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Most powerful Business Networking Question

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UNDER THE BIG TOP | For more information visit


Under the Big Top, Victoria Park D

UNDER Small THEBusiness BIG TOP Specialised Paper |

FREE ENTRY Un Friday, 24th May May 2013 2013

Proudly s

UNDER THE SME Expo 10am to“When 4pm the right people get to Proudly supported by “When

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people get together MAGIC HAPP Under the Big Top, State Tennis Centre MAGIC HAPPENS” CENTEX COMMERCIAL - Zeeshan Under -C Victoria Park Drive, BURSWOOD UNDER THE BIG TOPPasha | Frid - Zeeshan Pasha - CEO Nifnex Vic


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www.nifnexreview For more information visit

Under the Big Top, Sta CEN Victoria Park Drive

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“When the right people get together FREE ENTRY & UNDER THE BIG TOP | Friday, 24th May MAGIC HAPPENS” Proudly support

SME Expo 4pm CENTEX COMME UNDER THE BIG TOP | Friday, 24th10am Mayto2013 - Zeeshan Pasha - CEO Nifnex


Under the Big Top, State Tennis Centre

to 4pm “When the right SME Expo 10am Victoria ParkCENTEX Drive, BURSWOOD COMMERCIAL For more information visit people get together , Top, State Tennis Centre Under the Big FREE ENTRY & PARKING Victoria Park Drive, BURSWOOD MAGIC HAPPENS” Proudly supported by


- Zeeshan Pasha - CEO Nifnex

UNDER THE BIG TOP | Friday, 24th May 2013 Proudly supported by SME Expovisit 10am For more information


to 4pm

Under the Big Top, State Tennis Centre COMMERCIAL VictoriaCENTEX Park Drive, BURSWOOD

FREE ENTRY & PARKING UNDER THE BIG TOP | Friday, 24th May 2013 Proudly supported by SME Expo 10am to 4pm CENTEX COMMERCIAL Under the Big Top, State Tennis Centre Victoria Park Drive, BURSWOOD

FREE ENTRY & PARKING Proudly supported by

Equipment Finance special offer CENTEX COMMERCIAL

Until 31 July 2013, we’re waiving the establishment fee on equipment finance facilities. This is a saving of $300*. If you’re looking to finance a new vehicle or equipment, Suncorp has a range of finance options to suit your individual needs. Once you’ve chosen the equipment finance option that suits you best, we’ll arrange everything for you. Phone our Equipment Finance specialist Darren Smith who will organise it all for you in person, via phone, email or fax if you prefer. Contact us for more information:

Darren Smith 0459 840 273 Important information you should know Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply and are available on request. Fees and charges are subject to change without notices. To approved business applicants only. Equipment Finance products are issued by Suncorp Metway Advances Corporation Pty Ltd ABN 89 100 845 127. *Establishment fee waiver is valid for facilities settled until 31 July 2013 only and is subject to change without notice. 22467 16/05/13 A


Message from the CEO Magic!

Zeeshan Pasha CEO Nifnex

knowledge to help you develop your skills and grow your business.

Do you feel the buzz that I feel in the Perth small business community?

tex Commercial was the first Gold Sponsor to raise his hands and Paul Malyniak from Optus Business Centre Perth said Yes in 2 seconds flat! I am very grateful to all our sponsors for making this happen.

The Nifnex Writers’ Club members have provided some fabulous articles on saying Yes more often, attracting the right team and money matters related to your business this time of the year!

As some of you may know, other than presenting about personal branding, I love networking and meeting new people. Every day I hear of a new meet up group, new names being mentioned, new introductions, new wins and I see laughter in the air. That’s Magic!

The theme of this expo is ‘Magic’ as that’s what happens when the right people get together. I urge you to take a couple of hours off to visit the expo and make new contacts for your business. With 71 exhibitor stalls from 55 small business sectors, you are bound to find a product or service that will help you take your business to the next stage.

As you may have noticed, we have attracted new advertisers and have retained existing ones! Can I please request you to support our writers and advertisers, as without them, we couldn’t be doing what we do.

One of the most talked about events in Perth is the Nifnex Small Business Expo on the 24th May. Rick Bantleman from Century 21 Cen-

This May edition is again jam packed with information to inspire you, create positivity in your life and provide you with the right

See you at the expo!

Zeeshan Pasha

Connect via Linkedin: Twitter:

Upcoming Small Business Expo set to be the biggest in Perth Written by Lauren Bettridge On the 24th of May 2013, the Nifnex Small Business Expo will bring together small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, home based businesses from across Perth, under the big top at the Burswood Tennis Centre; the largest of its kind in Perth. The free, first of its kind Expo to be held 10am until 4pm will host over 60 exhibitor stalls and 49 sectors within the small to medium enterprise business market.

Expo visitors are set to find products and services to assist them with almost every function of a business owner from book keeping, accounting, self development, marketing, web designing, SEO, CRM, softwares, latest sms marketing, legal, smart phone apps, travel, business phone deals etc, 49 industry sectors to be precise. Complimented by a line-up of qualified business speakers to take businesses to new heights, special guests will discuss issues specific to small to medium businesses.

Designed for established small to medium businesses, start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, SME departments, government departments and organisations related to the SME market, the Expo is a must-attend event. With 300 VIPs for the wine and cheese sundowner from 4pm until 7pm to end the day, the Nifnex Small Business Expo promises to help those wanting to gain a competitive edge in business, or those wanting to take their businesses dreams into reality.

Nifnex Team Editor In Chief Zeeshan Pasha Business Operations Sharmini Pasha Content Strategy Saran Sithambaram Creative Team Amy Clark, Jessica Brims, Benjamin Moss, Dianne Ellaine, Marcus Tan, Kaleesha Ball, Amy Brough Events Serene Cho, Laura Carroll, Eleonora Verdolini, Saravannan Kumar Nifnex App Dhiren Tejani

Nifnex CEO, Zeeshan Pasha says “When the right people get together, magic happens; and this Expo is designed to make magic on a grand scale.”

Admin Dianne Purdy, Mona H. Sharief Printers Rural Press Mandurah, WA

He says that Nifnex sold all the exhibitor stalls in a matter of days, thanks to a powerful social media campaign.

Advertising Enquiries and Media Relations Email: Tel: 1300 643 639

“Through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we were able to sell all of the stalls over a few days, which is a testament to the power of social media and personal branding” he says.

Address: 45 St Georges Tce Perth WA 6000 Postal Address: PO Box 1186 Technology Park, Bentley DC, WA 6983

With over 60 exhibitor stalls including major banks, telecommunication, government departments, international virtual office companies and many other locally run businesses displaying their products and services, this Expo will be a one-stop business shop.


All articles, advertising, contributions and material supplied to Nifnex are opinions of the advertiser, contributor and author of the article/material. No responsibility is taken by Nifnex. Opinions published are not necessarily those of the editor

First visit to Perth for Australian Small Business Commissioner Newly appointed Australian Small Business Commissioner, Mr Mark Brennan, has visited Perth for the first time since his appointment, and was welcomed at a reception hosted by WA’s Small Business Commissioner Mr David Eaton. At the reception, Mr Brennan told more than 65 representatives of small business and industry associations that small

business was now being recognised for its significant contribution to Australia’s economic prosperity.

representing the needs of the sector at all levels of Government, right across the country.

Mr Brennan’s national appointment brings the number of small business commissioners to five including statebased commissioners in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

“With the increased harmonisation of regulations across borders, and the need to reduce red tape wherever possible, having a network of Small Business Commissioners will help to ensure the interests of small businesses in each state are protected and well represented,” Mr Eaton said.

Mr Eaton says Mr Brennan, who was Victoria’s Small Business Commissioner for seven years prior to his new position, will be a valuable voice for small business on a national basis. “This forum of small business commissioners have an important role to play in

To view photos from the function, visit the Small Business Development Corporation’s facebook page: www.facebook. com/smallbusinesswa.

“If you ain’t making waves, you ain’t kickin’ hard enough.” – Unknown VO_ad_nifnex_op.pdf 1 15/5/2013 11:40:00


IS THIS YOUR STORY? I have been going to the same doctor for many years so he is familiar with my financial and consulting background. My doctor asked if I would meet with a friend of his who was experiencing financial difficulties. Naturally, I agreed. The friend’s business had been going for nearly 60 years, and had been owned and operated by his friend for some 25 years. The business has a turnover of about $20 million. There were 3 partners in the business. One of the partners had defrauded the business of about $800,000 and had been removed from the business. I cannot identify client businesses, but this was a manufacturing business. Like many, it was suffering from the economic downturn that affects many non-mining businesses. During examination, the following became apparent:

around! We had installed new procedures and reporting strategies. Most important of all, the owners now understood their figures, and how to use them to their own benefit. Most businesses, especially family businesses do not properly understand their results, are unable to analyse their performance, or proactively pursue improved future performance and strategies. A company’s reports are not just for the tax office or the bank. They are the manager’s greatest tool. Too many managers undervalue and underutilize them at their own peril. Saul Eslake, a leading Australian Economist recently stated that the next government would have to be very proactive to avoid a recession. The same must be said for business. Remember, only the most professional businesses survive in the long run!

• They are very good at what they do and know

their industry extremely well



• They had been successful over an extended period.

James Law:

• Business is tight

James fronts The Etesian Group, a corporate and business advisory firm that provides financial advice and strategic management to its portfolio of clients. Prior to building his company, James rose through the ranks to become CFO of a large listed (ASX) Australian Pharma­ ceutical company. He draws on experience from being an accountant for over 30 years (having originally trained with Ernst & Young) and from owning and running his own business. As such, James has a strong business approach; he is a financial accountant with a strong knowledge of sales, administration and business change and re-engineering. James knows what makes a business work, and enjoys getting greater performance from businesses. James has excellent communication skills, and has been responsible for some significant turnarounds and corporate investigations.

• They had considerable assets, but also had a lot of

debt on property

• Due to the fraud they were unsure whether they






were solvent or not

• Due to the fraud, they could not rely on their ac-


We cleaned up the financial records and established a meaningful reporting system. We discovered they were genuinely (excluding the fraud) losing about $800,000 per annum. I asked the owners to tell me what their latest month’s figures told them. They could not. I asked them what percentage return they expected on turnover. Again, they couldn’t tell me. Their actual performance was meaningless to them! They understood their industry and market. They are very good at producing and selling their products. They are honest and extremely nice people. However, they were also accidental managers!  Profits happened by accident!


“A phone call today can see you in business for many years to come.” James Law

Let me tell you……..this is the norm! Most business people are accidental managers. We worked through the issues facing this business and by the time we left 9 months later, it was making $1,200,000 per annum. A $2,000,000 turn-

M: 0409 199 547 E:  W:

Index James Law:


Richard Boyd 


Tracey Edwardes


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Alicia Menkveld


Gary Hanley



The most simple but powerful question in business networking AN INTRODUCTION TO SPATIAL DESIGN

Change Your Life With One Word

BAD APPLES Sequel Two: What Happened in St Louis? Sub Class 457 Temporary Business (Long Stay) Visa…a fact file You have the Team you deserve – how to attract the Team you want!

“When the right people get together MAGIC HAPPENS”

End of Financial Year Tips

It’s The New Nokia Lumia 920!

Do IT right from the start

Nifnex Small Business Expo Feature8

OK! So Now You Have Your Website – What’s Next?

- Zeeshan Pasha - CEO Nifnex For more information visit

UNDER THE BIG TOP | Friday, 24th May 2013 SME Expo 10am to 4pm

Natalie Walker

Common excuses for unpaid bills and how to overcome them

Pauline Song

Harvesting the Diamonds in Your Business!


Under the Big Top, State Tennis Centre Victoria Park Drive, BURSWOOD

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The Executive Centre expects upward swing in demand for serviced offices in Perth10

Exhibitor Listing14 “When the right people get together MAGIC HAPPENS” - Zeeshan Pasha - CEO Nifnex For more information visit



Benefits of positivity!10 Brendan Lee

Do you really know what is going on in your industry?


UNDER THE BIG TOP | Friday, 24th May 2013 SME Expo 10am to 4pm Under the Big Top, State Tennis Centre Victoria Park Drive, BURSWOOD

FREE ENTRY & PARKING Proudly supported by



Conrad Francis

What did you learn....What should we learn?


Suburb Review: Subiaco Small Businesses remain Positive15

“You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.” – Les Brown


The most simple but powerful question in business networking

By Ron Gibson

The most important concept that will help you get the most out of your networking efforts is to understand that you can provide value to others without selling them your products or services. This is about being a problem solver by providing your contacts with useful and helpful advice, ideas, insights, tips, resources, contacts, leads, referrals and introductions – without expectation of getting anything back in return. Get into the habit of continually asking this simple but powerful question: How can I help you? I have built my strong personal network, my business and my reputation on this simple question —

and you can do the same. But you can’t just ask it. You have to mean it! And if someone does request your help, take action on it. When you actively put this question to your clients, referral sources and other network contacts and you listen to their answer, you will find you can always help or connect them and they will often want to do the same for you. It’s human nature. Contributing to the success and prosperity of others is sound business practice. It builds your reputation as a resourceful problem solver…and it’s often reciprocal – people naturally want to help you back!

Some really good variations of this question are: How can I be of the greatest help to you? What can I do for you? And even better, How can I help you get more business? I love this last one because it often turns into a conversation about “How can WE help EACH OTHER get more business?” And that’s what networking is really all about!

When your mindset is “who can I introduce this person to?”, “what one piece of information or advice can I give this person?”, “how can I help this person?”, you will always be focused on how you can create value for others. You’ll contribute to their success and prosperity as well as your own — your generosity will come back to you in spades!

Referred to as “That Networking Guy” by many organizations, Ron Gibson provides in-depth network ing training and coaching, focusing on business growth and development. Get Ron to speak at your next conference or sales meeting about how to bring in more business, more consistently and more often. Call Ron on 0413 420 538 or email gonetworking@

AN INTRODUCTION TO SPATIAL DESIGN The art of spatial influence Have you ever wondered why you might enjoy being in a particular place? It may be your nearby coffee shop where you order the daily brew; the usual bar for Friday night drinks where you may act rowdy with other co-workers; or it may even simply be the neighbourhood park where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet. Where ever the place might be, we could all agree there is something special drawing that has captured our interests. There is a scientific explanation as to why we may feel that way. We can use neuroscience to explain the phenomenon of impressionable memories. It is understood the ingredients in creating the unforgettable moments are the fusion of strong emotions that is related to an action and a place. It proves that is no mere coincidence for people to have attachments towards places. With a new understanding

of the ‘why’ there are now ways to replicate and redesign these experiences. The newly evolved profession who takes upon this task of designing impressionable memories are called Spatial Designers.

Oscar Fong

Impressionable Memories= Strong Emotions + Action + Place Spatial Designer = Designing for Memorable Experiences In recent years the architectural industry had gone through a new level of evolution. Spatial Designers are the next breed in the architectural discipline that bridges the gap between traditional Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Urban Designers and Public Artists. They understand the design interests of the above professions and often act as a medium in creating the seamless flow between the mentioned spatial environments. As a spatial designer with an architectural background, my personal definition and the manner in

which I practice are to place emphasis on designing for heightened emotional engagements in spatial environments. It is about creating emotive anchors that captures and influences one’s consciousness and subconsciousness for a specific outcome. I do so by focussing the design efforts in liminal spaces, or spatial thresholds, between different spatial environments. To hear or read more about various design topics feel free to visit I welcome your email to if you have concerns about your living or business environments, or have questions related to the topic. As a special gift to the Nifnex readership, the first five enquires quoting ‘Nifnex’ will receive a complimentary consultation. Copyright © 2013 FOICE All Rights Reserved FOICEDUCATION is a division of FOICE



• Commercial Office • 24 hours service in Perth CBD and Sick of promises and excuses? metropolitan areas • • • • • •


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First class quality control Fully insured No job too small or too big Industrial Factories People known with reputation for excellence in hygiene Clubs / Colleges Rely on our professional team with over 35 years of experience! • Reliable, prompt and professional Schools & Universities Highest standards of quality control•guaranteed! Trained staff • Competitive pricing Retail

Call us/ Shopping now on Hospitality Centres

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Cleaning - Maintenance - Security Offce: Level 27, St Martins Tower, 44 St Georges Tce, WA4518 6000| F: +61 8 6316 4511 P: Perth 61 8 6316 “ People who know facility management ” E: | W: E: | W:


uponpresentation presentation upon ofof thisthis flyer advertisement *conditions apply.

35 years


“To be successful, you must act big, think big and talk big.” – Aristotle Onassis


Change Your Life With One Word How often do you say ‘no’? Not only to things that merit refusal but to fresh ideas, new possibilities and experiences? No has become a knee-jerk reaction to every request and opportunity. “Sorry my schedule is full. It’s not for me. No thank you.” When you say ‘no’, you miss out on opportunities to try something new, to grow, to start a new project, a business or to discover your life’s true calling. The problem with ‘no’ is that it won’t get you the promotion you want or the health you desire. No won’t get you new friends or rekindle your marriage. No sucks the magic from your life. Excitement, adventure, new challenges and possibilities… All gone in an instant with just one word. If you want more from life, be happier, live with excitement and be more successful in your business… Say “YES!” According to Dr Wayne Dyer “yes is the breath of creation”. Say YES to things that scare you and say YES to things that seem impossible as long as they are in

line with what you desire from life. Listen to yourself. Next time when someone invites you to join them, what will you say? No is easy and requires zero risk. No gives you a sense of peace and keeps you safe in your comfort zone. No also won’t give you the lifestyle or career you want. Two reasons to start saying YES: 1. YES opens doors. If you say yes often enough, you’ll have life-changing experiences that you never could have imagined. A business venture, getting that dream job, meeting the love of your life…

and possibilities you have before you, the more potential you have in life. Say YES more often and amaze yourself by what you can do.

Alicia Menkveld is the founder of Radical Consulting and Rebel with Cause. She specialises in helping business owners get clear about their identity, goals and saying YES more often in life and business. Scan the QR code to join the “I Say YES More Often” Facebook group and tap into your unlimited potential. Contact Alicia on 0425 177 897 or

2. YES means moving forward. Yes gets you out there, doing, experiencing, learning…living. No keeps you small, stuck and scared at home on the couch. You have unlimited potential and by saying YES to life you are moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You give yourself permission to evolve and experience all that life has to offer. Potential IS possibility. Potential is not intelligence, wealth or power as many believe. The more choices, opportunities

Common excuses for unpaid bills and how to overcome them By Natalie Walker, Blitz Credit Management

We’ve heard all the excuses. “Cheques in the mail!”, “We paid this last week!”, “I’ll pay you when my customers pay!” Most of the time, the excuses are just that – excuses to avoid payment. However, often they are legitimate and can be a signal for a greater cash flow problem. This article discusses some of the most common excuses, which we come across, and how to avoid them in the future.

1 Disputed accounts

time, but a lot of the time the client legitimately did not receive the invoice (such as having an old address).

The best way to handle this is to ensure that you always keep your customer’s details up to date, send invoices by email with a read receipt, and follow up by phone when the payment is not received on time. Set aside time each month to review your outstanding accounts and send statements or reminder notices.

number and date of payment. Ask your client to pay you by Direct Deposit to your account. It’s easier, cheaper and faster for everyone. Make a note of when payment is expected to arrive and follow up promptly if not received as promised. If no payment is received, send a final demand notice to ensure prompt payment.

3 Cash flow

One of the most common reasons is debtors disputing the invoice, products supplied or services performed. Often, these types of disputes become personal and payment can be delayed even further. The easiest way to resolve disputes is to have a meeting to discuss and listen to your customer’s concerns. They don’t have to be right but listening and working with them can get the issue resolved and get you paid faster. If no meeting is available, make sure you get the dispute in writing and contact your client to work through the dispute. Sometimes, disputes can be personal and involving a third party debt collection agency can provide an objective point of view.

Most businesses run into cash flow problems at one time or another. We hear many reasons for poor cash flow – waiting on payment from customers, problems due to illness or injury, lost contracts or even possibly insolvency. In these cases, you may need to consider accepting payments over a longer period of time. Ensure you have clear terms with your clients and explain the terms that were agreed upon when you extended credit. Monitor your clients through alerts to avoid providing credit to clients with cash flow issues. You need to be careful of receiving preferential payments if you expect insolvency – contact a credit management professional if you expect this to be an issue.

2 Invoice not received

4 The cheque is in the mail!

Another excuse we see frequently is that the customer claims the invoice was never received. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than an excuse for not wanting to pay on

We hear it all the time. “The cheque is in the mail!” “We paid that account yesterday by BPAY!” Always ask the debtor for the transaction details, receipt number, cheque

About Blitz Credit Management Blitz Credit Management is an innovative and technology driven debt collection agency. Formed in 2010, the company has grown rapidly to become one of Australia’s leading debt collection agencies. Blitz Credit Management provides commercial and consumer debt collection and credit managementservices to businesses across Australia. For more information, visit or call Natalie Walker, Managing Director, on (08) 6140 2584.


“In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.” – Peter F. Drucker

Harvesting the Diamonds in Your Business! Most businesses commence with a gusto belief that their own backyard diamonds (visions) will be wealth generating and a profitable venture to undertake. Why then, did these diamonds, sometimes not fetched the expected value it deemed to possess? Raw diamonds follows a process of discovery, harvesting and polishing to unveil even its very own natural glory, beauty and shine.  The value extracted has co-relation to what you have done to it. Similarly, every business acquires

success through a system process. No plan is a sure plan to fail to miss the harvest   of precious gems (visions) in your business.  What diamonds do you have and how much do you know to trade them? The sayings goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”  Do not be mesmerized or hypnotized by its shine and beauty.    Do you know enough to harvest it for both your pleasure and business motivation? If you have insufficient know-how and know how,

where and who can you seek or engage professional help from to further the objective? How do you know the diamonds are desired trade commodities and not just for your private viewing only? This is not a tricky but much expected and soul-searching question. Often, when you keep things simple and away from hypes, the truthful answer will liberate you to make the most accurate business decision ever. Press on with your belief, if they are desirable and simply require a good program to enhance its trade. Trade is made when demand and supply is in equilibrium.  Be realistic to adjust elements to facilitate sustainable and ‘worth your efforts’ transactions.    Next, what have you done or must do, to display its splendor and glory to achieve optimum value and profit? Profits are allocated at each level of any supply change.    You make some and allow others to make some! Define your boundaries and shape it sufficiently to enable the exchange.    A worker should be paid his wages for the work he does.        What are your rates for your service and would you be entitled for working overtime?

What is your cost of trade, and what strategy or strategies are in place to satisfy the cost of doing the deal? This is a key piece of raw data for your business to stay healthy in its lifespan. Last but not least, how can you leverage your network to assist you to promote the diamonds in your business as if they are theirs too? Connect with networks that will connect you to your success.

Pauline Song is the CEO of BBX Central Perth, a Franchisee of BBX in WA. Harvesting from an eminent meltdown of world monetary system and the unstoppable evolution of technology for online transactions, Pauline Song envisions a strong return and emergence of both localized and global multilateral bartering as an effective strategy to combat trading deficits and propel economic activities.

BAD APPLES Sequel Two: What Happened in St Louis? Visit or refer to April 2013 edition for part 1 – Applebee’s social media implosion Applebee did have an overall reputation as a fair employer. The saga began for Applebee after a waitress in their St. Louis store was fired for posting a photo of a customer’s receipt which included his legible signature on social media platform Reddit. The rest they say, is history. The story might not have attracted as much interest as it did except for the fact that the customer was a pastor of a church who behaved in a scrooge-like fashion by making a pontificating statement about having to pay an 18% tip for the food service.

Applebee’s sins were to some degree worse and multiple as they then embarked upon a course of action that was a fully failed strategy of self-justification and then alleged cover-up of their social media reporting of the sacking of the waitress, Chelsea Welch. This was manifested by the attempts to rewrite their Facebook timeline through careful edits, deletes and pastes in a tawdry attempt to manage their image and manipulate history. Their perceived lack of integrity in their handling of the issue was a focal point of attack by internet prosumers, “trolls,” and the average online consumer and community members. Thousands of Facebook and other online platform comments poured in, some at-

tacking the Pastor, some attacking Applebee, and most supporting the waitress. Applebee could have stemmed the tide by apologising but instead started digging a hole for itself by attempts at self-justification.

What happened next? Stay tuned for the June 2013 edition or contact Richard Boyd to talk more about conscious business.

A key point of the saga is that when a business attempts to be right rather than in truth with its audience, then it can expect scrutiny and anger from that audience if they uncover an attempt to be less than honest.

Richard Boyd is CEO and Founder of Conscious Business Australia which offers an innovative and thought leading consulting service for new entrepreneurs, existing business in decline or those who are seeking to update, re-engineer or deal with systemic problems within systems, processes, people or products.

As the incident exploded, there appears in their Facebook posts to be an attempt to hide behind cut and pastes of corporate policy statements. This is a no-no as integrity online is perceived as being a personal response to a directly expressed concern. If you point the corporate spin monster towards the online community then you are spoiling for a fight.

Mob 0407577793 email:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Sub Class 457 Temporary Business (Long Stay) Visa…a fact file: 457 Visa is a temporary visa, which has a life span from one day to four years (minimum and maximum periods). It is the most popular visa in Australian Migration System and more than 107,000 persons have been currently working on this visa in Australia.

Requirements to obtain a 457 Visa: a) The required qualification for the nominated occupation b) Assessment of the qualification by the appropriate Assessment Authority (in some cases and some nationalities) c) Work experience is required in the given field in certain cases. It is important to remember that certain applications have been refused by the department due to lack of experience of the applicant d) Licensing/registration or membership for the required nominated occupation if necessary e) English requirements with a minimum band of 5.0 in each of the components of IELTS (or some other English tests) for the primary applicant is needed f ) The nominated occupation must be included in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List. (CSOL) Schedule 1 & Schedule 2 g) The employee must meet health, character and other public interest criteria.

Eligible visas to apply for 457 It is always better to check the qualifying visa to apply for a 457 visa to avoid any unnecessary consequences. One must be on a substantive visa (and not on a bridging visa) before applying a 457 visa, otherwise the applicant must satisfy schedule 3 criteria of Migration Regulations, 1994 particularly schedule 3003, 3004, and 3005, as the case may be for onshore applicants. It would be difficult for the applicants to satisfy the criteria once a bridging visa holder makes the onshore visa application. The criteria do not apply to offshore visa applicants.

How an Organisation could sponsor a nominee? There are 3 processing stages in sponsoring an employee from overseas under the sub class 457 visa: 1. Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) Any company that wishes to sponsor a visa applicant must have their SBS to be approved by DIAC before nominating any individual and such approval is valid for a period of 3 years during which the organisation is entitled to sponsor a number of employees 2. Nomination The organization need to nominate ‘the position’ and apply to Department of Immigration and Citizenship for the approval of the position (but not an identified person). While applying for the visa nomination, the employer needs to pay a minimum Temporary Skilled Migration

Income Threshold (TSMIT) salary of $ 51,400 plus superannuation besides travelling expenses from an overseas country for the applicant and eligible family members. 3. Visa Application Onshore applicants can apply both online/paper application but offshore applicants need to apply paper application only. Applying online is a preferred method for onshore applicants as it could speed up the application process. Once an applicant is on 457 Visa for a continuous period of 2 years with an employer, he/she is eligible to apply for RSMS (sub class 187) or ENS (sub class 186) for a permanent visa without having the need to obtain 6.0 in each of the IELTS components.


a review of the decision. The employer can apply for review for offshore applications.

What if the employment is terminated? If an employment is terminated before the expiry of the tenure of the 457 visa, the nominated employee is expected to obtain an employment with another employer; otherwise, the visa holder will receive a notification from the department with the intention to cancel the visa. This will leave him/her no option except to leave the country within 28 days from the date of cancellation. Despite certain difficulties/limitations and being temporary in nature, 457 Visa is still a popular and useful Visa for temporary workers. It is always advisable to seek immigration assistance from a Registered Migration Agent, while applying for 457 Visa, as the criteria and documentation is complex in nature.

It is relevant to note that 457 visa holders can change the employer, provided the new employer has their sponsorship approved.

Training Benchmarks: One important aspect of the 457 visa is training benchmarks, followed by employer. There are 2 kinds. Benchmark A &B. The applicant has to show evidence that the employer spent at least 1 or 2 per cent of payroll expenditure to train employees who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Review Rights: If the department has refused any 457 visa, the onshore visa applicant can apply for Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) for

Venkat Devarapalli holds an MBA, LL.B and Grad certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practice and is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN:1171988). He specialises in 457 and RSMS and ENS visas. Email: Mobile: 0413 176 813. Website:

You have the Team you deserve – how to attract the Team you want! 1. Strong Leadership Are you the Strong Leader that enrols and inspires your employees, and yourself? The hallmark of a strong leader is passion and responsibility. These two qualities really set leaders apart from ordinary bosses or managers (who think they are leaders). People always respond well to leaders who are passionate about their jobs, businesses and their lives. Yes, it’s contagious; the team will be motivated to perform their best when led by a passionate leader. Passion alone is not enough. Responsibility is also needed, to accept responsibility for the actions of the entire team, make decisions in a decisive manner and be able to see the consequences whilst assuming full responsibility.

2. Common Goal If I asked any member of your staff, would they know what the company goals were? You can’t expect team members to achieve results if they don’t know what the overall goal is that they must be aiming for!

It all starts with vision and mission statements. If you have them, that’s great! When did you last review them and is your business still aligned to their values and culture? Strong Leaders live and breathe their vision and mission, with energy and enthusiasm to attract a team that have the same beliefs. By setting goals, you give your business direction and focus, as well as movement and momentum, ensuring the progress of the business in the direction of its ultimate vision.

3. Rules of the Game Every business must set rules, yet it is surprising how many don’t. This usually results in the team setting their own rules, around things such as communication on sickness, when they take holidays and standards of workmanship to name but a few. If these are not written down, members have nothing to refer back to and one person’s memory may differ for another’s – this is where chaos begins and instead of allowing individuals to work within the rules, time consuming micro-managing happens and trust is never gained,

losing the opportunity for harmony, creativity and a great team culture.

are often perceived as vibrant and exciting to work for.

4. Action Plan

6. 100 % Involvement/ Inclusion

Every business needs an Action Plan – consisting of a. Position descriptions b. Strategies to achieve goals c. Systems by which the team can achieve the results (who does what by when) Winning teams have players that stay in position, knowing clearly what they have to do, yet they are flexible to help others if need be.

5. Support Risk Taking You must be willing to take risks. If you don’t your team will always lag behind and will not push boundaries. Remember, your business is just like a tree; it’s either growing or it’s dying. There’s no middle ground. It can’t stand still! Risk taking in business is usually tied up with the company’s culture. The boss needs to encourage the team to be innovative and try new things. Companies with this culture (like Apple and Google)

Finally, it’s all about having each and every member of your team giving your business all of their attention, effort and commitment (whilst they are at work) and, by making them feel involved. They may be Michele Alemployees, exander is a however, if compelling, these 6 Keys compassionare consistent ate, and exin your busitremely dediness, you as the cated Business business owner Coach. She and Strong has encountered her fair share of challeader will have a business and team to lenges in life and has used her coachbe proud of. ing skills and positive mental attitude to rise above them all. With lessons to be learned and shared, and applied to any business, Michele believes that you CAN achieve the success you want, especially with the right coach by your side!


“Sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.” – Donald Trump

Small Business Expo Feature

Chris Hopkins – Splash SMS

Executive Centre

What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader?

What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader?

As a Perth business owner and entrepreneur, I am excited about the continual evolution of digital marketing technologies and how these can be applied to assist local businesses stay ahead of the curve, and in front of the competition. Briefly tell us about your brand. SplashSMS provides mobile marketing and SMS text message services Australia-wide at some of the most competitive prices in the country. With SMS messages from as low as 5c and arguably one of the most powerful SMS marketing platforms available, SplashSMS offers businesses and brands a feature-rich suite of user friendly SMS campaign tools designed to keep your customers engaged and your marketing team empowered. To view our full range of platform features and pricing, visit ttp:// au. To view our range of mobile websites, visit What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future? At SplashSMS we pride ourselves, on staying ahead of the curve and in front of the competition by constantly evolving our product and service offerings to deliver state of the art, cost effective mobile marketing solutions for our clients. We have recently integrated our SMS services with the Perkville customer loyalty rewards program and will be launching a series of industry specific workshops soon to show businesses and brands how to leverage SMS to reduce advertising spend, build customer loyalty and increase ROI. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career? It’s not how many clients you get but how many you keep that matters. So focus on customer service.

Elaine Campbell – State Tennis Centre What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader? To create memorable events & conferences

Helping inspire people to follow their visions and achieve great heights of success! Briefly tell us about your brand.

The Executive Centre offers businesses an opportunity to “Work smarter, not harder” and achieve office space flexibility, cost effectiveness and productivity. It provides the highest quality of ondemand serviced office accommodation, virtual office representation services, state-of-the-art productivity and communication tools, a regional network of meeting rooms, and a broad range of business concierge services.

How has your business/branding evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites?

We will look after your business as if it was our own.

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.

Rick Bantleman – Century 21 Centex Commercial What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader ?

Since 1994, The Executive Centre has helped thousands of businesses succeed. At the cutting edge of the serviced office industry, The Executive Centre is based around the core concept of providing best-in-class service in every city it serves. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career?

Our customers deserve, and will receive, the finest service offered by any Real Estate organization.


Effective listening is as important as communicating well. Accurate understanding of yourself is the key to understanding and working with those whom you lead. Communicate clearly what must be done and why. Leadership is not a position but a skill in influencing the thinking and behavior of those whom you lead. Trust and respect for you is the true currency of leadership; which must be earned. Your character as a person will impact the effectiveness of your leadership more than any specific skill. Briefly tell us about your brand. CENTURY 21 Australia brings an internationally respected standard of real estate practice to local neighborhoods every day. With strong support and an ongoing commitment to market-leading innovation, the CENTURY 21 brand is held in the highest regard by the Australian real estate industry as well as members of the Australian public.

Collette Winchester - Optus Business Centre Perth What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader? I am inspired by the value Perth people expect from businesses. We simply must have integrity as a business, or we are not going to be able to build lasting business relationships which bring value to all those involved.

CENTURY 21 is the most recognized real estate organization in the world. We have the world’s most renowned ‘For Sale’ sign. Our Gold Jacket and yard arms are brand icons and instantly recognizable. What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future? The Real Estate Industry of the 21st Century will be driven by a ‘customer service culture’ and CENTURY 21 will lead this evolutionary process. The CENTURY 21 System will epitomize not only professional real estate knowledge, but a dedication to integrity and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving - Clear, Accessible and Expert. This ‘service culture’ will be promoted, integrated and expected through every level of our system and no deviation will be accepted. data and online communications services by using the worlds most advanced technology. What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future? Perth SME community can expect Optus to provide cost effective Telecommunications solutions on an ever expanding Network Platform with consistent investment.

Briefly tell us about your brand.

How has your business/branding evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites?

Optus mission is to be a customer focused leader in the provision of voice,

Optus communications is committed to using the Worlds most advanced

Briefly tell us about your brand Room & Venue Hire for conferences & Events – Birthdays – Sundowners & Expos under the Big Top What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career? Always be polite & friendly & don’t bring your personal life to work.

How has your business/branding evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites? CENTURY 21 Australasia’s investment in consumer-focused innovative tools gives us a further edge in the competitive Australian real estate market. The CENTURY 21 Property App for iPhone and iPad, along with the online real estate game Property Mogul, provide Australian consumers with an opportunity to engage with the residential property market, as well as the company, in a different and interesting way, giving the CENTURY 21 brand a unique competitive advantage. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career? “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. technology to help Western Australians communicate simply, reliably and cost effectively. We have found these to be the most frequently desired attributes for SME and their expectations of telecommunications. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career? The Optus Business Centre Perth, headed by Paul Malyniak has learnt that by providing a face to face account management experience, our customers feel heard, appreciated and protected from the frustrations normally endured in telecommunications. It’s not about the signature on the contract; it’s about the service we provide.

“Embrace bad news to learn where you need the most improvement.”

Sponsor Interviews Reg Sorrell Creative Films International What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader? Knowing that I am able to help any business in their conversation with their market. Also, getting the chance to meet and chat with other business leaders means I am always learning and improving. Briefly tell us about your brand.

Richard Boyd Conscious Business Australia What inspires you as a Perth Leader? My inspiration is to help others excel in both work and personal life. Conscious Business is a vehicle for this. The Conscious Business philosophy promotes great workplaces, engaged communities, sustainability to the environment, all whilst building a great brand and financial success. Briefly tell us about your brand and how it has evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites? Conscious Business Australia has a number of elements to the brand. As we are driving a philosophy as well as an innovative consulting, coaching, branding, people and project hub for business, we have a number of clients engaging with us on various aspects of what causes them pain or what opportunities exist that they want to pursue. The kaleidoscope of engagement scenarios creates our brand as a living social process of living Conscious Business in all parts of the community. We are seen

Clayton Treloar- MBE

CFI is all about conversations. The marketing paradigm is changing and as soon as business owners become aware of this, they understand the importance of conversation. We want to understand our clients, where they are coming from and what their approach is. We then replicate that within the video communication we produce. What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future? From a business perspective, I intend to freshen up real estate sales videos, as for our values of being visionary, daring, exciting as well as being trustworthy, of integrity and engaging. Our brand logo is symbolic of our Conscious Business Methodology and has great meaning. The quadrants in the circular part of the logo equate to dimensions inside ourselves and our business whilst outside the circle lies the relationships and processes to environments and objects which we are inter-connected to and co-exist with. We also participate, facilitate and cocreate Conscious Business communities of innovation and excellence such as the RETA project and also the Conscious Business Association. The emergence of the digital ecosystem of business has probably been the greatest change in this time but one which fits into the model well. The narrative and storytelling of Conscious Business works well in social media and Gen X and Y resonate well to the ideals and values of Conscious Business, so I have recently had to create an effective digital platform of engagement to reach this audience. This is ongoing. The idea of a New Economy and a New Consumer has caught on well and signals What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader? I am inspired by other business leaders around me. I have met some great people and find Perth to be an amazing place to do business. Briefly tell us about your brand.

I have worked on quite a few property programs and want to add the TV production elements for a very affordable price. Digital signage, I believe, has huge growth potential. I have teamed up with Captivate Global and we are trying to change the business model that other signage companies use. I want each business to think of it as their own TV channel that they can converse with their clients/ market. How has your business/branding evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites? how Conscious Business is not a fad but a profound and rapid shift in business consciousness built on the changing nature of consumers and the environments and communities in which they live. The Old Economy ways of doing business will catch out many traditional businesses moving forward. What can the Perth SME Community expect to see from your brand in future? Perth can expect our ongoing presence, not just in terms of engagement with SME for consulting, guidance, mentoring and support, but in a wider leadership role within the community. We are a voice for the ways of being and doing… embracing a future that sustains and fulfills personally and on a business level. We will publish a book on Conscious Business and Human Consciousness by the end of 2013. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By giving to others, life will tend to look kindly upon you. If you practise this well, your own needs and share of business will be taken care of. Practise with integrity and the truth will speak for you in actions. MBE (Mail Boxes Etc) is an international brand with more than 4,000 locations worldwide. We are a one- stop shop for small and large businesses; and leaders in the printing, shipping and virtual address (mail boxes) industry, with more locations coming to WA in 2013. We cater for all your printing - from business cards, banners, booklets, binding and flyers, to mail outs to all your competitive shipping needs across Australia and around the world. Small businesses are becoming more popular and the need for a center like MBE to take care of all the printing and shipping needs is important to those small businesses. What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future? We are growing and are looking to add more than 10 locations in the next few years within Perth.

– Bill Gates


The use of video still has some way to go in regards to uptake, so I do a lot more education about the benefits of video than I thought I would have to. Having the skills to make great looking, engaging video doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a successful business. I have had to “productise” video as a solution for businesses. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career? Winners never quit and quitters never win.

David Matrai – Founder/ Director – Perth Logos Nifnex Expo Edition Interview What inspires you as a Perth Business Leader? - Our clients inspire us every day. Being able to work with business owners and help take their businesses to the next level excites us. - The burning desire to succeed. That’s inspiration. - On a macro-level, I love that Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. Yet, we are full of creativity and entrepreneurism. There is a terrific sense of community within the business sector. Briefly tell us about your brand. At the core of it, our brand is about helping business owners achieve success through the branding of their businesses. From a product solution point of view, we develop the visual aspect of every touch point for a client. We research the market, develop positioning and market strategy with the client, and bring the brand to life with design. We do logo design, packaging design, websites, brochures, signage, and more. What can the Perth SME community expect to see from your Brand in the future? We are passionate about what we do. We have fire to work with our clients to bring their business success to fruition. How has your business/branding evolved in the face of ever-changing trends and upcoming sites? In the face of online technology, we find that face to face discussions are still the key to strong relationships and communications. Being able to sit around the table with a client creates a wonderful atmosphere and often a better result. What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career?

What piece of advice has stuck with you throughout your career?

Treat people the way you’d like to be treated – and then some

Always surround yourself with people more experienced than you – and you will learn more!

Small Business Expo Exhibitor listing – Page 14


“Aim for the moon. If you miss it, you may hit a star.” – W. Clement Stone

The Executive Centre expects upward swing in demand for serviced offices in Perth

Optimism blooms in Australia’s strongest and fastest-growing economy The serviced office sector in Australia has matured into a distinguished market segment and has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, accounting for approximately 30% of the Asia Pacific’s business centres. Perth, emerging to be the strongest and fastest-growing economy in Australia, has experienced phenomenal rise in the serviced office demand, owing to the blooming mining and energy industries. Yvonne Lim, Head of Australia, The Executive Centre, said, “Perth has a very low office vacancy rate which has not only pushed rents up but now, landlords expect seven-year minimum lease term agreements. At The Executive Centre, we appreciate that mining projects only take 2 to 3 years to complete. Thus we are the first to provide bulk office space on flexible lease terms to fill the gap in the market.” With market sentiment looking so favourably on Perth, pressure is building on prime CBD office space. According to the latest market report, office rents continue to climb. Average A-Grade net face rent is AUD736 per sq.m, exceeding that of the Sydney core CBD and remaining well in advance of other Australian capitals. Occupancy levels are extremely high, reaching over 96%, meaning that only less than 4% A-Grade office space in CBD is available. “Accordingly, companies from mining and energy sectors are turning to serviced offices like The Executive Centre for a cost-effective, efficient and flexible solution, rather than investing long term in expensive office space with all the set-up costs and overheads. Companies can minimise their upfront capital investment by paying only for the space, administration, conference and IT facilities that they actually use. Lease term can be as short as a month,” Yvonne continued. Renowned for its premium fit-outs, exceptional clientoriented services, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, The Executive Centre has established a strong presence in Asia Pacific with 50 prime office locations in 10 countries, and has served a number of Fortune 500 multinationals in-

Yvonne Lim, Head of Australia; The Executive Centre cluding Microsoft, HSBC, Cisco Siemens, Lenovo, and Baosteel. Located at the prestigious building – 108 St Georges Terrace in Perth (Level 24 and 25), The Executive Centre is dedicated to providing serviced offices, virtual office representation services, conference and meeting facilities, and a broad range of business support services. Tastefully designed by internally acclaimed designer Fiona Hardie, The Executive Centre features a stylish café and breakout areas, state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities and premium office suites graced with ergonomic Herman Miller executive modular furniture. Contemporary offices in various sizes can easily accommodate 1-20 persons and be elastically reshuffled into diversified layouts, and are equipped with the latest electronic i-Button locking system that provides 24/7 security and full audit trail monitoring. Firms and entrepreneurs looking to have an immediate presence in Perth can benefit from The Executive Centre’s fully furnished, prestigiously located and highly secure serviced workplaces.

Benefits of positivity! One Day of Positivity Campaign by AELC Have you ever noticed that there’s a lot of negativity around? In politics, media, business, schools, and our every day lives, we focus on the negative in situations. We should be building each other up, but we tear each other down or do nothing at all. On 27 August, 2013, we want you to join us in 24 hours of positive action and communication. That’s it, just commit to one day of being constructive, kind, and seeing the good in things. It’s your opportunity to practice framing things in a positive light and practice being more productive. From little things, big things grow. One Day is the beginning of a habit and an example to ourselves of what life would be like if we were always more positive.

leads to happiness, higher productivity, less stress, and better physical health • Positivity makes you, and those around you, feel more confident • When you are positive, you will come across to others as warm, engaging, respectful and interested • Positive action and communication encourages others to be more positive when dealing with you • Positive action and communication makes you think before you act or speak and encourages empathy • Meanwhile, negative communication breeds conflict, loss of morale at work or school, and damages your relationships and credibility

The Executive Centre expects that the Perth serviced office market will continue its upward trend leveraging the growing serviced office demand attributable to the prominent economic boom in Western Australia and the influx of foreign investment in the mining and steel industry. Given that the conventional office stays stagnant with no new office projects in Perth CBD confirmed until 2015, flexible and premium serviced office will remain a major comfort zone for businesses looking for A-Grade office space. Commenting on The Executive Centre’s business growth in Australia, Yvonne Lim said, “We anticipate a strong performance in our Australia business in 2013 with a growth rate of 10-15%, as most industry sectors are in the stages of expansion benefited from the Australia’s growing economy and more new-business start-ups stimulate demand. Overall, the number of workstations across our Australia centres is forecasted to increase by 30% throughout this year.”

you act, or the way you choose to act. It is about being productive and enriching with your actions, not destructive and pessimistic. Here are some ideas of positive actions you might like to try: • Give honest compliments and sincere thanks • Note down three things that you are grateful for today (maybe share these with a friend)

tical steps. It is about being productive with the words you use, as well as supportive and encouraging of others. Positive communication is not about holding back the truth or about empty compliments, and it doesn’t mean you have to skirt around the truth. It’s just finding the most proactive and pleasant way to say something. Here are some tips: • Speak clearly and directly

• Encourage and acknowledge positive efforts made by others (and yourself )

• Listen attentively and make eye contact

• Find constructive and encouraging ways to offer feedback

• Articulate positive thoughts out loud • Smile!

• Evaluate your decisions to find the most productive and enriching path

• Say thank you

• Encourage others to see the positive in their situations

• When discussing issues, rather than blaming the other person (eg. “You did x, y, z”), turn it around (eg. “I feel this way and I was hoping to discuss the issue with you”)

• Be actively considerate of others and be kind to them • Have some fun! Do something you enjoy

What is the benefit of positivity?

What is positive action and communication? Did you know that effective communica-

• Positive communication and action encourage positive thinking, which

Positive is about demonstrating a positive attitude and backing it up in the way

tion is primarily positive communication? It’s true! Positive communication is about focusing on the upsides, benefits, or prac-

• Use humor appropriately

One Day of Positivity is a social campaign by the Australian Education and Leadership Centre. (http://

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Do you really know what is going on in your industry? This month’s question time is focused around what is going on in your industry. More importantly, how can you take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the threats in your industry.

What external impacts could affect your business? Can your service be replaced easily by an outsourcing company based overseas, which benefits through cheaper labour?

Where is your industry in its life cycle? Is it in go--‐go mode or is it in mid life and slowing down? What is the competition level? Do you see large companies branching into your market?

If so, how can you combat this?

What opportunities are there currently? What conditions are on the horizon that could increase these opportunities in your market? Could it be increased consumer sentiment? In a particular sector or maybe an increase in international demand through a drop in the Australian Dollar. What threats could impact your business? Could it be weather, technology or maybe a reduction in the supply of your main product?

Brendan Lee at Fifo Capital is helping small and medium sized businesses across Victoria and Western Australia overcome cash flow obstacles. This is aiding the delivery of business expansion and operational efficiency across numerous sectors.

Are the trading conditions in your customers’ industries affecting your viability?

To receive a free soft copy briefing please email Brendan Lee at or call on 0415 769 062.

Are they becoming slower to pay their bills? A quick accounting software report showing payment days for each of your clients should show if payment days are beginning to balloon out. Are some of your client’s cash flow problems now influencing yours? What position does that put you in financially? Does that put pressure on you meeting your payroll or creditor payments?

Disclaimer - before acting on any information, we recommend you consult with your financial advisor. for a free 30 minute live briefing.

As always, you can find some of these answers by researching on your own, but if you would like to view this information all at once on your industry, email ‘Free Live Report,’ and your industry to bren-

Offer valid to first 15 emails only. Terms and Conditions Apply: Excludes Retail

End of Financial Year Tips As we are getting closer to the end of this financial year, there are four areas that i would recommend you to take a closer look at. 1. Assets, 2. Liabilities 3. Income and 4. Expenses

asset list or walk around the office. Computers, printers, phones, and chairs are the common items. List them down for the accountant to write off. If you carry stock – do you need to write anything off before June 30? Make sure you do a  30 June stock taking as well. Print out a copy of your  30 June  debtors – are there any that need to be written off?


• Super should be paid on bonuses • Remember, Super goes up to 9.25% on 1 July

• Confirm all takings are banked (if applicable)

• Confirm details of other income e.g. Loans (if not already covered) • Ensure sale of assets (P&E, MV, Trade ins etc) • Detail Bank interest from all accounts

This mostly includes purchases for the business. Have you purchased anything this year to help with your business?



Can you afford to prepay upcoming payments?

Firstly, remember the government is allowing a $ 5000 one off extra  write off this year.

Do you use your personal credit card for work - Have you claimed all your expenses correctly?

Any plant & equipment including motor vehicles will get a $ 5000 deduction on top of the usual depreciation for EACH asset purchased.

If you’re using an accounting software – have you reconciled this account? Print off your creditors at 30 June. Can you pay any earlier than 30 June (if you’re on a Cash Basis for Accounting)?

EOFY Bonuses – consider gifts that will be exempt from FBT. Chat with your accountant first to check your options. Are you still under the threshold for Payroll Tax – remember Super, Directors’ Wages and some Contractors are included.

Once you buy an asset, make sure you keep a copy of the invoice in your EOY documents for your accountant.

Income Here are things to check:

Write offs Is there anything don’t1 use or is bro202939b BCM you Ad.pdf 28/08/12 4:21 ken (or no longer usable)? Go over your


• Confirm all banking is income e.g. Sale of assets, loans, capital etc


If you might be over – Register ASAP just in case

Superannuation Guarantee Ask the following questions: • Does Superannuation equal 9% of eligible wages? • Can you pay the Super before June 30?

Wages & Salaries • Will your wages in your books match the ATO Payment Summaries? If you need help getting ready or if you need further information, contact Tracey Edwardes.

Tracey Edwardes is the director of Flawless Bookkeeping and Flawless Systems. Tracey supports and mentors small business entrepreneurs to help them understand their financial statements. Tracey can be contacted on 1300 854 266 or

Do you need help with Debt Collection? Nothing cripples a business quicker than unpaid accounts. Blitz Credit Management specialises in debt collection and credit information services throughout Australia. You can depend on complete transparency in every phase of the collection process. Best of all, you don’t pay a cent if we don’t collect for you.


Phone: 1300 887 232

Visit our website

or call us for help with: Debt Recovery Demand Notices Debtor Location

Default Listing Credit Checks Credit Documentation


“To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.” – Anita Roddick

It’s The New Nokia Lumia 920! The new Nokia Lumia is considerably smaller and lighter than many handsets on the market currently. According to specifications, it has the below features compared to another leading brand. You be the judge!

CLOCK Faster CPU clock speed

2x 1.5 GHz vs 2x 1.3 GHz

15.38% faster CPU clock speed.





Has USB mass storage support Has DLNA







CAMERA Has a serial shot mode



Has a two-stage shutter



Has a brand lens



Has sensor shift stabilization



Has a flash w/ dual-LEDs



Lots more megapixel (photo, front camera) Definitely more megapixel (photo) Has a video light

1.3 MP 8.7 MP Yes

vs vs vs


You can shoot multiple pictures in a row. No A two-stage shutter allows photo shooting like a pro: with the first press the camera focusses, with the second it shoots. No A brand manufacturer provides the camera’s lens. No The sensor capturing the image can be moved in such a way as to counteract the motion of the camera, often referred to as mechanical image stabilization which is superior to a electronic stabilization only. When the camera rotates, causing angular error, gyroscopes encode information to the actuator that moves the sensor. No Two LEDs are brighter than flashes with just one LED. 1.2 8.33% more megapixel (photo, MP front camera). 8 MP 8.75% more megapixel (photo). No

A video light helps when recording a movie in low-light situation like a party.

POWER Amply more battery power Can be charged via standard USB cable

vs vs

1,440 mAh No




Wireless charging

Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound that surrounds the user from left and right side, creating a richer sound and a better experience. Notably lower SAR 0.91 W/kg vs 1.18 W/kg 0.27 W/kg lower SAR for body for body (USA) (USA). SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) describes how much radio frequency energy emitted by the device will be absorbed by your body. The rate is measured at hip level. The legal limit is 1.6 W/kg in the USA. Substantially lower 0.7 W/kg vs 0.95 W/kg 0.25 W/kg lower SAR for head (EU). SAR for head (EU) SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) describes how much radio frequency energy emitted by the device will be absorbed by your body. The rate is measured at head level. The legal limit is 2.0 W/kg in the EU. Explicitly lower SAR 1.08 W/kg vs 1.18 W/kg 0.1 W/kg lower SAR for head (USA). for head (USA) SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) describes how much radio frequency energy emitted by the device will be absorbed by your body. The rate is measured at head level. The legal limit is 1.6 W/kg in the USA. Has stereo speakers


It can be charged and operated with a standard USB cable with your computer or with USB power supplies. It can be charged w/o any plugs and wires similar to electric shavers or toothbrushes (as extra).

Has a Corning® Gorilla® Glass display



Bigger screen size




Higher resolution

768 x 1280 px


640 x 1136 px

A tad higher pixel density

332 ppi


326 ppi

Special glass that is durable enough to resist many real-world events that commonly cause glass failure. 12.5% bigger screen size. The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience. 35.21% higher resolution. 1.84% higher pixel density.




38.89% more battery power.



Noticeably wider aperture

2,000 mAh Yes

Near-field-communication (NFC) allows wireless transactions like payments. It can transfer files, music, photos via USB, no need to install additional software. It can stream videos and movies to other devices over-the-air, using the standard DLNA protocol.



f/2.4 16.67% wider aperture. The wider an aperture, the more light the image sensor gets. More light helps avoiding blur by employing a faster shutter speed. Aperture sizes are expressed in f-stops, the smaller the better. In addition, wide lenses provide a narrow depth of field enabling to focus on the subject and blur the background

The information provided in this article is from It is specifically fact according to the Manufacturer of each device. There are many reasons why we choose different Mobile Handsets, whether it be style, useability, or matching devices such as tablets etc. I personally value the ‘Simple Facts’ occasionally. The ‘Tech Head’ sometimes shines through in all of us. Please feel free to post comments on our Facebook wall. Optus Business Centre Perth. Or call me on 0451982227 for any of your Telecommunication questions. We are also sponsoring the Nifnex Small Business Expo, so come on over and say Hi.

Collette Winchester Collette has an extensive understanding of providing business solutions in the area of Telecommunications. As a Business Development Manager for the Optus Business Centre of Perth, Collette takes pride in assisting businesses with customized telecommunication solution. 0862627998; 0451982227

Collette, your local telecommunication specialist Always there to take the call Always Happy to visit your business Always able to find your telecommunication solution for your business Call her today to find out more 0451982227 or 62627998 Collette Winchester

Optus Business Centre Perth Mobile: 0451 982 227 Email:

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts” – Richard Branson


Do IT right from the start A lot of businesses that I come across, especially ones that have experienced growth since they had started, have not planned their IT. Often there is a staff member managing computers in addition to doing their real job. IT may not be their forte, and the opportunity cost for that staff member may be quite substantial. One such customer had about 10 computers that needed to be turned on before everyone could access all the data within the business and all the MYOB data files. They knew that if they were to turn on the reception computer, they could get to their standard documents. Don’t let your business get to that stage! Do IT right from the start, engage a professional. I still come across companies who download their e-mails to a multitude

of devices without synchronization and then forget which one they sent a response from, and which e-mails they have already dealt with; or worse still they have multiple people checking the same e-mail without synchronization and staff send a substantially differing quote to a customer. That’s not only embarrassing to your business, it can also be quite damaging.

There are many benefits to getting the right advise from the start, and making sure that the services you chose will grow with you. There are a lot of services available now to the small business owner that allow you to scale your IT to what your requirements are... Services that previously only the big boys in town could

afford. There are many cloud services, offering anything from Groupware (shared calendars, contacts, e-mails), Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems, online based accounting systems, that allow your staff to complete their time-sheets on the road, and file storage systems.

Keep in mind that whilst the service exists, to make sure to backup your data regularly. Even the likes of Google have discontinued services that many people were using, without providing alternatives and a clear upgrade path. You do not want to be stuck with such a service. Make sure that the company you choose is financially sound, has a long history, and (this one is pretty hard to check for) is unlikely to discontinue services. You do not want ad-

Christian is the proprietor of a small to medium business IT services provider Civitas and has been working in the ICT industry for 16 years. He lectures part time for the School of Information Systems at Curtin University, and is an avid Dragon Boater with the Perth Pirates. 08 6102 0060

ministrators appointed to your cloud services provider who then shut down their servers without you having any recourse.

OK! So Now You Have Your Website – What’s Next? 10 years ago, just having a website was good enough. It didn’t matter how it looked or converted. You were found easily on the internet, it wasn’t saturated as it is today. Now, you are one of many, and being found on the internet is a lot more competitive.

form for that special offer etc. Websites today are no longer being seen as a lead generation tool; instead, they are now your lead conversion tool.

The biggest misconception is “Build it and they will come,” guess what? NO THEY WON’T. Most new websites have to be advertised and promoted to the right target audience; otherwise they will never know of the site’s existence. It would be like having a billboard in the dessert.

Lastly, we all know the saying “what gets measured gets improved”. Make sure you measure the performance of all your marketing efforts. Only when you know where your traffic is coming from, can you begin to optimise your marketing and increase your sales.

Let’s face it; your website can be your number one business asset, if used correctly. Investing in your website can give your business a great return on your investment. Make sure your website is architecturally sound before you begin to advertise it. You want to make sure that your visitors will receive a pleasant experience on your site. Do you have the systems in place that will help convert your visitors? Things like a clear call to action, easy to find contact details, an opt-in

Your plan of action – ensure your website is architecturally sound; advertise your site using a variety of online and offline strategies; and measure your results.

Nifnex App now available

Easy Smart phone and tablet access to the following: • Business articles • Networking events • Latest Edition • And lots more…..

The methods we used in the past to advertise, still work today. Turn back the clock and incorporate those traditional methods of marketing (like Pamphlets, Mail Outs, Newspaper and Radio Advertising etc), with your online digital marketing strategy (SEO, AdWords, Social Media andOnline Video etc). It is all about having an integrated and consistent marketing approach when it comes to your website. Business owners are swamped in a digital world of information. Stand out from your competitors and provide alternative ways to reach your audience.

Visit your or Store or scan the QR Code

Phone 1300 WEB SOS Gary Hanley - Managing Director of Website Rescuers Gary Hanley has grown up with IT and was at the forefront of the Internet age. He found his strength in helping solve website problems for other people and marketing their businesses online. He leads his team with a methodical and clear approach, keeping his clients ahead of the game. It’s about m@king life easier through technology. T: (08) 9277 3338 E: W:


“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity” – Peter F. Drucker

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Friday, 24th May 2013 SME Expo 10am to 4pm For more information visit

“The only way around is through”. – Robert Frost


What did you learn....What should we learn? With the Dow Jones Index in the US recently breaking through the 15,000 point mark for the first time and our own ASX 200 at 5 year highs, the legacy of the GFC (Mark I) should be fading into the distance. So now is as good a time (as any other time), to review our perception on the biggest market correction, which we have seen since the Great Depression. Personally I have been a licensed adviser now and giving advice since the mid 1990’s and I have experienced a number of market corrections with my first ‘real’ correction as an adviser being the “Tech Bubble” bursting in March 2000. At the tender age of 28 and in charge of a few hundred clients, it was a scary time which taught me some serious investing and life lessons which I continue to apply to both my clients and my own portfolios. Those past corrections and their predecessors showed me that in the midst of the GFC, many opportunities should be eventuated in some fundamentally sound companies. History shows this to be true again, and due to the issues being faced

by global capital markets, some very otherwise sound, profitable companies found themselves in some serious funding struggles, and in turn, undervalued. To them, the only source they were able to raise capital from was existing shareholders who, as you can imagine, were still caught in the headlights. In fact, almost got paralysed by events and had to be coaxed into parting with their cash. A recent article I read reminded me of how much “coaxing” was necessary during that time and the two examples in the article were CBA and Wesfarmers. Very early in the GFC, the CBA offered a share purchase plan at $26.00 having fallen from over $60.00 per share and similarly, Wesfarmers came out with an offer at $13.50 having fallen from over $40.00. For those with the internal fortitude, to accept the coaxing have benefited them immensely. Firstly, with a positive impact on their cash flow as the dividends paid by CBA on the $26.00 shares now total just over $12.00, and similarly with Wesfarmers; the dividends now total $7.00.

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that has been almost 50% of the share price returned in cash. The share prices of both CBA and Wesfarmers have also now recovered to around $70.00 and $40.00 respectively. Therefore, not only has there been an income bonanza but the humble recovery in prices has also helped repair the hole that GFC created. This isn’t just limited to one or two stocks either, Westpac at $15.00, Suncorp at $4.50, ANZ at $14.00, Amalgamated Holdings at $4.10 and NAB at $21.50 also did similar things with an equally positive upside just to mention a few. I can now faintly hear the herd quietly sharing their wish to have had the courage to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity that was offered via the GFC. What has the GFC and subsequent events shown you? How will you respond from now...How will you respond to the next market correction?

My response will be predictable, that is I will look to buy more quality stock at severely discounted prices. With nothing mo­ re certain than the continual change in the world of finance, partnering with Conrad and the team at Inspired Money will ensure peace of mind for you and Conrad Francis your family for any financial decisions now and in the future, we will inspire you to take action! Inspired Money ABN 98 354 038 802 is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited Australian Financial Services Licensee, Licence Number 234665 08 9301 2631

Suburb Review: Subiaco Small Businesses remain Positive Small business owners who run cafes and retail outlets in Subiaco have many concerns but it’s always great to see their fighting spirit and positivity. Small Business Concerns in Subi: Parking, Council regulations, Liquor Licensing, Reduction in foot traffic, Lack of Events, Football crowds leaving in 5 years

How are businesses accessing new markets: Advertising, Networking, Letterbox drops, Social media, Internet in general. Businesses are adopting social media whilst still sticking to the basics – Word of Mouth, to access new markets for themselves.

Visit Subiaco for your next coffee / lunch catch up and help out the small business community!

Photographs and survey: BK; The Shed Studios

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May 2013 Perth Small Business Expo Edition  
May 2013 Perth Small Business Expo Edition  

The May 2013 Edition of The Nifnex Review. Perth Exhibitor Listing included inside.