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NIEKE IN A NUTSHELL young energetic dynamic flexible communicative creative stress resistance persistant well developted social skills

These were the words, now the facts!

I will present a highlight summary of my portfolio. Additional portfolio projects are available on request.


VISUAL MERCHANDISING A Visual Merchandise plan specially made for Kindercompagnie, a shop specialized in babyclothing and accessories. The overall plan included: presentation advise, signing design and leaflet design.


Logo shop

STYLE ADVISE For an exhibition in a museum I made a style advise. The theme Punk was set. No furter information was provided. Punk is scandalising, chaotic and interactive. I wanted give an innovative angle to the meaning of Punk in the museum.


Power Punk is kracht. De scherpe vormen versterken het beeld. Studs, metaal, veiligheidsspelden, buttons etc. werden gebruikt als versiering.


De uitstraling van Punk was uitbundig en extreem. Dit was te zien aan de manier waarop ze zich kleedden en ze zich gedroegen. Een punker zag je niet over het hoofd. Tegenwoordig gebruiken vele ontwerpers de Punk als inspiratiebron voor hun collecties. Een interessante collectie is van Junya Watanabe uit 2006.

Extreem Uitbundig

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT In my last year at Sint Lucas I took part of a student company named Simple. Simple excisted of 8 young fashionable women. We brought the IZI on the market and with great succes! Simple, easy and cheap : An absolute must-have accessory for every woman that regularly switches her handbag With the arrival of the IZI, this annoying and certainly cumbersome work is history. The IZI, Bag-in-Bag is exactly what is in its name: a bag in a bag. By using the IZI as a bag-in-abag, women can switch their personal belongings from one handbag to another, by just switching the entire IZI bag-in-bag.: simple, easy and very practical.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Media Glossy, april 2008 Yes, week 16 april 2008 Life & Cooking, februari 2008

NEW IDENTITY Daniel Ray is a specialized brand in handbags. My job was to create a new identity and image for Daniel Ray. The oneliner I considered was: Everyone is a winner. when you buy a Daniel Ray, you got to have a winners feeling. The new identity creates this winning feeling. I created a new logo, moodboards, posters, labels and window-stickers.

PHOTOGRAPHY I have a passion for Photography, especially the styling part of it. I love to create new images in the photo. On the next pages you will find examples of my work.


DESSINS I have a freelance contract with a dessin-agency. My designs for new bed-covers are being marketed worldwide.

ACCESSORIES COLLECTION While my internship at the styling department of Wink Accessories I designed my own childrens collection. Playfull Fantasy is inspired by the forecast of the overall style for kidsfashion 2008.

CURRICULUM VITAE Personal details Name: Surname: Adress: Place: Telephone number: Date of birth: Place of birth: Civel status: Nationality:

Mulder Nieke Catherina Engelina Sloterkade 161 K 1059 EB Amsterdam 0652000377 11 April 1987 Oss Single Dutch

Educations 2008-present:

Amsterdam Fashion Institute HBO, Amsterdam. Fashion & Branding


SintLucas MBO, Boxtel Designer productpresentation and communication Graduated in 2008


Havo Titus Brandsma lyceum Oss Graduated in 2004

Work experience Freelance contract July 2008 - today:

Verbeek & van der Broek. Designer for dessins.

CURRICULUM VITAE Internship 22-01-’07 / 22-06-’07:

Wink accessories, Eindhoven. Styling department, Designer.

Internship 21-09-’06 / 19-01-‘07:

de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam ZO Visual Merchandiser at the headoffice.

December 2005 - May 2007:

Weekend job at “Scene” fashionstore, Den Bosch

September 2005 - Dec. 2006:

Window dresser at “Kaldi” , Uden Shop specialized in Coffee.

May 2004 - Dec. 2005 :

Restaurant Plexat, Oss Waitress



Simple, overall winner of the Dutch national competition and representing the Netherlands in the European finals in Stockholm.

Computer skills Microsoft Office package, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Coraldraw.

Personal interests Fashion designers, fashion magazines, sports, music, friends.



Nieke Mulder's Portfolio