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PAN AFRICAN YOUTH FORUM 22-24 May 2006 Addis Ababa Ethiopia

AU/YF/YOUTH/draft Decl/5(1)



Declaration of the Youth on the African Youth Charter Preamble We, representatives of youth organizations of the African Union Member States, meeting on 22-24 May 2006 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to participate to the Pan African Youth Forum, have considered and adopted the draft African Youth Charter, the draft strategy for the popularization of the Charter, and the draft strategy for the revitalization of the Pan African Youth Union. After the consideration and the adoption of the above-mentioned documents, we have agreed on the following: Affirming that the African Union Commission and African States should consider as a Youth any person within the age range of 15-35 years, Aware of the historical, social, economic, political and cultural commitment of the Youth to African affairs, Guided by the role played by the Youth in decolonization and, more recently, in the efforts to foster development and expand the space of democracy on the African continent, Considering the role of the Youth and their enthusiasm to participate actively in local, national, regional and international activities aimed at fostering development and progress in society as a whole, Considering the 2003 and 2005 World Youth Reports which underscore the numerous advances and challenges facing the Youth the world over, Convinced that the promotion and protection of the rights of the Youth demand that both the Youth themselves and all other actors in the society assume their responsibilities, Convinced that the Youth are a partner and an indispensable asset to sustainable development, peace and prosperity in Africa, as they have a unique contribution to make to present and future development, Convinced that Africa needs its entire youthful population more than ever before in order to develop, Also convinced that action is necessary in order to secure the Youth’s commitment to and participation in Africa’s development, Convinced also that development can neither be sustainable nor relevant if the African youth continue to be kept out of political, social and economic debates, Recognizing the importance of good governance and democracy for the advancement of youth development and their active participation,


Aware that no one but ourselves can judiciously build our continent, Reaffirming our commitment to the struggle to play a major role in the development debates, Declare to the African Ministers responsible for Youth that we: 1.

WELCOME the initiative of the African Union Commission to henceforth facilitate the development of the African Youth Charter, serving both as a political and legal framework for action and a reference document for the African youth;


CONGRATULATE and THANK the African Union Commission for having included the African Youth in its continental concerns and for establishing relevant structures for resolving youth-related problems;


DEMAND that the African Union Commission continue to work for the benefit of the African Youth and to mobilize the necessary resources to implement the resolutions passed and commitments made on their behalf;


DEMAND that the African Union Commission encourage Member States to work for the urgent ratification of the African Youth Charter and facilitate the setting up and strengthening of national youth councils or the equivalent;


EXPRESS our gratitude to the government of Algeria for supporting the Pan African Youth Union;


AGREE with the revitalization of the Pan African Youth Union to follow up on and coordinate the popularization and ownership of the Charter by all African youth organizations;


REQUEST that the Pan African Youth Union be provided with all the necessary conditions discussed and agreed to enable it to accomplish its objectives;


REQUEST ALSO that the Members States and the African Union Commission provide the Pan African Youth Union with the necessary financial and technical support to enable it to assume the responsibilities entrusted to it;


REQUEST Member States to expand their actions and projects beyond sporting events and make the Youth’s development an essential concern for the sustainable development of Africa;


ENCOURAGE also, the effective implementation of the international commitments made and agreements signed by the Member States and the African Union Commission in favour of the Youth;

3 11.

ENCOURAGE the legislative institutions of Member States to ratify the African Youth Charter as soon as possible;


UNDERTAKE to participate actively in the popularization and implementation of the African Youth Charter once ratified and the necessary resources are made available to us;


REQUEST Ministers responsible for Youth to include youth in their official delegations when discussing issues concerning youth;


ENCOURAGE the establishment of networks between the Youth of African countries and the African Youth in the diaspora;


CALL upon the Heads of States and governments to take measures to retain youth on the continent and to prevent illegal immigration;


ALSO ENCOURAGE all the initiatives and actions undertaken by civil society to improve or speed up youth development;


CALL for the respect of human rights, particularly those concerning the welfare of the Youth;


EXPRESS concern for the devastating effects of armed conflict in Africa especially for young people;


REQUEST the Heads of States and governments at the next Heads of State Summit to declare 1 November as Africa Youth Day as well as the day on which the African Youth Charter is promoted.

Draft Declaration of PAN African Youth  
Draft Declaration of PAN African Youth