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Chosen To Sang The Blues

Brick Fields & The Chosen Ones

---Charles Ragsdell Back in the seventies, I was blessed to get to know Mike “Burger” Scoggins, who many of you know as “St. Gypsy Woman”, who posthumously provides the Horrorscopes for Nightflying. Burger was not only a great forecaster of whacky horoscopes, he and his friend Tim Sullivan performed all around Little Rock, Arkansas, plus he played in a band, The Sweet Magnolia Band . But my first and favorite place to see them play was at the fabled White Water Tavern, where I also first met The Cate Brothers. Burger & Friends were all awesome musicians, but also wonderful people who made even a farm boy from the Delta like me feel welcome to sit in on their after-hour jams, many of which often lasted for the rest of the weekend! Sadly, we lost Burger way too early in his life, but his music is still alive and bringing musicians together. Think about it. How could I have ever dreamed back then that decades later I would get to work with Burger’s niece Rachel Fields

and her band, record a Burger tune, and even have one of the Cate Brothers sit in on guitar? Somethings are clearly meant to be. This new album, Go Ahead and Sang The Blues is one. Thanks, Burger for getting us all together! Enough about ancient history... What about the new CD and the music? Well, Rachel is a real talent with a gift from God that simply blows me away. A “quadruple threat”- Rachel writes, sings, plays guitar and flute. Her husband Larry plays guitar and sings, and together they perform as Brick Fields, an acoustic duo. Add The Chosen Ones to the name, and you get a great backing band, complete with harmonica, bass, drums and keys added to the mix. Early during the album’s planning stages Rachel and Larry asked me to help produce the album. I talked Rachel into setting up a Kickstarter account that raised just over $5,000 in crucial support. Rachel and Larry set up the session time with engineer Dave Singleton, who has an awesome studio set up in a

school building in Rogers, Arkansas. We were blessed to have some great musicians sit in with Rachel and Larry on the recording sessions, including RJ Mischo on harmonica, Earl Cate on guitar, John Davies on bass, Johnny Arredondo on drums and Matt Jenkins on keys. Additional vocals were provided by Barbara Raney, Rain Equine, Carrie Roberts, Jody Andrews and Jennifer Parker. There are thirteen great tracks on the album. All of the songs are originals written by Rachel Fields & Larry Brick except ‘Oh Lottie Day’ by the late Michael “Burger” Scoggins, ‘Way of Time’ by Karen Carroll, ‘Guilty’ by Randy Newman, ‘That’s All’ by Sister Rosetta Tharpe And ‘My Starter Won’t Start This Morning’ by Lightnin’ Hopkins. The album opens with “Barefoot Woman”, a rousing Blues tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album - great songs, awesome vocals and outstanding musicianship. There are even a couple of acoustic tunes we recorded in the music room of The Rosalie, the 125 year old Victorian home in Eureka Springs my wife Lori and I are re-

storing. One of the acoustic songs is “Guilty,” the Randy Newman hit. My only regret in the entire album is not having a better microphone available that night other than my trusty Shure 58, as Rachel’s vocals simply overpowered the microphone! That is how powerful her voice is! The CD is hot off the presses as I write this, and a hundred or so have been sent to The Blues Foundation for consideration for a Blues Music Award nomination. There will be CD release parties around the state, sponsored in part by Nightflying, The Entertainment Guide. The first was in Little Rock at The Joint in Argenta on October 4th. Next up will be in Fayetteville at George’s on Oct 10th, then at Crossroads in Clarksville on Oct 19th. For more info about Brick Fields and the Chose Ones, please visit their web site at BrickFieldsMusic. com! ---CR NIGHTFLYING • HARVEST • 2013


Nightflying Harvest 2013  
Nightflying Harvest 2013  

Nightflying Harvest 2013