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Special Attention to Members of


3000 Pinnacle Hills Pkwy (479) 271-7011 FOR CALENDAR INFO See p. 42



18: 19: 25: 26:

Tom Ware Eric Matthews Christine DeMeo The Skinny Slim



Fall to June


910 Higdon Ferry Rd. (501) 624-5185 FOR CALENDAR INFO See p. 35

2: Wanda Watson Living Room Project 3: Scott Ellison 9: Candy Lee 10: TBA 14: Emi Sunshine 15 15: Benefit for Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation 15% of all food sales will be donated

16:   Tom Ware 17:   TBA 23: Carter Sampson & Erik the Viking


11: Stephen Neeper & the Wildhearts 12: Third Degree

18: Every Mother's Nightmare 19: Dirty Lindsey 25: Fall To June, The Revolutioners, Brother Grey 26: Nerd Eye Blind

Lipstick de Hand Grena


Pamela K. Ward

2: Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra 3: Acousticpunks

9: Wes Burnett Band 10: Framing The Red 16: Lipstick Hand Grenade 17: Third Degree 23: tba 24: ASKA 30: Nerd Eye Blind 31: The MuddleStuds (Final Show!!)

501-205-0576 ����������������� ��������������������� ������������

For bookings call Natalie at the club

Open 7 Days A Week 11a.m. - 2 a.m.

Excellent food!

1611 E. Oak St. Conway, AR 72032

email booking inquiries to:



Out House Reading • 2014 Page 8 Susan Erwin

Entertainer Goes Full-Tilt for success in music business by David Hughes

Page 12 A Benefit for Rodney Herrell Spa City goes all-out for music instructor and ace performer by Tommy Roeck

Page 13 Big Dam Blues Party

Arkansas River Blues Society Returns to Festivals by Wightman Harris

Page 14 Hot Springs Blues & BBQ Fest Oaklawn teams with Spa City Blues Society for festival to define festivals by David Hughes

Page 19 Danny Mullen

Giving credit where it's due by Jessica Ellis

Page 22 Vintage

Spotlight on Fender Bowling Ball Guitars by Steve Evans

Cover by Peter Read with art by Susan Erwin

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The trouble with practical jokes is very often they get elected… ---Will Rogers Greetings to you all! As you know it is now 4:20 in the a.m. of this f.m. day as I sit to peck out the final column of this, the Out House Reading edition of this wherewithall noosepaper. Why do we call it that? Some of you may recall the Out House…the old-school version of the portapotty you know and love from all these festivals. They are a necessity of course. Some of you may recall the Sears catalog. It was bigger than the Chicago phone book. The Sears catalog was the most useful publication in the history of out houses…first off, it was free to anyone. Secondly, it was huge… Thirdly, with this catalog you got reading material, pictures to look at, and most importantly, many useful pages for your physical needs in those pre-Charmin days… Some years ago, the owner of Mulberry Mountain approached me and thanked me for bringing extra copies of Nightflying to their festivals. But he sheepishly told me that they weren’t always for reading material…in fact, he seemed embarassed to inform me that, “they aren’t always just read. Try as we might, we can’t always make sure there’s enough toilet paper in the portapotties. I’m afraid that some pages of Nightflying are used for other purposes…” “Relax, Vernon…each year we actually name an edition of the paper Out House Reading…” "That's right...I've seen that for many years now..." And so it is… It is a labor of love, you know…but we love it when it’s through for the month, of course. We always loved to type, but when someone recently suggested we get a system we only have to talk to, and it would do the typing for us, we had to take a cold shower… We didn’t get such a system of course, but it’s bound to be a hit in this cyber-lazy-age. If not, it's because it may be too much work computer work for normal folks to set up...

In General.......

First off, news about my wife Dianne. After all this hoopla, I’m proud to announce that she’s got her new leg…it’s not flesh, mind you, but it’s a new, mechanically stable, detachable limb, and she’s back on her virtual feet so-tospeak. It’s going to take some practice, I assure you, but she spends hours each day getting used to it. Before long, this will be old-hat, as the saying goes. I have also been warned that I need to learn to behave myself. Before long she’ll be able to quickly yank the thing off and whop me with it… To repeat, we are both incredibly grateful to everyone for all the prayers, gifts and love, and with her spirit and God’s immensely powerful energy, we will get past this one well…

In Central Arkansas…….

Another Round continues to fill itself with great live music…and there’s a new twist - the famous weekly blues jam the ARBS puts on has moved from outside at the Rev Room to inside at Another Round every Thursday. This move was due to the fact that at the Rev Room it was, um, outside, and with the Fall weather coming upon us, a roof over their bluesy heads seemed to be important… Set to appear at the club in the coming weeks are Bluesboy Jag, Trey Johnson, LLC Band, Hi-balls, 7 Toed Pete, Rick McKean, Josh Green, Canvas, Akeem Kemp, The Deltatones, Jet 420, Parker Frances, Shannon Boshears and more. A special treat, on September 25th, will be the return of the one and only Tyrannosaurus Chicken. I recommend that

Tyrannosuarus Chicken

you plan to get there early to even think about getting a seat…not to mention a table…it will be packed… For bookings and more information call (501)313-2612……. Dugan’s continues to be the coolest place to be for great food, music and fun. The club is open every day, has a great menu, good bar, huge-screen tvs, a cool outdoor smoking patio and a staff and owner that go out of their ways to make your visit as fun as it can be. There’s no cover charge…and for people like us that’s a real winner. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Brian Nahlen, Steve Hester & DeJaVooDoo, Third Degree, Brown Soul Shoes, Bear & The Rug, Shannon Boshears, WhoDoBluesBand, The Karla Case Band, Adrienne & Bonnie, The Beckham Brothers Band, Big John Miller and a lot more. And make a point to check out Stratton’s Market, their magical store next door. This is a complete liquor store, among other things, along with various treats like pies and cookies and cool munchies and other fanciful stuff…and soon I am told Stratton’s will carry the entire line of ElfinVurkin jams, jellies, apple butter and honey. These products come with a warning: “Caution: highly addictive controlled substances”, whatever that means… Dugan’s is the newest music venue in the illustrious Little Rock River Market. For bookings at Dugan’s, call (501)244-0542……. The Rev Room checks in this issue with a very hot line-up: on the bill in the coming weeks are Slum Village, Cool Nutz, Four On the Floor, Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts, The Trey Hawkins Band, Scott Diffee & His 6-String, Big Piph, Bijou, Dee Dee, Drummerboyinfinity, Aaron Watson, Parker McCollum, Tab Benoit, Heartless Bastards, Alberta Cross, Twizted, Blaze, Boondox Prozak, Wolfpac, Scum, Trilogy, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rusted Root, Drive-By Truckers, Old 97s and a lot more. For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659……. Up the street, of course, is Stickyz Rock ’n’ Roll Chicken Shack, also owned and operated by Suzon Awbrey and Chris King… Stickyz checks in this time with an exciting roster. Look for shows by Veridia, Drew Chadwick, SOULution, FreeVerse’s The Music Never Stopped (celebrating 50 years of the Grateful Dead), Sons of Texas, SwitchbacH, Red Devil Lies, Uncle Lucius, Bonerama, Andy Frasco & The U.N., The Eskimo Brothers, Israel Nash, The Pines, Tav Falco & The Panther Burns, The Trees Are Getting Harder To Climb, and a lot more. Stickyz has a very full menu, and, unlike the popular misconception, has a whole lot more than chicken dishes (though they are superb). Their sandwiches and other entrees are worth writing home about…not to mention their extremely delicious and sinful desserts… For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659……. Word on the street is that North Little Rock will soon have it’s own version of Midtown Billiards, when Conan Robinson opens The Four Quarters Bar this Fall. Conan has been the man with the plan for years at Midtown, and has been working for months getting the club in gear. There will be a tremen-

dous menu, great bar and essential live music. He’ll tell us very little so as not to jinx things, but we have known Conan for many years and it shall be a hit, I assure you… The club will be at 415 Main, North Little Rock… Watch for it……. Meanwhile at Midtown Billiards, things are still very exciting. Midtown is the Altered State’s closest thing to a New Orleans dive bar. It’s open every day until daybreak, has intense bands on weekends, an intense crowd, a great full-service bar, the best cheeseburgers in the world as well as delicious Spam sandwiches, and a crowd that really takes the cake. (And no, they don’t serve cake…that’s just a play on words…) Set to appear in the coming weeks are the Chinese Connection Dub Embassy, The Legends of Arkansas Afterparty with Black River Pearl, Follow Apollo, Dangerous Idiots, Buggaboo, Cadillac Jackson, Electric Rag Band, Ryan Visor, FreeVerse, Low Society, Flatland Funk Doctors, Josh The Devil & The Sinners, and more. And it’s one of the few establishments that is still smoker-friendly… For bookings please email Conan at…… Markham Street Grill is open 7 days a week, has excellent food, fine live music on weekends, tons of huge screen tvs for sports action, is another rare smoker-friendly bar, and a really entertaining staff that will handle all your entertainment needs…well, your dietary and drinkatary and musicatary needs, anyway. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Mojo Depot, Priceless, Lipstick Hand Grenade, Andy Tanas (!), Pepperland, Linn/Jackson Band, Ship of Fools, Texarkana, Odyssey, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Big Jones Trio, The Karla Case Band, The Apple Kahley Band and a lot more. The food here is very good, and they serve the full menu until late. For bookings, please email, or call 501-224-2010……. The infamous White Water Tavern checks in with a very impressive roster this month. Check out Rural War Room, The Uh-Huhs, Manatees, Ten High, The Vandoliers, Bonnie Montgomery with Doug Strahan, John Moreland, Cason McHONE, American Aquarium, Joshua Black Wilkins, Dirty Fences, Bombay Harambee, Faux Ferocious, Dangerous Idiots, The Wall Chargers, Midwest Caracan, The Salty Dogs with Bonnie Montgomery, Daniel Romano & The Trilliums, Dylan Earl, Pete Kinkel-Schuster, Cedell Davis, Left & Right, Adia Victoria, the Cedric Burnside Project, Joshua Asante, Kevin Kerby, Amy LaVere, and a whole lot more… See the schedule pages for all the dates. For bookings contact Matt White at (501)375-8400……. West End Smoke House & Tavern checks in this time out with a very fine line-up of dance bands. Look for the likes of Tragikly White, Rock Town Wranglers, Crash Meadows, High & Dry, Dirty Lindsay, Raising Grey, Aces Wild, Third Degree, Goldy Locks, Lipstick Hand Grenade, The Billy Jones Revue, Big Stack, Taylor Made, and a whole lot more.

See the Schedule pages for all the dates… West End is open every day, has extremely good food, multiple pool tables, multiple TVs for games, a large dance floor, a huge concert-sized stage and sound system…and serves food until the wee-wee hours. For bookings call (501)224-7665……. In Conway……. TCs Midtown Grill remains Conway’s number one music of the only such things in the city, too. The club is open 7 days a week, has multiple pool tables, a tremendous sound system, a beautiful light system, a full menu (even serves corn-beef sandwiches!), a concert-quality stage, and even a hoist to put brave guitar players up to the ceiling and across the room (!)…not recommended for drummers… Set to appear in the coming weeks are Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts, Third Degree, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Dirty Lindsey, Fall To June, The Revolutioners, Brother Grey, Nerd Eye Blind, Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra, Acousticpunks, The Wes Burnett Band, Framing the Red, Lipstick Hand Grenade, ASKA, The Muddlestuds (last show)… TCs is open for lunch, too, with viddles that would make your worrisome mama proud. TCs is located at 1611 E. Oak Street.Head north from I-40 about two miles and watch for the sign on your right. For bookings contact Ty Simms or TC at (501)205-0576…….

In Eureka Springs…….

Chelsea’s is one of the best music rooms in Arkansas. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Sprungbilly, Dan Hicks, Paper Moon Shiners, The Ariels Last Lap, The Chris Harp Band, Camptown Ladies, Matt Reeves, Saturday Rebellion, Randall Shreve, Chuck Waggs, Eric Howell, Black Out Boys, Sam & The Stylees, Sioux City Kid, RL Cole and a whole lot more. (A few words on The Ariels…we’ve been entertained by this band for many years. With some members having moved out of town in the past few years, playing in the band has become more and more difficult. The road weary travelers have decided to hang it all up. Thanks from all of us for the years of great music. We’ll see you in the future for the inevitable reunion shows… and look forward to them…) Chelsea’s is where the locals tend to hang out. It’s open 7 days a week, has a full bar and menu, an open-air smoking porch and a kickass stereo system. For bookings call (479)253-6723……. The Pied Piper Pub and Cathouse Lounge also is a tremendous party room. Live music is on weekends, but there is always someone showing up to play whenever they can. Set to appear at the club in the coming weeks are Shotgun Brothers, Saturday Night Giant, Jimmy Wayne Garrett, Brody Buster, Katy Guillien & The Girls, Joe Giles & The Homewreckers, Randy Crouch, Matt Reeves, Mark Shields & Good Company, Steve Zimmerman, Caleb Ryan, Deep Fried Squirrels, RL Cole and lots more. There are lots of pool tables, a fine kitchen, a full bar and a happy staff that seems to know what you need ahead of time. Now, that’s art… The Pied Piper is open 7 days a

week. For bookings call (479)363-9976……. The Rowdy Beaver Restaurant & Tavern has lots of music on the roster. Look for Tightrope, Close Enough for Country, Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings, The Jason Kinney Band, Terri & The Executives, The Shari Bales Band a lots more. For bookings call (470)253-8544…….

The Rowdy Beaver Den, downtown at 47 Spring Street, also has a bunch of music coming in the next several weeks. Party with The Aaron Mullins Band, Tightrope, Arkansas Bootleg, DJ Goose, The Bucky Todd Experiment, The Jason Kinney Duo, John Harwood, Terri & Brett, The Norman Jackson Band, Blew Reed & TheFlatheads and more… This is a perfect place to sit and watch the basket cases on the street walk around and mumble…(my apologies to Don Henley)… And it’s also a smoker-friendly place, too…just made for reporters... For bookings call (479)363-6444……. (afternoons please…)

In Northwest Arkansas…….

In the next few weeks the annual Bikes, Blues and BBQ will happen in these parts, and the music will expand as the serious biker crowd hits the area. This is a wonderful gathering, as the highways of Northwest Arkansas are near perfect rides. The curves tend to be banked and the twists and turns in the entire area make biking a most fun endeaver… Just a reminder that there are lots of bikes on the road, so drive carefully. The Big Chill remains the hottest live music venue in Northwest Arkansas. Gina Parks, the owner-operator, is a musician herself who understands players and makes the most to take care of them. Appearing at the club in the coming weeks are Got It Covered, JAB, Jocko, Keith Nicholson, The Shari Bales Band, Take Cover Duo, Coverblind, Mike Mayberry & The Slowhands, The Jinns, The Kevin Upshaw Band, Professor Tele, Lazy Daisy, Take Cover, Dawn Cate, the Marshall Wallace Band, and a whole lot more. Every Tuesday is the NWA Blues Club Jam, too. For bookings, directions and other information, call (479)271-7011……. George’s Majestic Lounge has lots of very fine shows coming up…but then they always do… On the roster in the coming weeks are The Josh Abbott Band, Mike Ryan, William Clark Green, Aaron Copeland, The Bel Airs, The Odds, Leon Russell, The Toos, Social Work, Buckcherry, Splitlip Rayfield, Milton Patton, Arkansauce, Samantha Fish, Mountain Sprout, Josh Hoyer, Gary Hutchison, Andy Frasco & The U.N., the Jeff Austin Band, The Travlin’ McCourys, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Penny & Sparrow, Earl & Them, Moon Taxi, Sarah Hughes, Randall Shreve, and a lot more. For bookings at George’s call (479)527-6618 or email saxsafe@aol. com, or call Brian Crowne at (479)7904428……. With the warm weather, virtually all the clubs with outdoor pubs have got their motors running…for a short time left ‘til the weather cools down.



On the bill in the coming weeks at Jose’s Streetside are the Keith Nicholson Trio, the Gabe Bradley Band, Kevin Upshaw & One Night Stand, Prince Albert, Atomic Hi-5, 421 West, and more. For bookings call (479)521-0194…….

In Fort Smith…….

Jose’s Southwest Grille in Springdale also has their outdoor garden rockin’. Look for shows with Red Ambition, 90lb Wrench, Dawn Cate & The Rhythm Kings, 412 West, Joe Giles & The Homewreckers, One Night Stand, Another Fine Mess, Uncrowned Mess and more. For bookings call (479)750-9055…….

First on the list is R. Landry’s, Arkansas’ answer to New Orleans. In the coming weeks look for shows featuring Tom Ware, Eric Matthews, Chistine DeMeo, The Skinny Slim, The Wanda Watson Living Room Project, Scott Ellison, Candy Lee, EmiSunshine, Carter Sampson & Erik The Viking… On October 15, be sure to dine at R. Landry’s during the Benefit for Susan G. Coleman Cancer Foundation. A portion of all food sales will be donated to the Foundation. Good food for a great cause… There’s no cover charge here either. The food here is far better than anything I’ve ever had in New Orleans, which is saying a lot. A whole lot. And the atmosphere is perfect. It is a most comfortable room that attracts a nice crowd every night from Monday through Saturday. For bookings call Natalie at (479)783-2505…….

Kingfish Dive Bar also has their garden open, with a large roster of talent set to appear. Look for the Paper Moon Shiners, Li’l Hoojin’, Charliehorse, The Dave Bright Band, Keith Nicholson, The Marshall Wallace Band, Isayah’s Allstars, DeFrance, Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts, The Dan Martin Band, Paper Jam Band, Voxana, The Sisters Sweet, Mr. Octoberfest and more… For bookings send an email to……. Northwest Arkansas now has a new outdoor club for music. To wit, On The Mark - the sports bar - has built a beer garden and is having bands. Look for Jim Mills & The Hellbenders, Leah & The Mojo Doctors, Mo Brothers, Vint Tenor, Jovan Arellano, Scott Young & Ransom and a lot more. For bookings call (479)575-0123……. The Smoke & Barrel also has an outdoor garden now… Look for shows featuring Mudhawk, Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, Unknown Hinson, Hypnotion and The Flipoff Pirates and a lot more. For bookings call (479)521-6880……. The Light Bulb Club checks in this issue with a full roster of acts. Look for Ezra Lbs, Bob For Apples, Holy Gallows, Ten High, White Mansions, DEERPEOPLE, RD Mauzy, Jared Putnam, Ozarka Orkestra, The Theta Theorem, Daniel Romano & The Trilliums, Ryan Pickop, Dylan Earl, Brother Moses, The Inner Party, Friday Maybe Saturday, and much more. See the calendar pages for the whole list… For bookings please email Lightbulbc……. Bear’s Place has been serving up live music pretty much every night. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Sam Thompson, Reason #9, Cajun, Brick Fields, Bluegrass Jam, Vince Turner, Chase Missy, Caleb Martin, Ol’ Dimebox, The Lavenders, Buddy Shute & The Motivators, Flashback and a lot more. See the Sound pages for the dates and all the listings. For bookings call (479)521-2327…….

Headed down the hill to the Fort has become so much easier with that interstate. It used to be a real challenge to run from Northwest Arkansas…now it’s a breeze…

As many of you know by now, Webby D’s has closed. It’s a real shame as we saw much great music and fun here over the past couple years. It will be missed… Heros checks in with a most impressive line-up. On the bill in the coming weeks are shows with GD, Method To Madness, The Bannister Brothers Band, Patient Zero, Whippersnapper, Mindframe Zero, Escape Town, George & The Jetsons, River City, The Hosty Duo and more. For bookings call Doug at (479)6501481……. Neumeier’s Rib Room is back open, only at a different location, and only serving its fantastic food. No longer is it a major open-air concert venue, it is at 424 Garrison Avenue where the short-lived Bravo’s Italian Restaurant once was. Bill Neumeier is in charge and personally handling the great food he’s made famous over the years. He’s also decorated the place up with the enormous collection of rock ‘n’ roll stuff he’s gathered through the years…

The Hot Springs Blues and BBQ fest is on the way. See the feature elsewhere in this edition, but put it on your calendar NOW…and don’t miss this. This year the Spa City Blues Society has teamed up with Oaklawn Park and it will happen on the infield of the race-track on September 19 and 20. The feature acts are Keb’ Mo’ and Los Lonely Boys, along with Heavy Suga’ & The SweeTones, Lightnin’ Lee Langdon, The Hump Night

River Market • (501)324-2999 Open Monday - Saturday • Free Valet Parking ■

There is no better music room in the Spa than The Big Chill. This is home away from home for hundreds of musicians, because they are treated right. On any given night, almost no matter who is really playing, there are countless players sitting in…and even if they don’t they’re sitting there adding their musical energy to the mix, anyway. Officially appearing in the coming weeks are Mister Lucky, Professor Tele, Dave Almond, Moxie, Tara & Brett, Heavy Suga & The SweeTones, Lightnin’ Lee Langdon, Ryan & Adam, The Jinns, Jocko, R & R, Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands, Dean Agus & Legacy, Highway 124, Black Water Trio, and more. In addition, every week after week is the Spa City Blues Society jam. See the Sound section of this noosepaper… The Big Chill is open every day, has pool tables, huge screen TVs for sports, several outdoor smoking lounges, a special smoke-free bar and some excellent bar food too. Plus, and this is the big one, there’s no cover charge here! For bookings please call (501)6245185……. Another club worth visiting in Hot Springs is the Ohio Club on Bathhouse Row. This, of course, was the favorite hang out for Al Capone in the golden days of gambling in the Spa…there’s a statue on the sidewalk of Al, permanently resting his bones on a bench. (It’s

a most popular place for visitors to pose for photos with Al…Hey, this is a national park, you know?!) The Ohio has music 7 days a week. Every Sunday is Larry Womack and Jacquiline, Mondays features Randy & Chana, Tuesday is Legacy Duo, Wednesdays is an open music jam, Thursdays is for live jazz, and weekends feature the house band, The Ohio Club Players. The food here is superbly prepared, too…and the bar is worth writing home about. For bookings at the Ohio, please call (501)627-0702……. Maxine’s checks in with an impressive list this time out. Look for shows featuring Dead Flowers, Canaan, Manatees, Ten High, Khaotik Black, Table of Mahogany, The LV$H Era, The Vandoliers, Louisiana Appleseed, Landrest, Diamond Center, Ladygod, Bristol Hills, Annabelle Chairlegs, Teen Daze, Heavenly Beat, All Them Witches, Adam Faucett, Quiet Hallers, Hooten Hallers, Memphis Dawls and more. For bookings please email……. Classics, at the Clarion Hotel, has finished their Summer live music by the pool shows. See you next Spring when the warm weather returns. For bookings call Mary at (501)5257172…….

In Closing…….

Well folks that’s about it for this time around. By now the good folks at the printer are probably saying things outloud about us that cannot be printed in a family noosepaper. It’s time to shut this compooter down and hit the road. After all, a part of our job is to help put the Exxon children though college… you know… We’ll see you again next time. Until then, then, be sure to keep ‘em flyin’…….

In Hot Springs…….

No Skinny Steaks! Full Bar • Live Music • Great Food


Blues Band, Eric Hughes, Salt & Pepper, Trey Johnson & Dave Almond, Jackie B & Me, John Calvin Brewer, Ray Bonneville, and Shemekia Copeland, Jocko Deal Brian Martin, Ben Rice, Lucious Spiller, The Stacy Mitchart Band, Randy McQuay and much more. The partnership between the blues club and Oaklawn should be a good fit, and a major improvement from the years past, when the show was on Bath House Row, and always seemed to conflict with the doings of the National Park tourist crowd on the streets…plus, I might add, the parking issues of years past are no longer a problem.


Coco Montoya returns to Arkansas



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Susan Erwin

It doesn’t matter how good your fishing pole is if you can’t get near the water ---David Hughes A friend of mine from work asked me one day “Have you ever heard of Susan Erwin?” Admittedly, I didn’t know who Susan Erwin was at the time. The conversation continued, “You should hear her. She’s from around here (Magnet Cove) and she’s great! You’d really like her.” Of the many things I’ve done in life, I spent a few years booking music acts around Arkansas and the surrounding states. One of the many things I’ve learned from that experience is that everybody has a friend who plays or sings. And they’re all “great.” And I’d really like all of them. At the risk of sounding jaded, I was doing an internal eye roll thinking here we go again. Was I ever wrong. I met Susan Erwin for the first time when she came on the Saturday Night Ramble radio show as my guest. I did a little background work on her prior to the show and found more than a talented, hardworking musician. With a ‘girl next door’ demeanor Erwin has been successful most of her life, all the way back to high school. She was a four sport letterman, valedictorian and president of her class at Magnet Cove High School. In college, Erwin was in the Honors College, played in the jazz band and served as the president of her sorority, graduating with honors and a degree in Pure Mathematics. She also competed in the Miss Arkansas Pageant. Twice. She has a pilot’s license. She has her own skin care and fragrance line. And I haven’t even gotten to her music yet. Erwin plays around 250 dates a year all over the world. From Branson to the Caribbean, Los Angeles to Amsterdam, Las Vegas to Monte Carlo. Concert halls to cruise ships, private parties to night clubs. She’s played it. With one album under her belt, 2014’s Painting You Gone, Erwin is completing work on a second album/EP and has partnered up with Arkansas music icon, Butch Stone, to manage her. Her second album is set to release in October, 2015, with presales already started. “I am going to reach out to my fan base again and sell ahead with cool offerings for my art as purchase initiatives. The title track, “Ain’t My Baby Grand”, was selected and pitched to me by my A&R creative director Herky Williams in Nashville. I met Herky through my manager, Butch (Stone). Herky was a sixteen year executive at ASCAP and has a great ability to develop artists. With him and management, we selected 7 songs for this album and recorded them at Beaird Music Group with some of the finest session musicians in Nashville. “Ain’t My Baby Grand” is a perfect song for me as a bluesy singer and pianist.” Erwin is a talented songwriter in her own right but has enlisted the services of some pretty talented folks to fill out the songs on the coming album. Contributing writers for the songs on the EP reads like a who’s who of Nashville songwriting royalty including Gary Nicholson, Bekka Bramlett, Taylor Hicks, Billy Burnette, Billy Mann, Tonya Arata, Brett and James Slater, Steve Diamond, Mike Reid and Billy Smotherman. “For me, songwriting is therapy. I write to make something beautiful out of something hurtful, and I write to pen in time a happy occasion. I have loved to write since my first journal at the age of 8. I start with lyrics mainly. I’m actually more of a lyricist when it comes to song writing. Most of the time, the music and melody follows after I write the lyrics or at least have most of the lyrics finished and the structure of the song started. I am honored to have co-written with great songwriters in Nashville. I love to learn and collaborate with them.” Erwin will perform a showcase in October in Nashville this year with a lot of touring to follow. “We’re releasing this album, pitching to labels and planning on touring it and continuing my momentum. It’s about staying the course and following through. I truly hope one day to be on tour with a major act and to eventually be on my own tour in the larger venues.” Erwin’s manager, Butch Stone, has been around the block a few times when it comes to helping artists break out. Stone’s first major coup was in 1969 with an up and coming band from Arkansas called Black Oak

Arkansas. He helped launch the career of Cheap Trick and managed Swiss rockers Krokus, among others. He has a number of gold and platinum records to his credit and has produced too many concerts to count. “In the music industry it used to be that when an act signed with a record label they were basically given a three year deal,” Stone commented. “You’d make a record and then you would go through an agent who would put you on the road with a touring act to help you find your audience. It’s not like that these days.” “With Susan, we’ll have the best of both worlds,” Stone continues. “We’ll be able to use the social media side of things and combine it with her touring to get her out there. I’ll use my contacts in the business to get her on tour with as many national country acts as I can. We’ll develop her audience that way.” Erwin started playing piano and singing when she was 6 years old eventually taking ten years of classical piano lessons. Her mother and gospel music helped plant the seeds for her musical roots. “Watching my mother sing and play really inspired me,” Erwin stated. “To this day, she is the church piano player in our little church in Magnet Cove, Arkansas.” Her father also had some sway in determining his talented daughter’s musical tastes. With 70’s rock and roll blasting away in the mornings, it was Erwin’s father who was in charge of getting the kids ready for school.

“My mom would leave for work early so he was in charge of getting us up and ready for the school bus. He would pull the Creedence Clearwater Revival greatest hits vinyl out and blare it through our farm house. He’d sing through the halls at the top of his lungs, “I see a bad moon a’risin” or his favorite CCR song “It’s Just a Thought”. I can hear that bass lick and B3 on that song in my sleep.” “Willie’s (Nelson) duet with Dolly (Parton), “Unclouded Day”, was a big favorite of his, too. We’d drive down the road in his Chevy pickup truck and he’d sing and slap his dash to the beat. To this day a bucket list for me is to play and sing with Willie Nelson and have him look over and shout ‘play it Susan’ like he said ‘play it Bobby’ to his sister who was his piano player for years. Her style influenced me. Willie still moves my soul.” Erwin is smart, sexy, has a smile that will make any stranger melt and wraps it all up with a down home persona that sets people at ease when they are with her. She has a realistic outlook on where she’s been and where she wants to go. Stone lauds her abilities and her willingness to take direction. “Susan is a dream come true for someone like me,” says Butch Stone. “She knows how to work hard, she listens and takes direction well. She studies this business. I expect good things from her as we move forward.’ With her charm and smile, Erwin seems to be a

natural when it comes to working an audience. She’s at ease in a small venue or a concert hall. And her shows are always full of energy. “I love to show out and make people smile,” she says. “When I’m behind a piano I light up. I’m at home back there as if it is just an extension of me. I remember as a little girl I watched an older girl play “Bumble Boogie”, a boogie woogie adaptation of “Flight of the Bumble Bee”, and I was hooked. I told myself I’d be a boogie woogie player one day. I entered talent contests and pageants and ultimately found my performance home in piano bars, dueling and solo, where I’ve honed my craft of performance for over ten years now. I’ll stand on a piano, sit on it, play it with my feet, elbow. You name it, I’ll try it.” “I added a keytar to my show. It’s like a guitar but it’s a keyboard. People love it. I think it’s silly, but whatever works. Van Halen’s “Jump” is my specialty on it, but I can also play it like a fiddle and do “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. The keytar allows a piano player who is normally stationary to be mobile and wander like a guitar player can on stage. I milk that for all it’s worth and jump up atop my piano and play or wander through the crowd.” With a fan base that is, literally, world-wide, Erwin has played a few interesting venues through the years. She has played extremes for certain, from the back of a flatbed truck to a group of ‘cow folk’ to a private concert on a multi-million dollar yacht for a billionaire’s family’s Jewish holiday. Nothing seems to phase her when it comes to performing, especially adapting to on the fly changes. It’s all in a day’s work for Erwin. “They fork lifted a grand piano to the edge of the Caribbean Sea in the British Virgin Islands and I played it for an uber-fancy wedding. The bride was 20 minutes late to walk the aisle and I ran out of her chosen material so I started adlibbing Beatles songs in a classical style, changing them just enough that no one would notice. I even threw in some Metallica and Pearl Jam but no one noticed!” Spending her time in the music business for well over a decade, touring the world and making her bones has allowed Erwin to see the music industry inside and out. She is self-made to a large degree, creating her image through hard work, networking and lots of experience. “I love that I can be self-made. With this day and age of the internet, technology and social media, artists can reach their fan base all over the world on their own without the middle man. I was able to help fund my first album through a crowd funding campaign. It’s awesome to reach fans and followers and connect on a grassroots level as an artist.” “On the flip side, there are challenges now today. The information and technology age has changed the playing field for the music industry for sure. Where labels could depend on mechanicals back in the day, that has gone to downloading and electronic purchases. It’s shifted labels and artists reliance on merchandise and venue sales to really drive revenue.” “They say an overnight success is 15 years in the making. I think that is very true. It’s a slow burn to the top. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Those who think it’s about going on a reality show and getting that big break need to have a back-up plan to really work at making a career out of music. I respect those artists who worked years and honed their craft to “make it”. Don’t give up on your dreams. Remember we all stand on the shoulders of giants. Pull your ego out, stick it in a quiet place and listen, watch and learn from those who you respect and want to be like. Study, study, study and practice. Don’t be afraid. And don’t forget, use the power of social media to build a fan base!” “My manager Butch says “It doesn’t matter how good your fishing pole is if you can’t get near the water.” When the time was right for me, I pushed forward, turning over every rock I could to get the attention of key players in the music industry. Nashville is a good place to start. I’ve always believed if you’re talented and have a good work ethic someone will eventually notice.” With all her hard work and future plans it shouldn’t take long for folks to notice this rising star. Catch Susan Erwin at Oaklawn Racing and Gaming in Hot Springs beginning in October. For more information go to ---DH NIGHTFLYING.COM • OUT HOUSE READING • 2015 ■ 9

A rose is a rose…and by any other name would only sound different

Spokane, WA • Jason Stange, 44, who became a fugitive last year by walking away from a halfway house while on probation for bank robbery, was re-arrested in July in Olympia, Washington, after featuring himself in an extensive newspaper pictorial about a local movie he was starring in - billing himself merely as “Jason Strange”.

To protect and serve

Brooklyn, NY • Margo Grant-Louree, a now former Transportation Security Administration screener, was recently charged with grand larceny for the theft of a passenger’s $7,000 diamond ring from a bin at a Kennedy Airport security checkpoint.

Sit on it

Can’t help myself

Urumqi, China • A 39-year-old woman identified only as Zeng was finally imprisoned in August - 10 years after she was convicted of corruption due to a traditional probation option in Chinese law for expectant mothers - having remained free by getting herself pregnant 14 times during the 10 years.

It’s the law

Full hidey hole

Greendale, IN • After he drew attention with a long restroom session at a Shell station, police confronted him about the white powder on his nose, and Mattew Smith sheepishly handed over the minutes-ago-removed pills and cocaine - but he had also extracted a fishing bobber, a screwdriver and an “open tire” plug kit.

New Hampshire • Sexual assault is punishable in by prison time, but pending legislation assumes prison is not enough - by House Bill 212, anyone who commits sexual assault while out hunting or fishing will also have his hunting or fishing license permanently revoked…


Tit for tat

Double D’s

Yunnan Province, China • After five students drowned while swimming in a reservoir, parents of two of them sued the reservoir’s management company, complaining that it should have posted signs or barricades or guards to keep kids from swimming in the dangerous waters…but the management company has now countersued the parents, demanding compensation for the additional water-treatment measures it had to undertake because the reservoir had been “polluted” by their children’s corpses.

Get it where and while you can

Stratford, CT • 81-year-old Wallace Berg was recently charged with public indecency after a neighbor showed police a video he had made of Berg, naked and “performing a sex act with some shrubbery.”

September 16: The Uh-Huhs Manatees 17: The Vandoliers 18: Bonnie Montgomery Doug Strahan 20: Last Chance Records Showcase 21: John Moreland 22: Cason McHone 23: American Aquarium 24: Dirty Fences Bombary Harambee 25: Dangerous Idiots 26: Salty Dogs Bonnie Montgomery 30: Daniel Romano Dylan Earl October 1: Pete KinkelSchuster 2: Cedell Davis 4: Left & Right 6: Adia Victoria 8: Cedric Burnside

A serious protest

London • An August demonstration outside Britain’s Parliament protesting legislation to curb until-now-legal psychoactive drugs drew about 100 people - consuming their drug of choice, nitrous oxide, from inflated balloons…AKA: laughing gas.

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Yosukabti, MI • Michael Suarez will serve prison time after being convicted of fraud, after he attempted to get $2800 from a couple for a backpack filled with marijuana, that was actually filled with dirty socks.

Rockingham, VT • At a traffic stop both driver and passenger were charged with DUI, after the driver, Erik Polite, 35, clocked at 106 mph on Interstate 91 with drugs in the car, and while he was being screened for intoxication, passenger Leeshawn Baker, 34, jumped behind the wheel and peeled off in reverse across the highway, nearly hitting the trooper, who arrested him.

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Friday - 11-2

It’s still illegal

Ador, Spain • In July, the mayor of the town officially enacted into law what had merely been custom - a required afternoon siesta from 2 to 5 p.m. - businesses were ordered to close, and children were to remain indoors… quietly…

Little Rock’s Down-Home Neighborhood Bar

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Elizabeth, NJ • Scott Robert Esser was recently indicted on theft and burglary charges after he apparently buttdialed 911 on his cell phone, enabling the emergency crew to listen to his conversation with an accomplice discuss breaking into homes, emptying drawers and stealing goods.


G o d s O w n A r t . c o m

Delightful Delectables • Honey • Pepper Jelly • Apple Butter Healthy Munchies

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Pause for the Cause

Rodney Herrell Spa Musicians come together for one of their own

---Tommy Roeck If you’ve been around the Hot Springs Music scene at all, chances are you’ve caught a set with Rodney Herrell playing guitar. Everybody knows and loves Rodney not only for his easy going, down to earth demeanor, but for his soulful guitar work over the years in virtually every venue from here to Timbuktu & Texarkana. Well Folks, this man has suffered a lot in his life. Born with type 1 diabetes he has had to inject insulin for most of his life, starting very young. He has worked a hard life and driven himself to make it to work and obligations in pain that would’ve shut the average person down He has outlived the average life expectancy of his disease and now lately the dreaded Diabetes has been trying to permanently send him to his dirt nap. A few years shy of 50 now he has been sick and missing work due to his kidneys failing on him. He has had recent surgery to prepare him for dialysis and will be on dailysys by the time the benefit occurs. He is constantly checking in with his Doctor, his medical bills are piling up, and this man deserves a break. Guido’s Hot Springs Music and The Rock & Roll Society are hosting him a benefit at The Big Chill in Hot Springs on Sunday October 11th starting at 3pm until it’s over. There will be many great local performers such as Emcee & performer, David Ball, The Ohio Club Players, Mike Mayberry and the Slowhands, John Talley & Lee Langdon, Dave Almond & Greg Batterton, Hooker Red, Evo “n” Ove, John Calvin Brewer, and Dual Carb to name a few. A great night of music and love is to be anticipated as the spa city turns out to show this little guitar virtuoso how much we love him and the gift of music he has given us. There will be a silent auction, pot luck, donations, and of course some of the most prolific entertainers the spa city has to offer. Here’s a little about Rodney: Rodney Herrell started playing mandolin & guitar at age 5. Encouraged by his older brother Billy (now deceased) and his parents He practiced very hard and a few years later was recognized by his peers as a gifted musician and soulful singer. He never really took it seriously until his early 20’s when he began experimenting with country & blues in various bands. I first met Mr. Herrell in 1997 while I was working at the now defunct Banjo Dan’s Guitar Shop.


(God rest his Soul). With a love of Stratocasters in common we immediately hit it off as friends. Being from a very musical family, his brothers family owns Billy’s House of Guitars in Glenwood where he sometimes worked as a guitar tech and instructor, which gave us plenty to talk about. In 2000 he began performing in Alias Jones and played with them nearly 6 years while his day gig was being an

Electrician which turned out to be quite an asset while doing instrument repairs. He Also was a founding member in local legendary pop group “Tribe of Five” and remained in that


band for several years. After playing and performing all over the natural state with “The White Lions Band”, He landed the job at Guido’s Hot Springs Music Company in 2006 as guitar tech and instructor. This opened many doors for this articulate southern rock/ country/ blues guitarist as he landed a very lucrative gig playing lead for “The Ronnie Bear Band” and toured the south extensively. He has filled in for Moonshine Mafia, Delta Donnie, and many others on guitar over the years, and hosted the Clarion all ages jam at Classic’s Sports Bar on Thursday nights may 2011 through May of 2012, where he was the house favorite until he took a hiatus from that event. He has performed with “The Cruise Brothers” with Mike Dollins and Guido Ciardetti on weekends all over Arkansas, but most notably he was a regular at The Oaklawn Casino Bar in Pop’s Lounge in Hot Springs with them. Infatuated with Peter Green & Stevie Ray Vaughan since their inceptions, he can accurately mimic the sweet single coil sounds of Hendrix, The Vaughans, The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, and many more Blues & Southern Rock Legends. Armed with his three favorite 1970’s strats and his hot rod deville, He can amaze and suprize some of the most devout cynics With his smooth flowing chops and soulful, creative expressions, His tone is pleasing to all who hear it, and he strives for excellence in his playing and overall sound. Peter Read was Quoted as saying; “You don’t play like that unless you’ve been through some life”. “Excrementum Ocurum”. (Shit Happens). And a full life he has been through, now married to his soul mate Linda Newberry Herrell, and several medical issues, he still retains a happy demeanor, wit, and charm. With much patience he teaches with passion and vigor his many students who all love this man of music dearly. Personally working with him on a near daily basis is definitely a high spot in my life at Hot Springs Music. All the local players have nothing but great things to say about Rodney. From his playing, vocal styling, and craftsmanship, I am proud to call him friend, and the occasional picking events are even better. If you get a chance please come out and support this man of music and rock and roll. The joint will be jumpin’! Please Call : 501-520-8788 for more info...... ---TR

Woke up this morning...

Big Dam Blues Party

Coco Montoya,Tullie Brae,The Peterson Brothers, Charlotte Taylor & Gypsy Rain to appear on September 26 ---Wightman Harris The planning for the Big Dam Blues Party has been underway for over a year now. The brainchild of the host of KABF 88.3 FM Community Radio show “The Blues House Party”, Deb Finney, approached Joe Powell and myself last year with the idea. We immediately agreed it was great notion and Powell’s Blues for A Cause and the Arkansas River Blues Society, of which I am President, joined forces with Deb to make this an eventual reality. In cooperation with The Big Dam 100 Bike Run, downtown North Little Rock was the choice to host the event. Blues For A Cause was designed by Joe Powell several years ago in conjunction with Sandra Sallings after the loss of the late great Mark Sallings. It is designed to assist musicians in need. An annual event has been held in Pine Bluff to benefit the organization. Past performers have included Joe Pitts Band, Reba Russell Band and Jimmy Thackery among notables. The Arkansas River Blues Society has a rich history of involvement in the community in the past and is seeking to return to prominence in hosting events and affiliation with the Blues Foundation based in Memphis. Deb Finney has produced “The Blues House Party” on KABF 88.3 on Fridays from 3:00-5:00 for several years. Her show promotes blues music and has a rich history of interviews, live performances and airplay of cutting edge local, BIG DAM BLUES PARTY The first (hopefully annual) Big Dam Blues Party will be held September 26 from 4:00-12:00 on the 500 block of Main Street downtown North Little Rock. The area will be secured and general parking will be available. The headline act is the outstanding Coco Montoya who is well known in Arkansas. His past includes stints with John Mayall and Albert Collins before striking out on a very successful solo career. Joining Montoya will be Mississippi’s Tullie Brae, who is setting the blues circuit on fire with her dynamic performances. The Peterson Brothers, a young duo based out of Austin, Texas are hailed as the next in line behind the now famous Gary Clark, Jr. who has risen to great heights almost overnight. Charlotte Taylor and Gypsy Rain, a Central Arkansas band will guarantee to put on a great show. Charlotte is a mainstay in Arkansas and continues to rise in prominence. They will also be performing on the main stage at the King Biscuit Blues

Festival in October. The final acts will be determined by the judging of the annual International Blues Competition sponsored by the Arkansas River Blues Society. One band and one solo/duo act will be chosen as this year’s representative for the international trek to Memphis.

Advance tickets can be purchased through links on www. or facebook links to Big Dam Blues Party, Blues For A Cause or Arkansas River Blues Society facebook page. Prices are $10 in advance or will be available for $12 the day of the

event. Your support of these great artists and the non-profit organizations is appreciated. Wightman Harris President Arkansas River Blues Society



Hot Springs Blues and BBQ Festival OAKLAWN TEAMS WITH SPA CITY BLUES SOCIETY TO HOST BLUES AND BBQ FESTIVAL Oaklawn and the Spa City Blues Society are joining forces to host the Hot Springs Blues and BBQ Festival, presented by Budweiser, in Oaklawn’s Infield September 19-20. The event, which was formerly held in downtown Hot Springs, will feature local, regional and national Blues acts as well as some of the region’s best barbeque. “The Blues Society board is excited to be working with Oaklawn jointly on this event and for the growth potential this allows,” said Rob Pratt, President of the Spa City Blues Society. “We have been hosting this event for years and it’s about to take a major leap forward. Partnering with Oaklawn allows us to move this from a local to a regional event.” “This is truly a joint effort between the Blues Society and Oaklawn and the community of Hot Springs is going to be the biggest beneficiary,” said Brandon Scott, Assistant Director of Marketing. “We’re all really excited about the Blues and Barbeque Festival and look forward to making it bigger and better than ever. Our hope is to make it one of Hot Springs’ premiere festivals.” Big Names in Blues Headline Festival There are 19 confirmed acts for the Blues & BBQ Festival highlighted by performances from Shemekia Copeland and Los Lonely Boys Sept. 19 and Keb’ Mo’ Sept. 20. “We are very excited to bring the Los Lonely Boys and Keb’ Mo’ to Hot Springs,” said Pratt. “Partnering with Oaklawn has really allowed us to take this event to a whole new level.” The Grammy Award-winning trio the Los Lonely Boys is comprised of brothers Henry (guitar, vocals), Jojo (bass, vocals), and Ringo (drums, vocals) Garza, who are following in the tradition of their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., who had a band with his brothers called the Falcones in the 70s and 80s. Their debut single “Heaven” reached number one on the Billboard adult contemporary chart in 2004 and the following year earned them the Grammy for best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group. Other top songs include “More Than Love” and “Diamonds.” Three-time Grammy winner Keb’ Mo’ is touring in support of his 12th full length album BLUESAmericana, released last year. Over the past two decades, Keb has cultivated a reputation as a modern master of American roots music through his live and studio performances. His songs have been recorded by B.B. King, Buddy Guy, the Dixie Chicks, Joe Cocker and Robert Palmer, and his playing inspired leading instrument maker Gibson Brands to issue the Keb’ Mo’ Signature Bluesmaster acoustic guitar. He’s collaborated with a host of other artists including Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, jazz diva Cassandra Wilson, Buddy Guy, Amy Grant, Solomon Burke and Little Milton. A two-time Grammy nominee, Shemekia Copeland has opened for the Rolling Stones, headlined the Chicago Blues Festival and numerous festivals around the world, and earned critic’s choice awards on both sides of the Atlantic (The New York Times and The Times of London). She has also shared the stage with such luminaries as Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Mick Jagger, and Eric Clapton, and has even performed at the White House for President and Mrs. Obama. The musical entertainment will be split throughout the day between the main stage and Oaklawn’s Gazebo. It kicks off Saturday at 12:30 with Lee Langdon and 1 p.m. Jocko Deal. Other top local and regional acts scheduled to perform are Hump Night Blues Band, John Calvin Brewer Band, Heavy Suga & the Sweetones and Stacy Mitchhart Band. “We have as a good of a lineup of any other festival in the region,” said Pratt. “It really is a stellar lineup. Everyone is starting to get really excited. Having it in Oaklawn’s infield adds a flare to the event. It will really have a party atmosphere.”

Los Lonely Boys

Regions Best BBQ Exciting New Feature of Festival This will be the 19th year for the Blues Festival, but the first time it will be held at Oaklawn and feature some of the best BBQ in the area. There will be more than $11,000 in prize money offered to the teams competing in the two-day event, which is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and will be a State Championship. Contestants will be judged in the categories Pork, Chicken, Brisket and Ribs and they can also enter the People’s Choice category. (Continued on Page 20)

Eric Hughes Band



Keb Mo

Heather Crosse

John Calvin Brewer Band

Shemekia Copeland



OZARK, ARKANSAS featuring two nights of



VENDORS - SWIMMING - CAMPING - WORKSHOPS - DRUM CIRCLES TICKET PRICE : $60 for the weekend - includes camping one day tickets only on the Saturday for $35 DIRECTIONS FROM LITTLE ROCK : 40 west to 23 north (at Ozark) for 13 miles to a right on Hwy 215 (a.k.a. Co. Rd. 83) for six miles. DIRECTIONS FROM FAYETTEVILLE, AR : 49 South to 40 East to 23 North (at Ozark for 13 miles) to 215 East (for 6 miles) DIRECTIONS FROM FORT SMITH : 40 East to 23 North (at Ozark for 13 miles) to 215 East (for 6 miles) NIGHTFLYING.COM • OUT HOUSE READING • 2015


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---Doug Treadway

Once again into the fray – I was asked why I wrote epitaphs and when I stopped, I was asked why. Well, I dunno. But I do know that a very brave, selfless man just passed away. He was Sir Nicholas Winton, who personally saved hundreds of children, mostly Jewish, from the holocaust of WWII, getting them out of what was then Czechoslovakia in 1939. Sir Nicholas was 106 years old. Ever know a hero? I do. A fire marshal I worked with in the ‘90s saw a house fire on his way to work one morning, stopped, ran into the burning house, and rescued people. Anyone who’ll run into a burning house to save someone he doesn’t even know, well, that’s a hero in my book. He did not want any accolades: “Just doing my job” he said. John Lennon wrote a song about working-class heroes, yet was anything but. He also got shot down, literally. So seek fame and fortune if you will, but keep in mind there is a price for all that glory … and it can be gory. Hey, know who’s living a whole new life? Caitlyn Jenner, 65, who was Olympic Decathlon Champion Bruce Jenner until a short time ago. We all change in our own ways. I used to be a wild man … uh, so some of us maybe don’t change all that much. The Longbranch has changed; not nearly as many bikers anymore, tho I did see an old ridin’ partner. I was out there to listen to Lyle, Dan, and Earl kick out some jams. I got to dancin’ with this ol’ gal and she started doin’ stripper moves then went into the twist and so I twisted and damned if my pants didn’t fall down around my ankles. I couldn’t dance like that so I pulled ‘em up and when I looked around ol’ gal was butt nekkid. Bouncer made her get dressed but didn’t say anything to me. Omar Sharif, actor, bridge champion, gentleman, has passed at 83. And someone you might not know by name but likely played one of his games is also gone: Satoru Iwata rose to CEO of Nintendo after starting as a game designer, but in his own words: “In my heart I am a gamer.” He left the game at the tender age of 55. Yeah, I know, millennials think of 55 as ancient but let me assure y’all from the perspective of a 73 year old, 55 is young. And then there’s producer Jerry Weintraub of music and movie fame. I forget how old he was exactly but I’m pretty sure he was in his 80s. Judy Carne on the other hand was but 76 and Wes Craven, well, I’m not sure how old

he was either, but something must’ve scared him to death.

school, real home cooking. It was recorded at Blade Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana. Visit for more data.

Fall to June


11: Stephen Neeper & the Wildhearts 12: Third Degree 18: Every Mother's Nightmare 19: Dirty Lindsey

ONE AT A TIME Eddie Cotton DeChamp This is great stuff. Eddie Cotton plays guitar and sings, backed byMyron Bennett on bass, Samuel Scott Jr on drums, James “Hotdog” Lewis on keys, and the Jackson Horn (Kimble Funchess, trumpet, Jessie Primer III, tenor sax, and Mike Weidick on trombone). A whole slew of other cats contributed here and there and all in all it adds up to a great groove, okay, a multitude of great grooves. Hey, even ol’ Grady Champion got in some harp. But this is just a great collection of rockin’ jazz/soul/funk/blues, you know, typical Memphis sound. In fact, contact Right Way Entertainment at 9160 Tryon Cove, Memphis TN 38018 or (901) 757-8020 for the inside skinny.

THE REVEREND SHAWN AMOS LOVES YOU Shawn Amos PUT Together Old School. He even has the Blind Boys of Alabama backing him, yeah, and producer Mindi Abair does the “Boogie” with him. I swear, this is love, y’all. I forgot where I was … oh yeah, old

REMIX Elizabeth Butler Running Home She has a lovely alto voice, at least on this single remix featuring Solveig Whittle. The music reminds me of the sound of England Dan and John Ford Coley. Makes me want to go find her “Love and Loss and Stuff Like That” for a bit of a listen. Go to www.ebutlermusic. com or for further info.


25: Fall To June, The Revolutioners, Brother Grey 26: Nerd Eye Blind

Lipstick de Hand Grena


Pamela K. Ward

2: Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra 3: Acousticpunks 9: Wes Burnett Band 10: Framing The Red 16: Lipstick Hand Grenade 17: Third Degree 23: tba

BONNEVILLE Bob Holda indie I dunno, I sort of expected this to be more rockin’ road tunes, but it’s really rather mellow … and the guy has more web addresses than anyone I know: to contact him or play around with www.bobholda. or www.purevolume. com/bobholda or, you know. or, a new one on me:

Send your music for Review to Nightflying Reviews, P.O. Box 82, Perry, AR 72125 as well as all contact information...


er’s Every Moth Nightmare

24: ASKA 30: Nerd Eye Blind 31: The MuddleStuds (Final Show!!)

501-205-0576 Open 7 Days A Week 11a.m. - 2 a.m.

1611 E. Oak St. Conway, AR 72032 email booking inquiries to:

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James Gleason

World-reknown Cowboy Comedian to make a stop at Wiederkehr’s Weingarten October 30th Well travelled comic shares his funnybone worldwide

---Amber Patton River Valley and beyond, are you ready to “Laugh Your Arts Off”? We are! Please join us October 30th at Wiederkehr’s Weingarten Hall, Altus, Arkansas, for the Arts Society of Ozark’s first annual comedy night featuring the hilarious and talented James Gleason, “The Cowboy Comedian.” A very talented and theatrical comedian, The Cowboy Comedian (“Cowboy”) was one of the top three comedians, out of more than 2,000 comedians from all over the nation, chosen to compete in the Las Vegas finals of America’s Got Talent. Cowboy has also headlined in Las Vegas, Biloxi and Atlantic City, and has appeared in numerous commercials and independent film productions, and on Last Comic Standing. A real patriot, The Cowboy Comedian frequently travels overseas to entertain our troops. His sixteen USO/MWR tours have taken him to Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, Japan and Guam, to name a few. From a military family, he considers it an honor to bring some humor to the troops, frequently traveling into combat zones and finding every opportunity to entertain our soldiers. To top it off, Cowboy is an Artist! We will also be entertained by our local favorites the “Hard Cider Boys”, enjoy the culinary talents of our local chefs, and play hilarious games like Comedy Bingo with cash prizes over $250 up for grabs! So come on out for a good time for a good cause. All proceeds from “Laugh Your Arts Off” will go towards supporting the Arts Society of Ozark and our activities related to preserving and promoting the arts in our community. Tickets are only $30 per person or $300 for up front reserved tables seating 6. Tickets are available online at and at the Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce. Amber Patton Executive Director Arts Society of Ozark Phone: (479) 644-9903 Website: Address: PO Box 294, Ozark, AR 72949



Danny Mullen

Crooning his magic at Bear’s Singing songs of country magic love and loss ---Jessica Ellis `“I sit in this new, old lil hole in the wall feeling myself fall into the old as Danny Mullen strums his acoustic as if for a sold out show and yet, there is only me in this empty room. He asks me what I want to hear the answer of course… Kris Kristofferson. So he launches into “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” This song, little does he know, is almost sacred to me. As he finishes and fades out of Kris, he begins to play one of his originals and he becomes a great story teller of love and loss. The room is slowly beginning to fill as people are drawn off of the street by his music. He sings of moments of despair and true agony and the tragic pain of loss, that we have all known at one time or another and yet, he smiles as he bares his fragile soul for not only me and my ears but, the countless nameless faces that have meandered in now. He tells us his story…connecting us thru beautiful, impassioned lyrics and carefully chosen chords. His style, well….it’s hard to describe….It’s old meets new. It’s traditional meets contemporary but, it is absolutely all its own. I realize that he is powerfully underestimated and while he plays us this story I see that he is doing something different. Many others do what has already been done and said or sung and he is his own... refusing to conform or copy. I like that he is a rebel. I connect with his story, for it has been my own and it resonates deeply in my heart. As a writer, I am jealous of his freedom with words. The way that he can allow his walls to fall and the gates to open so he can share and articulate this story with such passion and feeling

with all of us here in this room. I watch him and it’s almost as if he grows more confident, strong, and free with each strum of his guitar. I know that my friend struggles today with his destiny…and that he is questioning what the future has in store for him and yet, he smiles…he plays…and he performs for us all. This show is real and raw and if you listen or look close enough, you will see that this is his life force, his passion, and that he does not just play to play but because it is ingrained in him to. I see it as an almost spiritual quest and I am honored to bear witness to it. What a moment to be part of.” I actually wrote this months ago at his show on a napkin because it was all I could find to write on and I knew that I had to commemorate the moment. It is a show that I will remember always as intimate, real, and raw. If you can catch one of his shows do so. He is entertaining and lively and has great stage presence and interacts and connects with the audience. He is a talented musician and lyricist and has been working tiressly on a new album with the title track “Lullabies & Alibies,” which is an incredible song that we can all relate to. I suggest buying this album as soon as it is available because he is very talented and you will enjoy it immensely. You can find him as the “Real Danny Mullen” on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also email him at for more information or bookings and you can follow him on Twitter @RealDannyMullen. Go check him out. ---JE

Country music legend Tanya Tucker, in Concert on Her Birthday Calling all Tanya Tucker Look-Alikes RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS • Tanya Tucker is slated to perform on Saturday, October 10, 2015 in Russellville, Arkansas at The Center for the Arts. Since the performance happens to fall on her birthday, promoters of the concert have turned the event into an all day celebration and Birthday Bash. Special shaped hot air balloons, a Wing Ding, live entertainment, and even a “Tanya Tucker Look-Alike” contest are part of the festivities honoring the country music star. Tanya Tucker is back after a lengthy hiatus kicking off her tour with many sold-out shows. The renowned vocalist is eager to perform new hits along with staples like “Delta Dawn”, the song that launched her career when she was only 13 years old. Tucker took time off from touring to spend more time with her children, but she is thrilled to be back on the road again. “I am so excited about the upcoming tour,” she says. “Being in front of a live crowd is something that I feed off of. From the reception I felt from the first few dates, I think it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun returning to performing. I’ve missed the fans a lot.” Rodney Williams, promoter of the event, believes fans will be in for a special treat. “There is something electric about a Tanya Tucker performance. She’s one of the most legendary recording artists of all time. She’s not just singing the music. She’s lived these songs. Some sad. Some happy. But all throughout the show, she sings and performs as only Tanya Tucker can,” he notes. “Bringing her to Russellville on her birthday is something we all are very excited about.” To encourage participation in the look-alike contest, the event promoter is awarding a free concert ticket to all contestants who enter. The top 12 finalists win a limited edition event T-shirt and VIP backstage access before the concert. One overall grand prize winner receives a prize package valued at over $1000 which includes a hot air balloon ride, a ticket to the private Birthday Bash, VIP seating, and the opportunity to meet Tanya Tucker. Contest rules can be found on the event website www.tanyatuckerconcert. com or by calling 479-304-7777.



Calling All Songwriters

Bear’s Place provides location, equipment and inspiration for creative songsmith activities ---Jessica Ellis Media Contact: Have you heard about or attended the local songwriter and poetry night called “Calling All Songwriters?” If not, you are missing out on a really great event. As a poet, I often find myself with the hard time of finding an outlet that I feel comfortable sharing and participating in with my poetry. For one, there really are not many available and for two, I just do not feel that many fit for me. I rarely feel comfortable due to intense stage fright but being very passionate about music and poetry, I felt there was an almost desperate need for one so that artists of all types would have a place and an outlet to share their talents where they would be comfortable, welcomed, and embraced. My friend Brenda Baskins and I

have been hosting just such a night and event. What makes this such a truly great one is that everyone is invited and in fact welcomed to attend, no matter what genre, style, or age. It is informal, light-hearted, and a great deal of fun and held at a venue that feels of older more friendly times and has an air of “Cheers” about it. I personally have watched many people from all different age groups, walks of life, and styles meld together to share their art, embrace, encourage, and become dear friends. I’ve watched them support one another in the most beautiful of ways. There are very many wonderful musicians, songwriters, and poets that attend. I am always excited to see the regular attendees and even more to see the new faces each month. There are so many truly talented people that have become part of this and I am

honored to participate with them. I must brag for a moment on the amazing Mrs. Brenda. “Calling All Songwriters” is as wonderful as it is because of her. She does an amazing job at hosting and making everyone feel comfortable. Hosting can be quite an intense job and she does it with ease and grace. From her silliness to her kind and loving energy, she announces and introduces everyone and makes them feel welcomed and comfortable. She involves and encourages everyone so that when they step off the stage to leave they feel that they were a part of something wonderful. It is a joy to watch each month because she has such candor and liveliness. We are a blessed group to have her. As a participant, I have come to feel extremely excited about these nights. Not only do I now have a great outlet for myself to share my poetry but, there’s an absolutely incredible group of people who have become dear friends of mine, and I relish in getting to watch everyone perform and share their art and talent. I guarantee that if you attend, you will leave happy, smiling, and engulfed in positive energy and friendship with truly great people. So if you or someone you know, are looking for or needing a place to share your music and/or poetry, grab your instrument, your verses, and some friends and get down to Bear’s Place located at 504 East 15th Street Fayetteville, Arkansas the first Monday of each month from 6:30-9p.m. You can get more information by calling Bear’s Place and also you can find “Calling All Songwriters” on Facebook or email me directly at I hope and can’t wait to see you all there. ---JE

Jessica Ellis at Bear’s Place



Hot Springs Blues Fest cont. from page 14 Oaklawn previously held the BBQ Competition Smokelawn in its infield over Kentucky Derby weekend, which attracted some of the toughest teams on the circuit. This year that event is being combined with the Blues Festival, but will still feature some of the best BBQ around. Dr. Randy Hill of Hot Springs and his Southern Krunk BBQ Society will be among the top teams competing in this year’s competition. He and his team, which have competed all over the country, finished among the top five at Smokelawn last year. He says he’s expecting teams from as many as six different states. “We’re all really excited about this year’s competition,” said Hill. “Blues and BBQ is just a natural combination. I know the out-of-state teams love coming here because they love the venue. There’s great prize money and they take really good care of the teams. There is going to be a lot of good teams this year, including American Dream, which is the #1 team in the nation right now.” Hill says he’s also excited about being able to compete in his own backyard so to speak because he thinks Hot Springs offers some of the best BBQ in the world. “Hot Springs BBQ is a fusion of all the BBQ around us,” said Hill. “Texas is known for its Brisket, there are the Memphis style and the Kansas City style. And, there’s also the Cajun influence in our BBQ. We really appreciate Oaklawn hosting this event because it will be great for Hot Springs.” “We’re pleased to offer our Hot Springs community the ability to see world-class acts here in their backyard. And, at a reasonable price,” added Scott. “The goal is to put a major music festival in Hot Springs on the map and make it an annual pilgrimage to see the best blues talent in the nation and taste the best BBQ around. It’s going to be very exciting to watch this great event grow into something special for not only Hot Springs, but the entire state.” Tickets for the Hot Springs Blues & BBQ Festival presented by Budweiser are $20 for the weekend, including both headline acts, if purchased in advance. They will be $30 if purchased at the event. Tickets are currently available online at the newly launched Oaklawn and the Spa City Blues Society will announce the rest of the entertainment lineup at a later date. For more information, visit For more information about Oaklawn, visit For more information about the Spa City Blues Society, visit

Many of you who have visited my repair shop, will know that if you talk with me for any significant length of time, I will eventually make a statement that may sound something like: “Change your strings every 3 to 4 months“ and then shortly followed up with: “NOT changing strings is the number one cause of damage to stringed instruments“ ...and then I‘ll usually sum it up with: “Wood Verses Steel... Steel wins... Every time!“. Sound familiar? While doing some research to find an answer for a customer (I usually go to books for that... you remember those?... before ANYONE could post ANYTHING on the internet... with no accountability for making false statements... There were books!) Anyway, I contacted my D‘Addario rep to confirm my string choice for an odd, old instrument. As usual, he was very helpful and he also referred me to a document on the D‘Addario website called “String Tension 101“. Below is an excerpt of the full document: String Tension 101 Modern music has become so subdivided and fragmented that there is no longer one turn-key string solution for every playing style or desired sound. At one point in time, there were no standardized string gauges, but John D Addario Sr. changed all that in 1939 with the introduction of light, medium and heavy gauges for acoustic instruments. Throughout most of the 20th century, standardized electric and acoustic guitar gauges were sufficient for needs. Occasionally, new gauges (often hybrids of existing sets), were created for specific purposes and string offerings from manufacturers became immense. However, today there are so many popular styles and trends that it is often necessary for players to go outside of standard gauge sets to get the effect they desire. Whether it s open tunings, drop tunings, baritone guitars, 5string guitars, 7-string guitars or a variety of other reasons, many players are opting to go their own way and customize their string selection and sound. Why Do You Need To Know About String Tension? D’Addario receives hundreds of inquiries each year from players who have questions or problems to solve related to string gauges or tensions. To assist players in determining the appropriate string for their needs, we created the Online String Tension Guide, a complete book of charts for determining the appropriate string to be used in just about any situation. The guide includes formulas for determining string tension for any string on any instrument type or scale length using three basic measurements: the Unit Weight, the Scale Length of the instrument, and the Frequency of the string. If scientific formulas aren t your strong point, we have pitch/ tension charts for just about every string we make, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and bass guitar. T (Tension) = (UW x (2 x L x F)2) / 386.4 String Tension Facts and Figures Here is a brief summary of what string

tension is and what effect it has on your instrument and your playing. Guitar Fingerboard Layout (Standard Tuning) Fig:1 String tension is determined by vibrating length, mass, and pitch. The string diameter alone does not determine a string’s tension. By using different raw materials (nickel plated steel or phosphor bronze, etc.) or by varying the ratio between the core and the wrap wire, two strings with the same diameter, tuned to the same pitch, could have two different tensions. There are many factors other than string gauge that determine the actual and perceived string tension on your instrument: “ Scale length, or the distance between the nut and the saddle. The longer the scale, the higher the tension is for the same string tuned to the same pitch for example, a standard Fender!” guitar at 25Ω scale has more string tension and will feel stiffer than a standard Gibson!” 24æ scale guitar, even if both are tuned to the same standard pitch. Some players adjust for this by using slightly heavier gauges on shorter scale guitar than on longer scale guitars. “ The flexibility of the instrument top and neck. “ The string break-angle at the nut and saddle/bridge. “ String height or action as adjusted at the saddle. “ Truss rod adjustment (neck relief). Note: Before deciding on a string gauge, be sure your instrument is properly set up. Unusually high action can change the way the string tension feels and can also result in poor intonation. How to Measure String Tension String tension is measured in pounds of pull per string. When all of the tensions of each string are added up, you get the set tension for that set. If, for example, you want to change the tuning of one string, you should try to select a string gauge that will offer a similar tension to the string you are replacing, but can be tuned to the desired pitch. Fig: 2 This is just a sample of the plethora of information that is found in the D‘Addario charts and I have found this reference guide to be very useful in determining just the right string gages for the myriad of 7/8/10 stringed guitars, altered tunings and other vintage, ethnic and uncommon instruments of which I have to repair. I keep a copy by the Register... just in case! Come on in to the shop and we can discuss what string is right for YOUR instrument and playing style!

I just enjoyed a long telephone visit with Peter Read of Nightflying. Both of us are keyboard musicians, historians and journalists. We can, and do, share so many stories of events of the past 5 decades. Peter has documented, in fascinating detail, all the Arkansas bands, musicians and events since December 8, 1980. That is the day when his very first issue of “NIGHTFLYING” reported the death of Beatle John Lennon. All this he has accomplished while he has suffered numerous disasters. I commend and applaud him for his determination, and for the good spirits, and totally warped sense of humor, he still exhibits. This year Peter will complete 35 years of publication of Nighflying. We were marveling at how far communication has come in just these few short years. In our day, (during the previous century,) one of our lifetime goals was to produce a quality, long-playing vinyl disc recording. Today, an aspiring musician can record, publish and distribute his or her best musical efforts within a single hour’s time! I have also visited recently with John Miller, who works at the Butler Center for the Encyclopedia of Arkansas. As a part of their archives, John conducted a 2-hour video interview with this writer. If it were not for their efforts, so much of our rich history, musical and otherwise, would vanish. When I compare present day downtown Little Rock Arkansas with my earliest memories, I find we have come a very long way. There are only a dozen or so of the original downtown buildings that I remember when I made my first trips from my home town of Mayflower, usually by bus, back in the 1940s. Back in the day, that business and social center of Little Rock, and the state of Arkansas, was at Capitol Avenue at Main Street. All the major stores were centered in a few blocks area. In fact, there were very few stores anywhere else in Little Rock. I lived and worked in downtown Little Rock for several years in the 1950s. In the pre-TV days, there were many theaters downtown. Some, like the Capitol, Center and Arkansas theaters, were very elegant. The old Lafayette Hotel, built in 1925, is still standing, living in its new life. When it was built in 1925, their elegant restaurant featured a classy string orchestra.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions for future articles, please contact: Bryon Knight, Owner of Little Rock Frets 10020 N. Rodney Parham Rd. Little Rock, AR 72227 (501) 223-FRET (3738)



Fender “Bowling Ball” Stratocaster ---Story and photos by Steve Evans In 1984 the Fender Musical Instrument Company came out with a limited run of “marble finish” guitars, a.k.a. “bowling ball” guitars. Fender produced 225 Stratocasters and 75 Telecasters in red marble, blue marble, and gold marble finishes. Fender’s production of these guitars included shipping the bare, unpainted bodies to a company in Long Island, New York, for the special paint process, and then returning them to California for Fender to apply the clear coat and assemble the guitars. The guitar featured in this month’s article is a red bowling ball Stratocaster, serial #E350281, which arrived at Jacksonville Guitar Center in January of 1985, and has been on display in a glass case for the past 30 years. It is in mint condition, unplayed and still has its original factory strings. It has been taken out of the display case only to be photographed. You can see pictures of this guitar in the 1988 “Fender Stratocaster” book by Andre Duchossoir, a 1994 swimsuit calendar, a 2001 issue of “Vintage Guitar” magazine, and now in “Nightflying.” Its hardshell case has been stored in the original shipping box, which still has the Fender packing slip attached, adding evidence to the instrument’s provenance. This guitar came with a couple of bonus items: a “fine tune locking nut,” a la Eddie Van Halen, which could be attached to the guitar if the buyer was so inclined, and a postcard to mail in to receive a free marbleized T-Shirt to match the guitar. The standard Stratocasters made in 1983 and 1984 had some cost-cutting features which allowed Fender to lower the retail price from previous years. For example, two knobs instead of three, and the input jack is mounted on the pickguard instead of on a jack plate. The strings top-load into the bridge instead of stringing through the back of the guitar’s body, and the tremolo arm is a “snap-in” type as opposed to the traditional “screw-in”style. This guitar, made in 1984, has the distinction of being one of the last Fenders produced in Fullerton, California. Fender guitars had been made in Fullerton since the 1940’s, but in January of 1985 CBS sold the Fender Company to a Fender-friendly group of investors who moved the operation to nearby Corona, California. Drop by Jacksonville Guitar Center & Museum to see the bowling ball Strat upclose. Sorry, the vintage guitars and amps in the museum are not for sale.

Actual Bowling Ball It’s easy to see where the marbleized Fenders got their nickname

1984 Fender Bowling Ball Strat 1984 Fender “Bowling Ball” Stratocaster in red marble finish with maple fretboard.

Strat Body Features include two control knobs, input jack mounted on pickguard, top-load bridge and snap-in tremolo arm. Mindy & Strat Mindy Van Kuren with red marble Strat and matching T-Shirt, as seen in Vintage Guitar Magazine.

Steve & Bowling Ball Strat Ed’s note: We all have our addictions. Some of us love cars. Some of us love motorcyles. And some of us love things like guitars...Steve is one of those...And like those of us into rock ‘n’ roll and blues and swing jazz...there really

ain’t no cure...



Strat Peghead Closeup of Fender peghead shows Stratocaster, serial number E350281, Made in U.S.A.

Growing up, I always thought being a disc jockey would be a cool job to have. Playing records all day, hanging out in a studio and meeting famous people. I saw the movie ‘FM’ back in the late 70’s/early 80’s and loved it. It was a hard luck story about a radio station trying to stay alive. The movie featured live performances from Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffet plus some of the best music being played at the time. I guess the Hollywood glamour intrigued me enough to keep the thought of being deejay somewhere in the back of my head while the day to day routines of high school and being a punk ass teenager took over. Eventually, the thought of being a radio jock faded as I moved on with life and the oft cumbersome responsibilities that go with it. My first attempt at being a deejay happened my freshman year of college. The school I attended had a small campus radio station that they were trying to resurrect. I thought “What the hell?” I’ve been wanting to give this a try. So, I did. I got to do one show and was promptly asked to not come back. It wasn’t because I wasn’t any good or that I didn’t like doing it. In fact, it was just the opposite. I was pretty good. Raw, but decent. And I loved it! The problem happened when, during my very first, and only, show, I played ‘Blowfly’s Rap’ off the album Blowfly. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Blowfly, you oughta be. Blowfly took rap to a different level. Albeit a nasty, down in the gutter, fuck you, I just ate your old lady’s pussy level. The cover of the album was a great big ol’ tongue with a load of jizz dripping off the end of it. That should tell you something. And I played his signature rap tune. The radio studio was in the lower level of the student center, right next to the game room. When the song got rolling the game room emptied and everyone came around to see who was in the booth. People were dancing and laughing outside the booth. I thought ‘Hell yeah! I can do this!” Then the phone rang. It was the ring of destiny. “What the hell are you playing? You can’t play that! Turn it off! NOW!” I don’t even remember who was managing the station. I’m sure it was some pseudo-hip upper classman that felt a sense of authority while earning a credit hour for managing the station. I said ok and then let the full eight or nine minute song play to the end. The bitter, irreverent end. I finished the rest of my time and left, smiling at what I felt was a good night in spite of the lead off song. The next day I was called to the dean of student’s office to face her and the station manager. After some grilling and shaming I was told that maybe I should consider

some other extra-curricular activity while on campus. One that would keep me off the airwaves. I reluctantly agreed to step down. Of course, all it did was make me want to do it more. Thus, the beginning of an off and on love affair with radio. It would be several years before I got another shot at doing a radio show. Living in north central Arkansas at the time, I was deeply involved in the local Chamber of Commerce. Living in north central Arkansas and getting to know people in the area was an experience. In a good way. It seems the further into the country you go in Arkansas, the more interesting the characters you meet. Of course, for someone like me, that means getting in trouble and having some funny stories to tell. The chamber board had a member who was a lively character, a self-professed transplanted Cajun, going by the moniker of Lum. Lum talked me into doing a once a week show on the local AM station that featured an event or business or one of those interesting characters I mentioned. Eventually, Lum stepped back from the show and left it to me. For 15 minutes every Friday around 10:00 am, I would go ‘Searchin’ Searcy County’ on the local AM Christian station. I interviewed the county fair queen, the local school personnel, many businesses and a number of folks with special projects, including an effort to gather as much dryer lint as possible to use in making pillows. Seriously. That shit really happened. Fast forward a few more years and I find myself living in Hot Springs, working my way into the music scene. While doing some commercial spots for the Hot Springs Blues Festival at one of the local stations I made an off handed comment that the station should build a show that featured local musical talent. I had no intention of it being me that would do the show. About a week later, I’m back in the station and one of the sales guys, Rob Pratt, asks me when would I be ready to begin my show. What show? As happens in many, many cases, I let my elephant mouth overload my Mickey Mouse ass. I was back on the radio. At the time I was booking bands through my business, Unknown Legends Artists. The show was called the Unknown Legends Music Show. I know. Clever, right? The show was pre-recorded. For good reason, I’m sure. It aired on Sunday evenings and featured performances by Arkansas musicians, particularly Hot Springs musicians, along with a music selection that was primarily not heard on corporate radio. It was new. It was hot. And it was FUN! Thanks to Rob Pratt, who engineered the show for me, we had a run of almost two years before the economy tanked and the sponsors dried up. During that two year

run, we hosted fundraisers, had a boat load of great talent on the show and picked up two consecutive number one time slot ratings. I’m still proud of that. After another lull in the action for a few years, Dale Smith, a Hot Springs local and a deejay in Little Rock, hit me up to go to KABF in Little Rock and see about a show. I spoke to assistant station manager Bryan Frazier and the Saturday Night Ramble was born. For almost two years now, I’ve been broadcasting on Saturday evenings, bringing new music and great local talent to the airwaves. Most recently, I signed on with KUHS in Hot Springs, a low power, solar powered, FM station that recently kicked off its programming. Two more shows have been added to my resume, Mojo Box and the Red Dirt Tailgate Party. All three shows have a different focus in terms of music. The Ramble is very eclectic, ranging from rock to blues to hip hop and everything in between. Mojo Box is a pure blues show, at least by my definition of blues music. And the RDTP is a country rock show that reaches across the old outlaws and the new blood coming out of Texas and beyond. All three feature local musicians and folks related to music as on air guests. One of the things I’ve found since getting back on the air regularly is the rich and extensive volume of music I own. From vinyl to CD to cassette tapes to digital media, I have a collection of over 3,000 titles. That’s full albums, folks. Yes, I’m an addict. Music is my drug of choice and I’m a junkie all the way. I’ve written before about where my love of music came from. Doing radio regularly has re-introduced me to a lot of the music in my collection that I’d forgotten about. I’m going back and listening to music I haven’t heard in many years. It’s also prompted me to search and gather new music. It has re-ignited my passion for listening and sharing the music. The shows I do are voluntary. No pay involved. It’s community radio. And it’s fun to do. If you’ve ever thought about being a deejay, go for it. Community radio is a great place to start and to grow ideas and music. It’s eclectic and interesting because of the people who make up the schedule. You may hear Latin music one hour, bluegrass the next and end the day with a country western show. The hosts may be talking gay rights or marijuana reform or covering the political topic of the day. It’s all a reflection of the community in which it exists. If you’ve ever thought about doing a radio show I’d highly recommend it. It’s a great way to let your soul shine or to fly your freak flag. We’ve all got music we love to share and stories that need to be told. What better way to tell those stories than through the music that has defined our lives? Our soundtrack, if you will. Share your music, share your love. That’s what it’s all about good people. Tune in to your local station and see what’s up. You might even hear me chattin’ at you. In the meantime, I’ll see you guys backstage. Peace y’all... ---DH

David Hughes’

The Saturday  Night Ramble 7 pm�� 9 pm Saturdays  on  FM 88.3 KABF The Voice Of The People

David as an infant, planning to get into radio



Arkansas Alma

Sept. 18: Oct. 9: Nov. 5: Feb 13:

Bald Knob Sept 18, 19:


Coco Montoya Warren’s Rec Room Ruthie Foster The Founder’s Room Rhonda Vincent Alma Perf. Arts Center The 5th Dimension Alma Perf. Arts Center

Indian Summer Jam & Goat Roast Tyrannosaurus Chicken Hard Cider Boys Wrecktified Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts Akeem Kemp Blue Band Pamela Ward & The Last Call Orchestra SilverTongue Ozark Travelers Russel Corbin Anna Scranton Gabe’s Welcome To The Jam North Central Arkansas Amphitheater

Bentonville Sept. 21:

Oct. 22:

Art Talk: Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species Crystal Bridges Reverend Horton Heat Meteor


Sept. 25: Oct. 29: Dec. 6: Jan. 22: feat.:


Fall To June TCs Midtown Grill Rick Springfield Reynolds Performance Hall The Blind Boys Of Alabama UCA Monterey Jazz Fest. On Tour Patti Austin Terence Blanchard Ravi Coltrane Gerald Clayton Justin Brown Reynolds Performance Hall

Eureka Springs Sept. 12: feat.:

Eureka Jazz Festival Joey DeFrancesco Joe Cartwright Band with: Molly Hammer The Auditorium free: Music at the Basin Springs Park [The for details…] Sept. 19: The Ariels Last Lap Chelsea’s Corner Café Sept. 24, 25: Katy Guillen & The Girls Cathouse Lounge Oct. 7 - 10: 68th Annual Original Ozark Folk Festival feat. 7: Queen’s Tea Annual Queen’s Contest feat.: The Hedgehoppers feat. 8: The Barefoot Ball with: Cutty Rye feat. 9: Folk Music In The Park

The Lark & The Lion Chucky Waggs Brian Martin The Black Out Boys feat. 10: FREE Music In Basin Spring Park with: The Ozarks Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Contest The Ozark Folk Festival Parade Ozark Highballers Sweet Water Gypsies Outside The Lines Shannon Wurst Pearl & The Divers Main Concert: Rita Coolidge The Auditorium Oct. 13: Eureka House Concert feat.: Chuck Brodsky Unitarian Church Oct. 16 - 18: Hillberry 2 Harvest Moon Festival feat.: Leftover Salmon Lettuce Wookiefoot The Motet Larry Keel’s All Star Tribute to Jerry Garcia Andy Frasco & The U.N. Rumke Mountain Boys Fruition Jon Wayne & The Pain Dirtfoot more… The Farm [ for more] Oct. 25: Eureka House Concert feat.: Robby Hecht Unitarian Church Nov. 3: Eureka House Concert feat.: Jack Williams Unitarian Church Nov. 17: Eureka House Concert feat.: Sam Baker Unitarian Church

100% Pure Raw Natural Honey



Fayetteville Sept. 12: Sept. 16: Sept. 17: Sept. 18: Sept. 19: Sept. 22: Sept. 23 - 26: feat. 23:

feat. 24: feat. 25:

feat. 26:

Sept. 23: Sept. 24:

Sept. 25:

Sept. 26:

Brad Paisley Raging Idiots U of A Corey Smith George’s Majestic Lounge Josh Abbott Band George’s Majestic Lounge William Clark Green George’s Majestic Lounge Leon Russell George’s Majestic Lounge Buckcherry Sons of Texas George’s Majestic Lounge Bikes, Blues & BBQ Samantha Fish Mountain Sprout Milton Patton Blew Reed & The Flatheads Hot Lix The Groovement Isayah’s Allstars Andy Frasco & The U.N. Uncrowned Kings Dead Metal Society Steve Pryor Band Oreo Blue Brody Buster Jason D. Williams Hot Lix Barrett Baber The ShotGunBillys Ocie Band Well Hung Heart Split Lip Rayfield George’s Majestic Lounge Mountain Sprout Josh Hoyer & The Shadowboxers George’s Majestic Lounge Andy Frasco & The U.N. Josh Hoyer & The Shadowboxers Steve Pryor Band George’s Majestic Lounge Mountain Sprout Josh Hoyer

Sept. 27: Sept. 30:

Oct. 1: Oct. 3: Oct. 6: Oct. 8: Oct. 13: Oct. 15, 16: Oct. 23: Oct. 23: Oct. 25:

Oct. 27: Nov. 21: Nov. 27:

Feb. 19:

& The Shadowboxers Steve Pryor Band George’s Majestic Lounge Jeff Austin Band Travelin’ McCourys George’s Majestic Lounge Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Penny & Sparrow George’s Majestic Lounge In The Valley Below George’s Majestic Lounge Moon Taxi George’s Majestic Lounge Cherub George’s Majestic Lounge Aaron Watson George’s Majestic Lounge Dopapod The Nth Power George’s Majestic Lounge EmiSunshine Washington Co. Fairgrounds David Ramirez JRs Lightbulb Club Pat Green George’s Majestic Lounge Michal Menert Marcelo Moxy Wildabeast George’s Majestic Lounge Futurebirds JRs Lightbulb Club Anat Cohen Walton Arts Center The Schwag Friends of The Phamily George’s Majestic Lounge Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn Walton Arts Center

Fort Smith/Van Buren Sept. 17:

Harrison Sept. 18:

Laurence Juber Second Street Live


Oct. 8 - 10: feat. 8:

feat. 9:

King Biscuit Blues Festival Bobby Rush The Cate Brothers Band Kentucky Headhunters Zac Harmon Brandon Santini Sterling Billingslea Band Danny Lancaster Jimmy Burns Band Jimmie Vaughan & Lou Ann Barton Sweet Angel Paul Thorn Big Jay Cummings Anson Funderburgh Wampus Cats Selwyn Cooper Samantha Fish C.W. Gatlin Band Blind Mississippi Morris Reba Russell Selby Minner Band Cedric Burnside Band Super Chikan Terry ‘Big T’ Williams Mississisippi Spoonman & Spoonfed Blues Louis ‘The Gearshifter’ Youngblood Austin Walkin’ Cane Charlotte Taylor & Gypsy Rain Marcus ‘Mookie’ Cartwright LC ULmer

Nightflying is available anywhere on your smart device

feat. 10:


Carson Diersing Band Taj Mahal Cork Singers Lucky Peterson BJ Generation Ruthie Foster Marcia Elaine Smith & Co. Chris K Billy Gibson Dixie Wonders Andy T. & Nick Nixon Phillips County Quartet Lil Biscuit Larry McCray Front Porch Youth Jam Eb Davis Big George Brock & His Houserockers Kenny ‘Beedy Eyes’ Smith Band Kenny Smith, Bob Margolin & Bob Stroger Ironing Board Sam Gary Burnside Don McMinn Leo ‘Bud’ Welch June Bug & The Porchlights Veronika Jackson Reverend Robert Da Bones Man Earnest ‘Guitar’ Roy Vince Cheney David Kimbrough Peterson Brothers D.R. Diamond & Birthright Blues Project Cherry Street

Hot Springs Sept. 19:

Groovin’ At The Crosse Roads CD Release Party feat.: Heather Crosse & Heavy Suga’ & The SweeTones The Big Chill Sept. 19, 20: Hot Springs Blues & BBQ Festival feat. 19: Los Lonely Boys Shemiah Copeland Ray Bonneville Spa City Youngbloods Lightnin’ Lee Langdon Hump Night Blues Band Eric Hughes Salt & Pepper Trey Johnson & Dave Almond Jackie B and Me John Calvin Brewer Band feat. 20: Keb’ Mo’ Jocko Deal Heavy Suga’ & The SweeTones Brian Martin Ben Rice Lucious Spiller Stacy Mitchart Band Randy McQuay Oaklawn Park [ for tickets and details; for more…} Oct. 8: Michael Bolton Finish Line Theater in Oaklawn Park


Laurence Juber Lyric Theatre


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Tyrannosaurus Chicken Ashley Blanton Salt & Pepper David Ball John Calvin Brewer The Big Chill

Jacksonville Oct. 23:


Jonesboro Oct. 24:

Monsters of Todd 2 The Todd Mills Cancer Awareness Benefit Matt Joyce Aaron Luke Williams River City Overdrive Markus Pearson Allan Hart Who Shot JR? Crestview Drive Lies Of A Deadman Misty Parker Clayton Nichols Ally & Zac Mark & Kim The Hangar


Sept. 19:

Sept. 26: Sept. 27: Sept. 30: Sept. 26: feat.:

Celtic Woman ASU Convocation Ctr.

Little Rock // North Little Rock Sept. 16: Sept. 19: feat.:


Veridia Stickyz Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken Shack Legends of Arkansas Adam Faucett & The Tall Grass The Wild Flowers FreeVerse Barrett Baber Good Foot Whole Fam Damily Collin vs Adam Big Piph Stephan James Makenzie Jordan Franko Coleman Fisher DeClerk Sarah Cecil Chris Long Acoustic Brian Nahlen Chris DeClerk Solo Charlotte Taylor Matt Stone Mothwind Federalis Duckstronaut Sick Numbles

Oct. 8: Nov. 5: Dec. 19: feat.:


Sept. 25, 26: feat.:

GrooveCluster S!Bass Cadet DJ DripFunk Mike Poe Aaron Sarlo Kara Bibb Riverfront Park FreeVerse Presents TheMusicNever Stopped A Celebration of The 50th Anniversary Of The Grateful Dead Stickyz Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken Shack The Peterson Brothers Argenta Plaza My Life With Thrill Kill Kult Revolution Music Room Heartless Bastards Alberta Cross Revolution Music Room ARBS Big Dam Blues Party Coco Montoya The Peterson Brothers Tullie Brae Charlotte Taylor & Gypsy Rain ARBS IBC Winners ARBS IBC Single/Duo Argenta Motley Crue Alice Cooper Verizon Arena Stevie Wonder Verizon Arena Nightflying 35: An Anniversary Party The Schwag FreeVerse more… Revolution Music Room

Byrdfest 11 The Schwag Still Hand String Band Hindenburg Project Bob Marley Tribute: Nonstop Reggae Band Dr. Fever & The Venus Flytrap Who Knows? more… Byrd’s Adventure

Center [ for tickets and details]

Russellville Oct. 10:


Sept. 15: Sept. 25: feat.:

Oct. 4:

Oct. 17:

Winslow Sept. 19: feat.:

Tanya Tucker Birthday Bash The Center For The Arts

Arkansas Suburbs

Baton Rouge, LA Sept. 17: Sept. 18: Oct. 1:

Hozier The AMP First Kiss: Cheap Date Tour Kid Rock Tim Montana & The Shrednecks The AMP Tobymac Britt Nicole Colton Dixon & Hollyn The AMP Jackson Browne The AMP

33rd Annual Winfest Black Oak Arkansas Michael Tisdale & The Union Isayah’s Allstars The Silver Shakers Leah & The Mojo Doctors Atomic High 8 Mudhawk more… Winslow Ballpark

Oct. 2: Oct. 11: Oct. 13: Oct. 16: Oct. 21: Oct. 24: Oct. 28:

Moon Taxi Varsity Theatre That 1 Guy spanish Moon Candlebox L’Auberge Casino Eli Young Band Varsity Theatre Mavis Staples Joan Osborne Manship Theatre Chris Robinson Brotherhood Varsity Theatre Rusted Root Dirty Dozen Brass Band Varsity Theatre Drive-By Truckers Varsity Theatre Loudon Wainwright III Red Dragon Listening Room Lyle Lovett John Hiatt Manship Theatre

Branson, MO Sept. 11: Sept. 12: Sept. 12: Sept. 13:

Joe Diffie Silver Dollar City Lonestar Silver Dollar City Ray Stevens Andy Williams Moon River Theatre Diamond Rio Silver Dollar City Genesis Capital, LLC., Bringing to Arkansas small wind 4K and large capacity 2 Mw and up Solar & Wind Farms: Presenting home owners the opportunity to reduce their electric costs to zero dollar ($0) or even a positive credit balance, by installing Hybrid Technology / Vertical Axis Turbines and Solar Panels. With a strong vision to provide every home owner a $0 acquisition cost for the Alternative Energy turnkey project. Alternative Energy Projects: Red Sun Resources: Energime Green Group has developed technology tested & output-certified by Rolls Royce, Kawasaki & British Atmospheric Data Institute, running large 1.5 MWe turbines at 32% efficiency for over a year. RED SUN is Patentee of the world-wide exclusive infrared reflection to enable focusing & collecting the full spectrum of head and light giving 1620C for the 1st time! Additional copatents with the DOE allow molten steel 10 MW storage units 18m3 for 24 hour operation to 30 day operation. Storing Green Energy! Benefits to End Users: • Tax credits available from the IRS till 2016, 30% of the purchase price of the qualified alternative energy equipment, based on energy qualification audits. • Immediate savings on monthly electric bill. • Financing available on our equipment, delivery and installation: Working with local banks, presenting the working guidelines of International banks, that have approved the Carbon Credit collateral as the basis for business/home improvement loans to the end users. • The present value of Carbon Credits on the International Market will create cash flow for the projects. • With 1.2 million homes in AR, our project creates much needed jobs for the local communities, improving our economy and providing Green Energy. For more information contact: Phone: 479.361.1211



AD NF 043014-01

Sept. 18: Oct. 24, 25: Oct. 11: Oct. 18: Oct. 25: Nov. 11: Nov. 12:

Dallas, TX Sept. 17 - 20:

Sept. 18:

Sept. 23: Sept. 25: Sept. 25: Sept. 25, 26:

Sept. 26: Oct. 4: Oct. 6: Oct. 6: Oct. 7: Oct. 8: Oct. 8: Oct. 11: Oct. 11: Oct. 13:

Oct. 16: Oct. 16:

Clint Black Oak Ridge Boys Theatre Gene Watson Starlite Theatre Tanya Tucker Andy Williams Moon River Theatre Ronnie Milsap Andy Williams Moon River Theatre Moe Bandy Andy Williams Moon River Theatre Jeff Foxworthy Larry The Cable Guy RFD-TV The Theatre Neal McCoy Oak Ridge Boys Theatre

Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood American Airlines Center Trout Fishing In America Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse Van Halen Kenny Wayne Shepherd Gexa Energy Pavilion Daryl Hall & John Oates Majestic Theatre Grace Potter South Side Ballroom Blues Traveler Matt Jaffe & The Distractions House Of Blues Mark Knopfler Majestic Theatre Ricky Martin Ha*Ash Gexa Energy Pavilion Albert Hammond Jr. Cambridge Room Steep Canyon Rangers Frontier Of Flight Museum Motley Crue Alice Cooper American Airlines Ctr. Ruthie Foster The Vagabond Billy Idol The London Souls House Of Blues Ariana Grande Prince Royce American Airlines Center The Beach Boys Fair Park Ani DeFranco Ana Egge Granada Theater Ben Miller Band DBUK Three Links Event Center Los Lobos Gas Monkey Live!

Sept. 18: Sept. 19: Oct. 9: Oct. 15: Oct. 17: Oct. 23:

Kansas City, MO / KS Sept. 17:

Sept. 21, 22: Sept. 26: Sept. 28: Sept. 29:

Sept. 29: Oct. 2: Oct. 3: Oct. 3:

Oct. 3: Oct. 7:

Oct. 9: Oct. 21: Oct. 23:

Bret Michaels Billy Bob’s Texas

Keb’ Mo’ Knuckleheads Taylor Swift Vance Joy Sprint Center Bobby Rush Hot Buttered Rum Knuckleheads Mark Knopfler Arvest Bank Theatre At The Midland Godsmack Sevendust Arvest Bank Theatre At The Midland Zappa Plays Zappa Crossroads-KC Maria Muldaur Knuckleheads Big & Rich Arrowhead Stadium Jeff Foxworthy Larry The Cable Guy Arvest Bank Theatre At The Midland Split Lip Rayfield Knuckleheads Seether Saint Asonia Arvest Bank Theatre At The Midland Los Lonely Boys Knuckleheads Grace Potter Rayland Baxter Uptown Theater Stevie Wonder Sprint Center

John Hiatt Lied Center of Kansas

Memphis, TN Sept. 12: Sept. 12: Sept. 17:

Sept. 18: Sept. 22: Sept. 27: Sept. 29: Oct. 3: Oct. 3: Oct. 7:

Cedric Burnside Project Young Avenue Deli JJ Grey & Mofro Minglewood Hall Keller Williams Rob Wasserman Rodney Holmes Lafayette’s Music Room Daryl Hall & John Oates Memphis Botanic Garden American Aquarium Lafayette’s Music Room The Blind Boys Of Alabama Buckman Perf. Arts Center Janet Jackson FedExForum John Prine Jason Isbell Orpheum Theatre Paul Thorn New Daisy Theatre Danzig

Oct. 7: Oct. 9: Oct. 10: Oct. 14: Oct. 23: Oct. 27:

Superjoint Ritual Veil Of Maya Prong Witch Mountain Minglewood Hall Foo Fighters Gary Clark, Jr. FedExForum Father John Misty Minglewood Hall The Jacksons Orpheum Theatre Seether Saint Asonia New Daisy Drive-By Truckers New Daisy Theatre Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Lafayette’s Music Room

New Orleans Oct. 3:


Gleason Gras Run & Fesival Better Than Ezra Flow Tribe Big Sam’s Funky Nation

Lawrence, KS Sept. 27: Oct. 2: Oct. 10: Oct. 11: Oct. 13: Oct. 15: Oct. 21:

Fort Worth, TX Sept. 18:

Gary P. Nunn Live Oak Music Hall Stoney LaRue Billy Bob’s Texas Jason Boland & The Stragglers Billy Bob’s Texas Marcia Ball Live Oak Music Hall Samantha Fish Live Oak Music Hall Bob Schneider Live Oak Music Hall

Oct. 23:

The Growlers The Bottleneck Jr. Jr. Hippo Campus The Bottleneck Josh Abbott Band Granada Theatre Parquet Courts The Bottleneck The Way Down Wanderers The Bottleneck Broncho The Bottleneck Birdcloud Mountain Sprout Blaine Cartwright The Bottleneck Lyle Lovett


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& The Milestones Team Gleason House at St. Margaret’s

Norman, OK Sept. 25: feat.:

Oct. 7: Nov. 14: Nov. 14: Nov. 20:

Herman’s Hermits Peter Noone Riverwind Casino Albert Hammond, Jr. Dave Wave Opolis Hunter Hayes Ryan Lafferty U of Ok Patty Griffin Darlingside Sooner Theatre LeAnn Rimes Riverwind Casino

Oklahoma City Sept. 18:

Sept. 23: Sept. 29: Oct. 8: Oct. 11:

Oct. 17:

Nov. 3: Nov. 13: Dec.4:

Blood, Sweat & Tears Fairgrounds Grandstand Rick Springfield Loverboy OK City Zoo Amph. Foo Fighters Gary Clark, Jr. Chesapeake Energy Arena Halestorm Chevy Bricktown Events Center Counting Crows Citizen Cope Hollis Brown OK City Zoo Amph. Shinedown Breaking Benjamin Nothing More Chesapeake Energy Arena Stevie Wonder Chesapeake Energy Arena Young The Giant Wildling Diamond Ballroom Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds The Blue Door

Oxford, MS Sept. 27: Oct. 15: Oct. 22:

Neko Case The Lyric Oxford Corey Smith The Lyric Oxford Greensky Bluegrass The Lyric Oxford

Oct. 23:

George Porter, Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners Proud Larry’s

St. Louis, MO Sept. 18:

Pocola, OK Sept. 11:

Sept. 12: Oct. 16: Nov. 21:

Sept. 20:

Mustang Sally Choctaw Casino Lita Ford Choctaw Casino Casey Donahew Band Choctaw Casino Michael Bolton Choctaw Casino

Sept. 25: Sept. 25: Sept. 26:

Quapaw, OK Sept. 19:

Sept. 28:

Larry The Cable guy Downstream Casino

Robinsonville/Tunica, MS Sept. 26: Oct. 9: Oct. 10: Oct. 16: Oct.16: Oct. 17:

Oct. 24: Oct. 30:

Oct. 1:

Vince Gill Gold Strike Huey Lewis & The News Horseshoe Casino Jefferson Starship Hollywood Casino Heart Horseshoe Casino Rodney Perry Fitzgerald’s Sammy Kershaw Aaron Tippin Darryl Worley Fitzgerald’s LeAnn Rimes Gold Strike Oak Ridge Boys Horseshoe Casino

Oct. 3: feat.: Oct. 4: Oct. 10: Oct. 11: Oct. 17:

Oct. 18:

Keller Williams Rob Wasserman Rodney Holmes Old Rock House Shemekia Copeland Beale On Broadway Cedric Burnside Project Broadway Oyster Bar Warren Haynes Chessboxer The Pageant Florida Georgia Line Frankie Ballard Thomas Rhett Hollywood Casino Taylor Swift Vance Joy Haim Scottrade Center Chris Robinson Brotherhood Old Rock House Jazz At Lincoln Center Wynton Marsalis Sheldon Concert Hall Ariana Grande Prince Royce Scottrade Center Helmet Firebird Randy Rogers Band Old Rock House Leon Russell The Ready Room

Oct. 18: Oct. 21: Oct. 22: Oct. 25: Oct. 29: Oct. 29:

Celtic Woman Fabulous Fiox Theatre Gregg Allman River City Casino Lyle Lovett John Hiatt The Pageant That 1 Guy Old Rock House Stevie Wonder Scottrade Center Janet Jackson Chaifetz Arena Slightly Stoopid Stick Figure The Pageant

Southaven, MS Oct. 3:

Hank Williams, Jr. Aaron Lewis Drake White & The Big Flag BankPlus Amphitheater At Snowden Grove

Springfield, MO Sept. 12: Sept. 19: Sept. 21:

Justin Hayward Gillioz Theatre Lee Ann Womack University Plaza Bryan Adams more... O’Reilly Family Event Center - healthy munchies

Shreveport-Bossier City, LA Sept. 18: Oct. 1: Oct. 9: Oct. 16: Oct. 23: Nov. 1:

Steve Earle Silver Star Smokehouse Godsmack Sevendust Municipal Auditorium Trout Fishing In America Festival Plaza Oak Ridge Boys Riverdome at Horseshoe Debert McClinton The Stage Marilyn Manson Festival Plaza

Do Arkansas: The Altered State

One Stop Access to NWA’s:         

3 Story, 15,000 sq. ft. Entertainment & Art Event Center Monthly Open Mic Nights with Houston Hughes Monthly Art Receptions, Artists Wanted! Genesis Wellness Center / Services Available: *Reiki Master, *Licensed Psychotherapist & Massage Therapists Coffee Shoppe & Pastries Southern Traditions Consignments: Fine Art, Antiques, & Men's & Women's Boutique and Accessories Gift Shoppe: Diane's Jewels & Such... Monthly $3 Dollar Classic Movies Free Parking, and much more... Sponsor Arkansas' First Barter Mall / Come Join!

The Art Exchange

113 W Emma Avenue Springdale, Arkansas 72764 Call: 479-361-1211 / / Genesis Economic Development Group For more information contact: Phone: 479.361.1211 AD NF 043014-03



Oct. 8: Oct. 12: Oct. 16: Oct. 16: Oct.17: Nov. 5: Nov. 11:

Jason Isbell Gillioz Theatre Styx Gillioz Theatre Earth, Wind & Fire Missouri State U Warrant Gillioz Theatre Cas Haley Outland Ballroom Marty Stuart Gillioz Theatre Jimmy Webb Northeastern State U

Tahlequah, OK Sept. 26:

Tulsa, OK Sept. 12: Sept. 17: Sept. 25:

Sept. 26:

Sept. 27: Sept. 28: Oct. 3: Oct. 7: Oct. 8: Oct. 9:

Oct. 10:

American Aquarium Diamondhead Resort

Oct. 18:

Adam Crabb Jeff & Sheri Easter Mabee Center Arena Coco Montoya The Shrine Florida-Georgia Line Frankie Ballard Thomas Rhett BOK Center Buckcherry Saving Abel Sons of Texas Brady Theater

Oct. 20:


Oct. 21: Oct. 27: Nov. 10: Nov. 11: Nov. 14:

American Aquarium Guthrie Green Park Blues Traveler Cain’s Ballroom Hinder State Fairgrounds Ariana Grande Prince Royce BOK Center Charlie Daniels Band State Fairgrounds Def Leppard Foreigner Tesla BOK Center Theory Of A Deadman State Fairgrounds Jackson Browne Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams Brady Theater Celtic Woman Mabee Center Arena Third Eye Blind Brady Theater Norah Jones Brady Theater Lucero Cain’s Ballroom That 1 Guy The Vanguard Young The Giant Cain’s Ballroom

will play for food


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All cities listed in alphabetical order. To add or update a listing, please call {501}354-8577. (P) denotes private club. All listings subject to change.


Alma AR..................................................30 Arkadelphia AR .....................................30 Batesville AR.......................................... 30 Beebe AR ................................................ 30 Bella Vista AR........................................ 30 Benton AR .............................................. 30 Bentonville AR....................................... 30 Blytheville AR ........................................ 30 Branson MO .......................................... 30 Caddo Valley .......................................... 30 Camden AR ........................................... 30 Clarksdale MS ....................................... 30 Clarksville AR ....................................... 30 Conway AR ............................................ 30 Dardanelle AR ....................................... 31 Eureka Springs AR ............................... 31 Fayetteville/Springdale AR .................. 32 Fort Smith AR ....................................... 34 Gravette AR ........................................... 34 Hardy AR ............................................... 34 Harrison AR .......................................... 34 Heber Springs AR ................................. 35 Hot Springs AR ..................................... 35 Idabell, OK ............................................ 36 Jacksonville AR ..................................... 36 Jonesboro AR ........................................ 36 Joplin MO .............................................. 36 Leslie AR ................................................ 36 Little Rock//N.L.R................................. 36 Lula MS ................................................. 40 Malvern AR ........................................... 40 Maumelle AR ......................................... 40 Memphis TN .......................................... 40 Monticello AR ........................................ 41 Morrilton AR ......................................... 41 Mountain Home AR .............................. 41 Mountain View AR................................ 41 New Edinburgh, AR .............................. 41 Ozark AR ............................................... 41 Paris AR ................................................. 41 Pocola OK .............................................. 42 Quapaw OK ........................................... 42 Rogers AR .............................................. 42 Roland OK ............................................. 43 Royal ...................................................... 43 Russellville AR....................................... 43 Sallisaw OK ........................................... 43 Stillwater OK ......................................... 43 Stuttgart AR .......................................... 43 Texarkana AR//TX ................................ 43 Trumann AR .......................................... 43 Van Buren AR........................................ 43 Warren AR ............................................. 43 West Fork AR ........................................ 43 Winslow .................................................. 43 Concerts are listed in Bold


{Area Code 470} THE FOUNDERS ROOM (P) 7503 Robinswood Rd., Alma 5737-5737 72921 September 19: Dr. Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys October 9: Ruthie Foster 16: Phonnie’s Territory Jazz Band WARREN’S REC ROOM (P) 1437 Newberry Road, Alma 208-TUNE (8863) 72921 Bookings: Cristy Smith September 18: Coco Montoya October

23: 31:

Lucky Losers Eric Matthews Band


{Area Code 870} THE MIRAGE SPORTS BAR & GRILL 104 Malvern St., Arkadelphia 5260-526071923 Sa.: Rock Band Karaoke September 12: Sensory 2 SLIM & SHORTY’S 617 Clinton St., Arkadelphia 245-2365 71923 Bookings: Misty Harris Schedule unavailable at presstime…


JOSIE’S STEAK HOUSE 50 Riverbank Rd., Batesville 793-7000 72501 Live entertainment. Call for details... MOOSE LODGE (P) 750 Brewer Hill Rd., Batesville 793-9902 72501 Live entertainment. Call for details..

THE DUCK BLIND {Ramada Inn} 1325 No. St. Louis, Batesville 793-2001 72501 September 26: Stranglove Duo

GINO’S SPORTS GRILL (P) 17332 I-30, Benton 778-9444 72019 Occassional live music. Call for details…


V.F.W. POST 2256 5323 Sleepy Village Rd, Benton 315-5585 72015 Bookings: Angela F.: Karaoke September 12: Hooker Boys 19: Hwy. 49 26: Pure Luck October 3: Exit 123 10: Hooker Boys 17: Hwy. 49 24: Pure Luck 31: Jay Holms

{Area Code 501} V.F.W. (P) 1405 E. Center., Beebe 882-7769 72012 F.: Game Night Live entertainment. Call for details...

Bella Vista

{Area Code 479} JJ’S GRILL 12 Cunningham Corner, BV 802-6455 72714 M., Th.: NFL Specials September 15: Preston Keith 16: Rick Dodson 18: The Jinns 19: EgoTrip 22: Keith Nicholson 23: Murray Williams 25: Wes Hart 26: EgoTrip 29: Chris Gray 30: Will Gunselman October 2: Emmitt & 4WD 3: Mike & Grady 6: Sugar Creek 7: Sarah Loethen 9: KN3 10: EgoTrip RIORDAN HALL 3 Riordan Drive, B.V. 855-8170 72714 Occassional live music.


{Area Code 501} FLETCHER MUSIC 619 W. South, Benton 778-9098 72015 Live Music. Call for details...

read nightflying on your phone


{Area Code 479} BENTLEY’S BEACH BAR 91 S. E. 28th Street, Bentonville 8060-8060 72712 Live music. Call for details… CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART 600 Museum Way, B’ville 418-5700 72712 Occasional live concerts… GUSANO’S (P) 2905 So. Walton Blvd., B’ville 271-8242 72712 Live music. Call for details… THE TABLE MESS BAR THE LOCAL LOUNGE 108 E. Central, Bentonville 715-6707 72712 Live music. Call for details…

READ Nightflying @


{Area Code 870} THAT BOOKSTORE IN BLYTHEVILLE 316 W. Main, Blytheville 715-6707 72315 Occassional live music. Call for details…

Branson, MO

{Area Code 417} BRANSON’S CENTER STAGE GRILLE & BAR 1810. W. Hwy 76, Branson 65616 320-6079 September 18: Dropouts 24: Arkansas

Black Oak

WAXY O’SHEA’S IRISH PUB 235 Branson Landing, Branson 348-1759 65616 Tu.: Pub Quiz W.: Dance Night Th.: DJ Imperial September 12: Big Iron 18: The Time Bandits 19: Eire & Brimstone 25: The Lori Locke Band 26: The Diversity Band October F., Sa.: DJ Imperial

Caddo Valley

{Area Code 870} BETTY’S BIG COUNTRY DANCE HALL 102 Crystal Palace, Caddo Valley 3800-3800 71923 Bookings: Betty September 12: Twango 19: Over The Hill Gang 26: Ronnie Bare October 3: Midnight Express

On A Mission From God To Keep Musicians Off The Streets...

8 - 10: 17: 24: 31:

Square Dance Competition Over The Hill Gang Ronnie Bare Twango


{Area Code 870} POSTMASTERS GRILL 133 U.S. 278 Business, Camden 836-5579 71701 Music returns in Spring…

Clarksdale, MS

{Area Code 662} BLUESBERRY CAFÉ 235 Yazoo Ave, Clarksdale 627-7008 38614 Su: Blues/rock jam DELTA BLUES MUSEUM 1 Blues Alley, Clarksdale 627-6820 38614 Director: Shelly Ritter Occassional live music. Please call for details… GROUND ZERO BLUES CLUB 0 Blues Alley, Clarksdale 621-9009 38614 W.: Karaoke Th.: Weekly Blues Jam September 16: Heavy Suga & The Sweetones 17: TwoCan Blue 18: Jimbo Mathus 19: Sweet Tea Jubilee 23: LALA 24: Heavy Suga & The Sweetones 25: Mark Mule Mann Massey 26: Scott McQuaig & The Tom Cats 30: Steve Kolbus & The Clarksdale Revue October 1: WROX Guitar Pull 3: Terry Wall & The Wall Bangers

SOUND LISTINGS ARE FREE! Call {501} 354-8577 With Schedule Information Nightflying Publications • P.O. Box 82 • Perry, AR • 72125-0082 phone: {501}354-8577 • • email: 30


7: 10: 11: 14: 16: 17: 21: 23: 24:

Heavy Suga & The Sweetones Super Chikan & The Fighting Cocks Duncan Heights Steve Kolbus & The Clarksdale Revue 88 Bones The Bush League LALA DL Duncan Heavy Suga & The Sweetones


{Area Code 479} CROSSWOODS (P) Exit 55 off I-40 I-40 & Hwy. 64 W., Clarksville 754-8080 72830 Bookings: Wendell or Aleta W., F.: Karaoke Th.: College Night


{Area Code 501} ADVENT ARTS & ACOUSTIC CAFÉ {Advent Lutheran Church} 900 Farris Rd., Conway 786-1604 or 269-0805, 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… BEARS DEN PIZZA (P) 235 So. Farris, Conway 328-5556 72034 W.: Karaoke Th.: Le Trivia F.: Karaoke September 12: High Lonesome 15: The Saturday Giant 19: Pilot Rouge 22: Big Shoals 26: Follow Apollo 29: The Vine Brothers October 3: Brothers Moses 6: Pageant 10: Ashley McBryde 17: Tesla Rossa 24: Wood Chickens DON W. REYNOLDS PERFORMANCE HALL UCA Campus 201 Donaghey, Conway 450-5000 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details…


��� ��� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ������� ��� ��� �� �� ���

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GUSANO’S 2915 Dave Ward, Conway 329-1100 72034 Live music. Call for details… JJ’S GRILL (P) 1010 Main, Conway 336-0100 72032 M., Th.: NFL Specials September 11, 12: Classic Current 15: Darren Barry 16: Byron Hayes 18, 19: Brian Ramsay Trio 22: Preston Palmer 23: Dauber Hill 25, 26: Queen Anne’s Revenge


29: 30:

2, 3: 6: 7: 9, 10:

Travis Caudell Ashley McBryde Jack Fancy Duo Josh Newcomb Jeremy Falcone Super 55

KING’S (P) 1020 Front St., Conway 205-8512 72032 September 12: Arkansauce Russell Corbin 16: Hope Montgomery 17: Brandon Eidson S.I.N. Karaoke host: DJ B-Rock 18: Barrett Baber Shane Piasecki 19: National Park Radio Randall Shreve 23: Sam Morris Trivia host: Challenge Entertainment 24: The Great Nothing Yet S.I.N. Karaoke host: DJ B-Rock 25: Brown Sole Shoes Peter Sandler 26: Frontier Circus Jim Mize 30: Andrew Raines Trivia host: Challenge Entertainment October Schedule unavailable at presstime…

283 Hwy. 365, Conway 470-3322 72032 Su.: Open Jam Session TC’S MIDTOWN GRILL (P) 1611 E. Oak St., Conway 205-0576 72032 Open 7 Days A Week! 11a.m. - 2 a.m. September 11: Stephen Neeper & The Wildhearts 12: Third Degree 18: Every Mother’s Nightmare 19: Dirty Lindsey 25: Fall To June The Revolutioners Brother Grey 26: Nerd Eye Blind October 2: Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra 3: Acousticpunks 9: Wes Burnett Band 10: Framing The Red 16: Lipstick Hand Grenade 17: Third Degree 23: tba 24: ASKA 30: Nerd Eye Blind 31: The MuddleStuds (final show) THE RAB (P) 408 Hwy. 65 No., Conway 336-8484 72032 Schedule unavailable at presstime… VFW POST 2259 (P)

1 Veterans Drive, Conway 329-1230 72034 Bookings: Christina September 26: Cory Ruff’s Monroe County Band November 17: Risky Business 21: Southern Knights ZAZA 1050 Ellis Ave., St. 110, Conway 336-ZAZA (9292) 72032 Bookings: Adam Sweet Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 479} FRONT STREET GRILL (P) 115 So. Front St., Dardanelle 229-4458 72834 Bookings: Monte, after 5 September 17: Cody Canada & The Departed 18: Mister Lucky 26: Jamie Jones & The Outlaws October 30, 31: Mister Lucky

Eureka Springs

{Area Code 479} THE ART COLONY No. Main, Eureka Springs 253-2090 72632 Bookings: Raven @ 479-244-7229 Occassional live music… THE AUDITORIUM 36 So. Main, Eureka Springs 253-7788 72632 888-855-7823 September 12: Jazz Eureka feat.: Joey DeFrancesco Joe Cartwright Band feat.: Molly Hammer October 10: Rita Coolidge BASIN PARK HOTEL 12 Spring, Eureka Springs 253-7837 72632 F.: Hogscalders CARIBE RESTAURANTE Hwy. 62 West 309 W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-8102 72632 Bookings: KJ F., Sa.: Live music Live entertainment. Call for details…

Support Live Musicians KEEP Them That Way...


MICHELANGELO’S RISTORANTE 1117 Oak St., Conway 329-7278 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… MIKE’S PLACE (P) 808 Front St., Conway 269-6453 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… TAYLORS’ MADE CAFÉ



CHELSEA’S CORNER CAFE & BAR 10 Mountain, Eureka Springs 253-6723 72632 Bookings: Gina M.: Ladies’ Night feat.: Sprungbilly Tu.: Open Mic W.: Drink & Draw September 11: Jazz Fest feat.: Dan Hicks 12: Jazz Fest feat.: Paper Moon Shiners 19: The Ariels Last Lap 26: Chris Harp Band October 1: Camptown Ladies 2: Matt Reeves 3: Saturday Rebellion 7: Randall Shreve 9: Chucky Waggs Eric Howell 10: Black Out Boys Sam & The Stylees 11: Sioux City Kid 15: R.L. Cole


��� ��� �� �� ��� ��� ��� ��� �������

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������������ ������� �� �� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���

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��� ��� ��� ��� ���

CRESCENT HOTEL 75 Prospect, Eureka Springs 253-9766 72632 Su.: Live Music During Brunch


EUREKA SPRINGS - CITY 479-253-8737 EUREKA HOUSE CONCERTS {Unitarian Church} 17 Elk St., Eureka Springs NEW DELHI CAFE 2 Main St., Eureka Springs 253-2525 72632 Live Music. Call for details… OZARK MOUNTAIN HOEDOWN Hwy. 62 E., Eureka Springs 253-7725 72632 W.--M.: George Brothers PIED PIPER PUB & CATHOUSE LOUNGE 87 Armstrong, Eureka Springs 363-9976 72632 September 11 - 13: Jazz Eureka 18: Shotgun Brothers 19: Saturday Night Giant 23: Jimmy Wayne Garrett 24: Brody Buster Katy Guillien & The Girls Jimmy Wayne Garrett 25: Jimmy Wayne Garrett


2: 3: 9: 10: 16:

The Magic 8 Ball Band Matt Reeves Katy Guillien & The Girls Joe Giles & The Homewreckers Randy Crouch Matt Reeves Mark Shields & Good Company Steve Zimmerman Caleb Ryan Deep Fried Squirrel The Matchsellers R.L. Cole

PINE MOUNTAIN JAMBOREE 2075 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-9165 72632 Live Family Entertainment F., Sa.: Brick Fields PUB N GRUB CLUB 169 169 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-7122 72632 September 12: Tightrope ROCKIN’ PIG SALOON 2039 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 363-6248 72632 Live entertainment. Call for details… ROWDY BEAVER RESTAURANT & TAVERN 417 W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-8544 72632 F.: Karaoke September 11: Tightrope 12: Close Enough For Country

18: 19: 25: 26:

Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings Jason Kinney Band Terri & The Executives Terri & Brett, HH Shari Bales Band Shari Bales, HH

ROWDY BEAVER DEN (Downtown Location) 47 Spring St., Eureka Springs 363-6444 72632 September 12: Aaron Mullins Band Tightrope 13: Arkansas Bootleg 18: Karaoke feat.: DJ Goose 19: Bucky Todd Experiment Jason Kinney Duo 20: John Harwood 24: Terri & Brett 25: Norman Jackson Band Norman Jackson Duo, HH 26: Blew Reed & The Flatheads Terri & Brett, HH 27: Terri & Brett THE STONE HOUSE 89 So. Main, Eureka Springs 363-6411 72632 Bookings: Amanda Open W.--Su. F.: Jerry Yester

TURPENTINE CREEK 239 Turpentine Creek Ln, Eureka Springs 253-5841 72632 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

Fayetteville/Springdale {Area Code 479} ARSAGA’S ON DICKSON: THE DEPOT 548 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 443-9900 72701 M.: Folk Night W.: Jazz Night Th.: Pearl


1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:

ART EXCHANGE 113 W. Emma, Springdale 751-3003 // 361-1211 72764 Last Thursday of each month: Open mic feat.: Houston Hughes, host BEAR’S PLACE 504 15th St., Fayetteville 521-2327 72701 September 12: Sam Thompson 13: Reason #9 14: tba 15: Cajun 16: Brick Fields 17: Bluegrass Jam 18: Vince Turner 19: Chase Missy 20: tba 21: Nashville Songwriters 22: Caleb Martin 23: Brick Fields 24: Danny Mullen

25: 26: 27: 28: 29: 30:

11: 12: 13: 14: 15: feat.:

DICKSON STREET PUB 303 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 527-9333 72701 ROOFTOP PATIO Schedule unavailable at presstime… {501}354-8577

00 Big Cats 1 r e v O

Eu r e k a Sp r i n g s, Ar k a n s a s

w w w. t u r p e n t i n e c r e e k . o r g

479-253-5841 ■


Caleb Martin Member This Troy Odell tba Calling All Songwriters The Lavenders Brick Fields Flashback Vince Turner Buddy Shute & The Motivators Reason #9 tba Cajun Brick Fields Wine & Cheese Party She’s Us

COMMON GROUNDS GOURMET ESPRESSO BAR 412 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 442-3515 72701 • 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Schedule unavailble at presstime…

Open Everyday Guided Tours Family Fun Lodging Available


& Bare-it Bearlesque Ol’ Dimebox Brick Fields Reason #9 tba Cajun Brick Fields

EMELIA’S 309 W. Dickson, St. 2 527-9800 72701 Su.: Jazz Brunch

19: 20: 22: 23:

FRESCO CAFÉ & PUB 112 W. Center, Fayetteville 455-5555 72701 F.: Fresco Jazz Trio


FOGHORN’S WINGS 1100 So. 48th Place, Springdale 717-2020 72702 September 15: Boxana 16: Russ Hutchinson 17: Isayah Warford 18: Coverblind 22: Jamie Wolfe 23: Darren Ray 24: Jon Knox 28: Richard Burnett 29: Russ Hutchinson GEORGE’S MAJESTIC LOUNGE (P) 519 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 442-4226 72701 Bookings: Brian @ (479)527-6618 September 16: Corey Smith The Railers 17: Josh Abbott Band Mike Ryan 18: William Clark Green Aaron Copeland The Bel Airs The Odds



27: 30: October

2: 3: 4: 6, 7: 8:

Leon Russell The Toos Social Work Buckcherry Splitlip Rayfield Milton Patton Arkansauce Samantha Fish Mountain Sprout Josh Hoyer Gary Hutchison Andy Frasco & The U.N. Josh Hoyer Gary Huchison Steve Pryor Mountain Sprout Mountain Sprout Josh Hoyer Gary Hutchison Steve Pryor Jeff Austin Band The Travlin’ McCourys Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Penny & Sparrow Earl & Them Pink Floyd Tribute Moon Taxi Backup Planet FT. Nate Hancock Randall Shreve Sarah Hughes Cherub Hippie Sabotage Aaron Watson Curtis Grims


10: 13: 15: 16: 21: 22: 23: 25: 28: presenting: 29: 30: 31:

Mix Master Mike Wickit The Instigator Leah & The Mojo Doctors Bill Dollar & Loose Change Arkansauce Dopapod Nth Power Randy Rogers Band Joe Giles & The Homewreckers Boss Tweeds Fractal Sky Vintage Pistol Justin Moore’s College Town Throwdown Party Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics Guta CD Release Party Songs My Heart Recruits Whiskey Myers Pat Green Ultra Suede Oreo Blue Andy Frasco & The U.N.

GHAZI’S PESTO 1830 N. College, Fayetteville 582-3330 72702 Tu.: Jed Clampit Th.: Matt Smith

GREENHOUSE GRILLE 481 So. School Ave., Fayetteville 444-8909 72701 September 18: Alex Lewis Jazz 25: Gary Sloan & Jeremy Hohmes October 2: Hot Bossa Jazz 9: Matt Smith Jazz 16: Alex Lewis Jazz

JOSE’S SOUTHWEST GRILLE 5240 W. Sunset, Springdale 750-9055 72702 Th.: Karaoke Krazy September 15: 90lb Wrench 18: Dawn Cate & The Rhythm Kings 19: 412 West 22: Joe Giles & The Homewreckers 25: One Night Stand 26: Another Fine Mess 29: Uncrowned Kings October Schedule unavailable at presstime…

JAMMIN’ JAVA 21 W. Mountain, Fayetteville 443-2233 72701 Live music. Call for details… JJ’S GRILL 1271 No. Steamboat, Fayetteville 443-0700 72701 M., Th.: NFL Specials September 15: Murray Williams 16: Jeff Fox 18: Jamie Wolfe 19: Harvey Stone Band 22: Aisle 24 23: Jeff Fox 24: Jocko 25, 26: Ouachita River Band 29: Jeff Fox 30: Russ Hutchison October 2, 3: Jim Mills Band 6: Jeff Fox 7: Ashley McBryde 9: Jamie Wolfe & The Wranglers 10: Ouachita River Band

JOSE’S STREETSIDE 324 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 521-0194 72701 W.: Karaoke Krazy September 17: Prince Albert 18: Atomic Hi-5 19: tba 22: 412 west 23 - 26: Bikes, Blues & BBQ October Schedule unavailable at presstime… KINGFISH DIVE BAR 262 No. School, Fayetteville 935-3443 72701 Bookings: Email September 17: Charliehorse 18: Dave Bright Band 19: Keith Nicholson 24: Marshall Wallace

25: 26: October

1: 2: 3: 9: 10: 11:

Band Isayah’s Allstars DeFrance Stephen Neeper & The Wildhearts Dan Martin Band Paper Jam Band Voxana David Bright Band The Sisters Sweet Mr. Octoberfest

LA HUERTA 1860 No. Crossover, Fayetteville 521-7990 72701 W., F.: Silver Moon LIGHT BULB CLUB 19 No. Block, Fayetteville 587-9512 72701 Booking: Lightbulbclubbooking September 19: Holy Gallows Ten High White Mansions 25: DEERPEOPLE RD Mauzy UA S.G.E. Party 26: Jared Putnam Ozarka Orkestra The Theta Theorem October 1: Daniel Romano & the Trillums Ryan Pickop Dylan Earl 2: Brother Moses The Inner Party 6: Friday Maybe



Saturday The Inner Party MJ PIZZARIA 838 No. 48th, Springdale 717-6836 72762 September 12: Jon Dooly 18: BottleRocket October 2: Vince Turner MAXINE’S TAP ROOM 107 No. Block, Fayetteville 442-9601 72701 Schedule unavailable at presstime… MOJO’S PINTS AND PIES 1200 No. Garland, Fayetteville 935-3459 72701 Schedule unavailable at presstime… NOMAD’S MUSIC LOUNGE 1431 So. School, Fayetteville 443-1832 72701 September 18: Vintage Pistol The Bends Loral Canyon 20: Booze Brunch & Bluegrass Ethan Bush 25: Drawing Blanks 26: New Frequency Follow The Dead October 3: 479 Showdown 13: Amy Lusu Artist Reception ON THE MARK (P) 2588 No. Gregg, Fayetteville 575-0123 72701 Bookings: Scott Young September 12: Jim Mills & The Hellbenders 17: Leah & The Mojo Duo 18: Mo Brothers 19: tba 24: Vint Tenor

25: 26:

Jovan Arellano Scott Young & Ransom

October Schedule unavailable at presstime… POWERHOUSE SEAFOOD 112 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 442-8300 72701 See you next Spring… RYLEIGH’S 313 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 444-7324 72701 Th.: Open Mic Comedy September 12: Voxanna 18: Not A Planet Silent Waits The Archer 19: Edison Aisle 24 25, 26: Fat Head October Schedule unavailable at presstime… SMOKE & BARREL TAVERN 324 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 521-6880 72701 September 25: Mudhawk 26: Shawn James & The Shapeshifters October 3: Unknown Hinson 16: Hypnotion 23: Flipoff Pirates SPEAKEASY 509 W. Spring, Fayetteville 443-3279 72701 Occassional live music.... TERRA STUDIOS 12103 Hazel Valley Rd. Fayetteville (800)255-8995 72701 Occassional live music....

Do Arkansas... The Altered State Raw Honey • Jalapeno Jams & Jellies • Apple Butter

THE TILTED KILT 3619 No. Mall Ave., Fayettevile 442-0800 72703 Live music. Call for details… UARK BOWL 644 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 301-2030 72701 Live music. Call for details… WALTON ARTS CENTER 495 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 443-5600 72702 WEST END 339 North West Ave., Fayetteville 445-6805 72701 Bookings: Occassional live music. WILLY D’S 216 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 571-4994 72701 Tu.--Sa.: Dueling Pianos

Fort Smith

{Area Code 479} 21 WEST END 21 No. 2nd, Ft. Smith 434-4213 72901 Live music. Call for details… AVA’S VILLAGE PUB & GRILL (P) We’re moving! BELLA ITALIA RESTAURANT & PIANO BAR 407 No. 8th, Ft. Smith 785-1550 72901 Th.—Sa.: Sharon Pitts BRANNON’S PUB & GRILL 2508 Market Trace, Ft. Smith 646-8700 72901 September 12: Oreo Blue 25th Anniversary Tour BRICK TOWN BREWERY 318 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith 434-2739 72901 Occassional Live Music… Call for details… DOE’S EAT PLACE 422 No. 3rd, Ft. Smith 784-9111 72901 Booking: Trent Gallant Live Music. Call for details… read nightflying {501}354-8577

EAGLES CLUB(P) 3321 So. 66th, Ft. Smith 452-5888 72901 M.: Dance Lessons Tu.: Joe Harris Dance W.: Shuffleboard F.: Dinner Sa.: Dance THE ELECTRIC COWBOY (P) 6107 So. 31st, Ft. Smith 72901 649-8033 72901 Where Fort Smith Plays At Night! Check Out The Ocean Dance Club THE ELEPHANT ROOM 700 N. 8th, Ft.Smith 883-2901 72901 Booking: Sheahan Live music. Call for details… FORT SMITH LITTLE THEATER 401 N. 6th, Ft. Smith 783-2966 72901 Schedule unavailable at presstime… HERO’S 1002 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith 353-4754 72901 Bookings: Doug McRae September 18: Method To Madness 19: Bannister Brothers 25: Pateint Zero 26: Whippersnapper October 2: Mindframe Zero 3: Escape Town 9: George & The Jetsons 10: River City 17: Hosty Duo JOE’S GRILL & CANTINA 3400 So. 74th, Ft. Smith 478-9600 72903 Schedule unavailable at presstime…


11, 12:

15: 16: 18, 19: 22: 23: 25: 26: 29: 30: October 2, 3: 6: 7: 9: 10:


Ouachita River Josh Newcomb TJ Scarlett EgoTrip Rick Shaw Little Davie Trio Rusty Grove Whiskey Grin Mattie Neumeier Zach Reeves Wes Hart Ashley Mc Bryde Jocko Whiskey Grin EgoTrip

LOST BEACH ISLAND BAR & GRILL (P) 1810 So. Zero, Ft. Smith 646-3939 72901 Tu.: Trivia Challenge W.--Sa.: Karaoke

OLD TOWN GRAIN & FEED 503 Garrison, Ft. Smith 420-6634 72901 Live music. Call for details… R. LANDRY’S 613 Garrison, Ft. Smith 783-2505 72901 September 18: Tom Ware 19: Eric Matthews 25: Christine DeMeo 26: 2:

LA HUERTA 400 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith 783-3655 72901 Bookings: Hector, 1-3 weekdays Schedule unavailable at presstime…

3: 9: 10: 14: 15:

JJ’S GRILL 5400 Phoenix Ave, Ft. Smith ???-???? 72901 M.. Th.: NFL Specials September 10: Tony O’Dell

16: 17:

ROOSTER’S ON THE AVENUE (P) 801 Garrison, Ft. Smith 783-COCK (2625) 72901 Bookings: Robert Schedule unavailable at presstime… SECOND STREET LIVE 101 No. 2nd, Fort Smith 782-5483 72902 Thanks for a great season! SHOOTER’S BAR & GRILL 2201 Grand Ave., Ft. Smith 783-9413 72901 Live Music. Call for details… SWEET BAY COFFEE COMPANY 3400 Rogers Ave., Ft. Smith 785-0685 72903 Live music. Call for details… THE MOVIELOUNGE 7601 Rogers, Ft. Smith 226-3595 72903 Live music. Call for details…

91ST STREET 3702 So. 91st, Ft. Smith 478-6000 72903 F., Sa.: Karaoke Live music. Call for details…


Carter Sampson & Erik The Viking

The Skinny Slim Wanda Watson Living Room Project Scott Ellison Candy Lee tba EmiSunshine Benefit for Susan G. Coleman Cancer Foundation 15% of all food sales will be donated Tom Ware tba


HARD LUCK CAFÉ 501 1st Ave. SW, Gravette 787-5750 72736 Occassional live music....


{Area Code 870} WORDS & AFTERWORDS 201 No. Spring St., Hardy 856-5579 72542 Th.: Open Mic Jam Live music. Call for details…

Harrison/ Diamond City

{Area Code 870} BRICK OVEN PIZZA 814 Hwy. 62-65, Harrison 741-0012 72602 September 18: Earth Band 19: Karaoke 26: Southern Confession October 3: Karaoke 6: Open Mic

Hurst, Morrissey & Hurst, P.L.L.C. A Tradition Of Outstanding Representation

Au tomobile A ccidents • P ersonal IInjury njur y Automobile Accidents Personal •E nter tainment La w•N egligence, W rongful D eath Entertainment Law Negligence, Wrongful Death • Pr oduct Li ability • Cr iminal L aw • Ci vil L itigation Product Liability Criminal Law Civil Litigation • Re al E state & C or porate La w Real Estate Corporate Law • Di vorce, Se paration, C ustody & Su pport Divorce, Separation, Custody Support •D iscrimination (J ob, A ge o ex) • A Discrimination (Job, Age orr S Sex) At-Home Consultation t-Home C onsultation

CCredit redit CCards ards AAccepted cce pte d

((501) 5 01) 6 23 - 2 5 6 5 623-2565

Over 39 Years Experience

518 Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR 71901 34


9: 17:

Third Degree Karaoke

DIAMOND AMER. LEGION POST 340 (P) 7696 Hammerschmidt Rd., D. City 422-2606 72630 Live Music Every Friday DIAMOND CITY HILLS COUNTRY CLUB 20701 Hwy. 7 No, D. City 422-7613 72630 Schedule unavailable at presstime… LYRIC THEATRE 113 W. Rush, Harrison 391-3504 72602 Schedule unavailable at presstime… NORTH ARKANSAS COLLEGE 1515 Pioneer Drive, Harrison 741-4002 72602 Contact: Guitar Smith Schedule unavailable at presstime… Support Live Music {501}354-8577


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��������� ����� ������� ���� �������������� ������������ �����������

UGO’S PIZZA 125 Rush, Harrison 204-6244 72602 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

Heber Springs

{Area Code 501} THE RED APPLE INN (P) 1000 Club Rd., Heber Springs 362-3111 72543 Occassional live music…

Hot Springs

{Area Code 501} THE ARLINGTON HOTEL 239 Central Ave., Hot Springs 623-7771 71901 F., Sa.: Willie Davis & Co. in the lobby SILVER FOX LOUNGE (The Austin Hotel) 305 Malvern, Hot Springs 623-6600 71901 September 10 - 12: Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands 18, 19: Kyndryd Spyryts 25, 26: Loose Cannon October 2, 3: Loose Cannon 9, 10: Kyndryd Spyryts 16, 17: Loose Cannon 23, 24: Kyndryd Spyryts BELLE ARTI 719 Central, Hot Springs 624-7474 71901 S.--W.: Patrick Bennett THE BIG CHILL 910 Higdon Road, Hot Springs 624-5185 71913 Bookings: Gina Parks Open 7 Days A Week! Three bars in one… Serving dinner ‘til close... CHECK OUT OUR EXQUISITE OUTDOOR DECK!!! The Chill Lower Basement IS COOKIN’! M.-F.: Happy Hour, 4-6:30 Su.: Karaoke feat.: Chucky D Tu.: Texas Hold Em September 11, 12: Mister Lucky 15: Professor Tele 16: Spa City Blues Society Jam 17: Dave Almond 18: Moxie

19: 20: feat.: 22: 23: 24: 25, 26: 29: 30: October 1: 2, 3: 7: 8: 9, 10: 15: 16, 17: 21:

(with Tara & Brent) Heavy Suga & The SweeTones CD Release Party Blues Fest After Party Heavy Suga & The SweeTones Professor Tele Lightnin’ Lee Langdon Ryan & Adam The Jinns Professor Tele Jocko R&R Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands Spa City Blues Society Jam Dean Agus & Legacy Highway 124 Davd Almond Black Water Trio Spa City Blues Jam

BOOGIE’S BAR & GRILLE 1010 E. Grand, Hot Springs 624-5455 72901 W.: Spa City Jams September 10: Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally feat.: Hooker Red 11: Bike Light Show & Shine feat.: Jay Holmes & Cripplecreek 12: Jello Wrestling BLUE MOON SALOON 135 Essex Park Pl., Hot Springs 262-5005 71901 F., Sa.: Karaoke & Dance Music feat.: River Rick Occassional Live Music CLASSIC’S {Clarion Hotel} 4313 Central, Hot Springs 525-7172 71913 Bookings: Mary Live music returns in Spring… COPPER PENNY PUB 711 Central, Hot Springs 622-2570 71901 W.: Joseph Delerio

September 10, 11: 15: 18, 19:

John Jordan Tony Nardi Salt & Pepper

18: 19:

CROSSWALK BAR & GRILL 2714 Central, Hot Springs 623-2979 71913 Schedule unavailable at presstime… EAGLES CLUB (P) 817 Hobson, Hot Springs 318-1599 71913 Sa.: Hot Shots

2: 3: 8: 9: 10:

FAT JACK’S OYSTER BAR & GRILL 101 Central, Hot Springs 623-5225 71901 Live bands…

15: 16:

HAWG’S PIZZA 1442 Airport Road, Hot Springs 767-4240 71901 Razorback time… Bands return after the season!

17: 22:

HOT SPRINGS ARTS CENTER 405 Park Ave., Hot Springs 624-0489 71901 Various gallery displays...Saturday Evening Music Series for teens the 1st and 3rd Sat. of each. mo. Afternoon and evening classes in pottery, drawing and painting...

MAXINE’S 700 Central Ave., Hot Springs 321-0909 71901 Bookings: bookings @ W.: Poetry Slam feat.: Poetry Readings Open Mic September 17: Dead Flowers

26: October

EMBASSY SUITES CASCADES PIANO BAR 400 Convention Blvd., Hot Springs 624-9200 71901 W.--Sa.: Tony Nardi

LOW KEY ARTS 118 Arbor, Hot Springs 282-9057 71901 Occassional live music. Call for details…


24: 25: 29: 31:

Canaan Manatees Ten High Khaotik Black Table of Mahogany The LV$H Era The Vandoliers Louisiana Appleseed Landrest Diamond Center Ladygod Bristol Hills Annabelle Chairlegs Teen Daze Heavenly Beat All Them Witches Adam Faucett Quiet Hollers Hooten Hallers Memphis Dawls Federalis Way Down Wanderers Morning View Gentlemen Rogues Merrows Foulplay Cabaret Burlesque Show Tav Falco & Panther Burns Mike Watt & Toby Dammit Sounds Del Mar Goddamn Gallows Stephen Chopek Ghost Bones

OHIO CLUB 336 A Central, Hot Springs 627-0702 71901 Su.: Larry Womack & Jacquiline M.: Randy & Chana Tu.: Legacy Duo W.: Open Jam Th.: Jazz F., Sa.: Ohio Club Players POCKET COMMUNITY THEATRE 170 Ravine St., Hot Springs 623-8585 71901 501-354-8577

POP’S LOUNGE // SILKS BAR & GRILL {Oaklawn Jockey Club} 2705 Central, Hot Springs 701-1366 71901 W.: Karaoke September 18: Ghost Town Blues Band Pop’s Underground Famous Silks 19: Ghost Town Blues Band Silks Christine DeMeo Pop’s 20: Hot Springs Blues & BBQ 25: Susan Erwin Pop’s 26: John Calvin Brewer Pop’s R&R Silks October 8: Michael Bolton QUAPAW BATHHOUSE & SPA 413 Central, Hot Springs 767-0211 71901 4th Friday ev. mo.: H. S. Jazz Soc. presents: Arkansas Jazz Experience feat.: Shirley Chauvin Cyde Pound Bill Huntington Jay Payette & guest artists RAZORBACK PIZZA 4330 Central, Hot Springs 525-1616 71901 Schedule unavailable at presstime… ROD’S PIZZA CELLAR 3350 Central, Hot Springs 321-2313 71901 Live music on special occasions... ROLANDO’S NUEVO LATINO 210 Central, Hot Springs 6054-605471901 Contact: Suki Live music on special occasions...

DO ARKANSAS... THE ALTERED STATE Delightful Delectables



SADDLEBAGS SALOON & GRILL 4977 Albert Pike, Hot Springs 767-BAGS (2247) Open Every Day Kitchen open ‘til 9 Su.: Front Porch Pickin’ (Acoustic Jam) W.: Karaoke & Dance Th.: Karaoke & Dance F.: Karaoke & Live DJ SAM’S PIZZA PUB 401 Burchwood Bay, Hot Springs 525-0780 71901 HH: Jim Cotton SMYLY’S CRAB SHACK ON THE LAKE 4916 Central, Hot Springs Live entertainment. Call for details… Read Nightflying on your phone {501}354-8577


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SUPERIOR BATH HOUSE BREWERY & DISTILLERY 328 Central, Hot Springs 624-2337 71901 Live entertainment. Call for details…

GOAL POST (P) 7607 John Hardin Dr., Cabot 982-2900 72032 Th.--Sa.: Karaoke Occassional live bands…

TERRY MARTIN’S 5590 Central., Hot Springs 520-0446 71913 W.--Sa.: Terry Martin & Co.

THE HANGAR (P) 7619 John Harden Dr., Cabot 982-0091 72076 Live Music. Call for details… Th.: Open Mic feat.: Luke Williams Shane Thornton October 23: Todd Mills Cancer Awareness Benefit feat.: Matt Joyce Aaron Luke Williams River City Overdrive Markus Pearson Allan Hart Who Shot JR? Crestview Drive Lies Of A Deadman Misty Parker Clayton Nichols Ally and Zac Mark and Kim

Idabel, OK

CHOCTAW CASINO 1425 SE Washington, Idabel (800)634-3447 74745 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

Jacksonville/Cabot {Area Code 501) BOAR’S DEN (America’s Best Inn) 200 No. Hwy. 67, J’ville 2430-243072076 Su.: JR’s Acoustic Open Mic

COUNT PULASKI (Jacksonville Inn) 200 Hwy. 67 N., J’ville 241-9285 72706 Tu.--Sa.: Karaoke feat.: The Karaoke Cowboy Nightly Contests

Support Live Music {501}354-8577

SENSATIONS (P) 6715 John Harden Dr., J’ville 982-0114 72026 Open 7 Days A Week Non-Stop Adult Entertainment dancing makes you skinny you need to dance

WHISKEY BENT SALOON 6613 John Harden Dr., Cabot 982-0444 72023 Live Country Bands…



UPPER CRUST PIZZA 3120 Shelby Dr., J’boro 336-7500 72404 Contact: Billy Creego Live music. Call for details…

{Area code 870} BRICKHOUSE GRILL(P) 218 So. Main, J’boro 336-2441 72401 Tu.: Ladies Night Live Acoustic W.: Karaoke host: Jim Th.: DJ Epic F.: Live Music On The Downstairs Stage Sa.: DJ Psychs September 17: Nathan Crouch 18: Backroad Anthem 24: Oz 25: Tim Hoggard & Friends 26: Jake Owens Band October 1: Nathan Crouch 8: Oz 10: Glow Paint Party 15: Nathan Crouch 22: Oz CREGEEN’S (P) 201 So. Main, J’Boro 972-9200 72401 Bookings: Conor Brankin Schedule unavailable at presstime… GODSEY’S GRILL (P) 226 S. Main Street, J’boro 336-1988 72401 Schedule unavailable at presstime… SKINNY J’S (P) 205 So. Main, J’boro 275-6264 72401 Bookings: Sarah Reeves, M., Tu., Th., F. - 2-4 p.m. Tu.: Open Mic Th.: Vikki & Sonny September 19: 2D Live 26: Nathan Crouch Nightflying; Proudly Keeping Arkansas Weird Since 1980...

3: 10: 24:

19: 25:

Cory Fontenot Brad Messer Lauren Richmond

Joplin, MO

{Area Code 417} THE KITCHEN PASS 1212 So. Main, Joplin 624-9095 64804 M.: DJ Triage W.: Open Mic Night host: Erik Brown Th.: Dinner & Live Music On The Patio


{Area Code 870} OZARK HERITAGE ARTS CENTER 410 Oak St., Leslie 447-2500 72645 Live entertainment. Call for details...

Little Rock North Little Rock Sherwood

{Area Code 501} THE AFTERTHOUGHT BISTRO & BAR 2721 Kavanaugh, L.R. 663-1196 72205 Su.: Jazz Brunch feat.: Lucas Murray Ev. M.: Jazz At The Afterthought Tu.: Jazz Jam Sessions host: Carl Mouton W.: What The Folk! feat.: Mark Curry September 14: Mark Binns Erin Martinez & The Goat Band 18: Lucious Spiller Band

26: October

28: 2:

3: 9, 10:

Mulehead Tawanna Campbell Rodney Block & The Real Music Lovers Ryan Viser Ready Sounds So Good Rodney Block & The Real Music Lovers Goodtime Ramblers Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces

AMER. LEGION POST #1 (P) 315 E. Capitol Ave., L.R. 372-8762 72201 F., Su.: Warren Crow & Wendell Craig ANOTHER ROUND 12111 W. Markham, L.R. 313 - 2612 72211 Bookings: Steve Childress Th.: ARBS Blues Jam September 12: Bluesboy Jag Trey Johnson 16: LLC Band 18: Hi Balls Lounge 19: 7 Toad Pete 23: Rick McKean 24: Arkansas River Blues Society Jam 25: Tyrannosaurus Chicken Josh Green 26: Canvas October 3: Akeem Kemp Deltatones 10: Jet 420 Parker Francis 16: Hi Balls 17: Shannon Boshears AREA 51 PUB & CLUB (P) 6511 Warden Rd., Sherwood 5510-5510 72120 Open ‘til 5 a.m. Live Music. Call for details… F., Sa.: Karaoke feat.: DJ Savaunte a mission from God to keep musicians off the streets

We champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow. 36


ARKANSAS REPERTORY THEATRE {The Rep} 6th & Main, L.R. 378-0405 72203 Live Theatre….Call for details...


THE BLIND PIG 6015 Chenonceau Blvd., L.R. 8194-819472223 Th.: Karaoke feat.: DJ Tony Sa.: Karaoke Schedule unavailable at presstime…


BOGIE’S NIGHTCLUB 120 West Pershing, NLR 812-0019 72114 Contact: Amanda Live entertainment. Call for details… BOUDREAUX’S GRILL & BAR 9811 Maumelle Blvd., NLR 753-6860 72218 Live entertainment. Call for details… CAJUN’S WHARF 2400 Cantrell, LR 375-5351 72202 Bookings: Allison September 16: Brian Nahlen & Nick Devlin 17: Pamela K. Ward Brian Ramsey, HH

19: 23:

25: 26: October

30: 1: 2: 3: 7: 8: 9: 10: 14: 15: 16:

Almost Infamous Richie Johnson, HH Raising Grey Alex Summerlin, HH Nick Devlin & Brian Nahlen Tragikly White Karen Jr., HH Donna Massey & Blue-Eyed Soul Richie Johnson, HH The Soultones Greg Madden, HH Smokey Mayday By Midnight Smokey, HH Ramona & The Soul Rhythms Richie Johnson, HH Karla Case Band Ben Byars, HH Brian Nahlen & Nick Devlin Mister Lucky Ghost Town Blues Band Richie Johnson, HH Shannon McClung Nick Devlin & Brian Nahlen Ace’s Wild Byron, HH River City Overdrive Richie Johnson, HH

CREGEEN’S IRISH PUB 301 Main, N.L.R. 376-PINT (7468) 72114 Bookings: September 18: Rob Moore 19: Jason Lee Hale 25: Jeff Coleman 26: Jason Lee Hale October 2: Bonnie Montgomery

3: 9: 10: 16: 17: 23:

Chess Green Bryan Nahlen Bonnie Montgomery Rob Moore Stephen Winter Jason Lee Hale



FOUR QUARTER BAR 415 Main, N.L.R. Argenta District Contact: Conan Robinson Coming soon! Live Music! Great food and drinks... WE’RE COMING!!! COMMUNITY THEATRE OF LITTLE ROCK 616 Center, Little Rock 410-ACTS (2283) 72203 DEEP (below Willy D’s) 322 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 244-9550 72201 Live entertainment. Call for details… DISCOVERY // BACKSTREET(P) 1029 Jesse Rd., L.R. 664-4784 72203 Little Rock’s Legendary Dance Club... Open Saturday Nights DUGAN’S PUB 403 E. 3rd, Little Rock 244-0542 72201 Bookings: Don, 2-4 p.m. S.: Sports on Huge Screen TVs M.: NFL Tu.: Live Team Trivia W.: Gonzo Karaoke Th.: Dart League ESPN Game Plan NFL September 18: Brian Nahlen

25: 26: 2: 3: 9: 10: 16: 17: 23: 24: 30: 31:

Steve Hester & DeJaVooDoo Third Degree Brown Soul Shoes

FORTY TWO 1200 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 537-0042 72201 Occassional live programs & shows

GUSANO’S 313 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 374-1441 72201 Live entertainment. Call for details…

Bear & The Bug Shannon Boshears WhoDoBluesBand Karla Case Band Third Degree Steve Hester & DeJaVooDoo Adrienne & Bonnie Beckham Brothers Band Big John Miller Halloween Hooty Who Rob-O Dance Party

FOX & HOUND {Lakewood Village} 2800 Lakewood Rd., N.L.R. 753-8300 72116 Su.: Open Mic feat.: Third Degree Tu.: Karaoke by Phil F.: Live DJ September 19: Down South 26: Third Degree October 2: Tragikly White 3: Legacy 10: Steve Thister 17: Zack Mac Kenzie 24: After Eden 31: Halloween feat.: Tragikly White Revelationers

HIBERNIA IRISH TAVERN 9700 Rodney Parham Rd., L.R. 246-4340 72227 Su.: Traditional Irish Session M.: Trivia W.: Paint Night Th.: Billy Pirate’s Open Mic Comedy Night

EAGLES (P) 65th & I-30, L.R. 562-0876 72203 Live entertainment. EAST END CAFÉ 20622 Arch St. Pike, East End 888-4444 72065 Tu.: Live Music Schedule unavailable at presstime… ELECTRIC COWBOY (P) 9515 I-30, L.R. 562-6000 72209 ERNIE BIGG’S 587 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 372-4782 72201 Dueling Pianos nightly...

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o k i ng

GRUMPY’S TOO NEIGHBORHOOD BAR & GRILLE 1801 Green Mtn., L.R. 225-3768 72212 Bookings: email info to September 18: Roy Hale 25: Kirk Anderton October 9: Justin Walker 16: Cody Long

Just off I-630

1316 Main • Little Rock • (501)372-9990

Live At Mid-Town

18: Chinese Connection Dub Embassy 19: Legends of Arkansas After Party: feat. Black River Pearl

JAZZI’S 5200 Asher, L.R. 562-6919 72204 Bookings: Ed Mo Lanier (501)204-0579 or (863)250-6877 M.: On Call 1st Wed. ea. month: Live entertainment. Call for details… JIMMY DOYLE COUNTRY (P) I-40 at Galloway, N.L.R. 945-9042 72118 F., Sa.: Arkansas River Bottom Band Occassional Shows

Fo r ! ! !

Little Rock Since 1940


HOLIDAY INN SELECT I’s 630 & 430, L.R. 223-3000 72205 Nightly: Piano Music feat.: Glenn The Piano Player

25: Follow Apollo 26: A Surprise! October

2: Dangerous Idiots 3: Buggaboo 9: Cadillac Jackson 10: Electric Rag Band 16: Ryan Visor

.......where the bands come to get off when they get off everywhere else.......�

Fullfilling your party fantasies Every Night!

Smoking ‘til Sunrise

Seven Days A Week!!!

For bookings email Conan:



JUANITA’S CANTINA BALLROOM 614 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 372-1228 72202 Bookings: (501)374-3660 F.: Salsa September 14: Zella Day 17: Burn Halo Heartist Courage My Love 18: Randy Liedtke 22: Alex G Sea Nanners 24: Lil Durk Gunplay Hypno Carlito 25 - 27: Karaoke National Championships 30: In The Whale IAMDYNAMITE October 1: Aaron Lewis Jason Cassidy

4: 5:

7: 11: 14:

15: 17: 18: 22: 23:

Cody Cook Jose Gonsalez Manchester Orchestra Kevin Devine & The God Damn Band Big Jesus Meg Myers Theory Of A Deadman Shaman’s Harvest Nothing More The Color Morale Turbo Wolf Separations Warren G Birdcloud Girl On Fire Tremonti Wilson David Ryan Harris

KHALIL’S PUB & GRILL 110 So. Shackleford, L.R. 224-0224 72211 Tu.: Jeff Long W, F., Sa: Karaoke 1st Monday each month: Nashville Songwriters Assoc. 2nd and 4th Mondays: Live Celtic Music LAMAN LIBRARY 2801 Orange, N.L.R. 758-1720 Schedule unavailable at presstime… LONG BRANCH SALOON 8419 Scott Hamilton, L.R. 568-5547 72209 W.--Sa.: Erotic Dancers Occassional Live Music… Call for details...

LOONY BIN COMEDY CLUB Breckenridge Village, L.R. 228-5555 72212 September 16 - 19: Sean Kent 23 - 26: Jason Russell 30 - O. 3: Mark Poolos October 7 - 10: Richie Holliday 14 - 17: Triple Feature Week 21 - 24: John Moses MARKHAM STREET GRILL 11321 W. Markham, L.R. 224-2010 72211 Bookings: September 11: Mojo Depot 12: Priceless 18: Lipstick Hand Grenade 19: Andy Tanas 25: Pepperland 26: Linn / Jackson Band October 2: Ship of Fools 3: Mojo Duo


Because They Deserve The Very Best!

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8: 9: 10: 16: 17: 23:

Texarkana Odyssey Queen Anne’s Revenge Big Jones Trio Karla Case Band Apple Kahler Band

MID-TOWN BILLIARDS (P) 1316 Main, L.R. 372-9990 72202 Bookings: Conan @ email All Our Personnel Are Entertainers!! OPEN AT 3 P.M.-4:30 A.M. DAILY September 18: Chinese Connection Dub Embassy 19: Legends of Arkansas Afterparty feat.: Black River Pearl 25: Follow Apollo 26: tba October 2: Dangerous Idiots 3: Buggaboo 9: Cadillac Jackson 10: Electric Rag Band 16: Ryan Visor 17: FreeVerse 23: Low Society 24: Flatland Funk Donors 30: tba 31: Halloween Throwdown feat.: Josh The Devil & The Sinners MURRY’S DINNER PLAYHOUSE 6323 Asher Ave., L.R. 562-3131 72204

September 1 - O. 3: October 6 - N. 7:

A Bench In The Sun Arsenic and Old Lace

PARROT BEACH CAFÉ 9611 MacArthur Dr., NLR 771-2994 72114 Th.: Open Jam F.: Karaoke PIZZA D’ACTION 2919 W. Markham, L.R. 666-5403 72205 Live music. Call for details… RODNEY’S HANDLEBAR & GRILL 9110 I-30 Suite B, Little Rock 6336-633672209 Th.: Bike Night Live music. Call for details… PROST 322 President Clinton, L.R. 244-9550 72201 Tu.: DJ JB Showtime Karaoke RENO’S ARGENTA CAFÉ 312 Main, N.L.R. 376-2900 72114 Bookings: Louis France, 9 a.m - 1 p.m. September 18: Acoustic Punks • Heavenly Apple Butter •100% Pure Honey • Jalapeno Jams & Jellies

One Stop Access to NWA’s:         

Entertainment & Art Event Center Monthly Open Mic Nights Monthly Art Receptions Accepting New Art Work Wellness Center & Coffee Shoppe Southern Traditions Consignments / Women's Boutique Shopping, Diane's Jewels & Such... Monthly $3 Dollar Classic Movies And much more.. Sponsors


Diane's Jewels & Such 479-200-7911

$3 Classic Movies 479-361-1211 3rd Thursday of the Month

The Art Exchange 479-361-1211

Southern Traditions Consignments Looking for Vendors 479-751-3003 / / Genesis Economic Development Group For more information contact: Phone: 917-744-6655



AD NF 043014-04

19: 25, 26: October 2: 3: 9: 10: 17: 18:

Bob Jones tba Delta Donnie Ashley McBryde Setts Folly Bob Jones Eric Summer tba

RICHARD’S MUSICIANS CORNER 15424 A Arch Street, L.R. 888-4470 72206 Live music. Call for details… RIVERFRONT STEAKHOUSE [Wyndham Hotel] 2 Riverfront Place, N.L.R. 374-8081 72114 F., Sa.: Ricky David Tripp ROCK CITY LOUNGE 8115 Arch St., L.R. 562-3613 / 240-0579 72206 Bookings: Cecil or Martha W.: Blues Jam host: Ed Mo & Friends Sa.: Double Shot RUMBA! REVOLUTION MUSIC ROOM (‘The Rev Room’) 300 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 823-0090 72201 The River Market’s Concert Venue M.: Open Mic Tu.: Tapas Tuesdays Latin Night Th.: ARBS Blues Jam Sa.: Ts Tunes Karaoke September 16: Slum Village Cool Nutz 18: Wanted: One Kickass Show Four On The Floor Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts Trey Hawkins Band Scott Diffee & His 6 String 19: Big Piph & Tomorrow Maybe Bijou Dee Dee 20: The Rev Room Unplugged feat.: Drummerboyinfinity 25: Aaron Watson Parker McCollum 26: Tab Benoit 30: Heartless Bastards Alberta Cross October 14: Twiztid Blaze Boondox Prozak

17: 20: 30:

Wolfpac Scum Trilogy Dirty Dozen Brass Band Rusted Root Drive-By Truckers Old 97s

SENOR TEQUILA EL RESTURANTE MEXICANO 9847 Maumelle Blvd., N.L.R. 791-3888 782114 Su., Th.: Remo Express SKINNY J’S 314 Main, N.L.R. 916-2645 72114 September 12: Downhill Fast 19: Cory Fontenot 2D Matt Claude 26: Lauren Richmond Nathan Crouch Tyler Weese & Sonny Hunt October 2: Tommy Akers duo 3: Cory Fontenot 10: Brian Nahlen Brad Messer Lauren Richmond 17: Roy Hale 24: Aaron Russell Lauren Richmond Dillan Cate SONNY WILLIAMS STEAK ROOM 500 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 324-2999 72202 Tu.--Th.: Jim Dickerson September 11, 12: Thomas East 18: Jim Dickerson 19: Jeff Coleman 25, 26: Thomas East October 2, 3: Thomas East 9, 10: Jim Dickerson 16, 17: Jeff Coleman SPECTATOR’S GRILL & PUB 1012 W. 34th, N.L.R. {behind U.S. Pizza} 791-0990 72114 Schedule unavailable at presstime... SOUTH ON MAIN 1304 So. Main, L.R. 244-9660 72202 September 16: Steve Hester & DeJaVooDoo Trio 18: The Bo-Keys 23: Jeff Coleman & The Feeders


24: 25: 30:

2: 7: 14: 22: with:

Lera Lynn Seanfresh Off The Cuff


Sad Daddy Dana Falconberry The Sisters Sweet Leo Bud Welch Jimbo Mathus

STICKYZ ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CHICKEN SHACK 107 River Market, L.R. 372-7707 72201 Bookings: Chris King, 2-5 p.m., M.-F. CHICKEN COOP NOW OPEN NIGHTLY! Tu.: Rock ‘n’ Roll Karaoke feat.: T’s Tunes M.—F.: Happy Hour, 4:00-7 September 16: Veridia Drew Chadwick 17: William Clark Green 18: SOULution 19: FreeVerse The Music Never Stopped celebrating: 50 Years of The Grateful Dead 23: Sons of Texas SwitchbacH Red Devil Lies 24: Uncle Lucius 25: Bonerama 26: Andy Frasco

& The U.N. 9: 14: 19:

feat.: 20:

The Eskimo Brothers Israel Nash The Pines An Evening with Tav Falco Panther Burns Mike Watt The Trees Are Getting Harder To Climb 15th Anniversary of The Polyphonic Spree

TAILGATER’S PUB & GRUB (P) 8100 Warden Road, Sherwood 834-9066 72120 OPEN ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT! ‘Til 5 a.m…. Occassional Live Bands TAVERN SPORTS GRILL 17815 Chenal, L.R. 830-2100 72223 Live music returns in Spring… THE BLIND PIG BAR & GRILL 6015 Chenonceau Blvd., L.R. 8194-8194 72223 Sa.: Karaoke feat.: Choice Entertainment

Honey Apple Butter Elfin Edible Magic

THE JOINT 301 Main, N.L.R. 372-0205 72114 Tu.: Hogging The Mic host: Adam Hogg W.: The Joint Venture Comedy Improv Group F., Sa.: The Main Thing September 17: Argenta Arts Acoustic Music Series presents: Stevie Coyle 18, 19: Lou Tells A Big One 24: Foul Play Cabaret Burlesque Show 25, 26: Lou Tells A Big One THIRST-N-HOWL 14710 Cantrell, L.R. 379-8189 72223 Open 7 Days A Week W.: Blues Jam Th.: Ladies Night Open Mi Jam September 18: Funk Yea 19: Canvas 25: Big Stack 26: Alan Hunt October 2: Greyhaus 3: tba 9: Thread 10: Taylor Made 16: Canvas 17: Rip Van Shizzle 23: Steam Loco 24: Katmandu

TON’S PLACE 18814 MacArthur, N.L.R. 851-9987 72118 F.: Karaoke feat.: The Convertible Cowboy TOWN PUMP 1321 Rebsamen Park, L.R. 663-9802 72202 Bookings: email to townpumpentertainment September 18: Odysey 19: Corey Fontenot 19: Rodge 25: Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts 26: John Keathly October 2: tba 3: Black River Feral 9: Sky City 16: DeFrance 23: American Lion UUC-LR COFFEE HOUSE (Unitarian Universalist Church) 1818 Reservoir Rd., L.R. 225-2891 72211 Schedule unavailable at presstime… V.F.W. POST 11474 (P) 4400 Lynn Lane, N.L.R. 753-5538 72118 Bookings: Clyde Lunsford F., Sa.: Occas. Live Music

Special Attention to Members and Guests of

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d n e p S s ’ t e L Come... Together! the Night ������������������� ���������� ������������ �����������������������������������������������������������




VINO’S 7th & Chester, L.R. 375-8468 72201 Bookings: Dylan at Tu.: Brewpub Cinema September 14: Today Is The Day Abigail Williams Lifer 17: Black Tusk Lazer/Wulf WRONG Amonkst The Trees 18: Charon Creek Eddie & The Defiantz Andrew Raines 19: Apostale of Solitude Sumokem Enchiridion 25: Undercover Devil Redefined Reflection Solice October 2: Enchant r.i.o.t.s. Inrage 3: The Weeping Gat e All Is At An End 8: Ecstatic Vision Construction of Light Amonkst The Trees 9: Vinyl Take Over-Heavy Metal Edition feat.: Bruce Fitshugh -Living Sacrifice Dustin Weddle -Snakedriver


16: 17:

Jeremiah James Baker -Abandon The Artifice CT -Rwake The Mad Trucker Art Show Friends Colour Design Terminus Lifer

WEST END SMOKE HOUSE & TAVERN 215 N. Shackleford, L.R. 224-7665 72211 Su., M.: Bucket Specials Wed.: Ladies Night September 18: Tragikly White 19: Rock Town Wranglers 25: Crash Meadows 26: High & Dry October 2: Dirty Lindsey 3: Raising Grey 9: Aces Wild 10: Third Degree 16, 17: Goldy Locks 23: Lipstick Hand Grenade 24: Billy Jones Revue 30: Big Stack 31: Taylor Made

love live musicians they never get to dance

WHITE WATER TAVERN & RESTAURANT 7th & Thayer, L.R. 375-8400 72205 Bookings: Matt White Kitchen: Tu., Th., F.: 5 p.m. - 12 Lunch F.: 11 a.m. - 2 Tu.: Arkansas Rockers Revue (NO COVER CHARGE) feat.: $3.50 pitchers & $2.50 cocktails st. @ 10 September 15: KABF Benefit Show feat.: Rural War Room 10-year Annniversary 16: The UH-HUHS Manatees Ten High 17: The Vandoliers 18: Bonnie Montgomery Doug Strahan 20: Last Chance Records Showcase 21: John Moreland 22: Cason McHONE 23: American Aquarium Joshua Black Wilkins 24: Dirty Fences Bombay Harambee Faux Ferocious 25: Dangerous Idiots The Wall Chargers Midwest Caracan 26: The Salty Dogs Bonnie Montgomery 29: Open Turntables feat.: Mike Poe


30: October

1: 2: 4: 6: 8:

9: hosted by: 13: 14: 15: 16: feat .: 21:

Daniel Romano & The Trilliums Dylan Earl Pete KinkelSchuster Cedell Davis Left & right Adia Victoria Cedric Burnside Project Dance Party Joshua Asante Kevin Kerby Eleganza! Amy LaVere & Will Sexton KABF BENEFIT: Girls Lee Bains III & Glory Fires

WILDWOOD PARK 20919 Denny Rd., L.R. 821-7275 72223 Schedule unavailable at presstime… WILLY D’S ROCK & ROLL PIANO BAR 322 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 244-9550 72201 Tu.--Sa.: Live Dueling Pianos YA YA’S EURO BISTRO 17711 Chenal Parkway, L.R. 821-1144 72223 Contact: Scott Hanyik Live music. Call for details…

ZACK’S PLACE 1400 So. University, L.R. 664-6444 72204 M.: Live Trivia Tu., W.: Poker Tourneys Th.: Luck Of The Draw Karaoke Sa.: Club Music Karaoke feat.: Debbi T F., Sa.: Live DJ

Lula, MS

{Area Code 662} ISLE OF CAPRI 777 Isle of Capri Parkway, Lula 1-800-The-Isle, 38644 W.--Sa.: Pulse


{Area Code 501} AMERICAN LEGION POST # 11 (P) 218 Olive, Malvern 337-8168 72104 Sa.: Canned Country


{Area Code 501} LUCKY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL 1101 Murphy Dr., Maumelle 803-4898 72113 F.: Karaoke Sa.: Showing all the games… healthy munchies

Memphis, TN

{Area Code 901} ALFRED’S 197 Beale & 3rd, Memphis 525-3711 38103 Su.: Memphis Jazz Orchestra M.: Eric Hughes Band Tu.: Kaleidoscope W.: Eric Hughes Band Th.: Matt Tutor DJ Scottie Lawrence F., Sa.: Kevin & Bethany Paige B.B. KING’S BLUES CLUB 143 Beale, Memphis 524-KING 38103 Nightly: BB King All Star Band NightLife Su.: Carl Drew Blues Band Will Tucker Band Preston Shannon M.--W: King Beez Preston Shannon Tu.: Preston Shannon NiteLife BB King’s All-Stars W.: King Beez Preston Shannon Th.: Blind Mississippi Morris BB King Allstar Band King Beez F.: BB King All-Stars Will Tucker Band



Blind Mississippi Morris Carl Drew Blues Band Carl Stewart BB King All Stars Herchal Bailey & Natasha Young

BLUES CITY CAFE 138 Beale, Memphis 526-3637 38103 Su.: Free World Nightly: Gary Hardy & The Memphis 2 Brad Birkedahl & The Burning Love Band Live Music Every Day! BLUES HALL 182 Beale, Memphis 528-0150 38103 F.--M.: Dr. ‘Feel Good’ Potts Band BLUE MONKEY 2012 Madison, Memphis 272-2583 38103 Tu.: Rusty Lemon HANDY BAR 200 Beale, Memphis 527-2687 38103 Sa.: Plantation All Stars Su.: Fred Sanders Juke Joint All Stars


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HARD ROCK CAFE 315 Beale, Memphis 529-0007 38103 M.: Memphis Music Monday Tu.: Lil’ Rocker Tuesday HI-TONE CAFÉ 412-414 No. Cleveland, Memphis 278-TONE 38103 September 18: Jack Anderson CD Release 19: Wolf River Conservatory Benefit 20: Chrome Pony Behold The Brave Porter 21: Diet Cig Taylor Loftin Boyscott 22: Author D. Clea Forrister Citycentral Curt Oren Dubb Nubb Chandramama & Suynsihine Monticello 24 - 26: Gonerfest 27: The Chameleons Soft Kill The Pop Ritual 28: Whores Devils Right Hand 30: Blackfoot Gypsies October 1: Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings 2: The Tool Experience A Tribute 4: Green Jelly 7: Kadavar The Well 8: Green River Ordinance Sean McConnell 9: The Impossible Show 11: Convictions Eleutheria

14: 15: 16:

Forsake Your Nets Andrea Gibson Great Peacock Larry Keel

KING’S PALACE CAFE 162 Beale, Memphis 521-1851 38103 M.--Th.: David Bowen F., Sa.: Memphis Jazz Trio feat.: Michaelyn Obysw Patio F., Sa.: 2 Weeks Notis Sa.: Ms. Zeno Duo Soul Outsiders MINGLEWOOD HALL 1555 Madison Ave., Memphis 312-6058 38104 September 17: Travis Tritt Unplugged 18: Marek For Murder Fundraiser feat.: The Admiral Hook Julian Dossett JuJu Bushman Faith Evans Ruch Ori Naftaly Memphis Winslows godspeed you! black emporor Xylouris White 23: Jeff Austin Band Devil Train 26: V3Fights 27: 98.1 the Max presents: The 2nd Annual Drake’s Bacon & Beer Fest 28: Beach House Jessica Pratt October 1: Death Grips 3: Breaking Benjamin 10 Years 6: Meg Myers Jarryd James Run The Jewells: Jewel Runner Boots Bishop Nehru Cuz Lightyear 7: Danzig

8: 9:

10: present: 15: 17: 20:

Superjoint Veil of Maya Prong Witch Mountain Rhiannon Giddens Birds of Chicago Father John Misty Tess & Dave The Grifters Hope Clayburn’s Soul Scrimmage Raheem DeVaughn & Leela James The Love n’ Soul Experience V Bozeman Toro Y Moi Astronauts Villains Variety Show Third Eye Blind

NEWBY’S 539 So. Highland, Memphis 452-8408 38110 Th.: Mojo Possum Live Entertainment. Call for details… NEW DAISY THEATRE 330 Beale, Memphis 525-8979 38103 In Complete Renovation Watch for details… THE PIG ON BEALE 167 Beale Street, Memphis 529-1544 38103 F.: Leslie E. Jones: Elvis Tribute Show Sa.: Guy Venable, Jr. RUM BOOGIE CAFE 182 Beale, Memphis 150-150 3 Su.: Memphis Blues Society M.: Blake Ryan Band Th.--Sa.: James Govan & The Boogie Blues Band W.: Boogie Blues Band Healthier Munchies Jalapeno Jelly


Memphis Blues Society

YOUNG AVENUE DELI 2119 Young Ave., Memphis 278-0034 38104 Live bands. Call for details…


{Area Code 870} AMERICAN LEGION HUT {old Veteran’s Bldg. in McCloy Park} 111 Briarcliff, Monticello 367-6958 71655 Live entertainment. Call for details... LA TERRAZA MEXICAN RESTAURANT 306 Hwy. 425, Monticerllo 460-0055 71655 Live entertainment. Call for details... MAIN STREET BISTRO {First Presbyterian Church} 821 No. Main, Monticello 367-6883 71655 Live entertainment. Call for details... THE RIVER (P) 791 Hwy. 278 W., Monticello 367-6135 71655 M., Tu., F., Sa.: Karaoke VFW HUT 148 Veteran’s Drive, Monticello 367-2797 71655 Occassional Live Music


{Area Code 501} JEBB’S PLACE (P) I-40 & Hwy. 95, Morrilton 477-2198 72110 Th., Sa: Karaoke Schedule unavailable at presstime… NORTH PLAZA CINEMA 1515 North Business 9, Morrilton 354-1667 72110 Sa.: Red Barnes & The Country Knights

RIALTO COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER 213 E. Broadway, Morrilton 477-9955 72110 Ev. 3rd Friday: The Rialto Pickers

Mountain Home

{Area Code 870} THE BACK FORTY Hwy. 62 W., Mtn. Home 425-7170 72653 Live Music On Our Outdoor Deck - weather permitting THE BRICK YARD BAR & GRILL (P) 10460 Cranfield Rd., Mtn. Home 492-6106 72653 Bookings: Jay Sabella W.: Piano Bar F.: Live Bands Sa.: Dance Club & Karaoke ROYAL 66 4063 Hwy. 62 E., Mtn. Home 492-5600 72653 Bookings: Richard W.: Karaoke

Mountain View

{Area Code 870} OZARK FOLK CENTER P.O. Box 500, Mtn. View 269-3851 72560 M.—Sa.: Live Traditional Music Su.: Gospel Concerts featuring occasional guest performers and Gospel concerts, arts & crafts workshops, demonstrations, etc. Mid-April - November; Thanksgiving & Christmas OZARK FOLKLORE SOCIETY 1 1/2 blocks So. of Courtsquare Sa.: Live Music (weather permitting) on your phone



New Edinburg

{Area Code 870} NEW EDINBURG COMMUNITY CENTER 6590 Hwy. 8, N.E. 510-6388 71655 Occassional live music.


{Area Code 870} GOLD STAR CLUB 714 Hwy. 367 No., Newport 523-2338 72112 Live music. Call for details…

Read Nightflying & Do Arkansas... The Altered State... ��������������

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{Area Code 479} MAIN STREET LOUNGE 215 W. Main, Ozark 667-0962 72949 Contact: Katie Reynolds Live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 479} EAST END SPORTS PUB E. Walnut St., Paris 963-3278 72855 Live music. Call for details… JOHNNY MAC’S ROCKIN’ ROOSTER (P) 5855 Hwy. 22, Paris 963-2626 72855 Live music. Call for details…

Pine Bluff

{Area Code 870} MAD HOG TAVERN 2405 No. University, P.B. 534-0565 72123 Live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 870} IMPERIAL DINNER THEATRE 1401 Hwy. 304 E., Pocahontas 892-0030 72455 Schedule unavailable at presstime...

Pocola, OK

{Area Code 918} CHOCTAW CASINO I-540, Pocola 1-800-590-5825 74902 M: Ladies Night Out Tu.: Fun Card Drawings W.: Club 55 Th.: Men’s Night F., Sa.: Live Bands Nightly: Big Stack Gilley’s CenterStage Event Center September 11: Clint Scholz Band 12: Lita Ford Dead Metal Society 18: Replay 19: Ray Live Mr. Cabbage Head & The Screaming Radishes 25: Heath Wright & The Hangmen 26: Urban Addiction October 2: Skid Row

Quapaw, OK

{Area Code 918} DOWNSTREAM CASINO RESORT 69300 East Nee Rd., Quapaw 919-6000 74363 September 12: Donnie Miller

18: 19:

24: 25, 26:

& Rude Awakening Kenny Babb Joe Giles & The Homewreckers Howard Gayles Larry The Cable Guy Brandon Butler Band Dirt Road Texas Blues Butchers Kenny Babb

October Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 501} SADDLEBAGS SALOON & GRILL 4977 Albert Pike, Royal 767-2247 71913 Live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 479} AFTER 5 BAR 2000 Promenade Blvd., Rogers 631-1114 72758 Live music. Call for details… {501}354-8577

THE BIG CHILL 3000 Pinnacle Hills, Rogers 7011-7011 72756 Tu..: NWA Blues Club Jam September 11: Got It Covered 12: JAB 16: Jocko 17: Keith Nicholson 18, 19: Shari Bales Band 23: Take Cover Duo 24: Coverblind 25, 26: Mike Mayberry & The Slowhands 30: The Jinns October 1: Big Chill Comedy Night JAW 2: Kevin Upshaw Band 3: Professor Tele 7: Lazy Daisy 8: Country Music Jam 9: NWACC Jam 10: Take Cover 14: Take Cover Duo 15: The Jinns 17: Dawn Cate 21: Lazy Daisy 22: Country Music Jam 23, 24: Mike Mayberry & The Slowhands 28: The Jinns

29: 30: 31: feat.:

Jocko Got It Covered Big Chill Costume Party Marshall Wallace Band

COPELAND’S 436 No. Rogers, Rogers 246-9455 72756 Su.: Claudia Burson Trio 3rd Su. of ea. mo.: Ben Harris EAGLES CLUB (P) 11160 Old Wire Rd., Rogers 451-9323 72756 Live Music. Call for details... FOSTER’S PINT & PLATE GASTROPUB 2001 So. Bellview Rd., Rogers 621-0093 72756 Live Music. Call for details… GOOD VIBRATIONS (P) 2500 N. 17th, Rogers 246-8998 72756 Occasional live music… IRON HORSE COFFEEHOUSE 220 So. 1st, Rogers 631-9977 72756 W.: Rogers Jazz Society, 7-9 Genesis Capital, LLC., Bringing to Arkansas small wind 4K and large capacity 2 Mw and up Solar & Wind Farms: Presenting home owners the opportunity to reduce their electric costs to zero dollar ($0) or even a positive credit balance, by installing Hybrid Technology / Vertical Axis Turbines and Solar Panels. With a strong vision to provide every home owner a $0 acquisition cost for the Alternative Energy turnkey project. Alternative Energy Projects: Red Sun Resources: Energime Green Group has developed technology tested & output-certified by Rolls Royce, Kawasaki & British Atmospheric Data Institute, running large 1.5 MWe turbines at 32% efficiency for over a year. RED SUN is Patentee of the world-wide exclusive infrared reflection to enable focusing & collecting the full spectrum of head and light giving 1620C for the 1st time! Additional copatents with the DOE allow molten steel 10 MW storage units 18m3 for 24 hour operation to 30 day operation. Storing Green Energy! Benefits to End Users: • Tax credits available from the IRS till 2016, 30% of the purchase price of the qualified alternative energy equipment, based on energy qualification audits. • Immediate savings on monthly electric bill. • Financing available on our equipment, delivery and installation: Working with local banks, presenting the working guidelines of International banks, that have approved the Carbon Credit collateral as the basis for business/home improvement loans to the end users. • The present value of Carbon Credits on the International Market will create cash flow for the projects. • With 1.2 million homes in AR, our project creates much needed jobs for the local communities, improving our economy and providing Green Energy. For more information contact: Phone: 479.361.1211



AD NF 043014-01

JJ’S GRILL (P) 4500 W. Walnut, St. #3, Rogers 4460-4460 72756 M., Th.: NFL Specials September 10: Jeff Fox 11, 12: Wes Hart 15: Jeff Fox 16: Keith Nicholson 18: Harvey Stoned Band 19: Take Cover 22: Jeff Fox 23: Jocko 25, 26: Maud Crawford 29: Murray Williams 30: Jeff Fox October 2: Jamie Wolfe & The Wranglers 3: Rusty Grove 6: Dudley Jr. 7: Jeff Fox 9, 10: Mark Shields & Good Company JJ’S GRILL (P) {Prairie Creek Marina} 1 Prairie Creek Mar., Rogers 1002-1002 72756 Closed for the Season… PIG PEN (Formerly The Rockin’ Pig) 2407 Hudson Rd., Rogers 9797-9797 72756 F.: Bike Night Live music. Call for details… ROLANDO’S NUEVO LATINO RESTAURANT 224 So. 2nd, Rogers 621-1002 72756 Th.: Live Jazz WALMART AMP 5079 W. Northgate Rd., Rogers 443-5600 72758 or See Concert Pages…

Roland, OK

{Area Code 918} CHEROKEE CASINO 205 Cherokee Blvd., Roland 427-1000 or 1-800-256-2338 74954 Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 479} NORTH 40 (P) I-40 & Hwy. 7 No., Russellville 968-1772 72801 Bookings: Tony Your Party Spot in the River Valley! September 18: DJ Montez 19: Kevin Upshaw & 1 Night Stand 25: DJ Montez 26: Hwy. 124 October 2: DJ Montez 3: Brian Odle 9: DJ Montez 10: Rock Town Wranglers 14: Fall Break feat.: DJ Woo Pig 16: DJ Montez 17: Kevin Upshaw & 1 Night Stand 23: DJ Montez 24: Hwy. 124 30: Conway Boys Production 31: Halloween Blowout feat.: The Shari Bales Band

Sallisaw, OK

{Area Code 918} BACK 40 BAR & GRILL {CHEROKEE CASINO} Hwy. 64 & I-40, Muldrow 427-7491 74954 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

Support Live Music...

Stillwater, OK

{Area Code 405} ESKIMO JOE’S 516 W. Elm, Stillwater 372-8896 74074 W.: Hump Day Th.: Bottomless Bottles F., Sa.: Live music WILLIE’S SALOON 323 S. Washington, Stillwater 377-7716 74074 Th.: Open Mic


{Area Code 870} WILD LIFE BAR & GRILL (P) 711 E. Superior St., Stuttgart 673-1360 72160 Open 7 Days a Week! W.: Karaoke feat.: DJ Chucky P W., F., Su.: Dart Tourney Live Music. Call for details...

Texarkana, AR & TX

{Area Code 870 and 903} FAT JACK’S 3324 No. Stateline, Texarkana 774-5225 71854 Bookings: Jackie, after 4 p.m., W.--Sa. W.: Karaoke With: Jonathan Live Music. Call for details…


{Area Code 870} SIDELINES SPORTS BAR & GRILL (P) 406 Sidelines, Trumann 483-2223 72472 Bookings: Vicky Shipp Live Music. Call for details…

Van Buren

{Area Code 479} PICKIN’ PEN (Musician’s Exchange) 2421 Kibbler Road, Van Buren 474-7927 72956 Th.: Live Jams


{Area Code 870} SPANKY’S (P) Hwy. 8, Warren 226-5747 71671 Live Music. Call for details…

West Fork

{Area Code 479} THE LITTLE O’ OPREY 271 So. Campbell, West Fork 839-2992 72774 F.: Ozark Talent Revue & Contest


Authentic Old-time Opry Show

W. Siloam Springs, OK SEVEN {CHEROKEE CASINO} Hwy. 412 & Hwy 59 (800)754-4111 W.: DJ Mick D Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 479} OZARK FOLKWAYS 22733 No. Hwy. 71, Winslow 634-3791 72959 Contact: Rebecca Lynn Buchanan Food. Drink. Music. Occassional Live Shows...


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LA FOGATA 3401 Genoa Rd., Texarkana 773-1879 71854 Live Music. Call for details…

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Smiling sweetly, the Sunday school teacher said, “Johnny, when I was a little girl, I was told if that I made ugly faces, it would freeze and I would stay like that.” Little Johnny looked up and replied, “Well, Ms Smith, you can’t say you weren’t warned...” A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by

Share your jokes with our readers Please send your jokes to Own Worst Enemies, Nightflying, P.O. Box 82, Perry, AR 72125, or email to All letters and emails must be signed and have a verifiable return address and phone number. Those jokers that insult our publisher or staff will make their writers subject to our ridicule in print. Schmucks that upset us will probably have their home addresses published in the paper, and quite possibly written on sleazy rest area bathroom walls... 44


Bob saw his doctor and asked if he had ever laughed at a patient. “In over 20 years I haven’t because I try to remain professional.” With that Bob dropped his trousers revealing the tiniest dick the doctor had ever seen. It wasn’t any bigger than a AAA battery. The doctor burst into uncontrolable hysteria. “I’m sorry I really am, I don’t know what came over me, I promise it won’t happen again. Now what seems to be the problem?” “It’s swollen” said Bob... A woman is standing looking in the bedroom mirror… She is not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, “I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly… I really need you to pay me a compliment.” The husband replies, “Your eyesight’s damn near perfect...” A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband. Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen. “Careful,” he said, “CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my gosh! You’re cooking too many at once. TOO MANY! Turn them! TURN THEM NOW! We need more butter. Oh my gosh! WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER? They’re going to STICK! Careful. CAREFUL! I said be CAREFUL! You NEVER listen to me when you’re cooking! Never! Turn them! Hurry up! Are you CRAZY? Have you LOST your mind? Don’t forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the! Salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT!” The wife stared at him. “What in the world is wrong with you?You think I don’t know how to fry a couple of eggs?” The husband calmly replied, “I just wanted to show you what it feels like when I’m driving...” I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me... Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod...” Son - “Dad whats the difference between confident and confidential?” Dad - “Hmm. You are my son. Of that I am confident. Your friend Timmy is also my son. That’s confidential...” In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth... After that, everything else was Made in China... We went to see a movie the other night. I sat in an aisle seat as I usually do because it feels a little roomier. Just as the feature was about to start, a blonde from the center of the row got up and started working her way out. “Excuse me, sorry, oops, excuse me, pardon me, gotta hurry, oops, excuse me.” By the time she got to me, I was trying to look around her and I was a little impatient, so I said, “Couldn’t you have done this a little earlier?” “No!” she said in a loud whisper. “The ‘TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE PLEASE’ message just flashed up on the screen and mine is in the car...” A blonde calls her mom... Blonde: “Mom mom!! I’m a genius!” Mother: “Really dear? How’s that possible?” Blonde: “I finished a puzzle that I’ve been working on for 1 year and on the box it said for 2-5 yrs’...” One day a blond walks into a doctors office with both of her ears burnt. The doctor askes her what had happened. She says, “well... when I was ironing my work suit the phone rang and I mistakanly picked up the iron instead of the phone. “Well that explains one ear, but what about the other.” “The bastard called again...” “You seem to have more than the average share of intelligence for a man of your background,” sneered the lawyer at a witness on the stand. “If I wasn’t under oath, I’d return the compliment,” replied the witness. A Lawyer and the Pope died at the same time, both went to heaven. They were met at the Pearly Gate by St. Peter who conducted them to their rooms. The Pope’s room was spartan with bare floor, army cot for a bed, and a single bulb for light. They came to the Lawyer’s room. It was huge with wall to wall carpeting, king sized water bed, indirect lighting, color TV, stereo, Jacuzzi and fully stocked bar. The Lawyer said, “There must be a mistake. This must be the Pope’s room!” St Peter said, “There’s no mistake. This is your room. We have lots of Pope’s, but you’re our very first lawyer...”

Aaron Owens Band - (870)941-6267 Aces Wild - (501)328-0029 // (501)328-5597 After Hours Band - Bill (501)888-5699 Alizé - Bobby Doherty - (501)909-9341 Amy Garland Angel - (501)603-0379 Anthony Ware - (706)247-6182 Anna Jordan-Williams & Moonshine Mafia - (501)617-9437 Arkansas River Blues Society - (501)920-7783 Art Deco Trio - Gordon - (501)517-1020 Bart Angel - (501)603-0379 Andy Tanas - (901)647-1355 - Beckham Brothers Band - Mitchell Beckham - (870)917-7184 Bannister Brothers Band - Ben Jones - (479)221-5574 Barrett Baber - Benjamin del Shreve - (479)790-0777 Big Bad Bubba - (479)521-4831 Big John Miller - (501)351-4140.0 Big Red & The Soul Benders - (870)431-8475 Big Silver - (501)663-8669 Billy Jones Bluez - (501)985-9650 The Blame - (501)760-7766 Bliss McCain - (918)456-6996 Blue Collar Band - Mike Culverson - (479)650-8185, or Shirley Richison - (918)436-7644 Bluebirds - (318)865 9006 Bluegrass Bombers - Steve Evans - (501)982-4933 Bob Boyd Sounds - (501)225-4894 Bob Kramer Incident - Bryan Parker - (479)643-3938 Bonnie Montgomery - Jimmy Young - (501)413-8259 Breaking Silence - Evan Chronister - (918)519-8084 - Larry & Rachel Brick (BrickFields) - (479)647-8844 The Boomers - (501)374-3396 The Boondogs - (501)614-9859 Brenda & Ellis - (501)663-5919 Brash - (501)658-1366 Breaking Silence - Brian Austin Band - Brian Austin - (501)258-4841 - (501)851-3262 Brian Nahlen - 501-590-1319 Bushdog - (870)942-5382 Canvas - Jenni Gatlin - (501)612-7241 Carter Sampson (479)935-6866 The Cate Brothers Band - (479)756-5517 Catman & The Confounders - - (870)496-2423 Cherry Brooks - (901)458-5051 • Cheyenne - (501)229-1625 Chris Cameron - (479)632-6135 Chris DeClerk - 501-442-6004 Chuck Young - (501)282-2495 Craig Keys - (501)455-5336 (h) • 454-9226 (c) Crossroads Entertainment - Shane Simanton • (501)609-5140 Dale Fraze (918)647-3840 / (918)-839-1701 David Ball - (501)617-4064 David Butler - (501)804-1387 Daisy Chain - (501)982-JERK Danzig & Woolley - (888)376-8795 Darren Ray - (501)521-4831 David & The Diamondbacks - David Wiser - (479)544-6433 David Nelson Band - (708)524-8166 Dayton Waters - (501)538-3383 // (479)651-2904 // (501)767-5542 David Rasico - (501)613-9401 Dean Agus - (501)627-6211 Double Shot - Lonnie Allen - (501)242-1919 Earl & Them - Earl Cate (479)957-5882 East 5th - (501)765-1388 Effron White - ‘Lectric Liz Lottmann - (479)531-3659 Emily Kaitz - Erica Jones - (501)282-5139 Floydian Slip / Prognosis - Contact: Ray (501)541-7338 Fine Line - (501)760-6455 Flip-Off Pirates - (870)446-6145 FreeVerse - Adam Nelson - (501)744-3713 Gary Hutchison (479)459-2226 Gerry Moss - (870)856-4300 Grant Pierson - (479)471-1118 or 739-5965 Grandpa’s Goodtime Fandango - (479)571-4059 GravyTrain - James Blount - (479)381-6826

Grease Gadget - (501)258-2511 Greer Gambill - (479)531-9288 Greg Spradlin - (501)376-4635 Hi Balls - Jason Hale - (501)256-5150 Hooker Red - (501)408-7076 Intruders - Troy Baker (501)224-9082 Isayah Warford - (479)200-9113 // 643-2685 Jason Greenlaw & The Groove - (501)568-0394 Jeff Fox - (Foxy) - Jamie Lou Thies - (479)567-2972 Jamestown Flood - (501)565-8200 Jason Hale - (501)256-5150 Jessica Horn Band - - (816)682-0750 Jed Clampit - (479)443-2928 Jeff Coleman & The Feeders - (501)663-1278 Jeff “Machine Man” Elmer - (479)387-7275 - Jelly (Steve) Brown - 501-623-1317 - Jeremiah Griffin - (479)200-4891 Jigsaw Mud - Liz Lottmann - (479)531-3659 Jim Ferguson - (501)620-0450 Jim Mills - (901)272-9530 Joey Farr - (479)883-4640 Joe Glaeser - (808)393-6468 Joe Pitts Band - (870)489-1569 Joe Giles Band - (479)236-6125 / 267-2655 John Calvin Brewer - (501)545-0089 Joe Hall - (501)818-7915 John Kilzer - (901)276-1015 JoJo Jefferies - (901)375-1229 Jones Van Jones - Jerry Jones (479)253-7299 Judge Parker - Larry Pearson (479)646-5086 / 926-8819 - Justin Morgan - Kim Griffin Band (KGB) - Tyndall Jackson - (501)258-4711 King Tut Blues Band - (870)743-6748 Kornbred - (479)576-2584 Kory Montgomery Band - (479)221-2258 Last In Line - (870)890-9135 Laura Pierson - (479)410-4360 Lauren de Miranda - (310)927-8745 Larry Womack - (501)463-9412 Lee Gibson - (615)327-1055 Levon Walkin & Roxie - (870)867-4657 • (501)282-7479 Lightnin’ Lee Langdon - (501)627-5701 Linnie Hice Band - (479)766-7213 Liquid Groove Mojo - Joe Pitts - (870)489-1569 Liquid Kitty - Wayne Willems - 501-396-9435 Liz Lottmann - (479)531-3659 Mack Harness - 9309 Larue Rd., Rogers, AR 72756 Greg Madden - (501)269-7442 -’ Marc Turner - (479)365-2372 Mark Albertson - (479)650-0435 Mark David McKinnis - (501)228-9190 Mark Hays - (501)794-2997 Marion Deaton & The Smooth Willie Band - (901)377-6971 Martin & Scott - (501)250-0216 Midnight Express - (501)821-3606 Michael J. Bewley - (479)236-0599 - Mighty Groove Kings - Rick Henderson - (501)765-1388 Mike Hosty - Mike Taber - (501)617-3402 Mike Tripp - (501)991-3526 Mister Lucky - (501)231-3464 Mo Brothers - (479)442-2434 Mojo Depot - (501)258-4711 // (323)651-3321 Moon Krickets - Dale Wardlow - (501)230-4485 Moonshine Mafia - (501)617-9437 Music In Motion - Sean Hearn - - (479)461-3539 Nate Hancock - (661)380-8636 Nick Devlin - (501)612-4741 Neil Kelly - (316)650-1598 1-Oz. Jig - Jeff Kearney - (479)790-4761 Oreo Blue - (479)459-2226 Pamela Nelson - (479)313-9715 Parachute Woman - (501)993-8980 // Patrice Pike - (512)657-6743 Paul Boatright - (479)841-PAUL Priceless - Tyndall Jackson - (501)258-4711

Push - (870)420-3658 Randy Boyd - (501)568-4239 Randy ‘Cap’n Campfire’ Bulla - (202)374-8999 Randy Keck / Whiplash Gumbo - (479)524-3790 / (479)524-8462 Randy McDonald - (501)888-7510 Barry Poynter - Poynter’s Palace - (501)663-6886 Rena Wren - (501)655-2242 ReVamp Tramps - (479)582-2589 Richie Johnson - (501)223-8941 R.J. Mischo & His Redhot Blues Band - (479)443-1649 Roger Koenigsedar - {Sound / Production} - (479)739-0979 Ron Levy - (888)595-3122 Rukus - (870)754-8437 RUN - Adrian & Joell - (870)269-6723 - Runaway Planet - (501)425-5018 - Salty Dogs - Brad Williams - (501)278-0076 • Salt & Pepper - Tony Nardi - (719)-480-3240 Sarah Hughes - • (870)270-0896 Sharpe Dunaway - (501)329-3034 Scott Keeton & The Deviants - (405)912-0059 Scott Miller - (479)236-7268 // Scott Vise - (501)626-1762 Seth Freeman Band - (479)886-3921 Shane Henry - (405)453-7469 Shannon Boshears Band - (501)258-4907 Shari Bales Band - Mike Taber - (501)617-3402 Ron Wurst - (635-0260 Shannon Wurst - (479)719-8363 Sid Simons - drums/bass - (479)444-0726 / 521-5046 6 Strings Down - (501)336-9363 Slidebar - (580)225-2123 some guy named robb - (479)970-4599 Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers - (501)803-4834 Southbound - (501)229-3986 Southern Justice - (501)529-0007 Southern Way Band - James Burris - (501)888-6248 Stella Luss - Ashley Richardson - (501)541-1854 Steve Dufresne (479)459-2234 Steve Pryor - (918)584-7393 Still Kickin’ - (501)576-2203 Strangely Dim - (501)851-3537 Suzanne Michell & Uncle Fred Wilson - (501)664-1613 Sweetland - (501)603-0095 Swinging Johnsons - (501)262-4472 The Tablerockers - (479)363-9121 // Taylor Made - (501)982-3755 Taylor and Martinez - (501)272-9530 Ten Years Gone - Tracy Payne (870)833-2610 The Catz Meow - (501)839-2992 The Crumbs - Dave Holland - (479)459-4133 The Dangerous Idiots - Aaron Sarlo - (510)455-8392 The Garage Boys - (501)471-7074 The Paper Boys - Stan Turney (501)350-0252 The Schwag - (573)453-8758 The Trustees - TJ - (501)804-6408 The Woodpeckers - Phil Dixon - (501)626-8909 Tiffany Christopher - (417)766-5211 Tommy Rock - (501)520-8788 Tom Ware - (479)719-8931 Travis Kidd - (479)527-9430 Trout Fishing In America - (888)439-8342 - Tragikly White - (501)753-0088 Tyrannosaurus Chicken - Smilin’ Bob Lewis - (479)459-1568 Upshaw Band - Vickie Murphy - (501)612-9112 Wade Ogle - (479)966-0623 Wanda Watson - (918)261-1075 Warewolves - 479-719-8931 - Weakness For Blondes - Chris DeClerk - 501-442-6004 Wet County Boys - (479)223-1426 / (501)977-0902


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Best of Burger (1949 - 1998)

St. Gypsy Woman

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Sign of the big “I don’t know.” Indecision plagues the Aries like a medieval epidemic - the classic response to a choking person is to mutter “sorry, baby, you be dead meat” instead of providing a helpful Heimlich squeeze. The Aries also sucks his teeth and picks his nose…

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Bull-oney...Taurus jives all o’ de time...never a straight answer nor a true direction. The Taurus is so full of it that the eyes seem fuzzy. Never ask the Taurus how to find your way to the subway ‘cause you might find yourself on a bus…

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Ah, the thoroughbred of humankind. The Gemini never never errs, always knows what’s what. Gemini is what all others strive to God, what a fabulous thing it is to be a Gemini and what a crummy thing to be anything else…

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Well, I guess you gotta give credit where credit is due...for a bunch of yuckos born under a sign with the name of a disease, I guess their very survival is testimony to some degree of determination. Pity the fool who hangs out with the Cancer...bad luck and trouble rub off like cheap lubricants…

When the going turns weird The weird turn pro...

---Hunter S. Thompson


LEO (July 23-August 22) You will meet a tall, dark stranger. He will give you pay your bus fare to oblivion. His name is Larry; his fiend is Rick. You might survive, but I doubt it. All is prob-ably lost, but Leo don’t really hear...take it as it comes. Your lack of gumption is your only consistent personality trait…

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Keep to the left side of the street at all times. Steal only what you can carry and use only enough butch wax to make the short curls shine. Slyness may be considered a virtue this month, for you probably will have to break in line at the plasma center by screaming “All the needles are dirty! The nurse is a vampire who only stashes your will be paid in Confederate dollars…”

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Your personal hygiene becomes a topic of conversation at your place of employment. Your teeth match your teal green socks and your zits are too big to describe. Your two left feet cause you to walk in counterclockwise circles. Your mother moved away while you were on guard duty. If you come to my house, you will be shot on sight…

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Capricorn - shmapricorn...your feet are flat and so is your chest...back-biting is second nature to you and your social status declines in proportion to gravity’s daily toll on your butt. A tummy tuck would help, if you could only find a doctor who tucks by the pound. Kidney pie is your favorite food and hogs scurry to their troughs when your stomach growls…

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Water signs are prone to cry at any public gathering and Aquarius is no exception. Last time you stood alone on a street corner, the police gave you a ticket for gathering without a permit. You are so fat that the security guard at the last outdoor concert you attended advised you to break it up. When you see-saw, two large walruses and a hefty sea cow discuss their vertigo before they agree to ride…

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Take it on the lam for parts unknown...which in your case could be anywhere in your neighborhood. Your lack of personality causes passing motorists to deposit unmetered mail in your sagging mouth. Your ill-fated marriage to a Lebanese hockey player causes your paranoia to peak. Watch for falling debris and keep your platform shoes tied…

© 1990 Nightflying Publications. All Rights Reserved.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Change your name to Jimmy and join the fellowship of Christian Amway Dealers. Lock your car when shopping at Wal-Mart and spend all your spare time patting your head and rubbing your belly. Everybody knows you suck like a vacuum cleaner so take the energy you would have used denying it to clean your is a sty and you are a pig…

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Your life is a series of ups and downs...unfortunately, the downs seem to droop into an ever-deepening well of slime-flooded valleys while your ups seem to compare with hiccoughs. Your toes are longer than your fingers and your hair is as greasy as a cheap bowl of chili. Your family has inbred for so many years that your chins have found genetic rest in your ear cartilage. Don’t despair, however, for with a lot of luck and hard work, you can pass for Cro Magnon when the lights are low…


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We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws... ---Hunter S. Thompson



Hillberr y 2 harvest moon festival Deadhead Productions presents

October 16 - 18 at The Farm in Eureka Springs, AR

LEFTOVER SALMON • Lettuce • ALO Wookiefoot • the motet ANDY FRASCO & THE U.N. • rumpke mountain boys John Wayne & the Pain • DIRTFOOT • Don’t STop Please MOUNTAIN SPROUT • friends of the phamily opal agafia & the Sweet Nothings • & many more TBA!


Nightflying Outhouse Reading 2015  

Nightflying Outhouse Reading 2015

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