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The Official Relaunch Saturday Oct 12th 21 Cities to control & build your protection racket to collect from the business owners you protect. Become a Don and build your own Mafia Family to help you protect your PR from other thieving mobsters from rival families. Real Time fully interactive fight system Kill your enemies and steal their businesses Gain Power. Mafia Cities is a very complex game, read the forums and talk to other players to learn the most... and take it slow! Don't rush to the upper levels! The most important things to rememeber: •You lose ALL your cash if you get killed, so BANK your money. •You can lose your controlled businesses if you are not in the city to protect them, are in the hospital, or are jailed. Obviously there is much more to the game than this, but those are the two key points you should keep in mind to do well.

Mafia Cities is the original FaceBook Mafia App and after 18 months of downtime it is finally back. Get ready to play the most addictive and fully interactive game. Tell your Friends & Share on Facebook.

The mafia cities game relaunch  
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