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Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers from Niftylift Trailer mounted cherry pickers from Niftylift are a great alternative to ladders and scaffolds used in work performed at height. The company, which is known for innovation in elevated work platform designs, developed trailer mounted cherry pickers to provide contractors and workers the flexibility and manoeuvrability required of machines for tasks at height. The line of trailer mounted boom lifts is composed of several models made to reach working heights from 9 metres to more than 21 metres. General Features Each trailer mounted cherry picker is built for easy set up and towing from one site to another. The company’s trailer mounted boom lifts are designed to be lightweight and very compact. Each model is equipped with proportional controls that are easy to operate. The cherry pickers are built for maximum effectiveness, thanks to built-in telescopic booms, fly booms and platform rotation. Every trailer mounted work platform carries specific features to meet different needs and requirements in the work site. Models Available The trailer mounted cherry pickers come in different models: the Nifty 90, Nifty 120, Nifty 120T, Nifty 140, Nifty 150T, Nifty 170 and the Nifty 210. The model name is indicative of the working height of the work platform. For simple needs on the work site, the Nifty 90 is ideal. This model easily replaces ladders and scaffolds on the work site. Its compactness and clean energy makes it an ideal machine to use indoors. The Nifty 90 is able to reach work heights of up to 9 metres only. For higher elevation, the company offers trailer mounted boom lifts for heights of up to 12.33 metres (Nifty 120), 14.25 metres (Nifty 140), 14.70 metres (Nifty 150T), 17 metres (Nifty 170), and 21 metres (Nifty 210). Some models such as the Nifty 170 and Nifty 210 provide hydraulic outriggers for easy set up and levelling. A traction drive option is incorporated in models like the Nifty 150T to enhance the machine’s movement on site. Clean Operation A special feature of the Niftylift trailer mounted boom lifts is innovation in the power options. Some of the trailer mounted machines run on bi-energy, which marries the power of diesel and battery. The boom lifts are designed for clean energy emissions so they are ideal to use in indoor operations. The bienergy option in some of the machines allows for optimum utilisation of the boom lift.

For simple work-at-height requirements, a trailer mounted boom lift is an excellent choice. They are built for easy operation and optimum performance.Click here for learn more about the Nifty trailer mounted boom lifts.

Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers from Niftylift  

Niftylift is a producer of top of the line cherry pickers. The company offers trailer mounted cherry pickers for various tasks performed at...

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