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Seeing back and my close observation-engagement of/with the subject is my process. Problem solving art which I do the most in my work, where some of my subjects are quite beautiful, too. As a learner, my interest lies in creating the art which is useful, helpful and sustainable enough in day-to-day life. I am keen to learn and adopt new things by carefully observing the real-life situations and ideas which would cater to the mass and inspire them for the lifetime.

Utility Art Concepts Sketch Painting

Utility Art Creation of Bags and accessories "Sharing is caring" our elders taught us this lesson learnt somewhere in the race to move forward, we left our values way behind and forgot the importance of our "real values"

Material : Canvas, Buttons, leather, acrylic colour

Material : Canvas, Buttons, artificial leather acrylic colour

Material : Canvas, artificial leather.

Material : Canvas, acrylic colour

Material : Canvas, artificiial leather

Material : Canvas

Material : Canvas, artificial leather






Children’s utility fun at Zoo The project was given by Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad. Design a play area for kids at a small Zoo, Sundarvan, Ahmedabad.

This has resulted to be highly engaging, functional enough and interactive in terms of knowledge and physical activity for kids who visit that small zoo.

Designing with an aim of maintaining a dynamic balance in environment by

utilising available resources and thereby reducing carbon footprint involved in production process.


Material : Wood, Tyre

Kolhapur leather products

Balanced approach to understand the sustainability of craft and developed diversified products which based on the current market demand.

Laptop Sleev Material : Leather

Half shoe for kids Material :Leather

Fridge magnets Material : Leather

Pop socket for mobile p Material : Leather


Kolhapur sandals packaging Material : Leather



This easy use stationary is for he kids in at their school lunch time, meal or snacks time.


For people who are dealing with paint brush, paint tube, canvas etc.


Medium : Pencil Colours, Pencil Size : 297 x 420 mm

Medium : Pencil Colours. Size : 297 x 420 mm

Medium : Pencil Colours, Ink pen, Sketch pen Size : 210 x 297 mm

Medium : Ink pen, Sketch pen Size : 148 x 210 mm

Medium : Pencil Colours. Size : 297 x 420 mm

Medium : Pencil Colours. Pencil, achreylic pen, water colour, ink pen Size : 297 x 420 mm

Medium : Water colour, Ink pen Size : 210 x 297 mm

Medium : Dry pastel Size : 297 x 420 mm

Medium : Water colour, Ink pen Size : 148 x 210 mm

Medium : Water colour. Size : 148 x 210 mm

Medium : Distemper paint (mural) Size : 1824 X 3038

Medium : Water colours Size : 320 x 512 mm

Medium : Mix media Size : 320 x 512 mm

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Nirav Art Portfolio  

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