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WOVEN’S Undergraduate Collection Aim To develop a new range of furnishing for Indian offices with a contemporary look Objective To design for executive class Technique Jacquards Product range includes - Chair upholstery - Sofa upholstery - Carpet/rug - Placemats for coffee table

Colour The color palette comprises 6 colors: Black = Pantone 19-0000 TP Orange/rust = Pantone 17-1353 TP Light brown = Pantone 17-1040 TP Natural white = Pantone 12-0605 TP Muddy green = Pantone 17-1019 TP Golden = Pantone 16-0836 TP Inspiration/theme The final theme which derived my collection is Tessellation A tessellation is simply a shape or tile that repeats to fill a surface without any gaps or overlaps. A tile can be repeated in a linear row for a onedimensional design or it can be repeated both vertically and horizontally for a two-dimensional pattern. The name comes from the word tessella, the small square tile used in ancient Roman mosaics. Look Geometric, repetitive, blocks

Mood boards





Upholstery fabric



Textile portfolio  

Final Collection [2008] at Pearl Academy of Fashion

Textile portfolio  

Final Collection [2008] at Pearl Academy of Fashion