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Nidya P Putri

Nidya P. Putri 24 years old Art Director and caffeine junkie. I Describe myself as a “realistic one who lives in dreams”. In a real life, i always being the mature, and know whats best for myself without doubt, but when i design, my wild freely thoughts comes out and nothing can bordered it. I am connoisseur of minimalist and clean, yet youthful design styles. I believed white space could gives design a certain aesthetics such as luxury and sophistication. My focus are into advertising and branding, but i’m eager to learn about another design fields.


PRENAGEN Advertisement As an Art Director in commonsense communications, local advertising agency, i’m in charge of making ATL for PRENAGEN, from concept to design execution, and also POSM kindly check PRENAGEN latest TVC , with Andien as a new brand ambassador.

PRENAGEN esensis TVC “Checklist” -

Agency’s Board

Key Visual

#ASIyouDad - campaign initiative We created an idea, that father’s figure is also important in child’s growth. so we celebrate father’s day by making photo competition under #ASIyoudad campaign. #ASIyoudad means children’s appriciation to their dad. We wanted the world to understand that father’s role is not only just a money-maker, but also he can taking care of them when mommy’s not around or even in his day off. by the end of the day children would realise how much the father care and love them, as much as their mom.

Andien as brand ambassador, posted an invitation to joiun the photo competition

PRENAGEN’s feed during the competition we repost photo from social media infulencer looks like their also joining the competition, to make social awareness for public attention.

Smoothies Collab - campaign initiative PRENAGEN collaborate with happening smoothies outlet in Jakarta. we created special menu, that can be order via go-food, so that pregnant woman can enjoy healthy snack without even go out.

Bumper Mommy UHT 5sec video 5 sec bumper for PRENAGEN UHT. I created doodle motion inspired by Bruno Mars’s Thats What I Like music video.

Other work for PRENAGEN


We created theme for Extra Joss Blend “Tabrakin yang Loe Mau”. The target is young male from age 15 - 22. We believed that every active young male should not be afraid to have a hobbies and activites more that it should be. If they need a little kicks, extra joss blend will do the job for them. for the social media activites, we created campaign “gamerz - generasi aksi pamer” photo competition. we challange them to post their essentials and tag the extrajoss account.

MANDIRI Pitching

Pitching for Mandiri Online. We Created concept that people should move on to integrated finance applications which mandiri has. We believe once they move on the the new mandiri apps, they just like having an exciting experience, because of the sophistication offered by Mandiri Online. I created the key visual concept , that people who have tried Mandiri Online Apps, will feels just like a brand new person that is more knowledgeable and thinks one step ahead of others.

PERRIER Advertisement This made to fulfill an advertising assignment from school. The assignments demand us to make a perrier magazine ad with a touch of Indonesian Pop Culture. The ideas inspired by the tagline itself, “can you handle the heat?”. I combine the “meme” with Indonesian most popular star to deliver the idea. If the hottest man in this planet asking you to marry him, how can you possibly handle it? Therefore, you should drink perrier.

ULTRA MILK ICE CREAM Advertisement This is a school assignments. We have to create a new product based on one of existed product then design a campaign for it. The idea is to make an audience think that eating this Ultra Milk ice cream taste as good as drinking milk.

CLOSE UP Ad Series This is a school assignments which goal was to remake one of magazine ad. The challenge was to make one old ad into a series of three advertisement. The idea of this ad was refer to its tagline which “nafas segar hingga 12 jam�, because the breath was so fresh, it can make a food frozen the moment you open your mouth.


Sweets such as candy an chocolate are choosen because it identical with dental problem, but you don’t have to worry if you using close up you can ‘frozen’ them all.

TBOX BAKERY Apps & Branding TBOX is an online mobile bakery for you to order premium quality bread via smartphone and website at anytime anyplace with free delivery. In this start-up i’m in charge of all design requirements for TBOX Online Bakery. Produce creative design and concepts that represent TBOX Online Bakery’s image and characteristic and develop it even further. This includes designs for UI/UX, POSM, social media, communications and publications design. kindly check TBOX’s Instagram @tboxbakery

i also design motorcycle jacket and helmet for tbox

Big Bowl Startup This is a group assignments by four people. The assignments demand us to make a start up bussiness by developing a mobile app. Big Bowl is a digital application that shares information of dining areas in South Tangerang with social feature. It complete with navigation maps. This ideas came up to solve a problems today where people needs something fast and practical. This idea offers everything you needs in one app.


: Nidya Prima Putri, Shabrina Astrilia, Dita Anastasya, Hilda Nursadrina


POP HOTEL Rebranding Rebranding POP Hotel is a school assignments. The assignment was to rebrand one of hotel’s brand with a new perspective of ideas. The idea of this rebrand is to emphasize the eco-friendly issue and represent youth and simplicity.

old logo

leaf - eco friendly

a beat by kai The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 1234567890 , . / ? ! & ( ) ; : " '

Avenir The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 1234567890 , . / ? ! & ( ) ; : " '


HONEY BEANZ Cafe Logo Honey Beanz is an all-day breakfast cafe located in Subiaco, Australia. their taglinine are “Modern simplicity fuse with bold flavours of Asia”


HS BARBERSHOP Rebranding Rebranding HS Barbershop is a school assignments. HS Barbershop is a roadside barbershop located in Graha Raya, Tangerang. The idea is to elevate the conventional barbershop more fancy through the simple, timeless yet sophisticated design.

Logo Design

AARK Design Reviews An art critique about a product from spesific brand. In this case i choose AARK Collective Classic. The booklet was designed minimalistic, youthful and futuristic to make it more suitable with the product’s brand.

21 cm x 21 cm size. The cover using the coronado 270 gsm paper. twenty four pages.

ARTYPO Newsletter ARTYPO Newsletter is a school assignments that demanded student to maximize their explorations on typography in designing editorial. It consist of eight pages discussing typography and graphic design. Geometric shapes and object repetition with a different opacity is dominant to make it more dynamic.

A3 Size Printed on HVS 100 gsm paper

Awkwart Poster This poster is made for an event held by HIMDKV Binus, Alam Sutera.

# ACT FOR KELUD This poster is made for an event held by HIM DKV Binus, Alam Sutera to help the victims of kelud mt. erruption.


POP Hotel Infographic This Infographic consist of some corporate information of POP Hotel, old logo, visual problems, and brand new big ideas to solve that problems.

AKSI Infographic This Infographic consist of some information about birth certificate, visual problems, and campaign ideas to solve that problems.

AKSI Social Campaign AKSI or “Akta Untuk Semua Impian�. This social campaign is expected to foster community awareness of the importance of having a birth certificate and a certificate as a tool to reach your goals. This campaign designed as an educational tools for children, that delivered in a fun way. The purpose is to make the children understand about the importance of having birth certificate.

AKSI Promotional Items

AKSI Buku Pintar

Illustrations I am a biggest fan of surrealism. with my left hand i can do drawing in almost every way. What i do here is draw one objects in three different way. i also can do water color an poster color painting as well.

Portrait of a Girl

Digital Painting using Adobe Photoshop

Portrait of a Girl

Manual Drawing using F & 2B Pencils

Portrait of a Girl

Digital Drawing using Adobe Illustrator


Thank you. I’m looking forward to have an amazing work experience in your company.


Nidya's 2017 portofolio  
Nidya's 2017 portofolio