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30 november 2010


Leisure Management For Students

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Stura News As you will surely know, Leisure Management has its own Student Council: STURA. It is a mouthpiece for students and this newsletter in your hand is one example of our work. For the first time in English. What else do we do? We just had our first propadeutic ceremony, and it was a real success! Mark van Driel, Sandra Hoekstra and Amber Herrewijn (teachers LM) have taken the parents on a journey through the first jear. This year we joined forces with STURA Tourism Management to organise the International Day. The international market, where you could experience different cultures with delicious food, music and workshops. You also could have taken part in lectures and interactive workshops on intercultural issues. This was another successful day, but we have seen a few Leisure Students, this should be different next jear! The StuRa has a new member, your fellow English stream classmate, Andreas Ebel. You can read more information about him on page 4. We write this newsletter for you with your help so we hope you will share any good experiences during your programme with us. If you have a great idea, suggestions or stories, we are always happy to hear them. You can reach us at , the StuRa course on Elo or .

Pleisure party: Rock-‟n-roll!! Next: High School Wednesday 6 October was the time for another Pleisure party, this time with a rock-„n-roll theme! The café Mammaloe was full of students with greased quiffs and leather jackets. One of the things Leisure Management students are renowned for is organising great parties. The first Pleisure Party of this academic year again raised the roof. And even the lecturers were well represented this time, partying with the students into the small hours. For a small impression of the evening, see: The next Pleisure Party will be on Wednesday 8 december with the theme: High School! Grap your coolest outfit together and make it to the Mammaloe!

30 november 2010

Experience StudentNight in a different way! On Wednesday the 1st of December Pop podium Romein is host to a new event: MiXín‟. MiXin‟ is a new concept; a night full of live music and fun for students! It‟s a FREE event in Poppodium Romein in cooperation with Leeuwarden Studiestad. You as a student and your friends are more than welcome!

APA sources The APA guidelines, which are mandatory when reports are submitted, are still not being used enough. Here is a tip for next time: is a site that provides lists of sources for free. All you have to do is enter the ISBN number and the rest is done automatically.

Do you want an entrepreneurship abroad? The European Commission launched the Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs programme that gives starting entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain international experience in business. This can be done in the form of an industrial placement of a maximum of six months with an experienced entrepreneur in Europe. But it is also a good opportunity for the participating entrepreneurs to expand their international contacts through the programme. Check for more information:

The goal of MiXin‟ is to bring together national and international students from different schools in Leeuwarden. MiXin‟ will take place 4 times a year. Every edition will have another theme. The theme for the first edition will be „Remember December‟. December is well known for lots of food and drinks. So there will be lots of pepernoten and Christmas candy. At the entrance you‟ll receive a free welcome drink! The band Profile and DJ‟s Lourens LeFREAK and Mies ELectries will be playing at MiXin‟. There will also be a Miss Santa Election with a great prize for the winner! Put the 1st of December in your agenda, you can‟t miss this happening!

Remember to cite an APA source in your report!

Teaching companies The “teaching company” concept is operating in various fields. Over the last year, students have organised a millennium tour, set up a student desk for the Red Cross, and organised the 'Day in the life of a Leisure Management student' , and much more! Various great teaching companies will be selected again for the coming academic years, including: Poppodium Romein, Eventje, De Friese Wouden , Actie en organisatie bureau Mooi Weer (action and organisation agency) De Zijlen, Frisian Yacht Club and Gaastra Productions. Floor Baptista Viegas, Thijs ten Berge, Nienke Hollenberg and Renee Clover are every day busy at Present Promotions. This is a t raining company for and by youth at the Friesland College. The company focuses on multicultural issues and questions in education and society. There are various workshops, thematic meetings and events orginized. Floor, Thijs, Nienke and Renee are among the „Global Goals 2015‟. This part of Present Promotions is committed to the Millenniums Development Goals, to be published by various agencies and young people. The community Ooststellingwerf asked them to excite every other town in Friesland to be a millennium town. For them is therefore still an enormous challenge to involved all towns. In addition, they also have different things for school track, including an examination. They think it is a busy, but very educational period.

30 november 2010

Looking for promotion team members! The Stenden promotion team was set up by Stenden's marketing department and is made up of enthusiastic students from all the programmes. Both Dutch and international students are very welcome to apply and to promote Stenden at every possible opportunity. Are you spontaneous? Are you representative? Do you get on easily with people? Are you a team player? Do you have good presentation and communication skills? Do you have a good command of Dutch, English or German? …then this is the PERFECT job on the side for you! Possible events where members of the promotion team may be deployed include: Fairs (education fairs) in G roningen, Studiebeurs Utrecht, Studiebeurs Zwolle and Germany)

School visits, open days, shadow days etc.

The students in the team receive: Payment in the form of study credits or Euros, professional training and workshops which are not just good for your personal development but also look good on your CV, a network of around 300 national and international students.

Leisure Management

Passes “the pen” to…. In each newsletter, you will get to know a lecturer or someone from the industry better. This time it‟s the turn of… Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation:

Dinie Middelbrink 48 Married Lecturer

Dinie Middelbrink has been teaching English on our programme for 10 years. She did various things before she became an English teacher here. She started her career as an English translator, and ran her own translation agency for some years. But since it was a one-person business, she found she was becoming too lonely at any given time and decided to change career. She then became a secretary and worked as an editor, during which time she qualified as a teacher. She then started looking for a job just when Stenden university (formerly CHN) had a vacancy for an English lecturer. In addition to being a lecturer in English, she is also a study coach, she gives writing skills training, she is the contact for the Exchange Programme and is a member of the quality committee. Her hobbies are reading, running and voluntary work at the Zonnenbloem, an organisation that helps lonely elderly or disabled people through individual activities such as midday shopping or group activities such as boat trips or theatre matinees. Dinie is involved in organising these boat trips and theatre matinees. When we ask her what she immediately thinks about when she hears the word “leisure” she says, “free time, pure relaxation”. We asked Dinie what she associated with leisure. She said, “the various ways in which it is possible to spend your free time such as active relaxation or just being lazy and reading a book”. What Dinie enjoys so much about Leisure Management is the contact with the students and helping them to develop in their academic careers. She gets a lot of pleasure from that. Dinie Middelbrink passes the pen to Petra Verhoeven, secretary of Leisure Management. Her input is always very positive, she is always cheerful and always ready to help. She does a lot of work for the lecturers and students and has a really hearty laugh.

Next time: Petra Verhoeven

Leisure student is superbike champion

If you have any questions, contact the Stenden promotion team.

Second-year student Danny de Boer wins Dutch superbike class. This season Danny has been riding for the Serco racing team.

Would you like to join the promotion team? Then contact Inge Toering at

Danny has a 10-man support team, ranging from the team manager to the tyre and engine mechanic. Danny is the Serco racing team‟s only rider. During the summer holidays, Henri Hendriks, our business economics lecturer, took up Danny‟s invitation to attend a race in Assen. Henri says Danny is building a great network of contacts in the sport, which he will be able to draw on in future. For more information:

30 november 2010

Leisure Management New trend report – Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Time This new trend report was published on 23 August 2010. Starting with the previous edition , it is now published by NRIT Onderzoek and NHTV. The report looks at trends, leisure behaviour and fields such as culture, sport, events and attractions. The trends and developments in how people spend their leisure time is also touched on in the various years of study; it is an important topic, especially for the first years, and this report can shed some light. The main trends are Innovation, Sustainability, Social Media, Shifting Boundaries and 24/7/365. (source: NRIT magazine, n4 4, 2010,

4th year placement We currently have some 80 fourth-year students doing placements. 7 of those are abroad. 4 are in Mauritius and are working in the marketing department of various hotels. 2 are on St Maarten working in event management. And 1 student is working in Surinam for a sports organisation that uses sport and play as a tool for integration and development.

Meet your fellow student... In each newsletter, you will get to know a student better. This time it‟s the turn of… Name: Andreas Magnus Ebel Age: 22 Nationality: German/ Swedish Study year: 1 Hobbies: Sailing and any other kind of sport Why did you choose Stenden? The main reasons why I decided to go to Stenden, was the possibility to take Sport management and Sport marketing as minors in the 3 year. Furthermore Stenden offers the Grand tour to go abroad end experience new countries and cultures. The last reason why I decided to go to Stenden was the campus; modern, new and just perfect to have an optimal study surrounding. What do you want after graduation? After my Graduation at Stenden I will go to Boston to do my Master in Sport management. After that I want to work in the sport industry or in the sport journalism sector of big sport events. What is the best part of the study so far? The best part of the study so far are the interesting guest lectures. What would you like to do if you had one chance? If I had one chance I would do everything to get to the Olympics. What is a big wish? One big wish of me is to study in New York for one semester. What is your relationship with Leisure? I have been a professional sailor for the German Sailing Team for the last years. Everything I learned there is a contribution to my Leisure Management study.

mail: New faculty: Innovation Knowledge Centre (KSI) The StuRa attended the „Social Innovation‟ inspiration afternoon on 30 September. 3 Leisure Management students (teaching company) and 6 Personnel and Career Management students helped organise the event. Around 130 people listened attentively to the speakers from MKB Noord, Kenteq, Fundeon and the Chamber of Commerce during the inspiration afternoon. They were then joined during a forum discussion by lectors Piet van Elswijk and Ben Emans. The Social Innovation Knowledge Centre (KSI) is geared to SMEs in the northern Netherlands. Social innovation helps SMEs fully utilise the talents of their staff and hence to work more efficiently. Social innovation also means working smarter, flexible working hours and an open culture where everyone discusses their thoughts with one another and with the organisation. Lecturers Edou Hilverda and Jorrit van der Waal also work at the KSI and Edou co-ordinates the KSI teaching company projects. Three hundred employees in SMEs will swapped jobs for one day during the week from 8-12 November in an initiative to “Work smarter”, devised by the Northern Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Unique employment agency and the Stenden Social Innovation Knowledge Centre. The goal of this wholesale exchange is to give SMEs in the Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen provinces a boost in social innovation. It offers staff the opportunity to spend a day getting an insight into another company.

30 november 2010

Leisure Literature top 4 Cradle to cradle in bedrijf / Marieke van der Werf Scriptum, 2009 Cradle to Cradle is conquering the world, especially the Netherlands, mainly driven by the inspirational tale of designers Michael Braungart and William McDonough. People are enthusiastically starting to apply the concept in many places and in various companies. C2C releases creativity and leads to innovations. However it also leads to new questions.

Citymarketing is hot! Did you know that the slogans “I Amsterdam” and “Er gaat niets boven Groningen” (There‟s nothing like Groningen ) are actually intended to be an entire marketing plan? Many cities now have a slogan or some other distinctive feature used to attract attention to the cities. Nevertheless, research shows that spontaneous recognition of the slogans or features of the 18 cities studied is low. (Source: LAgroup,

Next newsletter Have you always wanted to write? Would you like your own column in the newsletter by and for students? The newsletter can only be written with your help. A newsletter will be published once per module, or more often with your help. Anything is welcome, use it as a means of communication for your project and activities. Would you like to see something else in this newsletter? Then send it to:

Duurzaam ontwikkelen … een wereld kans / Anne-Marie Rakhorst Scriptum, 2007 Is sustainable development just so much hype? Or is it a necessary response to the major issues in the world today: climate change, depletion of energy resources and an ever greater gap between rich and poor. One thing is certain: it is high time to wake up and do something ourselves. In 'Duurzaam ontwikkelen... een wereldkans' (Sustainable Development... a world of opportunity), Anne-Marie Rakhorst uses attractive visions, products and techniques to show the changes happening in industry, energy supply, consumer behaviour and the political arena. She makes it clear that a commitment to sustainable development is a global opportunity that we need to grasp to restore the balance between planet, people and profit. The Facebook era : tapping online social networks to build better products, reach new audiences, and sell more stuff / Clara Shih, Prentice Hall, 2009 Online social networks are changing the way we live, work and communicate. They offer companies huge opportunities to convert customer relations into profits. In „The Facebook Era‟, Clara Shih explains the business opportunities of social networks and shows how you can use these to make more profit. Shih helps individuals and organisations to understand social networks and to take advantage of them for sales and marketing. Finally she presents a detailed action plan for positioning your business.

Van experience naar challenge economy / Herman Lier, Ruud Heijblom, Angela Waijers, Noordhoff, 2009 Why do people drink an expensive cup of coffee on St Mark‟s Square in Venice? This is part of the Experience Economy, creating a unique experience for customers because this creates added value to a product or service and people are prepared to pay for that. People increasingly want to be touched personally and then also challenged. This creates a need for businesses in all industries to switch to a new approach that fits in with the experience, namely the Challenge Economy.

newsletter module 2 2010-2011 students Stenden Leisure Management  

newsletter module 2 2010-2011 students Stenden Leisure Management