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nidhi srinivas Portfolio’17 Interaction and product design


03 Work Finder

Portal Design,Professional Project,20 Weeks

09 MoBank

Mobile Application,Professional Project,24 Weeks

16 SBI Website

Landing Page Design,Professional Project,1 Week

19 Flagstar Research

Payments System,Professional Project,1 Week

24 Family Tree

Mobile Feature,Professional Project,5 Weeks

28 Pop Bag

Product Design,Student project,12 Weeks

32 Stone Traditions

Packaging design,Student project,12 Weeks

36 Weigen

Product Design,Student project,8 Weeks

40 Nursc

Mobile Application,Student project,12 Weeks

44 Resume

Work Finder Web Portal Role:Interaction design I was involved in conducting Research,User Interviews and Analyzing Data.We then created the Information Architecture Wire framing and Rapid prototyping. Post designing the screens were regularly discussed with the web developers while executing the portal.

What is Work Finder Work Finder is an application used to keep a tab on the requirements and profiles coming from and going to a particular client. It is mainly used to tag a profile to an existing requirement in the fastest way for better response time.

The Challenge Lack of ease in using the application,data redundancy,improper navigation and ineffecient visual guidance are the major pain points of the overall system.

The Project Research,execution and development was carried out across Pune and Mumbai.We were a team of Information architect,interaction designers and visual designers.

Mind map of the existing system,brainstorming and existing task flow exercises

The application is used at the vendor side,Once they receive requests asking for employees with specific skill sets. The application is managed by the project manager who will look for employees within his team. There are several such project managers across the company. A candidate who matches the client skill set is proposed. Matched profiles are released from the current project and their current status is updated in the application.

UX Methodologies Used




U nd


n rso e rP

Details tab is to view the profile specifications,to snooze the task, assign it someone else or comment. There are three color codes Red,Orange and Green to show priority of the action. The first page of the application displays the profiles upfront that need to be acted upon.

Options to filter profiles based on preferences and delete them. My profiles page displays the list of profiles the user has under his reach.

High Fidelity wire frames

Current status of the profile can be viewed,modified and emailed.

New reports and statistics generated are displayed. New requirements are flagged. Already updated profiles can be modified. The user can look up for a profile by ID or project name directly in the search tab.

Profile name,type and skills required are displayed. User can edit,set an alarm on change of status or delete a profile.

Daily Tasks

Help center,instructions on using the portal,Password changing and Logout options

To-Do list My Profiles

My Favorites

Global Navigation

Reports Requirements Updated Profiles Managing


Profile Progress

Open sans Regular

Change Status Delete Edit Update Reminder

Open sans Italic

View and Update View Download

Color Palette

Generate Report Managing Search Add Profiles Propose to client

Primary Tools Balsmiq,Indigo Studio,Photoshop, Illustrator,InDesign.

Managing During work hours Managing View all Tasks

Global Search Notifications

Work locater was developed in pune and executed across pune,mumbai and hyderabad. The design received positive response along with appreciation from users from various projects.

The users found the new site easy to navigate and validation helped us understand that completing a task on the new web portal took half the time than it used to earlier.

Final Screens

MoBank Mobile Banking Application Interaction design+Visual design. The application has features that were targeted to use Next-Gen technology. I was involved in daily discussions with a highly agile team of developers, Project managers,stake holders and clients. My main task would involve understanding the technology that was being incorporated in the features. Ideas and concepts were then developed keeping these constraints in mind.

Creating an Experience

Features are introduced one by one with playful notifications making it as easy as social networking.

The bank can be referred to users who do not yet have an account with the bank. These users get gifts and can access features for a time period and decide t join the bank. An already existing account user can download and login to the app with his credentials.

Steps the existing account holder follows to refer.

Selects the “Refer a Friend” option from main menu.

Avail gifts and tokens from the bank after the invite is accepted.

Select the contact’s banking interests and send an invite.

Contacts are displayed in the form of a memory lane.

Chooses contacts from social networking sites.

Logs in using the existing social networking user name and password.

Selects his banking interests.

Accepts an agreement with the bank and securely uploads ID proof.

Steps the referred user follows to use the application.


Typography Roboto(Light) Roboto(Regular)

Color Palette

Primary Tools Balsmiq,Indigo Studio,Photoshop, Illustrator.

the user can take loans and look up for offers related to his interests.

Wire frames

Understanding Specifications

UX Process

Analytics & Discovery Ready to code screens

Concepts and layouts

Visual Designing Follow Official guidelines

Wire framing Usability Testing

Color Scheme Transformation Initially the features are displayed in Black and Purple,once the user has an account the color scheme changes to White and Green.


Augmented Reality Bump and Transfer mobile recharge Chabot Smart assistant .....................

The application has been built and developed for android devices using the banks design guidelines. Currently it is being implemented for IOS.

SBI Website Landing Page Redesign Role:Ux Research+Interaction design The brief was to Redesign the current landing page for a simpler structure and trendier interaction.I worked with a team of information architects and interaction designers. My contribution was to study the existing navigation ,conduct competitive analysis ,sketch concepts and create wire frames.

Existing Navigation Problem Area:Lack of structure in the information that is displayed on the home page. Exercise:I started by creating flow charts of every entry point on the landing page. After detailing the navigation,i found links and data repeating throughout the site.There are several features in this website that are cluttered without any priority.

Competitor Analysis SBI is majorly used by Indians from urban as well as rural backgrounds. In order to understand this concept i analyzed similar Indian banks. Along with the content display i also came across several product enhancive features.

Conceptualization I divided the page into groups according to the priority of features.Top most was the global navigation followed by the standard banking services offered.The third group consists of The new services that are introduced with an advertisment.The next group is the banks live updates and blog.Finally all the mandatory links that are used most often.

Wire frames I designed High fidelity wireframes of the concept using Balsmiq. The new landing page has paralyx scrolling and the links were sub categorized and added to the standard banking services. A drop down menu appears on click and the feature is described along with a link to the page.

Flagstar Website Payments System Research Role:Ux Research The brief was to study the current payment system of the website and come up with alternative solutions for easier payment.I was involved in conducting exercises such as contextual inquiries,data analysis,creating mind maps,sketching concepts to the clients and creating wire frames of the solutions derived.

Existing System I worked with a information architect and interaction designer. We started with having daily discussions and walk through of the website.I got most of the information from interviews and using the website after i got access to it.The Information architecture consists of all navigations in the site related to payments. Most of the payments fit into three categories: Current loans or Investments. Recurring payments. Scheduling a Future Payment. IA of the existing system(NDA Document)

Payment System The map is a data representation of all the possible ways to use the mode of payment in the site. The major concern when it comes to payments is the security parameter and all of the ideas revolved around this factor. After several iterations we finalized on this mind map to start developing concepts that are implementable in the site.

Payment system mind map

Finding a solution I sketched a couple of ideas and validated them with users.I Concluded that users generally have investments,loans and would like to be reminded regarding their payments. Payments are the reason most users login to banking sites at least twice a month,so the payment reminders and the information has to be displayed on the dashboard conveniently. These inputs from users were translated into sketches of a dashboard.I came up with two layouts that were presented to the client.

Exploring Concepts

The Solution I converted the ideas and points that can be implemented in the banks payments structure into two layouts that can be used for the mortgage E-banking site. Layout 1:The main section has three categories loans,Event Calendars and Payment relief. On selection of loans,all loans are displayed as a sub menu.The user can select a loan and check for the previous statements and change payment options in the calendar. Layout 2:All options are displayed in the form of tiles.The user can view ,make changes and update on a single page.

High Fidelity Wire frames

Family Tree Banking Feature

Role:Interaction Design+Visual Design The Brief of the project was to introduce and encourage family banking in an effortless way in their already existing mobile application. I worked on this project individually along with a team of developers,managers and stakeholders.The main areas on which i had to concentrate were creating a new concept,make working prototypes and validating them.

Color Palette


UX Process

An account holder can introduce his spouse to family banking by sending an invite,once she accepts the invite the tree gets activated The spouse can choose her existing account with another bank and contribute to the family tree.

Research & Analyze


Wire framing

Technical Feasibility

Visual Development


Mood Board

Wire frames

The feature is introduced with an alert from the bank.

The homepage has the family tree which gets activated on adding the spouse.

On acceptance of invitation the tree gets activated.

The tree has expenses in three categories,on click details are displayed.

Interactive Application UI Menu

When there is a new Alert on any of the categories,The circle has a vibrating ring around it.

When either of the spouse have contributed more to the tree,the circles move towards their respective image indicating that the expenses are being managed by them.

Final Screens


Popcorn Kiosk

Student Project Role:Product Design+ Interaction Design. The brief was to study a technically complex product,study its functionality in depth and come up with simpler and modern functions that can be implemented. I worked with another product designer.I was involved in the concept creation,implementation and creating the work flow of the product as well as the experience.


Initial Research

I stared off with doing some basic research on line about popcorn Kiosks.I had access to The theater kiosks while conducting the research,so i visited a dealer who sells these kiosks and clicked pictures of the product.

Popcorn and movies are a culture.Most of the youth enjoy popcorn at theaters because of it being a light snack and a healthier option. The current kiosks at theaters have multiple flaws the most important ones being hygiene and lack of flavor options. Microwave popcorn is a potential solution for both these problems. We implemented this concept into a kiosk that can be placed at theaters and public outlets like malls and parks.

Exposed Corn Kernels UN-Hygeinic No Storage Space Manual Labour Required Attracts Rats & Cockroaches Bag needs to be held Popcorn not fresh always Difficult to clean and transport Cash only machine No flavor options Lacks the experience

Problems in the existing Kiosk

Product Transformation

The map is of the existing features that can be reduced to or omitted in the new concept.I made paper mock ups of the new concept to validate them with classmates and faculty. Data Analysis

I did a SWOT analysis of all the data i had gathered and created mind maps. Several brainstorming sessions led to design ideas and different user perspectives.

Screen Navigation

Stacked bags of kernels. inside the kiosk which is spring operated. Microwave container with conveyor belt. Vents for heat exit The screen has color combinations that are easy to read for color blind people. Card payment method. Popbag can be collected here

Storage for bags and currency collected

Interaction Flow Proposed Kiosk Concept

Popbag takes a minute to pop and the screen displays a clock.A bag that keeps getting bigger just like in the microwave is also shown.

Stone Traditions Packaging Design Student Project

Role:Product Design+Packaging Design The brief was to create a package for an already existing product.I worked with a team of a product designer and a graphic designer for this project.I was involved in studying existing packaging trends and what would suit best for a tea candle stand.I also worked on building layouts of the packaging and trying out various kinds of material that would be suitable for transport as well as texture to print the graphics on.

Moodboard and Color palette

About the Product: The product is an Indian handicraft from agra that is used as a tea candle stand.We wanted to create a package which does not hide the beauty of the product and protects the fragile stone.The story of the craft and its origin had to be conveyed on the package.The product will be sold in the bombay store and a sub brand created.


Logo Explorations

Pattern Explorations

Layout explorations

Material and texture Explorations Final Layout

Final Packaging

Wiegen Product Design Student Project

Role:Product Design The brief was to study a product which can be improvised according to current technology and improvise its form for better aesthetics.It is an individually executed project and i picked up the weighing scale that is useful in bakery and house kitchens.This product is used less often due to its size which requires more storing space and difficulty to clean with water often.

Mood board

Attributes Purposeful


Cost efficient

Development Electronics Simple Cleanable

Easy to clean Technology study


Product Study

Durable Trendy



Mock ups and Explorations


HDPE outer body

Rota table side

To change values

Inner rotation Digital calculator

To Set clock,weighing options and measure empty weight

It Turns off Automatically


Individual work Student Project

Role:Interaction Design The brief was to understand Human computer interaction.I chose hospitals and the medical field and started by understanding the system of a hospital.Deeper insights and communication with doctors and nurses lead me to a very basic problem that was timely communication when the patient needs it the most.This project needed extensive research and validation of proposed solutions.

Existing System There is one emergency call for nurse and maid

Nurses do not attend to them on time

Problems faced by the patient

Problems faced by the Nurses

Requests by patients are not prioritized

She has to keep going back to the nurse station Is assigned 5 to Extra tasks for 15 patients at Nurses a time Wastes time walking between wards

Helvetica Neue

Color palette

A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.

Myraid Pro

Then came the night of the first falling star.

They have to be on continuous rounds always Patients do not need continuous monitoring Maids take care of sanitation and basic needs

Nurses look after recovery needs

Doctors visit patients everyday

General Ward Culture

Application Features

Easy to get Notified and communicate

Tasks and Reports are notified instantly

Nurses can edit and send patient data

Phone vibrates during emergency

nurses can chat with the Doctor

Even slight changes in vital stats are communicated to the nurse and doctor

Illustrations and Logo Designs

Nidhi Srinivas

illustrations,Sustainability,Green design,Design projects in the medical field and reading books on design interest me. For me design is a way of life and i enjoy getting involved in design activities such as brainstorming sessions,creating mindmaps,jotting down ideas,sketching spaces,understanding typography,creating mindmaps and initiating new projects.I believe in learning constantly and improving my work.I love to travel and surf the internet.I like watching movies from different countries and am preparing for my Grade 1 piano exam. I have a blog and post illustartions,currently i’m working on building my website.

Personal Details: Name:

Nidhi Srinivas

Date of Birth:

22nd september,1989

Post Graduation:

Product Design MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design,Pune,India.


B.Tech in Information Technology,CMRIT,Hyderabad,India

Industrial Experience: User Experience Designer,Tata Group,Banglore,India(2015-Present) Industrial Design Intern,Ilensys Technologies,Hyderabad,India(2014-2015) Freelance Consultant,India Reseorse Centre(NACO),New Delhi,India(2015) Freelance Artist,Little Big things,Hyderabad,India(2013-2014) Some Achievements: 1st prize in Green Design Presentation,IARE,Hyderabad. Industrial Design Excellence Appreciation,Ilensys Technologies,Hyderabad Co-Cirricular Activities:Freelance logo Designs for a club in hyderabad(Yet to be launched) Freelance nature photography,Saying Trees,Hyderabad. Software Skills:

Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign,Balsmiq,Axure,Microsoft Office Suite,keyshot,Bunkspeed shot,Sketch up,Digital sketching(Wacom).

Other Skills:

Sketching,Wireframing,Mindmapping,Rapid Prototyping,Printed protype Validation,Design Research,Model Making and giving presentations.



Contact: Phone:+91 8793528091 Linkedin: nidhi-srinivas-9b181b70/ Twitter: Thank you for your time,Looking forward to working with you!

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