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Hydraulic Boom Lifts with a Difference Boom lifts, otherwise known as cherry pickers, aerial work platforms, access platforms or hydraulic work platforms, are excellent machines to use for various construction and maintenance jobs. With their mechanical features and ease in movement, they offer many benefits when dealing with work done at certain heights. While some work at height is done using cranes and scaffolds, boom lifts can carry out many more tasks because of their flexibility. Not all hydraulic work platforms are created equal, however. For elevated work platforms with the biggest advantage, you can count on machines from Niftylift, an internationally known expert in innovative work platforms. Innovation Sets Them Apart Nifty elevated platforms can be distinguished from other work platforms by the innovation that the company puts into all of its products. The company has different types of hydraulic work platforms, each type built to address a particular work situation. Its range of work platform products include trailer mounted, self-propelled, self-drive, track drive and static base work platforms. The company evaluates the different needs and requirements of the rental industry to come up with product designs that will provide excellent performance, functionality and reliability. Its design process involves advanced three-dimensional modelling and sets of rigorous tests to make sure that the features are top quality. Safety Safety is one aspect of the boom lift design that Niftylift treats as a priority. The company knows that using heavy machines like elevated work platforms puts operators and workers in potential danger. To address the different issues around safety, the company has devised technologies that will minimise the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. One such safety feature is the ToughCage technology, which aims to give the operator better protection while using the boom lift. The ToughCage replaces ordinary work platform cages and is built with added strength and durability to avert damage in case of collision. The company has received awards for its innovative technologies, including the SiOPS (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System). The system intelligently prevents the operator from being trapped between an overhead obstruction and the control console. Green Footprint Another advantage of using Nifty work platforms is the environmentally sound features they have. Because of the eco-friendly features in some of the company’s machines, project managers get to save much more on energy costs.

Fuel efficiency is also guaranteed with the company’s hybrid boom lifts. They can be used indoors without problems as they do not give off toxic emissions. You can learn more about the company’s different access platforms by visiting its website.

Hydraulic Boom Lifts with a Difference  
Hydraulic Boom Lifts with a Difference  

Niftylift provides advanced hydraulic work platforms for construction and maintenance work done at height. The company’s focus on innovative...