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Now that I’m Eight Leandra’s Story

Now that I’m Eight Leandra’s Story by Daddy

Jett Samm Publishing

When I was born, so the story goes, I arrived before time without any clothes. Daddy was late, but my sister made sure That everyone knew that I had been born. I must’ve been tiny, they didn’t see me there ‘Cause the photo they took is not very clear! I cried and I ate and I slept all day; Life would be good if it stayed that way. So just like that, we were a new family: My Mommy, my Daddy, my sister and me. And I know I’m a daughter and not a son, But I wonder what I’ll be when I am one.

When I was one, I still could not walk I stood upright, and I think I could talk. Maybe I didn’t say much, but I think I had A great birthday party with my Mom & Dad. I went to the beach and played in the sand. My Mommy and Alexis got a sun tan. I remember a wedding where everyone came, That’s what I think, they all look the same. I had short hair which made it easy to comb. I had a lot of toys in my happy home. I know that someday I’ll know what to do, But I wonder what I’ll be when I am two.

When I was two, I went to Trinidad, The land of my Mom and of my Dad. I stayed for a while, about 6 months I think And I learned to like the Chubby soft drink. I didn’t like mangoes, it must be the taste It was so yucky and got all over my face. For the first time at winter, I ate some snow. It sure tasted like water, but I don’t know! Living in two places is the best in the world. I must really just be the luckiest girl. I’m no longer a little baby, that’s what I see But I wonder what I’ll be when I am three.

When I was three, I learned how to play. I learned to eat with a fork and how to say “Please,” and “Thank you,” and be polite I learned how to tell people “Good Night.” I had some teeth so I knew I could chew A chicken bone after we had Bar-B-Que! I was not in school yet, but soon I’d be, Until then, I watched Tellytubbies on TV. Dad read books and stories for me to hear And I would listen, smiling from ear to ear. I could keep on learning for ever more But I wonder what I’ll be when I am four.

When I was four, I was no longer three Which meant I was becoming more like me. I was out of diapers and potty trained Unless I was sleeping at night and it rained! I learned about pealu and callalloo, I learned about pholourie and chennette too. But soon I came back to the USA So I could get ready for school someday. I went to a Pre-K in a stroller with Dad I did not have to walk, so I was glad. Life’s interesting, and I’m glad I’m alive, But I wonder what I’ll be when I am five.

When I was five, we moved from our home To a new big house, but we were not alone. Uncle Martin and his family lived with us Tyler went to his school on the yellow bus. My kindergarten teacher, Ms. Wells said, “Read a lot if you want to keep it in your head.” Mom & Dad got married, and kissed each other Which was gross; he’s my Dad, she’s my mother! Markus learned to ride a bike, and I tried too, I wanted a pink bike, and he wanted blue. I knew he could play and do his tricks, But I wonder what I’ll be when I am six.

When I was six I had a party in the park We could use the swings until it got dark. My cousins came from Trinidad to visit me Skinny little Luke, and not-so-skinny Lee. In first grade, we would read books all day By the time I got home, I couldn’t even play. I was Princess Cinderella for Halloween, Everyone said I was the cutest they had seen. My teacher, Mrs. Milton, said I could do better. Count out each number, spell each letter. Granny said all good people go to heaven But I wonder what I’ll be when I am seven.

When I was seven, I began second grade And soon I’d forget all the friends I made At my old school down by Sligo Creek; No Electa or Paola, new pals I would seek. Mrs. Browne, my new teacher in this class Made sure I learned a lot so I could pass My tests and quizzes, so keep in mind, In time, I knew I would get along fine. But Mommy decided she wanted to go away, I was not happy, but I couldn’t say. It was hard to learn, I couldn’t concentrate But I wonder what I’ll be when I am eight.

Now that I am eight, we’ve moved once again To a little apartment outside Port of Spain. Living with Aunt Maria was fun ‘til the end. When I grow up, I want her to be my friend. My new family, on weekends, I will see: Markus and Tyler, Asa, Luke and Lee. I still miss my Daddy, I told my Granny so, But he is in America, we’re in Trinbago. Another year, another school, and so it goes When will it all end, nobody knows. I am young so I am sure I will be fine But I wonder what I’ll be when I am nine. THE END

Š 2004, Jett Samm Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved

Now That I'm Eight  

Leandra's book

Now That I'm Eight  

Leandra's book