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Ni Duong Computer Drawing The Project Statement 1.


The client for this illustration is Bamboo Fencer Company. This company is inspired by the beauty, smart and sustainable of bamboo. It has variety of products from bamboo fence, bamboo poles to palm thatch. The company wants to encourage people about the natural character of bamboo to public by publish editorial about bamboo on its blog and also its website. This is a perfect opportunity for me to make an illustration about the sustainability of bamboo in relation to environment and human for one of Bamboo Fencer Company’s editorial. 2.

Target Audiences

The editorial is published on the company website to educate and promote the sustainability of bamboo to the customer who are interest in bamboo products or are trying to find out how green and friendly bamboo to them. This is why the target audiences for this project are the two groups of people above. 3.


The illustration illustrates the green (the main color of the illustration) and sustainability of bamboo in relation with human, economy (building and truck), environment (air and other tree). It converts all the contents that the writer want to commute to the reader in one simple picture. That means the illustration supports and help readers to remember the benefits of bamboo in a simple way. 4.


This illustration might be misread by the audience who don’t know about bamboo. Without the editorial, the readers might think the illustration means bamboo can replace all the wood in the world. Hopefully, along with the article, the readers will get a better understanding about bamboo. 5.

Key Benefit

Bamboo is sustainability. Bamboo is a green material. Bamboo is a fast grow material. Bamboo is friendly with the environment. 6.

Support Statement/ Reasons Why

“Bamboo is a grass. It is the fastest growing woody plant on earth.”

“Bamboo inherently has the potential to be a very sustainable alternative to hardwoods for the construction needs of the population.” “The superior renewability, positive potential for reduced environmental impact and greatly increased sustainability of bamboo versus other resources show that bamboo is very "green" indeed.” 7.


My communication should have a clean and authoritative feeling to it. The reason for my tone is the illustrator supporting and re-state all the elements (facts) the author want to show the reader even though it is an editorial article. 8.


The illustration can be appear on the newspaper, poster, flyer and even sticker for bamboo articles and products. 9.

Creative Considerations

This is a picture illustration without any letter or English work. Everyone in different counties can look at and have a basic understanding about bamboo is green material.

Bamboo and Sustainability