguez will have worked together The diverse international team of chefs infuse traditional Japanese cuisine with various cultural influences. Menu Features: Select items on the menu will change seasonally, with fresh fish is flown in daily from Japan. Blowfish, a rare delicacy, will be featured on the menu when available.

Featured menu items include: • Cold Appetizers: Yellowtail sashimi with serrano chili ponzu; scallop carpaccio with calamanci granite and fresh tarragon • Hot Appetizers: Seared tuna and foie gras with Asian pear chutney and candied cashews; braised shortribs with roasted apple puree; crispy spicy shrimp with yuzu calamanci vinaigrette and chipotle aioli • Salads: Crispy duck confit with lotus seed and citrus vinaigrette • Soups: Lobster akadashi (lobster wontons in red miso soup) • Noodles: Kamo namban in hot udon broth (soba noodles with duck) • Tempura: Purple potato, fresh hearts of palm (from Hawaii) • Kushiyaki: Chicken with Peruvian sauce • Entrees: Grilled rack of lamb with Asian pear and shiso sauce; sake steamed black cod • Hachi rolls: Sesame crusted shrimp with orange curry and reduced balsamic vinegar; salmon, avocado and mango with spicy lemon dressing • Nigiri and sashimi: O toro (high-grade fatty tuna belly); kanpachi (amberjack); hamachi (yellowtail) • Desserts: Apple gyoza with vanilla bean ice cream and cider gastrique; calamanci pinenut tart with honey mascarpone cream Hachi will be open for dinner from 5 to 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 5 to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 702-797-7576.

Locals read Night Beat. Pick up your copy today at all gay bars 4  Las Vegas Gay Guide ■ February 2011

Experience the flavors of Southeast Asia at Wynn’s Red 8 Red 8, so named because eight is a lucky number and red a lucky color in Asia, is a lively bistro-style eatery specializing in Southeast Asian flavors and Cantonese cuisine. Red 8’s diverse menu offers a range of dishes reflecting the cuisines of numerous Asian countries, including a number of “street food dishes” from countries such as China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Korea. As a result there is truly something for everyone at Red 8 where the exotic is offered alongside the familiar. Some of the carefully devised dishes include the Kung Pao chicken, beef or shrimp, an eternal classic, as are the Mongolian beef, seafood hot-pot and Ma Por tofu with spicy minced pork and soft bean curd. Specialty items include a satisfyingly spicy Nyonya chili crab and deep fried whole fish with sweet and sour or soy ginger sauce, flaky and flavorful fish in a crunchy coating. The inspiration for Todd Avery Lenahan’s design of Red 8 evolved from the notion of an intimate early 20th-century European bistro. From there, he used varied and eclectic influences to lend the space a feeling that bridges past and present. The final result is a bold look for the restaurant within an intimate and inviting framework, and a mood and vibe that is decidedly energetic. In the main dining room of Red 8, the palette incorporates lacquered black millwork and marble, red crocodile walls and railings, blue and white chinoiserie, white floors and coved ceilings and mahogany and brass accents. These design elements establish an Asian sensibility and communicate the strength and good fortune symbolized in the restaurant’s name. In the petite private room, a brass cage encompasses the exterior and is a dramatic and compelling treatment that provides for a striking and elegant presentation of the restaurant, which is located at a major intersection within the casino floor. Guests who dine at Red 8 are sure to enjoy the dynamic, fast paced ambience, deliciously diverse menu and the unbeatable location.

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Blossom at Aria

Mandalay Bay’s China Grill Executive Chef Eddie Zindle III prepares world cuisine with Asian flavors at the China Grill at Mandalay Bay. His signature dishes include Shanghai Lobster, Grilled Dry-Aged Szechwan Beef, Lobster Pancakes, and Lamb Spareribs. China Grill offers dinner Sunday through Thursday from 5 to 11 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 5 p.m. – midnight. Reservations are recommended by calling (702) 632-7404 The futuristic neo-Asian décor of the 300-seat dining room and 13-seat bar was designed by Jeffrey Beers.

Shaboo at Aria Shaboo at Aria Resort & Casino features an intimate space accessed through Bar Masa with tables cloaked in soft overhead light for optimal privacy inlaid with induction heating elements set with individual, handmade vessels of the chef’s design. It offers an Omakase-style experience orchestrated anew each day utilizing seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood flown in from Japan Signature dishes include Kegani Sunomono -- slices of toro paired with Petrossian caviar and Wagyu Shabu-Shabu. One hundred varieties of sake available by the bottle and twently by the glass plus a 250 selection wine list complement the subtle nuances of Masa’s ethereal cuisine.

Dragon Noodle Company & Sushi Bar

Bright vibrant colors in a playful atmosphere emphasize the casual nature of the Dragon Noodle Company and Sushi Bar in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino Executive Chef Pui-Kee Hui prepares classic Chinese cuisine and housemade dim sum and sushi Sunday through Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to midnight. An international selection of spirts such as shochu and cachaca are available; and a sake list is also offered The Dragon Noodle’s “Cosplay Lounge,” named for the Japanese fan term for “costume play,” rings true to its moniker with the lounge staff playfully outfitted in costumes inspired by popular anime characters such as Sailor Moon’s Lita Kino.

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Authentic Chinese cuisine is featured at Blossom inside Aria Resort & Casino where discriminating diners will find traditional Chinese design principles with a contemporary color palette featuring soft ambient lighting, mirrored leaf walls and ornate clusters of dew-drop inspired crystal and metal chandeliers Goose Liver with black pepper, Spicy Wok Fried Scallion Veal Cheek with cilantro and jalapeno, Steamed Jumbo Shrimp with garlic butter sauce, Lamb Chop with garlic and pepper are among their signature offerings. Blossom is open for dinner daily, 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Reservations are recommended by calling (877) 230-2742

Shanghai Lilly Cantonese and Szechwan specialties including Coconut Prawns, Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin, Peking Duck are featured on the menu at Shanghai Lilly at Mandalay Bay Executive Chef Billy Chen serves dinner daily from 5:30 to 10 p.m. More than 800 wines primarily from California, France and Italy are served in the romantic and elegant atmosphere featuring four private dining rooms and six private booths designed by Tony Chi Reservation are recommended by calling (702) 632-7409

Garden of the Dragon For the connoisseurs of Asian dining Garden of the Dragon is your culinary destination. Spicy and subtle, the yin and yang of China’s great culinary art awaits your chopsticks at Garden of the Dragon inside the Las Vegas Hilton. From the top kitchens in Hong Kong Chef Chun Liu Keung has gathered the finest and freshest ingredients from around the world to create authentic menu items ranging from sumptuous Szechwan, Peking style, Northern Mongolian and Cantonese cuisine. Delicately prepared Seafood from the restaurants fresh fish tanks will please any epicurean customer. Favorite entrées are sure to be Szechwan Sea Bass, spicy salt and pepper pork chops, and orange beef. To round out the Chinese eating experience, guests will be encouraged to try The Garden of the Dragons signature plum wine ice cream. Garden of the Dragon also provides diners a comfortable and intimate setting overlooking the gardens of Benihana Village. This delightful dining room offers an intimate culinary visit to Asia with specialties Reservations are suggested. Call 702.732.5755 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 702.732.5056 from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Mandarin Oriental’s MOzen Bistro

MOzen Bistro is a contemporary kitchen theater located inside Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas. It features a sushi bar, noodle bar and rotisserie; and reflects the best of Asian cuisine alongside fresh American classics. The menu gives guests the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey through Asia, with cuisine reflecting the best of Japan, India and Thailand.

‘Eyecons’ with Christopher Peterson: A sure Bette! Davis or Midler, along with Marilyn, Lucy, Judy, Liza and other icons He’s been compared to Jim Bailey, the legendary female impersonator. Since 1993 Christopher Peterson has been performing throughout North America, on stage, screen and television. He’s currently performing in a limited engagement at Onyx Theatre in Commercial Center (953 E. Sahara Ave., Suite 16) in Las Vegas in a vehicle called ‘Eyecons’. Peterson does all his own singing, bringing his characters to life with superb song and mannerisms which cut to the essence of how we remember entertainment icons including Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Bette Midler, Julie Andrews, Bette Davis, Liza Minelli and Judy Garland. ‘Eyecons’ is a one-man, many woman show. Peterson is the only person on stage for an hour and a half, changing personas while barely covered by a screen. While he’s changing, he tells about his life in drag, introduces his long-time partner, and his lighting/sound man, and fascinates the audience with amusing vignettes. Peterson hails from Moncton, New Brunswick and began developing his female characters while he worked on his theatrical career. He’s performed in Canada from coast to coast, earning Canada’s equivalent to the Tony Award, as well as several nominations for the award for himself and ‘Eyecons’. For more information about Peterson and ‘Eyecons’, visit www. See ‘Eyecons’ at Onyx Theatre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. For tickets, visit or call 702-732-7225.

Christopher Peterson as Bette Davis

Benihana at the Las Vegas Hilton

Christopher Peterson as Marilyn Monroe

Benihana is the first name in exhibition-style, Japanese cuisine. It’s a great alternative to ordinary Las Vegas restaurants. Masterful chefs demonstrate their skills nightly on hibachi tables, where a full-range of unique and traditional dishes are prepared to order. Sip authentic sake and listen to the sounds of gentle rains at our Las Vegas Japanese restaurant. You’ll be surrounded by lush Japanese gardens, flowing ponds, exotic statuary, and an authentic Torri Arch. Appetizers include fresh sushi, sashimi, and tekka-maki. Enjoy entrées such as hibachi chicken, teriyaki steak, and filet mignon. Or step up to a combination dinner that blends hibachi steak and king salmon or lobster tail. All entrées are served with fresh mushrooms, onion, and zucchini. Dinner also includes Hibachi shrimp, Japanese onion soup, Benihana salad with ginger dressing, steamed rice, and green tea. Benihana offers a variety of private dining rooms which are appropriate for both family and corporate gatherings as small as 8 or up to 100. Both visitors and locals have voted Benihana one of the city’s best Japanese restaurants three years in a row in What’s On Magazine. Reservations are suggested. Call (702) 732-5755: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or (702) 732-5821: 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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Bromberg brothers bring Blue Ribbon Restaurants to Vegas Sushi (1995), Blue Ribbon Bakery (1998), Blue school with apprenticeships at top restaurants The Cosmopolitan’s Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar Ribbon Brooklyn (2001), Blue Ribbon Sushi in France, including Le Recamier in Paris. He & Grill has brought to Las Vegas a food lovers’ Brooklyn (2003), the Blue Ribbon Downing Street then cooked at Raoul’s and Jonathan Waxman’s heaven: an award-winning and spectacular sushi Bar (2007) and Brooklyn Bowl (2009). The first JAMS in New York City, citadel, an exquisite Japanese Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill opened in midtown the American Hotel in Sag steak house and almost Harbor, and Nick and Eddie in Manhattan in 2007, featuring their top-ranked everything in between. Blue Manhattan. Bruce also worked sushi selections, as well as a compendium of Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill’s Ribbon’s greatest hits. With more than 100 cold at the American Hotel before menu offers an opulent array attending Le Cordon Bleu, and and hot dishes, chops and fillets, and sushi and of dramatically prepared and sashimi tableaux, it is the deepest, broadest, most then apprenticed in Paris at presented sushi and sashimi, varied member of the family. In addition to their Le Recamier, Bistro du Louvre not to be missed Blue Ribbon restaurant locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the Michelin two-star signature dishes such as their Duquesnoy. He learned the art they also own Blue Ribbon Market (2005), a small famous beef marrow bones, market in the West Village that of bread baking fried chicken with wasabi honey, houses the city’s first-and-only at Boulangerie bone-in rib steak, and miso Bruce & Eric Bromberg “toast” and honey bar selling Poilâne in Paris lobster and other sumptuous their own label of Blue Ribbon and haute cuisine at Michelin favorites, all beautifully elevated, prepared and Mexican Honeys. served with Blue Ribbon’s original and unique flair three-star restaurant Pierre From 1992 to 2010, Blue Gagnaire in Saint-Etienne. and hospitality. Ribbon Restaurants have been In 1992, the brothers created Brothers, chefs and restaurateurs Bruce recognized with a slew of “Top the first Blue Ribbon in Manhattan’s and Eric Bromberg have set trends and ignited 10” and “Best Of” awards from SoHo neighborhood, and it was passions for almost 20 years with their famed publications including Wine an immediate breakthrough Blue Ribbon Restaurants. In December 2010, the Toshi’s Choice – Spectator, Zagat, Time Out New success. Blue Ribbon, or the Brombergs opened Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill Omakase York, The New York Press, New English translation of Cordon Bleu, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, their first Blue York magazine and The New represents first prize, top quality, Ribbon restaurant outside of New York City. York Observer. The original and references Bruce and Eric “With our new Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill Blue Ribbon received Gourmet at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we hope to offer Bromberg’s culinary experience in magazine’s prestigious America’s France. The original Blue Ribbon the city a true taste of the Blue Ribbon restaurant Top Table title in 1996, and was restaurant ushered in a new era in experience and our family’s culinary sensibility,“ Food & Wine magazine’s pick dining, one with no reservations says Bruce Bromberg. Eric adds, “Much like New for Chef’s Choice Best Dining in York, Las Vegas is up late, always on and filled with and an eclectic mix of familiar and 2003. The Blue Ribbon burger fine foods dressed up or down. industry professionals and people who understand was also selected as one of The Brombergs’ only rule is that and appreciate good food.” Fried Chicken “Blue Martha Stewart’s top nine favorite everything served be a simple, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill is a Ribbon Style with NYC burgers on her television delicious and top-notch take on compendium of their popular Blue Ribbon and Shichimi Pepper & show MARTHA in 2009. something they love to cook and Blue Ribbon Sushi menus, featuring a spectacular Wasabi Honey Bruce and Eric Bromberg eat. Blue Ribbon was a trailblazer, variety of original sushi and sashimi creations, as released their first cookbook, a fine dining establishment serving well as their bistro favorites, American comfort The Blue Ribbon Cookbook, foods, and chops and fillets, all with an Asian flair. customers from 4:00 PM to 4:00 Better Home Cooking in April AM daily. As such, Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill is a gastronomic 2010 to rave reviews. In it, became a permanent destination tour of the bothers’ culinary affections from they share culinary secrets for cooks, waiters, bartenders and their New Jersey boyhoods, education at the and wisdom learned serving other knowledgeable restaurant Cordon Bleu in Paris and New York City culinary and entertaining their clientele industry workers in search of an eclecticism. of culinary luminaries and after-work clubhouse where they In their early twenties, Bruce and Eric neighborhood regulars alike. can always find food that is both Bromberg attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Toshi’s Choice – Most of the recipes are dishes delicious and interesting. graduating with the highest honors with Eric Omakase from their restaurants that the In the years that followed, the holding the distinction of being the first American Brombergs have carefully honed duo assembled a small empire. to teach classes at the prestigious school. In the over the last 18 years. The Blue Ribbon world also includes Blue Ribbon late 80s and early 90s, Eric followed cooking

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Where locals meet, shop, party & worship Laughlin-area Bars Lariat Saloon 1161 Hancock Road, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 10 a.m to 2 a.m. daily (928) 704-1969 • Toll Free: (866) 670-4114

Las Vegas Nightclubs & Bars Back Door Lounge 1415 E. Charleston Blvd. 702.385.2018 A neighborhood bar known for its Latin clientele especially on Saturday Nights. Badlands Saloon & Dancehall 953 E. Sahara Ave. #22, (Inside Commercial Center) 702.792.9262 Open 24 hours a day. One of Las Vegas’ oldest bars. Country Western Themed Bar. Buffalo 4640 Paradise Rd. 702.733.8355 A Levi Leather bar with Pool Tables and Videos, Video Poker, Darts. Open 24 Hours. Popular for its $5 beer busts on Friday Nights at 9 and Sundays at 4. Charlie’s 5012 S. Arville Rd. 702.876.1844 It is a country western bar about 1 mile west of the strip just off Tropicana Ave. The best time to visit The Charlie’s is on Sunday afternoons around 4 the beer bust draws a huge crowd. Home of the Men of Charlie’s. Crews’n 1000 E. Sahara Ave., #105 702.731.0951 • Intimate piano bar, pool table. 8½ 4633 Paradise Rd. 702.791.0100 An intimate, comfortable lounge decorated in rich, warm ambers, reds and browns. The lounge features a pool table, dance floor, and stage. Eagle 3430 E. Tropicana 702.458.8662 Levi-leather bar located about 4 miles east of the strip. Video poker. Underwear nights every Wednesday and Friday. If you’re in your underwear wells or drafts are free 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Good Times 1775 E. Tropicana Ave. 702.736.9494 A classy watering hole. The Monday Liquor Bust makes this popular with the college crowd. Krave Nightclub 3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.836.0830 Krave is a 17,000 square foot entertainment venue that is home to the Krave Lounge, Krave Nightclub and Harmon Theatre. Las Vegas Lounge 900 E. Karen Ave. 702.737.9350 Las Vegas’ only transgender bar.

The Rack 953 E. Sahara 35B, in Commercial Center 702.732.7225 Clothing, leather & accessories for men and women.

Spotlight Lounge 957 E. Sahara Ave. 702.696.0202 A working class bar, located at the entrance to Commercial Center. Free appetizers nightly. Video poker, pool, charity drag shows.

Spas and Health Clubs Blue Moon Resort 2651 Westwood Dr. 702.361.9099 deluxe rooms & suites, Jacuzzi grotto, pool/sundeck, steam room. Entourage (Men’s) Spa & Health Club 953 E. Sahara A19 (NW corner of Commercial Center) 702.650.9191

Gay & Lesbian Community Center 953 E. Sahara Ave. Suite B-25 702.733.9800 Information, resources, meeting space.


Fun Hog Ranch 495 E. Twain 702.791.7001 Las Vegas’ newest gay club. Levi, leather, fetish. A fun and friendly drinking spot.

Erotic Heritage Museum 3275 Industrial Rd. (Across from Trump Tower) Explores human sexuality with educational exhibits and large collection of literature.

Escape Lounge & Café 4213 W. Sahara Ave. 702.364.1167 Where everything is loose, even the slots. Happy Hour 5 to 7 p.m. and 5 to 7 am daily. A great neighborhood gay bar.

Adult World Arcade/Mini Theaters 3781 Meade Ave. (at Valley View) 702.579.9735 24 hrs., video rentals/sales, bookstore.


Get Booked 4640 Paradise Rd. 702.737.7780 Books, videos, gifts, mags, t-shirts.

Price Video 700 E. Naples Ave. 102 702.734.1342 Gay video rentals and sales.

Snick’s Place 1402 S. Third St. 702.385.9298 They’re Partying 24 Hours a Day! The oldest bar in Las Vegas. Friendly bartenders and lots of drink specials.

Community Center

Fantasy World Arcade/Mini Theaters 6760 Boulder Highway (between Sunset & Russell) 702.433.6311 24 hrs., video rentals/sales, book store.

Industrial Road Book & Video/Arcade 3427 Industrial Rd. 702.734.7667 24 hrs., video sales/rentals, book store.

Piranha Dancing, second-floor VIP section 4633 Paradise Road 702.791.0100 • 800.430.1105

Hawks Gym 953 E. Sahara Ave. (SE Corner of Commercial Center) 702.731.4295

Deja Vu Love Boutique 3247 Industrial Rd. • 702.731-5655 HD arcade with 200 channels.

Retro Vegas 1211 S. Main St. 702.384.2700 Antiques, furnishings, accessories, art.

Theatre Onyx Theater 953 E. Sahara 35B, in Commercial Center 702.732.7225

Religious Organizations Christ the King Catholic Church 4925 S. Torrey Pines Drive & W. Tropicana 702.871.1904 • A very accepting Catholic Church Metropolitan Community Church 1140 Almond Tree Ln. 702.369.4380 Christian Church with outreach to gays & lesbians. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas 3616 E. Lake Mead Blvd. 702.437.2404 • Welcomes everyone regardless of faith or religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

Gay AA, NA Gay & Lesbian Community Center 953 E. Sahara Ave. Suite B-25 702.733.9800 Alcoholics Anonymous meets Sun. at 11 a.m.; Tues., Wed., Thur. and Sat. at 6:30 p.m. Spanish speaking AA meets Mon., 6:30 p.m. Narcotics Anonymous meeting is Friday at 6:30 p.m.

Flex 4371 W. Charleston Blvd. 702.385.3539 A neighborhood bar. Free Zone 610 E. Naples Dr. 702.794.2300 Catering mostly to lesbians. Gipsy 4605 Paradise Rd. 702.731.1919 A dance club which is popular with the younger crowd.

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18B Arts District: Cultural center of Las Vegas In downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District you will find an eclectic mix of galleries, one-of-a-kind stores, and restaurants just a short walk or bus ride from Fremont Street. Known as “18b,” the Las Vegas Arts District is located immediately south of downtown Las Vegas in an area bounded by Commerce Street, Hoover Avenue, Fourth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard (at Charleston) and Colorado Avenue. The name, “18b,” represents the original Arts District area, which consisted of 18 blocks. Today, the Arts District area has grown beyond those original 18 blocks and is a classic urban mix of residential, commercial and cultural uses that will continue to grow as the hub of the arts scene in Las Vegas. On the first Friday of each month, an arts and cultural event is held in the district. The “First Friday” festival draws up to 10,000 visitors into the neighborhood. This event encourages people to flock downtown to browse, buy, eat, drink and mingle. The event is a festive environment with food and beverage vendors, music, visual performances and artists displaying their works. First Friday is a Nevada non-profit arts organization founded in October 2002. The event now encompasses more than 20 city blocks with five blocks closed to vehicular traffic to create a pedestrian area for the outdoor festivities. This

grassroots community festival has become “Las Vegas’ favorite community art event” with gallery hopping, free exhibition spaces for artists, live entertainment, street entertainers, shopping food, beverages, and more. More than 80 galleries, restaurants and retail businesses work together to make the First Friday experience unique to the Las Vegas downtown arts district. Volunteers currently jury the art, work the information tables, set up and tear down parts of the event, place the trolley signs, coordinate the trolley guides, and sell soda and water to benefit First Friday. As Mayor Oscar Goodman says, “First Friday is the best thing that has ever happened to Las Vegas.”

Art: Casino Center and Colorado Blvd. Art @ The Funk House: currently exhibiting work by Ammy Miller,James Portello, Peaceful Rage Apparel, Amy Gonzalez and shanmichael through March 31, 2011. New pieces by Amy Gonzalez are collaborations between Amy and The Funk House. Amy chose vintage and antique pieces from The Funk House antique store and was inspired to turn them into amazing works of art! More to come.1228 S. Casino Center Blvd. LV, NV 89104 702.678.6278 www. The Box Office: Located @ 1129 S. Casino Center Blvd. Music-Art-Photography-

Las Vegas Arts District

12  Las Vegas Gay Guide ■ February 2011

Entertainment-Comedy! First Fridays 6-10 p.m. Brett Wesley Gallery: Celebrating the opening exhibition of Life & Times featuring two local photographers; established, award-winning Diane Bush and emerging Curtis Joe Walkerat 1112 S. Casino Center Blvd. The exhibition will run through February 26, then move to the upstairs gallery through March 26. City of the World Gallery: 1229 Casino Center at Colorado. Cornerstone Art Gallery: Showing new work through Feb. 201 E. Colorado St. (702)2385894,

Art: Main Street and Charleston 2Morrows Art Gallery is located at 1039 South Main Street. (702) 366-0400. Gaia Flowers, Gifts and Art: A collection of works by Leslie Rowland, including abstract paintings, and painted furniture and artillery shells. Also showing is “Nature in Art,” stained glass works by award-winningLas Vegas glass artist Christine Curtis Wilson. For more information, visit Retro Vegas: Suzanne Marie Leclair is originally from Cape Cod and now resides in Las Vegas. Her collection of paintings spans over thirty years. Her work is a reflection of her many life experiences and is influenced by the Continued on next page

Arts District: Home to First Friday, galleries, shopping Continued from previous page people and places she has encountered. Feb. 4 – 28. Space: Winterlands - contemporary winter landscapes from far away Switzerland, Iceland and New Zealand. Joint photographic exhibition by photographers Scott Robertson, Jana Cruder and Aeon Jones.

Art: Commerce Street Studios 1551 South Commerce (1/2 block north of Wyoming, 1 block west of Main Street) Blackbird Studios (formerly known as Place Gallery) Open to the public and filled with exciting new artwork and energy. Circadian Galleries: All new works by Daniel Pearson, paintings of various styles more info at 702.525.2850. Bad Fairy Clothing Co. great shopping for vintage and new clothes and accessories. More info at 702-497-9301 Eric Beehn Studio: Showing new work. Upstairs. Ortego Art Gallery: Exhibiting work by Montana Black, Jessica Galindo, Haiying Wang, & Drago Milic February through March. Suite 210. 702-281-6714 for more info. Naked CityTattoo (1551 S. Commerce St, ): Special shows on First Fridays. Open daily. 702612-5516.

Art: The Arts Factory 101-109 E. Charleston Blvd. The Contemporary Arts Center :America’s #1 Foreclosed City: Las Vegas. New work by Emily Kennerk expresses her interest and continues her examination of the reality of “#1-ness” in contemporary culture specifically within the devastating context of the Las Vegas housing crisis. Suite 120. Tel: 702-382-3886. www. Cricket Studio: Studio 210, Upstairs in the Arts Factory – continuing thru “Primitives”- mixed media on board – by Brian Swanson “Bugspeak” illustrations by Brian Swanson www.cricketstudio. com/bugspeak. Open First Friday and Tues - Fri 12 noon - 4pm, Evenings/Wknds by Appointment, 24/7 on the web. 702366-9077. Damned Ink Studios: Upstairs at the Arts Factory. Small works shown in a variety of mediums: paintings, ink drawings, photography, watercolors, sculptures and jewelry from such artists as Laura Zollar, Mike Biggs, Dasha Biggs, Danny Roberts, Greg Koch, Teresa Maharaj, Spencer Davis and Bhen Rudha. Open six days a week 1-5. Closed on Sundays 702.480.6088 Electronic Music Cafe presents Art of the DJ at First Fridays at Arts Factory , Suite 105. Lineup includes Las Vegas’ top DJs: 6pm: Woodrow Low, 7pm: DJ Tatiana, 8pm: DJ Coker, 9pm: Jesse Saunders’ Global House Show Live, 10pm: Special Guest. Featuring the Art of a Surprise Special Guest! An experience unparalleled and one of a kind. Face Up Gallery: Studio 210 “Face Up”: the “Text” show, acrylic on wood and canvas featured artist: Dar Freeland. The Going Green Gallery: At the Arts Factory. Joseph Watson Collection: In the Arts Factory Suite 115 www.josephwatsoncollection. com, 858-733-2135. Just J Art Gallery (The Arts Factory) 107 E Charleston Blvd, #235. Sin City Galllery:The Arts Factory, Suite 100. For further information, call (702) 952-9656. Mark Jenkins Fine Art: The Arts Factory – and www. 702-301-5492. Niki J Sands Contemporary Fine Art: at the Arts Factory Suite 105A. Featuring original oils, acrylics, giclees and prints by artists Niki J Sands and Eric Belanger. Gallery is open Monday thru

Friday 9am until 5pm. Open late on First Friday. 702.499.3984. PeaceNart Studio Presents: I Don’t Wan’t To Know The Rules ! Finished Artwork and Works In Progress By Alexander P. Huerta SouthWesternScenery: Upstairs in Studio 215 at the Arts Factory. Original poetry and photography (landscape, macro, and wildlife) by Robert L. Angier. Framed and unframed prints on Canvas and Premium Photo Paper. Most prints $10-$100. Trifecta Gallery: Feb. 3 - 25 Brian Henry in ‘Machina ex Machina’. Color in its purest form and Jennifer Henry in the Smallworks room- ‘Oh Lola, Not Again’. To this we say Yes! Lola Yes! again and again! Open every day. Free admission. 702.366.7001.

Art: 3rd Street

Parking lot in front of Not Just Antiques. The Bridge Gallery: located on the second floor of City Hall, near the information desk. Visitors may enter through the breezeway from the second floor of the parking garage, which is on the southwest corner of Fourth Street and Stewart Avenue . Parking is by paid meter only. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Call 702-229-1012 for more information. Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery Danielle Kelly “Be The Man You Want To Marry” An installation of sculptural duets made of found materials that explores modern modes of community and everyday magic. Through March 11. First Friday, 6-10. 500 S. Grand Central Parkway. 702-455-7030.

Shopping: Main Street

Cob4lt Blu3 Studio: Working studio for artist Ed Dominguez. New works “Loving Living in Las Vegas” series. Hrs. M-F 9am - 4:30pm and by appointment., 702.771.0032. Neon Venus Art Theatre: Open late on First Friday! Southern Nevada Center for the Arts: An innovative and creative mix of artist studios, galleries and teaching facilities featuring paintings, ceramics, sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry and more. Contact us at 702-888-3400 for details. 1310 S. 3rd St. “Where Culture and Community Come Together”

Art: Holsum Lofts Open at Holsum Lofts: Stephen Jackson, 382-9200 Lola’s (the restaurant),227-5652, http:// Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater: 702-878-1227, Digs Studio,651-6000, D’Arte Designs Pop-Up Gallery: Suite 140.

Art: Nearby Art Gallery at Not Just Antiques: Vintage art from established artists as well as new talent. Combine a cup of tea and art. Open First Friday until 10pm.

The Attic on First Friday: The Attic offers a special discount. Open till 8pm. J J C Clocks & Antiques: Main St. South of Colorado. Open First Fridays 6-10 pm. For all of your clock repairs. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 pm. 702-384-8463. Retro Vegas located at 1211 S. Main St. Open First Friday 6-10 pm. Antiques, furnishings, accessories, art.Call 702.384.2700 for more info.

Shopping: Colorado and Casino Center The Funk House: 1228 Casino Center Blvd. Open First Friday 6-10 pm. New section of store dedicated to Las Vegas artists. Also, Rick on the didgeridoo, FF only. Hours: Mon-Sat. 11am-5pm.

Shopping: Nearby Cottages Castles and Closets: A neighborhood antique, vintage, shabby chic, and home décor shop. Located at 220 E. Charleston Blvd and Third Street with parking off Third Street. Gaia: Flowers, gifts, art. 702-997-0222. Not Just Antiques: 1422 Western Avenue. 12,000 sq. ft. filled with antiques, collectibles and art. Voted Las Vegas Review-Journal Best Place to Buy Antiques & Collectibles 2007. Open daily. Open late First Friday. www.NotJustAntiquesMart. com.

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14  Las Vegas Gay Guide ■ February 2011

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16  Las Vegas Gay Guide ■ February 2011

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A guide to Las Vegas for the gay traveler

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