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Work done as a student in National Institute of Design, from 2011-13. Nidhi Singh Rathore Graphic Designer

Johnnie Walker Commemorative Publication

A music collection celebrating the journey of your dreams. This publication talks about the accomplishments of Yanni, as a special gift for members of The House of Johnnie Walker.

Design & Environment Book Cover

This was a one day assignment where we had to work on a book cover for one of the NID publications. I chose to work with a book by Mr. Kumar Vyas. We were always

suggested to read in our first year to get inspired and get a deep understanding of design. I tried to approach the cover from a different point of view, than what it had.

Brochures for KMC+IT

As a one dayer, I worked on a set of two brochres for the Convocation 2012. I worked with two fold identical brochures.


Quentin Taratino, writer and director, presents another astounding story, which talks about racism and slavery. It takes you through the agonizing journey of Django’s life. It tells you about his struggle and love. A classic western with an angry slave, a bounty hunter and their targets.




“In this most helpful pamphlet that I picked up at The Greenville Slave Auction, it says that the going rate for African flesh - in particularly a field nigger - is sixty to eighty dollars.”


Written & Directed by:


Written & Directed by:


Django Unchained Book Design

This was an assignment where we had to read the script of the Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained. We had to work on the book, such that the design could sell the script.

I realized, the script is too long and needed fragmentations. I divided the script into chapters, and made it into a paperback, instead of a exhausting script.


Vol. 2. Issue 27. Maoism

Who are the Naxalites? Get to know about the Indian Che Guevera Read what Swaminathan Aiyar and Gaurav Navlakha have to say about Maoism. Also catch up with the paper on Maoism by ET Bureau.

Red Expressive-Interactive Magazine

This was a result of my research project where we had to study Subculture. I decided to take up violence for my research, as a subculture. I stumbled upon a lot of ideas but after some

thought I decided to work on a magazine, which would let people express themselves and talk about different aspects of violence.

Each issue would target a theme and provide significant material for the same.

ADMISSIONS 2013-14 National Institute of Design Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007, India.

For the academic year 2013–2014, the last date for receiving the completed application forms at NID is OCTOBER 31, 2012.

Phone: +91-79-2662 3462

Design aptitude test for GDPD (at all centres) JANUARY 20, 2013. SUNDAY. Design aptitude test for PGDPD (at all centres) JANUARY 19, 2013. SATURDAY.

Admissions 2013-14 Brochure

As a part of my Second Elective, I worked on an information systems project for the NID Admissions 2013-14. These are the spreads from the Print Brochure.

Display Typeface


Vyang was an experimental typeface, based on an isometric grid. I tried analysing the reverse inclination of the type. It started as a small activity and eneded up as my Third

Elective. As an outcome, I worked on a whole latin set, with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation marks and few ligatures.

Website for NID Admissions 14-15

For this year’s admissions website vibrant colour palette was chosen to catch attention and the primary pages had a slightly different, and a more interesting layout than the

secondary ones. The layouts are made of elements which are modular and could be put together in different ways for different pages, resulting in a more vivid approach.Â

Corporate Banking Application for an Indian Bank

The purpose of this project was to facilitate users with a simple, yet effective set of solutions for fluid money transactions and a serene experience. The primary function of this

application is to aid transactions. The secondary functions are to update the user about his regular financial activities and to take care of the user’s financial and corporate needs at the same platform

Website for Khetri museum

The work is for the Ramakrishna mission, where they needed a fund-raiser webpage. The matter was put up on a wordpress, where the information was in a blog format and the team

wanted something more interesting, which could attract the audience. The project will be put up soon as a part of their current website.

Website for Knowledge Management Centre

As a part of my interactive media project, I worked on the website, bookmarks, booktags for Knowledge Management Centre of NID. I tried to make it more friendly and concise. I

analysed the website and developed a website which would be more comforable for the users.

Admissions 2013-14 Website

As a part of my Second Elective, I worked on an information systems project for the NID Admissions 2013-14. These are screenshots from the website, which contained the

same information as the brochure. But was even more important as it provided with application forms, web brochure, which were downloadable, and several other points.

Panorama Exhibition Graphics

I always wanted to work on a spatial project, which would be implemented. I took it up just because of curiousity and enjoyed the sleepless nights. For this project I had to work

on few panels, which would blend in with the previous setting. I tried enhancing the language of circles, which was used earlier.

Bagh aur Bakri game Packaging

The game of Bagh aur Bakri is played upon a square board consisting 8x8 grid with diagonal lines. I was working on my packaging course when I realized that I can use the packet

itself to open up in the game. This resulted in a ‘potli’- purse structure of the packaging, which contains the pieces and the manual of the game. One can carry the game around, the

limitations of board games doesn’t apply on this one.

Masthead for MARG

It’s a magazine for art and architechture lovers. This magazine is one of it’s kind. It is not available on the magazine stand, instead only available for it’s subscribers. I tried

approaching the masthead from geometric perdpective. As proportions are a very important part of art and architechture.

Identity for Beyond Routine

Beyond Routine is a venture by two friends who share the love of dance. They deal with marriages and other occasions. They are just a startup and wanted someone to give

them a unique identity for their initiative. Something which could be adaptable by any medium and environment.

Hotel. Banquet. Restaurant.

Identity for Hotel Yatrik

My client owns a hotel in Jhansi, a place known for it’s valour and history. They wnated a new identity, as the old one couldn’t communicate the significance of the tourist spot. Most of the

visitors of the hotel are tourists, and selling the exotic nature of the city through internet and brochures wasone of the most important thing. Hence, a shield and black letter as the identity.

Branding for Garba 2011

Garba is one of the most awaited event of the year in National Institute of Design. Every year a student works on the identity, passes, posters and banners for the nine day long

celebration. I used torans as my inspiration, which is a part of the decoration. Here, I tried to work with movement and colours, the most significant factors of the festival.

Branding for Jali Notebooks

This was a hypothetical project, where I worked on an identity for a notebook manufacturing venture by my friend. I gave it a name and worked on the

same to depict the work he creates. He works with covers and does intricate cutting on the same, and that is why the identity has resemblence with the jali work.

Branding for Atkalpachoo

This was a classroom assignment, where one had to think about our future design firms and work on the identity for the same. I chose the name ‘atkalpachoo’, which works with

branding solutions. I worked with vibrant colours, yet stuck to rgb and played with the values. I depicted the fun and personalised touch with potraits and expressive type.


Vyuh Film Publicity

This movie was based in rising India, where a writer falls prey to his imaginations. As the movie was all about illusions and passion. I worked with the movie stills to create factors







of fantasy and antiquity. This was my first experiment in this domain, and encouraged me.

Nadia Film Publicity

A fictional movie by my friend, which talks about women trafficking and struggle of a young girl who tries to escape from the web. I played with complimentary colours for a bold

feeling. I worked on the poster, cd cover, cd and newspaper advertisement for the same.

Nidhi Singh Rathore +91 99136 41441 QUALIFICATIONS: XII. CBSE. 88% Geography, History, Web Tech & Multimedia, Painting and English. Visual Communication Graduate Diploma Programme in Design, National Institute of Design EXPERIENCE: Lemon Design. April-May 2012 Dainik Jagran, Lucknow. SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE: Proficient: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, FontLab Basic knowledge: Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Rhino, HTML, Processing, iWeb.

typefaces used TheMix, TheSerif & Caecilia

Nidhi Singh Rathore Graphic Design | GDPD | National Insitute of Design +91 99136 41441 National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad. 380 007

Kindly check the detailed work on

Work 2011-13  

A compilation of various projects done as a student at National Institute of Design.

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