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History in pictures

Crew Group Of Titanic (Captain on the right)

Survivors of the Titanic are taken on board the Carpathia in 1912.

'The Eyes of hate'. At the exact moment this photo was made, Goebbels discovers that the photographer is Jewish. 1933

August Landmesser, a German who was engaged to a jewish woman, refused to do the nazi salute. Hamburg, 1936.

Marilyn Monroe Meets Queen Elizabeth II, 1956.

World War I soldier feeding a kitten.

Australian officers blown into the air by an accidental explosion. The soldiers only suffered bruises and shock, 1942

Priest holding a dying soldier while bullets are fired around

them. Venezuela, 1962

A girl is trained to not react to smoke blown in her face at a school for black civil rights activists.Virginia, 1960

A 3 year-old Tiger Woods displaying his golf skills at the Mike Douglas Show, with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart, 1979.

Pablo Escobar with his young son in front of the White House while on a family vacation in the USA.

Kurt Cobain suicide scene photo.

A Chinese photographer inadvertently captured one man’s last moments.

history in pictures