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Choosing Gould Evans I Baum Thornley was easy for me. I was interested in a variety of small commercial work and GEBT does everything from libraries to wineries, schools, housing and office space. GEBT is a multi-disciplinary firm and includes interior and graphic designers. Bob Baum is inspired by great cities and by the way buildings and landscape work together to create context. Douglas Thornley spent two years of study in Scandinavia which fostered his belief that architecture encompasses all aspects of design, from buildings and interiors to furniture and lighting. So. Why Gould Evans I Baum Thornley?

why not?

robertGOULD principal douglasTHORNLEY principal bobBAUM principal

sherryMICHALSKE receptionist / renaissance woman cast + crew aaronTHORTON ageless amberEVANS are you 21? minhTRAN expert johnSPRINGER the fillmore johnGRIMES cartoonist

laurenMAAS mrs. torres jimEDMONDSONcandy man triciaALESSII cat woman byung kiKIM the renderer sophiaSZAGALA president intern


First day: Upon arrival to the office, I got buzzed in and met with the receptionist Sherry. She was very friendly and showed me to my desk - a beautiful window seat, I couldn’t believe it. I have tons of sunlight and a big working space. My first task, Sherry informed me, was to clean up around the desk. I stopped looking out the window and into my more immediate line of vision and saw the numerous boxes and material samples lying in and around the desk. The life of an intern begins. The first day was a normal one – I got situated with a password, started up a timesheet and was slowly introduced to the hard drive and

placement of files. I was also introduced to some of my immediate office-mates. There’s a partition in the middle so I’ll learn my side first. Lauren informed me that the materials library needed some serious work so for the first day I sorted out materials according to CSI Master Format. On my own accord I started a materials rep spreadsheet that houses company, rep and contact information. I figured neatness can start from there. People hate sorting through all their business cards anyway. I have a feeling the library will take longer than my stay to get sorted out.

MAY 2 - 3 The materials library is in complete disarray so I spent most of the day cleaning and sorting. I spent a lot of time calling up our material representatives to schedule a time to come clear out outdated binders and materials. I also worked on a “materials board” which is something unique to Gould Evans l Baum Thornley. The samples of the materials that will be in use for the project are arranged aesthetically and presented to the client, or even to the construction site. In AutoCad, Sophia already laid out the dimensions of the samples. It was my job to finish this task of artfully displaying the products.

The material board has so many products. A final piece would be the wood which was unfinished. So I sanded and stained the piece dark walnut and added it to the composition. I talked more with some of the material reps – at least the ones that called back. Minh showed me how to use the binding device. It was so easy I managed to mess up and had to ask Minh to print out some of the document again. I was binding the project NOAA La Jolla. Minh also asked me to run down to the planning department. We are working on a project near AT&T Park, condominiums, and were curious as to the

construction signage code requirements. While at the planning department, I learned that this frontage is actually an historic district, so any sign, temporary or not, has to apply for a “certificate of appropriateness.” Along with that comes a fee of course.

MAY 4 - 5 In the morning I put together a mini packet for my principal’s UC Davis presentation. The packet just consisted of some photos of a similar project in construction and a map of the potential project site. It was stressful however because my boss was going to be in at noon to pick it up. It was finished of course, but I also went to pick up lunch for his meeting . As luck would have it, the deli just changed their lunch menu and didn’t have his “chicken curry” sandwich. How can I even guess what would be equivalent to that? I ended up getting a roast beef sandwich and ran back to the office just in time to reprint the

proposed site. I’m glad the roast beef didn’t get me fired. I spent most of my time working on the condominium project’s sign that will be posted during construction. Minh said the sign shouldn’t be more than 6’ x 8’ and it can go either landscape or portrait. I tried a couple of each, using a rendering that BK did. Aaron would come by and suggest one thing, Minh would stop by and said she likes the other. I’m really excited to see if they use any for the real thing. Then when I drive by and see it I can say that I did THAT.

Grabbed some company money and I was off to the builders discount store to buy some plywood for the Claremont materials board. As it turns out, the board ended up being 3’ x 4’ which is almost half a sheet of plywood. Because the weight of the materials would be a lot, I decided on the ¼” thickness. The employee cut the sheet for me on this giant saw in the shop. It was pretty cool. It was windy in the city today and carrying a 3’ x 4’ piece of plywood three blocks back to the office was not an easy task. I basically wind surfed my way back, dodging the lady with the stroller. I think about three people asked me

if I needed help. When I got back, it was time to paint the wood Fossil Grey. I spent a portion of the day in a new fashion statement – a huge garbage bag dress. The outfit I was wearing was borrowed so there was no way I was going to get paint on it. Sherry knew how to paint and showed me a technique. Basically, don’t paint in straight lines. So I set myself up in a corner of the office, far enough away from everyone so the paint smell wouldn’t bother, and painted away.

MAY 6 In between coats I worked on the 750 Second Street posterboard some more and started double checking floor plans for the revitalized 651 Addison project. As it turns out, there were major errors in the number of units said to what was actually in the project. So I got to go through all the plans and count how many units of each configuration there were. After that I went into the AutoCad files and changed the “number of occurrences” in the title block.


Of course, the wood is bowing. Doug suggested painting the backside of the board so I climbed back in to my garbage bag dress and painted the backside of the materials board. A man who works for Housing Coalition, who rents space from Gould Evans I Baum Thornley, was surprised to see me in the garbage bag…again. He then started to talk to me about Slip n Slides.

After that was all painted, I got a new task. GEBT does a wide range of projects, including wineries. My newest assignment was to update the wineries marketing packet to include their newest project Hamel Family Wines. While doing this, I sneaked a peek at everyone’s bio and some of the other projects that they’ve done. I started to think a lot about my thesis…

MAY 9 -10 Gluing down the Claremont board was not an easy task. It is hard to see if things are straight or not. A couple times I stood on a chair and looked down on it. I also made a key for the board, noting with a legend what material was which. First I stated what the material was, then the manufacturer and color. The key was to run along the bottom. When finalizing the board, it’s important to note which materials are going to be raised up off the board. Sophia helped pick which ones should get the extra emphasis. I couldn’t wait to finish this one - only to find that I had another to do right after…

So after I finished gluing Claremont, I started on gathering the materials for Laney college’s athleteic fields. I noticed right away that the college’s colors are green and white; and that this materials board would also be heavy. First thing I did was measure the samples and diagrammed them – sketching first – then putting it into AutoCad.

GEBT does models in office. One of them being for Hamel Family Wines. I went through the photos and picked two to show to Doug for the booklet. Before showing him however, I tried a couple different options. I played on photoshop with the levels and putting a sky as the background. Doug picked the non-photoshopped, overall scheme model.

Minh also came to talk to me about the 750 Second Street condos. I learned more about the program – two units per floor, one is modern, the other traditional. The parking garage is one of those mechanical ones that can move cars vertically and shuffle them and stuff. Minh explained to me how they wanted to use two different color whites on the interiors and how it would need to go with the wood grille and the I worked on the Laney materials board more. concrete. My job was to go through the white paint Composition is very important. You want to group the samples and pick the best - a warm and a cool, things that go together in a room as well as grouping not too yellow. Minh and I laughed a little reading the ridiculous names of the paint colors. It’s pretty funny. things from ceiling to wall to floor.

MAY 11-12 After a few casualties – as in materials fell off of the Claremont materials board – it was finally time to photograph. I think the board came out really nice. Doug was wide—eyed when he saw it. He just hoped the thing would fit in the back of his car. I continue to work on the Laney board. I also helped out Lauren’s UCSF parking garage project. We basically got all the drawings in from the consultants and I organized them. It is hard to get them in a nice neat pile…without getting a paper cut.

The best part of the day was lunch. A bunch of us – Aaron, Minh, John, Sophia and myself – went to grab sausages on Haight. Then we grabbed a beer at the bar next door. The Giants game was on too. I talked to them a bit about their past experience, their thoughts on current projects, etc. It was good to bond with the people you work with.

After the whites were picked out for 750 2nd, I started on the color for the accent wall in the lobby. I ordered full sheets of the white samples too. Minh also asked me to research exterior tile for the courtyard. Since they are trying to get the project to be LEED Gold, the tile would have to have a solar reflectivity index greater than 29. Not a lot of companies even do this testing for their materials so I just dove into emailing reps.

When I came back from lunch I noticed the infamous arrow for the first time. On the website it shows this arrow lighting up; I had no idea what it was. But there it is, an arrow pointing to the entrance. I met with a representative from DesignWeave/ PatCraft which is a carpet company. I cleared out all our sample carpets that we had and got rid of some old binders. The woman was very friendly and we filled two duffle bags worth of stuff to be removed from our materials library.

MAY 13 Today I also hung the two Gold Nugget plaques that have just been sitting on the filing cabinet. The orange accent wall in the office has one line of these Gold Nugget plaques that GEBT has acquired. It’s in the perfect location for when a client comes in. I had to hammer in two more nails for the extra plaques and then move them all down two spaces to stay in chronological order. Bob Baum came over when he heard the banging but when he saw it was me he didn’t mind.

The last drawing set came in for the parking garage so I fixed those piles (three piles total). I got to stamp the architectural drawings with Bob Baum’s stamp. We got those drawing sets out by the end of the day.



gould evans

baum thornley forward thinking design that parallels progressive library trends

creatively adapting our built past

active participants in the community process

Contact: Douglas Thornley Gould Evans | Baum Thornley 95 Brady Street San Francisco, CA 94103 P. 415.503.1411

what if?


GEBT usually has their specs sent out and written the sizes into AutoCad anyway. I continued to work for them. With John and Lauren, I met with the spec on the Laney materials board because things keep writer for the UCSF garage project. We talked about getting added. different terms used (storefront versus curtain wall) and other issues. One thing that came up was the issue of guardrails in the staircase. The façade of the stairs is glass and currently there isn’t a handrail along the glass where the landing occurs. I don’t even know if that got resolved in the meeting. I looked at the potential materials for the garage and ordered a couple more samples for the future materials board. Nothing has really been picked out yet but I inputted

MAY16-17 Today I learned that GEBT was shortlisted for a library project in San Lorenzo. This was awesome news. Doug showed me the “leave behinds” they distribute at their library interviews. Naturally, it is a bookmark that says “why us?” and “what if?” with renderings and a plan of the potential project. I got to work on the bookmark we would be leaving behind in San Lorenzo. Most of the day was filled with Laney stuff – working on the material board, filing submittals, and working at the finish schedule. The submittals are categorized

by the master format mostly. There are so many files under my desk with submittals for this project. Jim showed me how to do revclouds in AutoCad – and also talked to me about what they mean. I had to cloud all the new floor tiles that the client picked out – there were eight different floor tiles for this project. I believe the project is only 12,000 square feet. Basically revclouds show the contractor what has changed from last time.

The Laney materials board needed some TLC so I re-painted the hardiplank that we are using for the project. After it dried I cut the piece down with a jigsaw. I hadn’t touched one since freshman year. I practiced first which was a good thing, and then just went at it. I sanded any curved edge that I strayed from. I also went to Flax to pick up ½” foam core to mount the materials onto. When I came back I started to work on the legend for the board – calling out the different materials with their brand and color and what they will be used for.

MAY 18 The office found out today that we got another Gold Nugget award for Cuvaison Winery! I also worked a little on the bookmark for San Lorenzo.

Archstone, the owners of the 651 Addison project, requested to have us try to put in walk-in closets to the bedrooms of the floor plans, as well as putting the washer and dryer into the kitchen. I re-worked the floor plans to the client’s request and discovered in one of the floor plans, a walk-in closet wouldn’t work out because ADA flexibility wouldn’t be possible. I successfully moved the washer and dryer into the kitchen and replaced it with a linen closet where it used to be. Across from the washer and dryer I put a pantry.

In the morning I filed a few submittals for Laney and worked on the San Lorenzo bookmark. We then found out that GEBT would be giving a presentation for the San Lorenzo job on Monday! I quickly was pulled to work on the power point presentation. They would only have a short time to present so each slide was critical. John Grimes and I worked together with Doug. I worked on every type of slide you can think of from timelines to past projects to green design.

MAY19-20 The paint samples came in and I must say I was excited to get mail. I handed those straight over to Minh so her and Aaron could review them. Jim, who was the project architect for Claremont, asked me to revise the finish schedule. That was pretty cool since I basically used it to create the materials board anyway. I helped to finish up the final San Lorenzo presentation. This was definitely a stressful week.


Sophia passed off to me some details for the Addison project. I plugged in wall details for CMU and parti walls. I also put together a packet of the proposed and revised floor plans for Addison, along with the elevations. The other thing I did today was learn about x-refs. Minh asked me to check the accessibility for the bathrooms for the 750 2nd street project, as well as group the plans with the north, south, east, and west elevations. These were all x-refed files. Minh said I was a fast learner but I felt like I was working so slow! This morning I accompanied Doug to the Claremont finishes meeting. It took both of us to load up the materials board into his car. On the ride over I asked some questions about what classes I should take to supplement my degree, what projects he likes best, and other advice he had for me (open your own firm). Once we got to Berkeley I realized that I had been there before. Two summers ago when I worked for Savings by Design I had a meeting about West Branch library with the same people. Anyway, we presented the materials board and discussed the furniture in the different rooms.

MAY 23-24 When I got back to the office I put together a Montclair drawing set for John Springer and scanned in the UCSF plan check. DSA redlined our plans and we have to go in and make the changes.

All day today I worked on the UCSF plan check with Lauren. We divided up the work and I started right away. I added supplement notes and changed dimensions. I also added kickplates to the doors. DSA basically looked at accessibility within the project.

MAY 25-26 In the morning I started to really crack down on the Laney materials board. I finalized the legend and laid it all out on the board. We finally got all the materials in. I had lunch with Minh and Sophia on Gough and Hayes. The food was so good – gyros – and we got complimentary dessert. We talked about music but also my plans for the summer. I told them I was going to ask to stay on and seeing what they may need help on in the future. When I got back from lunch I continued to work on the DSA plan check. I swear it takes so long for those AutoCad files to open on my computer.

Today I helped Sherry put new desktops at people’s stations. Most people have two monitors at their desk and I was underneath switching wires. I would definitely be fired if anything happened to the system! But I successfully switched out old computers with new ones.

get a lot done with the materials board so it could be ready by the end of Tuesday for our Wednesday meeting. I also worked on the DSA plan check today, fixing and adding signage and notes.

Doug came by and looked over what I had done with the material board. He rearranged a lot of it so I made those changes on the legend. This board was definitely smaller than Claremont’s - it was actually a perfect square 40” x 40”. I knew I had to

MAY 27


I was invited to visit the 750 2nd street construction site this morning. Of course the visitors hardhats were pink. The project is on a pretty narrow site ; there will be one unit on the “front” and one in the “back.” The garage has one of those mechanical stacking devices. I got to climb up 60 or so feet and look over the site. They were pouring concrete for the courtyard with a huge crane. It was raining. I saw all the rebar coming through the walls and located the lobby, staircase, and elevator shaft. When I got back to the office I straightaway glued

MAY 31 In the morning I got the material board all ready for travel and packed my bag with glue, duct tape, scissors, garbage bags, exacto knife, and ruler just in case a catastrophe hit. I prayed that it wouldn’t rain – and it didn’t while we transferred the board from inside to outside. The meeting was in Oakland and I met with the contractors. We got to tour the construction site which is well underway. It is a twostory athletic building looking over the baseball and football fields. We got to go up to the second story. There seem to be a few troubles with the lighting in the locker room, but nothing that couldn’t be solved.

down the material board. I also photographed the finalized board, which of course was top heavy and toppled over right after I was done getting my shots. I nearly cried seeing the dent in the foam core. I think it was the most traumatizing experience at the firm so far. I ran to Sophia asking for advice but she said there was nothing we could do. Doug instructed me to glue strips of foam core to the back to stiffen it. I seriously wanted to climb under a rock. At least I got a good photo before it came crashing down. I have learned so much from these two material boards. The UCSF one will for sure be better.

JUNE 1 There is just a lot of different HVAC and structure trying to happen in one place. I see how BIM would be really useful. Gilbane was really nice and I had a lot of fun. Doug took pictures of me at the site in the rain and said he’d send them to my mom. Unfortunately, when reviewing the material board in the job trailer, the contractor questioned one of the countertop materials. It took the whole drive back to the office to settle the confusion. Back at the office I started again on the DSA plans. After talking to Doug, I fixed the Laney legend for the materials board and re-printed it so it could be pasted over the old one.

This morning was hectic as we had multiple meetings going on at once for our contractor bids. Hamel Family Wines was downstairs and Addison upstairs. Good news is that there was a lot of left over treats for us. I finished up all the revisions for DSA, even though the project was going to be put to rest for a little bit.

Minh asked me to help out on the 750 2nd project updating the door hardware binder. I had to make sure the hardware listed is what was in the binder and if not, find the cut sheets for them online by the manufacturer. There are so many doors in this project it is crazy.

JUNE 2-3 My last day. I spent the morning in Oakland fixing the materials board. It was already hung up on the wall in the trailer. It looked good! But I took all my tools and pasted the updated legend over the old. It was definitely a challenge since I couldn’t “cut to fit” it. When I got back to the office I met up with John Grimes who handed me over a map to make presentable. We were going to start working on a presentation that we could give to bigger office building clients. The map is just a page of the presentation. I met with Mr. and Mrs. Gould and John about how to market ourselves to cients of office space. After I completed

the map pamphlet I worked on the template for the presentation as a whole. At 4:30 was my going away party. The office put together a beautiful wine and cheese party. One of the wines was from Cuvaison so I had to have some of that since GEBT designe the winery! It was a great setting to continue to talk to all the people I met along the way. Then, Doug announces that he’ll be seeing me when he gets back from vacation. As it turns out, I will be starting a summer internship after finals week!

to be continued...

2011 Internship Journal - Gould Evans Baum Thornley  

Daily journal of tasks including photographs of selected projects and studio life.

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