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==== ==== Check Out The Training to Built Muscle Fast ==== ====

In the quest for fast muscles gain, one will come across a lot of different and sometimes conflicting advice. Here are some questions that often arise along with my answer. Supplement X promised Y amount of muscle in Z amount of time? Should I get it? Supplement often make these outrageous claims because they CAN? The supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA therefore they are not held to the same standards. I recommend sticking with the basics like a good whey or protein blend power and creatine. Also stick with supplements that promote good health like multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin C, joint support etc. IF your training and diet is in order, then experiment with the others. The latest fancy supplement is not necessary for fast muscles gain. I want to gain 20 lbs of muscle and get ripped at the same time? How do I do it? While it is not impossible, I will say if it's a difficult task that requires meticulous attention to your diet and training. To gain muscle you need a calorie surplus and to lose fat you need a calorie deficit. To answer your question, I would say don't. Focus on one goal and your will achieve fast muscles gain. Try to gain muscle with a little fat gain and diet the weight off later. I want to get big but I really don't need to get strong.? I believe size is a by product of strength gain. You should try to get stronger on all the major compound movements in your program if you goal is fast muscles gain. I don't know too many small people squatting over 600 lbs and benching over 400 lbs. Of course there are exceptions. We all know that one guy who weighs a buck sixty moving big weight. Well, you're not him! If YOU want to fast muscles gain, then YOU have to get stronger.

My name is Richard Ambrose. I am a competitive powerlifter with 20 years experience in weight training. My knowledge is based on my personal experience and literature I read about weight training. Please visit my Fast Muscles Gain Series for information about weight training.

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==== ==== Check Out The Training to Built Muscle Fast ==== ====

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