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How To Choose The Best Quality Medical Supplies

Where to Find Quality Medical Supplies for Home Use

Medical Supply Stores Medical supply stores may be the most obvious place to purchase quality medical supplies – supplies of a similar quality to those used in hospitals and doctor’s offices. If you live in a large city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, finding a medical supply store that stocks what you need shouldn’t be difficult. However, if you live in a small city or small market, you may not be able to find a medical supply store where you can actually walk in.

Ask Your Doctor or Hospital for a Referral Doctor’s offices and hospitals generally buy a large amount of medical equipment and supplies of all types for patients with different medical needs. If you don’t know where you can obtain medical supplies in your area, your general practitioner or a staff member at the hospital may be able to help you locate what you’re looking for. In some cases, large hospitals actually have programs that allow patients to purchase their medical supplies directly through them.

Ask Your Doctor or Hospital for a Referral

This benefits the hospital because it allows them to buy large quantities of commonly used supplies like diabetes testing strips, for example, lowering their perunit cost.

Online Suppliers

In addition to physical medical supply stores and doctor’s office and hospitals, many people purchase medical equipment through online suppliers.

Online Suppliers

Buying your supplies from an online retailer can help to save you money since the suppliers don’t have to rent a storefront type space – they can ship from a warehouse where overhead is low, resulting in lower prices for the consumer in some cases.

Online Suppliers However, before you purchase medical equipment from an online supplier, you should do a little research to make sure the company is legitimate and sends high-quality products. Use websites like the Better Business Bureau website to find out if any complaints have been lodged against the company you’re considering buying from.

Online Suppliers

You should also check consumer reviews to see that the company provides adequate customer service to people that have had problems with their products and ship in a timely fashion. If you don’t know which online supplier to use, ask your doctor or medical care professional if they know of a reputable online retailer you can purchase your supplies through.

Consider Renting Large pieces of medical equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs and respiratory equipment can be very expensive. If you don’t need these types of items permanently – if you need a hospital bed for recovering from an illness at home, for example – you should consider renting these supplies from a company that specializes in renting medical equipment. In some cases, the same companies that sell medical equipment do rentals. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money

Consider Renting If you don’t know where you can find medical equipment for rental, ask a nearby hospital or your doctor. Some hospitals will rent equipment to patients, but this isn’t particularly common, and you’ll usually have to go through an outside company. If you can’t find a rental company, most used medical equipment can be resold after you’re done using it, assuming it’s in good condition.

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How to choose the best quality medical supplies  

The First Aid Zone is Canada’s leading online supplier of quality first aid kits and medical supplies. Visit to l...

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