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Letter to Editor

Volume 1 | May 12, 2012

Letter to Editor

Q&A from the floor

Q: “The salary I've received does not cover my expenses since the cost of living is ever increasing. The government has already announced a base salary increase to 15,000 baht. How does the company react to this? Is there any plan to help?” A: We really understand the issue, and is in the process of adjusting the base pay for most of our employee to meet the minimum pay. We do feel obliged to inform our associates that the priority of the pay adjustment will be based on some of your PPR Review; however, by August 2012, most of associates should have their salary adjusted to the minimum “base pay” of 12,000 baht. We hope you understand that the government’s campaign of 15,000 baht minimum payment is inclusive of other benefits, not only the “base pay”. Q: “When will I get my salary increase? I want to have the same system that we get it every March, so that I don't need to keep asking about the timing.” A: We believe that every good deed should be rewarded, and “Meritocracy” is the system that answers to that philosophy. Even though the number of years an associate is with us is of great importance, we truly believe that our associates should not only be distinguished by their time, but also their performances. Therefore, associates with greater performance shall receive more frequent salary increases and speedy career advancement than those who perform less. Same goes with Buddhism saying: ones with good deed shall be rewarded and vice versa, Meritocracy (or what you know as PPR) speaks the same language. Q: “The chairs are really bad. I have a constant backache sitting on it. Can you change it to be more ergonomics? Other companies do that.” A: We have already ordered a replacement for defect chairs and they will be delivered within 2 weeks, according to a report after a careful inspection by Admin department. Rest assured that this is not the only initiative we are taking to make your working condition more pleasant. Old curtains will be changed to UV-proof version for better sun and heat protection within this quarter; carpets, from now on, will be cleaned twice annually; dim lightings are being changed. More internal activities as well as a plan for recreation areas and meeting rooms in several floors are also underway. If you have any suggestion on how we can make your working condition better, please do not hesitate to send your suggestion to: We take your comments seriously.


Message from MD

Volume 1 | May 12, 2012

Message from Hi Team, Being an MD comes with one great downer… I have to be the boring guy who drones on about financials updates that send most to slumber land. But, fortunately, this is a fun internal magazine and I, for once, will not have to be that boring guy. What I would like to use this space to share with you is how I feel after spending three months here in this amazing country, and I’m not just saying this to please the Thais, but I really do think Bangkok is a city in the league of its own. Originally from India, I am more accustomed to chaotic streets and the vivid vibrancy of life than the tidy and tamed Singapore. You could imagine my delight when they have confirmed my tenant here in Thailand. To be honest, I had quite a shock the first day I arrived. I was staying in Le Meridien on Surawongse road and had walked through an open albeit gritty alley to the office that morning. When the evening came, I traced back my steps and found myself… in a totally different world. That quiet almost deserted alley I had walked through had transformed into… (well now I know) Patpong district! And that’s my first glimpse of how versatile and utterly multi-faceted the city truly is. Speaking of versatility, in all honesty, I am amazed by how talented and spirited our Thai team is. Arriving right after the worst flood ever, I expected a gloomy atmosphere, but I was greeted with such energy that impressed even a hyper-active person like me. In a span of three months, I have tried to get to know each team in each department, in order to, ultimately, get to know each of you. This is still a work in progress, but luckily, through the “rocking” staff party (where I am still in awe of the sheer quality of the performances and the effort you guys have put into) and the Nielsen Global Impact Day (where I am most impressed with the spirit and the genuine dedication that all of you have clearly shown), I now can understand why Thailand is called “The Land of Smile” – not only because you smile, but you also put a smile onto everyone’s face. And I ensure you, I am making it my personal goal to try and keep that smile on your faces throughout my stay here. Through integration to a true ONE Nielsen and the introduction of Practices, as well as many other amazing initiatives, including the improvement of our facility, I am confident we are embarking on a brighter future together as a team. You have seen me. You know my door is always open for everyone. I really do mean everyone. And although I prefer Mediterranean or, obviously, Indian touch to my food, if you would like to show me Bangkok’s local treats – and I assure you I eat anything anywhere: best food are always found on the street, not in fancy restaurant – you know where I sit (and you know my email!).

Cheers, Suresh

1 2

HR Corner

What “Gen” are you? a traditionalist?a boomer? a gen-x?or a millennial?


tions at


To let you in on a small HR secret,these are the terms we HR people use to classify… you! I see now I have your attention. According to a recent study, the generations at work are broken down into 4 groups. Each has its own unique characteristics, needs, and wants. Of course, since the model is actually based… on the period of time you were born (sounds a bit like horoscope, doesn’t it?), there always are some exceptions. The black sheep of the generation, so to speak. So, as Cicero, a wise Roman philosopher, used to say: “you are your own worst enemy”… should we start to get to know ourselves a bit more?

where’s my bonus?

loyalty to the company

the competitor is paying me more

wait for your chance

how is my resume enhanced?

good work will eventually be rewarded

why should I stay with you?

you are a part of our five year strategy


The period of time you were born in

before 1950

1950 - 1970

1971 - 1985

Generation motto

The "By the Book" Generation: Take charge & do what’s right

The “Change the world” Generation: Trials and errors in making everything better

The “I” Generation: The "Multi" Keeping all options wide Generation: open Questioning everything, wanting to try anything

What you believe in

Dedication Sacrifice Hard work Delayed reward Law & order Honour

Optimism Monetary gain Gratitude Health & wellness Personal growth

Global citizenship Work/life Balance Technoliteracy Fun Informality Self-reliance

Optimism Civic duty Achievement Social Street smart Team spirit

What people think you are

Practical& Patient Loyal&hardworking Respectful of authority Rule-followers

Optimistic Great team player Ambitious Workaholics

Skeptical Self-Reliant Risk-takers Looking for Work/Life Balance

Hopeful In search of meaningful work Look for diversity

What you want from working

Security, fair rewards, & part-time options

Monetary gains, career progression, & flexibility

Immediate rewards & career portability

Multiple career choices

What attracts you

Traditional values

Chance to be a change agent

Work/life balance

Multi-functional opportunities

Your "HOT" buttons (things you can't stand)

Lack of order

Lack of flexibility

Lack of autonomy

Lack of variety

Your "SWEET" spots (things you love)

Recognition on experience

Monetary gains that makes a difference


Meaningful work

so you are a:





after 1985

Technology savvy

HR Tips! one of the simplest ways to recognize your colleague is to say “thank you!” want to shout out THANK YOU to your colleague in style?

and don’t forget to nominate them for

Simply Excellent Award! 4

BASES Corner

Letter from Shanghai BASES Girl Prim Hongladarom Lujiazui Financial District

Hi all,

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to be transferred to BASES Shanghai, China. It has been two months now and I am absolutely enjoying it. I thought I’d save you guys from the monotony of product knowledge – so here it goes. My first-handed experience on life in Shanghai, in case you wanna pay this awesome city a visit, or, better yet, join me!

The Food

Like Bangkok, Shanghai is a very vibrant city and is full of variety. There are thousands of options when it comes to restaurants – from delicious cheap eats to impress-the-guest fancy restaurants. I personally fell in love with xiaolongbao, a type of Chinese dumpling filled with hot savory soup and meat inside. They’re so yummy I have to have one set at least once a week. Another local delicacy that is very unique to Shanghai is the fried xiaolongbao, also known as “shengjianbao,” these mouth-watering fried dumplings are so fattening but sooo good. So if you’re happened to visit Shanghai, don’t miss out on these two things!


events update

The Life

The City

Shanghai really is a gorgeous city: it is a mix of charming old architecture and stunning modern skyscrapers. The perfect illustration of this would be the Bund versus Lujiazui Financial District. The Bund is the waterfront area that is lined up with beautiful European style buildings, when this road lights up at night you might completely forget that you’re actually in China. Directly across the bund on the other side of the Huangpu River is the Lujiazui Financial District, an area where local people considered as Shanghai’s masterpiece. Magnificent skyscrapers and tall buildings are lined up next to each other to form China’s largest finance and trade zone. This too lights up at night and can easily blow your mind away.

Being the fastest growing city in the world, Shanghai attracts a lot of people from different age, race, and background. There are lots of foreign students taking Chinese classes at various local universities, as well as expats from different countries all over the globe working in both domestic and international firms. Here at Nielsen Shanghai, we enjoy the diversity brought about by associates from the U.S., UK, France, Germany, India, Korea, Brazil, and now Thailand! The company is comprised mostly of Chinese though, so Mandarin is the language used in day-to-day conversation, but English is used when communicating with clients/managers, similar to Nielsen Bangkok. The company is located at the heart of the city center with many local eateries to choose from and a major mall that is about five minutes walking distance. Although, shopping here is definitely not as great as soi Lalaisap as things can be pretty expensive, so I do miss the stroll along soi Pipat and Lalaisap quite a bit.

The Bund Shenjiang


SHANGHAI To sum up, I’d say my experience so far has been a positive one and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. Do let me know if you are visiting in this area, I would love to help out recommending a dish or two!

Best, Prim


Practices 101

inn n

vation v e c i t rac p

You’ve heard whispers about it. You’ve seen glimpses of it in Management presentations. But brace yourself, for you are about to learn… what (on earth!) it actually is. Starting with the first of the five “Practices”: Innovation

What Innovation is all about?

What “Practices” means

Innovation is about seeing what is missing from consumers’ lives and filling these opportunities with brands that become indispensable.

Practices simply mean types of business issues. To be more precise, it means types of business issues we want to be known as THE expert!

What Nielsen Innovation Practices aims to do?

In a global attempt to be known for “answering” business issues, not just “validating” it with data; Nielsen is embarking on a thought-process makeover, and has identified 5 different types of business issues, known to us from now on as Practices, we can truly be the expert in: Innovation, Brand Health/Social, Marketing Effectiveness, Shopper, and Cross-Platform Audience Measurement. And if you think Innovation sounds very much like something BASES does; Brand Health/Social seems like a mixture of CR and Watch; Marketing Effectiveness is like an omelette of CR, Watch, and AAC; Shopper resembles a grand combination of RMS, CR, and CPS; and Cross-Platform Audience Measurement has Watch written all over its forehead – well, you’re not that far off. But the key is: it’s a combination! It’s a group effort! It’s a ONE Nielsen approach to the clients’ problems. Think about how frustrating it is when the clients ask you something they expect you to know and you tell them you don’t… in order to find out a week later that the department sitting next to you has that data! Or worse, you know that the other department has the data, and your role is reduced to a messenger, or worse, a parrot!

To help our clients grow through successful innovation on their brands

What are the key success factors to Innovation? Distinctiveness Relevance Category Impact Robust Process Endurance

: understanding the “unmet” demand : getting the consumer value equation right : creating win for consumers and retailers : measuring against success : activated with commercial excellence

What kind of questions can it answer?

From the baby-steps of forming ideas to the post-launch measurement, Innovation can give answers to all of the questions about launching a new product!

What’s the difference between BASES+CR and Innovation Practice? Today Standardized Specialized Limited

Customized Ad-hoc Flexible

Tomorrow Structured with flexibilitty Deeper/broader understanding Integrated & Famous Simplified


Feature Report



What issue does ShopperTrends cover? how has purchasing behavior changed how health understanding conscious are the rise of consumers? convenience stores


are rising costs are premium changing brands changing consumer the market behaviour? place?


e are sure you’ve heard about it before. ShopperTrends is a powerful tool for manufacturers and retailers alike, dealing with “HOT” issue facing everyone in the FMCG market. It’s also one of Nielsen’s uncommon efforts in offering more insightful consolidated reports to our clients. But do you actually know what wealth of information is packed inside? Let us share with you some of the key findings to give you a glimpse into the world of Thai FMCG: 8

Feature Report

Thailand Demographic “Population (Mil. Person)” +9%

+11% +22%

Thai population – how far have we grown?


60.6 54.6

+30% 44.8 +31% 34.4

The Thai population is increasing slowly due to low birth rate, dropping from a 31 percent growth from 1960 – 1970 to a snail-paced 9 percent from 2000 – 2010. Moreover, population growth is not the only thing dwindling, average household size in Thailand is also shrinking at a different pace depending on the region. No surprise that Bangkok possesses the smallest average household size of 2.8 persons per a house, and the Northeasterners remains the region with the biggest household at 3.5 people.








Average Household Size

Thailand Sociology Changes “Shrinking household size”

3.9 3.2

Average Household Size (2010) 3.4 2.9






Thailand national statistic office












Feature Report

The “Great Migration” continues (and guess who’s smiling?) Thailand Sociology Changes “Centralize & Urbaniaztion”








Northeast 23




% Urban Population







29% (Y2000)




Fast, cheap, and easy? A recipe hardwired to the hearts of urbanites!


Urban 15


44% (Y2010)

South 2000

As young able-bodied people from rural areas still flow to urban towns seeking for work and money, the urban population in Thailand has increased by more than 50 percent from a meager 29% of the population in 2000 to a rocketing 44% in 2010. Coincidently, the number of Convenience Store (CVS) also triples itself from 3,250 stores in 2001 to a massive 9,052 stores in 2011.

% of Population


Number of Convenience store

Thailand’s Convenience Store: Value Share and Number of Store

9,052 8,169

Value % Share of trade

5,026 62



30 8




Convenience Store Super Hyper Market










Traditional Trade






Feature Report

Water, water, water everywhere; millions dimes have sunken… and is surging back Considering an estimated sales loss of 11,090 million baht during one of Thailand’s worst ever floods, the report shows that the market is still quite resilient and the economic fundamentals still remain strong with a sign of rebound already underway since December 2011. The top and bottom categories were both affected by the flood: Paper Wipes won big while Condensed Milk stalled. Total Sales Lost -11,090 MB

Thailand FMCG: Sales Value % Growth YA North -1,630 MB* -8,890 MB*




-570 MB*














12.9 8.6






-1 -2.6



Sep 11

Before Flood

Before Flood

Oct 11

During Flood

Before Flood During Flood

Nov1 1

After Flood

After Flood


6.8 6.8

Total Thailand

Greater Bangkok



MAT Sep11





South *Sales lost compared to MAT Sep 11 growth Source: Nielsen Retail

Thailand: Sales Value% Growth (2010 vs. 2011) Top 15

Bottom 15


35 29 27 24 23 22 21 21 21 19 18 17 17 16 15


-7 -6 -6 -5 -5 -5 -4 -3


-2 -2 -2 -2




-1 -1



Feature Report

Who wears the pants, and where do they buy? AGE


Main Shopper 57%



+2% YA







25% 15-24

Key Influencer 43%




Males 27

+1% YA

22 10




24% 15-24





Average Frequency of Visit per Month 2011


3.3 3.1


3.4 3.1

2010 Base All Supermarket Hypermarket (2010 n1900, 2011 n-1900)

17.1 17.7

Traditional Grocery

16.1 14.5

Wet Markets

14.5 13.7

Convenience Store OUTSIDE petrol Vegetable Vender

10.4 5.5 4.0

Convenience Store


Weekend Market Department store

1.6 1.4

Personal care

1.3 1.6 1.0 2.4

Central Shopping Health Supermarket Special Outside Community Mall



Digging deeper into the consumer, despite women being the key shopper, the main influencer of what is purchased remains the male consumers. Traditional Trades, affectionately called Mom n’ Pop shops, are still the type of store consumers visit most frequently, while Convenience Stores surges to become a serious contender. However, Hypermarkets still shares the largest chunk of consumers’ wallets.

0.8 1.4 0.5



Feature Report

d n e r t 2012

What Makes Them Tick: Going Green Without Losing My “Greens” There is no doubt going green is an ongoing global trend that looks very much like it’s here to stay. But how far are Thai consumers willing to go for the “greater good”?

Value for Money

The brutal answer: as long as their “greens” are not affected. When it comes to the environment, consumers are increasingly looking for more “green” products. However, the majority of consumers will only purchase these if they cost the same as other not-sogreen brands.


Social Responsibility

Willingness to pay more for green product? Whatever it costs Organic food Environmentally friendly/energy saving products

Even if more than any other brand Even if costs a lot more than cheapest brand Even if costs a bit more than cheapest brand Only if costs same as cheapest brand

Fair trade products

Wouldn’t buy at all Don’t know 13 1

Feature Report

Top Rank! Who’s the Boss?

 

Boonrawd Brewery Co.,Ltd. TTM Thai Beverage PLC Unilever Thai Trading Co.,Ltd. Other Manufacturer Nestle (Thai) PMI Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Coca-Cola Co.,Ltd. Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

It’s intriguing to think that despite the presence of world leading manufacturers here, the top 3 manufacturers according to our RMS data are Thai-owned companies!



At the end of the day, consumers want everything: from low prices, high promotions, wide variety of products to comfortable stores, loyalty programs with great rewards.

Sales Value Ranking based on Nielsen Categories Coverage Source Nielsen Retail Index

Who wouldn’t? And yes, it’s our job to get to the bottom of their complicated hearts! That’s what Nielsen does. We make it our mandate to know the consumers better than they themselves!

Want to know more? For more details. Contact : Alan (6304), Jing (6060) Husin (6030)


RMS Corner

“Like� me, buy me?

does Facebook likes immediately translate to sales? see the answer --> Note: bubble size = no. of likes

Relative Growth MAT Apr12 Smirnoff 172,970 likes


Lays 289,425 likes

Johny Walker 170,259 likes

Sor Bor Mor (Benmore) 126,719 likes

Pepsi 836,339 likes

Pantene 93,673 likes Twisties 227,420 likes Sunsilk 112,602 likes

Lo Ichitan 592,825 likes *New Brand!

Maybelline NY 114,854 likes *Growth not available at Total Thailand level *All pages are official pages for Thailand 15

How Did Top 10 Brands on Facebook Thailand Performed Lately? The answer:

≠ Among top brands on Facebook Thailand, there were no significant correlation between ‘no. of likes’ (fan base) and ‘sales growth’.

Source: 1) Nielsen Retail Index, data ending April 2012 2) Socialbakers. (June 8th, 2012). Top Facebook Pages with the Most Momentum in Thailand. Retrieved from

CPS has gone


Jumping into the new world of panelist engagement made possible by the reach of Social Media, CPS has launched their Facebook MobileScan panelist club to be the “hub” of all things savvy!

What is MobileScan? MobileScan is a new innovative product from CPS! Based on a similar concept as HomeScan which consumers scan their purchases at home, MobileScan turns their phones into portable scanners, enabling them to scan their purchases on-the-go! Fit for tracking impulse purchase, MobileScan can now give us an insight into the right-here-right-now world of city sleekers!

let’s scan 16

RS Corner

Tesco Tesco Tesco….

Yes, yes it’s a Retailer. What do you know Everyone knows about Tesco? that. But, how many of you know its background and the sheer impact this retailer has made to retail services all around the world? We can tell you all about it so here it goes… Background: Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. It is a British born company but has branched out to other countries since the 90s. It is currently operating in 14 countries and has over 6,000+ stores around the world. Tesco is now the world’s 3rd largest retailer, and is recognised as an industry leader in format and private label development. Tesco came to Thailand in 1998, through joint venture with CP existing retail chain called “Lotus”. Tesco Lotus brand was established and has prospered in Thai market ever since. Tesco Lotus now has more than 1,100+ store in Thailand and is one of the biggest Hypermarket chains in Thailand.


RS Corner

Service: Though Tesco has started off as a grocery focused retailer, it has gradually diversified its product offerings and services. Today, in its mother country, Tesco do not only just sell food, clothes or electronic, but also provides personal finances, banking, credit card, insurance, broad band Internet connection, and mobile telephone services! Talk about the jack of all trades! Moreover, Tesco also is instrumental in the shift in British consumers’ shopping behavior by introducing online shopping services. Tesco Lotus in Thailand is not so far behind. Although not as diverse as Tesco UK, their various services offerings also include in-store income tax and road tax payment portals! Format in Thailand: To survive in an increasingly fragmented consumer segments, Tesco Lotus has developed multiple trade formats to cater to various shoppers needs: Tesco Lotus Hypermarket Tesco Lotus Department Store Tesco Lotus Extra Tesco Lotus Talad Tesco Lotus Express.

Fast Fact Founded: Nationality: Est in Thailand:

1919 British 1998 (as Tesco Lotus) Product & Services (TH) Food Non-food Credit cards Payment portal Trade Formats (TH) Department Store Hypermarket Supermarket Convenience Store Customer Loyalty Program Club Card No of members: 8 millions


AAC Corner

Being in the market insights industry, we are often given the not-too-coveted task of being the messenger. Some of the times, it’s great to deliver wonderful rosy news that affirm and confirm the client’s strategic success. But, sometimes, we have to deliver the bad news. And most of the time, it involves busting the myth on Pricings and Promotions! It sounds almost rhetoric. Everybody knows lowering the price always increases sales… or does it? Well, according to AAC study, unfortunately, no, not always.

Even though a temporary price reduction of 10 percent can uplift the sales by 45 percent, the price cut will be “profitable” only if your product is highly sensitive to the promotional price, so that the incremental in volume sale would compensate with the price decrease. Another commonly used strategy on pricings when manufacturers try to cope with the ever-increasing production cost is by directly increasing the product price. That, according to the learning from AAC in China, might prove to be a mistake. The study in China shows that the negative impact on increasing the price is twice greater than the impact on decreasing the size/portion of the product! This means consumers in China are more comfortable with buying smaller/less portioned product with the same amount of money than having to increase their spending to have the same amount.

One thing we can tell you for certain, though. No matter what your products are, price discounting may usually yield a positive temporary revenue return; but it does not help brand loyalty and could deteriorate the margins. If the brand’s baseline of loyal buyers is declining, price discount will only buy the company time to put an alternative offer out. Repositioning is the long-term ticket out of the mess when a brand’s baseline

Think about it for a moment – If your favourite brand of facial foam that you have been using for the past 10 years keeps their price; while the competitors have lowered theirs, will you shift to other brands? Some of you would, but some of you wouldn’t. Come on – it’s your face! You need the best there is, right?

volume share is declining. Promotion

So, you(r clients) ask: what’s the best way for me, then? The answer is… it’s complicated. Each product and each brand has their own unique customer base and positioning; therefore, each deserves their own strategy, not just a generally accepted marketing idea… known as myth. And that’s why we all are here (no no no no… that’s not our hard sales… but please please please if you clients are interested in finding out more about Price & Promotions, you know where we sit!)

alone will never be able to build a strong base. That is why a good communication strategy and a hard measure like MROI (marketing Return On Investment) come into play to ensure that the brand is spending the right amount on the marketing mechanisms that are really worth doing. So guess what we’ll be telling you about in the next issue? Yup, MROI coming up. Stay tuned!


Tech Talk

“Installing Cable/Satellite TV” turns Thai social media HOT topic (HOTTER than gov’s reconciliation plan!) Trend






20 3/ 6/




01 5/

/2 20 5/






12 5/

20 5/


gov reconciliation plan


01 /2 29






2 01 4/

15 4/






12 20



01 /2 25







2 01 3/

/2 11 3/






installing cab/sat

Euro Cup 2012 dominates online platform, winning over French Open, Wimbledon, Lady Gaga, and Soap Series! 30,000 26,675 24,000




from May 1 - Jun 12


0 euro 2012

french open




lady gaga


soap opera


Tech Talk

Guess what team receives the most online “buzz� during the Euro Cup 2012? 11% 25%

Spain Italy


England France 9% 21% 17%

Germany Portugal

Want to know how we come up with these amazing social media insights?

Want to know how your clients' brand is doing online? Talk to


Movie Review



“Seven Something: Seven-Year Itch” By Sorradithep Supachanya

With character-driven stories, rare versatility to traverse genres, and a large, loyal fan base (its Facebook page has more likes than any other Thai brands), Thailand’s GTH movie studio has become a respectable brand in its own right, in some ways like what Disney and Pixar have achieved. And to celebrate being seven years old in style—and seven symbolizing a cycle of change in Thai belief—the studio puts together Seven Something, a self-congratulatory feature, a PR-taglined “gift” to its fans in the form of a collection of three shorts by three of its leading directors. To top it off, one of the shorts features megastar Nichkhun, the Thai American member of Korean boy band 2PM, in his big screen debut.

With each segment representing a different life stage, “14 Likes,” the first short by director Paween Purijitpanya (Body, 4Bia, Phobia 2), tackles the increasingly palpable issue of a teenager’s social media obsession. Its youthful story is fittingly complimented by its fast pace, quick editing, and a plethora of social media references that anyone under 30 would recognize. While timely and relevant, it could benefit from a deeper character exploration on identity, recognition, and self esteem. Jirayu La-ongmanee (Phobia 2, SuckSeed) once again proves he has a lot more to offer than his good looks, and Suthatta Udomsilp (Laddaland) shows she can do drama as well as horror.

“21/28,” the second short, reunites Adisorn Tresirikasem and Cris Horwang, the director and lead actress of the 2009 local box office megahit Bangkok Traffic Love Story for a mature take on romance, rejection, and redemption between two estranged lovers. The juxtaposition between the two ages adds depth to the characters of the two leads, and leaves a thoughtful message that sometimes an aquarium tank and a movie script would have to do, if an actual island paradise and a filming crew party are no longer available. Sunny Suwanmethanont gives a subtle performance not seen since his debut in Dear Dakanda coincidentally seven years ago. 23

Movie Review

Resident Film Critic:

Sorradithep Supachanya (Champ BASES)

“42.195,” the last short, marks director Jira Maligool’s return to form since his The Tin Mine, also released domestically seven years ago. The number refers to the length of the marathon in kilometers as well as the approximate age of the main character who takes up running to escape from, and eventually face, a tragic turn of events in her life. Suquan Bulakul, the leading lady, gives a surprisingly rich performance for a first-timer. As for Nichkhun, well, his fans are probably too busy swooning to notice his acting. In fact, adding depths to and perspective of the young runner (Nichkhun’s character) could make this segment a strong, standalone feature. Despite, or perhaps because of, the high anticipation locally, Seven Something struggles to minimize its pretentiousness in its first two shorts, largely fueled by an overload of GTH stars’ cameos that oftentimes distracts viewers from the film’s story and message. But its last segment offers an emotionally powerful and surprisingly philosophical conclusion that reassures the audience to “focus on the next seven feet” in order to get through a tough day. And after all, tomorrow is another day. Poetic and meditative, this last segment saves the film and can make the viewers—GTH fans or not—leave the cinema satisfied and inspired.

Thai Translation Seven Something GTH

= =

รัก 7 ป ดี 7 หน จีทีเอช

ตอน “14”: ผูกำกับ กอลฟ-ปวีณ ภูริจิตปญญา นักแสดงนำ เกา-จิรายุ ละอองมณี นักแสดงนำ ปนปน-สุทัตตา อุดมศิลป ตอน “21/28”: ผูกำกับ ปง-อดิสรณ ตรีสิริเกษม นักแสดงนำ ซันนี่ สุวรรณเมธานนท นักแสดงนำ คริส หอวัง ตอน “41.195”: ผูกำกับ เกง-จิระ มะลิกุล นักแสดงนำ สูขวัญ บูลกุล นักแสดงนำ นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล Old GTH movies mentioned in the review: Body 4Bia Phobia 2 SuckSeed Laddaland Bangkok Traffic Love Story Dear Dakanda The Tin Mine

= บอดี้ ศพ19 = สี่แพรง = หาแพรง = ซักซี้ด หวยขั้นเทพ = ลัดดาแลนด = รถไฟฟา มาหานะเธอ = เพื่อนสนิท = มหา'ลัยเหมืองแร 24

Let’s GO!

Food Around the Corner I

“ ’m staying late again!” is undoubtedly one of the most uttered sentences in GO (and we’re sure in other departments as well!). And what is sure to follow that sentence can be nothing but… “Let’s find something to eat first!” Spoiled by gazillion choices of chic restaurants around the building, we, unfortunately, cannot opt for those hip hangouts every day, for otherwise we will most likely end up with an empty wallet and a growling stomach for weeks after. But our love of great food cannot be compromised. So, after trials and errors (read: countless food poisons and diarrhoea) here are our coveted list of places where you can find fantalicious food while keeping your wallet (and you) fat!

Moo Ra-bert (Explosive pork) Don’t worry – you won’t explode (mmm your stomach might) when you taste this crispy-outside-juicy-inside fried pork cutlets. The reason to the shop’s puzzling name comes from… its clientele’s temper. Thais are notorious for our absolute conviction that queuing is for the weak-hearted; therefore, a rush hour traffic of hungry foodies clawing their ways to the yummy pork at this hawker stall can be…deadly explosive. (But trust us – it’s worth it!) One more upside to this shop – the son of the owner is HOT! And we’re not talking temperature here!


STOP: Chong Non Sri BTS

Moo Yang Nom Sod (Barbecued Marinated Pork) Here, they treat their pork as if it was a beauty pageant in waiting! Not only the pork is seasoned perfectly to go with a pinch of sticky rice, it is bathed for hours on end in a milk bathtub before reaching a sizzling coal barbecue stove… and ending up in our mouth! Imagine the juicy texture that will caress your tastebuds before the heady aroma will encompass your senses. Hungry now? Well, there is a promotion: one piece of this divine pork cutlet will cost you 7 baht, but if you buy three… you get a one baht discount! (yayyyy). To be honest, we don’t really care. Take our word for it – buy a ton. One piece will never be enough.


Let’s GO!

Food Around the Corner Som Tam Rod Ded (Amazing Papaya Salad)

This stall is our lifeline. Period. For every welcome party, farewell party, lottery party, or even just about any dinner getogether, we entrust our stomach with this aunty called Nuch! If you are papaya salad lover, this place can offer you any concoctions you’ve ever heard of, starting at 30 baht. And if you don’t like how yours tastes… wait for it… Aunty Nuch will make a new one for you for FREE! The catch is… it’s also toilet trip-free. Tried. Tested. Guaranteed.

Yum Naem Convent

(Convent’s Fermented Sausages Salad) This stall has two locations: Convent street during lunch (hence the name), and Sathorn in the evening. They make killer spicy salads, and fermented sausage is one of their bestsellers. The signature of this stall is that they will add thin slices of raw mango into any type of salad you order to add the subtle sourness without spiking it with lime. One tip, though – if you hate waiting (or think that queuing is just a suggestion), be there early. The aunty from this shop comes prepared – she hands out queuing cards!


Event Updates


we care...

Thank you team Thailand for all your wholehearted support. You have made a powerful impact, not only to the children, but to the community, the society, and yourself! All 450 lives from Nielsen Thailand have split up into four teams and marched out to four slum childcare centres, devoting ourselves - some with intensive labour; some with gentle touch; but all were heartfelt, to improve the children’s living condition.



HR Corner

Staff Party Description? Nah... We. Just.

ROCKED!!! 32

Guitar contest

You’ve painted! And now, we need your votes!

These are the 12 finalists for Rock Guitar painting contest! Log on to Nielsen Now Connection (Tibbr) and vote for your favourite photo today! All 12 photos will be uploaded on “Thailand Office” page! Check it out now!

Once Upon a Time Photo Quiz The ExComm team might look old (oops... we mean mature and experienced!) to you. But they were young once (upon a very very long time...) Care to guess who these cute kids would grow up to be? Post your guesses on Nielsen Now Connection (Tibbr) on Thai Office page! The first 3 who got both answers right wins 1,000 baht each! We also will do random 10 lucky draw prizes (SF movie ticket) for everyone who provides all correct guesses!

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