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Fanny Brouillet 6 rue du Porte Côté 41000 Blois, France +33622102179 19 /11/1985

Education Lycée St James, Neuilly sur Seine, France. Baccalauréat ES (equivalent to A levels in Economics and Social Sciences) 2003 Negocia, Paris, France. Two years in a commercial school, a two year programme in interior decoration, 2003/2005. Du Breuil, Paris, France. Two years in Landscape and Horticulture School of Paris, 2005/ 2007 ENSNP, France. Third-year student in a five-year program in Landscape and Architecture 2008 /2009

Work Experience Internship in Habitat, France, June/July 2004 Internship in a flower art event company, France, June/July 2005 Internship in the Tree Department of the local government, France, May/July 2006 Private garden repairs in Paris, January/April 2007 Private garden creation in Paris, Montmartre, June/July 2007 Internship in Kylemore Abbey and Garden, Ireland, April / May 2008 Internship in Reserva Rio Guaycuyacu, Equator, April / May 2009 Skills Illustrator CS4/ Photoshop CS4 / Indesign CS4 / Sketch up 7 / Vector Works Good working knowledge of English and Spanish Personal interests Photography, art exhibition, drawing and painting Gardening and gardens


Quick sketches outside, all around the project site, discribing clearly differents typologies of the city. Drawing exercices about colors and composition, density and the city .

Three pictures and a box One way to show your vision through your bodies. Translate a univers thanks to black and white nude bodies, sentences, inside a small volume.

Le Corps et l’Espace


Body and space

Fanny Brouillet


LIVING IN A FARM Two months inside the Amazonian jungle. Living in a farm, far from everything and all the rest of the world. Lots of missions everyday like plantations, macheta weeding, seeding, soil and wood constructions, picking fruits... Just real simple life and an important improvment about ecology and natural cycles.


SKETCH BOOK Some sketches in Equator during my daily life and mainly during my two-week-trip all around the country.

urban projet

PLACE DES ÉCOLES First real project during the second year inside the school. A simple project which consists on an urban crÊation face to our school in Blois. A way to show our first sight on a site.

urban projet

ROUBAIX A third year project inside the city of Roubaix, in the north of France. Differents steps before to conclude and decide the project. Three analysis scales: Present / Site diagnostic / potentiels

urban projet

ROUBAIX Made by a porch First sketch about the project. A liitle square in a popular quarter in Roubaix. Creation of an associative building, closing the present place like an urban cocoon, the first vocation of this place. Separate the street from the square to create a third scene, face to pedestrians streets and little brick houses.

urban project

ROUBAIX Project along a main boulevard. Treatment of pedestrian and car roads. Create a new pesdestrian circulation within an important and noisy trafic axe including plantation of large trees, perennial plants and grass.

urban project

ROUBAIX Plantation games Create a pedestrian square, breaking with the strict architectural structure around it. A game between unpredictable circulations and spontaneous plantations.

Pinus sylvestris

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Artemisia arborescens

Senecio leucostachys

urban project

ROUBAIX Country slab garden A slap garden, built on an underground car park. It’s a simple space, within small brick houses, a popular garden. Made of concrete slabs and cherry trees. Sorbus aria

Malus domestica

Prunus cerasus

urban project

ROUBAIX Smart and simple Restore an historic square, simple and smart. Give a new youthness to this charming place. A project which consists in fitting new slabs and urban furniture adapting to an important car trafic and lots of school pedestrians.

portfolio of Fanny Brouillet  

Personal documents from my cursus in a landscape and architecture school

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