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Harvest • 2015 Page 8 R.I.P. Grego Batterton

Arkansas loses one of best musical geniuses ever to grace stages in the Altered State by David Hughes

Page 13 Hey Hillberry!

New music venue kicks off tremendous festival in Ozarks by Jon Walker

Page 15 Big Dam Blues Party Arkansas River Blues Society knocks it out of the park by Deb Finney

The Schwag will play the Nightflying 35th Anniversary at The Rev Room December 19

Page 18 Santa Claus Interview

A satellite connection with the jolly elf by Burger

Page 20, 21 Live it up Grego

A world of players plays for the player by Danielle Davis

Page 23 Backstage Pass

Memories of Backstage Passes by David Hughes

Cover by Peter Read

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I have never let my schooling interfere with my education… ---Mark Twain Greetings to you all! As you know it is now 4:20 in the a.m. of this f.m. day as I sit to peck out the final column of this, the Harvest edition of this wherewithall noosepaper. Actually, I’m gonna have to come up with a new line, because beginning now, it no longer is a noosepaper…Indeed, Nightflying is now a full-fledged multi-media presentation. Rather than just talk about music and musicians and venues, we have links to actually hear the musicians, watch their videos, buy their products…and connect with them directly. It’s all in keeping with the times, you know. Fact is, nowadays folks are pretty attached to their communication devices most of the time. Indeed, I see very few shows any more that about half the audience isn’t constantly looking at their phones… And let’s face it, we can talk about music and players all day long, but the real thing is what really makes the nut…….

In general.......

First off, news about my wife Dianne. She’s doing as well as to be expected during such an ordeal, and wishes to say thanks to everyone for all the support they’ve given her…spiritually, emotionally, and even financially… She is learning how to walk again with her new leg…it’s an enormous challenge, but through technology she’ll be out dancing again one day…

In Central Arkansas…….

Another Round continues to enthuse the Little Rock party scene. Music is a major ingredient of their formula of course, and the food is worth writing home about. And with Don Dugan now at the helm of this ship, it’s the place to be. Don is a professional party maker, as

seen through the years at Markham Street Grill and Dugan’s Pub…and he’s turning Another Round into yet another hot Little Rock venue. Set to appear at the club in the coming weeks are Roy Hale, Parker Francis, Ashley McBryde, Raising Grey, Ben Lewis, jazz man Matt Treadway, Brown Soul Shoes, Bluesboy Jag & The Juke Joint Zombies (!), Rick McKean, Nerd Eye Blind, Akeem Kemp (a major blues artist just now coming of age…go see him now, or wait a few years and pay $100 a ticket), Trey Johnson & The Haints, Full Flava Kings, the LLC Band, Swing Band Reunion, The Trustees, unplugged with Ashley McBryde, Ben Lewis…and the Arkansas River Blues Society jam on Thursdays… For bookings and more information call Bryden Right at (501)3132612……. The Rev Room checks in this issue with a very hot line-up, as always: on the bill in the coming weeks are Splattered In Traffic, Dendritic Arbor, Sol Inertia, Apothecary, Lord T & Eloise, Granger Smith, Backroad Anthem, the Reggae of Drummerboyinfinity, Shooter Jennings and Waynires Outlaws, Texas songsmith Robert Earl Keen, Ryan Bingham, Jamestown Revival, Exodus, Vore, Madman Morgan, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Canaan Smith, Russell Dickerson, the Lucero Family Christmas for two nights (with a portion of the proceeds going to CARTI), and on December 19th the Nightflying 35 - year anniversary celebration with The Schwag and FreeVerse. For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659……. Stickyz Rock ’n’ Roll Chicken Shack checks in this time with an exciting roster. Look for shows by The Veepers, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, Flameing Daeth Fearies, Aaron Kamm & The One Drops, The Lonely Biscuits, Becoming Elephants, Mothwind, Enchiridion, Dylan Holland, Castro, The Rise Of The Broken, That 1 Guy (a mind-blowing

artist), Tony Furtado (another mindblowing artist), Cereus Bright & Family and friends, Cas Haley (!), Collin Hauser, Manic Focus, Lovedrug, Open Fields, Charlie Virgo, Will Hoge, Devin Dawson…and a whole lot more. This is one of the best party rooms in the Altered State. For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659…….

Dugan’s checks in with a fine music line-up. Dugan’s is the newest music venue in the illustrious Little Rock River Market. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Brian Nahlen, Brown Soul Shoes, Gregg Madden, DeltaTones, The Karla Case Band, Adrienne & Bonnie, Bonnie Montgomery, Shannon Boshears, Thire Degree and more. And the club has one of the finest menus in Arkansas, too… And make a point to check out Stratton’s Market, their magical store next door. A full-fledged liquor store, Stratton’s also has a wide array of important munchies and treats for your, um, dietary needs… Check it out online at For bookings at Dugan’s, call (501)244-0542…….

North Little Rock’s answer to Midtown Billiards, Four Quarters Bar, is still in the works but they have had numerous delays in the building situation (make that re-building situation). When last reported the hopeful opening was in mid-Fall…now we’re told that it might be ready for the party public by the first of the year. The club will be at 415 Main, North Little Rock… Watch for it……. Meanwhile at Midtown Billiards, things are still very exciting (make that exhausting). Partying every day of the year (um, except Christmas Day - and it opens at midnight even then), and essentially keeping the late-night partiers off the streets makes Midtown Billards the Altered State’s celebrated answer to Bourbon Street…(they even shut down Bourbon Street at midnight on Fat Tuesday…) Set to appear in the coming weeks are the FreeWorld, deFrance, The Wall Changers, Stellar Wayz, Joey Farr & The Fuggins Wheat Band, Ed Bowman & The Rock City Players, Dangerous Idiots, American Lions, and a lot more. Let’s face it, any club that advertises “where the bands come to get off when they’ve gotten off everywhere else”, must have a magic touch. Or something. And it’s one of the few establishments that is still smoker-friendly… For bookings please email Conan at…… Markham Street Grill is also open 7 days a week, has excellent food, multiple screens with multiple sports events always on and a full menu for live music events (no cover charge!) Set to appear in the coming weeks are The John Calvin Brewer Band, Almost Infamous, the Brian Ramsey Trio, Mike Robinson, Lead Outlaw, The Brian Nahlen Band, Queen Ann’s Revenge,

The Buh Jones Band, Mojo Duo, Idyssey and more. The food and libations from the bar are all top of the line. For bookings, please email, or call 501-224-2010…….

extremely good food, multiple pool tables, multiple TVs for games, a large dance floor, a huge concert-sized stage and sound system…and serves food until the wee-wee hours. For bookings call (501)2247665…….

The infamous White Water Tavern checks in with a very impressive roster this month. Check out Whiskey Shivers, Big Steel River, Sean Fresh & The Nasty Fresh Band, Joshua Asante, Windhand, Danava Monolord, Iron Faucett, Jimmy Smith (of The Gourds), Mike Nicolai, Bombay Harambee, Whale Fire, Monster Furniture, Peter Case, Love Ghost, Joey Kneiser & Kelly Smith (of Glossary), The Sideshow Tragedy, Jeremy Pinnell, Nightflying SXSW showcase band Runaway Planet, Dikki Du & The Zydeco Krewe, Tyrannosaurus Chicken, Glass Wands, Great Pyrenees, and December 4 through 6, The Holiday Hangout…this year featuring, Adam Faucett & The Tall Grass, Austin Lucas & The Bold Party, Brent Best, Drag the River, Joey Kneiser & The Living Flames, John Moreland, John Paul Keith, Jkutchma, Kevin Kerby, Malcombe Holcomb, Micah Schnabel, Red Collar, Roger Hoover, Shane Sweeney, Slobberbone, Tim Barry, Two Cow Garage, Unions and a lot more. Also on the roster are shows featuring Banditos, Mike & The Moonpies, and the return of Smoke Up Johnny! Visit www/ for details… See the schedule pages for all the dates. For bookings contact Matt White at (501)375-8400…….

In Conway……. TCs Midtown Grill remains Conway’s number one music venue. The club is open 7 days a week, features live rock ‘n’ roll bands every weekend, a large wooden dance floor, a full bar, great menu, extreme stereo, huge-screen sports, and like so very few nightspots anymore is smoker friendly (without having to step outside in the cold)… Set to appear in the coming weeks are Third Degree, Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra, ShotGunBillys, Dirty Lindsey, Jeff Coleman & The Feeders, Four On The Floor, Bombay Black, The Luke Williams Band, Nerd Eye Blind, Third Degree, Lypstick Hand Grenade, Sloppy KISS, Greg Madden, and Big Shane Thornton.

West End Smoke House & Tavern checks in this time out with a very fine line-up of dance bands. Look for the likes of Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra, Crisis, January Noise, Aces Wild, Third Degree, Mayday By Midnight, Dirty Lindsay, Goldy Locks (!), Nerd Eye Blind, the Billy Jones Revue, Mother Hubbard and guitar monster Seth Freeman. See the Schedule pages for all the dates… West End is open every day, has

Goldy Locks

The Pied Piper is open 7 days a week. For bookings call (479)3639976……. The Rowdy Beaver Restaurant & Tavern has lots of music on the roster. Look for Moonshine Mafia, Terri & The Executives, The Aaron Mullins Band and the Michael Tisdale Duo and much more. For bookings call (470)2538544……. The Rowdy Beaver Den, downtown at 47 Spring Street, also has a bunch of music coming in the next several weeks. Party with John Harwood, DJ Goose, Terri & Brett, The Aaron Mullins Band, Outlaw Hippies, Rodney Jeremiah, Dorian Cross and more. There’s good food, serious libations, and it’s also an indoor smokerfriendly place, too…just made for reporters... For bookings call (479)363-6444… afternoons only…

In Northwest Arkansas…….

After giving it a go for the past year and more, The Big Chill of Rogers shut its doors. It’s a shame too, because they had become the best music room in the area. Ultimately, the market didn’t really want to support a creative music venue of this caliber… TCs is open for lunch, too. TCs is located at 1611 E. Oak Street. Head north from I-40 about two miles and watch for the sign on your right. For bookings contact Ty Simms or TC at (501)205-0576……. Other clubs in Conway with regular live music are King’s, JJs and the VFW Club. See the Sound section for details…

In Eureka Springs…….

Chelsea’s is one of the best music rooms in Arkansas. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Sprungbilly, Brian Martin, Iris, Diversity Bandl, Voxana, Chucky Waggs and Craig Kinsey, the incredible Earl & Them (the Cate Brother Band), Johai Kafa, Magnolia Brown, Sad Daddy, Camptown Ladies, Mountain Sprout, The Electric Rag Band and more. Chelsea’s is where the locals tend to hang out. It’s open 7 days a week, has a full bar and menu, an open-air smoking porch and a kickass stereo system. For bookings call (479)2536723……. The Pied Piper Pub and Cathouse Lounge also is a professional party room. Live music is on weekends, but there is always someone showing up to play whenever they can. Set to appear at the club in the coming weeks are Voxana, Johai Kafa, Sioux City Kid, Nicholas St. James, Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings, and the day after Thanksgiving, The Squarshers. There are lots of pool tables, a fine kitchen, a full bar and a happy staff that seems to know what you need ahead of time. Now, that’s art…

George’s Majestic Lounge has lots of very fine shows coming up. On the roster in the coming weeks are Micky & The Motorcars, The Eli Young Band, Brandon Lay, Full House, Randall Shreve & The Devilles, Benjamin del Shreve, Candy Lee, Daphnie & The Mysterious Machines, Cody Johnson, That 1 Guy, Earl & Them, Daryl Brooks, Hot Lix, The Oh Hellos, songsmith Robert Earl Keen, The Nace Brothers, The Aaron Mullins Band, The Schwag and Friends of the Phamily, Big Uns, Isayah’s Allstars, an album release party featuring National Park Radio, Ryan Bingham, The Jamestown Revival and a lot more. For bookings at George’s call (479)527-6618 or email saxsafe@aol. com… With the cooler weather, all the outdoor venues are down for the count of course, and they will return in Spring. The Smoke & Barrel has a few shows set for the coming weeks. Look for dates with Hypnotion and MSG. On December 12, the club will be celebrating its 7th anniversary, too, so watch for details. Happy Anniversary! For bookings call (479)5216880……. The Light Bulb Club checks in with their music list, including appearances of Crowbar, Shawn James, Kill Matilda, Nervous Curtains, Iron This, Manchild and High Lonesome… See the calendar pages for the whole list… For bookings please email Lightbul…….



there really ain’t no cure. Coming up are shows with Woodshed, JB & The Moonshine Band, and Mr. Cabbagehead & The Screaming Radishes. For bookings and further information, call (479)929-5588…….

Brick Fields

Bear’s Place has been serving up live music pretty much every night. Set to appear in the coming weeks are Vince Turner, Brick Fields, Eddie Mekleberg, Silvershakers, Member This, Reason #9, Cajun, Flashback, Ole Dimebox, The Jason Kinney Band, Buddy Shute & The Motivators, Fetts Foley, She’s Us, Derrick Mears & Route 358…on November 15th is Soldiers Songs and Voices and a Flower Lady Fundraiser. See the Sound listings for the dates and all the listings. For bookings call (479)5212327…….

In Fort Smith…….

R. Landry’s, Arkansas’ answer to New Orleans, and one of the best places to listen to good music. In the coming weeks look for shows featuring Dale Kellison, Grant Pierson, Brian Ramsey, Willin ‘n’ Able, Scott Ellison, Tom Ware, some guy named robb, Wanda Watson…and make your plans now for the huge show featuring the Paperkid Reunion on New Year’s Eve. This was one of the hottest bands to ever grace an Altered State stage years ago…and all the players are still alive and extremely musical…make your resrvations NOW if you even want to be able to get in the place… The food here is far better than anything I’ve ever had in New Orleans, which is saying a lot. A whole lot. And the atmosphere is perfect. It is a most comfortable room that attracts a nice crowd every night from Monday through Saturday. For bookings call Natalie at (479)783-2505……. Betty Payton recently got back in the nightclub business, by opening The Fort. Located at 10301 Hwy. 45, she opened her club several weeks ago. Betty was the power behind the latenight club The Red Roper many years ago. The life got in her blood so she’s back at it. Hey - like music itself, once the club business is in your blood,

Heros checks in with a most impressive line-up. On the bill in the coming weeks are shows with Ice Cold Domestic, King George Hughen, Bigfoot Stick, FreeVerse, The Fuggins Wheat Band, River City, Earthbound Angels Benefit, Oreo Blue, Space For Lease and more. For bookings call Doug at (479)650-1481…….

In Hot Springs…….

The Hot Springs musical family lost one of its best musicians recently, with the death of Greg Batterton. A powerful musician, Greg sat in for years with almost every musician in the area, giving them incredible harp playing, and virtually every instrument accompaniment. Like Harpo Marx, he could make an instrument out of anything, and he had Groucho’s humor too. There was a memorial benefit at The Big Chill for his family recently, with a boatload of players taking part, including Chana & Randy Caylor, Cassie Lea Ford, Mike Stanley, Shannon Sabbatini, Mike Lovelady, The Terry Martin Band, The Hump Night Blues Band, Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands, Danny Smith, Professor Tele, The John Calvin Brewer Band, The Batterton Brothers with John Talley, Heavy Suga’ & The Sweetones, Dayton Waters, Erica Jones, Scott Harpster, Liberty Ozz, Lee Langdon, Dual Carb, Christine DeMeo & Cassie Lea Ford, Ashley and Harry Blanton, Joe Hall, Buddy Flett…The emcee was David Hughes. See Danielle Davis' pictoral on pages 20 and 21 of this edition. There is no better music room in the Spa than The Big Chill…this is really true, especially now that Gina Parks is back in town, having shut down her experiment with a Big Chill in Rogers recently. This is home away from home for hundreds of musicians, because they are treated right. On any given night, almost no matter who is really playing, there are countless players sitting in…and even if they don’t they’re sitting there adding their musical energy to the mix, anyway. Officially appearing in the coming weeks are Lightnin’ Lee Langdon, Moxie, Jocko Deal, Mister Lucky, Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands and a lot more. In addition, every week after week

No Skinny Steaks! Full Bar • Live Music • Great Food

River Market • (501)324-2999 Open Monday - Saturday • Free Valet Parking




is the Spa City Blues Society jam. See the Sound section of this noosepaper… The Big Chill is open every day, has pool tables, huge screen TVs for sports, several outdoor smoking lounges, a special smoke-free bar and some excellent bar food too. Plus, and this is the big one, there’s no cover charge here (except during major shows...) For bookings please call (501)6245185……. Another club worth visiting in Hot Springs is the Ohio Club on Bathhouse Row. This, of course, was the favorite hang out for Al Capone in the golden days of gambling in the Spa…there’s a statue on the sidewalk of Al, permanently resting his bones on a bench. (It’s a most popular place for visitors to pose for photos with Al…Hey, this is a national park, you know?!) The Ohio has music 7 days a week. Every Sunday is Larry Womack and Jacquiline, Mondays features Randy & Chana, Tuesday is Legacy Duo, Wednesdays is an open music jam, Thursdays is for live jazz, and weekends feature the house band, The Ohio Club Players. The food here is superbly prepared, too…and the bar is worth writing home about. For bookings at the Ohio, please call (501)627-0702…….

sive list this time out. Look for shows featuring Two Cow Garage, Mutts, Oil Boom, Daniel Markham, Jamie Lou, Jayke Orvis, Gary Lindsay, My Graveyard Jaw, Engine, The Ex Optimists, A Sundae Driver, Thunder Dreamer, Dead Balloons, Ghost Bones, Nervous Curtains, Foulplay Caberet Burlesque Show, Quaker City of Nighthawks, Marcella & Her Lovers, Otherwise, Pagiins, Dangerous Idiots, Heels, Dirty Streets, Cartright, Duckstronaught, Landrest, Colin Vs Adam, Turtle Rush, Midwest Caravan and a lot more. For bookings please email……. Classics, at the Clarion Hotel, has finished their Summer live music by the pool shows. See you next Spring when the warm weather returns. For bookings call Mary at (501)525-7172…….

In Closing…….

Well kidz, that’s about all the time left on Mickey’s Hands for us to chat. We sincerely hope that you like this new way of reading Nightflying. Admittedly, it’s no longer very good to line your birdcage or litter box with, but we hope it covers your needs in every other way…as mentioned earlier in this column, we do it for your love…and your love of music here in the Altered State. Keep in mind that we’ll be updating this on a daily basis so log in often or oftener... Oh, and as anyone who knows me realizes, I am open to suggestion… (with almost anything in my life)… We’ll see you again next time. Until then, then, be sure to keep ‘em flyin’…….

Dangerous Idiots

Maxine’s checks in with an impres-

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Greg Batterton R.I.P.

Legendary musician leaves legacy after incredible journey

---David Hughes We lost Greg Batterton not long ago. He was an excellent auctioneer and an amazing musician. I had the honor of speaking at his funeral and sharing a memory or two about a man who was larger than life in the music world. Greg-O, as he was often referred to, did not meet a stranger and was always willing to help out wherever and whenever he could. He left behind a musical legacy that includes two sons, Bradley and Brian, both of whom are talented musicians, many, many musical partners and a number of recordings that document his tremendous playing abilities. Peter Read, editor in chief of Nightflying, asked me to revisit this interview that I did with Greg and his wife, Marsha, a few years ago and to do a rewrite or update or something like that. After reading through the interview, I’ve decided that it doesn’t need to be updated. The interview, in my humble opinion, captured who Greg and Marsha Batterton were and are. So, with this brief introduction and a couple of changes at the end, here is the original interview. When I’ve had the opportunity to discuss musical talent with someone I always inject what I refer to as the ‘Michael Jordan rule’ into the exchange. The ‘Michael Jordan rule’ is my unscientific theorem that accounts for the unnatural abilities and instinctive talent some people seem to be born with. It’s basically the idea that some people are born with a thing...a skill...a ability...inside them. It has to be nurtured and groomed in order to allow it to reach its potential but it exists naturally within its human vessel. The people who possess this thing...this skill... this talent are the ones who make it look easy, who seem to naturally move in the ebb and flow that surrounds them. Now, I believe anyone can be trained to do a thing. I believe that anyone can practice and study and at some point, through hard work and perseverance, become reasonably successful at said thing. But it’s different than the person that possesses the natural ability and aptitude. The person with the natural ability already knows instinctively where to go and what to do. They are in touch with their talent. It’s a feeling...a groove...a vibe...that not all of us are born with. It’s these folks, the MJ’s of the world, that catch our attention and pull us in, leaving us in awe of what we witness. There are lots of MJ’s out there. Some of them play sports. Some are authors. Some are business leaders. Some are musicians. And some...well, some are known for playing harmonica. Among other things. Hot Springs’ Greg Batterton is known around Arkansas and the region as one of the premier harmonica players in the business. He is regarded as a tasteful player who



knows how to lead or can sit back and fill in the gaps. Harmonica is not his first instrument however. “Well, my t-shirt has a trombone on it,” says Batterton, referring to a series of collectible shirts created by The Big Chill in Hot springs. “I started playing bass when I was thirteen or fourteen years old with my dad. I played a few gigs with him. I just picked it up and started playing. It all came easy. What little I know came easy.” “It’s terrible. I hate it.”, he continues, a mischievous grin breaking across his face. “What I can do came easy to me.” Step back in time with me for a paragraph or two. It’s around 2004 or 2005. I’m sitting in The Crosswalk Bar & Grill in Hot Springs, known at that time as Big Daddy’s, for a Wednesday night blues jam. The jam is flowing along as always. Batterton makes it in to play harmonica for the jam. At one point I look up and he is playing bass. The next time I look he’s playing guitar. The next time he’s on drums. Then keyboard. Batterton played every instrument on stage that night. Changing venues to The Big Chill, during a gig one evening Batterton pulls an old accordian, used for decoration, off the wall behind the stage and proceeds to play it. He had taken an old trombone off the wall at one point and also played it. And he made both these beat up, out of tune instruments sound good. Still, even with all his music talent, Batterton is recognized for his work on the harmonica. He picked up harmonica because there were “47 bass players around town at that time or at least it sure seemed like it back then.” “There weren’t really many harp players around town. A few but not really. I was average at best and just kind of picked it up.” Batterton received his first harmonica from Dean Friend, a former state trooper who played banjo with Batterton’s father. “He could whistle in harmony out of both sides of his mouth,” he says about Friend. “It was quite a trick.” Greg Batterton was born and raised in the house where he currently resides in Amity, just outside Hot Springs, along with his wonderful and incredibly tolerant bride, Marsha, and their two boys, Bradley and Brian. Batterton grew up around music. His father did not play professionally but held pickings in the living room of their home. His mother sang. “I’ve been around music all my life. People would come over and play music. My mom sang. Still does. She’s 82 years old and had three gigs last week.” He says this with a smile, something he is known for. Batterton’s nature is easy going and comical, quick to crack a joke or heckle his audience. He’s also one of the first

people to step up to the plate for a benefit or to help someone in need. In fact it was at a benefit to raise money for a kidney transplant for my bride, Sherree Hughes, where we first really came across one another. “It was a benefit so I was in. I didn’t really know her (Sherree) or you (DH) at that time. It’s funny how things come back around.” That coming back around reference happened when Batterton ended up on the receiving end of a benefit in 2010. He had been having health issues and was slowly going into kidney failure. As always, the musical community of Hot Springs pulled together to raise money and come to his side. The benefit was pulled together through the Unknown Legends Musicians Relief Fund, headed by Sherree Hughes. Funny how things come back around indeed. The benefit was held at Terry Martin’s Lounge and carried an all-star cast of local musicians. The turnout and the money that was raised were a testament to Batterton’s influence in the music community and in the community in general. “That was the most humbling day of my life I can remember. I was overwhelmed.” Marsha Batterton chimed in, “We were so used to helping everybody else. we weren’t used to being helped.” “It was a huge help and it was very much needed and appreciated,” Greg continued. “Overall, it just let’s you know you have a lot of good friends. I’ve got a lot of people in my life that you don’t realize you mean that much to them.” “Until you are in that situation, when it’s you or yours, you take it for granted. For most folks it’s another party. It’s not. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into that.” “I’ve tried to be all in on the benefits before that. Everybody is gonna need a hand at some point. If everybody does a little bit then that’s enough.” “You don’t have to save the world or give thousands of dollars. Give what you can,” Marsha stated. “$500 is huge when you haven’t got anything in your pocket.” Greg continued, “It was a very humbling day. I can’t give back that much. It’s going on three years since the benefit. The day we did the benefit I’d have never thought I’d be here today.” Things are much better today than that fall evening back in 2010. Batterton’s kidney numbers are good and he has managed to level his body out. He is on dialysis but that hasn’t slowed him too much. “I spend my energy on things that make me a living and the rest we may do or not.” “You do what you have to do and let go of what you can and then circle back if you have time,” said Marsha. “When he has good days, I have great days. When he has bad days I have horrible days. It’s just hard to watch him

go through this. He won’t feel good and I’ll let him sleep. Then I’ll get in his face and tell him ‘You gotta get up and do something’.” “I feel better when I get up and go or have things to do,” Greg said. “She’s (Marsha) been a blessing all my life for sure. There ain’t no way I could get through all this without her.” Marsha Miller left home when she was sixteen and moved into the Batterton’s home. Greg was eighteen at the time. Little did they know at that time the paths they were following would soon come together. “We got together when I was sixteen and he was eighteen,” Marsha stated. “My boyfriend was Greg’s best friend at the time and Greg had a crush on his sister.” “Her boyfriend moved off to California and I thought I’d better step in and take care of things,” Greg said with a smile. “Around December, 1980 or 81, he looked at me and said I think I could stand dating just one person if you could. That was how he asked me out,” she commented. “Well, I wasn’t sure but I thought I’d be alright. I let my car do the talking,” he replied. “You’ve got to really love your musician,” she said, laughing. “It’s always helped that he’s been my best friend. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s always been peachy and rosy. I don’t know anybody whose relationship has been peachy and rosy. But it’s thirty-one years this December (2012).” “Every foot would seem like 10 miles if she wasn’t here,” Greg said. “She’s been through all of it. I don’t know how she put it up with it. Now she has two kids who are playing.” “I’m not gonna lie,” said Marsha. “I cried for a week when Bradley started playing.” Both Batterton offspring are playing music in bands these days. And both appear to have the same penchant for picking up the music as their dad has. Bradley, the oldest son, has played bass over the years, spending time with local praise and worship band, Leyden. Leyden experienced quite a bit of success, touring the revivals and church camps. Marsha spent her time as the band’s driver. Lately, Bradley has been touring with Sean Michel, playing drums for Michel’s band. The youngest son, Brian, currently plays bass with the Hot Springs’ based band, Moonshine Mafia. He spends a lot of his spare time in front of the computer, head phones on, playing along with whatever music video happens to pop up on YouTube. Both young men are gentlemen and respectful of others and of their talents. “We raised them right,” Marsha said. “We didn’t have a lot of problems. I did a lot of sacrificing for them and gave up a lot of stuff while they were growing up. Some things, of course, I should’ve done better. I just didn’t want my kids to be shit. I didn’t. I wanted them to be pretty decent in the community. I didn’t want them to be a drain on the community. We tried to explain to them why they were told to do things.” And she did all this while working a full time job and spending some time working on her Associate’s Degree. Marsha has been in her present job for over 20 years working as an office manager, handling everything from the payroll to filing to troubleshooting the company’s technology issues. She now has her eyes turned toward completing her Bachelor’s Degree. Greg followed in his father’s footsteps not just musically, becoming an auctioneer by trade. He hung siding for over twenty years and did a few auctions on the side until the auctions began generating more work than the siding. Batterton remains a licensed and bonded auctioneer, presiding over a couple of auctions a week in addition to playing music. Batterton’s first band was Friends & Company with Gene Robertson and Dave Roberts. “We got together just playing music and then started booking gigs for no money. We just wanted to play. We were a seven to eight piece outfit and stayed together a couple years. We’d play weddings and such. Nobody took any money. We’d put whatever we got paid in a kitty and then went to Pensacola at the end of first year. We ended up taking fifteen to twenty people. We took everyone and paid for condos and played for tips on the pier while we were down there. Really, the first band was in high school with a guy named Daren Bain and a kid called Dempsey Rhoades who used to imitate Elvis.” There was a period of about fifteen years when Batterton didn’t play in public. Once he began playing out again he had several successful stints with some very talented bands including The Midnight Shuffle Kings, The Swingin’ Johnsons, Blue Boogie, Blue Blazes, The Circulators and Heavy Suga & The Sweetones. “I had to step up and play with Danny Smith and The Midnight Shuffle Kings. We played at Crosswalk (formerly Players) for about four years. Danny made me step up and play ‘cause he’s a player. and I got the gig ‘cause I had the

PA. You got the gig if you have a PA you don’t even have to play that good. You have a PA and a trailer and you can play two hundred times a week.” “I sat in one night with The Swingin’ Johnsons and they liked me and I kept playing. Then they realized I had a PA and a trailer,” Batterton said, laughing. “We had a good run. We had condoms that they used as business cards. I got to where I could sail one of those to the back of the room.” “I’ve been real fortunate. Nobody’s run me off the stage. People call me when they come through town to play with them. I’ve played mostly local, some regionally.” Batterton is modest in his assessment of himself. I’ve traveled to Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee and when I tell folks I’m from Hot Springs, they will inevitably ask about ‘that harp player ya’ll got up there’. Yeah, he’s nationwide. Batterton has had the opportunity to sit in with EG Kight, Lee Oskar, Buddy Flett, Dave Almond, Brian Martin, Super Chikan, Terry ‘Big T’ Williams, Virgil ‘Big Juv’ Brawley, 2blu & The Lucky Stiffs and the late greats Michael Burks and Pinetop Perkins. He’s also played for actor Morgan Freeman who complimented “young man, you play a fine harmonica”. “It does make me feel good when people come to town and ask me to play. I’ve made a lot of friends and good acquaintances over the years.” “I’d better enjoy it. I’ve never made any money at it. Marsha has all these harps laying here. That’s her retirement,” Greg said, nodding his head toward a couple of containers full of old, blown out harmonicas waiting to be refurbished. “I told you to sign them and we’d put them on ebay,” Marsha shot back. Not a bad idea. “I was playing at Lee’s Catfish with Buddy Flett one night. I blew a harp and threw it down and stomped on it. A biker friend of ours named Big Rob asked me what I was gonna do with it. When I told him I was gonna throw it away he asked if he could have it and asked me to sign it. The next time we played down there he came up and said

he had put the harp on ebay and got $25 or something like that for it. I’ve got a whole truck load. We’ll get them on ebay as soon as we can afford a sharpie to sign them with.” These days, although he’s slowed his pace some, Batterton plays when he wants to, picking up a gig here and there or just showing up and sitting in for a set. “I never tried to make a living playing music. I’d starve to death if that what it was about. I just love to play. I’m just almost like a junkie. I just got to (play) a little bit. It makes it a lot easier if you can go make you a little money but there ain’t no money in it. Anyone who says so is on a different rung of the ladder.” Marsha commented, “He gets cranky if he doesn’t get to play. There are times when I ask him if there’s a band somewhere he can go sit in with.” “The local level of music is...well, it’s a tough economy unless you are solo or duo. It’s hard to book a band and keep them busy. The few bands who work regularly have got a house gig. If they tried to book and work every weekend it’s tough. When you get $500 to $600 for four to five guys plus’s just hard. It all boils down to you just better love it. If you want to play you just gotta play and if you make some money great. If not, play ‘cause you want to. At least that’s the way I do it. I guess that’s why I’m sooooo successful.” Hey. C’mon. You’re being interviewed for Nightflying. RIP Greg-O. You will be missed by a lot of folks, musical and otherwise. I for one will miss our visits about music, musicians and the general safety of the world. You were one of a kind and I will forever remember you smiling from behind your harmonica, waiting for the next punch line to appear. Love ya, buddy. You can purchase a CD featuring Greg Batterton’s harmonica playing and singing. The CD is Greg Batterton Live: It Happens Everywhere I Go and you can purchase it online at The disc was recorded and mastered by Gerry Babbitt. All proceeds from the CD sales go to Marsha Batterton and family. ---DH

Brian, Greg and Bradley Batterton: The Family That Plays Together Chills Together



enabling him to think he could escape.

Can’t win for losing

Lake Beach, IL • In August, Che Hearn, 25, who police said had just shoplifted electronics items from the WalMart in Round, was picked up while on foot near the store, having actually driven his car to the Wal-Mart but while he was inside shoplifting a repo agent (who had followed him to the store) had confiscated it.

Gusto shoes

St. Louis, MO • Lamarc R. Garrett, was recently charged with first degree murder for shooting a man to death after beer was spilled on his shoes at a convenience store.


Unexpected booty

Los Angeles, CA • An unsuspecting thief recently stole a cooler from a van that belonged to an organ and tissue organization that contained a human leg.

Don’t bring Him into it

Neighborhood cleanliness

Shenandoah, PA • Kelly Bancroft was recently jailed on burglary and criminal trespass when a homeowner told authorities she found Bancroft, who lives nearby, doing a load of laundry in her bathtub.

Philadelphia, PA • Two men with handguns walked through an open door of a home in July and demanded drugs and cash from the three women inside, threatening pistol-whippings, causing a 55-year-old woman in the home to immediately burst into loud prayer, causing them to flee empty-handed.

Toys in the attic

Compelling explanations

Go ahead, make my millenium

Cambridge, England • In what was originally a domestic disturbance case, Britain’s Cambridge Magistrates’ Court handed Nelson Nazare, 45, a six-week suspended sentence in September - for the photo on his seized cellphone of a man having sex with a large fish.

Arlington, VA • William Barker was recently charged with unlawful entry after authorities discovered that he was living secretly in the attic of St. Ann Roman Catholic Church for 3 years, proclaiming that he was trying to get “closer to his Creator.”

Atlanta, GA • Hillary Meadors is hoping police can capture the woman in a neighbor’s photographed license plate number in a Beetlejuice costume that crashed into her parked Mercedes at her house and then left the scene.

Rules are rules

Choosing poorly

Gresham, OR • An 8th-grader was recently suspended for wearing a t-shirt memorializing fallen soldiers that had a gun on it, violating school rules.

Just can’t help myself

Miami, FL • Police arrested Eddy Juan, 52, two weeks after someone matching his description was reported at a library at Florida International University crawling under tables and sniffing women’s feet, charging him with violating a previous sex-offender registration order.

Keeping Arkansas Weird Since 1980 November 5: Whisley Shivers Big Steel River 6: Sean Fresh & The Nasty Fresh Band Joshua Asante 8: Windhand Danava Monolord Iron Faucett 10: Jimmy Smith Mike Nicolai 11: Bombay Harambee Whale Fire Monster Furniture 14: Peter Case Love Ghost 17: Joey Kneiser & Kelly Smith 20: Sideshow Tragedy 21: Jeremy Pinnell 25: Runaway Planet 27: Dikki Du & The Zydeco Krewe 28: T. Chicken

Indianapolis, IN • An attempted burglary was stopped when Karen Dolley, who is trained in medieval combat as a member of Creative Anachronism, awoke when she overheard her windows breaking, first punched the perp, then held him at the point of a Japanese sword until police arrived.


Chicago, IL • Jose Banks, now 40, filed a $10 million lawsuit in 2014 against the federal government because jailers at Chicago’s high-rise Metropolitan Correctional Center failed to guard him closely enough in 2012, thus

Little Rock’s Down-Home Neighborhood Bar ���� �� ��� � ��� �� ���

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Jackson, MS • The streets of apparently have potholes that rival the worst in the country, but without adequate budget to fix them, and according to Mayor Tony Yarber, earnestly announcing to constituents in August: “I believe we can pray potholes away.”

Compelling explanations

Grants, NM • After a night of drinking and binge-watching The Walking Dead, Damon Perry is being held for using his hands, feet, an electric guitar and a microwave to fatally beat a friend to keep him from “turning into a zombie.”

In the ear of the beholder

Avalon, NJ • Elaine Scattergood recently received a noise ordinance citation over her two Parrots she kept on the front porch who had a habit of greeting passersby that irked certain neighbors.

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Greg Batterton Rest In Peace...

Thanks Greg! ...for all your magic... You left the world a better place than it was when you got here...for all of us!

Danni D Photography


Getting down on The Farm

Hey Hillberry!

New Music venue in the Altered State adds new chapter to growing Arkansas festivals...Welcome to the 'Further World' of the Ozark Mountains

---Jon Walker I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this event just so incredibly special. I sit here and I am overwhelmed at how great it went off. It is extremely satisfying to me when the people that I love are happy. There was a lot of work that went into this in a very short time to make this happen. This was a cumulative effort by A LOT of really good people. Thanks to partners Chris Anderson, Isaac Palmer, and Jamie Seed. You guys are great partners. Lots of great ideas were generated with these creative minds to bring you the finished product. Thanks for sharing this vision! Thanks to my girlfriend Sara. She created the best shakedown yet, handled hospitality like a boss and smiled all the way through it. And she’s cute. She is supportive of my crazy ideas and has quite a few good ones herself. Thanks to Kim Smootz, our activity director. She did an amazing job. Definitely her best work yet. There were so many great activities going on everywhere I looked. She went above and beyond her duties to make this special. To my stage and sound crew - best performance yet. These guys have done every one of my events and have never failed to knock it out of the park. Words cannot express how proud I am of them. We had some issues early and worked our way right through them, no problem. I take great pride in the production aspect and these guys are the ones who deliver. Love you Monte and Haney and the rest of you knuckleheads. Thanks to LJ for providing those sick LEDS. Killed it. Thanks to Paul Boling for coming out and painting parking lines, and weed-eat, and work tirelessly for 3 days straight when I he wasn’t scheduled too. Thank you to Jerry Parrish, Jack Deaton and the Holiday Island Fire Department. These two guys worked tirelessly and when water was getting low, Holiday Island hauled out tanker after tanker of water. Thanks to my friend Matt Marotte for handling my sourcing and constantly filling my ear with ideas. “I never scored on a shot I didn’t take”. Thanks to all the gate workers, parking crew, shower house crew, bathroom crew, trash crew and Safeberry crew. We have had a lot of compliments on our staff. Thanks so much for working hard and representing our DHP family in a positive way. The bands were all of the hook. I loved every act that I caught and was just blown away by some of the performances. Amazing work by all of the photographers. I am just blown away by all of the amazing shots! Special mention to Jamie Seed, Phil Clarkin, Rick Dipley, Andrew Dolan, Brandon Cale, and Jeremy Scott! Thank you to all of the bands who came here and rocked the farm. Every performance was top notch! I met so many awesome musicians that I now

consider friends. Thanks to all the live painters, artists, and live performers. You took the ambiance of the festival to the right level. Thanks to Elby Brooks for being so solid. He was a constant help and extremely reliable both before and during the festival. Not to mention, a really nice guy. Thanks to all my close friends who jumped in to fill the gaps wherever needed. You all know who you are and I love you. This couldn’t be done without you. There are many more of you awesome people who helped but cant name everyone. Most of all – thank you to everyone who came out and supported this event. There was truly the Harvest energy manifested in this event. It was your positive vibes that realty pushed this over the top. I appreciate how respectful everyone was of my property. Trash was picked up and people cleaned up after their pets. I look forward to sharing the artistic development of my land with the artists amongst us in the future. I have to say that I have never had a better group at a DHP event. There is so much love in our community. There really is something special here. It seems that many new happy faces have joined our DHP family, and we are glad to have you. And to all those familiar faces we have seen time after time for years, we appreciate your unwavering support. I am very excited to see everyone next year at the Farm for Hillberry 3: The Harvest Moon Festival!!!! Peace and love and THANKYOU!!!!! ---JW

Check out the complete galleries of all these photographers at and NIGHTFLYING.COM • HARVEST • 2015


An observation by George Carlin The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life. We’ve added years to life not life to years. We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We’ve done larger things, but not better things. We’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We’ve conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We’ve learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.


These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier

houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete. Remember to spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever. Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side. Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn’t cost a cent. Remember, to say, ‘I love you’ to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you. Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again. Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind. And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away. ---George Carlin

Woke up this morning...

Big Dam Blues Party

Big Dam Blues Party was just that: a big dam blues party!

---Article by Deb Finney ---Photos by Jim Carpenter It all came together in historic Argenta Saturday, September 25. The trifecta of BLUES, BBQ and a bluesloving crowd. You thought I was going to say beer, didn’t you? That was a given. The Big Dam Blues Party was a joint effort by the AR River Blues Society, Blues for a Cause and KABF’s Blues House Party to bring a blues festival to Central AR with top notch performers. Additionally, Big Dam Blues Party committed to showcasing the up and coming young blues players that are preserving the blues and making it their own. It was the perfect day for a blues festival in Argenta at the Plaza. The crowd filtered in, ready for some blues and a big dam party. The festival kicked off, immediately following the Big Dam 100 Bicycle Tour. The opening slots were reserved for the winners of the AR River Blues Society Blues Competition held in August. The winners in the solo/duo and band categories will represent the AR River Blues Society in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge. Trey Johnson and Jason Willmon are the solo/duo winners. They kicked the festival off in perfect style. Trey, vocals and guitar, and Jason, harmonica, set the tone for the rest of the festival. They worked the crowd and had folks stomping their feet and clapping their hands. They were followed by the winners of the band category, John Calvin Brewer Band from Hot Springs. JCB Band had a false start due to a generator taking a quick break but were soon ripping it up on stage and whipping the crowd into blues nirvana. They rocked it out and left the crowd wanting more. Charlotte Taylor and Gypsy Rain were next. Charlotte’s voice is dynamic and soulful. Her band is tight. They were the perfect combination and the crowd was really into their set. Charlotte and the band, have been playing the blues for several years and have competed in the International Blues Challenges and played many festivals in the South. The future of the blues was present in The Peterson Brothers from Bastrop, Texas. Brothers Glenn, 18, and Alex, 16, are blues playing bad asses. Hands down. They blew the crowd away. Their talent has propelled them to appearances at numerous blues festivals across the country including the Chicago Blues Festival, King Biscuit Blues Festival and, now, the Big Dam Blues Party. They were easily the crowd favorites. Their music is an amazing mix of blues, soul, funk and jazz and they do credit to blues standards and shine on their originals. Besides being two incredibly nice young men, they are just fun to watch perform. Their smiles say it all, they are having fun in a big way. Nashville based Tullie Brae was a treat for the eyes and ears. Her powerful voice, funky outfit and skillful playing with her band resulted in a powerful set of soulful blues. The men were clamoring to get their pictures with Tullie. The headliner, Coco Montoya, was clearly ready to give the crowd what they were there for. Coco was the former drummer for blues legend Albert Collins. Collins mentored Coco and Coco learned all of the Collins blistering licks. A few years later he signed on with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Coco, who plays left-handed and upside down was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening of fine blues music. Coco thrilled the crowd when he asked The Peterson Brothers to come up and play with him. The crowd enthusiastically welcomed that performance. Chris Lathan Guitars and Blues Boy Jag Cigar Box Guitars each gave a hand made guitar to the Big Dam Blues Party for a raffle. Two lucky winners were thrilled to leave with a new, hand made guitar. What a big dam blues party we had in Argenta and if you missed this, you missed a good one. Mark your calendars for September 24, 2016 when the Big Dam Blues Party will be partying again in Argenta.

Coco Montoya

John Calvin Brewer Band

---Deb Finney KABF Blues House Party Charlotte Tayler & Gypsy Rain



Jason Willman and Trey Johnson

---Doug Treadway

Smokin’ Joe Kubek has left the stage. I don’t know how old he was, but I do know that his albums have been reviewed in these pages several times. I liked his music. Another guy whose music I liked and whose age I do happen to know, Allen Toussaint has passed at 77, after a gig in Spain. Hey, the Hogs won a couple games in a row and proved that they can last not only four quarters, but even four overtimes to win. Go Hogs! You are aware that we are the only NCAA division I team that barbecues and eats its mascot.

KENTUCKY MORNING Mike McGuire indie This is exceptional – only six songs but they’re all good uns, especially the title track. Mike is backed by Rachel Blanton on fiddle, Rick Ennis on bongos and other drums, Bob Ramsey on B-3, Phil Stirgwolt on crunchy guitars and mandolin and vocals, Rico Thomas on bass, and Paul Woods on drums. It’s basically gently rocking country / folk. Contact or for more info. RACE YOU THERE Catalyst indie Weird. This is good stuff but it was copyrighted in 2011, so why am I just now getting it? (Careful with the snarky remarks.) Looks like three guys and a gal but I have no info other than the album sleeve, revealing the titles of the four tracks and not much else, except a web address: (leading me to believe I might be wrong – maybe the band is Race You There and the album’s title ”Catalyst.” Whichever it’s good music...

I AM FREE pierce Cowlick Dedicated to service members and their families, this was an outdoor concert, but I don’t remember where and I lost the paperwork (if there was any). Anyway, it’s good music; starts out slow and low then builds up. The crowd seems to like it. Ah, here it is: Clear Creek Community Church in League City, Texas. Doug Pierce is the singer / guitarist; Jeremy Tubbs is the keeper of the beat; Joe Urcavich plays bass and sings; Ryan Brown plays guitar. Good tunes, catchy with a bit of Godly bent.



TO BE IN YOUR COMPANY Les Copeland Earwig Blues on solo guitar. He gets some

background singing from Cat Wells and Sari, but only on a few tracks. He dedicated the album to the memory of Honeyboy Edwards, with whom he gigged in Canada and even Europe. I don’t know if it’s kosher to call blues pretty, but by golly, Les Copeland plays some pretty blues, especially when Sari or Cat sings with him. His voice is only slightly raspy, somewhere between Taj Mahal and John Prine. The album was recorded mostly by Greg Wenger of Eon Recording Group at The Groove Studio in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Go to to learn more. Or check out Imagine my surprise when he broke into “Sunny Afternoon.” Dude can pick.

25 YEAR RETROSPECT Tommy McCoy Earwig This starts with “The King Is Gone” and I’ll bet you can guess which King he’s singing about. But this is not pure blues, no. McCoy has a case of blueeyed soul too. This being a retrospective, there’s a plethora of people playing behind him, too many to list, though Ed Lanier deserves a nod for a melodic upright bass. Got a variety of styles and a lot of bent notes in this neck of the woods. It’s a double-disc set and has a lot of really great tunes, even acoustic. He gets funky, lawzy, he even bluesily covers Pink Floyd, more then credibly. He makes like rockabilly on a car song. McCoy pretty much covered the spectrum over 25 years and there’s a whole lot of it here. Reckon that’s part of the reason I enjoyed listening to it all. Cool “Blue Water” all the way. Check out the Earwig web site or go to for further information. Send your music for Review to Nightflying Reviews, P.O. Box 82, Perry, AR 72125 as well as all pertinent contact information...

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Burger Interviews Santa Claus

An Interview with Santa Reprinted from December 1997

---Burger Barbara Walters, Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Howard Cosell, I scooped ‘em all. I don’t know how Peter Read, our intrepid publisher, pulled off the arrangements for a satelite hook-up to the North Pole and had me rush to an undisclosed location for the interview. As I drove over, I hastily formulated my questions. I wanted to be tough but fair; after all, the object of my questioning had something to hide. Look at all the aliases: Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, Father Christmas. I sensed underworld overtones here. As I swung into the secret compound, I knew this was going to be big. Security was tight. There were two guard dogs in the yard. I tossed a Burger King Whopper to Spot and dashed past Mitzy the Hound of the Baskervilles into the house. The video monitors crackled. As I pondered my first question, I said to myself ‘remember: tough but fair.’ And then he was on the screen. NF: Wow, Santa, can I have a new guitar for Christmas and a car and some sweaters and.... SC: Whoa there, young fella, HO! HO! HO! Have you been a good little boy? NF: Well, gosh, yes...I mean, most of the time. Just ask Mom! I been real good, honest! SC: Okay son, we’ll see, but you know what little boys and girls who’ve been bad get don’t you? They get a bundle of switches and a bag of coal and nobody wants that for Christmas, now do they? So remember to be good little boys and girls, HO! HO! HO! NF: You know what, Santa? When I was little, I never did figure out all that business about parkin’ those reindeer on the roof and coming down the chimney and all that. We didn’t even have a chimney, but every Christmas morning there was all the stuff I wanted and you always ate the cookies and things I left for you. How did you manage that? SC: Oh that’s the easy part. I just come in though your heart. If you believe, nearly any wish can come true. The part about the chimney was just for that poem, you know, “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house....” Poetic license. 18


NF: You know something else, Santa? Every Christmas Eve, when I went to sleep, visions of sugar plums danced in my head. How’d you manage that? I’m nearly 40 years old and I don’t guess I’ve ever seen a real sugar plum when I was awake...lots of plums, but no sugar plums, except on that one night every year. How do you do that? SC: HO! HO! HO! HO! You’re just full of questions now aren’t you? Let’s just say that’s a trade secret. I can’t let you in on everything, now can I? Suffice it to say that on that night I’ve been blessed with the power to do many things. And you know something else? I get something back for my work. Oh, you’ve no idea what it’s like to thrill the hearts of children all over the world and to lift the spirits of grown up children too. There’s something about that one special night that brings hope for a better tomorrow, even if life seems bleak the other 364 days of the year... at least on that night Peace, Joy, and Hope are everywhere. You know that even when there’s some silly war going on, usually both sides will give it a rest for at least 24 hours. Sometimes I think it’s just because the generals don’t want to take a chance on shootin’ down Santa and his reindeer, in case we happened to be flying over a war zone. NF: Santa, what the hell about, I mean, what the heck about this commercialization of Christmas? You know, I started seeing Christmas advertisements in July this year. What do you think about this? SC: Just between you and me, it makes me wanna throw up. You know, I got this idea a long, long time ago from those three wise men from the East. They brought gifts for The Child and I thought it was such a beautiful gesture. I was working in a toy factory at the time. Mrs. Claus and I had been married for quite awhile and we had no children, so we thought it might be nice

to give some gifts to the kids in the neighborhood and it just kind of grew and grew until now we have this huge complex here at the North Pole. I gotta give credit where credit is due though; Mrs. Claus does most of the supervising of the elves, all of the cooking, and she keeps the books! She’s such a good wife, I think I’ll keep her. HO! HO! HO! Just a little Santa humor there ...but seriously, we need to keep sight of what this day is all about, now don’t we. We celebrate the birth of The Child by giving gifts that come from the heart, not from NeimanMarcus. Frankly, all this spending kinda grosses me out, to use a phrase popular with the boys and girls. We could take all that money and feed the world. That’s another big problem...on Christmas Eve when I fly over some of the Third World countries, it makes me wanna cry, because there’s not enough food to go around. We gotta remember that each child’s life is precious. Think about it. You could probably feed some kid all year long for what it costs to buy one Nintendo game. It makes me sad. But don’t get Mrs. Claus started on that. She gets angry enough to stomp a rat. Boy, has that young woman got a temper when she’s riled! NF: One other thing, Santa. What about that suit? I notice you’ve got on a nice Cardigan sweater and a pair of Levi’s for this interview. SC: Oh, I just wear that suit on my special day. It kinda gets me into the Christmas Spirit. Mrs. Claus just stitched that up out of some old red flannel pajamas I’d had for years. And by the way, that’s not fur trim on there, my goodness no. It’s that new synthetic stuff they came out with awhile back. Mrs. Claus did away with the real fur when she saw a thing on television about those guys slaughtering those baby seals with baseball bats; boy was she mad! NF: Well Santa, we’re about to lose our satellite and I wanted to remind you of that new guitar and the new car and the sweaters and some... SC: Whoa there, son. Ya gotta remember what Christmas is all about now. It’s the thought that counts...and kids...big and little. One more thing: Oh, you better not shout; you better not cry; you better not pout; I’m tellin’ you why - Santa Claus is comin’ to town - HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! ---Burger ©1997 Nightflying Publications

---Bryon Knight In Arkansas, we are cursed AND blessed with humidity. In the summertime, when the livin’ is easy, we may have a humidity of 80%… and in winter, the temperature drops, and if you have live in an older house or do not have a humidifier installed in your HVAC system, our furnaces kick on and relative humidity can drop as low as 20%. This swing in relative humidity can wreak havoc with our fretted friends. First, lets make clear what REALATIVE HUMIDITY actually means. Technically Speaking I’ll try to explain Relative Humidity (RH) as simply as I can. The word “relative” is used because it changes as temperature changes. If, for example, on a cold winter day it’s 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside with an RH of 50%, and that air enters your home and is heated to 70 degrees, the humidity drops relative to the temperature. In short, the amount of moisture in the room is the same, but since the warmer air is capable of transporting more water vapor, the “relative” humidity drops. Now, to confuse that matter even more, there is a common misconception concerning water vapor and air. Please notice that I stated that air TRANSPORTS more water vapor… I purposely did not say “HOLD” more water vapor. Here’s why: Often the notion of air holding water vapor is presented to describe the concept of relative humidity. However, air simply acts as a transporter of water vapor and is not a holder of it. Water vapor does NOT BOND to air or the gasses that make up breathable air… For this reason, relative humidity is generally understood in terms of the physical properties of water alone and therefore is unrelated to the concept of absorption of water vapor in air. In fact, water vapor can be present in an airless volume and therefore the relative humidity of this volume can be readily calculated. The misconception that air holds water is likely the result of the use of the wordsaturation, which is often misused in descriptions of relative humidity. In the present context the word “Saturation” refers to the state of water vapor, not the solubility of one material in another. The thermo-physical properties of water-air mixtures encountered at atmospheric conditions are reasonably approximated by assuming they behave as a mixture of ideal gases. For many practical purposes the assumption that both components (air and water) behave independently of each other is reasonable. Therefore the physical properties of an air-water mixture can be estimated by considering the physical properties of each component separately. Got it? Well, if you’re scientifically oriented, then this probably makes sense. If you’re not, just understand this: When you heat air, the humidity drops. And by drops, I mean it plummets. It’s easy to lower the RH in your house to 10% just by heating it. Now that you are all Ed-U-cated… Let’s get to those question: How does relative humidity affect guitars? Wood will try to equalize to it’s surrounding air, in temperature and humidity. If wood becomes too moist it will

swell; on the other hand, if wood gives up it’s moisture, it will shrink. All are physical characteristics of wood. What is the desired level of humidity? 45%-55% relative humidity is optimum. If this is obtained, you minimize the risk of damage. This is the relative humidity the Martin Guitar factory maintains. What if my guitar has been subject to excessive humidity? If your guitar has been exposed to excessive humidity seams may separate, bridges may become loose and your action may become unplayable. A dehumidifier is recommended if your guitar has seen these changes. What if my guitar has been stored in a dry environment? Low humidity seems to be more of an issue. As your guitar dries, the wood actually shrinks. This results in the top lowering and the strings come with it. All of this stress results in the wood cracking. To solve this problem you should invest in a humidifier. Be sure to also get a hygrometer to measure how much humidity you bring into the air. What happens to my guitar at 60% humidity? At 60% relative humidity or above symptoms may include tarnished frets and strings, corrosion to nickel, chrome or gold plating on tuning machines, swelling of the top, high action and loose braces and bridges. What happens to my guitar at 50% humidity? At 50% relative humidity your guitar is in good condition. What happens to my guitar at 40% humidity? At 40% relative humidity you may see sharp fret ends. This is the area of the fingerboard that extends over the body that may begin to crack slightly from the 12th or 14th fret toward the soundhole. What happens to my guitar at 35% humidity? At 35% relative humidity your top will begin to shrink. The soundboard may look and feel rippled or dried in. The sharp fret ends seen in 40% relative humidity will become more evident. What happens to my guitar at 30% humidity? At 30% relative humidity you may see cracks in your guitar. Even if you do not see a crack in the guitar, it has still lost moisture and the top has begun to sink. To make your guitar playable you may need a higher saddle. What happens to my guitar at 25% humidity? At 25% relative humidity more cracks are seen. Fret filing may be needed. How can I maintain that magic number of 45-50% humidity? First… Have your guitar checked out by your trusted guitar technician or Luthier for any damage or dangers. If they are “worth their salt”, they can usually look at your instrument, maybe take a few measurements, feel around and mumble “Hmmmm” a lot… and determine the condition of your instrument. THIS SHOULD NOT COST YOU A PENNY! If the tech finds an anomaly, they will offer a suitable solution… THAT might cost just a little but when it comes to your “baby”… are you really gonna’

---Bob Boyd It is truly amazing. It doesn’t matter how badly or how weak I’m feeling. When I begin to play music, especially to a live audience, I begin to feel stronger, and forget how low I was! That has worked for me all my life, even while I was taking radiation treatments after surgery last April. By God’s grace and strength, I played 12 musical engagements during that month, while I was taking radiation 5 days a week. I know there are a lot of musicians out there who read my monthly column, and I’ll bet you know what I’m talking about. I’ll bet you’ve had similar experiences. When I start playing, solo or with my band, the Bob Boyd Sounds, my energy and enthusiasm immediately returns big time, no matter how badly I feel at first. And folks, that is God’s gift to us. God gave me one “marketable” skill; to play music. It has come naturally to me ever since I was 3 years old. And I am of all men most grateful to God for that gift. My Creator has also given me the ability to remember thousands of tunes. I find that I can play songs I’ve never heard before and never played before. I am also blessed to have been playing with some of the best musicians ever. I am so thankful there have been players who are much better than I am, who have been kind enough to allow me to play with them, so I can improve. If someone you believe is musically far above you, asks you to play in their band, say yes! Nobody ever got better, working with musicians who are not as good as him or her. And if, by God’s patience and kindness, I live until next May, I shall be 80 years old. I have been a professional musician for 60 of those years. I am counting from the day I joined the Musicians Union in 1955 to play in the band backing Jim Ed, Bonnie and Maxine Brown, the legendary Brown Trio. Since then I have enjoyed extended engagements with at least 10 different bands. You will note how I give God all the credit for my years. He has never left me, even when I was trying to get away from Him. In addition, God gave me the gift of my own music store for 38 of those years. God sent to me so many loyal Boyd Music associates to help me run my store. Some of them worked for Boyd’s for over 20 years. And, more importantly, God sent me all you loyal customers who came to be a part of Boyd Music Center and our musical “family.” It seems you all wanted there to be a music store like Boyd Music, and you showed it by being a part of it for all those years. I am of all men most blessed! ---BB “cheap out”? SolutionsHere are some simple steps you can take to protect your guitar from the ravages of low humidity, and to keep your guitar in optimal condition for a lifetime of great playing. 1. Store your guitar in its case… Make that a HARD case. Not a gig bag or one of those nifty hard foam, canvas covered, lightweight thingys… A wood, plastic or composite formed case will shelter your guitar through many extreme conditions. I realize that guitars are beautiful. You want them readily at hand but a stand or wall hanger is not the best place for them to live unless you are humidifying the whole house… or you have your own private “Man Cave”… or, to be PC about it…“Woman Cave”. In Arkansas we are luckier than most. We can get away with hanging our instruments in the open during the humid summer months… but make no mistake… when fall comes and the furnace kicks on, put your beloved axe in the case along with one of the popular humidification devices. 2. Use a simple humidifier in your guitar case during cold winter months or at all times if you live in a dry climate. You don’t have to overdo it. It is possible to cram too much water down the throat of your guitar, so easy does it. If your humidifier goes bone dry, give it a drink and put it back in. In the end, you might not need to re-wet it more than once or twice a month. 3. Keep a digital hygrometer enclosed in your case and look for 45–50% readings. I have them in my shop for $20. Only use digital; the analog ones that come with a barometer are not accurate. 4. Learn to “read” your guitar by noticing sharp frets on any guitar—electric or acoustic. On an acoustic guitar,

low action can indicate either a dry or a wet guitar – Depending upon, which is distance of the strings from the frets. When the humidity gets very low, small ridges and valleys appear on the solid wood surfaces. This is sometimes called scalloping. These are signs of drying wood. When you see this, put the guitar in its case and give it a dose of humidity. Usually, the sharp frets and scalloping will go away. 5. If you choose not to store your guitar in its case, at least put it there for one week per month with a humidifier. Think of it as a week at the spa. Your guitar will thank you. My Take on itYa’ know, I love to see wear and tear on guitars from PLAYING. Believe me I do. My favorite thing to see is a guitar that’s been played to death—sporting holes, scratched-off finish and other evidence of miles and miles of good use. But the damage done by dryness breaks this poor guitar tech’s heart. So, know that with just a little care on the player’s part can mean the difference between an instrument’s long musical life or a short one. If you have Frets about Frets or a general fretted instrument question to which you need the answer, please email your inquiry to I’ll answer it and maybe include your inquiry in next month’s “Frets About Frets” column, I look forward to hearing from you. Bryon Knight owns Little Rock Frets, Fretted Instrument repair, sales and service – (501)223-3738. ---BK



Live It Up - A Greggo Benefit

The Big Chill was the scene of a massive Memorial Concert

---Danielle Davis On Sunday, November 15th, musicians, friends, and family came together reunited as they helped to honor and remember local Hot Springs musician and harpist Greg Batterton at The Big Chill. Known as being one of his favorite spots to perform, The Big Chill paid homage to a man that demonstrated laughter, strong musicianship, and artistic talents to the audience and patrons of the live music venue. Many of the area’s venues also made appearances to support the family and loved ones of Greg Batterton. Staff and bar owners from The Ohio Club and Terry Martin’s Lounge represented at the event, while Boogie’s Bar and Grille donated towards the silent auction to help raise funds for the Batterton family. Oaklawn’s Brandon Scott also helped deliver and set up barricades for the outdoor stage. Filled with live music on two stages, food by Crosswalk Bar and Grille’s John Dean and Terrell Williams, and a silent auction full of various items donated by friends and local businesses, there was plenty to experience during the celebration of life. With several hundred attendees, it was evident during the event the lives that were positively impacted by Greg Batterton on both a personal and professional level. Emceed by David Hughes, the early afternoon off with live music on the


inside stage was an impressive 45-minute tribute featuring Mike Stanley, Randy Caylor and Chana Caylor, Rafael Gayol, and Randy King. This act was followed by another special tribute by Terry Martin, owner of Terry Martin’s Lounge, and his band which featured Jaymi Frye on vocals and Terry Martin on guitar and vocals. The act also called on special guests to sit-in including Brian Batterton on bass and Rafael Gayol on drums. The Hump Night Blues Band, the third act to play, featured special guests as they performed to a full audience. Larry Womack, Steve Danger, and Rooster Meeks played while featuring guitarist Tommy Phillips, keyboardist and vocalist Tony Nardi, vocalist Eddie Mobley along with guitarists Jelly Brown and Rodney Herrell throughout the set. Following The Ohio Club’s Wednesday night showcase band were popular country music favorites Mike Mayberry & The SlowHands. Featuring guitarist/ vocalist Mike Mayberry, drummer Ralph Columbe, bassist JD Hazelwood, and keyboardist Gary Bell, the band aimed to please with their harmonizing vocals and impressive instrumentations. After the conclusion of the band’s set, legendary guitarist and vocalist Danny Smith performed a 45-minute dedication to Greg with his band The Midnight Shufflekings which featured keyboardist Scott Arivett, drummer Steve Danger, and bassist Rooster Meeks. Louisiana na-


tive and guitarist Buddy Flett surprised the crowd when he appeared on stage to perform with the legendary band. In the middle of the event, soul and blues act Professor Tele demonstrated unique and powerful vocals and sounds through the likes of guitarist Grayson Goff, bassist Kenny Tillery, drummer Brian George, and lead guitarist/vocalist Shane Simanton. The band also featured singer Ashley Blanton. Following Professor Tele was rock and blues act John Calvin Brewer Band. Comprising of guitarist/vocalist John Calvin Brewer, back-up vocalist Miranda Brewer, drummer Rafael Gayol, and bassist Shannon Sabbatini, the band featured a live performance by harpist Jason Wilmon. Afterwards, it was standing-room only as the Batterton Brothers paid musical tribute to their father as drummer Bradley Batterton, bassist Brian Batterton featured Tommy Jackson on guitar and John Talley on vocals and guitar. Driving straight from Clarksdale, Mississippi, Heavy Suga & The SweeTones brought their Delta blues to Hot Springs to remember their former band mate Greg Batterton. Featuring vocalist/ bassist Heather Crosse, drummer/backup vocalist Lee Williams, guitarists Walt Busby and Danny Smith, the act also called upon special guests Chad Carter on guitar and Jason Wilmon on harmonica.

Following their appearance was the debut and first live performance of a newly formed trio featuring musical greats Dayton Waters on guitar, Erica Jones on vocals, and Scott Harpster on bass. The final act to play indoors were rockers Liberty Ozz. Featuring Howard and Kelly Pickett, John Dean, and Bill Bagby, the band helped to close the show for the inside. While the bands played indoors, solo/duo acts filled the outdoor stage. Emceed The Big Chill’s Gina Parks and David Aldridge, the sunny and warm weather set the perfect atmosphere for the porch-picking sessions. During each session, four musicians would play and jam with the others, similar to an “inthe-round” session. Artists that participated included vocalist/guitarist Trey Johnson, father-daughter duo Ashley and Harry Blanton along with guitarist Joe Hall, guitarist/vocalist Lee Langdon, harpist Jason Wilmon, guitarist/vocalist Christine DeMeo with vocalist Cassie Lea Ford, guitarist/vocalist Buddy Flett, guitarist/vocalist Dayton Waters, bassist/ vocalist Heather Crosse, bassist Rooster Meeks, and guitarist/vocalist David Ball among many others. Ending at midnight, the event was full of surprises, great music, and plenty of entertainment. ---DD



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---David Hughes Loss. We’ve all experienced it to some degree. Whether it’s money, a favorite article of clothing, glasses or worse, a loved one. Regardless of what we lose, it sucks to lose it. Some things we get over quickly. Others take a while to get over. The Arkansas music community, and particularly the Hot Springs music community, recently lost two fine musicians, Greg Batterton and Robert ‘Chicago Bob’ Lowther. Batterton was known far and wide as one of the finest harmonica players around this region, often asked to sit in with musicians traveling through the area. He was also a great auctioneer and all around good guy. Chicago Bob Lowther played piano and was a member of several local bands through the years, including the John Calvin Brewer Band. A likable man, quick with a smile and a story, Lowther was a class act. I had the privilege of getting to speak at Greg Batterton’s funeral. Rather than wax poetically about the virtues of having known Greg Batterton or preaching on a piece of scripture, I chose to tell a story that involved Greg and I. I wasn’t sure I could get through it. My wife, Sherree, spoke before me and read a poem she had written for Greg about the disease that overtook him, a disease that she shared with him. While she was reading the poem, I couldn’t stop from crying. My collar was wet from the tears by the time she had finished! When it came my time to speak I uttered a few words about Greg. Everyone who knew Greg Batterton has a story about him, an experience they had or a song they loved. Something. I told a story about a time I was mistaken for the harmonica totin’ man. Here’s the paraphrased version I’d like to share with you dear readers… Sherree and I like to listen to live music, wherever we go, be it Hot Springs, Little Rock or outside the borders of Arkansas. Many times when we’d walk in somewhere, someone would ask me if I was going to sit in with the band or did I bring my harps. It took me a while to figure out that these folks thought I was Greg. Mainly because we wore the same style of hat and had glasses, I’m guessing. It was always interesting and I always had to explain that it wasn’t Greg they thought they were talking too. One evening as we entered a venue, a very nice lady approached me and asked me those same questions. Are you playing tonight? Will you be sitting in with the band? I’d held my tongue long enough. I told the lady that no, I wasn’t playing tonight because I had sustained an injury the last time I played. I told her I had sprained my tongue. Bless her heart, she was so concerned about that. I tried to feel bad about lying to this kind lady but just couldn’t. It was too much fun to see her expression when I told her my tongue would just hang loosely on one side when I tried to play harmonica. Now, Greg and I spent quite a bit of time at his home telling stories and talking music. I’d go visit and stay for a few hours shooting the breeze. One afternoon, some months after I had told the story about my wayward tongue to the nice lady, as we were discussing safety matters, Greg looks at me and said ‘You’ll never believe what some lady asked me the other night at a gig. She asked me how my tongue was doing.” He began to explain their exchange while I started to laugh. And kept laughing the longer he went. Of course, he had no idea what she was talking about and I had all but forgotten the chance meeting. He continued to tell me that he had no idea what she was talking about and had never heard of having a sprained tongue. He also told me the lady had a really

puzzled look on her face when he told her nothing was wrong with his harp playing or his tongue. At that point I came clean and told him what I had done. He got a kick out of that and we laughed about it many times later on. Bottom line, he’d have done the same thing to me given the chance. That’s who Greg Batteron was. Always quick with a smile, a hug or a joke. And a masterful musician. I know two things about the man that I can say with complete certainty. He loved his family and he loved to play music. Sadly, I don’t have a Chicago Bob story like the one I just told. Although, I believe Robert Lowther would’ve appreciated something like that. I have a lot of great memories of Bob from when he lived in Hot Springs. We’d talk over beers and he’d tell me stories of the people he had played with in the past, places he had played, people he had met. My memories of Bob area those of a man who

helped people, was a great musician and always had a smile for you. I know he impacted a great many people in Hot Springs area and beyond. My last memory of Chicago Bob was at the 2015 Hot Springs Blues & BBQ Festival this past September. The John Calvin Brewer Band was set to play the festival stage. As I was backstage doing what I do, I saw a familiar figure grinning at me. It was one of those moments out of time when you see someone you know but they aren’t supposed to be there kind of moments. Bob had come in for the weekend to play with the band and there he stood with that big ol’ grin. It was great to see him that last time and to catch up with him. I can say he was happy and doing well that day. That’s the memory I’ll keep. I say these words every time I close my radio shows… Hold your people close to you, take every chance to tell them you love them and what they mean to you. Because, you never know when the last time will be the last time. Take those words to heart good, fine readers. Our lives are but a moment in time and they can be dashed in the blink of an eye. Take the time to call an old friend or relative, your parents, your kids, it doesn’t matter. Call them and tell them you love them. Bury old grudges and make amends. This life is too short to carry that shit around with you. Make time to do the things you’ve wanted to do. Don’t look back tomorrow or next year and say ‘I wish I had…’ Peace y’all. ---DH

David Hughes’

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Joe Hall David Ball John Calvin Brewer Hooker Red John Huzinec Tommy Rock Kyndryd Spyryts Rena Wren Wrecktified The Big Chill

LeAnn Rimes FS Event Center Seth Glier Media Center Paperkid Reunion R. Landry’s

Live It Up A Grego Benefit Chana & Randy Caylor Cassien Lea Ford Mike Stanley & Band Terry Martin Band Hump Night Blues Band Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands Danny Smith Professor Tele John Calvin Brewer Band Batterton Brothers John Tally Heavy Suga & The SweeTones Rodney Herrell & Friends Porch Pickin’ Session Lee Langdon Joe Hall Christine DeMeo & Cassie Lee Ford Dayton Waters Buddy Flett Ashley Blanton Silent Auction Food by John Dean & The Crosswalk David Hughes The Big Chill Nightflying 35: An Anniversary Party Tyrannosaurus Chicken Ashley Blanton Salt & Pepper

Jonesboro Jan. 21:

Feb. 26:

Brad Paisley Eric Paslay Cam ASU Convocation Center Brantley Gilbert ASU Convocation Center

Little Rock // North Little Rock Nov. 14: Nov. 14: Nov. 14:

Nov. 16: Nov 18:

Nov. 18: Nov. 19: Nov. 19: Nov. 20: Nov. 21:

That 1 Guy Sticky’z Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack Peter Case White Water Tavern Shinedown Breaking Benjamin Sevendust Verizon Arena Plain White T’s Matt McAndrew Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom Amaranthe Brutcher Babies Lullwater Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom North Vino’s Maruta Vattnet Viskar Vino’s Autograph Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom Pinkish Black Vino’s Robert Earl Keen Revolution Music Room

Nov. 21: Nov. 25: Dec. 1: Dec. 3: Dec. 3: Dec. 3: Dec. 4:

Dec. 5: Dec. 5: Dec. 6: Dec. 11: Dec. 11: Dec. 12: Dec. 19: feat.:

Dec. 19:

Jeremy Pinnell & The 55s White Water Tavern Castle Vino’s Ryan Bingham Revolution Music Room Cas Haley Sticky’z Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack Exodus Revolution Music Room Patterson Hood South On Main TobyMac Britt Nicole Colton Dixon Hollyn Verizon Arena Eric Sommer Midtown Billiards Jeff the Brotherhood Juanita’s Catina Ballroom Run River North Sticky’z Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack Mike And The Moonpies White Water Tavern Will Hoge Sticky’z Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack Adam Crabb The Nelons Verizon Arena Nightflying 35: An Anniversary Party The Schwag FreeVerse more… Revolution Music Room Nightflying 35: An Anniversary After-Party Mid-Town Billiards

Mountain View Nov. 12 - 15:


May 20:

Mtn. View Bluegrass Festival Ozark Folk Center

Ellie Goulding Years & Years Walmart AMP


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Arkansas Suburbs

Feb. 18:

Baton Rouge, LA Nov. 13: Nov. 15: Nov. 18: Nov. 19: Nov. 20: Nov. 20: Nov. 20: Nov. 27: Dec. 3, 4: Dec. 10: Dec. 12: Dec. 15:

Dec. 26: Jan. 2: Jan. 9:

Rick Springfield L’Auberge Casino Bret Michaels Lava Cantina Randy Rogers Band Wade Bowen Varsity Theatre Jerry Seinfeld Performing Arts Center Cowboy Mouth Varsity Theatre Michael Doucet Red Dragon Listening Room Tracy Lawrence Texas Club Jerry Jeff Walker L’Auberge Casino Aaron Neville L’Auberge Casino Devon Allman Band Danielle Nicole Lava Cantina BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet Manship Theatre Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue Galactic New Breed Brass Band Varsity Theatre The Molly Ringwalds L’Auberge Casino Gregg Allman Performings Arts Theatre Ray Wylie Hubbard Manship Theatre

Nightflying is available anywhere on your smart device ��������������

TobyMac Britt Nicole Building 429 Colton Dixon Capital Kings Finding Favour River Center Arena

Nov. 15: Nov. 18: Nov. 20:

Nov. 20:

Branson, MO Nov. 11: Nov. 12:

Dallas, TX Nov. 12:

Nov. 13: Nov. 13: Nov. 14: Nov. 14: Nov. 14: Nov. 15:

Jeff Foxworthy Larry The Cable Guy RFD-TV The Theatre Neal McCoy Oak Ridge Boys Theatre

Nov. 21: Nov. 22:

Honey Island Swamp Band JJ Grey & Mofro Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers Granada Theater Green River Ordinance Jenny & Tyler House of Blues Keller Williams EOTO Trees Wayne “The Train” Hancock Gas Monkey Bar & Grill Stoney LaRue House of Blues The Magic Beans ReBirth Brass Band Granada Theater Evanescence South Side Ballroom

Nov. 27: Dec. 2: Dec. 2: Dec. 3: Dec. 5: Dec. 6: Dec. 8:

Merle Haggard Gas Monkey Live! Collective Soul House of Blues Gwar Born Of Osiris Battlecross Gas Monkey Live! Tommy Emmanuel Antsy McClain & The Trailer Park Troubadors Majestic Theatre STS9 Autoerotique House of Blues Phil Vassar Kessler Theater Blue October South Side Ballroom David Bromberg Granada Theater Muse Phantogram American Airlines Center Marc Cohn Kessler Theater Paul Thorn The Mastersons Kessler Theater Amy Grant Michael W. Smith American Airlines Center Dance Gavin Dance Slaves A Lot Like Birds Dayshell Strawberry Girls The Bomb Factory







Dec. 9: Thrill Dec. 11: Dec. 13: Dec. 17: Dec. 19:

Dec. 20:

Dec. 27: Dec. 29: Dec. 30:

My Life With The Kill Kult Trees Reckless Kelly Kessler Theater Lucero South Side Music Hall Cas Haley Kessler Theater Galactic Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue South Side Ballroom Trans-Siberian Orchestra American Airlines Center Robert Earl Keen Doyle & Debbie Show House of Blues Better Than Ezra House of Blues Blue Man Group Margot & Bill Winspear Opera House

Fort Worth, TX Nov. 12: Nov. 14: Nov. 15: Nov. 20: Nov. 21: Nov. 22: Nov. 28: Dec. 3: Dec. 12: Dec. 12: Dec. 18, 19: Dec. 25:

Ray Wylie Hubbard Live Oak Music Hall Travis Tritt Billy Bob’s Texas That 1 Guy Live Oak Music Hall Natalie Cole Bass Performance Hall Newsboys Hawk Nelson Ryan Stevenson Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Live Oak Music Hall Bellamy Brothers Whiskey Girl Saloon Gary P. Nunn Billy Bob’s Texas Hot Club Of Cowtown Live Oak Music Hall Wade Bowen Billy Bob’s Texas Randy Rogers Band Billy Bob’s Texas Charlie Robison Billy Bob’s Texas

Dec. 30: Dec. 31: Dec. 31: Jan. 1, 2: Feb. 18:

Robert Earl Keen Doyle & Debbie Show Bass Performance Hall Eli Young Band Billy Bob’s Texas Texas Hippie Coalition The Rail Club Josh Abbott Band Billy Bob’s Texas Arlo Guthrie Bass Performance Hall

Kansas City, MO / KS Nov. 14: Nov. 15: Nov. 20: Nov. 20: Nov. 21: Nov. 21: Nov. 23:

Nov. 25: Dec. 1: Dec. 3:

Dec. 4: Dec. 5: Dec. 10: Dec. 12: Dec. 12:

Gladys Knight Kansas City Music Hall REO Speedwagon Arvest Band Theatre At The Midland Iris Dement Knuckleheads Jackson Browne Kansas City Music Hall Diana Krall Arvest Band Theatre At The Midland Webb Wilder Knuckleheads Tommy Castro & The Painkillers Danielle Nicole Knuckleheads Ha Ha Tonka The Riot Ronnie McDowell Knuckleheads Cody Canada & The Departed Earl & Them Knuckleheads Heart Arvest Band Theatre At The Midland Tommy Emmanuel Arvest Band Theatre At The Midland Hot Club Of Cowtown Knuckleheads Crystal Gayle Ameristar Hotel & Casino Tab Benoit

Dec. 12: Dec. 14: Dec. 16: Dec. 26: Dec. 31:

Jan. 7: Jan. 14:

Kris Lager Band Johnny Boyd Knuckleheads Tech N9ne Arvest Band Theatre At The Midland Johnny A. Knuckleheads Brave Combo Knuckleheads Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sprint Center Katy Guillen & The Girls Samantha Fish Nace Brothers Band The Rainmakers Knuckleheads Cowboy Mouth Knuckleheads Cas Haley Knuckleheads

Dec. 12: Jan. 29: Feb. 10: Feb. 12:

Memphis, TN Nov. 12: Nov. 13: Nov. 13: Nov. 17: Nov. 17: Nov. 18:

Lawrence, KS Nov. 12: Nov. 21: Nov. 24:

Dec. 3:

Young The Giant Wilding Liberty Hall EOTO Granada Theatre Northlane Volumes Cane Hill Coldrain The Bottleneck The Delta Saints The Bottleneck

Josh Abbott Band Granada Theatre Shemekia Copeland Lied Center of Kansas STS9 Liberty Hall Arlo Guthrie Liberty Hall

Nov. 24: Dec. 2: Dec. 3: Dec. 18:

Damien Rice My Bubba Minglewood Hall ArcAttack Orpheum Theatre Black Jacket Symphony MInglewood Hall Denny Laine Hi-Tone Café Steve Earle New Daisy Theatre Dance Gavin Dance Slaves A Lot Like Birds Dayshell Strawberry Girls New Daisy Theatre Collective Soul Minglewood Hall Will Hoge Devin Dawson Minglewood Hall Big K.R.I.T. Minglewood Hall Tony Bennett Orpheum Theatre Genesis Capital, LLC., Bringing to Arkansas small wind 4K and large capacity 2 Mw and up Solar & Wind Farms: Presenting home owners the opportunity to reduce their electric costs to zero dollar ($0) or even a positive credit balance, by installing Hybrid Technology / Vertical Axis Turbines and Solar Panels. With a strong vision to provide every home owner a $0 acquisition cost for the Alternative Energy turnkey project. Alternative Energy Projects: Red Sun Resources: Energime Green Group has developed technology tested & output-certified by Rolls Royce, Kawasaki & British Atmospheric Data Institute, running large 1.5 MWe turbines at 32% efficiency for over a year. RED SUN is Patentee of the world-wide exclusive infrared reflection to enable focusing & collecting the full spectrum of head and light giving 1620C for the 1st time! Additional copatents with the DOE allow molten steel 10 MW storage units 18m3 for 24 hour operation to 30 day operation. Storing Green Energy! Benefits to End Users: • Tax credits available from the IRS till 2016, 30% of the purchase price of the qualified alternative energy equipment, based on energy qualification audits. • Immediate savings on monthly electric bill. • Financing available on our equipment, delivery and installation: Working with local banks, presenting the working guidelines of International banks, that have approved the Carbon Credit collateral as the basis for business/home improvement loans to the end users. • The present value of Carbon Credits on the International Market will create cash flow for the projects. • With 1.2 million homes in AR, our project creates much needed jobs for the local communities, improving our economy and providing Green Energy. For more information contact: Phone: 479.361.1211



AD NF 043014-01

Dec. 19: Jan. 5: Jan. 15: Jan. 27: Jan. 29: Feb. 27: Mar. 3:

Lucero Minglewood Hall Dave Rawlings Machine Minglewood Hall City and Colour Greyhounds Minglewood Hall Railroad Earth New Daisy Theatre Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin Rum Boogie Gary Clark, Jr. Minglewood Hall Blake Shelton Chris Janson FedExForum

Jan. 9:

Oklahoma City Nov. 15: Nov. 16:

Dec. 4: Dec. 13: Dec. 18:

New Orleans Nov. 14: Nov. 16: Nov. 19: Nov. 19: Nov. 20: Nov. 24: Nov. 28: Dec. 1: Dec. 2: Dec. 10: Dec. 10: Dec. 12: Dec. 16: Dec. 18:

Mannheim Steamroller Saenger Theatre Steve Earle The Dukes Tipitina’s Uptown Gwar Born of Osiris House of Blues STS9 Joy Theatre Jerry Seinfeld Saenger Theatre Joe Bonamassa Saenger Theatre Tab Benoit Mid-City Lanes Billy Gibbons Orpheum Theatre Cas Haley Collin Hauser Howlin’ Wolf Den My Life With Thrill Kill Kult House of Blues Trans-Siberian Orchestra Smoothie King Center Pokie Lafarge The Destondes Tipitina’s Uptown Lucero Tipitina’s Uptown Anders Osborne J.J. Grey Tipitina’s Uptown

Norman, OK Nov. 12: Nov. 13: Nov. 14: Nov. 14: Nov. 20: Nov. 20:

That 1 Guy Opolis Don Williams Riverwind Casino Hunter Hayes Ryan Lafferty U of Ok Patty Griffin Darlingside Sooner Theatre LeAnn Rimes Riverwind Casino Bright Light Social Hour Swimm Opolis

Travis Ledoyt Riverwind Casino

Dec. 23: Feb. 13: Feb. 20: Feb. 23:

Diana Krall Civic Center Music Hall Ice Nine Kills Wage War My Enemies & I White Noise 89th Street Collective Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds The Blue Door John Fullbright The Blue Door Hinder Within Reason Ages Apart Diamond Ballroom Trans-Siberian Orchestra Chesapeake Energy Arena Bullet For My Valentine Asking Alexandria Diamond Ballroom Here Come The Mummies Diamond Ballroom TobyMac Britt Nicole Building 429 Colton Dixon Capital Kings Finding Flavour Hollyn Chesapeake Energy Arena

Dec. 31: Jan. 3: Apr. 1: Apr. 8: Apr. 29:

Grady Champion Grad Casino Tunica Gregg Allman Horseshoe Casino Moody Blues Horseshoe Casino Buddy Guy Horseshoe Casino Tracy Morgan Horseshoe Casino

Shreveport-Bossier City, LA Nov. 13: Nov. 13: Nov. 14: Dec. 1: Dec. 8: Dec. 12: Jan. 10: Feb. 10:

Feb. 26:

Corrosion of Conformity Brant Gjork The Warehouse Marshall Tucker Band Strand Theatre Don Williams Riverdome Joe Bonamassa Municipal Auditorium Machine Head The Warehouse Danielle Nicole The Warehouse Lewis Black Municipal Auditorium Def Leppard Styx Tesla CenturyLink Center Joe Diffie Riverdome • Honey Apple Butter

St. Louis, MO Nov. 12: Nov. 13: Nov. 13: Nov. 14: Nov. 16: Nov. 17: Nov. 17:

Nov. 18:

Nov.19: Nov. 19: Nov. 20:

Everclear Mile 277 Gladys Knight Fabulous Fox Theatre The Travelin’ McCourys Old Salt Reunion Cas Haley Firebird My Life With Thrill Kill Kult Firebird The Black Lillies Off Broadway Nightclub Ice Nine Kills Wage War My Enemies & I White Noise Firebird Jason Boland & The Stragglers Mike & The Moonpies Off Broadway Nightclub David Bromberg Off Broadway Nightclub Jackson Browne Peabody Opera House Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Blueberry Hill’s

Oxford, MS Nov. 18: Nov. 19:

The Revivalists The Lyric Oxford The Soul Rebels Proud Larry’s

Pocola, OK Nov. 7:

Nov. 21: Nov. 28: Dec. 4: Feb. 20: May 7:

Inaugural Pow Wow Choctaw Casino Michael Bolton Choctaw Casino The Schwag Choctaw Casino Kellie Pickler Choctaw Casino Aaron Lewis Choctaw Casino Bill Engvall Choctaw Casino

Quapaw, OK Jan. 16:

The Orchestra Downstream Casino

Robinsonville/Tunica, MS Nov. 21: Dec. 5: Dec. 29:

Willie Nelson Horseshoe Casino 3 Doors Down Jamey Johnson Horseshoe Casino The Temptations Horseshoe Casino


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�� �� ��� ��� ���

�� ��� ��� ��� ���

�� ��� ��� ��� ��

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Dec. 1: Dec. 8: Dec. 12: Jan. 10: Feb. 10:

Feb. 26:

Joe Bonamassa Municipal Auditorium Machine Head The Warehouse Danielle Nicole The Warehouse Lewis Black Municipal Auditorium Def Leppard Styx Tesla CenturyLink Center Joe Diffie Riverdome

St. Louis, MO Nov. 17: Nov. 17:

Nov. 18:

Nov.19: Nov. 19: Nov. 20:

Nov. 21: Nov. 22: Dec. 1: Dec. 2: Dec. 4:

The Black Lillies Off Broadway Nightclub Ice Nine Kills Wage War My Enemies & I White Noise Firebird Jason Boland & The Stragglers Mike & The Moonpies Off Broadway Nightclub David Bromberg Off Broadway Nightclub Jackson Browne Peabody Opera House Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room Susan Werner Gaslight Theater Iris Dement Pieta Brown Sheldon Concert Hall Heart Fabulous Fox Theatre Death Cab For Cutie Wolf Alice The Pageant All That Remains Devour The Day Audiotopsy

Dec. 5: Dec. 6: Dec. 6: Dec. 8: Dec. 10: Dec. 12: Dec. 18: Jan. 13: Jan. 23: feat.:

Jan. 30:

Pop’s Blue Moon Moreland & Arbuckle Beale Off Broadway Smokey Robinson Peabody Opera House Jim Lauderdale Off Broadway Nightclub Weezer Wavves Peabody Opera House Mike Zito Broadway Oyster Bar Mountain Sprout Off Broadway Nightclub Amy Schumer Scottrade Center Greensky Bluegrass Old Rock House Winter Jam For King & Country Matthew West Crowder Lauren Daigle Red NewSong Sidewalk Prophets Stars Go Dim We Are Messengers Trip Lee Scottrade Center Railroad Earth The Pageant

Feb. 16:

Arlo Guthrie Blanche M. Touhilll PAC

Matthew West Crowder Lauren Daigle Red NewSong Sidewalk Prophets Stars Go Dim We Are Messengers Trip Lee JQH Arena

Southaven, MS Feb. 4:

Jason Aldean Thomas Rhett A Thousand Horses Landers Center

Springfield, MO Nov. 17:

Dec. 2: Dec. 19: Jan. 23:

Feb. 20: Feb. 26:

Mar. 10: feat.:

Mannheim Steamroller Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Perfoming Arts Ronnie McDowell Gillioz Theatre Never Shout Never The Outland Jason Aldean Thomas Rhett A Thousand Horses JQH Arena Tommy Emmanuel Gillioz Theatre Brad Paisley Eric Paslay Cam JQH Arena Winter Jam For King & Country

Tulsa, OK Nov. 18:

Rise Against Killswitch Engage Brady Theater


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One Stop Access to NWA’s:         

3 Story, 15,000 sq. ft. Entertainment & Art Event Center Monthly Open Mic Nights with Houston Hughes Monthly Art Receptions, Artists Wanted! Genesis Wellness Center / Services Available: *Reiki Master, *Licensed Psychotherapist & Massage Therapists Coffee Shoppe & Pastries Southern Traditions Consignments: Fine Art, Antiques, & Men's & Women's Boutique and Accessories Gift Shoppe: Diane's Jewels & Such... Monthly $3 Dollar Classic Movies Free Parking, and much more... Sponsor Arkansas' First Barter Mall / Come Join!

The Art Exchange

113 W Emma Avenue Springdale, Arkansas 72764 Call: 479-361-1211 / / Genesis Economic Development Group For more information contact: Phone: 479.361.1211 AD NF 043014-03



Nov. 19: Nov. 20: Nov. 20: Nov. 21: Nov. 27:

Nov. 28: feat.: Dec. 6: Dec. 8:

Dec. 11: Dec. 18:

Dec. 19: Dec. 20:

Dec. 26:

My Life With Thrill Kill Kult The Shrine Samantha Fish Unit D Newsboys Hawk Nelson Mabee Center Arena Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers The Shrine Jason Boland & The Stragglers Cody Canada & The Departed Cain’s Ballroom Cancer Sucks Benefit Poison Overdose We The Ghost Cain’s Ballroom TobyMac Britt Nicole BOK Center August Burns Red Every Time I Die Stick To Your Guns Cain’s Ballroom Tyler Farr Tennessee Jet Cain’s Ballroom Texas Hippie Coalition Dryvr Southern Lush 3Eighty3 Cain’s Ballroom John Fullbright Cain’s Ballroom Robert Earl Keen The Doyle & Debbie Show Cain’s Ballroom Turnpike Troubadors Cain’s Ballroom

Dec. 29:

Dec. 30: Dec. 31: Jan. 14, 15: Jan. 28: Jan. 29: Feb. 5: Feb. 14: Mar. 2: feat.:

Black Label Society The Shrine Huntress Brady Theater Elephant Revival The Vanguard Randy Rogers Band Cain’s Ballroom Madonna BOK Center Ben Miller Band Mercury Lounge Eli Young Band BOK Center Monte Montgomery Tulsa Little Theatre Arlo Guthrie Brady Theater Experience Hendrix Buddy Guy Billy Cox Zakk Wylde Kenny Wayne Shepherd Jonny Lang Dweezil Zappa Eric Johnson Chris Layton Mato Nanji Noah Hunt Henri Brown Brady Theater




All cities listed in alphabetical order. To add or update a listing, please call {501}354-8577. (P) denotes private club. All listings subject to change.


Alma AR..................................................30 Arkadelphia AR .....................................30 Batesville AR.......................................... 30 Beebe AR ................................................ 30 Bella Vista AR........................................ 30 Benton AR .............................................. 30 Bentonville AR....................................... 30 Blytheville AR ........................................ 30 Branson MO .......................................... 30 Caddo Valley .......................................... 30 Camden AR ........................................... 30 Clarksdale MS ....................................... 30 Clarksville AR ....................................... 30 Conway AR ............................................ 30 Dardanelle AR ....................................... 31 Eureka Springs AR ............................... 31 Fayetteville/Springdale AR .................. 32 Fort Smith AR ....................................... 33 Gravette AR ........................................... 34 Hardy AR ............................................... 34 Harrison AR .......................................... 34 Heber Springs AR ................................. 34 Hot Springs AR ..................................... 34 Idabell, OK ............................................ 35 Jacksonville AR ..................................... 35 Jonesboro AR ........................................ 35 Joplin MO .............................................. 35 Leslie AR ................................................ 35 Little Rock//N.L.R................................. 35 Lula MS ................................................. 39 Malvern AR ........................................... 39 Maumelle AR ......................................... 39 Memphis TN .......................................... 39 Monticello AR ........................................ 40 Morrilton AR ......................................... 40 Mountain Home AR .............................. 40 Mountain View AR................................ 40 New Edinburgh, AR .............................. 40 Ozark AR ............................................... 40 Paris AR ................................................. 40 Pocola OK .............................................. 41 Quapaw OK ........................................... 41 Rogers AR .............................................. 41 Roland OK ............................................. 42 Royal ...................................................... 42 Russellville AR....................................... 42 Sallisaw OK ........................................... 42 Stillwater OK ......................................... 42 Stuttgart AR .......................................... 42 Texarkana AR//TX ................................ 42 Trumann AR .......................................... 42 Van Buren AR........................................ 42 Warren AR ............................................. 42 West Fork AR ........................................ 42 Winslow .................................................. 42 Concerts are listed in Bold


{Area Code 470} THE FOUNDERS ROOM (P) 7503 Robinswood Rd., Alma 5737-5737 72921 December 31: Chris Cameron January 30: An Evening with: Stanley Jordan WARREN’S REC ROOM (P) 1437 Newberry Road, Alma 208-TUNE (8863) 72921 Bookings: Cristy Smith November 14: Left Of Center 21: Birthday Party Jam Session December 12: Annual Christmas Party & Jam


{Area Code 870} THE MIRAGE SPORTS BAR & GRILL 104 Malvern St., Arkadelphia 5260-526071923 Sa.: Rock Band Karaoke November 6: Drew deFrance 7: Redd Tape 13: Sky 14: Pink Slip 21: Sensory II SLIM & SHORTY’S 617 Clinton St., Arkadelphia 245-2365 71923 Bookings: Misty Harris Live entertainment. Call for details…


JOSIE’S STEAK HOUSE 50 Riverbank Rd., Batesville 793-7000 72501 Live entertainment. Call for details... MOOSE LODGE (P) 750 Brewer Hill Rd., Batesville 793-9902 72501 Live entertainment. Call for details..

THE DUCK BLIND {Ramada Inn} 1325 No. St. Louis, Batesville 793-2001 72501 Live entertainment. Call for details..


{Area Code 501} V.F.W. (P) 1405 E. Center., Beebe 882-7769 72012 F.: Game Night Live entertainment. Call for details...

Bella Vista

{Area Code 479} JJ’S GRILL 12 Cunningham Corner, BV 802-6455 72714 M., Th.: NFL Specials November 6, 7: Wes Hart 10: Will Gunselman 11: Justin Payne 13: Keith Nicholson 14: Jeff Fox 17: Tony Alvarez 18: Clint Schriver 20: Whiskey Grin 24: Russ Hutchison 25: Keith Nicholson 27: Lazy Daisy 28: Vikki Cunningham RIORDAN HALL 3 Riordan Drive, B.V. 855-8170 72714 Occassional live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 501} FLETCHER MUSIC 619 W. South, Benton 778-9098 72015 Live Music. Call for details... GINO’S SPORTS GRILL (P) 17332 I-30, Benton 778-9444 72019 Occassional live music. read nightflying on your phone

V.F.W. POST 2256 5323 Sleepy Village Rd, Benton 315-5585 72015 Bookings: Angela F.: Karaoke Live Music. Call for details...


{Area Code 479} BENTLEY’S BEACH BAR 91 S. E. 28th Street, Bentonville 8060-8060 72712 Live music. Call for details… CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART 600 Museum Way, B’ville 418-5700 72712 Occasional live concerts… GUSANO’S (P) 2905 So. Walton Blvd., B’ville 271-8242 72712 Live music. Call for details… THE TABLE MESS BAR THE LOCAL LOUNGE 108 E. Central, Bentonville 715-6707 72712 Live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 870} THAT BOOKSTORE IN BLYTHEVILLE 316 W. Main, Blytheville 715-6707 72315 Occassional live music.

Branson, MO

{Area Code 417} BRANSON’S CENTER STAGE GRILLE & BAR 1810. W. Hwy 76, Branson 65616 320-6079 November 7: Feed A Hero


M.F. METAL 5920 Hwy. 5 No., Bryant Occassional metal shows…

WAXY O’SHEA’S IRISH PUB 235 Branson Landing, Branson 348-1759 65616 Tu.: Pub Quiz W.: Dance Night Th.: DJ Imperial F., Sa.: DJ Imperial

Caddo Valley

{Area Code 870} BETTY’S BIG COUNTRY DANCE HALL 102 Crystal Palace, Caddo Valley 3800-3800 71923 Bookings: Betty November 7: Midnight Express 14: Twango 21: Over The Hill Gang 28: Ronnie Bare December 5: Midnight Express 12: Twango 19: Over The Hill Gang 31: Midnight Express


{Area Code 870} POSTMASTERS GRILL 133 U.S. 278 Business, Camden 836-5579 71701 Music returns in Spring…

Clarksdale, MS

{Area Code 662} BLUESBERRY CAFÉ 235 Yazoo Ave, Clarksdale 627-7008 38614 Su: Blues/rock jam DELTA BLUES MUSEUM 1 Blues Alley, Clarksdale 627-6820 38614 Director: Shelly Ritter Occassional live music. Please call for details… GROUND ZERO BLUES CLUB 0 Blues Alley, Clarksdale 621-9009 38614

W.: Th.: November 4: 7: 12 - 14: 20: feat.: 21: 27: 28: December

3: 4:

5: feat.: 9: 10:

Karaoke Weekly Blues Jam LALA Bill Abel private party Country Night Skyler Anderson The Final Touch Band LALA The Old Memphis Kings Razorblade The Juke Joint All Stars Rock Night Rising Creek Band Steve Kolbus & The Clarksdale Blues Revue David Dunavent & The Evol Love Band


{Area Code 479} CROSSWOODS (P) Exit 55 off I-40 I-40 & Hwy. 64 W., Clarksville 754-8080 72830 Bookings: Wendell or Aleta W., F.: Karaoke Th.: College Night Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 501} ADVENT ARTS & ACOUSTIC CAFÉ {Advent Lutheran Church} 900 Farris Rd., Conway 786-1604 or 269-0805, 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… BEARS DEN PIZZA (P) 235 So. Farris, Conway 328-5556 72034 W.: Karaoke Th.: Le Trivia F.: Karaoke November 3: The Matchsellers

SOUND LISTINGS ARE FREE! Call {501} 354-8577 With Schedule Information Nightflying Publications • P.O. Box 82 • Perry, AR • 72125-0082 phone: {501}354-8577 • • email: 30


14: 21:

Buh Jones Cosmocean

DON W. REYNOLDS PERFORMANCE HALL UCA Campus 201 Donaghey, Conway 450-5000 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… GUSANO’S 2915 Dave Ward, Conway 329-1100 72034 Live entertainment. Call for details… JJ’S GRILL (P) 1010 Main, Conway 336-0100 72032 M., Th.: NFL Specials November 3: Brian Ramsey 4: Andy Tanas 6: Mister Lucky 7: AcoustiPunks 10: Ashley Mc Bryde 11: Jocko


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13, 14: 17: 18: 20, 21: 24: 27: 28:

Hedtripp Preston Palmer Jason Campbell Shannon Boshears Travis Caudell Cody Martin Classic Current

KING’S (P) 1020 Front St., Conway 205-8512 72032 November 4: Andrew Delaney Trivia host: Challenge Entertainment 5: Tyler Grady S.I.N. Karaoke host: DJ B-Rock 7: Trey Johnson The Highballers 11: Leah Bishop Trivia host: Challenge Entertainment 12: Tiff Lee S.I.N. Karaoke host: DJ B-Rock 13: Tyrannosaurus Chicken 14: Stiff Necked Fools 18: Mikey Carroll Trivia host: Challenge Entertainment 19: Caleb Patton S.I.N. Karaoke host: DJ B-Rock 20: Magnolia Brown Russell Corbin 21: The Tallent Brothers Roger Tipton 25: Trivia host: Challenge Entertainment 26: tba S.I.N. Karaoke host: DJ B-Rock 27: Buh Jones Taylor Nealey 28: tba December 4: Mountain Sprout

MICHELANGELO’S RISTORANTE 1117 Oak St., Conway 329-7278 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… MIKE’S PLACE (P) 808 Front St., Conway 269-6453 72032 Live entertainment. Call for details… TAYLORS’ MADE CAFÉ 283 Hwy. 365, Conway 470-3322 72032 Su.: Open Jam Session November 5: Gibberish 6: John Murphy TC’S MIDTOWN GRILL (P) 1611 E. Oak St., Conway 205-0576 72032 Open 7 Days A Week! 11a.m. - 2 a.m. W.: Open Mic, 7 p.m. host: Greg Madden All real musicians welcome… November 6: Third Degree 7: Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra 13: ShotGunBillys 14: Dirty Lindsey 20: Jeff Coleman & The Feeders 21: Four On The Floor 27: Bombay Black 28: Luke Williams Band December 4: Nerd Eye Blind 5: Third Eye Blind 11: Lypstick Hand Grenade 12: Sloppy KISS 18: ShotGunBillys

VFW POST 2259 (P) 1 Veterans Drive, Conway 329-1230 72034 Bookings: Megan November 17: Risky Business 21: Southern Knights ZAZA 1050 Ellis Ave., St. 110, Conway 336-ZAZA (9292) 72032 Bookings: Adam Sweet Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 479} FRONT STREET GRILL (P) 115 So. Front St., Dardanelle 229-4458 72834 Bookings: Monte, after 5 November 14: Third Degree

Eureka Springs

{Area Code 479} THE ART COLONY No. Main, Eureka Springs 253-2090 72632 Bookings: Raven @ 479-244-7229 Occassional live music… THE AUDITORIUM 36 So. Main, Eureka Springs 253-7788 72632 888-855-7823 November 20 - 22: Talent On Parade Competition, Pageant



5: 12:

John Two-Hawks Ozark Chorale

BASIN PARK HOTEL 12 Spring, Eureka Springs 253-7837 72632 F.: Hogscalders CARIBE RESTAURANTE Hwy. 62 West 309 W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-8102 72632 Bookings: KJ F., Sa.: Live music Live entertainment. Call for details… CHELSEA’S CORNER CAFE & BAR 10 Mountain, Eureka Springs 253-6723 72632 Bookings: Gina M.: Ladies’ Night feat.: SprUngbilly Tu.: Open Mic W.: Drink & Draw November 4: Brian Martin 6: Iris 7: Diversity Band 8: Iris

12: 13: 14: 15: 18: 20: 21: 25: 27: 28: 29:

& Diversity Jam Voxana Chucky Waggs & Craig Kinsey Earl & Them Johai Kafa Magnolia Brown Sad Daddy Magnolia Brown Camptown Ladies Mountain Sprout Electric Rag Band Chucky Waggs

CRESCENT HOTEL 75 Prospect, Eureka Springs 253-9766 72632 Su.: Live Music During Brunch 1876 INN & RESTAURANT 2023 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 363-6404 72632 EUREKA SPRINGS - CITY EVENTS 479-253-8737 EUREKA HOUSE CONCERTS {Unitarian Church} 17 Elk St., Eureka Springs

Support Live Musicians KEEP Them That Way...


THE RAB (P) 408 Hwy. 65 No., Conway 336-8484 72032 Schedule unavailable at presstime…



NEW DELHI CAFE 2 Main St., Eureka Springs 253-2525 72632 Live Music. Call for details… OZARK MOUNTAIN HOEDOWN Hwy. 62 E., Eureka Springs 253-7725 72632 W.--M.: George Brothers PIED PIPER PUB & CATHOUSE LOUNGE 87 Armstrong, Eureka Springs 363-9976 72632 November 6: Voxana 7: Johai Kafa 11: Veteran’s Parade & Rifle Salute 13: Sioux City Kid 14: Nicholas St. James 19: “Fill the Limo” 20: Juke box night 21: Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings 27: GOBO Weekend feat.: The Squarshers


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PINE MOUNTAIN JAMBOREE 2075 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-9165 72632 Live Family Entertainment F., Sa.: Brick Fields PUB N GRUB CLUB 169 169 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 253-7122 72632 Live entertainment. Call for details… ROWDY BEAVER RESTAURANT & TAVERN 417 W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs 8544-854472632 F.: Karaoke Su.: Free Pool November 6: Moonshine Mafia 7: tba 13: Free Jukebox 14: Terri & The Executives 20: Free Jukebox 21: Aaron Mullins Band 27: Free Jukebox 28: Michael Tisdale Duo ROWDY BEAVER DEN (Downtown Location) 47 Spring St., Eureka Springs 6444-6444 72632 November 1: John Harwood 6, 7: Karaoke feat.: DJ Goose 7: John Harwood 13, 14: Terri & Brett 14: Aaron Mullins Band 15: Terri & Brett 20: Outlaw Hippies 21: Rodney Jeremiah

27: 28:

Dorian Cross DJ Karaoke

THE STONE HOUSE 89 So. Main, Eureka Springs 363-6411 72632 Bookings: Amanda Open W.--Su. F.: Jerry Yester TURPENTINE CREEK 239 Turpentine Creek Ln, Eureka Springs 253-5841 72632 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

Fayetteville/Springdale {Area Code 479} ARSAGA’S ON DICKSON: THE DEPOT 548 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 443-9900 72701 M.: Folk Night W.: Jazz Night Th.: Pearl

ART EXCHANGE 113 W. Emma, Springdale 751-3003 // 361-1211 72764 Last Thursday of each month: Open mic feat.: Houston Hughes, host BEAR’S PLACE 504 15th St., Fayetteville 521-2327 72701 November 1: Soldiers Songs and Voices 2: Calling All Songwriters 3: Vince Turner 4: Brick Fields

5: 6: 7: 8: 10: 12: 13: 14: 15:

17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 24: 28:

Eddie Mekleberg Silvershakers Member This Reason #9 Cajun Flashback Ole Dimebox Jason Kinney Band Soldiers Songs and Voices & Flower Lady Fundraiser Buddy Shute & The Motivators Brick Fields Bluegrass Jam Fetts Foley She’s Us Cajun Derrick Mears & Route 358

COMMON GROUNDS GOURMET ESPRESSO BAR 412 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 442-3515 72701 • 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Schedule unavailble at presstime… DICKSON STREET PUB 303 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 527-9333 72701 ROOFTOP PATIO Schedule unavailable at presstime… EMELIA’S 309 W. Dickson, St. 2 527-9800 72701 Su.: Jazz Brunch FRESCO CAFÉ & PUB 112 W. Center, Fayetteville 455-5555 72701 F.: Fresco Jazz Trio

FOGHORN’S WINGS 1100 So. 48th Place, Springdale 717-2020 72702 Live music returns with warm weather… GEORGE’S MAJESTIC LOUNGE (P) 519 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 442-4226 72701 Bookings: Brian @ (479)527-6618 November 1: Benefit for Ralph Odom feat.: Dawn Cate & The Rhythm Kings Earl’s Garage Leah & The Mojo Doctors Oreo Blue The Nace Brothers The Cate Brothers Band 4: Micky & The Motorcars 5: Eli Young Band Brandon Lay 6: Full House 7: Randall Shreve & The DeVilles Benjamin del Shreve Candy Lee Daphnie & The Mystery Machines 11: Cody Johnson 13: That 1 Guy Earl & Them Daryl Brooks 14: Hot Lix 19: The Oh Hellos DO Arkansas





GHAZI’S PESTO 1830 N. College, Fayetteville 582-3330 72702 Tu.: Jed Clampit Th.: Matt Smith Various entertainers… GREENHOUSE GRILLE 481 So. School Ave., Fayetteville 444-8909 72701 November 1: Day of The Dead Fundraising Party feat.: Pearl Brick Walter Schmidt Arkansas Chowder JAMMIN’ JAVA 21 W. Mountain, Fayetteville 443-2233 72701 Live music. Call for details… {501}354-8577 read nightflying on your phone

00 Big Cats 1 r e v O

Open Everyday Guided Tours Family Fun Lodging Available Eu r e k a Sp r i n g s, Ar k a n s a s

w w w. t u r p e n t i n e c r e e k . o r g

479-253-5841 32


Robert Earl Keen The Nace Brothers Aaron Mullins Band The Schwag Friends of the Phamily Big Uns Isayah’s Allstars National Park Radio Album Release Show Ryan Bingham Jamestown Revival

JJ’S GRILL 1271 No. Steamboat, Fayetteville 443-0700 72701 M., Th.: NFL Specials November 3: Jeff Fox 4: BJ & Mike 6, 7: Ouachita River Band 10: Trey O’Dell 11: Jeff Fox 13, 14: Mark Shields & Good Co. 17: Jeff Fox 18: Mike & Grady 20, 21: Wes Hart 24: Jeff Fox 27: Left Of Center 28: Blacklisted

LA HUERTA 1860 No. Crossover, Fayetteville 521-7990 72701 W., F.: Silver Moon

JOSE’S SOUTHWEST GRILLE 5240 W. Sunset, Springdale 750-9055 72702 Live music returns with warm weather…

MJ PIZZARIA 838 No. 48th, Springdale 717-6836 72762 Music returns in warm weather…

JOSE’S STREETSIDE 324 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 521-0194 72701 Live music returns with warm weather… KINGFISH DIVE BAR 262 No. School, Fayetteville 935-3443 72701 Bookings: Email Live music returns with warm weather…

LIGHT BULB CLUB 19 No. Block, Fayetteville 587-9512 72701 Booking: Lightbulbclubbooking November 13: Crowbar Shawn James 18: Kill Matilda 21: Nervous Curtains Iron This December 11: Manchild High Lonesome

MAXINE’S TAP ROOM 107 No. Block, Fayetteville 442-9601 72701 Schedule unavailable at presstime… MOJO’S PINTS AND PIES 1200 No. Garland, Fayetteville 935-3459 72701 Schedule unavailable at presstime… NOMAD’S MUSIC LOUNGE 1431 So. School, Fayetteville 443-1832 72701 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

ON THE MARK (P) 2588 No. Gregg, Fayetteville 575-0123 72701 Bookings: Scott Young Live music returns with warm weather… POWERHOUSE SEAFOOD 112 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 442-8300 72701 See you next Spring… RYLEIGH’S 313 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 444-7324 72701 Th.: Open Mic Comedy November 7: The Magic Beans Galaxy Tour Guides 14: Branjae 27: Fuggins Wheat Band 28: Vintage Pistol SMOKE & BARREL TAVERN 324 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 521-6880 72701 November 13: Hypnotion 21: MSG December 12: Smoke & Barrel 7th Anniversary SPEAKEASY 509 W. Spring, Fayetteville 443-3279 72701 Occassional live music....

TERRA STUDIOS 12103 Hazel Valley Rd. Fayetteville (800)255-8995 72701 Occassional live music.... THE TILTED KILT 3619 No. Mall Ave., Fayettevile 442-0800 72703 Live music. Call for details… UARK BOWL 644 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 301-2030 72701 Live music. Call for details… WALTON ARTS CENTER 495 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 443-5600 72702 November 29: Annie WEST END 339 North West Ave., Fayetteville 445-6805 72701 Bookings: Occassional live music. WILLY D’S 216 W. Dickson, Fayetteville 571-4994 72701 Tu.--Sa.: Dueling Pianos

Fort Smith

{Area Code 479} 21 WEST END 21 No. 2nd, Ft. Smith 434-4213 72901 Live music. Call for details…

AVA’S VILLAGE PUB & GRILL (P) Bookings: Ava Milam Tu., Th.: Karaoke hosted by: Mark Sparks Live music. Call for details... BELLA ITALIA RESTAURANT & PIANO BAR 407 No. 8th, Ft. Smith 785-1550 72901 Th.—Sa.: Sharon Pitts BRANNON’S PUB & GRILL 2508 Market Trace, Ft. Smith 646-8700 72901 Occassional Live Music… Call for details… BRICK TOWN BREWERY 318 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith 434-2739 72901 Occassional Live Music… Call for details… DOE’S EAT PLACE 422 No. 3rd, Ft. Smith 784-9111 72901 Booking: Trent Gallant Live Music. Call for details… EAGLES CLUB(P) 3321 So. 66th, Ft. Smith 452-5888 72901 M.: Dance Lessons Tu.: Joe Harris Dance W.: Shuffleboard F.: Dinner Sa.: Dance

THE ELECTRIC COWBOY (P) 6107 So. 31st, Ft. Smith 72901 649-8033 72901 Where Fort Smith Plays At Night! Check Out The Ocean Dance Club THE ELEPHANT ROOM 700 N. 8th, Ft.Smith 883-2901 72901 Booking: Sheahan Live music. Call for details…

FORT SMITH LITTLE THEATER 401 N. 6th, Ft. Smith 783-2966 72901 Schedule unavailable at presstime… HERO’S 1002 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith 353-4754 72901 Bookings: Doug McRae November 7: Ice Cold Domestic 13: King George Hughen 14: Elvis Tribute Danielle’s Birthday 21: Bigfoot Stick 25: King George Hughen 27: FreeVerse 28: Fuggins Wheat December 4: River City 5: Earthbound Angels Benefit 12: Oreo Blue 18: Space For Lease

read Nightflying at



JOE’S GRILL & CANTINA 3400 So. 74th, Ft. Smith 478-9600 72903 Schedule unavailable at presstime… LA HUERTA 400 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith 783-3655 72901 Bookings: Hector, 1-3 weekdays Live music returns in Spring… JJ’S GRILL 5400 Phoenix Ave, Ft. Smith 434-4555 72901 M.. Th.: NFL Specials November 3: Tony Alvarez 4: Murray Williams 6: Vikki Cunningham 7: Jug Hill Band 10: Whiskey Menders 11: Samantha Hunt 13, 14: Wingnut The Band 17: Will Gunselman 18: Jocko 20, 21: Queen Anne’s Revenge 24: Zach Reeves 27: Richard Rauch Band 28: Mike & Grady LOST BEACH ISLAND BAR & GRILL (P) 1810 So. Zero, Ft. Smith 646-3939 72901 Tu.: Trivia Challenge W.--Sa.: Karaoke 91ST STREET 3702 So. 91st, Ft. Smith 478-6000 72903 F., Sa.: Karaoke Live music. Call for details… OLD TOWN GRAIN & FEED 503 Garrison, Ft. Smith 420-6634 72901 Live music. Call for details… music of T.W.

R. LANDRY’S 613 Garrison, Ft. Smith 783-2505 72901 November 5: Dale Kellison 6: Grant Pierson 7: Brian Ramsey 13: Willin ‘n’ Able 14: Scott Ellison 20: Tom Ware 21: Carter Sampson December 4: Grant Pierson 5: some guy named robb 11: tba 12: Wanda Watson 18: Tom Ware 31: Paperkid Reunion Concert ROOSTER’S ON THE AVENUE (P) 801 Garrison, Ft. Smith 783-COCK (2625) 72901 Bookings: Robert November 27: Hedtrip December 4: Echelon 31: Hedtrip SECOND STREET LIVE 101 No. 2nd, Fort Smith 782-5483 72902 Thanks for a great season! SHOOTER’S BAR & GRILL 2201 Grand Ave., Ft. Smith 783-9413 72901 Live Music. Call for details… SWEET BAY COFFEE COMPANY 3400 Rogers Ave., Ft. Smith 785-0685 72903 Live music. Call for details…

Do Arkansas... The Altered State (501)354-8577

Raw Honey • Jalapeno Jams & Jellies • Apple Butter {501}354-8577

THE FORT 10301 Hwy. 45, Ft. Smith 929-5588 72916 Bookings: Betty Payton November 7: Woodshed 14: JB & The Moonshine Band 27: Mr. Cabbagehead & The Screaming Radishes THE MOVIELOUNGE 7601 Rogers, Ft. Smith 226-3595 72903 Live music. Call for details…


HARD LUCK CAFÉ 501 1st Ave. SW, Gravette 787-5750 72736 Occassional live music....


{Area Code 870} CRUISERS 124 E. Main, Hardy 856-2789 72542 Live music. Call for details… WORDS & AFTERWORDS 201 No. Spring St., Hardy 856-5579 72542 Th.: Open Mic Jam Live music. Call for details…

Harrison/ Diamond City

{Area Code 870} BRICK OVEN PIZZA 814 Hwy. 62-65, Harrison 741-0012 72602 Live music. Call for details… DIAMOND CITY HILLS COUNTRY CLUB 20701 Hwy. 7 No, D. City 422-7613 72630 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

NORTH ARKANSAS COLLEGE 1515 Pioneer Drive, Harrison 741-4002 72602 Contact: Guitar Smith Schedule unavailable at presstime…


Heber Springs

BOOGIE’S BAR & GRILLE 1010 E. Grand, Hot Springs 624-5455 72901 W.: Spa City Jams

{Area Code 501} THE RED APPLE INN (P) 1000 Club Rd., Heber Springs 362-3111 72543 Occassional live music…

Hot Springs

{Area Code 501} THE ARLINGTON HOTEL 239 Central Ave., Hot Springs 623-7771 71901 F., Sa.: Willie Davis & Co. in the lobby SILVER FOX LOUNGE (The Austin Hotel) 305 Malvern, Hot Springs 623-6600 71901 Music returns in January… BELLE ARTI 719 Central, Hot Springs 624-7474 71901 S.--W.: Patrick Bennett THE BIG CHILL 910 Higdon Road, Hot Springs 624-5185 71913 Bookings: Gina Parks Open 7 Days A Week! Three bars in one… Serving dinner ‘til close... CHECK OUT OUR EXQUISITE OUTDOOR DECK!!! The Chill Lower Basement IS COOKIN’! M.-F.: Happy Hour, 4-6:30 Su.: Karaoke feat.: Chucky D Tu.: Texas Hold Em November 11: Lightnin’ Lee Langdon 18: Spa City Blues Society Jam 19: tba 20, 21: Moxie (Tara & Brent) 25: Jocko 27, 28: Mister Lucky support live musicians

2: 9: 11, 12:

Spa City Blues Jam Jocko Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands

BLUE MOON SALOON 135 Essex Park Pl., Hot Springs 262-5005 71901 F., Sa.: Karaoke & Dance Music feat.: River Rick Occassional Live Music CLASSIC’S {Clarion Hotel} 4313 Central, Hot Springs 525-7172 71913 Bookings: Mary Live music returns in Spring… COPPER PENNY PUB 711 Central, Hot Springs 622-2570 71901 W.: Joseph Delerio Live music nightly. Call for details… CROSSWALK BAR & GRILL 2714 Central, Hot Springs 623-2979 71913 Live music nightly. Call for details… EAGLES CLUB (P) 817 Hobson, Hot Springs 318-1599 71913 Sa.: Hot Shots EMBASSY SUITES CASCADES PIANO BAR 400 Convention Blvd., Hot Springs 624-9200 71901 W.--Sa.: Tony Nardi FAT JACK’S OYSTER BAR & GRILL 101 Central, Hot Springs 623-5225 71901 Live bands… HAWG’S PIZZA 1442 Airport Road, Hot Springs 767-4240 71901 Razorback time… Bands return after the season!

HOT SPRINGS ARTS CENTER 405 Park Ave., Hot Springs 624-0489 71901 Various gallery displays...Saturday Evening Music Series for teens the 1st and 3rd Sat. of each. mo. Afternoon and evening classes in pottery, drawing and painting... LOW KEY ARTS 118 Arbor, Hot Springs 282-9057 71901 Occassional live music. Call for details… MAXINE’S 700 Central Ave., Hot Springs 321-0909 71901 Bookings: bookings @ W.: Poetry Slam feat.: Poetry Readings Open Mic November 13: Jayke Orvis Gary Lindsay My Graveyard Jaw 14: Engine The Ex Optimists A Sundae Drive 19: Thunder Dreamer Dead Balloons 20: Ghost Bones Nervous Curtains 21: Foulplay Cabaret Burlesque Show Quaker City Nighthawks 27: Marcella & Here Lovers Otherwise 28: Pagiins Dangerous Idiots Heels December 4: Dirty Streets Cartright 5: Duckstronaught Landrest Colin vs. Adam Turtle Rush Midwest Caravan OHIO CLUB 336 A Central, Hot Springs 627-0702 71901 Su.: Larry Womack & Jacquiline M.: Randy & Chana Tu.: Legacy Duo W.: Open Jam

Hurst, Morrissey & Hurst, P.L.L.C. A Tradition Of Outstanding Representation

Au tomobile A ccidents • P ersonal IInjury njur y Automobile Accidents Personal •E nter tainment La w•N egligence, W rongful D eath Entertainment Law Negligence, Wrongful Death • Pr oduct Li ability • Cr iminal L aw • Ci vil L itigation Product Liability Criminal Law Civil Litigation • Re al E state & C or porate La w Real Estate Corporate Law • Di vorce, Se paration, C ustody & Su pport Divorce, Separation, Custody Support •D iscrimination (J ob, A ge o Discrimination (Job, Age orr S Sex) At-Home Consultation ex) • A t-Home C onsultation

CCredit redit CCards ards AAccepted ccepte d

((501) 5 01 ) 6 23 - 25 6 5 623-2565

Over 39 Years Experience

518 Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR 71901 34


Th.: F., Sa.:

Jazz Ohio Club Players

POCKET COMMUNITY THEATRE 170 Ravine St., Hot Springs 623-8585 71901 POP’S LOUNGE // SILKS BAR & GRILL {Oaklawn Jockey Club} 2705 Central, Hot Springs 701-1366 71901 W.: Karaoke Live music nightly…call for details… QUAPAW BATHHOUSE & SPA 413 Central, Hot Springs 767-0211 71901 4th Friday ev. mo.: H. S. Jazz Soc. presents: Arkansas Jazz Experience feat.: Shirley Chauvin Cyde Pound Bill Huntington Jay Payette & guest artists


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��������� ����� ������� ���� �������������� ������������ �����������

RAZORBACK PIZZA 4330 Central, Hot Springs 525-1616 71901 W.: Jeff Heartsfull ROD’S PIZZA CELLAR 3350 Central, Hot Springs 321-2313 71901 Live music on special occasions... ROLANDO’S NUEVO LATINO 210 Central, Hot Springs 6054-605471901 Contact: Suki Live music on special occasions... SADDLEBAGS SALOON & GRILL 4977 Albert Pike, Hot Springs 767-BAGS (2247) Open Every Day Kitchen open ‘til 9 Su.: Front Porch Pickin’ (Acoustic Jam) W.: Karaoke & Dance Th.: Karaoke & Dance F.: Karaoke & Live DJ SAM’S PIZZA PUB 401 Burchwood Bay, Hot Springs 525-0780 71901 HH: Jim Cotton SHARK’S 634 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs 318-5282 71901 Live music. Call for details… SMYLY’S CRAB SHACK ON THE LAKE 4916 Central, Hot Springs Live entertainment. Call for details… SUPERIOR BATH HOUSE BREWERY & DISTILLERY 328 Central, Hot Springs 624-2337 71901 Live entertainment. Call for details… TERRY MARTIN’S 5590 Central., Hot Springs 520-0446 71913 W.--Sa.: Terry Martin & Co.

Idabel, OK

CHOCTAW CASINO 1425 SE Washington, Idabel (800)634-3447 74745 Live music nightly. Call for details… Delightful Delectables

Jacksonville/Cabot {Area Code 501) BOAR’S DEN (America’s Best Inn) 200 No. Hwy. 67, J’ville 2430-243072076 Su.: JR’s Acoustic Open Mic

COUNT PULASKI (Jacksonville Inn) 200 Hwy. 67 N., J’ville 241-9285 72706 Tu.--Sa.: Karaoke feat.: The Karaoke Cowboy Nightly Contests GOAL POST (P) 7607 John Hardin Dr., Cabot 982-2900 72032 Th.--Sa.: Karaoke Occassional live bands… THE HANGAR (P) 7619 John Harden Dr., Cabot 982-0091 72076 Live Music. Call for details… Th.: Open Mic feat.: Luke Williams Shane Thornton Occassional live bands… SENSATIONS (P) 6715 John Harden Dr., J’ville 982-0114 72026 Open 7 Days A Week Non-Stop Adult Entertainment WHISKEY BENT SALOON 6613 John Harden Dr., Cabot 982-0444 72023 Live Country Bands…


{Area code 870} BRICKHOUSE GRILL(P) 218 So. Main, J’boro 336-2441 72401 Tu.: Ladies Night Live Acoustic W.: Karaoke host: Jim Th.: DJ Epic F.: Live Music On The Downstairs Stage Sa.: DJ Psychs November 12: Nathan Crouch 13: Tim Hoggard 19: Oz 26: Nathan Crouch 27: Tim Hoggard


3: 10:

Oz Nathan Crouch

CREGEEN’S (P) 201 So. Main, J’Boro 972-9200 72401 Bookings: Conor Brankin Schedule unavailable at presstime… GODSEY’S GRILL (P) 226 S. Main Street, J’boro 336-1988 72401 Schedule unavailable at presstime… SKINNY J’S (P) 205 So. Main, J’boro 275-6264 72401 Bookings: Sarah Reeves, M., Tu., Th., F. - 2-4 p.m. Tu.: Open Mic Th.: Vikki & Sonny Sa.: Live Music UPPER CRUST PIZZA 3120 Shelby Dr., J’boro 336-7500 72404 Contact: Billy Creego November 7: Low Down Saints 13: Ashley McBryde 14: Vicki McGee 21: Tony Spinner 28: Little Red December 5: Low Down Saints 12: Vicki McGee

Joplin, MO

{Area Code 417} THE KITCHEN PASS 1212 So. Main, Joplin 624-9095 64804 M.: DJ Triage W.: Open Mic Night host: Erik Brown Th.: Dinner & Live Music On The Patio


{Area Code 870} OZARK HERITAGE ARTS CENTER 410 Oak St., Leslie 447-2500 72645 Live entertainment. Call for details...

Little Rock North Little Rock Sherwood

{Area Code 501} THE AFTERTHOUGHT BISTRO & BAR 2721 Kavanaugh, L.R. 663-1196 72205 Su.: Jazz Brunch feat.: Lucas Murray Ev. M.: Jazz At The Afterthought Tu.: Jazz Jam Sessions host: Carl Mouton W.: What The Folk! feat.: Mark Curry November 6: Rodney Block & The Real Music Lovers 28: FreeVerse AMER. LEGION POST #1 (P) 315 E. Capitol Ave., L.R. 372-8762 72201 F., Su.: Warren Crow & Wendell Craig ANOTHER ROUND 12111 W. Markham, L.R. 313 - 2612 72211 Bookings: Bryden Right Th.: ARBS Blues Jam November 4: Roy Hale 5: ARBS Blues Jam 6: Parker Francis Ashley McBryde 7: Raising Grey 11: Ben Lewis 13: Matt Treadway Brown Soul Shoes 14: Bluesboy Jag & The Juke Joint Zombies 18: Rick McKean 19: ARBS Blues Jam 20: Nerd Eye Blind 21: Akeem Kemp 27: Trey Johnson & The Haints 28: Full Flava Kings December 2: LLC Band 3: Swing Band Reunion


5: 9: 10:

Trustees, unplugged Ashley McBryde & The Friends of Angelina Cons of Formant Ben Lewis ARBS Blues Jam

AREA 51 PUB & CLUB (P) 6511 Warden Rd., Sherwood 5510-5510 72120 Open ‘til 5 a.m. Live Music. Call for details… F., Sa.: Karaoke feat.: DJ Savaunte ARKANSAS REPERTORY THEATRE {The Rep} 6th & Main, L.R. 378-0405 72203 Live Theatre….Call for details... BOGIE’S NIGHTCLUB 120 West Pershing, NLR 812-0019 72114 Live entertainment. Call for details… BOUDREAUX’S GRILL & BAR 9811 Maumelle Blvd., NLR 753-6860 72218 Live entertainment. Call for details… CAJUN’S WHARF 2400 Cantrell, LR 375-5351 72202 Bookings: Allison November 4: Brian Nahlen & Nick Devlin 5: Aces Wild Smokey, HH 6: Crisis Richie Johnson, HH 7: Hazy Nation Fire & Brimstone, HH 11: Nick Devlin & Brian Nahlen 12: Mister Lucky Brian Ramsey, HH 13: Shannon Boshears Richie Johnson, HH 14: The Woodpeckers Alex Summerlin, HH 18: Brian Nahlen & Nick Devlin 19: Tragikly White Ben Byers, HH 20: Katmandu



21: 25:

Richie Johnson, HH Brian Nahlen Band Karen Jr. Nick Devlin & Brian Nahlen Closed for

26: Thanksgiving 27: White Chocolate Richie Johnson, HH 28: Big Damn Horns Chris DeClerk, HH CREGEEN’S IRISH PUB 301 Main, N.L.R. 376-PINT (7468) 72114 Bookings: November 6: Jeff Coleman 7: Rob Moore 13: Brian Nahlen 14: Jason Hale 20: Brian Nahlen 21: Bonnie Montgomery 27: Jeff Coleman


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28: December 19: feat.:

Rob Moore Mojo Depot Christmas Party Mojo Depot

FOUR QUARTER BAR 415 Main, N.L.R. Argenta District Contact: Conan Robinson Coming soon! Live Music! Great food and drinks... WE’RE COMING!!! COMMUNITY THEATRE OF LITTLE ROCK 616 Center, Little Rock 410-ACTS (2283) 72203 DEEP (below Willy D’s) 322 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 244-9550 72201 Live entertainment. Call for details… DISCOVERY // BACKSTREET(P) 1029 Jesse Rd., L.R. 664-4784 72203 Little Rock’s Legendary Dance Club... Open Saturday Nights

Read Nightflying on your phone {501}354-8577

DUGAN’S PUB 403 E. 3rd, Little Rock 244-0542 72201 Bookings: S.: Sports on Huge Screen TVs M.: NFL Tu.: Live Team Trivia W.: Gonzo Karaoke Th.: Dart League ESPN Game Plan NFL November 6: Brown Soul Shoes 7: Gregg Madden 13: DeltaTones 14: Karla Case Band 20: Adrienne & Bonnie 21: Big John Miller 22: Bonnie Montgomery 26: Happy Thanksgiving! 27: Bonnie Montgomery 28: Brian Nahlen December 4: Brown Soul Shoes 5: Shannon Boshears 11: Brian Nahlen 12: Third Degree 19: Adrienne & Bonnie EAGLES (P) 65th & I-30, L.R. 562-0876 72203 Live entertainment. Call for details...

EAST END CAFÉ 20622 Arch St. Pike, East End 888-4444 72065 Tu.: Live Music Schedule unavailable at presstime… ELECTRIC COWBOY (P) 9515 I-30, L.R. 562-6000 72209 ERNIE BIGG’S 587 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 372-4782 72201 Dueling Pianos nightly... FORTY TWO 1200 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 537-0042 72201 Occassional live programs & shows FOX & HOUND {Lakewood Village} 2800 Lakewood Rd., N.L.R. 753-8300 72116 Su.: Open Mic feat.: Third Degree Tu.: Karaoke by Phil F.: Live DJ November 14: Mourning View 21: FreeVerse 28: Third Degree December 5: Almost Infamous 14: HooDoo Blues Band 19: Sol-Def 31: Mourning View GRUMPY’S TOO NEIGHBORHOOD BAR & GRILLE 1801 Green Mtn., L.R. 225-3768 72212 Bookings: email info to November 13: Ben Francis 20: Clayton Nichols 25: John Keathly 28: Sam Walker December 4: Josh Newcolm 11: John Neal 18: Cory Fontenot


Ryan Couron

GUSANO’S 313 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 374-1441 72201 Live entertainment. Call for details… HIBERNIA IRISH TAVERN 9700 Rodney Parham Rd., L.R. 246-4340 72227 Su.: Traditional Irish Session M.: Trivia W.: Paint Night Th.: Billy Pirate’s Open Mic Comedy Night HOLIDAY INN SELECT I’s 630 & 430, L.R. 223-3000 72205 Nightly: Piano Music feat.: Glenn The Piano Player JAZZI’S 5200 Asher, L.R. 562-6919 72204 Bookings: Ed Mo Lanier (501)204-0579 or (863)250-6877 M.: On Call 1st Wed. ea. month: Live entertainment. Call for details… JIMMY DOYLE COUNTRY (P) I-40 at Galloway, N.L.R. 945-9042 72118 F., Sa.: Arkansas River Bottom Band JUANITA’S CANTINA BALLROOM 614 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 372-1228 72202 Bookings: (501)374-3660 Tu.: Salsa November 3: Babes In Toyland 5: Jelly Roll 7: Diamond Rio 9: Wayland 11: Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts 14: Brooks Wheelan 16: Plain White T’s Matt McAndrew

18: 19: 21:

24: 28: December 3: 5: 6: 13: 14: 15: 16:

Amaranthe Butcher Babies Lullwater Autograph Andrew Jackson Jihad Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts Rozwell Kid Devin The Dude Potluck Synrg Chris Janson Jeff The Brotherhood Like A Storm Keith Harkin HIghly Suspect Ian Moore The Sword Royal Thunder

KHALIL’S PUB & GRILL 110 So. Shackleford, L.R. 224-0224 72211 Tu.: Jeff Long W, F., Sa: Karaoke 1st Monday each month: Nashville Songwriters Assoc. 2nd and 4th Mondays: Live Celtic Music LAMAN LIBRARY 2801 Orange, N.L.R. 758-1720 Schedule unavailable at presstime… LONG BRANCH SALOON 8419 Scott Hamilton, L.R. 568-5547 72209 W.--Sa.: Erotic Dancers Occassional Live Music… LOONY BIN COMEDY CLUB Breckenridge Village, L.R. 228-5555 72212 November 4 - 7: John Moses 11 - 14: Alex Ortiz 18 - 21: James Johann 27, 28: Tim Kidd dancing makes you skinny you need to dance a mission from God to keep musicians off the streets

We champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow. 36


MARKHAM STREET GRILL 11321 W. Markham, L.R. 224-2010 72211 Bookings: November 6: John Calvin Brewer 7: Almost Infamous 13: Brian Ramsey Trio 14: Mike Robinson 20: tba 21: Lead Outlaw 27: Brian Nahlen Band 28: Queen Ann’s Revenge December 4: Buh Jones Band 5: Mojo Duo 11: Odyssey 12: tba MID-TOWN BILLIARDS (P) 1316 Main, L.R. 372-9990 72202 Bookings: Conan @ email All Our Personnel Are Entertainers!! OPEN AT 3 P.M.-4:30 A.M. DAILY November 6: FreeWorld 7: DeFrance 13: The Wall Changers 14: Stellar Wayz 20: Fuggins Wheat

21: 27: 28: December 4: 11: 12: 18: 19: feat.: 25: feat.: 26: 31: feat.:

Band Ed Bowman & The Rock City Players Dangerous Idiots American Lions

RODNEY’S HANDLEBAR & GRILL 9110 I-30 Suite B, Little Rock 6336-633672209 Th.: Bike Night Live music. Call for details…

The Uh-Huhs Bombay Harambee TBA Moonshine Mafia The Mike Dillon Band Nightflying: 35 After Party FreeVerse Members of The Schwag Midtown’s famous Christmas Night Throwdown Ryan Visor (open at Midnight) Black River Pearl NYE Party Chinese Connection Dub Embassy

PROST 322 President Clinton, L.R. 244-9550 72201 Tu.: DJ JB Showtime Karaoke

MURRY’S DINNER PLAYHOUSE 6323 Asher Ave., L.R. 562-3131 72204 November 1O, 11: Etta May 12 - 14: Sweet Dreams 17 - D. 31: Out Of Order PARROT BEACH CAFÉ 9611 MacArthur Dr., NLR 771-2994 72114 Th.: Open Jam F.: Karaoke Su.: Gill Franklin Band PIZZA D’ACTION 2919 W. Markham, L.R. 666-5403 72205 Live music. Call for details…

RENO’S ARGENTA CAFÉ 312 Main, N.L.R. 376-2900 72114 Bookings: Louis France, 9 a.m - 1 p.m. November 6: Buh Jones 7: Jim Stewart 13: Fett’s Folly 14: Reese Sullivan 21: HooDoo Blues Revue 28: Chris Cameron Trio December 4: Kenny Tucker 5: Kett’s Folly 11: Buh Jones 12: Chris Cameron Trio 18: Brian Nahlen RICHARD’S MUSICIANS CORNER 15424 A Arch Street, L.R. 888-4470 72206 Live music. Call for details… RIVERFRONT STEAKHOUSE [Wyndham Hotel] 2 Riverfront Place, N.L.R. 374-8081 72114 F., Sa.: Ricky David Tripp ROCK CITY LOUNGE 8115 Arch St., L.R. 562-3613 / 240-0579 72206 Bookings: Cecil or Martha W.: Blues Jam

host: Sa.:

Ed Mo & Friends Double Shot


RUMBA! REVOLUTION MUSIC ROOM (‘The Rev Room’) 300 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 823-0090 72201 The River Market’s Concert Venue M.: Open Mic Tu.: Tapas Tuesdays Latin Night Sa.: Ts Tunes Karaoke November 13: Shooter Jennings & Waynires Outlaws 21: Robert Earl Keen December 1: Ryan Bingham Jamestown Revival 3: Exodus Vore Madman Morgan 5: Jason Boland & The Stragglers 11: Canaan Smith Russell Dickerson 17: Lucero Family Christmas Night One 18: Lucero Family Christmas Night Two (Note: a portion of b oth night’s proceeds goes to Little Rock’s CARTI Cancer Research &


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We H


u’re L o at Yo h W ave

o k i ng


Hospice) Nightflying 35: An Anniversary Party The Schwag FreeVerse

SKINNY J’S 314 Main, N.L.R. 916-2645 72114 December 5: The Vikki McGee Band SONNY WILLIAMS STEAK ROOM 500 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 324-2999 72202 Tu - Sa..: Jim Dickerson SPECTATOR’S GRILL & PUB 1012 W. 34th, N.L.R. {behind U.S. Pizza} 791-0990 72114 Schedule unavailable at presstime... SOUTH ON MAIN 1304 So. Main, L.R. 244-9660 72202 November 13: Rodney Block & The Love Supreme Funakanites 18: Dana Louise & Adams Collins 20: Big Piph & Tomorrow

28: December

2: 3:

4: 9: 16:

Finger Food Indigo Girls Patterson Hood Bijoux Marquis & Mood Chris Milam

STICKYZ ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CHICKEN SHACK 107 River Market, L.R. 372-7707 72201 Bookings: Chris King, 2-5 p.m., M.-F. CHICKEN COOP NOW OPEN NIGHTLY! Tu.: Rock ‘n’ Roll Karaoke feat.: T’s Tunes M.—F.: Happy Hour, 4:00-7 November 8: Dylan Holland Castro The Rise of the Broken 14: That 1 Guy 19: Tony Furtado 20: Cereus Bright & Family and Friends

Rock & Roll For Art’s Sake Every Night!

Just off I-630

1316 Main • Little Rock • (501)372-9990

Live At Mid-Town

20: The Fuggins Wheat Band 21: Ed Bowman 27: Dangerous Idiots 28: American Lions

25: feat.:

Maybe UCA Jazz II Ensemble Friendsgiving Bonnie Montgomery Cody Belew & John Willis

Fo r ! ! !

Little Rock Since 1940




4: The Uh-Huhs Bombay Harambee 11: A Surprise! 12: Moonshine Mafia 18: Mike Dillon Band 19: NF 35 Afterparty

.......where the bands come to get off when they get off everywhere else.......�

Smoking ‘til Sunrise

Seven Days A Week!!!

For bookings email Conan:




3: 4: 5:


Cas Haley Collin Hauser Manic Focus Lovedrug Open Fields Charlie Virgo Will Hoge Devin Dawson

TAILGATER’S PUB & GRUB (P) 8100 Warden Road, Sherwood 834-9066 72120 OPEN ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT! ‘Til 5 a.m…. Occassional Live Bands TAVERN SPORTS GRILL 17815 Chenal, L.R. 830-2100 72223 Live music returns in Spring…

Do Arkansas... The Altered State...

THE JOINT 301 Main, N.L.R. 372-0205 72114 Tu.: Hogging The Mic host: Adam Hogg W.: The Joint Venture Comedy Improv Group F., Sa.: Lou Tells A Big One November 5: Erotic Goosebumps 12: Mary Tucker 19: Murial Anderson THIRST-N-HOWL 14710 Cantrell, L.R. 379-8189 72223 Open 7 Days A Week W.: ARBS Blues Jam Th.: Ladies Night Open Mic November 6: Thread

7: 13: 14: 20: 21: 27: 28: December 3: 4: 5: 10: 11: 12: 17: 18: 19:

Mark’s 50th Birthday Jet 420 The Intruders Taylormade Greyhaus Canvas Katmandu Rip Van Shizzle Boyz Ed Super 55 Canvas Boyz Ed Big Stack Christmas Show The Big Johnsons Boyz Ed Rock Candy Katmandu

Nightflying: On a mission from God to keep derelict musicians off the streets...

TON’S PLACE 18814 MacArthur, N.L.R. 851-9987 72118 F.: Karaoke feat.: The Convertible Cowboy TOWN PUMP 1321 Rebsamen Park, L.R. 663-9802 72202 Bookings: email to townpumpentertainment November 7: Black River Pearl 13: Buh Jones 14: Rodje 21: Two Lane Blacktop December 5: John Kiethly V.F.W. POST 11474 (P) 4400 Lynn Lane, N.L.R. 753-5538 72118 Bookings: Clyde Lunsford F., Sa.: Occas. Live Music Support Live Music



Because They Deserve The Very Best!

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VINO’S 7th & Chester, L.R. 375-8468 72201 Bookings: Dylan at November 11: Open Mic feat.: Jarrod Ives 13: Fall Fest, Day 1 14: Fall Fest, Day 2 18: Lifer North Dying Whale Balloon Assembly 19: Vattnet Viskar Maruta All Is At An End 20: Sumokem Pinkish Black Iron Tongue Mainland Divide 25: Castle Apothecary 28: Vino’s 25th Anniversary feat.: Go Fast Ebo & The Tomcats Big Boss Line Bonnie Montgomery Lollygadget December 2: Heretic 4: Chimp Chimp Chimp Ben Gipson 5: SYCHOCIS Red Devil Lies Hell Camino 11: Abandon The Artifice Take Over And Destroy

18: 19:

Lament Cityscape Senior Fellows Dream Cult I Was Afraid Deadbird Snakedriver Crankbait

WEST END SMOKE HOUSE & TAVERN 215 N. Shackleford, L.R. 224-7665 72211 Su., M.: Bucket Specials Wed.: Ladies Night November 20: Aces Wild 21: Third Degree 27: Mayday By Midnight 28: Dirty Lindsay December 4, 5: Goldy Locks 11: Pamela K. Ward & The Last Call Orchestra 12: Nerd Eye Blind 18: Billy Jones Revue 19: Mother Hubbard 26: Seth Freeman WHITE WATER TAVERN & RESTAURANT 7th & Thayer, L.R. 375-8400 72205 Bookings: Matt White Kitchen: Tu., Th., F.: 5 p.m. - 12 Lunch F.: 11 a.m. - 2 Tu.: Arkansas Rockers Revue (NO COVER CHARGE) feat.: $3.50 pitchers & $2.50 cocktails st.

One Stop Access to NWA’s:         

Entertainment & Art Event Center Monthly Open Mic Nights Monthly Art Receptions Accepting New Art Work Wellness Center & Coffee Shoppe Southern Traditions Consignments / Women's Boutique Shopping, Diane's Jewels & Such... Monthly $3 Dollar Classic Movies And much more.. Sponsors


Diane's Jewels & Such 479-200-7911

$3 Classic Movies 479-361-1211 3rd Thursday of the Month

The Art Exchange 479-361-1211

Southern Traditions Consignments Looking for Vendors 479-751-3003 / / Genesis Economic Development Group For more information contact: Phone: 917-744-6655



AD NF 043014-04

November 10: 11: 14: 17: 20: 21: 25: 27: 28: December


4 - 6: feat.:

8: host: 10: 11: 26:

@ 10 Jimmy Smith (of The Gourds) Mike Nicolai Bombay Harambee Whale Fire Monster Furniture Peter Case Love Ghost Joey Kneiser & Kelly Smith (of Glossary) The Sideshow Tragedy Jeremy Pinnell Runaway Planet Dikki Du & The Zydeco Krewe Tyrannosaurus Chicken Glass Wands Greater Pyrenees The Holiday Hangout: Adam Faucett & The Tall Grass Austin Lucas & The Bold Party Brent Best Drag The River Joey Kneiser & The Living Flames John Moreland John Paul Keith Jkutchma Kevin Kerby Malcombe Holcomb Micah Schnabel Red Collar Roger Hoover Shane Sweeney Slobberbone Tim Barry Two Cow Garage Unions Open Turntables Mike Poe Banditos Mike & The Moonpies Smoke Up Johnny!

WILDWOOD PARK 20919 Denny Rd., L.R. 821-7275 72223 Schedule unavailable at presstime… WILLY D’S ROCK & ROLL PIANO BAR 322 President Clinton Ave., L.R. 244-9550 72201 Tu.--Sa.: Live Dueling Pianos original Altered State music

YA YA’S EURO BISTRO 17711 Chenal Parkway, L.R. 821-1144 72223 Contact: Scott Hanyik Live music. Call for details… ZACK’S PLACE 1400 So. University, L.R. 664-6444 72204 M.: Live Trivia Tu., W.: Poker Tourneys Th.: Luck Of The Draw Karaoke Sa.: Club Music Karaoke feat.: Debbi T F., Sa.: Live DJ

Lula, MS

{Area Code 662} ISLE OF CAPRI 777 Isle of Capri Parkway, Lula 1-800-The-Isle, 38644 W.--Sa.: Pulse November 7: Don Williams 28: Ob Buchana


{Area Code 501} AMERICAN LEGION POST # 11 (P) 218 Olive, Malvern 337-8168 72104 Sa.: Canned Country


{Area Code 501} LUCKY’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL 1101 Murphy Dr., Maumelle 803-4898 72113 F.: Karaoke Sa.: Showing all the games…

Memphis, TN

{Area Code 901} ALFRED’S 197 Beale & 3rd, Memphis 525-3711 38103 Su.: Memphis Jazz Orchestra M.: Eric Hughes Band Tu.: Kaleidoscope W.: Eric Hughes Band Th.: Matt Tutor DJ Scottie Lawrence F., Sa.: Kevin & Bethany Paige B.B. KING’S BLUES CLUB 143 Beale, Memphis 524-KING 38103 Nightly: BB King All Star Band NightLife


M.--W: Tu.: W.: Th.:

F.: Sa.:


Carl Drew Blues Band Will Tucker Band Preston Shannon King Beez Preston Shannon Preston Shannon NiteLife BB King’s All-Stars King Beez Preston Shannon Blind Mississippi Morris BB King Allstar Band King Beez BB King All-Stars Will Tucker Band Blind Mississippi Morris Carl Drew Blues Band Carl Stewart BB King All Stars Herchal Bailey & Natasha Young

BLUES CITY CAFE 138 Beale, Memphis 526-3637 38103 Su.: Free World Nightly: Gary Hardy & The Memphis 2 Brad Birkedahl & The Burning Love Band Live Music Every Day! • {501}354-8577

BLUES HALL 182 Beale, Memphis 528-0150 38103 F.--M.: Dr. ‘Feel Good’ Potts Band BLUE MONKEY 2012 Madison, Memphis 272-2583 38103 Tu.: Rusty Lemon HANDY BAR 200 Beale, Memphis 527-2687 38103 Sa.: Plantation All Stars Su.: Fred Sanders Juke Joint All Stars

13: 15:


17: 18:

HARD ROCK CAFE 315 Beale, Memphis 529-0007 38103 M.: Memphis Music Monday Tu.: Lil’ Rocker Tuesday


HI-TONE CAFÉ 412-414 No. Cleveland, Memphis 278-TONE 38103 November 9: FUZZ Ex-Cult Walter Aquarian Blood 10: Parquet Courts Young Mammals Friends of Scotland 11: Gash SVU Gloryholes 12: Geoff Tate

22: 23: 25:

20: 21:

26: 27, 28: 29:

30: feat.:

Other Stories The Warp and the Weft Flower Ranger Spencer Kellum

Emma Arnold As Earth Shatters Pick Your Poison Altruria Holy Gallows North Sunfather Seraph the light Free Pizza Loser Vision China Gate Denny Laine The Cryers Elder And The Echo Camino The Devil Music Co. Wand Shade Jonny Two Bags Scott H. Biram Jesse Dayton Jane Lee Hooker Snaketrips Mag Jackson Digg Mobile Deathcamp Carnivora edhochuli Super T Gone To The Dogs Fest 2 Exit Glaciers The Painters The Odyssey Orchestra Tribute To Pet Sounds Strong Martian

KING’S PALACE CAFE 162 Beale, Memphis 521-1851 38103 M.--Th.: David Bowen F., Sa.: Memphis Jazz Trio feat.: Michaelyn Obysw Patio F., Sa.: 2 Weeks Notis Sa.: Ms. Zeno Duo Soul Outsiders MINGLEWOOD HALL 1555 Madison Ave., Memphis 312-6058 38104 November 5: Tori Kelly 6: Courage Thru Cancer for: The Wings Foundation feat.: Walrus 7: Pulse 12: Damien Rice 13: The Black Jacket Symphony: The Beatles Abbey Road 19: Metric - The Topaz Tour Hibou 20: Earphunk 21: V3 Fights 23: Makeovers & Cocktails

Special Attention to Members and Guests of

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d n e p S s ’ t e L Come... Together! the Night ������������������� ���������� ������������ �����������������������������������������������������������





25: feat.:


29: December 2: 3: 4: feat.: 6:

Collective Soul Ed Roland & The Sweet Tea Project Lyfe Is Dope Jam Project Pat Lord T & Eloise David Parks DJ DNyce North Mississippi Allstars Jim Lauderdale The Memphis Allstars Craig Ferguson Will Hoge Devin Dawson Big K.R.I.T. A Celebration of World, Wine & Jazz Jeff Kashiwa Cindy Bradley Julian Vaughn Pokey Lafarge Deslondes

NEWBY’S 539 So. Highland, Memphis 452-8408 38110 Th.: Mojo Possum Live Entertainment. Call for details… NEW DAISY THEATRE 330 Beale, Memphis 525-8979 38103 November 14: Audien 17: Steve Earle & The Dukes 18: Dance Gavin Dance Slaves



20: 21: 22: 28: December 5: 8: 17:

A Lot Like Birds Day Shell Strawberry Girls Soulfly Crowbar Shattered Sun Incite Houndmouth Seven Lions Monica Dustin Lynch Ruby Rose David Aude Digitour Slaybells Fire Brillz Party Favor

RUM BOOGIE CAFE 182 Beale, Memphis 150-150 3 Su.: Memphis Blues Society M.: Blake Ryan Band Th.--Sa.: James Govan & The Boogie Blues Band W.: Boogie Blues Band Sa.: Memphis Blues Society THE PIG ON BEALE 167 Beale Street, Memphis 529-1544 38103 F.: Leslie E. Jones: Elvis Tribute Show Sa.: Guy Venable, Jr.

ORPHEUM THEATRE 203 So. Main, Memphis 529-0150 38103 November 3: The Keepers Tangerine 4: Mary J. Blige 5: Tumbledown 9: Breaking A Monster December 12: Melinda Doolittle 18: Tony Bennett Antonia Bennett

YOUNG AVENUE DELI 2119 Young Ave., Memphis 278-0034 38104 Live bands. Call for details…

ROCKHOUSE LIVE MEMPHIS 5709 Raleigh LaGrange, Memphis 386-7222 38134 November 5: Kazha 7: Hooker Red

LA TERRAZA MEXICAN RESTAURANT 306 Hwy. 425, Monticerllo 460-0055 71655 Live entertainment. Call for details...

do arkansas The Altered State



{Area Code 870} AMERICAN LEGION HUT {old Veteran’s Bldg. in McCloy Park} 111 Briarcliff, Monticello 367-6958 71655 Live entertainment. Call for details...

love live musicians they never get to dance

MAIN STREET BISTRO {First Presbyterian Church} 821 No. Main, Monticello 367-6883 71655 Live entertainment. Call for details... THE RIVER (P) 791 Hwy. 278 W., Monticello 367-6135 71655 M., Tu., F., Sa.: Karaoke VFW HUT 148 Veteran’s Drive, Monticello 367-2797 71655 Occassional Live Music


{Area Code 501} JEBB’S PLACE (P) I-40 & Hwy. 95, Morrilton 477-2198 72110 Th., Sa: Karaoke Schedule unavailable at presstime… NORTH PLAZA CINEMA 1515 North Business 9, Morrilton 354-1667 72110 Sa.: Red Barnes & The Country Knights RIALTO COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER 213 E. Broadway, Morrilton 477-9955 72110 Ev. 3rd Friday: The Rialto Pickers healthy munchies

Mountain Home

{Area Code 870} THE BACK FORTY Hwy. 62 W., Mtn. Home 425-7170 72653 Live Music On Our Outdoor Deck - weather permitting THE BRICK YARD BAR & GRILL (P) 10460 Cranfield Rd., Mtn. Home 492-6106 72653 Bookings: Jay Sabella W.: Piano Bar F.: Live Bands Sa.: Dance Club & Karaoke ROYAL 66 4063 Hwy. 62 E., Mtn. Home 492-5600 72653 Bookings: Richard W.: Karaoke Live entertainment. Call for details…

Mountain View

{Area Code 870} OZARK FOLK CENTER P.O. Box 500, Mtn. View 269-3851 72560 M.—Sa.: Live Traditional Music Su.: Gospel Concerts featuring occasional guest performers and Gospel concerts, arts & crafts workshops, demonstrations, etc. Mid-April - November; Thanksgiving & Christmas

OZARK FOLKLORE SOCIETY 1 1/2 blocks So. of Courtsquare Sa.: Live Music (weather permitting)

New Edinburg

{Area Code 870} NEW EDINBURG COMMUNITY CENTER 6590 Hwy. 8, N.E. 510-6388 71655 Occassional live music.


{Area Code 870} GOLD STAR CLUB 714 Hwy. 367 No., Newport 523-2338 72112 Live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 479} MAIN STREET LOUNGE 215 W. Main, Ozark 667-0962 72949 Contact: Katie Reynolds Live music. Call for details…


{Area Code 479} EAST END SPORTS PUB E. Walnut St., Paris 963-3278 72855 Live music. Call for details…

13: 14: 20:

JOHNNY MAC’S ROCKIN’ ROOSTER (P) 5855 Hwy. 22, Paris 963-2626 72855 Live music. Call for details…


Pine Bluff

The Stars West 51 Libby Starks & The Bandit Band Michael Bolton Mr. Cabbage Head & The Screaming Radishes Chance Anderson Band The Schwag

{Area Code 870} MAD HOG TAVERN 2405 No. University, P.B. 534-0565 72123 Live music. Call for details…

28: December 4:


Quapaw, OK


{Area Code 870} IMPERIAL DINNER THEATRE 1401 Hwy. 304 E., Pocahontas 892-0030 72455 Schedule unavailable at presstime...

Pocola, OK

{Area Code 918} CHOCTAW CASINO I-540, Pocola 1-800-590-5825 74902 M: Ladies Night Out Tu.: Fun Card Drawings W.: Club 55 Th.: Men’s Night F., Sa.: Live Bands Nightly: Big Stack Gilley’s CenterStage Event Center November 6: The Crumbs 7: Inaugural Pow Wow Octane Blue


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Kellie Pickler

{Area Code 918} DOWNSTREAM CASINO RESORT 69300 East Nee Rd., Quapaw 919-6000 74363 November 6: Montgomery Gentry Bobby D. Bland Kenny Babb 7: Kidd/Ray Kenny Babb 13: Oreo Blue Howard Gayles 14: Mark Chapman Band Howard Gayles 20: Phil McGarrah & Running On Empty Kenny Babb 21: Earl & Them Kenny Babb 27, 28: Marci Mitchell Howard Gayles


{Area Code 501} SADDLEBAGS SALOON & GRILL 4977 Albert Pike, Royal 767-2247 71913 Live music. Call for details…

Read Nightflying Do Arkansas... The Altered State


{Area Code 479} AFTER 5 BAR 2000 Promenade Blvd., Rogers 631-1114 72758 Live music. Call for details… COPELAND’S 436 No. Rogers, Rogers 246-9455 72756 Su.: Claudia Burson Trio 3rd Su. of ea. mo.: Ben Harris EAGLES CLUB (P) 11160 Old Wire Rd., Rogers 451-9323 72756 Live Music. Call for details... FOSTER’S PINT & PLATE GASTROPUB 2001 So. Bellview Rd., Rogers 621-0093 72756 Live Music. Call for details… GOOD VIBRATIONS (P) 2500 N. 17th, Rogers 246-8998 72756 Occasional live music… IRON HORSE COFFEEHOUSE 220 So. 1st, Rogers 631-9977 72756 W.: Rogers Jazz Society, 7-9 JJ’S GRILL (P) 4500 W. Walnut, St. #3, Rogers 4460-4460 72756 M., Th.: NFL Specials November 3: Zach Reeves 4: Samantha Hunt 6, 7: Mid-Life Crisis 10: Jeff Fox 11: Russ Hutchison 13, 14: Wes Hart 17: Murray Williams 18: Jeff Fox 20, 21: BottleRocket 24: Austin Parvin 27: Mike & Grady 28: Emmitt & 4WD



JJ’S GRILL (P) {Prairie Creek Marina} 1 Prairie Creek Mar., Rogers 1002-1002 72756 Closed for the Season… PIG PEN (Formerly The Rockin’ Pig) 2407 Hudson Rd., Rogers 9797-9797 72756 F.: Bike Night Live music. Call for details… ROLANDO’S NUEVO LATINO RESTAURANT 224 So. 2nd, Rogers 621-1002 72756 Th.: Live Jazz {501}354-8577


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WALMART AMP 5079 W. Northgate Rd., Rogers 443-5600 72758 or See Concert Pages…

Roland, OK

19: 26: 31:

& Southbound tba Woo Pig Highway 124

Sallisaw, OK

{Area Code 918} CHEROKEE CASINO 205 Cherokee Blvd., Roland 427-1000 or 1-800-256-2338 74954 Schedule unavailable at presstime…

{Area Code 918} BACK 40 BAR & GRILL {CHEROKEE CASINO} Hwy. 64 & I-40, Muldrow 427-7491 74954 Schedule unavailable at presstime…


Stillwater, OK

{Area Code 479} NORTH 40 (P) I-40 & Hwy. 7 No., Russellville 968-1772 72801 Bookings: Tony F.: DJ Montez Your Party Spot in the River Valley! November 7: Brian Odle 14: Cody Martin & Down South 21: Kevin Upshaw & One Night Stand 28: Highway 124 December 5: Brian Odle 8: Arkansas Tech Dead Day feat.: Conway Boys Productions 12: Sherry Bale

{Area Code 405} ESKIMO JOE’S 516 W. Elm, Stillwater 372-8896 74074 W.: Hump Day Th.: Bottomless Bottles F., Sa.: Live music WILLIE’S SALOON 323 S. Washington, Stillwater 377-7716 74074 Th.: Open Mic


{Area Code 870} WILD LIFE BAR & GRILL (P) 711 E. Superior St., Stuttgart 673-1360 72160 Open 7 Days a Week! W.: Karaoke

feat.: DJ Chucky P W., F., Su.: Dart Tourney Live Music. Call for details...

Texarkana, AR & TX

{Area Code 870 and 903} FAT JACK’S 3324 No. Stateline, Texarkana 774-5225 71854 Bookings: Jackie, after 4 p.m., W.--Sa. W.: Karaoke with: Jonathan Live Music. Call for details… December 11: Hooker Red HOPKINS ICE HOUSE 301 Wood St., Texarkana 774-3333 71854 Live Music. Call for details… LA FOGATA 3401 Genoa Rd., Texarkana 773-1879 71854 Live Music. Call for details…

13: 14: 21: 28: December 5: 10: 12:

Statesboro Revue Roger Delano Band Soultones CrossRoads Moss Brothers Mike & The Moonpies Vernon Hinesley


{Area Code 870} SIDELINES SPORTS BAR & GRILL (P) 406 Sidelines, Trumann 483-2223 72472 Bookings: Vicky Shipp Live Music. Call for details…

Van Buren

{Area Code 479} PICKIN’ PEN (Musician’s Exchange) 2421 Kibbler Road, Van Buren 474-7927 72956 Th.: Live Jams

SCOTTIE’S GRILL 8400 W. 7th, Texarkana, TX (903)838-4745 75501 November 6: Curtis Grimes 7: Alan Hunt professional grade homegrown original music


{Area Code 870} SPANKY’S (P) Hwy. 8, Warren 226-5747 71671 Live Music. Call for details…

West Fork

{Area Code 479} THE LITTLE O’ OPREY 271 So. Campbell, West Fork 839-2992 72774 F.: Ozark Talent Revue & Contest Sa.: Authentic Old-time Opry Show

W. Siloam Springs, OK SEVEN {CHEROKEE CASINO} Hwy. 412 & Hwy 59 (800)754-4111 W.: DJ Mick D Schedule unavailable at presstime…


{Area Code 479} OZARK FOLKWAYS 22733 No. Hwy. 71, Winslow 634-3791 72959 Contact: Rebecca Lynn Buchanan Food. Drink. Music. Genesis Capital, LLC., Bringing to Arkansas small wind 4K and large capacity 2 Mw and up Solar & Wind Farms: Presenting home owners the opportunity to reduce their electric costs to zero dollar ($0) or even a positive credit balance, by installing Hybrid Technology / Vertical Axis Turbines and Solar Panels. With a strong vision to provide every home owner a $0 acquisition cost for the Alternative Energy turnkey project. Alternative Energy Projects: Red Sun Resources: Energime Green Group has developed technology tested & output-certified by Rolls Royce, Kawasaki & British Atmospheric Data Institute, running large 1.5 MWe turbines at 32% efficiency for over a year. RED SUN is Patentee of the world-wide exclusive infrared reflection to enable focusing & collecting the full spectrum of head and light giving 1620C for the 1st time! Additional copatents with the DOE allow molten steel 10 MW storage units 18m3 for 24 hour operation to 30 day operation. Storing Green Energy! Benefits to End Users: • Tax credits available from the IRS till 2016, 30% of the purchase price of the qualified alternative energy equipment, based on energy qualification audits. • Immediate savings on monthly electric bill. • Financing available on our equipment, delivery and installation: Working with local banks, presenting the working guidelines of International banks, that have approved the Carbon Credit collateral as the basis for business/home improvement loans to the end users. • The present value of Carbon Credits on the International Market will create cash flow for the projects. • With 1.2 million homes in AR, our project creates much needed jobs for the local communities, improving our economy and providing Green Energy. For more information contact: Phone: 479.361.1211



AD NF 043014-01



Dianne goes to the doctor, and says, “Doctor, I’ve got a bit of a problem. I’ll have to take my clothes off to show you.” The doctor tells her to go behind the screen and disrobe. She does so, and the doctor goes round to see her when she is ready. “Well, what is it?” he asks. “It’s a bit embarrassing,” she replies. “These two green circles have appeared on the inside of my thighs.” The doctor examines her and finally admits he has no idea what the cause is. Then he suddenly asks, “Is your boyfriend a Harley rider?” The woman blushes and says, “Well, actually he is.” “That’s the problem,” the doctor says. “Tell him his earrings aren’t real gold...” Three vampires went into a bar and sat down. The barmaid came over to take their orders. “And what would you, er, gentlemen like tonight?” The first vampire said, “I’ll have a mug of blood.” The second vampire said, “I’ll have a mug of blood.” The third vampire shook his head at his companions and said, “I will have a glass of plasma.” The barmaid wrote down each order, went to the bar and called to the bartender, “Two bloods and a blood light…” A 2006 study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year. Another recent study found that Americans drink an average of 22 gallons of beer a year. That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles per gallon. Not bad…

A female police officer arrests a guy for drunk driving. While reading him his Miranda Rights, the female officer tells the man, “Sir, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be held against you.” “Boobs,” the drunk replied…

A gorilla walks into a pub, pulls up a stool, and orders beer. The bartender gives him a mug and says, “that’ll be five bucks.” As the gorilla reaches for his pocket, the bartender adds, “you know, we don’t usually get many gorilla customers in here.” The gorilla shrugged and replies, “at five bucks a beer, it’s no wonder…”

A guy walks in and sits down at a bar. The side of his face is bruised and bleeding so the bartender asks, “What in the world happened to you, buddy?” The guy says “Oh, I got in a fight with my girlfriend and I called her a two-bit whore.” “Yeah?” asks the bartender. “What did she do?” “She hit me with her bag of quarters…”

A biker walks into a yuppie bar and shouts, “All lawyers are assholes!” He looks around, obviously hoping for a challenge. Finally a guy comes up to him, taps him on the shoulder, and says, “Take that back.” The biker says, “Why? Are you a lawyer?” “No, I’m an asshole…” Q: Where does an Irish person go on a vacation? A: A new bar… A man walked into a Florida bar with his alligator and asked the bartender: “Do you serve lawyers here?” “Sure.” “Good. One beer for me and a lawyer for my alligator...” Q: What is the one thing that all men at singles bars have in common? A: They are married… The difference between sex and death is, death you can do alone and nobody laughs at you… (Woody Allen) Q: Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg? A: They won’t stop to ask directions… Q: Why does the law society prohibit sex between lawyers and their clients? A: To prevent clients from being billed twice for essentially the same service… A young man with a wild and multi-coloured hairstyle sits next to an old man on a park bench. The old man stares at the young man. “What’s the matter, old man?” says the young man. “Never done anything crazy in your life?” The old man replies: “Yeah. When I was in the Navy, I got really drunk one night and had sex with a parrot. I thought you might be my son…” 3 little ducks go into a bar. “What’s your name the barman asks the first duck?” “Huey” was the reply. “Hows your day been Huey?” “Great, I’ve been in and out of puddles all day ... what more could a duck want?” “What’s your name he asked the 2nd duck?” “Dewey” was the reply “... and I’ve been in and out of puddles all day as well.” `He turned to the 3rd duck and said: “I suppose your Louie ...?” “No she said batting her eyelids ... my name is Puddles…”

At a session with a marriage counselor, the wife snapped at her husband: “That’s not true! I do so enjoy sex!” Then, turning to the counselor, she explained: “But this animal expects it four or five times a year…”

Share your jokes with our readers Please send your jokes to Own Worst Enemies, Nightflying, P.O. Box 82, Perry, AR 72125, or email to All letters and emails must be signed and have a verifiable return address and phone number. Those jokers that insult our publisher or staff will make their writers subject to our ridicule in print. Schmucks that upset us will probably have their home addresses published in the paper, and quite possibly written on sleazy rest area bathroom walls... 44


Paddy and his two friends are talking at a bar. His first friend says: “I think my wife is having an affair with the electrician. Last week I came home and found wire cutters under our bed and they weren’t mine.” His second friend says: “I think my wife is having an affair with the plumber. This week I found a wrench under the bed and it wasn’t mine.” Paddy says: “I think my wife is having an affair with a horse.” Both his friends look at him with utter disbelief. “No I’m serious. Yesterday I came home and found a jockey under our bed…” The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance: A condom stands up to inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you’re actually being screwed… Many years ago when I was 23, I got married to a widow. This widow had a grown up daughter. My father fell in love with her, and soon they got married too. This made my Dad my son-in-law and changed my very life. My daughter was my mother too because she was my father’s wife. After a few years I bacame father of a baby boy complicating the matter further. My son became the brother-in-law of my father... Three friends had a good friend named Joe and he was, naturally, an eternal optimist. At every bad situation he would always say: ‘’It could have been worse.’’ His friends hated that quality about him, so they came up with a story so horrible that not even Joe could come up with a bright side. So the next day, only two of his friends showed up for a golf date. Joe asked: ‘’Where’s Gary?’’ And one of his friends said: ‘’Didn’t you hear? Yesterday, Gary found his wife in bed with another man, shot them both, and then turned the gun on himself.’’ Joe says: ‘’Well it could have been worse.’’ Both his friends said: ‘’How in hell could it be worse? Your best friend just killed himself!’’ Joe says: ‘’If it had happened two days ago, I would be dead now…” A computer programmer happens across a frog in the road. The frog pipes up, “I’m really a beautiful princess and if you kiss me, I’ll stay with you for a week”. The programmer shrugs his shoulders and puts the frog in his pocket. A few minutes later, the frog says “OK, OK, if you kiss me, I’ll give you great sex for a week”. The programmer nods and puts the frog back in his pocket. A few minutes later, “Turn me back into a princess and I’ll give you great sex for a whole year!”. The programmer smiles and walks on. Finally, the frog says, “What’s wrong with you? I’ve promised you great sex for a year from a beautiful princess and you won’t even kiss a frog?” “I’m a programmer,” he replies. “I don’t have time for sex ... But a talking frog is pretty neat...” Two engineering students meet on campus one day. The first engineer calls out to the other, “Hey nice bike! Where did you get it?” “Well,” replies the other, “I was walking to class the other day when this pretty, young coed rides up on this bike. She jumps off, takes off all of her clothes, and says ‘You can have anything you want…’” “Good choice,” says the first, “her clothes probably wouldn’t have fit you anyway…”

Aaron Owens Band - (870)941-6267 Aces Wild - (501)328-0029 // (501)328-5597 After Hours Band - Bill (501)888-5699 Alizé - Bobby Doherty - (501)909-9341 Amy Garland Angel - (501)603-0379 Anthony Ware - (706)247-6182 Anna Jordan-Williams & Moonshine Mafia - (501)617-9437 Arkansas River Blues Society - (501)920-7783 Art Deco Trio - Gordon - (501)517-1020 Bart Angel - (501)603-0379 Andy Tanas - (901)647-1355 - Beckham Brothers Band - Mitchell Beckham - (870)917-7184 Bannister Brothers Band - Ben Jones - (479)221-5574 Barrett Baber - Benjamin del Shreve - (479)790-0777 Big Bad Bubba - (479)521-4831 Big John Miller - (501)351-4140 Big Red & The Soul Benders - (870)431-8475 Big Silver - (501)663-8669 Billy Jones Bluez - (501)985-9650 The Blame - (501)760-7766 Bliss McCain - (918)456-6996 Blue Collar Band - Mike Culverson - (479)650-8185, or Shirley Richison - (918)436-7644 Bluebirds - (318)865 9006 Bluegrass Bombers - Steve Evans - (501)982-4933 Bob Boyd Sounds - (501)225-4894 Bob Kramer Incident - Bryan Parker - (479)643-3938 Bonnie Montgomery - Jimmy Young - (501)413-8259 Breaking Silence - Evan Chronister - (918)519-8084 - Larry & Rachel Brick (BrickFields) - (479)647-8844 The Boomers - (501)374-3396 The Boondogs - (501)614-9859 Brenda & Ellis - (501)663-5919 Brash - (501)658-1366 Breaking Silence - Brian Austin Band - Brian Austin - (501)258-4841 - (501)851-3262 Brian Nahlen - 501-590-1319 Bushdog - (870)942-5382 Canvas - Jenni Gatlin - (501)612-7241 Carter Sampson (479)935-6866 The Cate Brothers Band - (479)756-5517 Catman & The Confounders - - (870)496-2423 Cherry Brooks - (901)458-5051 • Cheyenne - (501)229-1625 Chris Cameron - (479)632-6135 Chris DeClerk - 501-772-0161 Chuck Young - (501)282-2495 Craig Keys - (501)455-5336 (h) • 454-9226 (c) Crossroads Entertainment - Shane Simanton • (501)609-5140 Dale Fraze (918)647-3840 / (918)-839-1701 David Ball - (501)617-4064 David Butler - (501)804-1387 Daisy Chain - (501)982-JERK Danzig & Woolley - (888)376-8795 Darren Ray - (501)521-4831 David & The Diamondbacks - David Wiser - (479)544-6433 David Nelson Band - (708)524-8166 Dayton Waters - (501)538-3383 // (479)651-2904 // (501)767-5542 David Rasico - (501)613-9401 Dean Agus - (501)627-6211 Divas On Fire - Liz Lottmann - (479)531-3659 Double Shot - Lonnie Allen - (501)242-1919 Earl & Them - Earl Cate (479)957-5882 East 5th - (501)765-1388 Effron White - ‘Lectric Liz Lottmann - (479)531-3659 Emily Kaitz - Erica Jones - (501)282-5139 Floydian Slip / Prognosis - Contact: Ray (501)541-7338 Fine Line - (501)760-6455 Flip-Off Pirates - (870)446-6145 FreeVerse - Adam Nelson - (501)744-3713 Gary Hutchison (479)459-2226 Gerry Moss - (870)856-4300 Grant Pierson - (479)471-1118 or 739-5965 Grandpa’s Goodtime Fandango - (479)571-4059

GravyTrain - James Blount - (479)381-6826 Grease Gadget - (501)258-2511 Greer Gambill - (479)531-9288 Greg Spradlin - (501)376-4635 Hi Balls - Jason Hale - (501)256-5150 Hooker Red - (501)408-7076 Intruders - Troy Baker (501)224-9082 Isayah Warford - (479)200-9113 // 643-2685 Jason Greenlaw & The Groove - (501)568-0394 Jeff Fox - (Foxy) - Jamie Lou Thies - (479)567-2972 Jamestown Flood - (501)565-8200 Jason Hale - (501)256-5150 Jessica Horn Band - (816)682-0750 Jed Clampit - (479)443-2928 Jeff Coleman & The Feeders - (501)663-1278 Jeff “Machine Man” Elmer - (479)387-7275 - Jelly (Steve) Brown - 501-623-1317 - Jeremiah Griffin - (479)200-4891 Jim Ferguson - (501)620-0450 Jim Mills - (901)272-9530 Joey Farr - (479)883-4640 Joe Glaeser - (808)393-6468 Joe Pitts Band - (870)489-1569 Joe Giles Band - (479)236-6125 / 267-2655 John Calvin Brewer - (501)545-0089 Joe Hall - (501)818-7915 John Kilzer - (901)276-1015 JoJo Jefferies - (901)375-1229 Jones Van Jones - Jerry Jones (479)253-7299 Judge Parker - Larry Pearson (479)646-5086 / 926-8819 - Justin Morgan - Kim Griffin Band (KGB) - Tyndall Jackson - (501)258-4711 King Tut Blues Band - (870)743-6748 Kornbred - (479)576-2584 Kory Montgomery Band - (479)221-2258 Last In Line - (870)890-9135 Laura Pierson - (479)410-4360 Lauren de Miranda - (310)927-8745 Larry Womack - (501)463-9412 Lee Gibson - (615)327-1055 Levon Walkin & Roxie - (870)867-4657 • (501)282-7479 Lightnin’ Lee Langdon - (501)627-5701 Linnie Hice Band - (479)766-7213 Liquid Groove Mojo - Joe Pitts - (870)489-1569 Liquid Kitty - Wayne Willems - 501-249-3103 Liz Lottmann - (479)531-3659 Mack Harness - 9309 Larue Rd., Rogers, AR 72756 Greg Madden - (501)269-7442 -’ Marc Turner - (479)365-2372 Mark Albertson - (479)650-0435 Mark David McKinnis - (501)228-9190 Mark Hays - (501)794-2997 Marion Deaton & The Smooth Willie Band - (901)377-6971 Martin & Scott - (501)250-0216 Midnight Express - (501)821-3606 Michael J. Bewley - (479)236-0599 - Mike Hosty - Mike Taber - (501)617-3402 Mike Tripp - (501)991-3526 Mister Lucky - (501)231-3464 Mo Brothers - (479)442-2434 Mojo Depot - (501)258-4711 // (323)651-3321 Moon Krickets - Dale Wardlow - (501)230-4485 Moonshine Mafia - (501)617-9437 Music In Motion - Sean Hearn - - (479)461-3539 Nate Hancock - (661)380-8636 Nick Devlin - (501)563-8024 Neil Kelly - (316)650-1598 1-Oz. Jig - Jeff Kearney - (479)790-4761 Oreo Blue - (479)459-2226 Pamela Nelson - (479)313-9715 Parachute Woman - (501)993-8980 // Patrice Pike - (512)657-6743 Paul Boatright - (479)841-PAUL Priceless - Tyndall Jackson - (501)258-4711 Push - (870)420-3658

Randy Boyd - (501)568-4239 Randy ‘Cap’n Campfire’ Bulla - (202)374-8999 Randy Keck / Whiplash Gumbo - (479)524-3790 / (479)524-8462 Randy McDonald - (501)888-7510 Barry Poynter - Poynter’s Palace - (501)663-6886 Rena Wren - (501)655-2242 ReVamp Tramps - (479)582-2589 Richie Johnson - (501)223-8941 R.J. Mischo & His Redhot Blues Band - (479)443-1649 Roger Koenigsedar - {Sound / Production} - (479)739-0979 Ron Levy - (888)595-3122 Rukus - (870)754-8437 RUN - Adrian & Joell - (870)269-6723 - Runaway Planet - (501)425-5018 - Rock Candy - Jai Lambert - 501-772-0722 - Salty Dogs - Brad Williams - (501)278-0076 • Salt & Pepper - Tony Nardi - (719)-480-3240 Sarah Hughes - • (870)270-0896 Sharpe Dunaway - (501)329-3034 Scott Keeton & The Deviants - (405)912-0059 Scott Miller - (479)236-7268 // Scott Vise - (501)626-1762 Seth Freeman Band - (479)886-3921 Shane Henry - (405)453-7469 Shannon Boshears Band - (501)258-4907 Shari Bales Band - Mike Taber - (501)617-3402 Ron Wurst - (635-0260 Shannon Wurst - (479)719-8363 Sid Simons - drums/bass - (479)444-0726 / 521-5046 6 Strings Down - (501)336-9363 Slidebar - (580)225-2123 some guy named robb - (479)970-4599 Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers - (501)803-4834 Southbound - (501)229-3986 Southern Justice - (501)529-0007 Southern Way Band - James Burris - (501)888-6248 Stella Luss - Ashley Richardson - (501)541-1854 Steve Dufresne (479)459-2234 Steve Pryor - (918)584-7393 Still Kickin’ - (501)576-2203 Strangely Dim - (501)851-3537 Suzanne Michell & Uncle Fred Wilson - (501)664-1613 Sweetland - (501)603-0095 Swinging Johnsons - (501)262-4472 The Tablerockers - (479)363-9121 // Taylor Made - (501)982-3755 Taylor and Martinez - (501)272-9530 Ten Years Gone - Tracy Payne (870)833-2610 The Catz Meow - (501)839-2992 The Crumbs - Dave Holland - (479)459-4133 The Dangerous Idiots - Aaron Sarlo - (510)455-8392 The Garage Boys - (501)471-7074 The Paper Boys - Stan Turney (501)350-0252 The Schwag - (573)453-8758 The Trustees - TJ - (501)804-6408 The WoodPeckers - Phil Dixon - (501)626-8909 Tiffany Christopher - (417)766-5211 Tommy Rock - (501)520-8788 Tom Ware - (479)719-8931 Travis Kidd - (479)527-9430 Trout Fishing In America - (888)439-8342 - Tragikly White - (501)753-0088 Tyrannosaurus Chicken - Smilin’ Bob Lewis - (479)459-1568 Upshaw Band - Vickie Murphy - (501)612-9112 Wade Ogle - (479)966-0623 Wanda Watson - (918)261-1075 Warewolves - 479-719-8931 - Weakness For Blondes - Chris DeClerk - 501-772-0161 Wet County Boys - (479)223-1426 / (501)977-0902


All names, numbers, bands, arrest records, personalities, identities, appearances, marital, health and legal status subject to change daily...(or more often)...

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Best of Burger (1949 - 1998)

St. Gypsy Woman Only the shallow know themselves... ---Oscar Wilde

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Practice introspection? I doubt it. Says the Aries...Vanity is my name... Spent the rent on new clothes...So what? Squandered your insulin money on a new do? Of course and why not? If it’s deep thought and responsible behavior you’re lookin’ for, don’t look at Aries...

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Not a bad car, but a really creepy-assed person. The Taurus doesn’t necessarily whine on a par with, say, Leo, but you can bet your last 6 bits that the sense of unfairness toward the Taurus is there... If life for everyone is just a bowl of cherries, the Taurus feels as though he or she gets the pits...

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Blessed is the Gemini in all things...pleasant of temper, full of wit, kind to all thoughtful and true... The most God-like of all signs, the Gemini is everything to everybody. But don’t get the Gemini riled up...he might just laugh and say...”Hey...I understand...It’s alright...I love you man...”

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Man, every time the Gypsy Woman looks to the stars for info on the Cancer it gets tougher and tougher to come up with anything except a black hole. I don’t mean that in a particularly bad way...I mean that in a completely different way...Cancer...You’re nothin’ but a nothin’... © 1991 Nightflying Publications. All Rights Reserved.



LEO (July 23-August 22) Don’t allow your children to be around any Leo for any reason except possibly for use as a bad example... Whatever might happen with the Leo, they can be counted upon to whine about it. I knew a Leo one time who found a magic bean which became a huge stack that grew to a giant’s castle full of gold and stuff and all the Leo did was bitch ‘cause it was a pinto instead of a lima…

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) The Gypsy Woman, who sees all and knows all, sometimes wonders how the Ancients came up with this Virgo/Virgin connection. I search the stars to find some sign of virtue in any Virgo and much to my dismay, I draw a big blank...nothin’ time... no how... Yes, even I, the Gypsy Woman, am sometimes puzzled by the slimy Virgo…

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Gimme what I want when I want it I don’t care what it is or how hard it is to get or how much trouble somebody has to go to get it or how much it costs just gimme it. On a tray. Libra: The sign that say’s ‘I deserve it...’

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Man...this one always gives the Gypsy Woman the creeps...just the thought of that poisoned tail whippin’ back and forth, spewin’ venom and creepy-crawlin’ all over makes the Gypsy Woman go scurrying for the closest can of Raid... If you see a Scorpio, go the other way...

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) I knew a Sag one time...seemed like an okay kind of person... You know what the scumbag did? Dressed up like an ugly old Gypsy Woman and hit a 7-11 store in my car...kidnapped an underaged Jr. High student, drove across the state line, started a chain letter and charged a trampoline on my credit card... I was charged with violation of the Mann Act/ armed robbery/interstate flight to avoid prosecution/ mail fraud, and attempting to jump too high for an old lady my age. I was found not guilty only because the dumb-ass Sagittarian who I loaned my car to testified that he’d rather go to the pen than admit he owned a ‘73 Ford Pinto…

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Have you ever seen one of those tv shows where they show that footage of Bigfoot trompin’ across the scenic backwoods of Oregon or someplace? Well, that’s what the Capricorn looks like naked. What they do is stuff their old hairy bodies down in those real tight flesh-colored body-suits and put on human-being wigs so’s they can pass for people. They do, I swear. Then they spray on about a gallon of cheap cologne and eat about a hundred mints so you don’t smell all the carrion and gross dead stuff on their breaths and it’s off to work at the Burrito King or somethin’...

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) I must have my way...nothing else is important... I’ve got to get things just like I want it or the whole world sucks...If I can’t have my way I’m gonna mess everybody else’s life up...’Cause it’s just not fair...Hey, that’s mine! Gimme that! I want it! Maturity is not the Aquarian’s long suit...

PISCES (February 19-March 20) I’ll make this short ‘cause it’s so disgusting... Pisces feed on the bottom. Unspeakably gross, slimy decomposed viral gooey stuff sinks down there and this is where the Pisces gains his or her sustenance... Hey. I understand. It’s alright. I love you man. Excuse me...I think I’m gonna puke…

“The more you observe politics, the more you’ve got to admit that each party is worse than the other...” ---Will Rogers


Drunk driving is Stupid.

Don’t be Stupid. NIGHTFLYING • HAR VEST • 2015


Nightflying 35: An Anniversary Party December 19 , 2015 featuring The Schwag • FreeVerse

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Nightflying Harvest 2015  

Nightflying Harvest 2015

Nightflying Harvest 2015  

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