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The word branding began simply as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity—it affects the personality of a product, company or service. It is defined by a perception, good or bad, that your customers or prospects have about you. 3


We were asked to conceptualize our firm, which we would like to start after a few years. I worked on identity for a multi-disciplinary firm called Atkal pachoo, which mainly deals with branding, spatial and printdesign projects. Atkalpachoo believes in freshness and expressions rather than just two or three-dimensional work.



Identity Design course:

Brand Yourself 7

This document is prepared by Nidhi Singh Rathore Set in Sansita One and Caecilia Š Nidhi Singh Rathore


Contents Assignment two. 10 Introduction. 12 Explorations. 15 Foundation. 20 Essentials. 25 Guide. 27 Acknowledgment. 33


Assignment two Design an identity and visual language for a design studio, which you would like to open after 5 years.



atkalpachoo A hindi word. It means to have an idea of something.


Introduction what I think about it?


Atkalpachoo is the future of Design studios, a multi-disciplinary organization that utilizes the unique skills of designers from every branch of design in order to fulfill the needs of a wide range of clientele. It concentrates on branding, spatial and print projects, but is equipped to handle most other design-related tasks as well. The basic aim of Atkalpachoo is to re-invent the design process, by infusing a host of new methodologies into the pre-existing, tried-and-tested structure. Atkalpachoo takes the best of design methods from both the past and the present, and merges them into a module that insures an all-round, holistic design, for any problem. The fundamental belief of Atkalpachoo is that the process followed to achieve an end is not only of paramount importance, but is in fact crucial, and unique to the end that is to be achieved. Hence, the concept of design through template, or through a pre-existing structure is alien to it. Atkalpachoo

takes on every new assignment as a completely new page, and in the process of solving the design problem, creates a new means, method and identity for itself as well. The ideology of Atkalpachoo is at the very core of the organization’s being, and is responsible for the working of the studio on every level. The importance given to details, even in the means of achieving an end, insure that Atkalpachoo works flawlessly, smoothly executing even the most complex of the proposed solutions. The end product is guaranteed to be to the customers satisfaction, as the customer is involved in every step of the creation of the design, including ideation, evaluation and implementation. Furthermore, Atkalpachoo has a deeply ingrained feel of playfulness and childishness that is integral to to its character. Hence, any and all work done by it is characterised by the interactivity and simplicity of youth. Atkalpachoo believes that simplicity of appearance 13

need not represent simplicity of thought, and aims widely at streamlining a complex thought process into simple, efficient design. The overseeing of the implementation of the design is also one of Atkalpachoo’s prime concerns, as it believes that good design requires good follow-up. Hence, it sees everyone of its clients through, till the end. Dedication to detail insures that the design is of the highest possible standard, and Atkalpachoo goes over every design with a fine-toothed comb. The standards maintained by Atkalpachoo in every field of operation require a holistic viewpoint which comes with the utilization of skills from every means of designer possible, along with the merger of each of their varying and unique viewpoints. On the whole, Atkalpachoo gives every project everything it’s got, making sure that it does whatever it takes to satisfy the client, and to insure that it does so the Right way.


Explorations logotype explorations and inspiration


I explored in different directions but finalised working on a wordmark, because it is more memorable and speaks for itself.

Atkalpachoo ATKALPACHOO Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo


Atkalpachoo Atkalpachoo ATKALPACHOO

The wordmark explorations. 16

inspiration: hand writing I wanted to give it a semi-formal touch. And because it is a new firm, it needs to make a statement in the market. That was the reason for my deviation towards a wordmak. The capital ‘A’ was added later.


Colour explorations

thinking made visual

thinking made visual


thinking made visual

thinking made visual

thinking made visual

thinking made visual

Inspiration: RGB

Final colour palette the final colours are selected because I wanted to use the baasic colour palette with a touch of freshness and giving a twist to the existing colours.


Foundation the fundamentals


Identity in Black 21

Identity in three Primary colours 22

The primary colour palette


The primary typeface


Essentials the business collaterals



Guide The basic measurements




225 mm

78 mm

88 mm

30 mm

235 mm

44 mm



thinking made visual

thinking made visual

17/2 Crescent Business Park, Sakinaka, Andheri East, Mumbai. 400 069

thinking made visual

thinking made visual

022- 25224513

To, Hannelore Dekeva. Chief executive Officer, Dekeva Enterprises, New Delhi.

297x210 mm

ATKALPACHOO is a multi-disciplinary studio mainly dealing with branding, spatial and print design projects. It is a Mumbai based organization. Atkalpachoo believes in freshness and contentment rather than just twodimensional work. The logotype also tries to convey a humanist approach by using a customized hand written text. And when it comes to the colour palette it sticks to the old RGB colours but with a twist in the tale. This is the proposed letterhead for Atkalpachoo, set in Rockwell std. with the 9-point size, leading of 10.8 pt and tracking of 30. The letterhead will be available in three different colours, dividing the clients in three distinctive parts, which defines three different braches of firm. The three different colours are blue for print design, pink for spatial projects and lime green for branding.


(Nidhi Singh Rathore) atkalpachoo


Visting Card


148x105 mm 30x90 mm



Acknowledgment I’m really grateful to the following people for their help at every tiny stage and their encouragement. Thank you so much! Tarundeep Girdher Immanuel Suresh Nihar Desai Kratu Narain Beri George Eliot Jyothi Iyer Pragun Agarwal Pranay Arun-Kumar My batchmates






Brand Yourself  
Brand Yourself  

Documentation of my work for a branding assignment, for a design firm called Atkalpachoo.