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Oshiomhole has made a difference

BENIN CITY- The Managing Director of Edo State Rapid Response Agency, Engr. Mujaidu Stanley Dako says the massive development of infrastructure in the

state is a proof of the commitment of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole led administration towards improving the lots of the people. Addressing newsmen in his office, Mr Dako

- EDRRA boss terms of public

noted that the achievement of the Government within the last five years is unprecedented given the spate of deterioration in

infrastructure and what has been achieve in the last five years, it’s just like a miracle, so massive that Continues on page 2

Minimum Wage


Is There Secret Plot Against Tukur?

Oshiomhole leads workers . Secures legislative review to NASS By JOSES SEDE

ABUJA - The maxim, old-soldier-never-dies played out robustly yesterday, as former President of Nigeria Labour Congress and Executive Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole led Nigerian workers on protest march to the National Assembly and registered their disapproval of attempt to transfer labour matters from the exclusive legislative list to concurrent. educated Senate In his characteristic President David Mark cerebral element, and his team who put on Comrade Oshiomhole hold, Senate walked the about two proceedings to receive kilometers stretch from the visitors, on the need the first gate to National to retain the national Assembly Arcade and

minimum wage under the exclusive list to guarantee social security of Nigerian workers. Speaking amidst cheers from the protesting Nigerian

workers, the Comrade Governor of Edo State successfully convinced the senate president who promised seeing through with their request at the next level of the on-going

C o n s t i t u t i o n Amendment. “If we take decision that are not progressive, you have every right to draw our attention to it. We have not concluded

the exercise; we still have long way to go. Now that you have come to state your case, there is a way forward. As a way forward, the Continues on page 2

ASUU on implementation Markinsists tasks China on of agreement

demonstration farms

By JOSES SEDE ABUJA - Senate President David Mark has enjoined the Chinese government to assist Nigeria in agriculture development in relation to establishment of demonstration farms in selected states of the federation. Making the request yesterday while playing host to Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Chairman, National Peoples Congress (NPC) and President of 2,992member parliament of the Peoples Republic of China in his office, the senate president assured him of conducive environment to operate in. He also informed the visitor of Nigeria’s quest for permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council and solicited China’s support, adding that in the meantime, Nigeria would be seeking

their vote for election into the Council as ordinary member from 2014 to 2015. The senate president further reminded the visitor of protocols and memoranda of understanding between Nigeria and China, when President Goodluck Jonathan visited China in July 2013, namely, Comprehensive Financial Cooperation in support of Nigeria economic development, Core Agreement in support of Nigeria export expansion and Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement among others and solicited religious implementations of the treatise. Still on the bilateral cooperation, Senator Mark stressed the need for training of Nigeria military personnel and technological transfer, to enhance the country’s

quest for local production of military hard and soft wares. More so, Senate President Mark pleaded with the Chinese authorities to tamper justice with mercy on Continues on page 2

PROTEST: L-R: National Vice President, NLC, Isa Aremu, Edo State Governor and former President NLC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, President Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar and others marching to the National Assembly during their protest against the Senate recommendation to remove national minimum wage from the exclusive list to concurrent list held in Abuja yesterday. Photo: AMINU OMOYE.

FG orders immediate deployment of troops to Nasarawa

ABUJA - The Federal Government has ordered the immediate deployment of Nigerian Army Troops to Nasarawa State. The Director of Army Public Relations Brig.Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru,

Budg et 2013: Budget By JOSES SEDE ABUJA - Controversy trailing 2013 federal budget is yet unabated as alleged declaration that it is no longer implementable by the minister of state for

made the disclosure at a monthly press briefing to intimate the public on developments in the Nigerian Army in Abuja yesterday.

He said a ‘battalion minus’ are to be deployed to the state. Attahiru said the deployment followed the heightened security

situation in Nasarawa and to aid civil authority to prevent further escalation of the violence to other parts of the state. “It is gratifying to note

Senate of the Federal Republic yesterday. As a result, the matter has been scheduled for debate at today sitting. Senator Abdul Ningi (Bauchi) had brought the

matter to the Senate, drawing attention to the alleged publication in Monday, the 16/09/13, edition of the Leadership newspaper. He argued that $79 per

yet realizable as the current market price is $107 and that no report has been made as to reduction in production capacity since the Continues on page 2

Senate debate implementability finance, Alhaji Yerima of crude bench today barrel Ngama unsettled the mark for the budget was

that the deployment of the troops to the violent prone-area has helped in curbing the spread of violence by the Ombatse and other ethnic militia groups in Nasarawa State. “The Federal and Nassarawa State Governments are exploiting other ways at ensuring the quick return to normalcy,’’ he said. Attahiru said the newly created 7 Division of the Continues on page 2





Oshiomhole has made a difference

Continued from page 1 it will take those who were in Edo State before the inception of this administration to appreciate the changes that have taken place. On the achievement of his agency, the EDRRA boss said the Agency work in conformity with the directive from the office of the Governor, while much has been achieve in the area of roads rehabilitation, provision of potable water and rebuilding of public infrastructure in the three senatorial districts of the state. ‘’ We have done a lot of work on the rehabilitation of roads we have drilled quite a number of bore holes, provided potable water to communities in all the three senatorial zones, we have also rehabilitated a lot of public infrastructure. So for me, as long as the Governor considers any project important and ask us to do it, we do not hesitate in carrying out the mandate’’. The EDRRA Boss revealed that the Agency has concluded plans to continue work on the

failed portions on major roads across the state as soon as the rainy season is over as that is the best time. When good job of road rehabilitation could be achieved. He added that the Agency has compiled a list of all the bad roads that have suffered dilapidation and making frantic efforts to get them fixed. Mr Dako emphasized that the agency has adopted a deliberated policy of ensuring that whatever road that is rehabilitate stands the test of time through a proper study of the problem and use of quality materials. Engr Dako however solicited

Continued from page 1

In 2012, implementation of the budget began sometime in April after a long period of hair-splitting with the nation’s bicameral legislature incidentally headed by two members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a party that has held the levers of power since 1999. Last year, President Jonathan was threatened with impeachment by the federal legislators on account of what they termed improper implementation of the year’s budget.

listen to your views. It is good that you people come now to voice your views. Both chamber will have a conference committee to review and improve on the issue raised; once the conference meet, with all these your presentations, I can assure with every sincerity that it will; we feel the pains alongside the workers and will not rest our oars at ensuring that at the end of the day, our decision will be of peoples interest”, Senate President Mark assured the Nigerian workers. Mark however cautioned the labour Congress to always come out and make their case known to the National Assembly through public hearings and other means of communications in order to guide against differences which frequently affect the smooth running of government activities. He reiterated that the Senate will continue to listen to the agitations of Nigerian people adding that the basis of lawmaking is for good governance and political stability. Comrade Governor Oshiomhole had told the Senate among others that: “The consequences of removing labour issues from the exclusive legislative list to the concurrent goes beyond rhetorics. For example the National Assembly is obliged to make laws on health and safety issues, if you remove those to concurrent every state can go and remove those basic protections on health and safety, on social security, on working hours, on pensions, on those kind of things that go beyond Naira and Kobo. The idea of a national minimum wage is not entertained to fix a national economic wise salary scales... the logic of a minimum wage in a democracy is that government is the greatest asset of a citizen. Its responsibility is to protect the weak from those with enormous

operation to pre-empt, dislodge and disrupt the insurgent’s activities in the North-East. According to him, in the process, insurgents camps located at Kitumari, Alkaderi, Kurunmati, Abali, Gajiram and Iza within the Sambisa Forest in Borno have been destroyed. “Other areas where insurgents’ camps were attacked, include Bubalin and Ngaram within Maiduguri Metropolis as well as Gulimba Area of Gwoza. “The division continues to dominate the area through aggressive mobile patrols of

building measures to facilitate the quick return to normalcy. “All these efforts are aimed at denying the terrorists the freedom action. By and large military operation within the division area of responsibility has been largely successful,’’ he said. On the soldiers being courtmarshaled in Jos, he said the nine soldiers were still being tried. He said the trial takes the legal processes of a court from arraignment till when judgment was passed.

committees of the House of Representatives and that of the Senate is still going to meet, this being the situation now, I can assure you that your position will! will! will! will pass through, because, we have

Parliament, Mr. Dejiang promised supporting Nigeria in her sovereignty, improved economic and security development, international and Africa affairs. He added that he was in Nigeria as a follow up to the July visit and invited Senate President Mark to China anytime he deems fit, noting that national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur would be visiting China soon.

Senate debate implementability Continued from page 1 today budget was passed. Budg et 2013: Budget

To this end, he noted that it was not acceptable and that it was insulting to members of the National Assembly and the entire country for the executive to assert that the budget is not implementable and moved that the matter be slated for today sitting. President Goodluck Jonathan had reluctantly assented to the budget after months of horse-trading between the executive and legislative arms, complaining that the document was replete with land mines. Jonathan and members of the National Assembly had for over three months haggled on what should be or what should not be included in the appropriation bill passed in December 2012. For many years now, particularly since the return of the country to civil rule,

passage of budgets has continued to be a contentious issue. During the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, for instance, the 2000 budget was passed in May of that year; 2002 budget was passed on March 26 of the appropriation year, and that of 2006 was passed on April 12, 2006. In 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005, budgets were neither passed nor assented to before March of the appropriation years.

FG orders immediate deployment of troops Continued from page 1 and major urban to Nasarawa highways centres as part of confidence

Army in Maiduguri had continued to carry out high tempo counter terrorist operations in its area of operational responsibility. The army spokesman said in the course of counter terrorism efforts, the troops of the division killed a top Boko Haram Commander, who is a highvalue target, named, Abba Goroma. He said that it would be recalled that a 10 million dollars bounty was earlier set aside for his capture. Attahiru said as part of the efforts, the troops in the formation have conducted

potable water that meets the World Health Organization, WHO standard. We are also renovating Public infrastructure like schools and hospitals. The people should bear with us if they expect us to do more. We would have done more if we had unlimited funds. But we must appreciate the Governments gesture towards the agency in the last five years given the fact that Edo State is not an Oil producing state, it is also grappling with funds to carry out the massive roads construction, schools rehabilitation and erosion control projects in the state”.

Oshiomhole leads workers to NASS

Mark tasks China on demonstration farms

Continued from page 1 Nigerians currently standing trials or already convicted for various offenses. “I want to use this opportunity to plead for Nigerians who are awaiting trial or who are in prisons in China, in particular, I want to plead for whoever is standing t rial or who have been sentenced to death”, the SP added. In his response however, the Chinese President of

the understanding of the public as the agency grapples with limited funds at its disposal to meet competing projects. This challenge, the EDRR boss noted is due to the numerous hobs carried out by the state Government across the state, and as such, couldn’t have done more than what it is doing now for the Agency in terms of funding, considering the learn revenue base of the State Government. “Right now, we are rehabilitation all the bad roads in Benin City, we are also drilling boreholes across the three senatorial districts in Edo State. We are providing them

economic powers In the absence of a national minimum wage, some employers would go and pay as low as N5,000. National governments fix a minimum wage to protect weakest workers who have no voice, it is not meant to be a living wage, it is not an average wage, it is the minimum exactly the same way the National Assembly will legislate on road traffic... this are the rules, that is why we have a road safety commission. If we do not want anything to set national standards, then, we would not need a national parliament. We believe in moving Nigeria, going as one united indivisible entity and the National Assembly is our most outstanding national democratic, people driven, people responsive institution. We have in this House men and women from every nook and cranny of Nigeria, therefore, they are able to understand the pains, the agony of everyone regardless of his position in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The views they parade must reflect the aspirations of the people. You need to know that the senators are not alone, many state governors are in it. But I have told them the minimum wage was not under duress, there were negotiations, the governors have the opportunity to make representations, we discuss this thing at the National Council of State, and we have opportunity either to reduce it or to increase it. In our own volition, we agreed to do it because elections were around the corners. Now that elections are over you cannot withdraw from what you have offered. If Shehu Shagari can sign the minimum wage law, and that regime was regarded as conservative; the military came and overthrew it and our senate president was part of the military, even as a military governor he (David Mark) was identified with the national minimum wage when he was not obligated to do so; the military government respected the national minimum wage; why is it our elected political leadership that is against it. I know you are progressive,

and I know if you know all the facts you would have probably acted differently. Now that you know the facts I am sure you would do justice to this case. On his part, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Abdul Wahab Omar commended the leadership of the Senate for the roles in sustaining peace and stability in the polity and assured that the union will always engage dialogue in addressing issues concerning them.

Honour pact with ASUU, Uokha Grams Old Boys BENIN CITY - The urge FG President Uokha Grammar School, Old Students Association, Mr. Friday Uanseoje and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Jacob Afeinkhena have renewed their appeal to the Federal Government to honour the agreement reached with the academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) in 2009 in order to resolve the lingering crisis which has crippled academic activities at the Nation’s universities system. They decried the infrastructural delay in the education sector, which was the reason ASUU embarked on the strike to reverse the ugly trend. According to them, the crisis between ASUU / the Federal Government has resulted in the delay of

undergraduates who ought to have graduated by now. They appealed to the two parties to tread the path of honour and dialogue in resolving the dispute in order to allow the spirit of comradeship prevail. Meanwhile, the monthly meeting of, old students Association, comes up on Sunday September 21, 2013. A statement endorsed by the publicity secretary, Mr. Jacob Afeinkhena said the meeting is scheduled to hold at the Oba Oguola, Nigeria Union of Journalists Press Centre beginning from 1 pm. The statement advised all old and new members to endeavour to attend without fail as crucial matters have been slated for discussion.

Ugbiyokho: Religious leaders

visit Egor Council boss

BENIN CITY- Religious Ministers in Ugbiyokho Community, Egor Local Government Area of Edo State have paid a thank you visit to the chairman of Egor Local Government Council, Hon. Victor Enobakhare. The minister who were led on the visit by Jerry Alegbe included representatives of Deeper life Bible Church, Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel), Assemblies of God Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Catholic Charismatic Renewal Church and the

Anglican Church. During the visit, the ministers commended the Ego Council Chairman efforts in the rehabilitation of roads in the area, especially Uwasota Road of Ugbowo Road. They also appealed to the council boss to embark on palliatives in the failed portions of the Upper Ekewan Road, Ugbiyokho axis of the locality. Chairman of the council in his remarks assured the visitors that work would immediately commence on the road.

Uneme clan plans N100 million endowment fund Oct 12 By TUNDE EIGBIREMOLEN BENIN CITY- Uneme National Development Association (UNDA), a socio-cultural organization, committed to the development and unity of Uneme land and her people will on Saturday, October 12, 2013 launch N100million Endowment Fund to uplift the educational standard of her indigent citizens. This was disclosed to the NIGERIAN OBSERVER in Benin City, in a recent chat with the Chairman, planning committee Uneme National Development Association, Bayo Akhigbe. According to the Planning Committee Chairman, the Oba Akenzua Cultural Complex, Airport Road, in Benin City will be the venue of the historic event, while all Uneme sons and daughters spread across the country and in the diaspora were being contacted ahead of the date, to realize the dream of the association. Flanked by other members of the committee, Mr. Bayo Akhigbe informed that, even friends of Uneme

sons and daughters in Benin City and beyond have been contacted to make the event great, adding that Benin City was like home coming for the Unemes, as they migrated historically from the ancient City of Benin. He said the Uneme people, considered as predominantly blacksmith were spread across nine (9) communities in four (4) Local Government Area of Edo State, namely, Akoko-Edo, Etsako Central, Etsako East, Ugboha (Ineme), Anegbette, Akiosu, Agbare, Eruru, Egbedo, Uneme-Nekhua, Udochi Akiosu among others.. Formed in 1985, the Association is geared towards fostering development, peace and unity amongst the Uneme people of Edo State. The proceeds of the 100million naira Endowment Fund, according to Mr. Akhigbe would essentially be deployed into scholarship scheme for indigent students of Uneme origin up to Secondary and University levels. He enjoined all sons of Uneme, both home and abroad to key into the developmental agenda of the Association in the interest of the communities.




Inside Edo Newspapers Publishers Honour Lucky James

BENIN CITY – Edo State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Lucky James has emerged winner of Delta Grassroots Newspapers Publishers Network (DGNPN) Noble Award as the most Outstanding Grassroots Commissioner of The Year, 2013. Receiving the award on behalf of the Commissioner, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Rev. Solomon Ohonba, thanked members of the Network for the honour bestowed on the commissioner, stating that it is a great honour to be recognized outside his immediate constituency. Rev. Ohonba mentioned that chief James has been at the forefront of grassroots development since his days as Chairman of Etsako West Local Government council, Special Adviser to the Governor on Local Government, and now two

Chief Lucky James

time commissioner for the ministry. The commissioner said he has used this opportunity to enhance the development of the grassroots and quickening the councils to follow the foot step of governor whose reason for coming to governance is to bring succour to the downtrodden. He however, used the opportunity to congratulate Delta and Edo States on

their 22nd Anniversary. President of Delta Grassroots Newspapers Publishers Network (DGNPN), Chief Duke Okereka had earlier said chief James was nominated for the award based on his contributions towards the socio-economic development of Nigeria, especially the rural areas, resourceful and innovativeness. Chief Okereka encouraged Chief James to work harder as more responsibilities and recognition will follow.

Hon. Philip Shaibu, Majority Leader, Edo State House of Assembly and Chairman, House Standing Committee on Rules Business and Government House (right) presenting the proposed Business sitting calendar for the second quarter, third session of the fifth State House of Assembly for the House consideration and adoption during the House plenary session on Monday. PHOTO: GODWIN ISEGUAN.

Oshiomhole Aid Assures Of Govt Commitment To Democracy Dividends BENIN CITY – Honourable Abas Yakubu, the Executive director, Domestic Matters in the Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s led administration has said

that the administration of Governor Oshiomhole will continue to deliver the dividends of democracy to Edo people. He made this assertion recently while speaking to journalists in Benin City. According to him, the administration is presently extending its development and transformation work to several parts of the state even as he urged the people to continue to hope for better days from the present administration.

Hon. Yakubu advised Edo people especially the youths to shun crime and be law abiding. He also charged Edo people to always pay their correct tax and support the present administration with prayers to enable it continue the good work that it has started in the state. While advising Edo people in the three sensational districts to do everything within their powers to protect and

preserve the projects that have been executed by the present administration, Hon. Yakubu said he will continue to work assiduously in line with Governor Oshiomhole’s vision to transform and develop the state. He described Governor Oshiomhole as a God— sent man to Edo State with a mission to put smiles on the faces of the people and thanked Edo people for their solidarity and support for Governor Oshiomhole.

Development: Sado Commends

Gov Oshiomhole L - R Niyi Adesansa, host of the programme, former governor of Edo State, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, Prof. Pat Utomi and Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin during the meeting point organised by Fifth Gear Plus at JBS Estate in Benin City. PHOTO: CHARITY OZIGBO-ESERE.

BENIN CITY – An Abuja based indigene of Edo State and a major player in the oil and gas sector of the economy. Mr. Frankleen Enahoro Sado has commended the developmental strides of

BENIN CITY – The Partnership for Women and Justice, (PWJ), a Benin city based NGO is to mark this year’s International Day of Peace with Advocacy Peace summit/Youth Empowerment Seminar. The day is a forum where people all over the world deplore in mending fences and forging new bonds of friendship while

personalities, including the Oba of Benin, Oba Erediauwa, Col. Paul Ogbebor, Dr. Nosa Aladeselu, veteran actor, Alex Osifo Omiagbo, Rev. David Ugolor, Mr. Festus Alenkhe, Rev. Ben Abi, Mutairu Habib Odion, Mrs. Sabina Idowu Osehobo, Barr. Adams Aliu and Chief Eduwu Ekhator Obasogie, the Obasogie of Benin.

PWJ To Mark Int’l Day Of Peace entrenching the culture of peace and unity. A statement by the Executive Director and PWJ Editor In Chief and Civil Society Resource Executive, Comrade Ijeoma Umeh and Bella Akagba respectively indicated that the event would hold on Friday, September 20, 2013 at the Bishop Kelly Pastoral Centre, Airport Road,

Benin City beginning from noon. According to the statement, the discussion at the event would focus on “Advancing Measures Towards the Attainment of lasting Peace and Development”. The statement added that there would be presentation of Peace and Development Advocate Award to several

Governor Adams Oshiomhole. Speaking with newsmen in Ogua-Irrua, Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State where he declared his intention to go into active politics, Mr. Sado said Governor Oshiomhole has drastically transformed the state to an enviable one. According to Mr. Sado, for the first time, we have a listening governor who has single-handedly changed things in the state”. “For the first time, we have good roads, for the first time, we have quality education and good health care; after many years, we now have development in the state”, he said. Mr. Sado disclosed that after Dr. Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia and late Professor Ambrose Alli,

nobody has developed the state as Governor Oshiomhole. He also disclosed that through his NGO, the Eyande Sado Foundation, he has been able to give a sense of belongings to youths in his constituency through award of scholarship to school students which he added, would be extended to university students. Sado is the Managing Director/Chairman of Logohead Limited.

Frank Enahoro Sado




News NUC Seeks Alternative Ways To Access Varsity Education

ABUJA - Prof. Julius Okojie, the Executive Secretary of National Universities Commission (NUC), has said that the commission is fashioning out alternative ways of ensuring access to university education in Nigeria. Okojie made the statement in Abuja when he declared open a three-day workshop on e-learning and Education Resource. He said NUC was worried by the increasing number of students, who failed to gain admission to universities because of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)’s inability to meet the increasing demand. “This workshop is, therefore, aimed at bringing together stakeholders in the sector to discuss e-learning. “New technology has continued to change ways of doing things and there is the need to open ways that those intending to acquire university education can do so without having to go

through JAMB,” he said. Okojie further shed light on the project, saying through e-learning, students could study and acquire degrees “at their convenience”. He said using Open and Distance Learning, the programmes would be designed according to the approved Academic Minimum Standards. Okojie also said materials for the courses had been designed for use by students without having to obtain any licences and without fear of violating copyright laws. He said the introduction of e-learning was to ensure that Nigeria would be on the same page with other ICT advanced countries. Speaking to newsmen on what the NUC was doing to ensure quality of PhD graduates, Okojie said the commission had continued to enforce the Benchmark Academic Minimum Standard. He also said that the

commission also ensured the accreditation of courses offered in the postgraduate schools. “Out of the 151 universities in the country, only 67 have postgraduate schools and not all the courses are accredited. He said most of the programmes had been approved for accreditation with the exception of course, such as medicine, because some structures needed to be put in place before any approval could be given. Also speaking, the Acting Director, Open and Distance Learning, Dr Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf, said the workshop was also aimed at capacity building for stakeholders on ways of reducing the challenges in ICT development. Ramon-Yusuf said though the current mandate of the e-learning was for universities, there was hope that other sectors would gradually be integrated in the future.

Hon. Philip Shaibu, Majority Leader, Edo State House of Assembly (left) and Hon. Jude Ise- Idehen, member representing Ikpoba-Okha constituency in the House when the House resumed from recess at the House plenary session on Monday. PHOTO: GODWIN ISEGUAN

Assault: Court Adjourns

BENIN CITY - An Oredo Magistrate Court, sitting in Benin City has adjourned hearing in a criminal case preferred against one Opara Onyekachi to October 15, 2013. In the case with charged No MOR/450C/2013 before Chief Magistrate F.E.N Igbinosa (Esq.), the accused person, Opara Onyekachi is standing trial over alleged indecent assault of two minors on separate occasion. The accused person had earlier been granted bail by the court in the sum of N100, 000.00 with two sureties in like sum, which is yet to be perfected. During a close court session, a witness (name withheld) 6, who is one of the minors told the court

Case To Oct 15 how she was allegedly assaulted by the accused person. The witness, who was led in evidence by Inspector Ada Johnbull of the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), of the Nigeria Police told the court how the accused person approached and dragged her to a secluded place and laid her in his lap. According to the witness, the incident happened on a Sunday morning when she was sent on an errand to buy sugar from a store by her aunt and was returning back home. She identified the secluded place she was taken to by the accused person as “the back of their Fejiro’s house,” where she

said the accused person touched her breast, leg, back and tummy. Under cross examination by Counsel to the accused G.A Ofuoymye (Mrs.), the witness told the court that she has not seen the accused person before the day of the incident. The witness also, said she shouted and begged the accused person to let her go before one Aunt Ety and Uncle Edegba came to her rescue and apprehended the accused person before the arrived of the police. Meanwhile, Chief Magistrate Igbinosa adjourned continuation of hearing on the case to the 15th day of October, 2013.

Resolution, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Benin Study Centre has inaugurated committee to organize Peace Walk through major roads in Benin city. The committee is also to organize series of events to mark the 2013 International world Peace Day scheduled for Saturday September 21, 2013. Also as part of preparations for the day, members of the department have visited the Benin Monarch, His Royal Majesty, Oba Erediauwa to solicit his support for the one day event. The Monarch promised

to support the students to achieve success in the programme. Comrade valentine Egharevba, president of the department who led members of the department, thanked the monarch for his support and promised to contribute their quota to the peace in the state and ensure that peace is given a chance. The International World Peace Day celebration will hold in Benin city with the Obasogie of Benin Kingdom, Obasogie is the chairman, Peace and conflict Resolution in Benin Kingdom.

NOUN To Mark Int’l Peace Day R - L Hon. Patrick Iluobe, Hon. Simon Oloruntoba and Hon. Abdulrazak Momoh members, Edo State House of Assembly during the House resumption for sitting from recess on Monday. PHOTO: GODWIN ISEGUAN

BENIN CITY – In commemoration of the International World Peace Day, the Department of Peace and conflict

more teaching staff to the school to teach subjects as English Language, Biology, agricultural Science, geography, and Economics. He said he had led other members of the Patens teachers Association to make a representation to the

Governor of the State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole over the problems of Igbanke Grammar School. According to him, the appeal has become necessary to enable the students have a conducive environment for learning as soon as possible.

PTA Urges Govt To Rehabilitate Igbanke Gram Sch

IGBANKE (EDO STATE) The Chairman, Igbanke Grammar school, Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Igbanke in Orhiommwon Local Government Area of Edo state, Hon. Benson Efokwuejuntin Igwue

has appealed to Edo State Government for the renovation of dilapidate buildings in Igbanke Grammar School, in Orhionmwon Local Government Area. Hon. Igwue also appealed to the Commissioner of Education to deploy




Across The Nation

Police Arraign Man For Theft

Board Warns Against Unauthorised Levies In Public Schools ENUGU - The Enugu State Post Primary School Management Board (PPSMB), has warned parents against paying “unauthorised levy’’ for the in-coming Junior Secondary School (JSS-1) students in public schools. The Chairman of the board, Dr Gabriel Okafor, told newsmen in Enugu that the State Government had approved the payment of N260 by the students in furtherance of its free education policy. “Nobody should make them to pay anything for the new students in JSS1; the amount approved for them is N260. “This N260 is: N160 for morning assembly manual and N100 for two badges, so that is all. “So any parent that any school is made to pay more than this should let us know immediately, because that will amount to illegal collection or illegal levy. “And we have zero tolerance for illegal levy because our governor is doing everything humanly possible to make sure that education is affordable to everybody in the state no matter

Lawmaker Donates Hajj Clothes To Pilgrims

KURFI (KATSINA STATE) - Alhaji Danlami Mohammed (PDP-Kurfi State Constituency) has donated Hajj clothes to all male and female intending pilgrims from Kurfi and Dutsinma local government areas of Katsina State. Mohammed presented the materials to the Pilgrims’ Desk Officer of the area, Alhaji Mohammed Bello, for distribution in Kurfi. He said: “the donation of the clothes is in fulfilment of my promise of providing the materials annually to intending pilgrims from the two local government areas.” He urged the pilgrims to be good ambassadors while in the Holy Land as well as to pray for peace and unity of the country. The lawmaker also prayed for journey mercies to and from Saudi Arabia for the pilgrims. Receiving the materials, Bello thanked the lawmaker for the donation which had become an annual exercise. He also urged other political office holders to emulate the gesture as part of their contributions in the propagation of Islam. Some of the intending pilgrims prayed to Allah to reward the donor for the gesture.

the financial background.“ He said that the board had banned school principals from selling any kind of books to students without the consent of the board. Okafor noted that the essence of the ban was to stop some teachers and principals who claimed to be authors from wanton extortion of money from students. The chairman appealed to students to be dedicated to their studies and to be prepared to respond positively to the programmes the government was executing to strengthen the education system.

Hon. Osayimwen Patrick member representing Oredo East Constitutency, Edo State House of Assembly (right) and Hon. Aisowielen Patrick representing Orhionmwon I Constituency in the House going through the sitting calendar shortly after their resumption for the House Plenary session from their recess on Monday. PHOTO: GODWIN ISEGUAN

R-L: Chief Stephen Alao, Chairman State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Edo State, Aisosa Amadasun Ann, Mr. Dore Momoh and Malam Ali Sule both full time members of the board during their appearance on the floor of Edo State House of Assembly after they were screened and confirmed by the House as Chairman and members of the board on Wednesday. PHOTO: GODWIN ISEGUAN.

Adoption Of Final Written Addresses Fixed

Murdered Banker:

IKEJA - An Ikeja High Court has fixed October 2, for adoption of final written addresses in the trial of Akolade Arowolo, charged with the alleged murder of his wife, Titilayo. Justice Lateefat Okunnu has directed the prosecution and defence to file and serve the processes before the next adjournment date. Reports said that Arowolo, 31, was charged to court for allegedly stabbing his wife, a banker, to death. He was arraigned on December 21, 2011, on a onecount charge of murder and had pleaded not guilty to the charge. The accused, was thereafter, remanded in Ikoyi Prisons. The Lagos State Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), alleged that the accused murdered Titilayo on June 24, 2011 in their residence at 8, Akindeinde St., Isolo, Lagos.

The prosecution, led by Mrs Olabisi Ogungbesan, had closed its case against the accused on November 19, 2012, after calling 12 witnesses. The deceased relatives, including her father, George Oyakhire and her stepmother, Adetoun, had testified that the Arowolo’s marriage was characterised

by domestic violence. Another witness, Prof. John Obafunwa, a Consultant Pathologist and Chief Medical Examiner of Lagos State, had also testified that Titilayo was stabbed 76 times. However, Arowolo, who testified before the court on May 22, blamed his in-laws

GBOKO (BENUE) - The Centre for Social Development Initiative, an NGO in Gboko, Benue State has urged the Federal Government to ban the production of polythene bags. Dr Saidu Modibbo, the Executive Director of the centre, made the call at a workshop on Flood Preparedness, Prevention and Mitigation, organised by the National Emergency Management Agency ( NEMA).

Modibbo said that such a measure would help to reduce the risks of flooding and soil degradation. He noted that polythene bags constituted the highest percentage of non-biodegradable substances which blocked water channels and other waterways. He said other countries had effectively tackled the menace of polythene bags through sound legislation that outlawed its

for the trouble in his marriage. He had denied the allegation that he murdered his wife. He had claimed that Titilayo died after accidentally falling on a knife she was using to stab him during a quarrel on his birthday.

ABUJA - The police has arraigned Chukwuemeka Nnaemeka of Jiwa, Abuja, in an FCT Senior Magistrates’ Court for allegedly stealing N450, 000 from Sterling Bank Plc. The police prosecutor, Pc. David Udeh, told the court that the matter was reported at the Wuse Zone 3, Police Station, by a cashier, Mr Mbaka Sunday, on August 30. Udeh said the cashier told the police that the accused entered the Sterling Bank bulk room, pretending to be making enquiries and stole N450, 000. According to the prosecutor, the money was recovered from the accused during police investigation. He said the offence contravened the provisions of Section 287 of the Penal Code Law. If convicted, the accused is liable to a maximum of five years imprisonment or with a fine or with both. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charge. The counsel to the accused, Mr Samuel Ihensekin, urged the court to admit his client to bail in line with Section 341(2A-C) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). He also cited Section 35(3) of the 1999 Constitution which presumed an accused to be innocent until the law proved the contrary. The senior magistrate, Mr Christopher Oba, admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N500, 000 and a surety in the like sum. Oba ordered that the surety must be a civil servant not below grade level 8 and must own a landed property in the Federal Capital Territory. He adjourned the case to September 30.

Ban Polythene Bags, NGO Urges FG usage. Modibbo also said it was harmful to burn the polythene bags as they contained harmful chemicals injurious to both the environment and human health. He said such nonbiodegradable substances were also harmful to the soil and posed challenges to farmers. He, therefore, suggested for the enactment of strong legislation that would prohibit the production and usage of

polythene bags across the country. Meanwhile, the director advised users of polythene bags to separate them from other waste materials for proper disposal, adding that such waste could be turned into wealth generating sources. He also suggested the establishment of waste management organs across the states to handle waste disposal issues.




South West 504 Die In Road Crashes

Govt Expresses Commitment To Quality Education AKURE - Mrs. Moji Ajayi, the Permanent Secretary, Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board, says Government is committed to providing quality education in the state. Ajayi said this in Akure on the sidelines of a monitoring tour of some Government-owned primary schools which resumed for the 2013/2014 academic session. She said that the State Government was giving priority to the welfare of teachers while providing instructional materials in public schools. “The teachers are very much committed now because Government is paying them well. As at now, Government does not owe any teacher. “ We have paid up to July; we are paying August very soon and teachers are receiving the Teachers Salary Scale. “The schools are also free as no tuition fee is paid. The text books are given freely while only the note books and biros are provided by the parents,” she said. Also speaking, Mr Adebayo Kolajo, the Director of School Services in the board, said the State Government was focusing attention on the education sector. “Education is one of the cardinal points of this present administration in terms of quality and quantity. “ Government will boost capacity development of teachers by organising seminars and workshops to enhance their performance. “The well-equipped teachers would actually deliver; but the poorlyequipped ones won’t know how to deliver. “So the number one priority is to train them, “ he said.

Chairperson, Women Development Programme (WDP) Owan East Local Government Council, Mrs Florence Ijegbai (right) presenting a grinding machine to a beneficiary of her programme for the widows drawn from across the Local Government Council recently.

AKURE - The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) declared that 504 people died, while 2,405 were injured in motor accidents in Ondo, Osun and Oyo states between January and August 2013. The Zonal Commander for the States, Sambo Lukas, announced this in Akure during the zonal launching of the “Ember Months” enlightenment campaign. Sambo said the causes of crashes in the zone included speeding, dangerous and wrong overtaking, dangerous driving, and tyre burst. He said the crashes occurred due to human errors such as faulty decisions and actions by drivers who did not fix faults before putting their vehicles on the road. “We should learn to change our attitude toward all these bad driving habits for us to live our dream of a safe motoring

environment,” he said. According to the zonal commander, road crashes can be avoidable if drivers can be patient, avoid speeding and dangerous overtaking, and plan their journey ahead of time by driving at moderate and sensible speed. “Road users should imbibe good driving culture by changing their attitude from old ways of driving and making the road safer for all to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of Nigeria,” he said. He appealed to road users to endeavour to know the condition of the roads as most of them were undergoing rehabilitation and construction. Head of Operation, Ondo State chapter, Mr. Sunday Ajayi, said crashes could be avoided if drivers would behave well.

Institute Urges LASG To Sustain Functional Human Settlement LAGOS - The Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners has advised the Lagos State Government to ensure the sustenance of functional, safe, orderly and aesthetic human settlements. Mr Ayo Adediran, the Chairman of the chapter, said this at a press briefing to mark the Town Planning Week/30th Anniversary of the Institute in Lagos. He said that the institute was ready to partner the Government and other stakeholders to ensure sustainable urban development in the country. Adediran said that the commitment was borne out of the need for Nigerians to enjoy better environment. According to him, the institute is ready to develop the required core values that are based on honesty, transparency and accountability to achieve global standards. “The goal of town planning is to ensure functional, safe, orderly and aesthetic human settlements. “We cannot achieve this without the cooperation of the Government at all levels, professionals and the public,” he said. He commended the Lagos State Government for the enactment of the various town planning legislations. Adediran, however, called for effective enforcement of the laws. “The latest of such legislations is the Lagos State Urban Regional Planning and Development Law 2010 which was aimed at providing legal framework for building sustainable human settlements. “Proper and effective enforcement of this law will create orderly and functional Lagos mega city,” Adediran said.

Some of the grinding machines presented to widows by the Chairperson, Women Development Programme (WDP) Owan East Local Government Council, Mrs Florence Ijegbai (right) recently.

2 Students Docked

Possession Of Weapons: OSOGBO - Two students were arraigned before an Osogbo Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly being in possession of dangerous weapons and charms. The police prosecutor, Insp Abiodun Fagboyinbo, told the court that the accused— Oyebanji Amos, 20; and

Atilola Lukman, 22—were arrested during routine security check. Fagboyinbo told the court that the accused were caught with the dangerous items at the NUJ Secretariat in

charged with theft of an articulated vehicle valued at N6 million at an Ebute Meta Magistrates’ Court, Lagos. The accused — Ayo George, 63; Toyin Sogunro, 65; Ayo Olusola, 46; and Stanley Ibe, 31 - are facing a two-count charge of conspiracy and stealing. The clearing agents reside at Igando and Ikotun areas of the metropolis, while the driver (Ibe) lives in Abia. The prosecutor, Cpl. Samuel Ishola, told the court that the

on September 11 at 11.30p.m. at Abule-Osun on Oshodi – Apapa Expressway, Lagos. He said the accused, who were employees of the complainant, Mr. Christopher Aina, allegedly stole the truck with registration no. XP 70 BDG when the owner travelled out of the country. “On arrival in the country, Aina went to his office and discovered that the accused had disappeared with the vehicle.’’ Ishola noted that the offences

Osogbo, venue of the National Association of Osun Students election. The prosecutor said the accused conspired and armed themselves with assorted charms and knives while

Clearing Agent, Driver Charged LAGOS - Three clearing For Theft accused committed the offences agents and a driver were contravened Sections 285 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011. Section 285 provides a threeyear jail term for offenders. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Magistrate, Mrs M.O. Tanimola, granted the accused bail in the sum of N100, 000 each with two sureties each in like sum. Further hearing has been adjourned to November.11.

attending the election, saying this could likely cause a breach of the peace. Fagboyingbo said the offence committed contravened sections 517 and 249(D) of the Criminal Code Cap 34, Vol.11 Laws of Osun, 2003. The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge and their counsel, Mr. Taiwo Awokunle and Mr Remegius Ngwu, applied for their bail. Chief Magistrate Adebayo Lasisi granted each accused

bail in the sum of N50,000 and one surety in like sum. Lasisi added that the sureties must swear to an affidavit of means and provide two passport photographs to the court. The case was adjourned to November 1 for hearing.




Across The Nation National Council On Works Confab Begins

Okorocha Approves N10m Interest Free Loan For Traders ORLU (IMO) - Governor. Rochas Okorocha of Imo has approved the disbursement of N10 million interest-free revolving loan for petty traders at the Orlu International Market. Okorocha, who announced the approval at a meeting with the traders in Orlu, said the loan was to empower the traders to expand their businesses. He said the traders were also expected to compete favourably with their counterparts across the state. Okorocha said his administration had resolved to ensure that all markets in the state were well equipped with necessary facilities. According to him, the move is because about 70 per cent of the people are traders and spend more time in the market.

He also announced the establishment of a limited liability company to be known as Imo Market Nig. Ltd. The company, he said, was expected to help in meeting the needs of the traders and to ensure that monies collected from markets were used for their development. Okorocha urged the traders to guard against importing and selling contraband goods. Earlier, the president of the Orlu Amalgamated Traders Association, Mr. Uche Osunkwo, commended the leadership quality of the governor. He thanked the governor for having the interest of traders at heart by making funds available for them to run their businesses. On behalf of the traders, he promised to always support the development strides of the state government.

Former Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Ita Ewa, handing over to the permanent secretary of the ministry, Mrs. Rabi Jimeta in Abuja on Tuesday.

IIORIN - The 20th edition of the National Council on Works conference opened in IIorin, the Kwara capital, on Monday. The News reports state that the week-long conference will be attended by the Controller of Works from the 36 states in the country as well as other stakeholders. Addressing the opening session, the Kwara State Commissioner for Works and Transport, Dr Abubakar Kannike, urged the council to find ways of ensuring that all roads in the country were motorable He said the state government had intervened in the construction of some federal roads in the state aimed at boosting socio-economic activities in the state. The commissioner said the state government had completed all on-going road projects and had initiated new ones across the three senatorial districts of the state. In his remarks, the Director, Planning and Statistics, Federal Ministry of Works, Alhaji Abubakar Magaji, said the aim of the conference was to further improve on the road sector. He urged the participants to make useful suggestions that would impact positively on the road sector. The participants are expected to hold technical sessions for four days during the conference. The conference had as theme: “Reforming the Road Sector for Sustainable Economy.”

He said that the ministry would revoke the mining licences of operators that failed to operate in line with the laid down procedures. “The penalty for nondisclosure of required information may include revocation of mining licences, amongst others. “We, in the ministry, will not only support NEITI but will work with them (it) to ensure that this cycle of Audit are successful.’’ He said the 2007 to 2010 NEITI audit report had exposed some of the anomalies in the sector, which included under collection of mining revenues, inadequate funding and unethical activities of artisans.

that the Federal Government received a total of N54.5 billion from the mining companies while the companies reported they paid N53.8 billion in the form of taxes and royalties. Ahmed also decried the lack of effective regulatory and monitoring framework in the sector and called on all stakeholders to support the Federal Government in transforming the sector. The workshop was attended by officials of NEITI, Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel, Mining Cadastral Offices, representatives of mining companies, Civil Society Organisations and Development Partners

Supervisor for Health, Owan East Local Government Council, Mrs. Patience Ireitoi (right) presenting cash gift to a beneficiary of the programme for widows organised by the chairperson of the local government, Mrs. Florence Ijegbai.

APC Is Intact, Ready To Deliver Come 2015 - Okorocha OWERRI - Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) was united in the state. Okorocha disclosed this in Owerri at the end of the state chapter ’s Elders’ Council meeting. He said APC was a party with good programmes and elaborate manifesto to bring the desired change for the state and the nation. According to Okorocha APC is the only party that has structures up to the polling booth level in the state and it will take over Imo state Government House by 2015 and install a Federal Government. Chief Achike Udenwa, former governor of Imo state and chairman Elders’ Council of the party, said all alleged differences in the party had been resolved. Udenwa said that he had never had any personal differences with Governor. Okorocha on the party’s leadership in the state. “We have no differences at all, but whenever you want to start something new, planning may be a little difficult, and people raised meaning as though we have personal differences,” he said. Udenwa said all rough edges that existed in the party had been straightened and urged the people of the state to support the change proposed by the party.

He said the APC would bring desired change in the country, which, he alleged, the ruling PDP had failed to do. The Secretary of the state APC Elder ’s Council, Senenator. Osita Izunaso assured Imo people that there was nothing to fear as the party was intact. He urged the people to support the party to effect the desired change.

FG To Sanction Erring Miners ABUJA - The Minister of Mines and Steel says plans are underway to sanction mining operators that fail to operate within the laid down procedures in the country. The Minister of Mines and Steel, Alhaji Musa Sada, said this in Abuja on Monday at the template workshop for the 2011 Solid Minerals Sector Audit organised by the Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI). Sada said the ministry was already working with NEITI and other stakeholders in the sector to ensure professionalism in the sector.

Sada expressed optimism that the synergy with NEITI would lead to improved revenue collection for government and enhance transparency and accountability in the sector. “It is very important that I state here, that cooperating with NEITI during this Audit period is mandatory, “Otherwise, you will be in default of the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007 which is very clear on declaration of all results of your mining operations.’’ Earlier, NEITI’s Executive Secretary, Mrs Zainab Ahmed, in her opening remarks, said the workshop was organised to

acquaint mining companies and government agencies on the templates designed for the audit exercise. “The audit is expected to track solid minerals sector fund collected by various Government Agencies to the Federation Account, “Other objectives of the exercise include the reconciliation of the payments made by major players (Companies/ entities) in the solid minerals sector in Nigeria with Government receipt of revenues during the period 2011.’’ She said the 2007 - 2010 audit report recently released by NEITI revealed





Senate President, David Mark (2nd-left) and leader of Senate, Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba, after plenary as Senate resumes in Abuja on Tuesday.

Police Urge Govt To Provide Jobs For Vigilance Group MAIDUGURI - The Borno Police Command appealed to the state government to initiate programmes to empower youths, especially members of the vigilance group called Civilian JTF. The Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Lawal Tanko, made the appeal in Maiduguri while addressing a news conference. He said the gesture would make youths productive to contribute their quota to national development. He expressed concern at the high rate of youth unemployment in the state and described it as alarming. Tanko stressed the need for the government to establish projects that would provide jobs, to improve youths’ standard of living. The commissioner said

joblessness was the main reason for the high level of crime in the state. “The state government should assist the civilian JTF by giving them the necessary support they need to improve their standard of living. “Those that can read and write should be assisted to go to school and those who cannot read or write should be empowered. “In Kano State for example, the government has established the state Road Agency which provided jobs to more than 1,000 youths. “If we have something like that here in Borno State, joblessness and crime rate will be reduced,’’ he said. Tanko said the state police command would train some members of the civilian JTF and recommend them to the government for employment.

Nasarawa Crisis

NYSC Evacuates Corps Members

L-R: Senators Abdullahi Adamu, Abubakar Saraki, Umaru Dahiru and Danjuma Goje, after plenary as Senate resumes in Abuja on Tuesday.

LAFIA - The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has evacuated corps members serving in areas affected by the recent communal crisis in Obi Local Government

Police Investigate Alleged Killing Of Vigilante Member

MAIDUGURI - The Borno Police Command said it had commenced investigation into Sept. 14 alleged killing of a vigilante member, Malam Usman Ibrahim, by a police constable in Maiduguri. The Commissioner of Police in Borno, Alhaji Lawal Tanko, said this when he spoke to newsmen in Maiduguri. Newsmen reports that Ibrahim was allegedly shot dead by a police officer while escorting a suspected Boko Haram member in Bulumkutu, Maiduguri. According to reports, the incident occurred after a hot argument between the alleged police officer and the vigilante member. Tanko said that the command had been saddened by the situation. “I have directed the Criminal Investigation

Departments (CID) to investigate the matter thoroughly and find what really happened. “We have to establish what made the officer to shoot in the first place because it is questionable,’’ he said. Tanko said that the outcome of the investigation would determine the next action by the command. “Definitely, the officer will be sanctioned, according to the law, once he is found wanting,’’ he said. He said the officer would be dismissed from service once he was found guilty of killing the deceased deliberately. He said the officer would be tried first in the orderly room, dismissed and

prosecuted in law courts, adding: “no policeman is allowed to take another person’s life unjustifiably’’. Tanko also expressed regrets that the suspect was injured following reprisal attack by members of the

vigilante group, who were angered by the killing of their colleague. The commissioner said the suspect was hospitalised, stressing that “we are praying that he survives so that he can be able to tell his own side of

Ministry of Works in Kaduna state has said that the KadunaEastern bypass road project, would be completed in 2015. Tukur, disclosed this to newsmen in Kaduna He said the 58.5 kilometre road, including 10 kilometres spur to Rabah road in Kaduna metropolis, is 62 per cent completed. “The first phase of the road which is 16 kilometres, has been completed “The road project was scheduled to be completed in 2005, with the initial contract sum of N16 billion.

“The Federal government has spent N11 billion on the project. “We are expecting an upwards review from that amount to N40 billion for a successful completion by 2015” he said. Tukur disclosed that N500 million was released in 2013 by the SURE-P programme to supplement the federal government’s funding of the eastern bypass. He assured Nigerians that the project would be

the story’’. Newsmen recalls that the killing of the deceased had resulted in mass protest by members of the vigilante group before the intervention of Governor. Kashim Shettima. The governor pacified the group by paying N3.5 million as compensation to his family.

Kaduna-Eastern Bypass To Be KADUNA - Alhaji Sa’ad Completed In 2015 Tukur, the Federal Controller,

completed as scheduled in 2015 Tukur also said the second phase of the MaharabaPambegua-Saminaka-Jos road project would gulp N3 billion. He said the first phase has already been completed. Tukur said 10.2 kilometre road project has been awarded and would be completed in 2014. NAN reports that contract for the project was awarded to Ekisogulari Construction Company on Nov. 24 2002 with a completion period of 24 months.

Area of Nasarawa State, an official has said. Mrs. Olabanji Bolanle, the Coordinator of the scheme in the state, told newsmen in Lafia that the affected corps members were now taking refuge at the various NYSC lodges in Lafia, the state capital. Bolanle said that the corps members would remain in such lodges until the restoration of normalcy in the affected areas. “There is, however, no palliative measure in place for them to cushion the difficulty associated with their new environment, having hurriedly left their places of abode without any thing on them,” she said. The coordinator also ruled out the possibility of re-deploying the corps members to relatively more peaceful areas, but assured them of safety in their temporary places of abode. It will be recalled that the state police command had confirmed three persons killed and property worth millions of naira destroyed in the mayhem.





Man Docked For Sexual Indecency

ABUJA - The police arraigned a 31-year-old businessman, Emeka Onwudinjo, in a Wuse Zone 2 Senior Magistrates’ Court for sexual indecency. The police prosecutor, Sgt. Abdullahi Alhassan, told the court that the case was reported at the Mabushi Police Station on September 4, by one Nnenna Aja of Jabi, Abuja. Alhassan said that on August 31, Onwudinjo, a resident of Plot 832, Near Ajageun Estate, Mabushi, Abuja, gave Aja a lift in his car with the impression that he was taking her to her house in Jabi. “Shortly after she boarded his vehicle, he diverted toward Mabushi behind the Vehicle Inspections Office (VIO) headquarters,’’ the prosecutor said.

He said that the accused, assaulted Aja with intention to “demean her modesty’’. He said that the accused forced the complainant to give him a “blow job” while he forcibly touched parts of her body. “The accused also stole her Techno Mobile phone valued at N8,000 and collected the sum of N147,820 being her weekly sales,’’ the prosecutor said. He said that the accused committed the offences of assault and theft contrary to sections 268 and 288 of the Penal Code. If convicted the accused shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or with

both. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges. Counsel to the accused, Mr Nnemeka Ugha prayed the court to admit his client to bail. The Magistrate, Mr Christopher Oba, admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N200, 000 with one surety in like sum. Oba ordered that the surety must be a civil servant not below grade level 8 and must own a landed property in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). He adjourned the case to September 30, urging the prosecutor to ensure that his witnesses are present in court on the adjourned date.

Speaker, House of Representatives Aminu Tambuwal, going for plenary as the House resumes in Abuja on Tuesday

Court Discharges Accused For Want Of Diligent Prosecution ABUJA - An Abuja Magistrates’ Court discharged and acquitted Simon Madaki, 22, and Sylvester Olorunda, 27, for

FG Begins Issuance Of New Yellow Card For Travelers ABUJA - The Federal Ministry of Health began the issuance of new secured international certificate of vaccination and prophylaxis, otherwise known as yellow card to travellers. The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, officially inaugurated the new card scheme in Abuja. He said Government came up with a new card following the deportation of some 125 Nigerians from South Africa in March 2012 over their alleged failure to provide genuine yellow fever vaccination documentation. He said that the old card did not carry the security features in the new one, adding that the old card could easily be forged. “Part of the confusion was that years ago the National Council on Health in its wisdom felt that in order to make it easy for Nigerians to obtain the card, decided to decentralise its activities. “So it now permitted state governments, the Federal Government, and the private sector to print their own yellow cards and issue them; but there was no control; we found out that there were gaps. “Now the National Council on Health has reversed that decision; it said it (the cards) must be printed by the Federal Ministry of Health alone. “To print it, we decided that it must be a security document with full security features. “It has quite a number (of security features), up to six security features; it is not just about printing any card.

want of diligent prosecution by the police. The accused, who were both private security guards at Profile Security Ltd, Abuja, were charged with negligent conduct. Madaki and Olorunda were alleged to have neglected their duty posts while on posting to the residence of Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmed of Life Camp, Abuja, thereby, allowing thieves to trespass into the residence. “I have carefully considered the totality of the evidence and it is clear that the prosecution has not established its evidence against the two accused persons. “In view of this, therefore, the court holds that the prosecution has failed to prove its case

against them beyond reasonable doubts. “In this circumstance, the two accused persons are hereby discharged and acquitted,’’ the magistrate, Abolaji Abdulateef, ruled. Earlier, the police prosecutor, Cpl Simon Emmanuel, told the court that the two accused failed to prevent thieves from trespassing into Ahmed’s residence. Emmanuel said the thieves cut off the security wires of the house and attempted to rob the occupants. The prosecutor said the offence contravenes the provisions of Section 196 of the Penal Code.

L-R: Reps. Ajaja Adebukola; Solomon Adeola; Samuel Adejare and Abike Dabiri-Erewa as House of representatives resumes in Abuja on Tuesday

PDM Launches On-line Registration For Members

ABUJA - The Peoples Democratic Movement said its members could now register online as it commenced a nationwide registration of its party members. The National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Bashir Ibrahim, said this at a news conference in Abuja. He said an alternative manual registration would be provided, especially for those in the rural areas and because of the unstable power supply system in the country. “The on–line registration will stop few minutes to the midnight of October. 1, when the manual registration will commence and will be a continual exercise. “The register for the exercise will be used to conduct congresses and convention. “Before now, membership of any political party was a privilege, but with the on-line registration, it has become a thing of the past. “We have decided to level the playing field by creating a platform for interested Nigerians to have free access at their own choice”, he said. Ibrahim said the on-line registration would provide

opportunity for the youths to participate actively in politics and lend their voice. He described PDM as a bridge between generations of this country, saying that it allows youths to come on board to participate in active politics. The party national chairman said the on-line registration would also give opportunity to Nigerians in the Diaspora to register, vote and be voted for. Ibrahim advised party

members to ensure that they print out their slips after registration, which they would take to their respective ward secretariat for collection of a membership card. He said the membership card would be at a fee, which was yet to be decided by party’s executive committee. Ibrahim said it was so unfortunate that the nation’s

political process did not provide for Nigerians in Diaspora to vote at any political level. He said that in view of their meaningful contribution to the economy of the country, it would be unfair to disenfranchise them, therefore, PDM was making a case for them. “We are going to fight for them no matter what it takes and for

command is motorists parking in prohibited areas. “At the Eagle Square, government provided parking space at the Eagle Square for people that have businesses to transact within the Federal Secretariat. “I must confess that my command has been doing its best in ensuring that if you park wrongly, we move your vehicle,’’ he said. Agbakoba lamented that motorist preferred to park by the roadside instead of using the parking lot thereby causing obstruction to free flow of traffic. He vowed that any motorists

caught in the act would be sanctioned irrespective of their status. On the training, he said that it was organised to enable the personnel of the unit key into the ongoing ICT transformation in the FRSC, including eexamination and e-ticking of traffic offenders. “ In the FRSC, almost everything is computer-based, whether e-examination or eticketing; my staff should be well informed, they should not be found wanting,’’ he said. Agbakoba said that the training was designed to give the operatives basic computer

how long, it is a dream that will come to reality very soon,’’. “How can a country disenfranchise her citizens that are remitting over 21 billion dollars to her economy annually, it is unfair, where did you want them to belong?”, he queried. Newsmen reports that the nationwide registration was coming up barely a month after the party was registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC).

FCT: FRSC Laments Indiscriminate Parking ABUJA -The FCT Central Area Unit Commander of FRSC, Mr. Frank Agbakoba, said in Abuja that parking in prohibited areas was the greatest challenge facing the unit. He stated this in an interview with newsmen at a two-day computer training programme organised for FRSC personnel. Agbakoba said that at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja where many government offices are located, motorists often chose to park in prohibited areas rather than use the parking lot provided for them at the Eagle Square. “The greatest challenge we are having in the central area

knowledge, adding that more than 40 personnel of the unit are attending the training. Earlier at the opening, Mr. Lawrence Akinusi, the Director of ICT in the office of the Head of Service of the Federation, urged the FRSC operatives to take the training seriously He said the training was imperative because almost everything now depended on computer, adding that through it, the world had become a global village. It will be recalled that the commission in 2012 introduced computer-based promotion examination for its personnel.




Business + Economy

Electronic Loading: LAGOS - The Petroleum Equalisation Fund Management Board (PEFMB) has vowed to sanction any marketer who fails to key into its electronic loading scheme tagged “Project Aquila.’’ Project Aquila is an electronic loading scheme introduced by PEFMB in 2010 to ensure effective loading and delivery of

Equalisation Fund Board To Sanction Erring Marketers

petroleum products across the country as well as prompt payment of marketers. Mr Goddy Nnadi, the General Manager, Corporate Services of PEFMB, told newsmen in a telephone interview in Lagos that the board would no longer treat claims submitted manually. Nnadi said that any marketer,

who failed to conform to electronic loading, would no longer be attended to. “We have stopped receiving manual bridging claims from marketers since two months ago. “The process is to ensure that all marketers’ claims being

processed are paid electronically under Project Aquila,’’ he said. Nnadi said that the sanction involved non-reimbursement of bridging claims made by marketers who failed to register their trucks under the scheme. He said that so far, the scheme

had helped in monitoring and confirming the loading and delivery of petroleum products at depots with improved claims processing. Nnadi said the board had sensitised marketers on the need to key into the scheme to ensure effectiveness and more transparency. He gave an assurance that PEFMB would continue to process the backlog of manual claims received till the last date of stoppage of such claims. The PEFMB boss said that the entire backlog would be cleared so that the board could concentrate on the electronic process. He said that more than 30,000 trucks had been tagged in over 60 depots across the country. Nnadi said that the tagging process would be an on-going process, especially for marketers

with new trucks. He appealed to oil marketers to key into the scheme in their own interest, stressing that tagging and registration were free of charge as long as the trucks had all the necessary documents. He said that the board had been working hard with relevant stakeholders, including both the major and independent oil marketers, to get to the root of the matter and sanction those involved in the nefarious activity. Nnadi, who described the activity of the syndicate as economic sabotage, said that PEFMB had already contacted security agencies on the matter. “We are already working with the SSS and relevant stakeholders in the industry to bring this economic sabotage of the nation to a halt,” he said.

AFAN, Coy To Produce Organic Fertiliser In LAGOS - Chief Femi Nigeria

L-R: Vice President, Africa & middle East, International Air Transport Association, Mr Hossein Dabbas, Director-General, Mr Tony Tyler and Regional head, Africa & middle East, Mrs Adefunke Adeyemi, at a News Conference on Aviation day Africa in Lagos on Tuesday

Coker, the President, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), says the association and a Malaysian

CBN Pledges Adequate Protection For Consumers Of Financial Services KANO - The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has pledged to ensure adequate protection for consumers of financial services across the country. The Deputy Director incharge of CBN Consumer Protection Department, Hajiya Khadija Kassim, made the pledge while briefing newsmen as part of activities to launch consumer awareness campaign in Kano. She said that, already the bank had put in place several structures with a view to achieving the desired objective. ‘’CBN is putting a lot of structures in place to ensure that consumers get maximum benefits from financial services provisioning. ‘’This will ultimately result in not only enabling people to take charge of their financial well-being but also enhance economic development,’’ she said. According to her, it is only through awareness campaign that consumers can be given reasons to trust the system and be confident in dealing with financial services providers. ‘’We have to empower Nigerians with the requisite knowledge to make informed choices and take effective

actions that will enhance their financial well-being.’’ She called on journalists in the state to assist the bank in its efforts toward creating consumer awareness in the state. Kassim said the awareness campaign would be taken to all the 44 local government areas of the state. Newsmen reports that the campaign will be conducted in all the 36 states of the country.

L-R: A Panel of discussants at the close of international conference on payments system in Abuja on Tuesday

Fashola Urges Tobacco Companies To Adhere To Regulatory Standards IKEJA Governor. Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State urged tobacco companies operating in the country to adhere strictly to regulatory standards. The governor gave the advice when he received Mr. Keith Gretton, the Managing Director, British American Tobacco (BAT) Nigeria, who paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House, Ikeja. Fashola, who noted that tobacco products posed great risks to consumers, urged the companies to operate in line with prescribed standards to mitigate the risks. “I think as we do business today, we must think about the

future because without people there really cannot be business. “Therefore, I think tobacco companies like yours should begin to focus on doing things that will prolong the lives of the people from whom they make profits. “A good number of diseases that we have today are caused by the lifestyle and choices that people make and these diseases are becoming more and more complex as a result of substance dependency and so on. “So I strongly urge companies that produce all these things to adhere strictly to regulations especially those laws that seek to mitigate all of

these risks, “ he said. Fashola commended BAT for developing the economy of the country through employment opportunities since 2003 when it began operation. He reiterated his government’s determination to embark on aggressive investment in a bid to improve the state’s business climate. Speaking earlier, Keith said that the company had remitted about N15 billion as tax annually to the Federal Government. He said BAT believed in the economic prosperity of the country, adding that the company would continue to support

Nigeria’s aspirations. Keith disclosed that the company had embarked on construction of its headquarters in Lagos at a cost of about N1 billion ( four million pounds). “The building is a demonstration of the company’s long-term commitment to Nigeria.” The managing director said that the Nigerian market was important to the company as it ranked as one of the top 10 markets out of over 100 worldwide in terms of returns. Keith added that the company had been a responsible corporate citizen as it had supported agriculture in the country.

company will start producing organic fertiliser in Nigeria before the end of the year. Coker told newsmen in Lagos that the deal with the Malaysian company, Dynapharm International, was signed on Aug. 21. He said samples of the fertiliser made from plants and animals had been sent to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for approval. “It is my pleasure to inform farmers we have partnered with a company in Malaysia to produce farmers’ fertiliser. “The fertiliser is organic, so it is natural and without chemical content because it is made from plants and animals. “Samples have been sent to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture for approval, so it is expected to be in the market soon,” Coker said. He said the association was concerned about the poor living conditions of Nigerian farmers and would do all it could to improve their standard of living. Coker said that once the fertiliser was approved and included in the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, it would be made available at affordable prices. He said that the fertiliser would empower farmers economically as high quality crops, which remained in high demand locally and internationally, would be produced with it.




Business Beyond Chinese Investments In Nigeria By SYLVESTER AKELE

NIGERIA and China enjoy very good cultural, trade and investment relations. Trade between the two countries exceeded $13 Billion per year as at 2012 from barely $2 Billion in 2002. Nigeria had $15.42 Billion net investment from China in 2012. China is ready to spend big in Nigeria and also has big investments. Nigeria is currently the preferred destination for Chinese companies in Africa, with over 200 companies in the country. Chinese companies in Nigeria are in such areas as Railways, Infrastructure, Extractive Industries, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas and Agriculture. The Telecom companies are said to be only interested in selling their finished products to Nigeria. Beyond Chinese Investments, what does Nigeria have to gain? The advantages of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) are numerous. They allow transfer of technology, employee training and human capital development in the host country as well as contribution to the tax revenue of the host country. The extent to which these advantages impact on the host country will, however, depend on the genuineness of the investor to transfer the technology and develop the capacity of the locals. In many cases, locals are deprived from learning the skills as those with the capacity to learn are not hired for the right jobs. There have also been instances where investor companies avoid or evade taxes to the detriment of the host countries. These, therefore, must be some of the things to watch out for in the urge to encourage more Chinese investments, to ensure that the right impact of such investment is made on the economy. Foreign Direct Investment can, however, remain beneficial only when the government of the host country puts in needed regulation to prevent the country from being exploited and used as a profit generating avenue for corporate giants. These are usually achieved through political lobbying, exploitation of resources, threat to small scale industries and technology.

Analysts have pointed out recently that there have been concerns on extractive trade in raw materials without value addition. Does bringing labour from China with low employment of locals, no skill or technological transfer and importing cheap Chinese goods to undercut local products actually make any contribution to the economy? Take a look at the Shoe, Textile and Telecommunications sectors and the evidence should be available on the

“I think that is the aspect we really need to examine. What is the employment content of this investment? Going by simple rule of economics, investment should promote economic growth and development.”

President Goodluck Jonathan

contributions to the local industries. Recently, at a meeting with over 300 Chinese Investors culminating in the signing of several memoranda of understanding, Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan hoped that they would lead to stronger ties. But DirectorGeneral, Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA), Segun Osinowo, is cautions. He says “Beyond Investment inflow, what we really need to look at critically is the one that, beyond the investment that will promote our economic growth and

“Foreign Direct Investment can, however, remain beneficial only when the government of the host country puts in needed regulation to prevent the country from being exploited and used as a profit generating avenue for corporate giants. These are usually achieved through political lobbying, exploitation of resources, threat to small scale industries and technology.”

development, is it an investment that will resolve our unemployment issues? I think that is the aspect we really need to examine. What is the employment of this c ontent investment? Going by simple rule of economics, investment should promote economic growth and development. But, based on the kind of economic growth and development that we are going to have, will it promote job content as far as Nigerian are

concerned? I think that is where the Nigerian government should really come in and give life to its own rules and regulations, to ensure that beyond hand cash moving into this environment in terms of investment, that investment actually translates into decent work. To a large extent, that might be the missing link in all of these’’. The NECA DG has indeed summarized the concerns. When foreign investors seek destinations, they do so with the objective of maximizing their returns on investment. That implies that if they can minimize costs legally and illegally without being caught, promote the objectives of their home countries; employment for their citizens, marketing for their goods and services etc, then that destination is good. The onus, therefore, is on the lost country to ensure that the investment engagement is mutually beneficial as both sides have their objectives. Investment is not gift. It has its strings attached. Mr. Akele, CEO Soakel Consulting Ltd, wrote from Abuja.


12 RECENTLY, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the ruling political party at the Federal level fell apart as it broke into two factions. One led by Bamanga Tukur held their convention at the venue of the special National convention widely announced and a splinter group led by Alhaji Abubakar Baraje emerged. ONLY on Tuesday, lawmakers at the House of Representatives exchanged blows in disagreements along the line of the two factions in a very shameful manner that brings opprobrium to the country. LIKE many Nigerians, we were not too surprised when the Party broke up given the manner the party had carried on over the years with hordes of unresolved issues that had dogged the party. The consequence is now face-to-face with not only card carrying members of the party, but Nigerians at large as the crisis will, undoubtedly be taking its toll on development efforts of the Federal government and governors of the PDPcontrolled states. At the last count, 7 governors, 22 senators, 57 members of the House of Representatives, some current national party executives, former National party leaders, have moved to form a new faction of the new PDP. From the happenings, it does appear that the peace efforts by the Chairman, Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih, former President, Olusegun Obasanjo to assuage the aggrieved governors and President Goodluck Jonathan is not achieving desired results as the polity is daily being overheated by the dramatis personae. THERE are several lessons to learn from PDP fragmentation. We believe that for democracy and rule of law to flourish in any country, there must be strong, well functioning political parties. The parties must be seen to be working, even with different agendas, but all geared towards national cohesion and development. Political parties ought to be rallying points for all citizens, as a source of unity, that would fulfil the aspirations of all and sundry. It doesn’t have to be an association that would be continually bogged down by people who don’t even understand what party politics is all about. SECONDLY, Leaders of a party in power ought to have listening ears from the generality of its


Lessons From PDP Crisis

members, this seems to be missing from most political parties in Nigeria, the PDP inclusive as confirmed by the splinter group arrow head and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who noted in his inaugural speech that “ I have tried to draw the attention of leaders of our party and leaders in government that this democratic dispensation is supposed to make things better for the people of this country.” Thirdly, Nigerian political firmament is full of charlatans, praise singers, human worshipers, bootlickers, and persons who live rental lifestyles and hence perpetrate a situation where leaders are just being recycled. They becloud the reasoning environment of political office holders and always make them hear only what they like to hear and not what is going wrong in the system. This is unfortunately transferred from the political parties into government. This explains why the country is today full of frustration, anger, and widespread disappointment. Another lesson is that any political party that allows its constitution to be trampled upon and violated with brazen impudence will certainly not stand. The breakaway PDP group accused the mainstream PDP of constant violation of its constitution. The Chairman of the breakaway faction told Nigerians that “In gross violation of the PDP constitution, which stipulates that the NEC meeting must hold at least once in a quarter, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and a few people have been running the party like a personal fiefdom without recourse to that important decision-making organ of the party.” Another copious example adduced by

the new PDP that runs afoul of the party’s constitution is the removal of a national officer by a state chapter. The breakaways say “Despite that, the PDP constitution is very clear that the state chapter of the party cannot discipline a national officer. Some renegades, who have hijacked the Rivers State chapter of our party with the connivance of the Bamanga Tukur leadership, have reportedly dismissed the Deputy National Chairman, Mr. Sam Jaja.” CLOSELY following the issue of constitution violation is that of insubordination and lack of respect for party decisions. Very often, most politicians put their selfish interest over and above that of the party. The Tukur-led group has always accused the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Sokoto state governor, Magatakarda Wamako and Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi of not towing party lines or decisions. If this is true, it is capable of tearing any party apart. There is need for party discipline, obedience of party’s lawful decisions so as to foster consistency and unity. AGAIN, the abuse of official positions by Leaders of political parties can undermine the unity of the party. The Baraje-led faction accused Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike of hiding on the back of the President to unleash mayhem in Rivers State. The aggrieved PDP members put forward the issues of “the nomination of Dr. Andy Uba as the candidate of the PDP in the November governorship election in Anambra State; the alleged dismissal of Sam Sam Jaja and suspension of Governor Amaechi from the PDP; and the dissolution of the Adamawa State chapter of the party.” The Tukur-led faction could have justification for their actions on the trio, but the consequence is the huge calamity being experienced today. LASTLY, All political parties in Nigeria need to establish and strengthen internal conflict resolution mechanisms to avoid the pitfall of implosion as being currently witnessed in the PDP. Existing parties should revive the culture of robust debate of all contending issues while providing a level-playing field for all its members. These are the ideals that would endear any political party that worth its sort to Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora.



When Relationship Goes Sour (Part One)

ASK singles what they want in a partner and you’ll likely hear this: “I want someone who will love me for who I am I don’t want to feel like I’ve got to change or ‘measure up’ to be loved.” Oh sure, singles will also say they are looking for someone who is thoughtful, loyal, honest, and attractive. But deep down, what most people on earth want from their lover, first and foremost, is to be accepted, appreciated, and admired for who they are—without the need for pretense or phoniness. Even though this kind of unconditional love and acceptance is nearly universally desired, it doesn’t happen very often. Indeed, if you have dated more than a couple partners, chances are, you’ve been with someone who wanted to change you, had unrealistic expectations for you, and measured your “value” by how well you performed according to impossible standards. Maybe you can relate to what these two singles said on the topic: Shawna, 31, an urban planner: “I dated a guy named Joel for a year, and after three months I noticed he kept trying to change me. He constantly gave me ‘constructive criticism’ for improving my career prospects, losing weight, being less shy, eating better, and organizing my apartment. He even started giving me tips for ‘dressing for successes and changing my hair style. I finally realized Joel had a mental image of his ideal woman— and I wasn’t it! Maybe he was trying to be helpful, but I just ended up feeling lousy about myself all the time.” Ryan, 26, computer programmer, Austin, Texas: “Things were great between Claire and me for six months, and we were getting pretty serious. But I started to get worn down by her disparaging comments. It was always, ‘Why did you do it that way?’ and ‘You could have done that better.’ She was quick to point out anything I did wrong, at

least what she considered wrong. Nothing I did was good enough. I finally asked myself if I wanted to live with that kind of person the rest of my life, and the answer ultimately was ‘No way!’” If you’re someone who wants to be loved and accepted for who you are, be on the look-out for the “three C’s” that can make a potentially sweet relationship go sour in a hurry: Criticism: Most of us are acutely sensitive to the sting of harsh, condemning words, and we feel disapproval when they come our way. Critical remarks send a clear message: “You are incompetent, inadequate, and inept.” Is there room in a romantic relationship for feedback and suggestions that lead to positive change? Sure. And they’re always communicated with grace and good-heartedness. Criticism, meanwhile, usually has its root in a strict, stern attitude. We might be able to deflect the occasional criticism, but when such pointed words come frequently, your best strategy is to get out of the way. Comparison: Some people evaluate your “worth” by seeing how you stack up against others. But who wants to be compared to a lover’s parent, sibling, friend, or— heaven forbid—former partner? To be evaluated on the basis of someone else’s actions is not only insulting, but it’s also pointless since each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities. Controlling behavior: In every relationship—and especially your closest one— you want the freedom to be fully and authentically yourself. But lots of potential partners, because of their own insecurity or insensitivity, want to control your behavior and thinking. It’s bad enough to be micromanaged by a boss or some other authority figure. You really don’t want to be corrected and directed by a dating partner, someone supposed to honor your uniqueness and individuality. Relationships make life

worth living. They greatly influence the overall wellbeing of a person. One often hear people talking of relationships gone sour. Of relationship that have lost the zing. Some even talk of ending the relationship. What one needs to remember that no relationship goes sour over night? It is a process that can be controlled if the symptoms are identified, acknowledged and sorted out. However, if things are left unattended to

capable of turning small problems into big ones and can be instrumental in making you lose all perspective. You begin to constantly find faults with your partner. You don’t seem to see any of the qualities that brought the two of you together fading away. He or she just doesn’t seem to be the same person you got into a relationship with. Regularity and frequency of fights and arguments seems to be the only

and one lets the emotions get out of control, it becomes difficult if not impossible for the individual to identify and realistically assess all the options that he or she has of dealing with his or her troubles. Some tell tale signs to look out for: You may find yourself revisiting the past often. Memories of arguments that you have had a long time ago will begin to haunt you. You will find yourself resurrecting old hurts, crying a lot, or becoming consumed with anger. Those responses are

conclusion that any conversation between the partners can lead to. Patience and love have been replaced by contempt and resentment. You just don’t feel the need to resolve their problems and misunderstandings or even communicate with each other. You do not feel the need for intimacy. In fact it won’t be an overstatement to say that from lovers they have transformed into roommates. You try to avoid each other consciously. And if by chance they happen to be together

“Some people evaluate your “worth” by seeing how you stack up against others. But who wants to be compared to a lover’s parent, sibling, friend, or—heaven forbid—former partner?”


Relationship With IMOISILI EDITH 07089364470 they do not find anything to talk about. One of you or both of you find yourself getting attracted to others. In some cases people become over indulging in drugs/ alcohol or other such things. Is the mutual respect you have for each other intact? Do you give each other space and respect each other’s boundaries. Or are you constantly pushing and

a part of the process. Spend quality time together. These things are so important for developing closeness. It forms a firm foundation for your relationship. The only thing you can do is sit with your partner, talk to him and explain why you did whatever you did and what you want to do now. If he is really in love with you, he will accept you with all your changes in a completely

challenging each other. Does your partner want to control you? If the answer is yes, then it is a dangerous sign, because, mutual respect and growth are the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. If you spot any one or more of these problems in your relationship, the first thing to do is to understand and acknowledge the problem. The best way to do this is to open the doors for communication. And the thing to remember is that you are communicating to discuss and not to confront. Do not engage in playing the blame game. Look at the situation with honesty and objectivity, instead of pointing fingers at each other. Do not be rigid. Be open and flexible to change and be ready to make some compromises. Get involved with your interests and hobbies and encourage your partner to be

new form. Spare time for each other, for some humor, no matter how busy you stay! Take time to be with him and talk to him and show him how much you love, despite all the differences creeping in. Most importantly, show confidence in the relationship. Remember never to make any negative comment about anything in the relationship, because, that would invite more stress. Be yourself, but in a more humble and subtle manner and try to make your man see your true personality and admire it as well, the way he had admired what you had shown him. So, forget all those fake make-ups, eat exactly what you want to and wear what your heart tells you. If your man does not accept you, then he was never meant for you. If he sticks to you, no matter what the differences are and how much the heat of tension is, then he deserves you. Be faithful to him.




Issues DANIEL Oikhena, the boy who traveled from Benin to Lagos in the wheel compartment of Arik aircraft 5N-MJG flight 44, is one of the most talked-about individuals in the country to day. He also gets sufficient media mention in other African countries and beyond. A lot has been said about him since that fateful day. Still much more is expected in future. Imagine the amount of media space that will be dedicated to his story by the time he is finally released to the general public and the media people. Mean while there have been speculations about what must have pushed the boy to do what he did. Some attribute his actions to poverty; others say it is lack of parental care. Yet many are of the opinion that he was influenced by movies. Daniel, who is said to be obsessed with ‘film was reported to have spent the whole night watching movies on the eve of his infamous expedition. According to his mother, Mrs. Evelyn Oikhena, “he watches a lot of those movies on TV and developed a passion for America... Whenever he sees a plane he would say that the plane is going to America,” There is no doubt that the lad must have concluded that ‘life is very rosy in America as portrayed in the various movies he had seen. Beautiful cars, dazzling light, designer attires, roads paved with gold and all the razzmatazz have made America the modern day Sugarcandy Mountain. (Apology to George Orwell). People watch movie not only for entertainment but also for escape, without realizing the real-life impact of the, experience as in the ease of Daniel Oikhena. Movies have, therefore, been said to be responsible for a’ wide range of societal trends and individual effects, including the distortion of reality among other not-too-

Daniel, The Movie Victim positive consequences. Obviously, many viewers imitate what they see in movies. According to George Rodman, author of MASS MEDIA IN A CHANGING WORLD, “The viewer enters an almost dream-like state as larger-than-life fantasies explode on the screen.” Elaborating, he adds that,” It is no wonder that such a viewing experience can lead to imitation, especially in young people or troubled people of any age.” Daniel, our subject, perfectly fits into the category of persons referred to by Mr. Rodman. The tendency of our youths nowadays is to imitate anything American- their mode, of dressing, how they act and speak. Even their gait. All these support the fact that imitation of movie behaviour is real. The “Awake” magazine of May 8,2005 enlightens more; “film content is not just a matter for trivial debate; it is a valid concern not only for parents but also for all who value moral standards.” “Taxi Driver”, Martin Scorsese’s 1976 movie about a New York City cab driver stalking a political candidate, was cited by prosecutors as the inspiration for John W Hinckley Jr.’s attack on President Ronald Reagan in 1981. (Ironically, Reagan, himself, was a former movie actor). Let us come back to Nigeria: A few years ago, a teenager in one of the South Western States who ordered his sibling to shoot him with their father’s dane gun confessed he was inspired by what he saw in a local Yoruba film. Thank God, he survived to tell the story. We also remember the story of an eleven, year-old girl filmed in the bathroom teaching a four years old boy all kinds of


nauseating sex stunts, It went viral on the internet and was widely published by many Nigerian newspapers. It is very likely that the small girl had

Great movies featuring great actors like Yul Bryner, Sean Connery, Franca Nero, Sophia Loren, Wang Yu, Darasingh, Mumtaz, Dean Martin, Frank

had the chance/that is why it will be dangerous to lionize the boy; whatever help anyone would like to extend to him should come after he must have been made to realize that what he did was not only dangerous

Sinatra among others. I still remember vividly the day I met one of my friends trying all his best, physically, to push down his father’s twostorey building with just his bare chest! He had seen actors do that in the film entitled “HERCULES, SAMSON AND ULYSES” which he had watched the previous day. What Daniel succeeded in doing on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at the Benin Airport was, in no way, extraordinary. Eight out of ten boys, his age, would do it, several times over, if they

but also criminal. He must be told in clear terms, that it is wide to pursue one’s ambition legitimately. We must remember that millions of Nigerian children are watching and listening following the twists and turns of the story. Therefore, we must not allow sentiment to overshadow or dwindle the enormity of Daniel’s misdemeanour. Another important lesson thrown up is that parents and guardians should ensure that they preview any movie before allowing their children and

• Daniel Oikhena

copied these vices from pornographic pictures. When we were growing up in Lagos, on many occasion after returning from the cinema we would always attempt to pull all the stunts we saw pulled in movies. In those days we watched movies like “KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONE”; “GATLING GUN; “TODAY IS ME TOMMOROW YOU; “LICENSED TO KILL; “JANTA’ MANTA; “BLOOD BATH AT SUNDOWN; “ONE ARMED BOXER” and so on.

wards to see it. Children should not be allowed to sit in front of television all the time. Film and Video Censors Boards all over Nigeria must raise their vigilance to ensure that no destructive movie is passed unto the public. Recently Afro Candy, a Nigerian lady who produces pornographic films, boasted to journalists that her marketer knows how to influence officials of the NATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO CENSORS BOARD to pass her notorious movies. While reacting to the Nigerians who criticized her movie as unhealthy on face book, she went obscene, “shame on you Nigerians... all you holier than thou,. Giant of Africa my arse,” Before the deregulation of broadcasting in Nigeria, all television stations had different belts for different audiences. There was the children belt which ran from opening to 7:00pm and the adult belt which took over from that time till closing. And no television station dared broadcast shows designed for adults to children. But now, the reverse is the case; there is no longer children’s belt. I think this is where the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) should quickly step in. We should realize that beaming damaging movies to our children is not healthy for our Nation. Finally, Nigerian movie makers should concentrate on stories that reflect the reality of the problems in Nigeria. Film is a very powerful medium that can be employed to highlight and promote our cultural and intellectual achievements. Let the fact that Nigerians are unique, resilient and hardworking people be reflected in our films. Nigeria’s tourism and investment potentials should also be projected by the film makers They should tell the children, through their stories, that you do not necessarily need to stow away to achieve your ambition.

Ban On ‘Okada’: Pains, Gains Three Months After THE announcement of the ban on motorcycle, popularly known as ‘Okada in June 2013 was received with mixed feelings by both riders and passengers. Three months after, many people are counting their gains and pains. To me from interaction with people it has really been a game of pains and gains while on the overall, the advantage have become more glaring than the pains. Since June 2013, it is pertinent to say that the

Carnage on our roads especially in the three metropolitan Local Government Areas has reduced considerably. A visit to the accident wards in UBTH and Central Hospital shown that cases of vehicle accidents have been reduced astronomically. The security of lives and property in these areas have also reduced, while the Carbon monoxide and noise emanating from the motorcycles is no more. Walking along the walkway

By IMUAGBONHEN JOHNSON even in Oba Ovonramwen Square is now pleasureable. While many men that were engaged in the commercial Okada job quickly resulted to alternative job’s instead of lamentation and today most of them are car owners. The parable that says God will create a way when there is no way quickly came into play as many relations of the Okada riders came to their aids while some reversed back to their skill profession.

A visit to workshops have shown an increase in patronage of the motor mechanics. Many also went to their villages to embark on farming which will increase the production of food. On the pains experienced so far are complaints about trekking several kilometers to destinations. But this is also exercise to burning away excess fats. The traffic on our roads has also reduced. I would like to suggest to

the Comrade Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State to please remove the ban of Keke Napep and it should carry Edo State colour code and to be called ‘KEKE OSHIO’ to run the roads in Benin to alleviate the suffering of the commuters especially n the GRA and other villages surrounding the three Local government. KEKE cannot be easily used by hoodlums because of its structure. The Chairmen of the various Local Government should be

directed to grade all the earth roads in their area. While the Governor is working on his promise of providing cars for the genuine and indigenous Okada riders, kudos to him for his promise to provide one hundred buses for Edo Transport service to increase the fleets of Comrade Bus. As the summary, the advantages of the ban on the use of ‘Okada’ in the three metropolitan Councils cannot be overemphasized.




Child Health And You

Coping With Febrile Convulsion In Children

INTRODUCTION “My pikin is dying. Somebody help me!!! that sounds like lye Rume. “1 think I have my bottle of herbs mixed with palm kernel oil which I got from baba”. At once, I dashed out to see what was happening in lye Rume’s house’. Behold, it was Nosa, Osarume’s younger brother; he was convulsing. Virtually every neighbour had come to the scene with one bottle of concoction or another. Some were black, others in paste and semi-solid forms. Some were in liquid form that seemed like urine. All these were being forcefully given to Nosa. Onions were being sliced, mashed and rubbed on his eyes, nostrils, mouth, and into his anus. “Aha! Mama Ngozi, you are welcome!”, someone exclaimed. “We have been waiting for your palm kernel oil”. Quickly, this was forcefully poured into Nosa’s mouth and some of the concoction gushed out through his nostrils. The convulsions continued and alas, Nosa’s feet were drawn towards the fire which the mother had put up to prepare dinner. Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! Nose’s feet were burnt. As though nothing had happened, a concerned neighbour called out to iye Rume from the corner of her kitchen saying, “We need urine! Perhaps, lye Rume should pass her urine for her son to take”. “Your urine will certainly stop the convulsion”, the neighbour suggested. Of course, in the midst of the confusion, lye Rurne ignorantly searched for a place to pass urine for resuscitating her dying three year old son.” Nosa is a three year old boy who had developed fever within the last three days. On this fateful evening, Nosa was by his mother in the kitchen unusually quiet. Suddenly, he laid on the ground and started stretching his hands and legs. His eyes rolled upwards and he was noticed to have started foaming from the mouth. His mother grabbed him by his shoulders and started screaming for help from the neighbours. He was convulsing. The convulsion lasted for about twenty minutes. At the end of the convulsion, Nosa was noticed to have been lying helplessly on the ground, blood was oozing out of his mouth (injuries from spoon which was used forcefully to open his mouth to administer the different concoctions) and several degrees of burns were noted on his feet and legs. Thank God for lya lyabo, who came to the scene and had insisted that Nosa must be

taken to the hospital (health centre). The story above is usually the scenario in almost all communities in Nigeria where it is noted that a child is having convulsion. DEFINITION OF FEBRILE CONVULSION Febrile convulsion (also known as febrile fits or febrile seizures) is a disorder occurring in a child from the age of 6 months to 5 years and who had significant rise in body temperature. The diagnosis of febrile convulsion is one that must be arrived at by eliminating more serious cause of seizures and fever in children such as meningitis, and/or encephalitis. Febrile convulsions occur in young children when there is rapid increase in their body temperature. Convulsion usually occurs at the peak of fever during a febrile illness such as malaria, acute respiratory infection (such as otitis media (ear infections), acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and pnuemonia), urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis, etc. In most cases, the illness is caused by virus, bacteria or parasites. This shows that/any child with any febrile illness may develop febrile convulsion. TYPES OF FEBRILE CONVULSIONS (A). Simple febrile convulsion which is characterized by generalized tonic clonic seizures, usually of extra cranial origin, lasting for less than 15 minutes, and usually occurs once in 24 hours. The child regains consciousness at the end of the seizures and there is usually presence of paternal genetic factors. This type of febrile convulsions represents the majority of cases of most febrile convulsions in children. For the purpose of this write-up, emphasis is on simple febrile convulsion. (B). Complex febrile convulsion is characterized by longer duration, recurrence or focus on only part of the body. There may be multiple attacks of seizures in 24 hours. All children with complex febrile convulsion must have medical evaluation by a medical doctor! Febrile convulsion (simple or complex) often seems frightening. It rarely results in any permanent brain injuries. However do not allow any episode of febrile convulsions lasts more than 30 minutes without seeking medical attention. If a child has several attacks in quick succession, YOU MUST SEEK MEDICAL attention. This is because prolonged fits and/or several fits in quick successions may cause brain injury. Half of all children who has

had an episode of febrile convulsion will have another attack the next time they have an elevated body temperature (body hot/fever). But the risk lessens with time and attack usually should not occur after the age of five years. Although most febrile convulsions look like epileptic fits (episodes of convulsions in

• Children may inherit the tendency to suffer febrile convulsions from their parents. > If either parent suffered a febrile convulsion as a child, the risk of their child suffering from febrile convulsion is 10-20 percent. > If both parents and their child have at some point suffered a febrile convulsion,

of the black eyes. • Convulsions usually last for less than 30 minutes. • Most children regain consciousness after the episode of convulsions WHAT TO DO IF YOUR CHILD SUFFERS AN EPISODE OF FEBRILE CONVULSION DO THE FOLLOWING: • Lay the child straight on the ground/floor • Turn the child’s head to the left to prevent choking • Clear the mouth and nostrils of any secretions which may choke the child

the absence of fever), febrile convulsions however rarely have anything in common with epileptic fits. Virtually all children who had a febrile convulsion have no more fits after they have reached school age. A risk of development of epilepsy in children with febrile seizures is very rare except when the febrile convulsion is associated with positive family history of epilepsy and abnormal neurological examination in the phase of complex febrile seizures. RISK OF SUFFERING FEBRILE CONVULSION • Recurrence of febrile convulsions occurs in about one-third of cases after the first episode • Risk of recurrence increases with young age at first episode and onset of seizures at lower body temperature. The first attack of febrile convulsion may be accompanied with a relative temperature- below 39°C.

the risk of another child getting the disorder rises to 20 to 30 percent. • However the child’s susceptibility also depends on whether the child gets infections. About 4 out of 10 children who have had febrile convulsions will get them again at some stage, although the risk differs greatly from child to child. The child’s risk of febrile convulsion rises if: > They are genetically predisposed to it > They suffer frequent febrile illnesses (with high temperature) SYMPTOMS OF SIMPLE FEBRILE CONVULSIONS • The attack often begins with the child losing consciousness, and shortly after wards the body, legs and arm go stiff. The head is thrown backwards and the legs and arms begin to jerk. • Some children may start foaming in the mouth • There may be upward rolling

• Attempt reduction of the child’s body temperature > By removing clothes and extra clothes the child is putting on. Ensure that the room where the child is laid is not over crowded. Open the windows of the room to ensure adequate ventilation. > The child could be fanned using the hand fan or where there is electric power, an electric fan can be useful. > In areas where suppository paracetamol is available, this could be administered in to the child’s anus to lower the body temperature. The recommended dosage MUST be administered. • When the convulsion subsides, keep the child in the recovery position that is lying on his side. And then take the child to the health centre or hospital for evaluation. The child may not necessarily be admitted in the hospital or health centre however, the


child should be admitted in the hospital or health centre if the present febrile convulsion is his/her first episode/attack. It is also always important to determine following an episode of febrile convulsion whether or not the convulsion is only due to harmless infection. For this reason, a doctor should always be consulted following an episode of febrile convulsions even if the con vi’!sion has subsided! • The child should be given something to eat or drink ONLY when he/she has regained full consciousness • If the convulsion occurs repeatedly or become prolonged (more than 30 minutes), take the child to the nearest health centre or hospital. DURING AN EPISODE OF FEBRILE CONVULSIONS, THE ‘DO NOT’ INCLUDE: • Do not panic • Do not forcefully push stick or spoon in the mouth. This may injure the child’s mouth and can extract or pull off the child’s tooth/teeth • Do not forcefully give the child any food or fluid to eat or drink. The child may aspirate the fluid and may develop respiratory problems • Do not use any home-made concoctions on the child as most of these concoctions are harmful to the child. Some of these concoctions have been found to cause low blood sugar which may worsen the child’s consciousness and delay recovery from the febrile convulsions. • Do not put the child’s legs or feet into a burning fire. This may cause several degrees of burns and death! CAN FEBRILE CONVULSIONS BE PREVENTED? Yes, by lowering the body temperature of at risk child following fever episode via tepid sponging or administration of appropriate dose of over the counter paracetamol tablet or syrup. The child should then be taken to a health centre or hospital for further evaluation. DR DAMIAN UCHECHUKWU NWANERI Research Fellow I Institute of Child Health, University of Benin, Benin City Edo State, Nigeria CHILD HEALTH AND YOU’, a Weekly Thursday Feature, is a collaborative initiative between the Institute of Child Health, University of Benin, and the Bendel Newspapers Company Limited (BNCL), Benin City.




Insight ON Thursday 15, November 2012, the Federal Ministry of Water Resources put fears into Nigerians to prepare for a possible outbreak of waterborne diseases. It made the disclosure through the Head of Climate Change Unit in the ministry. It was in the event of the flood that submerged many parts of the country. Nigerians and indeed members of the international community were worried about the possible outbreak of water born epidemics given the poor sanitary situation in and around the camps. But individuals and organisations did not only ask questions; they also donated materially and financially in making sure that the menace is curbed. In an account with newsmen, the Leadership newspapers of August 8, 2013, in its headline titled, “EU Donates 14.25m Euros For Water, Sanitation In Nigeria UNICEF Official”, substantiated that the European Union (EU) is one such organisations that continue to help in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Nigeria through the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). It’s not that Nigeria is not blessed with water resources, but Governments at all levels have not taken up the gauntlet to explore the enormous water resources of Nigeria. In an article published in the European Scientific Journal, August edition with the caption, ‘Health Implications Of Water Scarcity In Nigeria,’ by Dr Joseph Muta’a Hellandendu, Department of Sociology, Ahmadu Bello University said there was no gainsaying that Nigeria is blessed with

abundant water resources, these have largely remained unharnessed. “Nigeria is blessed with abundant water resources, but largely untapped. In spite of the abundant water resources, Government at all levels (federal, state and local) have not been able to successfully harness these resources to ensure a sustainable and equitable access to safe, adequate, improved and affordable water supply and sanitation to its population...,” he said. The journal goes further to say that many diseases prevalent in the country are generally associated with substandard drinking water supply, poor sanitation conditions and inadequate health education programmes. There are water borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, infectious hepatitis, hookworm, guinea worm, scabies, measles and other parasitic infections. In its research, “A Study of the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme Aimed at Achieving Millennium Development Goals in Eradicating Water Borne Diseases in Nigeria,” by Olusegun Adegoke Adewusi of Department of Economics, Federal University of Technology, Yola, most under-five mortality in Nigeria results from diseases that are associated with undeserving water supply, inadequate sanitary facilities and unhygienic behaviour. “The prevalence of diarrhea is higher in the rural than urban areas and in the northern zones than in the south. An estimated 150,000 to 200,000 diarrhea-related deaths occur among children below five each year.

Sanitation And Water-Borne D

Practical Policies

“Onchocerciasis, caused by the black fly is highly endemic in Nigeria, because it’s commonly found around quick moving streams of the savannah and forest zones, with 40

million people exposed to the disease. Of this number, 22 million are infected and about 120,000 are estimated to be blind from the disease,” writes Adewusi. It is also estimated that water-borne diseases claim 868,000 children annually, according to a publication in The Tide newspapers of March 22nd, 2013.


In a related development, a re-publication in the Environment and Health of April 16, 2012, but was apparently a courtesy of

Daily Trust Newspapers, was with the headline: “Water scarcity: 64m Nigerians have no access to portable water.” An organisation called The Water and Sanitation Media Network, an alliance of journalists reporting water and sanitation issues in Nigeria, decried the high rate of infant mortality resulting from water-

“This explains why 35 million Nigerians still defecate in the open, about 90 million are without access to safe drinking water, and 130,000 under five Nigerian children die annually from preventable water borne disease”.

related bugs in the country, during this year’s World Water Day. A Representative of Water Aid in Nigeria, Michael Ojo, said that 103

sincerely realised any of the twenty six Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme (WASH) assurances willingly made in many high level meetings between 2000

million do not have access to sanitation. He disclosed this at a water works and art exhibition for select primary schools in Abuja as part of activities to mark this year’s World Water Day. Ojo purportedly said that only 58 percent of Nigerians have right-ofentry to portable water and only 31 percent have access to sanitation. The Water and Sanitation Media Network was worried that from the figure in The Tide, there is every tendency that Nigeria may not achieve the MDG’s water target before 2046 and that of sanitation by 2076. The group was also worried that Nigeria has not

and 2012. These promises were said by the group to have been made at four high level meetings between 20002012: the World Water Summit in Johannesburg 2000, United Nations Assembly, New York in 2010, African Sanitation and Hygiene Conference, eThekwini in 2011, and the Sanitation and Water for All meeting in Washington, in 2012; but none of them have been fulfilled so far by the Nigerian Government. “This explains why 35 million Nigerians still defecate in the open, about 90 million are without access to safe drinking water, and 130,000 under five Nigerian children die

a w g

e h m u in w p






annually from preventable water borne disease”, the group pointed out. The group said it was evident that Nigeria’s halfhearted approach to the matter are the results of unfulfilled pledges that nclude harmonization of water and sanitation policies, promoting the

Authorities Must Kick-Off

only about 30 percent of the population has access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. This situation leads to a high prevalence of waterborne diseases, threatens the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, and contributes to low levels of school enrollment, especially among girls...” said an account. The story went further, “USAID is partnering with Women Farmers Advancement Network (WOFAN), a nong o v e r n m e n t a l organisation through the Access to Water Sanitation and Hygiene program to

increase access for poor Nigerians to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education in 46 communities in Bauchi, Kano and Sokoto States.” USAID mobilizes community unions, community water, environment and sanitation committees, parent teachers associations and local water and sanitation units and assists them to build, function and sustain borehole hand pumps, toilet blocks, urinal blocks, hand washing stations and rain water catchment systems. In addition, USAID works with these communities to put into

practice a hygiene programme, creating Environmental Health Clubs, to teach healthy practices. Therefore, experts suggest that for Nigeria to control her deplorable sanitation condition and water related diseases, the country must channel floodwaters and garbage properly to avoid contaminating drinking water sources. Nigerians should also nurture the culture of keeping their surroundings clean and drinking reasonably high quantity of water daily. “Drinking eight glasses of standard water daily can

decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45 per cent, bladder cancer by 50 percent and it can potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer... it flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues,” said Dr. Tunde Obajinmi of Queen of the Rosary Hospital, Lagos. The authorities must be in coalition with key organisations that are in the forefront of championing the provision of portable water to rural communities like the Global

Development Alliance and Coca Cola, the Water and Development Alliance, WADA and the USAID, State Universal Basic Education Boards, WaterAid, Rural Water and Sanitation Agencies and selected Local Governments; EU and UNICEF, among others. The Government should provide boreholes to communities, water supply and sanitation facilities in schools and clinics and in every public places and kick-off practical policies that will promote hygiene and sanitation practices among the populace.

Addressing Breast Cancer In Men

WASH programme in Schools, increasing water and sanitation budgets by 15 percent, ensuring at least 0.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to promoting sanitation and hygiene, declaring access to water and sanitation human right, encouraging State and Local Governments to create budget lines for sanitation, scaling up community led total sanitation in the 36 states, increasing national access to improved sanitation to 65 percent by 2015 and increasing national access to improved water by at least 5 percent by 2014. “The problem is particularly acute in the rural Northern Nigeria, where

AS the clouds laughed loudly that day, Nando did not know that it was the beginning of an endless journey. That night, his sleep was punctuated by a feeling of heavy mass around his chest region.. As the clouds gave birth to the rays of light, and his light skinned – face turning red, he walked briskly into his car to see the doctor. “Well, I am sorry to say this …”, the doctor with the snow-white “lab coat”, said. “But you should tell me what it is now?” Nando said with sweat dropping like rain from his face. In a flash of the pan, the doctor said “You have breast cancer”. Nando could not withstand it as he mumbled some words to the doctor with his heart pounding fast. For most people, breast cancer is a health challenge suffered by women only. However, that is not the case as about 2,140 new cases of breast cancer are found in men in USA while the UK records 300 cases yearly reports have revealed that the death toll annually from this health challenge is about 450 in the United States. Usually, the disease is found in men who are in their sixties and seventies,


but can also be in younger men, according to experts. The symptoms and signs of male breast cancer can be: “A painless lump or thickening in your breast tissue. Changes to the skin covering your breast, such as dimpling, puckering, redness or scaling. Changes to your nipple, such as redness or scaling, or a nipple that begins to turn inward, and discharge from your nipple”. When these symptoms appear, it is advisable to visit a doctor. According to some experts, “it is not clear what causes male breast cancer”. Male breast cancer starts when breast cells begin to grow abnormally. The accumulating cells then form a tumor that spread to nearby tissue, to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body.

From information by Mayo clinic, there are some types of cancer diagnosed in male. The first one is cancer that begins in the milk ducts. This is the most common type of male cancer and almost all male breast cancers start in the milk ducts. Again, there is cancer that begins in the milkproducing glands. Although, this is uncommon in men due to the few lobules in their breast tissue. There is also cancer that spreads to the nipple. Breast cancer can in some cases form in the milk ducts and spread to the nipple, leading to crusty, scaly skin around the nipple. It is also known as PAGET’s disease of the nipple. “Typically, selfexamination, leads to the

detection of a lump in the breast which requires further investigation”. Ultrasound and mammography are also used. The lump can be checked either by a needle biopsy with a thin needle placed into the lump to extract some tissue or by an exceptional biopsy where under local anesthesia a small skin cut is made and the lump removed. However, not all palpable lesions in the male breast are cancerous, example is a biopsy that may reveal a benigh fibro adenoma. The treatment of male breast cancer follows some patterns used for the management of postmenopausal breast cancer. Surgical treatment comprising of a modified radical mastectomy with auxiliary dissection or lumpectomy and radiation therapy.

“Similarly, with nodepositive tumors, men increase survival using the same adjuvant as affected women, namely both chemotherapy plus tamoxifen and other hormonal therapy”, explained wikkipedia. In same way, recurrent breast cancer is treated with surgical excision or radiation therapy alongside chemotherapy. Furthermore, there are some differences that exist between male and female breast cancer. Lesions are easier to locate in men due to the smaller size of the breast. This could also lead to lack of awareness and postponement of medical attention. Similarly, unlike most breast cancer patients (female), male breast cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage and age. Reports note that about half of male breast cancer cases are stage III and IV.

“Furthermore, there are some differences that exist between male and female breast cancer. Lesions are easier to locate in men due to the smaller size of the breast. This could also lead to lack of awareness and postponement of medical attention.”




Security Issues

Fighting Terrorism In Nigeria

SINCE the onset of the insurgency in the Northern part of Nigeria, spearheaded by the fundamentalist Islamist sect, Boko Haram (Western Education is Sin), against the Nigerian State, the Nigerian government, through the instrumentality of its security establishment, in tandem with contributions from other local and international stakeholders, have applied plethora of strategies in efforts aimed at whittling down the activities of this group. Some of the measures so far taking to check terrorism in Nigeria include: signing into law on June 3rd, 2011, the Terrorism Prevention Act (TPA) 2011, and the Money Laundering Prohibition Act, 2011; forwarding a bill seeking amendment to the Terrorism Prevention Act, in order to strengthen the legal framework for fighting terrorism; creation of the position of a CounterTerrorism Coordinator in the National Security Adviser’s Office, to coordinate efforts of the counter-terrorism units in all security agencies; setting up a Fusion Center to serve as processing point for all-source intelligence and deployment of appropriate technology; coupled with other steps that have been taken outside public domain for security reasons. However, despite all the efforts, time and resources that have been expended by the authorities in fighting terrorism, the phenomenon continues waxing stronger. According to available statistics, since the commencement of the insurgency in the Northern part of the country, more than 1,000 lives have been lost to Boko Haram attacks on drinking joints, places of worship, military and police facilities, media houses, buildings housing multinational organizations, et al (Nigerian Punch, Monday 4, March, 2012). The recent (Monday 19th of March 2013) multiple bomb blasts in the Sabon Gari section of the ancient city of Kano, which left over 100 persons dead and maiming several others in their wake, are the latest classic cases of the obduracy of this group. The major reason that can be adduced for the escalation of this crisis is the slow

response and poor strategic thinking on the part of government and other stakeholder organizations towards addressing this conflict at its embryonic stage. With the exception of the recent, and rather belated, attempt by the Nigerian government to engage this group in dialogue, through the setting up of an “Amnesty Committee”, all initial peace initiatives have tended to be confrontational. The present scenario could have been avoided had dialogue been adopted as the chief conflict handling strategy to address all the pertinent issues raised by the Bokites, at both the latent and manifest stages of the insurgency. G o v e r n m e n t ’s confrontational approach to the resolution of the insurgency - which is a conflict handling style borrowed from the West - has revenge as its driving force. The state of Israel, United States of America, Britain, and Russia adopt the Confrontational method in their war on terrorism. Apart from the ability to punish perpetrators of terrorist acts, the confrontational approach is also a very proactive style of countering terrorism, as countries adopting this method leverage on their “First Strike” capabilities to sniff out and annihilate would-be terrorists and their backers. It involves taking the fight to the turf of terrorist groups, and not waiting to be struck before reacting. Using mostly clandestine methods, which involve massive intelligence gathering and the use of advanced technology, terrorist activities are closely monitored and appropriate action expedited to stop them from executing their missions. Had they critically examined the effectiveness of this strategy in the countries adopting it, those at the helm of Nigeria’s security establishment would have seen a not too encouraging picture. The U.S and Israel, for instance, have been fighting both covert and overt wars against Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and sundry other apocalyptic groups across the globe for

decades, spending billions of dollars in the process, with no seeming end in sight to these conflicts, despite the snatches of success they have recorded overtime against these groups. Rather than abate, these conflicts have tended to escalate as these groups, rather than surrender to force,

With Obuseh Jude 08033510173

from casual onlookers continues to pose the greatest challenge to Nigeria’s security operatives. The questions that spring forth at this stage are: Does Nigeria possess the resources to engage in long-drawn guerrilla warfare with a terrorist group that continues to exhibit its mastery of the use of violence in the same manner the U.S, Israel and other rich Western countries have done? Does Nigeria

Who are the shadow parties? Had proper care been taken by the authorities to understand the core nuances of this conflict from the onset, before deciding on the intervention strategy to be adopted in addressing it, the worst case scenarios we are witnessing today would have been averted. Boko Haram is one of the contemporary questions surrounding the sanctity of the Nigerian state system as currently constituted; a question about the authenticity of Nigeria by a group of persons who feel

have a huge chest of funds to prosecute a capital intensive anti-terrorism campaign like these countries? Does it have the patience to wait out on the siege currently being laid on its citizens and institutions in the same manner these countries have so far done? The blanket answer to these questions is a resounding “no”! With a little bit of hindsight, the adoption of the confrontational model by the authorities in dealing with the issues in the North obviously stems from a poor assessment and understanding of the true issues at stake – the lack of proper analysis’ of the history, dynamics, and dimensions of the conflict. Questions such as: What is the genesis of the conflict? Who are the real stakeholders? What are the real concerns raised by these stakeholders? What are the true positions, interests and needs of these stakeholders?

estranged from the system by the current political arrangement; an attempt by some Nigerians to gain recognition in the present political configuration by force. They are the same questions millions of Nigerians ask every day: What is the Nigerian State system all about? What is our stake in this system? How well are our interests being represented in the scheme of things? How can these interests be improved? What is our future in this system? That is why any approach to finding solutions to the insidious effects of the activities of this group to the health of the Nigerian State must be located within the realities of its politics. No solution can be found outside the purview of the practical realities of the country’s politics. In all, dialogue remains the only way out of the bloody spectacle currently facing

President Goodluck Jonathan

have become more emboldened and determined to further spread terror. However, one basic fact about the confrontational conflict handling style , which the eggheads of Nigeria’s security establishment are obviously oblivious of, is that it has the disadvantage of causing collateral damage in the event of a terrorist act, as the perpetrators of most terrorist acts usually die in such attacks, leaving no one for the victim country to physically punish, as has been the case in the North since the Bokites commenced their attacks. Thus, in their war against the insurgents, the Nigerian security forces have on some occasions unwittingly cut down innocent bystanders – including women and children. So, in the quest to punish terrorist offenders, innocent lives are sometimes lost. Separating the actual perpetrators of terrorist acts

Nigerians. The use of force to confront force has obviously failed, thus, necessitating a new approach. The setting up of a Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution on Security Challenges in the North (Amnesty Committee) to negotiate a peace agreement with the insurgents is a welcome development. My only advice to government is to be transparent in its dealings with this group - it must desist from any attempt to turn the peace process into another comical affair as has been the case in the past. Care must be taking to painstakingly address all the issues that will be raised in the course of negotiations to ensure that any agreement reached at the end of the day is comprehensive enough to snuff out the monster of violence currently gnawing at the very soul of this country. There is need for the authorities to immediately engage the services of seasoned peace practitioners to help drive the peace process. Political expediencies, as has become the tradition in this country, must be completely jettisoned in choosing those to animate the processes of transforming this conflict. A multi-track approach will suffice in this wise; an approach that will draw individuals from different spectrums of the society. The present committee overseeing negotiations with the insurgents has to be reconstituted to pave way for more professional hands to contribute their quota to the peacemaking process. The use of force is only but a short-term solution to the insurgency in the North, whether anybody accepts this assertion or not. Agreed that so many innocent lives and properties have been lost to the violent activities of this group, thus, eliciting calls for a more forceful stance by the authorities, a negotiated settlement seems to be the only light that can ride really this country of the dark clouds of death that currently enshrouds it and its citizens. If things are done right, this phantom of violence currently hunting the Nigerian State can be summarily sent back to the abyss where it belongs, and Nigerians can continue the nation-building process that has been stunted by the sad events of the past couple of years. God save Nigeria!




Political Platform

Game Some Politicians Play

ACCORDING to John Lyly, a playwrits, in one of his lines published in Eupheus in 1578, said: “The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war,” hence the expression, “everything is fair in love and war.” The struggle for power is called a game, but indeed, it is war – where everything is fair. When the then Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), raised the alarm that the 2011 general elections were massively rigged, the Acting Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Haliru Bello, was quick to ask the then CPC to produce the evidence of rigging. In the same vein, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega, asked a rhetoric question: If the votes were rigged, why did the CPC agents sign the return sheets at the collation centers? Apart from the PDP and INEC, the international community has also accepted the outcome of the polls, because international observers say the election was “free and fair”. ‘’Perhaps, they, too, understand that politics is a game, whether in Africa or in developed countries, in which contestants break even the rules to win’’. Weeks before the elections, there were reports in the media that voter cards were being mopped up by the PDP regime in states where the then CPC has large followership. ’’Hours after the National Assembly elections, the previous week, there was a video posting on an online news service. In the video,

which was allegedly recorded in Rivers State, a woman was seen thumb printing for a particular candidate. The video was so widely circulated that one would have thought that security agencies would look for the woman at the centre of it, arrest her and commence investigation. Nothing has been heard. What does this tell Nigerians’’? After all the assurances that INEC gave, there was no provision in the system to prevent multiple thumb-printing. This is still part of the game. The power struggle in 2011 has led to more deaths than one can remember in the contemporary political history of Nigeria. And the most painful aspect of it all is that, when these politicians assume power, they will loot the treasury, instead of developing this country. Politics is a game. But in Nigeria it has become a game of destruction. However, evidence abound from the country’s past political history that these group of political office seekers are in the real sense far removed from the people after being voted into office. In their safe havens, they shuttle Europe and other countries of the world where they stash their stolen wealth in safe Bank accounts. More often they are not contented acquiring and developing new housing estates, but also embark on building castles replete with the medieval accoutrement of moat, drawbridges, and battlements to ward off criminals. The EFCC should be alive to its responsibility in checkmating the activities of those involved in these unwholesome criminal acts. Therefore, it would be


cleare to all Nigerians that the political leaders in power are now been strictly monitored at whatever level. This is why those elected into various offices must face the reality on ground and come out with realizable programmes instead of dolling out vain electoral promises which have overtime done the country no good. The game of politics in Nigeria is a free-for-all.

brinkmanship. Democracy on our shores is not a game of compromise, but one of conquest’’. Nigerians have been going after democracy with a killer ’s torch, using all manner of deadly manoeuvres to gore at political adversaries. Politics in Nigeria is the ascendancy of greed and the unrestrained gathering of the spoils of war by a few smart thugs while the

After the nightmare of military misrule, Nigerian politicians have once again approached politics with an incredible measure of indiscipline, recklessness and violence, killing and maiming opponents. ‘’The return of democracy in Nigeria appears to be the inauguration of the State of Emergency that is sustained by a regime of political

multitude of the people are pushing into a state of destitution and fear. Today the politics of acrimony and violence is played out everywhere across the land, from the North, South, East and West, leaving in its wake more blood and tears for a people that have been stretched to breaking point by poverty, unemployment and the collapse of social

“The EFCC should be alive to its responsibility in checkmating the activities of those involved in these unwholesome criminal acts. Therefore, it would be clear to all Nigerians that the political leaders in power are now been strictly monitored at whatever level.”

infrastructure. ‘’It is a shame that after all those punitive years of military rule, we seem to have learnt nothing, and history therefore seems to be repeating itself’’. Our politics remains a “do or die” affair, as incumbent officers often use public funds and the instruments of coercion at their disposal to crush opponents, while rich opponents outside the reins of power often mobilise their ill-gotten wealth to turn the poor people against

absolutely. This is the right time to think of how to make these positions less attractive to contractors, mercenaries, scavengers and prostitutes of power. Over the years, we have suffered so much in the hands of callous scavengers who camouflaged as politicians in our land. Thank God that Nigerians have recognized through the 2011 General elections the immense power in their votes and have resolutely

themselves, in their bid to snatch power. The result is that our land is laid waste, and our people are left to lick their wounds, but the shameless leaders soon forge new alliances that are doomed to generate new conflicts. The problem with our elected leaders is that too much power and too much money are available to them, to the extent that they are ready to destroy others and destroy themselves when seeking for positions, or in the struggle to keep the positions once they clinch them, they would kill and maim and harass and i n t i m i d a t e . They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts

rejected those neofeudalists in our midst who have no qualms of conscience living in affluence and conspicuous consumption, while the rest of the people whom they claim to represent wallow in acrimonious poverty. Nigerians have rejected with their voting power those nonentities who in the past preyed on the gullibility of the ignorant poor and the apathy and despondency of the educated few. ‘’By God, all is not lost yet for Nigeria. There is still time enough for the political elite to change its course and follow the path of civility, otherwise what awaits Nigeria at the end of the day may be a people’s revolution. May God save us from ourselves’’.





Procedure To Acquire New Driver’s Licence

• APPLY online at https:// print the form and bank teller or in person at Driver LicenseCentre, DLC. • Pay the licence fee online or at designated banks. • Present your form to the Board of Internal Revenue Officer or VlO at the DLC for endorsement • Proceed to the Federal Road Safety Commission Officer at the DLC for Biometric Data Capturing * You will be given a temporary driver’s licence that is valid for 60 days. FOR FRESH APPLICATIONS: * Attend training at accredited driving school

• The driving school will present you to the VIO for driving test * Pass the driving test and the VIO will issue you a Certificate of Proficiency * Apply online at https://, print out the form and bank teller or in person at driver Licence Centre, DLC * Pay the licence fee online or at designated banks * Present your form to the Board of internal Revenue Officer or VIO at the DLC for endorsement. * Proceed to the Federal Road Safety Commission

Officer at the DLC for Biometric Data Capturi ng • You will be given a temporary driver’s licence that is valid for 60 days.

08023412452 With OSAGIE AIFUWA

Tubeless Tyres THIS type of tyre eliminates the need for a separate tube. The inside of the casing and outer surface of the bead is lined with soft rubber, which forms an air— tight seal with the ream. Advantages claimed by tubeless tyre are: * Separate tube not required + Better air sealing qualities are obtained provided the cover is correctly sealed to the rim and the soft inner liner of the cover provides a puncture — sealing arrangement. On fitting or removing this type, be very careful to avoid damaging the bead. To ensure uniform tyre wear, the wheels should be interchanged at frequent intervals Longitudinal changes (O\S front to N\5 rear etc) diagonal changes (O\S front to N\S rear and spare to O\S rear etc) are normally advised.

Battery Care

Tyre Care THE dictionary definition of a tyre is a band of iron, steel rubber, etc placed round the rim of a wheel to strengthen it or reduce vibration. The wheel tyre is the round black object that links the vehicle to the ground. It also serves as the last transmitter of motion from the vehicle through its road- gripping tendency. Many people just buy any tyre anywhere and anyhow. Whereas, the active safety of any journey near of far depends on: 1. The speed of the vehicle 2. The tendency of the tyre to withstand road conditions 3. The capacity of the tyre to hold down the vehicle when the brake is applied 4 The tyre design to withstand emergency situations. All these factors and some others must be met before a vehicle can be considered to be road worthy and safe

for driving. Considering the role of tyre as regards these concepts, the vehicle tyres must be: * Good enough to offer a good grip on the road for fast travelling, fast stopping and on road for providing non slippery tendency during a wet driving condition. Strong enough to withstand excessive pressure built up in side the tyre itself as a result of heat during hot whether or over heating of the wheels. * Tough enough to withstand road shocks, vibration and tension it must be able to carry the pressure required to propel the vehicle. * Choosing a good tyre is the starting point of ensuring that a vehicle operation is safe. To choose a tyre, the tyre size must be the recommended size by the vehicle manufacturer, the tyre size is always written on the side of the tyre ri very bold letters.

YOUR battery needs special attention and care at a period like this when we have occasional downpour as the rate of change drops to the drop in atmospheric temperature. Dirty batteries are likely to have electrolyte collect on the surface causing leakage of electrical current to the earth, so that the battery will discharge. Electrolyte on the surface of the battery can also cause the terminal and connectors to corrode, which will stop the battery from working efficiently. You are therefore to check the acid level periodically at east once in two weeks or after every 800 kilometers. If the level drops below plates, top up with pure water. Never add acid. Do not overfill cells, normal level is 6— 10mm above the separator. An overfilled battery can cause acid over-flow through the vent plugs when the battery is charged arid acid can cause damage to the battery compartment and other metal parts in the vehicle.





CUCUMBERS are botanically classified as a fruit, although they are typically perceived, prepared and eaten as though they were vegetables. According to LIVE STRONG.Com, Cucumbers grow from a low-lying flowering plant and are actually considered to be a part of the squash family. Although cucumbers are made up of roughly 90 per cent water, they also contain a high amount of beneficial nutrients that promote the health and maintenance of many cells in your body. Nutrients found in cucumbers in large amounts include vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid and silica. VITAMIN A Vitamin A is important for the health and maintenance of your skin, keeping cell membranes moist and resistant to cellular damage. This moistness also inhibits potential infections caused by some viruses and bacteria. Vitamin A also protects your body against some cancers by inhibiting the production of DNA in cancer cells. Most of the Vitamin A in cucumbers is contained in the outer peel; therefore, to obtain the full benefits of Vitamin A, the cucumber peel should be

left on. VITAMIN C Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is an effective antioxidant and can be found in abundance in cucumbers. Vitamin C helps support and strengthens your immune system, which can help protect your body against infections and bacteria that can cause illness. Vitamin C can also promote wound healing and is involved in the maintenance of bone, muscle, tendons and ligaments throughout your body. Vitamin c supports your cardiovascular system by facilitating the metabolism of body fat and protecting your body. FOLIC ACID Folic Acid is part of the B-complex vitamin group and is important in the production of red blood cells in your body. Low levels of folic acid may contribute to certain types of anemia, or low red blood cell count. Having a low red blood cell count decreases oxygen delivery to your body’s cells and can even make other underlying medical conditions worse. Anemia can also cause fatigue, weakness, chest pains and dizziness. Having adequate amounts of folic acid in your diet can help

What Cucumber Can Do For Your Body

prevent anemia from occurring. SILICA Cucumbers are a good source of a compound called silica. Silica is a trace mineral that is not common in many foods, but is found in high


levels inside cucumbers. Silica contributes to the growth and maintenance of connective tissue throughout your body connective tissue includes collagen and


IN the extract of lemon, Vitamin C, Carbohydrate, Phosphorous and many other things can be found. It is no wonder that some cosmetics products or some other medical products use the extract of lemon really well. According to firstworld facts.Com, you might get to know about 5 benefits of lemon for your beauty and you can try it out yourself as you can see in the following. 1. Covering up the Scars Caused By the Acne The scars caused by the acne will make many people lose their confidence and it is totally a great solution for using the lemon as the right item for dealing with this situation. You only need to rub the pulp of the

lemon on the scars. When you do it intensively, slowly, the scars will be gone away from your face. 2. Finest component for nail care By squeezing the lemon on your nails, you are going to get the natural treatment for the nails care. Lemon has a high concentration of protein and ceratine which will be really great for the health condition of the nails. You will get the excellent effect of this lemon squeezing for your nails care. 3. Lightening up the skin face Lemon has the high level of Vitamin C and it is really helpful for whitening the skin with this lemon essence. The special substance of lemon essence just gives

elastin, two body tissues that are responsible for connecting your cells together and holding them in place. Connective tissues also play a large role in the

natural healing process of your body following an injury involving soft tissue damage. Collagen formation around an area of an injury may be increased with the help of Silica in your diet.

the finest effect for whitening and lightening up the skin. 4. Removing the Acne If you have combined the lemon with some water, you are going to get the right formula for removing the acne naturally. Just mix well the essence of lemon and water and then you can use the cotton to rub this formula on the acne parts. You can also drink the formula for the inner treatment for the acne 5. Solving the problem of black spots on your face If you have the black spots problem on your face, you can use the lemon juice for simply clearing out the black spots out of your face. Just take the juice lemon and then you can lubricate your face with this lemon formula in a juice. Lemon has a special substance that will lighten up your skin and it will reduce the black spots on your face.




View Point

Is There Secret Plot Against Tukur?

THE battle of wits in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which culminated to the polarization of the Party during its Special Convention at the Eagle Square in Abuja may take a new turn going by revelations made to newsmen by a source close to the Deputy National Chairman of the Party, Prince Uche Secondus. Despite efforts by the New PDP led by Alhaji Kawu Baraje to sack the factional Chairman of the old PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, informed sources said the President may not be in a hurry to drop Tukur now until towards the next National Convention of the Party. Tukur who is battling to regain control of the Party machinery is said to be unaware of plans by his deputy to succeed him in a manner similar to the treatment meted on his predecessor, Okwy Nwodo. The recent revelation by the Kawu Baraje led faction which exposed Tukur’s election as an illegality is one of the trump cards which the President may use to drop him, thus finally paving way for Secondus to emerge. Prince Secondus who belongs to the faction against Governor. Rotimi Amaechi in Rivers State is said to have warmed his way into the heart of Mr. President during the crisis that eventually saw the fall of former Governor. Timi Sylva from contention for his re-election bid as Governor of Bayelsa State. It was gathered that when the battle to stop Sylva was on, Amaechi used his

position alongside other Governors from the South South zone to protest in favour of their embattled colleague. Several efforts were made by the President to convince the Governors on why Sylva must not return to office but that was resisted by the powerful Governors’ Forum, NGF,led by Amaechi. Though, the NGF’s stance was in the spirit of solidarity but all that did not go down well with the President who had suffered a lot of sponsored media attacks from Sylva’s aides. Then Secondus became a willing tool for the job. He quickly turned against Sylva though he was alleged to have received a lot of financial support from. The slimy politician from Rivers State saw a window of opportunity in the President’s desperation to stop Sylva and then capitalized on it to gain a firm grip of the President alongside other members of the NWC of the Party. That of cause did not go down well with Amaechi and his colleagues who vowed to ensure that Secondus and his colleagues did not return to the NWC. The Rivers Governor was said to have personally told his once close associate, Uche Secondus during the build up to the May 2012 Convention where the new Party exco was elected, that he would let him return to the NWC but was rather disposed towards giving him any other position he wanted. That of course did not go down well with

THE focus of this article therefore, is to point out the dangers of appointing Leaders without considering criteria like character, morality, fear of God, diligence, commitment and dedication to work, in addition to using their highest qualification and years of working experience in the Government Service. With reference to the Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) structure in Nigeria, all officers working in this organization right from the programme manager, who is the Chief executive, including all extension field workers, messengers, Clerks, Typist, Security Guards as well as Drivers are staff deployed from their respective State ministries of Agriculture. Only a small

percentage of the junior staff serving in the ADPs are directly recruited. Leadership entails a lot of responsibilities. A leader is someone put in-charge of people in any organization to direct the day-to-day activities of the establishment which are either1.formal or informal sector. Who is a good Leader? A good leader seeks the welfare of his or her followers. A good leader seeks to motivate his followers. A good leader is someone who leads by example. A good leader is transparent and accountable. Everything begins and ends with the Leader of any organization. Who is a bad Leader? A bad leader is someone who says to others “Do what I say, and not what I do”.


Secondus who waited for his turn to strike. News report confirmed that the battle to hijack the PDP structure from Amaechi in Rivers State was actually masterminded by Secondus, a close ally of the ousted State Chairman, Chief G.U. Ake. He was alleged to have hidden Ake’s form while asking Felix Obuah, the factional Chairman to fill a form even when Obuah was

not in contention for the position. Secondus thus aligned forces with Nyesom Wike, the Minister for State, Education who has been the arrow head of the battle against Amaechi. With Secondus’ performance and conviction of Mr. President that he could deliver, he was then promised a return to the NWC where he would be later positioned to edge out Bamanga Tukur, being a fellow kinsman of

Jonathan. Tukur who is now battling for survival is said to be unaware of the plot by the President to axe him being from the North in order to ensure that the Party’s ticket is delivered to him. The presence of Secondus and Anenih both from the South South would guarantee the President a smooth sail to power. In all, Bamanga may be used and dumped after he has already worked against the emergence of a Northern President. His plans to en throne his son, Awwal, may

then be used to compensate him or his spoiler role against his kinsmen. It is not certain what would be the fate of Tukur in the long run as the battle rages in the PDP. Will he decide now to join the fray of the Northern leaders who have thrown their weight behind the new group led by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Kawu Baraje? Or will Tukur be disgraced out of office like Nwodo and Ogbulafor who were both sacrificed on the altar of political expediency? Time will tell.

• Bamanga Tukur, PDP National Chairman

• President Goodluck Jonathan

“Tukur who is now battling for survival is said to be unaware of the plot by the President to axe him being from the North in order to ensure that the Party’s ticket is delivered to him. The presence of Secondus and Anenih both from the South South would guarantee the President a smooth sail to power.”

Understanding Leadership Structure There are different types of leaders: (1) Autocratic Leader (2) Democratic Leader (3) Laizzer Faire Leader. Out of these three, the best is the democratic type of leadership style. It is the opinion of the writer that civil service regulations popularly called the G.O. should be strictly followed when considering officers for posting from one job schedule to another. Furthermore, it is not right or justifiable for any junior staff to be placed in a position over and above any senior staff in that same organization. Where this is the practice, the junior staff are bound to disrespect their senior staff To avoid discrimination, it is morally justifiable to always Dost officers from one position to

By OLUMESE MARK another based on their seniority or grade level and cognate working experience. It is the suggestion of the writer that a lot of caution needs to be exercised. For example, a crop scientist should not be given the responsibilities of an Animal Scientist. In the Universities’ Faculty of Agriculture to be precise, these 2 disciplines are different areas of specification. Let the Crop Scientist be posted to the position of subject matter specialist-crops while the latter is posted to the position of subject matter specialist — livestock or SMS fisheries.

Division of labour leads to efficiency and specialization which in turn leads to greater productivity. It is advisable when considering recruiting new officers into ADP management team, sometimes to avoid bias in selection of qualified personnel, let the management advertise for the managerial positions that have been declared vacant and a panel be constituted by the Fionourable Commissioner for Agriculture to screen and interview these applicants who appl ied both from the public service and private sector works. It is only through due process

that the best applicants can be determined and given the managerial positions like Directors of subprogrammes or zonal managers in charge of ADPs at the Zone. Since the ADP organization is a career service, let the rule of the civil service guide management always when considering issues of staff posting, bearing in mind that officers are bound to undergo retirement from service while new recruitment are bound to be made when the need arises not to allow for any vacuum. Finally, since there is a common saying “you cannot give to society what you don’t have, let the right peg be placed in the right hole when considering posting issues.






Let My People Go Continued from last week

‘THEN was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind and dumb and he healed him, in so much that the blind and dumb both spake and saw” Matt 12:22. Jesus acknowledged that part of his mission on earth was deliverance of the captive Those possessed or oppressed by the devil. Though the primary and very essential reason why Christ came to earth was to save sinners, (Jn 3 16) yet he had the desire to heal the sick and to bring deliverance to the possessed and oppressed. The Bible says: “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power, who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him” Acts 10 38. The Book of Luke also records vividly what happened in the early ministry of Jesus to further corroborate this view point. “And he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read. And there delivered unto him the book of the Prophet Isiah and when he had opened the book he found the place where it was written; The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he had anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set and liberate them that are bruised. And he began to say unto them, this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears’ Lk. 4:16-19,21. Jesus has come to give us eternal life and also abundant life. Eternal life is life beyond which is attained after death. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, That whosoever believeth in him

should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved” Jr, 3:16-17. But Jesus Christ also came to give us abundant life here on earth. That means those who believe in him should have a life of victory, success and prosperity. “The thief cometh not but for to steal. to kill and to destroy; I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly’ Jn 10:10. Please read about his testimony to Peter Mk. 10:28-30. A life of demonic captivity is a life of defeat, failure, pain and sorrow. So Jesus came setting persons free from demonic attacks, and oppression. And there are many Bible instances where Jesus went about preaching, healing and delivering persons from demonic captivity Jesus exerted his authority over demons by the way he cast them out. He did not placate or exorcise demons but commanded them out and they obeyed him. If we are Christians then we are to Imitate Jesus as Paul said in all things, demon casting inclusive (1 Cor.11:1) Jesus’ Commanding authority as opposed to placation or exorcism is clearly seen in this testimony of his, of the use of commanding authority over the powers of darkness. He said: “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force Matt.11:12 Jesus rebuked demons, commanded them and cast them out instantly. He spoke the word and demons obeyed; he laid his hands and demons quivered and ran away: he looked at the possessed or the oppressed; his look sent fire radiating into their bodies and demons fled. Here are some of these deliverance

testimonies of the Lord Jesus proving that Jesus has power over every demonic spirit whether in the sea, the earth, underneath the earth or in the sky or in the forest; for “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of things in heaven, and things on earth and things under the earth’ Phils 2:10 (Matt 28:18). Also significant is the different manifestations that followed the deliverance ministry of

Again he delivered a man who had a legion of demons, innumerable demons; the man “Neither abode in any house but in the tombs” Jesus commanded the demons out of this man and they entered the swine and “the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake and were choked” Lk. 8:33. The man was instantly healed. Lk. 8:26-36.

Jesus while some demons left violently, some left quietly, even the Pharisees bewildered by what they saw accused him of using fowl means to cast out devils Matt. 12:24. Here are some instances: (i) “And in the Synagogue there was a man which had a spirit of an unclean devil, and cried out with a mid voice and Jesus rebuked him saying, Hold thy peace and come out of him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him and hurt him not”. Lk.4:33-35.

(iii) Look at this instance when Jesus cast out the dumb spirit from a boy when the father cried to Jesus for help. “Master, I have brought unto thee my son which hath a dumb spirit “Mk 9:17 the disciples who had handled this thud earlier could not deal with the situation. But Jesus rebuked the dumb and deaf spirit thus: Thou dumb and deaf spirit I charge thee come out of him and enter no more into him’ Mk 9:25; A manifestation followed: “And the spirit cried and rent him sore and came out of him; and he was as one dead

“Jesus exerted his authority over demons by the way he cast them out. He did not placate or exorcise demons but commanded them out and they obeyed him.”

in so much that many said, He is dead” Mk 9:26. He was not dead rather the demon left violently; “But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up; and he arose’ Mk 9:27. Jesus told his disciples why they could not cast the demon out of the boy because “This kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting” Mk. 9:29. (iv) Now when the sun was

setting, all they that had been sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on everyone of them and healed them. And devils also came out of many, crying out” (Luke 4:40-41). (v) ‘...: Mary Magdalene out of whom he (Jesus) had cast seven devils” Mk. 16:9. Jesus cast out the devil from the woman with ‘The spirit of infirmity” For eighteen years and she was instantly healed. ‘And behold there was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years and was bound together and could in no wise lift up herself. And when Jesus saw her, he called her to him, and said unto her woman, thou are loosed from thine infirmity. And he laid his hands on her and immediately she was made straight and glorified ‘God Lk13:11-13. (vii) “And unclean spirits when they saw him fell down

before him and cried saying thou art the son of God’ Mk. 3:11 (viii) “And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed and many others, and cast them down at Jesus feet; and he healed them” Matt. 15:20. (ix) When the even was come they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils and he cast out the

spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick’ Matt. 8:16 SATAN’S BONDMAN “And ought this Woman whom satan hath bound lo, those eighteen years be loosed from Satan, Lk. 13; 16. Satan is the chief devil and works with a number of lesser devils in a hierarchy of command described as ‘Principalities Powers….. rulers of darkness… Spiritual wickedness in high places’ Eph 6 12 Satan since his rebellion against God in heaven has remained unrepentant, His mission to bound men has the direct aftermath of his rebellion against God. How did it all start? Satan was an Angel of God and of the order of the cherub: but his inordinate ambition and beauty caused him much pride that he sought to exalt himself above God and to challenge God.




International Bahrain Opposition Leader Held On Terrorism Charge

Taliban Kill Election Commission Head In Afghanistan K U N D U Z , AFGHANISTAN - Taliban gunmen shot and killed the head of the Independent Election Commission in Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz province yesterday a day after he warned that deteriorating security threatened next year ’s presidential elections. Amanullah Aman began his work during the first presidential election in 2004. He was the commission’s first member to be assassinated since it started work in May. The Taliban claimed responsibility. The group’s elusive leader Mullah Mohammad Omar sent a message to the Afghan people in August rejecting the elections and vowing to fight until foreign troops leave. Most troops are due to withdraw by the end of next year. “Two gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on Engineer Amaan this morning,” said Kunduz police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini. “Amaan was on his way to work when he was attacked in Kunduz city.” Amman died of his wounds in hospital. Just a day before he was gunned down, the commission head had told Reuters worsening security made fraud,

like stuffing ballot boxes, a serious threat to the process. The three-week period to register candidates for the April 2014 election opened but no one has yet stepped forward. The vote will be a key test for Afghanistan as it prepares for the departure of Western forces amidst a resurgent Taliban-led insurgency. Fears of attacks may deter many voters from going to polling stations, while remote districts in insurgent strongholds are virtually impossible for election officials to reach. A shortage of female security officers could keep women from voting.

Chaos, As Flood Submerges Mexico’s Resort

ACAPULCO, MEXICO Mexico’s famous beach resort of Acapulco was in chaos on Tuesday as hotels rationed food for thousands of stranded tourists and floodwaters swallowed homes and cars after some of the most damaging storms in decades killed at least 55 people across the country. Television footage showed Acapulco’s international airport terminal waist deep in water and workers wading out to escape floods that have prevented some 40,000 visitors from leaving and

China’s Second-Richest Man HONG KONG - One of Attacked China’s richest tycoons, the chairman of drinks company Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co Ltd, was attacked near his home in the eastern province of Zhejiang, Xinhua reported on yesterday and other media reports said he suffered serious injuries to his hand. Zong Qinghou, 67, was assaulted on Friday morning in a residential area of Hangzhou city and a suspect had been was arrested, the official news agency reported, citing police. The suspect had been looking for work and the attack came after he failed to get a job with Wahaha, Xinhua reported. A spokesperson for privatelyheld Wahaha, the country’s largest beverage company, told Reuters he had nothing to add to the Xinhua report. Zong is China’s secondrichest man with a personal fortune of 115 billion yuan ($18.8 billion), according to the China Rich List published annually by Hurun Report Inc. Xinhua quoted Zong, who reportedly did not travel with bodyguards, as telling a reporter the attack was merely an accident. The Shenzhen-based Hong Kong Commercial Daily said earlier on Wednesday that four tendons on Zong’s left hand had been severed during the attack and he had been

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem (right), meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in Damascus.

operated on at a hospital in Hangzhou. The Wahaha Group started from a humble factory affiliated with a primary school in 1987 and grew into one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, according to Xinhua. As the largest beverage enterprise in China, the group’s revenue in 2012 reached 63.63 billion yuan. It employs 30,000 people and has 32 billion yuan in fixed assets.

blocked one of the main access routes to the city with mud. A torrential, three-day downpour cut off several roads into the Pacific resort of 750,000 people, which was a magnet for Hollywood stars in its heyday, but had the highest murder rate in Mexico last year amid a surge in drug gang violence. The flooding has disrupted deliveries of supplies, piling fresh misery on a city heavily dependent on tourist spending. The entrance to a main hillside tunnel into Acapulco was completely blocked with mud. The rains were spawned by two major storms that converged on Mexico from the Pacific and the Gulf, triggering flash floods that washed away homes and landslides in eastern Mexico. Tropical Depression Manuel had faded but was strengthening again on the Pacific coast on Tuesday, moving northwest toward the Baja California peninsula. It was expected to become a Tropical Storm again late on Tuesday or early Wednesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

Much of Acapulco’s upscale Diamante district was flooded, and tourists were unable to take cash out of bank machines due to lack of power. Fast food outlets were also without power, and insisted on payment in cash. “I had to go to a pawn shop to leave some jewelry to get money to be able to eat and pay for accommodation,” said Cristina Dominguez Navarro, who rented an apartment in Acapulco with her family. “We came with just enough money for three days and now we have been here for five,” she CHANGE OF NAME

BALOGUN - I formerly known as Mrs. Balogun Ime Etuk now wish to be known as Miss Ime Edem Etuk. All former documents remain valid. Concerned authorities and the general public should please take note.

said. “I don’t know what we’ll do if they don’t open the motorway soon.” Some large hotels offered stranded guests a free night of accommodation. But conditions were tough. “They’ve started to ration food here,” said Pedro de la Torre, a 53-year-old graphic designer from Mexico City who was stranded in a hotel in Acapulco. “People are starting to get annoyed. I lost two cars, total write-offs.” Outside the hotel, guests waded to their waterlogged vehicles in the hope of recovering whatever they could. Since the weekend, the rains have killed at least 55 people in the states of Veracruz, Guerrero, Puebla, Hidalgo, Michoacan and Oaxaca, according to regional emergency services.

BAHRAIN - The deputy leader of Bahrain’s largest opposition party will be held for 30 days while being investigated for inciting terrorism in a series of speeches, the public prosecutor of the Gulf Arab kingdom said. The detention of Khalil alMarzouq angered his Al Wefaq party, an Islamist group which says it advocates non-violent methods, and could complicate faltering efforts to end 2-1/2 years of political deadlock on the strategically vital island. In a statement, Bahrain’s Head of Public Prosecution, Nayef Yousfi, said police investigations showed Marzouq had spoken at many forums promoting terrorism, the most recent of which was a speech at Saar district west of the capital Manama on September 6. At that event he raised the flag of the opposition group, the February 14 Coalition, Yousfi said. He described the group, a network of activists that uses social media to organize antigovernment protests, as a terrorist organization. Yousfi said Marzouq was interrogated in the presence of his lawyer and subsequently “charged under the Law for Protecting the Community from Terrorist Acts, with inciting and advocating terrorism, and using his leadership position in a legally organized political society to incite crimes.”



OLALERE - I formerly known and addressed as Miss Olalere Omolola now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Enahoro Omolola. All former documents remain valid. Concerned authorities, Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the general public should please take note.

MAMUDU- I formerly known and addressed as Miss Gladys Obhajiajemen Mamudu now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Gladys Obhajiajemen Eromosele. All former documents remain valid. Concerned authorities and the general public should please take note.



Soldiers and police work around the wreckage of a bus after it was buried by a mountain landslide at Altotonga in Veracruz State along Mexico’s gulf coast.

The general public is hereby notify that the above named Foundation has applied to the Corporate Affairs Commission for registration under the Companies and Allied Matters Act No.1 of 1990. BOARD OF TRUSTEES (1) Barr. Osinubi Adewale (2) Chief Mrs. Osinubi Elizabeth Eronmwon (3) Dr. Olalekan Lawal (4) Mr. Ademola Raji (5) Deacon Festus Omololu Adenuga (6) Mr. Osilaja Olatunji Saheed (7) Mr. Mabayo Kasali AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To help the less privilege. Any objection to the registration should be directed to the RegistrarGeneral, Corporate Affairs Commission, Plot 420 Tigris Crescent, Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama Abuja, within 28 days of this publication. Signed: NATH OKUNBOR (ESQ).










Man And The Visiting Of Sins Unto Third And Fourth Generation Nature

THE law of seed and harvest, cause and effect, which can also be called the law of Reciprocal Action, is a uniform law for the whole of creation, applying equally to human actions and thought and determining the course of fate. To this also, pertain happenings which are designated as chance, with the implication of arbitrariness and blind sway. In reality, however, they are the effects of lawful processes, which are often strange and inexplicable, because, man is no longer in a position to survey and recognise the invisible connections in them. By viewing his fate intellectually he advances no further. Extra-earthly realms are involved here, which are not accessible to the earthly intellect. How often we say in regard to fateful event. It was an unfortunate or fortunate accident, chance willed it so, it was brought about by a series of accident or it was a game of chance. But the game was known, it went according to incorruptible rules, determined by the laws of creation. In accordance with the same laws, many human souls must again return to earth to make good, to redeem. The sins which they once committed on earth for earthly beginning stipulates earthly ending in accordance with the law of the cycle, by which the ring must close at the place where it was begun. Thus, all quilt avenges itself on earth” according to which the Biblical expression “to avenge” means nothing other than the working out of the laws of sowing and reaping. The same law is expressed by the Biblical words. “The iniquity of the fathers is visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation” (Exo. 20:5) the visiting does not refer to heredity. What is inherited is only purely physical. We see it for example with drug addicts and drunkards, whose children then suffer from physical defects.

But there is no spiritual heredity. Therefore, the visiting refers only to the karmic reaction of a wrong which, for instance, parents commit against their children. Its effect goes on from generation to generation, until in one generation a halt is called to the necessary atonement through better recognition and it is possible for the originator to begin with the redemption of his karma. One such sin is when parents instill into their children that life does not continue after death, that everything is then ended. This gives rise to very far reaching, adverse effects, especially, if the off spring retain this false view and pass it on to the grand children. These effects continue until in one generation the right recognition of an after life arises and the originator is only then able gradually to server himself from his quilt. The present day conditions of moral decline in particular are rooted to a considerable extent with young and old in the fatal view that man lives only once on earth. Hence, earth life is senselessly enjoyed without consideration for one’s fellowmen and with total disregard of the responsibility placed upon man by God. Escape into narcotics and drugs, into illness and suicide, is to some extent connected with this. At the same time, no thought is given to the consequences of the reaction and yet they take effect, here on earth or there in the beyond and, regardless of human volition and thinking, which rarely accords with the laws of creation. Hereditary sin was a consequence of the original fall of man. The sin or wrong-doing lay in the over-cultivation of the intellect, associated with which was the voluntary chaining of man to space and time. There were additional effects resulting from purely intellectual activity, such as love of gain, imposing upon others,

With O.C. MADU 08056379608

oppression, etc, which again brought many others, in fact all evils in their train. This process naturally had an ever increasing influence on the forming of the physical body of those people who developed themselves in a purely intellectual way. Through being continually exerted, the frontal brain which produces the intellect

that is earthly and gross material. He then becomes incapable of grasping anything that is ethereal or primordial and in addition entangles himself in all sorts of evil, which is inevitable where the intellect dominates (Abdru-shin). It is the coming into the world with this voluntarily over cultivated frontal

free him from responsibility, which he retains, for he inherits only the danger not the sin itself. He is in no wise compelled to allow his intellect to rule unconditionally and thus, submit himself to it. On the contrary, he can wield the

is freed from this mistake and its consequences, even if this takes hundreds or thousands of years. What a child so educated does after it has had the opportunity to consider and retrace its steps, would then react upon it alone. Such

became disproportionately enlarged, it was therefore, quite natural that this change in structure expressed itself in the procreation of the physical body and that at birth children entered the world with an increasingly developed and stronger frontal brain. This contained and still today contains, a predisposition or tendency towards an intectual power dominating all else, which harbours the danger that the bearer of such a brain, on awakening it fully, not only chains himself to space and time, but also to every thing

brain, containing the danger of a mere intellectual domination with its inevitable evil manifestations, which is the hereditary sin. It is the physical inheritance of this part, called an account of its excessive artificial cultivation the “great” brain (cerebrum), which expresses man from birth to the danger of too easily entangling himself in evil. At any rate the narrowmindedness which results from enchanment to coerse matter makes it more difficult to recognise God. This however, does not

great power of his intellect like a sharp sword to clear his path in the daily bustle of life, as directed by his intuitive perception, which is also, called the inner voice. But if through education and training a child’s intellect is brought to the point where it completely dominates, then the child is absolved of part of the guilt or better, or part of the reactions brought about by the law of reciprocal action, because, that part will then fall upon the educator or teacher who caused it. From this moment onward, he is tied to the child till the latter

opportunities arise through the spoken or written word, through emotional shocks in life or similar happenings, which forcibly bring about a moment of deep intuitive feeling such opportunities are bound to come. It would be useless to say more on this subject or to multiply examples, which would only be a repetition and raid to the same condition. He who reflects upon the matter will soon find a veil lifted from before his eyes. He will then have solved many questions within himself.

“ It is the coming into the world with this

voluntarily over cultivated frontal brain, containing the danger of a mere intellectual domination with its inevitable evil manifestations, which is the hereditary sin.”




Suarez Can Help Us Challenge - Rodgers

BRENDAN Rodgers believes Liverpool have the strength of character to maintain a Premier League title challenge — with Luis Suarez’s help. Rodgers has backed the Uruguay international, whom he calls “one of the best strikers in the world”, to play a key role in keeping his side at the top of the table. Liverpool lead the Premier League after four matches, winning their first three before drawing 2-2 at Swansea on Monday night, and Rodgers acknowledges that staying there will be asking an awful lot of his squad in the face of competition from Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham. But with Suarez just one game away from completing a ten-match ban imposed for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during a Premier League clash in

Luis Suarez

April, the manager feels he has a strong enough group of players to keep Liverpool in the picture. Suarez will be suspended from Saturday’s league meeting with Southampton at Anfield but will be eligible for the Capital One Cup trip to Manchester United the following Wednesday. Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo: “It’s early stages but it keeps the momentum going and in the next couple of weeks we have one of the best strikers in the world coming back. “You can’t look too much at it [being top], but you’d rather be there than be at the bottom. And what it does is that the more you are up there, the more aggression — and will and desire — you have to stay there. “It’s only four games in, but we’ve had four tough games and we have only lost once in the last 16-odd games. So we are getting a level of consistency, and that was the biggest thing for me. “Coming here there was no consistency in the performance and now we are just churning out wins. And if we can’t win, we are drawing games with resilient performances like in the last 25 minutes at Swansea. “But I believe we will get better and more fluent as the season goes on, so we are happy to be there and it gives us the fight to stay there.”

Rooney Reaches 200 Goals For United

Wayne Rooney

Man United Defends Transfer Strategy

MANCHESTER United have written to fans to defend their activities in the recent transfer window and insisting they were not prepared to be drawn into an “eight-week panic”. The Mirror reports that the has a clear strategy and that it club has responded to letters had achieved its two primary and emails from fans critical objectives — keeping Wayne of the way the club and David Rooney and adding a central Moyes failed to land principal midfielder to the squad. targets Thiago Alcantara, Cesc “Add to that the fact that Fabregas or Cristiano Wilfried Zaha is a new signing Ronaldo. They also failed with and that the manager has added late moves for Ander Herrera, the highly-rated young player Fabio Coentrao and Leighton Adnan Janazaj to the squad Baines. and the team does in fact have The letter, signed on behalf a different feel to it than the of director of communications one that finished last season. Phil Townsend, said the club “The club has invested over

Ben Arfa Insists He Can Win Ballon D’Or NEWCASTLE midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa insists he is a realistic

Ben Arfa

chance of being crowned the world’s best footballer in the coming years, but

admits people may think his assertions are “mad”. The Frenchman has been in resurgent form this season, scoring two goals in Newcastle’s opening two Premier League games, with Toon boss Alan Pardew lauding the 26-year-old as one of the competition’s greatest. Ben Arfa believes he can join four-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi as a recipient of the prestigious award. “I know some will think that I’m mad, but I still dream of the Ballon d’Or,” he is quoted in the Mirror. “I’m convinced it’s still possible. “It’s not forbidden to dream. I still believe that one day I’ll be the best player in the world. But

my biggest victory will not be that one, it’ll be of becoming a well-rounded man after overcoming so many obstacles.” Ben Arfa developed a reputation for trouble early in his career but is hopeful he will be remembered for his on-field talents by the time he hangs up the boots. “I’ve disappointed a lot of people over the years, I’ve annoyed many too,” he added. “But those people were right, I was not very professional. “I think I’ve gradually changed as I’ve grown up. I’ve understood some basic stuff with regards to the strength that a community brings. At 26, I still have plenty of time in front of me. I’m not about retirement just yet.”

£40m acquiring new players this summer, as well as resigning Nani on a long-term deal, more than it has traditionally spent on transfers. “Additional resources were there to add to that but it was not possible to agree with other clubs for the right players to leave. The key point there is that the players we buy have to be the right ones for Manchester United; not just any player. “The club has always backed the manager in the transfer market … and demonstrated its belief in, and commitment to, David Moyes through the award of a six year contract. Allowing him to shape the future Manchester United team is a long term project not an eight-week panic. He must be given time to assess his new squad and come to his own decisions on which players he feels will strengthen it.” A club spokesman is quoted as saying: “The reply went to those who wrote to Ed Woodward and people who sent emails to the enquiries inbox. We have a responsibility under our Club Charter to respond to all correspondence in 15 working days.”

David Moyes

WAYNE Rooney scored his 200th goal for Manchester United in the club’s 4-2 Champions League win against Bayer Leverkusen, before again refusing to dismiss the rumours that he asked to leave the club last summer. The United No.10 was constantly linked with a move away from United throughout the summer, with Chelsea having two bids for the striker turned down. Rooney has yet to speak publicly on those transfer events, again opting to side-step the issue when quizzed by ITV Sport in the immediate aftermath of his latest sparkling display, preferring to focus on his achievement of becoming only the fourth player to notch a double century of goals for United. “Listen, I will concentrate on my football as I have done all summer,” was his response to a question about his commitment to United. “I got my head down in the summer, worked hard and I’m concentrating on my football. The fans here have been fantastic with me and the reception I get here is great. Hopefully I can reward them with goals and performances tonight. “It’s something I’m very proud of, I’m pleased to score 200 goals for a club like Manchester United and hopefully there is more to come. “I’m delighted to be back playing and scoring and this was a good result. The first game in the Champions League is always important and thankfully we got the victory.” United manager David Moyes joined the chorus of praise flowing in Rooney’s direction, even though the striker was guilty of a glaring second half miss that came a minute before Leverkusen’s equaliser. “We did a lot of good things, missed a lot of chances, but got the job done in the end,” stated a relieved Moyes. “The players knew what they had to do and they went about it well. “I thought Wayne was terrific tonight. I said a month or six weeks ago that he had a chance to join the real greats here, but he deserved the ovation he got. He looks fit and lean and he showed that in his performance again. He could have had a hattrick tonight, but he was fantastic. “Robin van Persie’s goal was great as well and if we can get those two scoring, then they will be formidable that would help to get us as many points as possible.” Moyes has also urged Rooney to break Bobby Charlton’s club record and has suggested the potential to become one of United’s greatest ever players was a motivator in his decision to stay at Old Trafford. “I’m not a historian at Manchester United but I think there’s only four people to do it. I remember saying he has got a real chance to be one of the alltime leading goalscorers at this club and if he keeps playing like he did tonight, he’ll get there. He was very, very good. “I think it was something we made him aware of (breaking the record). Wayne Rooney could join the real greats with his goalscoring.”




Bayern CEO Questions Sammer Criticism

Iker Casillas Suffers Injury Blow SERGIO Ramos said the noise inside Galatasaray’s stadium meant he did not hear any call from Iker Casillas during the incident in which the Madrid keeper injured a rib in his sides’s 6-1 Champions League win. Casillas — who was making his first competitive Madrid appearance in 238 days after being supplanted by Diego Lopez — was forced off after just 14 minutes when Ramos caught him with an accidental elbow as the goalkeeper came from his line to make a routine catch. Initial reports suggest no bone was broken in the clash, but there is a cartilage problem, and a rib may also have been cracked. Further tests are expected to be carried out back in Madrid on Wednesday. The defender told Madrid’s website that the sheer volume inside the Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi had made it very difficult for players to hear each other during the game. “It was a shock — I could not see if Drogba was behind, we lacked a bit of communication and I jumped, with the bad luck of bumping into Iker,” Ramos said. “These are things that happen in the game, and my first impression was it is nothing serious. We hope he is back with us as soon as possible. If he said something I did not hear it. “You must congratulate the Galatasaray fans for how they support their team. It was very difficult to communicate with the rest of the team.” Casillas - who had his hand broken by another team-mate, Alvaro Arbeloa, back in January - did not seem to have any bad feelings about the incident. Ramos later tweeted a photo of the Spanish international colleagues joking around on the plane home.

surpassed him off it as the world’s most expensive player. The Portuguese forward grabbed three second-half goals as Real romped to a 61 away win in their Champions League Group B opener on Tuesday, taking his tally with the nine-times European champions to 206 goals from 204 games. Bale’s arrival from Tottenham Hotspur for 100 million euros this month, surpassing the then-record 94 million they paid for Ronaldo in 2009, prompted the club to move swiftly to keep their leading scorer happy. Ronaldo agreed a new contract with Real president Florentino Perez on Sunday which ties him until 2018 and reportedly makes him the world’s highest-paid player

PAOLO Rossi is struggling to understand how Juventus didn’t win their Champions League game against FC Copenhagen. The Old Lady dominated the tie after falling a goal behind, but they could only grab a 1-1 draw after some sloppy finishing and inspired goalkeeping from Johan Wiland. “The result is a lie, a big lie,” stated the man who won the European Cup with Juventus in 1985. “A lack of focus from Juve was the reason behind Copenhagen’s goal.

“Juventus created 10 scoring opportunities and only managed to put away one. “You also have to underline the positive performance of the Danish ‘keeper who kept Juve out after the game was tied.” The Bianconeri are next in European action on Wednesday 2 October when they will host Galatasaray in the Juventus Stadium. The Turkish side had a difficult beginning to their campaign as they lost 6-1 at home to Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid.

BAYERN Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has questioned director of sport Mathias Sammer’s decision to publicly criticise the team. Sammer had urged the team to “get out of their comfort zone” and hit out at the players for “playing football without any emotion” following Bayern’s 2-0 win over Hannover 96 at the weekend. His comments sparked a debate at the club, with Bayern president Uli Hoeness accepting that while Sammer wanted to “bring up a painful subject”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Reminds Bale Who Is The Boss At Real

WITH his hat-trick against Galatasaray, Cristiano Ronaldo reminded new Real Madrid team mate Gareth Bale who is the boss on the pitch, after the Welshman had

Juve Deserved Victory

- Rossi

with a net annual wage of some 17 million euros. “The last few days have been great for me,” Ronaldo told reporters. “I am very pleased. We did what we had to do, which was to win, and the others drew (Copenhagen held Juventus 1-1), which is even better. “Our next two games are at home so if we win them we will be doing really well towards making the next stage.” Bale came on as a secondhalf substitute and played a part in setting up the fourth and fifth goals for Ronaldo and Karim Benzema. Ronaldo, who spent six years in England with Manchester United, was the first to greet Bale when he arrived for his debut training session last week, seemingly taking him under his wing

and speaking to him in English, and has been seen pushing him hard in training. “We are getting to know each other,” Ronaldo said. “He is steadily getting up to speed because he has been out of action for a while and it is all going well for him.” Bale joked at his official presentation that Ronaldo was the boss when it came to team hierarchy and the taking of free kicks, but the midfielder got to take the set piece that led to Ronaldo’s second goal. “It was great to be back in the Champions League again,” Bale, who scored on his league debut against Villarreal at the weekend, told reporters. “It was nice to be able to contribute immediately, taking the free kick. It was fantastic to be involved in all three of the goals at the end. “It was important to be able to show what we can do. It was great to play for a bit to help me improve my physical

Pogba Saw Lack Of Determination By Juve JUVENTUS midfielder Paul Pogba admitted he felt his team ‘lacked determination’ in their 1-1 draw to FC Copenhagen. The Bianconeri squandered chance after chance in their opening Group B match to the Danish outfit on Wednesday evening, and the Frenchman feels there was an evident lack of hunger from his side. “We should’ve won this game and had so many chances, but we were unable to get through,” the

midfielder told Sky Sport Italia. “We lacked the determination we usually have and I don’t know why, as if we are gritty then we can win.” Goalkeeper Johan Wiland performed a series of stunning saves, which included a one-on-one with Pogba from point-blank range. “I think my chance was a bit of a miss and a bit of a great save. I could’ve scored, but the goalkeeper did very well.”

fitness.” Fellow new recruit Isco has also set a high standard for Bale to match. He scored the all-important opening goal against Galatasaray, to make it four goals in five appearances in all competitions so far. France striker Karim Benzema’s brace helped him to respond to rumblings of discontent with some of his recent performances, in particular with his national team. “I’m feeling good. I had a difficult moment (being a substitute for France’s last international outing) but I am looking to change this quickly,” the 25-year-old told reporters. “It’s not a problem. I feel very settled at the club, happy, and I work hard to put in these types of performances.”

there was just no “painful subject to discuss”. Speaking before Bayern’s 3-0 win over CSKA Moscow on Tuesday, Rummenigge told Sky: “For me this discussion is a phantom discussion. “We might not have played our best game at the weekend, but there are reasons for that — half of the team was on international duty. “While ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is a popular cliche, saying these things can give the media a field day, which might ultimately be counterproductive.” Rummenigge added that he “is not a friend of public criticism” and said that he “could imagine that the team did not like it” and “the coach also”. Despite the distractions in the media, Bayern made no mistake in the start of the defence of their Champions League title. David Alaba’s free-kick found the back of the CSKA net after three minutes. The Austria international was also involved in the final goal of the night, when he lobbed the ball over the defence and watched Ajren Robben fire home. “The coolest guy on the pitch,” broadsheet Suddeutsche Zeitung commented on the performance of the Bayern left-back, with the headline: “Out of the comfort zone and into Champions League.” “Maybe we benefited from what Sammer said,” Alaba commented on Sky.

Madrid Scored Goals EMMANUEL Eboue For Fun reflected that Galatasaray began strongly against Real Madrid, but that the Spanish ‘score goals more easily than we do’. Gala started Tuesday’s opening Champions League group stage match strongly and had some of the clearer chances in the first exchanges of play. However, Isco opened the scoring for Real Madrid midway through the first half, before in the second half Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo helped sway the result for a 6-1 finish. “Everybody who saw this game will tell you Galatasaray played a very strong opening 30 minutes,

proving our team can achieve great things,” Eboue argued after the game to UEFA’s official website. “However, the difference between Real Madrid and us is that they score goals more easily than we do. We created sufficient chances but could not capitalise they did. “In the second half we started making a lot of mistakes in defence as well. I would rather forget about the second half, but then again we have to learn from what went wrong. “Learning from this is important for the games to come. I prefer not to jump to conclusions. This was just one game of six to play.”




Lowy Calls For FIFA Transparency Over Qata

FOOTBALL Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy has called on FIFA to be transparent in its decision on adjusting the timing of the 2022 World Cup and has called for compensation to be offered to failed bidders, including Australia. Qatar was awarded the 2022 the ballot. event in controversial FIFA has recently indicated it circumstances in December would seek to move the event 2010, with Australia’s bid from its traditional date of the scuppered when they received northern hemisphere summer to just one vote at the first stage of the northern hemisphere winter,

a date which would clash with most of the world’s biggest leagues. It was expected to vote on the change at its Executive Committee on October 3, but Lowy believes that there are too many outstanding issues surrounding the event for a decision to be made now. He has suggested that the decision be delayed in order to properly assess the effect such a change would have on domestic football leagues around the world and to determine if compensation would be required to those leagues who had to make substantial adjustments. Australia spent 45million AUS dollars (£26.5million) of government money on the failed 2022 bid after initially bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. “Australia invested heavily in the World Cup process and the entire nation was behind the bid,” Lowy told “Since December 2010 Australia has been careful not to let its misgivings about the process be interpreted as sour grapes. “But now, with increasing speculation about a change that

• Sepp Blatter, FIFA President

SA Duo Off To World Cup

DANIEL Bennett and Zakhele Siwela have both been appointed to officiate at the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The tournament will be hosted from October 17 to November 8. It is part of the process for World Cup selection next year and will be a further examination of their ability on the international stage. The South African pair form a trio with Kenyan linesman Marwa Range and have had assignments in Morocco and Tunisia over the last fortnight for international and club matches. It is the second appointment

to a FIFA tournament for both the South Africans. Bennett, 37, officiated previously at the 2010 FIFA Club World Cup, also held in the UAE, while the 31-year-old Siwela was an official at the 2011 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Mexico. Both have also worked at CAF tournaments. The list for the U-17 World Cup also includes Tunisian Slim Jdidi, who got suspended at the African Nations Cup finals in February when he sent off the Burkina Faso winger Jonathan Pitroipa. After being in limbo for several months, Jdidi has been re-established on the short list for Brazil 2014.

Bennett was sent home early at the Nations Cup after he botched the game between Togo and Tunisia in Nelspruit.

October and November to determine a place at next year’s World Cup finals in Brazil. Krol replaces Nabil Maaloul, who resigned after Tunisia lost their final group match 2-0 at home to the tiny Cape Verde Islands. The result meant the Tunisia lost out on a play-off place but they were given a

reprieve just days later when FIFA found Cape Verde fielded a player who should have been suspended and awarded the match 3-0 to Tunisia, allowing them to advance to the last stage of Africa’s qualifiers. Krol will also stay on as coach of CS Sfaxien, the club he took to the Tunisian championship in May.

will impact on us as one of the bidding nations, and because our competition will be affected, we have made our position public. “If the World Cup were to be staged in the middle of our ALeague season it would impact on our competition, not just for 2022, but for the seasons leading up to and beyond that date,” he said. “Clubs, investors, broadcasters, players and fans would all be affected.

Inter Sanctioned For Racism Chants into consideration Inter fans directing a laser beam towards the referee as well as an insulting banner against Bianconeri boss Antonio Conte when delivering their verdict. The match against Fiorentina on September 26 will be the fixture which will be played behind closed doors.

. . .FIFA Rejects FFA Calls For FIFA have dismissed Football Federation Compensation Australia’s attempts to claim compensation for their unsuccessful 2022 World Cup bid, insisting Australian representatives were aware that the timing of the tournament was subject to change. Australia made a public backlash to FIFA’s suggestions that the 2022 tournament in Qatar could be changed to the winter, with FFA chairman Frank Lowy requesting to receive dispensation for what he describes as a flawed bidding process. But world football’s governing body do not plan to admit fault and claim

none of the other bidding nations were misled. “As part of the bidding documents all bidders, including the FA Australia, accepted that the format and dates of the staging of the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup, though initially expected to be in June/July, remains subject to the final decision

of the FIFA Organising Committee,” a FIFA spokesperson said on Tuesday. “There is no ground for any speculations (of compensation).” Members of FIFA’s Executive Committee will meet on October 3 to discuss the prospect of moving the World Cup from summer to winter.

FA Charges Ince And Rae

THE Football Association have charged Blackpool manager Paul Ince with three counts of misconduct towards

match officials following Saturday’s clash with Bournemouth. The incidents are alleged to have occurred in or around the tunnel after the Seasiders’ 21 victory - a result which kept them top of the Sky Bet Championship at the time. The FA revealed the charges brought against Ince are that he “used abusive and/or insulting words towards a Match Official”, “his behaviour towards a Match Official constituted violent conduct” and that he “used threatening words and/or behaviour towards a Match Official”. Assistant manager Alex Rae also faces one count of alleged “threatening behaviour towards a Match Official”. Ince was sent to the stands in the closing stages of the match at Dean Court after he launched a water bottle in anger when Nathan Delfouneso missed a giltedged chance to add a third goal. Both Ince and Rae have until 6pm on Thursday to respond to the charges.

Brazil Eyes 2019 Women BRAZIL’S sports minister World year’s World Cup and theTo Stay At Julian Cup Draxler Happy says the country is interested 2016 Olympics. Both in holding the women’s World Cup, perhaps as early as 2019. That would make for a very crowded calendar since Brazil is also slated to hold the Copa America in 2019 — the men’s continental championship. Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo says he has made


initial contact with FIFA President Sepp Blatter, though he acknowledges competition may be tough. Canada will hold the 2015 women’s World Cup. Brazil is preparing for next

Krol Confirmed For Tunisia

FORMER Orlando Pirates coach Ruud Krol has taken a two month contract to lead Tunisia through the World Cup play-offs. After days of speculation and denials, this was confirmed by the Tunisian football federation on Tuesday. Tunisia are to meet Cameroon over two legs in

RACISM has continued to cast a dark cloud over Italy after Inter were fined for chants to Juventus’ Paul Pogba and Kwadwo Asamoah. The Italian Lega Calcio hit the Milan outfit with a 15,000 Euros penalty after the Bianconeri duo were targeted during the 1-1 draw on Saturday. As a result, Inter will have to play behind closed doors in their next Serie A outing at the San Siro. The disciplinary panel of the Lega Calcio also took

• Ruud Krol

projects are struggling to stay on schedule and are facing public scrutiny about the billions being spent on sports events, particularly in a country with poor public services, high taxes and stark inequality.




Golden Eaglets Thrash Amakson Academy 5-1 In Handover Friendly

NATIONAL under-17 team, the Golden Eaglets on Tuesday thrashed Amakson Soccer Academy 5-1 in a friendly match played at the National Stadium Abuja. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the match was in celebration of a successful renovation and handover of the stadium pitch to the National Sports Commission (NSC) by Julius Berger Plc. The Minister of Sports, Malam Bollaji Abdullahi, commended the contractor for a job well-

done. Abdullahi expressed joy over the completion of the renovation, noting that plans were on for regular maintenance of the pitch. “The handover of the pitch to the NSC is an indication that normal sporting activities will return fully to the FCT. “There will be regular activities at the stadium henceforth. The Abuja

been docked three points after they refused to continue their match against Sunshine Stars in Akure. The three points from that game have also been awarded to Sunshine Stars and Shooting Stars forward Gbolahan Salami was fined 100,000 Naira for unruly behaviour during the match. “We have taken the decision on the match long time ago, that is awarding three points and three goals to Sunshine Stars, as well as the deduction of

three points from the points accrued by 3SC,” top league official Salisu Abubakar restated. “We called the two parties to hear more on what happened and we deemed it fit to sanction Gbolahan Salami of 3SC because his behaviour that day was very bad. He needed to be cautioned. So he has been fined 100,000 Naira and warned seriously by the board.” 3SC are now bottom of the 20-team league table with 35 points from 31 matches.

failed to beat Tuesday’s transfer deadline to join Israeli club Maccabi Netanya.

Ivorian club Asec have refused to release Kayode’s International Transfer Certificate (ITC), insisting they still

Sanctions Against 3SC THE league has Stay - LMC maintained that 3SC have

Stadium remains the pride of sports in the country,’’ he said. Kola Balogun, representative of Julius Berger Plc, gave the assurance that the pitch would be maintained for another six months in partnership with the NSC. Balogun said that adequate arrangement would be made for proper maintenance before the contractor finally hands-off the pitch. Other side attraction at the handover ceremony was a live performance by some Nigerian artists, among who were Whizkid, Ice Prince Zamani and White Nigerian. Some secondary schools in Abuja also competed among themselves as part of the celebration, and winners went home with trophies and prizes. Contract for the rehabilitation of the Main Bowl pitch of the National Stadium Abuja was awarded to Julius Berger in January, after a disruption of power supply to the stadium. The disruption affected the regular wetting of the pitch which made it to be overgrown by weed. The work done by Julius

Kayode Fails To Beat Transfer NIGERIA U20 striker a contract with the Deadline have Olanrewaju Kayode has striker till November 30,

Olanrewaju Kayode

2014. Both Kayode and his agent have maintained the player is no longer contracted to the Ivorian club. has now gathered that world football governing body FIFA are expected to soon rule on this transfer logjam after both the player and Israeli club Netanya reported the matter to them. Kayode has signed a contract with Netanya till May 2014. He is currently training with the club, but cannot feature for them in official games as his transfer papers are still with Asec.

Berger included removal and replacement of the topsoil and planting of

the approved specie of grass. The contractor watered

and nourished the grass as well as provided new water sprinklers for the stadium.

Bolaji Abdullahi, Sports Minister

... Blackout Ruins Abuja Stadium Reopening Party PUBLIC power outage almost ruined the reopening party for the Abuja National Stadium on Tuesday night. Organisers were left embarrassed after the friendly match between the Golden Eaglets and Amakson Academy was stopped for more than 15 minutes because of the power outage, which sparked fans’ protest as

they started chanting against top government officials. It took forever before the standby generator at the 60,000-capacity stadium was brought to live again for the match to be completed. The heavy downpour during the event did not help matters as the refurbished pitch was for long periods water logged

with questions being asked about the drainage system around the field. Overall, it was a disjointed reopening party with musical and sporting performances running into each other after it began far behind the scheduled 4pm kick-off. Top sports ministry officials led by sports minister Bolaji Abdullahi along with Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) officials attended the event.

CHIBUZOR Madu was in good shape to play for Rangers in a league game against Akwa United yesterday, including his return to the club after a move to Turkey collapsed. Madu trained with Rangers ahead of the Week 32 clash and told “It is good to be back in the league and I have vowed to be at my best to ensure we get a good result to keep hope alive for a continental

ticket.” Rangers are currently seventh on the league table with 45 points. further gathered that Madu’s move to Turkey fell through after transfer negotiations failed. Turkish second division club Kahramanmarasspor could not agree a transfer fee for both Madu and Razaq Adegbite, a top source informed. “Razaq Adegbite and Chibuzor Madu came here, but we decide to separate with the players

as a result of a break down in negotiations,” the source disclosed. degbite was the first to be released by the team as they failed to agreed on clearance fee with his team, and then Chibuzor Madu was later axed. ompatriots Izu Azuka and Gani Oseni were later unveiled and presented to the press after they agreed two-year deals with the Turkish club. Meanwhile, Rangers have been paid two match bonuses to galvanise them ahead of the Akwa United match at home on Wednesday.

Chibuzor Madu Back For Rangers After Failed Move



Who is Now The President?

LAST month, this Column dealt exhaustively on the case of the screening of primary school teachers in Edo State. At the peak of an encounter between one of the teachers and the State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the latter asked, “Who is now the teacher?” The former responded, “You are the one, sir”. We want to borrow a leaf from that and posit a situation in which the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan is sitting side by side with the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. They are reviewing the nation’s budgetary process for the period August 2009 – August 2013. At a point, President Jonathan poses the question, “Who is now the President?” to which the CBN Governor responds, “You still are the one, sir”. Like in the case of the teacher and Comrade Oshiomhole, the CBN Governor is just being polite and he also knows that he has a duty to respect the Constitution of the land. Besides, Sanusi cannot claim not to know that there is a difference between a defacto and a dejure President. True, the nation’s President is regarded as the Number One Citizen but on issues of revenue and expenditure, he is everywhere in chains. The President cannot spend one kobo without legislative approval and authorization. On the revenue side, every money that the nation earns must be kept in one common purse as spelt out in Section 80(1) of the 1999 Constitution, “All revenues or other moneys raised or received by the federation shall be paid and form one Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation”. On the expenditure side,

the Constitution provides in Section 80(2), “No moneys shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation except to meet expenditure that is charged upon the fund by this Constitution or where the issue of those moneys has been

encumbrances around the Governor of the CBN. He has no spending limits, as it were. He does not need anybody’s approval to spend any amount. A few concrete examples here will suffice: In August 2009, the CBN pumped N400 billion of public money into

• President Goodluck Jonathan authorized by an Appropriation Act or S u p p l e m e n t a r y Appropriation Act.” Section 81 goes further to specify that the President must make an advance request of the proposed expenditure for any financial year, “The President shall cause to be prepared and laid before each House of the National Assembly at any time in each financial year estimates of the revenues and expenditure of the Federation for the next following financial year”. Even after all these, the President must still sit down with members of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, to determine the mode of disbursement. These are all legal entanglements around the President. But there are no such

bailing out Afribank, Intercontinental Bank, Union Bank, Oceanic Bank and Finbank. The CBN single-handedly decided which of the commercial banks manifested distress signs and how much to give to them – without recourse to any legislative approval. For Jonathan to spend, he must first wait for those who went to market to sell our oil to ascertain that the money is available in the till. But the CBN Governor does not need that. Where the money he needs is not immediately available, he heads for the Nigerian Printing and Minting Company to reel it out as probably happened during the bail out of the selected banks. Apart from dishing out the bail out funds to the banks, Sanusi dismissed their Chief Executives. Let the

President try this and see if the volume of strikes and impeachment threats will not overwhelm him, plus the fact that his chances of lifting a finger towards the 2015 contests shall have been greatly diminished. In the face of the enormous powers in the hands of


the provisions of Sections 80-82 of the 1999 Constitution, which deal with powers and control

• Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, CBN Governor Sanusi, which powers are not available to Jonathan, the inevitable question is: Who is now the President? At the beginning of the Boko Haram madness, Sanusi visited home and found that victims of the Kano bomb blast needed assistance. He immediately dished out N100 million to the victims. That was when it started to dawn on people that the CBN Governor has no spending limits and that

over public funds have no meaning to him. He heads the Republic of the CBN – a Republic within a Republic. The biggest question that agitated people’s minds was why Sanusi was turning the CBN into an Emergency Relief Organization when it was Kano’s turn whereas several other areas had suffered worse devastations in the hands

of the Boko Haram and nobody cared. This is not the only ethnic bent to Sanusi’s actions. The ones we know could be tips of the iceberg. As we speak, watchers are pointing to the N10 billion, which CBN has just dished out to Usman Danfodio University, “as part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility… and it is meant to build the manpower capacity of Nigerians to effectively run the economy of the country”. Not even the National Assembly has a hold on the CBN Governor. Is anyone hearing anything anymore about the National Assembly demand for him to produce the 2013 budget of CBN for legislative perusal? The Governor has since bluffed his way through. What we see here is a tale of two Republics. It would have been alright to invite Charles Dickens (18121870) to provide a befitting conclusion for this essay as he did in his Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness ; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…. Here, we have never had it so good; but we have never been this confused!

“Section 81 goes further to specify that the President must make an advance request of the proposed expenditure for any financial year, “The President shall cause to be prepared and laid before each House of the National Assembly at any time in each financial year estimates of the revenues and expenditure of the Federation for the next following financial year”.

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