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I Like It All Akeem Kemp Indie This is a rocking bluesy record produced by a local young artist. I’d heard him live a couple times and was mindblown by his naturally superior guitar playing and musical understanding…far older than his years would suggest. His stage personna is also that of a polished lifelong musician three times his age. And his songwriting sounds of a man who’s spend a lifetime riding boxcars across the country, guitar in hand, picking for his dinner. I like it all is his first cd…a polished collection of 8 original songs, written and produced completely. This recording is available at

---Sondra Goode

Jason Lee Hale Child Of The Dark Indie Jason Lee Hale is a friend and fellow musician, so I’m inclined to write a good review anyway… That said, I was nicely surprised at the sheer caliber of this cd. The material is very ear-catching, and the performance is superb across the board. The recording quality is as good or better than anything coming out of LA, New York and Nashville. And the sheer energy produced on this record is indeed better than studio recordings from any of the above, probably due to the fact that each musician involved lives in the same musical family of our Altered State Music Community, as opposed to being hired musical guns in the national markets. It really makes a difference, people. Jason is joined in this project by a

large group of regional players of note: Barbara Raney on backing vocals, Mike Nelson and Larry Mann on bass, Darrell Johnson and Lance Womack on drums, Stephen Winter and Stuart Baer on various keyboards, Eric Ware on guitar, Johnny Atomic on lead guitar, Gerald Lambert on percussion, and a large group of fellow vocalists including Brian Nahlen, Shannon and Jamie Boshears, Jay, Helen and Moriah Wedaman on backing vocals. This record was produced by Jay Wedaman and Jason Lee Hale. Child of the Dark was recorded in North Little Rock at Brown Carpet Studio, and mastered at L. Nix Mastering in Memphis. Dauphne Trenholm handled the photography and record cover graphics and website at Jason, who wrote and arranged all the songs, of course is a multi-intrumentalist and vocalist, playing lead guitar, lap steel and accordion. The record only contains 7 songs, and is over far too quickly for my tastes. All together, Child of the Dark is a very good record and I highly recommend it be added to your music collection. You will find yourself playing it again and again. And don’t miss the September 17 record release at the White Water Tavern. On the roster will be appearances of Jay Jackson, Brian Nahlen, Amy Garland, Barbara Raney, The P47s, The Broken Hipsters among others.

Nancy McCallion Opossum and Praties EMI This is the most wonderful new recording I have heard in many years. The 15 song set flows from tune to tune. On the surface I’d say this music is a superb collection of Irish-Scot folk songs, but upon further listening it more appears to be lilting musical poetry that immediately creates loving peace. I wouldn’t put this on for some rowdy party…rather, it’s the sort of collection you might go off in the corner with by yourself, and relax and dream with. Nancy McCallion is a sweet singer, and also playes guitar and tin whistle; Danny Krieger plays guitar, slide guitar, adds vocals, and, according to the liner notes, “ill-prepared piano”; Heather Hardy adds violin and vocal harmonies; Ralph Gilmore handles drums and percussion; and Catherine Zavala adds vocal harmonies on “Johnny Will You Cross.” Please visit www.nancymccallion. com and get to know her.

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Jason Lee Hale

A Woman Needs Love Akeem Kemp Indie Kemp’s sophomore recording appeared some three years after the first. It’s like a continuation of I Like It All, though the listener can hear the growth of his music. There’s a bit deeper energy, and the groove is considerably more intense. And there’s definitely a bit more swing. “Running Crazy” feels like a jibe blues and then grows into a downright Stevie Wonderesque song. In ways he sounds like he’s channeling George Benson with a slight bit of Santana tossed in for good measure. And when you’re least expecting it, some Steely Dan ingredients embrace the song. This record also clocks in with a total of eight songs. To reach Akeem Kemp for booking please email akeemkempbooking@ This recording can also be purchased at

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