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April / May 2014

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FRONT PAGE: Commuters travelling between Harrogate and York cannot fail to notice the splash of colour as their train passes through Hammerton station. Pupils from Kirk Hammerton CE Primary School worked together with an artist from Rural Arts to produce a banner which charts the history of the village through the Celts, Romans, Vikings, Black Death, Civil War and Industrial revolution, right up to the future of the village in the coming visit of the 'Tour de Yorkshire'. See more on Page 11

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THOUGHTS FROM THE RECTORY Dear Friends, Have you been following all the items and information regarding the new Diocese? Well, perhaps you might find it helpful to have just some pegs on which to hang some of those unasked and unanswered questions.

boundaries of the diocese.

The Diocese of Ripon was created as a new diocese in 1836, originally being part of the Diocese of Chester and the Diocese of York. The diocese stretched from Leeds in the south to Teesdale in the north; Hawes in the west and Nun Monkton in the east – a very diverse diocese, from the deeply urban to the deeply rural.

On the ‘Appointed Day’, 20 April 2014 – Easter Day – the Dioceses of Bradford, Wakefield and Ripon & Leeds will combine to form the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and The Dales.

The new diocese will cover an area of 2,465 square miles with 462 parishes and about 669 churches, geographically it will be the largest diocese in the Church of England. th

One or two parishes will move into different dioceses (Blackburn or Durham) where the new boundaries have been ‘tweaked’ in order to make some more ‘sensible’ arrangements; and there will be some adjustments between the areas of the three former dioceses in the urban areas of Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds.

The diocese was divided into two Archdeaconries, Leeds and Richmond, which in turn were both divided into four Deaneries, Allerton, Headingley, Armley and Whitkirk in Leeds Archdeaconry, and, Richmond, Wensley, Harrogate and Ripon in Richmond Archdeaconry.

When the changes take place there will be five areas, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Ripon. The Bishop of Leeds will be the bishop of the new diocese in general and the area of Leeds

These Archdeaconries and Deaneries are principally established for administrative purposes, but also serve as groupings for churches and parishes to have support and fellowship with their close (and not so close) neighbours. The Diocese of Ripon covered an area of 1,359 square miles, having 161 parishes and 269 churches.

in particular, and will probably relate to Leeds Minster, although the bishop will also have a place (cathedrae) in Bradford, Wakefield and Ripon . There will be four other area bishops for Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Ripon, who will relate to the cathedrals in Bradford, Wakefield and Ripon.

In September 1999 the Diocese was renamed as ‘The Diocese of Ripon and Leeds’ which it was felt would reflect the significance of Leeds within the 3

You might like to know the posts that have already been decided, they are: The Bishop of Leeds (designate) The Bishop of Ripon The Bishop of Wakefield The Bishop of Bradford (interim) The Bishop of Huddersfield


The Right Reverend Nick Baines The Right Reverend James Bell The Right Reverend Tony Robinson The Right Reverend Tom Butler the appointment has yet to be made

The Archdeacon of Richmond and Craven The Archdeacon of Leeds The Archdeacon of Bradford The Archdeacon of Pontefract The Archdeacon of Halifax


The Venerable Paul Slater The Venerable Paul Hooper The Venerable David Lee The Venerable Peter Townley The Venerable Anne Dawtry

Hopefully, that has given you a somewhat brief thumbnail sketch of the changes that are going to take place on Easter Day. There will be other changes occurring once the new diocese gets up and running, and it is anticipated that it will be later in 2016 that offices and roles that are to be merged will have taken effect.

will bring a fresh engagement with ministry, be it as the laity, those of us who toil in the parishes or as a Diocesan Bishop, an Area Bishop, or an Archdeacon. Whilst change is something, which we overall are reluctant to engage with, and the forthcoming changes we do not necessarily wholeheartedly embrace, let us remember that we are here to serve the Kingdom of God, however that manifests itself for us in our location.

It can, therefore, be seen that in the just under two hundred years the Diocese of Ripon (and Leeds) has existed it has undergone significant changes since its inception, and now it is about to go through a very profound revision.

With all good wishes for a holy and blessed Passiontide and Easter,

l u a P

As we approach the changes and the preparations for the new arrangements begin to fall into place, let us hold in our prayers all those for whom the changes

From The Registers 29 January 2014


Mary Dobbie

Kirk Hammerton

18 February 2014


Susan Elizabeth Benson

Kirk Hammerton

26 February 2014


Irene (Rene) Feist

Kirk Hammerton

4 March 2014


Brian Geoffrey Coombes

Kirk Hammerton


CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 11 - 17 May Maureen Long writes: Last year, during Christian Aid Week 20,000 churches across the country helped to raise £12 million. Here in our parish, thanks to your generosity, our contribution was £1,030. None of this money goes to local churches. It is used to fund Christian Aid's work around the world to fight injustice and the root causes of poverty as well as its effects, and to help those in need, be they of any faith or none. Please support fundraising in your village this year and be assured that your donations will be well spent to help the most needy. More information about Christian Aid and its work can be found at

SITUATION STILL VACANT PARISH MAGAZINE EDITOR FOR NIDDSIDE NEWS ENTHUSIASM MORE IMPORTANT THAN EXPERIENCE Clive Billenness writes: Unfortunately, since advertising for my replacement in the last issue I have not been besieged by calls by people desperate to become local ‘Press Barons’ by taking over the editing of Niddside News. I am also open to enquiries from people who would like to become Deputy Editor to reduce my current commitment. If you are interested but would like to find out more, please feel free to discuss this with me by phoning me on 01423-358078 (our number automatically forwards calls to us in France at no cost to you). 5

NEWS FROM HUNSINGORE, CATTAL, WALSHFORD & COWTHORPE ensued, Suzanne eloquently reciting the "Ode to a Mouse", Paul charming the ladies with red roses as he recited, "My Love is like a Red, Red Rose", Nigel toasting the Immortal Memory and Andy toasting the lasses to which Kate responded.

Date For Your Diary On Saturday 28 June there will be a Summer Barbecue with a bicycle theme in the village hall to celebrate the Tour de France. Recently there have been two opportunities to sample fine dining in Hunsingore. Nigel Twaites reports on both:Burns Night Supper 25 January 2014 A welcome return of this celebration of the Scottish Bard to Hunsingore, and well supported by a vast majority of Sassenachs! The Haggis was paraded around the hall by Andy, it was addressed by Nigel spouting a faux Scottish accent - and finally a dirk was plunged into that "warm, reekin', rich pudding". Washed down with a wee dram or two, more delicious bill of fayre was served up by Janey and her culinary chums. Meal over, a full, packed and varied programme

The singing of familiar Scottish songs, much merrymaking culminating in "Auld Lang Syne" sent us home happy but wondering whether this time next year we would still have the Bard within the United Kingdom, or would he be barred? Och aye the noo! Valentine's Dinner Dance 15 February 2014 Love was in the air as we enjoyed a night of lurve. Janey and the Kitchen Crew provided a scrumptious 3 course dinner after which Old Hunsingorian, Malcolm, and his band, "Now and Then", had us all singing, dancing and romancing as they played all the Golden Oldies - familiar Beatles, Monkees, Herman's Hermits hits, and many more. To soaring crescendos of Roy "boy" Orbison we rocked the night away and in the midnight hour we cried out, "More! More! More!" But love has its limits and after a rousing, "Why? Why? Why, Delilah?", the party ended. After all, "All You Need Is Love"! Roll over, Beethoven, let's hear it again next year! We raised ÂŁ583 at the Burns Night Supper and ÂŁ550 at the Valentine's Dance, thus ensuring that we have enough funds to pay for new double glazed windows and gutters for Hunsingore village hall which have now been ordered. Watch this space - or watch the hall! 6

The Future of the Church of St John the Baptist, Hunsingore


As we went to press Maureen Long attended the 2014 AGM at St John’s Hunsingore On 17 March a well-attended and wellpublicised meeting was held in Hunsingore Church. After items on the agenda pertaining to the AGM had been dealt with, discussion moved on swiftly to the future of Hunsingore Church, the topic which most of those present had come to discuss. Paul Spurgeon outlined the present situation that there is a crisis of commitment and the financial situation means that the contributions of the small regular congregation are not enough to meet the church's obligations. It is now a balancing act of preserving the past, paying for the present and planning for the future. It was agreed that the building should be preserved for the future, and not only was more money needed but also more people in the pews. Maggie Hunt, Churchwarden, suggested a 200 Club. Members of the club would pay £1 a week into a fund; there would be a monthly cash prize and larger cash prizes at Easter and Christmas and the balance of the money raised would meet the church's annual commitments. The suggestion was well received, so in the near future every household in the district will receive details of the club and how to join it. It was also suggested that an alternative way to raise funds would be for 50 families to pledge £200 a year. The discussion then ranged across other topics: whether the graveyard is nearly full and what would be the implications of establishing an additional burial ground on donated land and whether a survey should be done to ascertain what work is needed on the church fabric and the likely cost. Afterwards, as we all chatted over coffee and cake, it was clear that the survival of the church in Hunsingore is important to enough residents in the district that something will be done to make it happen.

Harry Bell died in hospital on 8 March, aged 86. He had lived in Hunsingore for many years and in fact had lived in the same house since it was built in 1956. He had many a tale to tell about the village and its residents, past and present, to anyone with the time to listen. Despite failing health in recent years Harry was a familiar sight on his mobility scooter with his dog, Goldie, trotting along at his side, sometimes venturing out of the village along farm tracks and bridleways, and on fine days a sunny spot outside the church gate was where he liked to sit. He will be greatly missed and our sympathies go to his family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. Nigel Twaites has written this poem in Harry’s memory:

So fare thee well, Harry, Old timer of the village, Scooting around all day With faithful Goldie At you side. Last Bell to ring In the village For whom the Bell tolls No longer tolls for thee. 7

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY On 10 June, there will be an evening outing to tne Tancred Farm Shop at Whixley. More details in the next edition of Niddside News. WANTED - Your unwanted jewellery for the Alzheimer’s Association – please contact Jenny Oxtoby if you would like to donate.

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK This year we are organising a house-tohouse collection for Christian Aid week. If you are not in when we deliver Christian Aid envelopes, please either drop them off with Jenny, one of the Churchwardens or at any church service.


NUN MONKTON PTFA On 12 May, we will be organising a Safari Supper around the village. Watch out for details around the village.

NUN MONKTON YCA Our March meeting was held in the Alice Hawthorn for the first time. It was well attended but where were all of you ?

Please also put a note in your diary that this year’s Village Feast Day will be held on Saturday 28 June. More details will appear in the next edition of Niddside News.

The venue is excellent, as it the hospitality of the staff and the food is delicious. The illustrated talk giving by Angela Henson on 2000 yrs in the Yorkshire was a treat for us to be out and about this Spring-like weather

EASTER SERVICES There will be a special one hour service of devotions on Good Friday at 2.00pm and a Sung Communion Service at 9.30 am on Easter Day. We hope you will come to join us to celebrate this great Christian festival.

There will be no meeting in April, but on April 12 Table there will be a table-top sale in Kirk Hammerton Village Hall where the YCA will have a table top as a main fund raiser. Offers of bric-a-brac and books gratefully received. Please contact Jenny Oxtoby on 331867. th

A TALE FROM THE CHURCHYARD One night, a minister stumbled into the police stations with a black eye. He explained he had heard a noise in his churchyard and gone to investigate. The next thing he knew, he’d been hit in the eye and knocked out cold. An officer was sent to investigate and he returned some time later, also with a black eye. “Did you get hit by the same person?” his Inspector asked him. “No,” he said. “But I stepped on the same rake.”

13 May in Nun Monkton School We will have a demonstration by a Belly Dancing Troupe from Masham. There will also be an opportunity to have a go. Everyone is welcome.


and identities. The project will culminate in an exhibition of children and young people’s work. The exhibition will take place during the summer term 2014 in partnership with Rural Arts at the Old Courthouse in Thirsk

NUN MONKTON SCHOOL Head Teacher Sue Fernyhough reports

Our KS2 children did extremely well at the cluster cross country event before the half term holiday, with Evie and Will qualifying to go through to the next round. Well done to all our children who cheered on everyone as they ran round – a real credit to Nun Monkton.

It is unbelievable that we are half way through the school year. The children are working so hard and their enthusiasm for learning is infectious. We celebrated Chinese New Year by making tangrams horses and translucent fish. Mrs Peña cooked some traditional steamed cake, made from simply with eggs, sugar and flour.

14 - 23 March is National Science Week and we are taking part in the Astrocampus event, at the University of York. This will involve a morning of space exploration with the chance to venture inside the Cosmodome to learn about our Solar System and the night sky. The children will build rockets and moon landers and find out what would happen to them if you found themselves in space without a spacesuit!

KS2 children went to Boroughbridge High School for an afternoon of singing with other cluster schools. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and help prepare our Year 6s for their transition in September.

How do dinosaurs pass exams? With extinction. What is the main ingredient of dog biscuits ? Collie flour. My little brother’s name is Dad. Why is that? They named him after my father.

We are taking part in an art project focussing on the work of Yinka Shonibare MBE. We were inspired by his piece ‘Line Painting,’ the fact his work is based on tangled identities and our realisation we were all a mixture of different cultures 9

founded in 2006 who offer friendly advice and expertise to people in their local communities who would like to reduce their waste and save money. The talk will be about about ‘Home Composting’ and the Love Food Hate Waste campaign On Saturday 17 May, May there will be a Plant Stall in Kirk Hammerton Village Hall, opening at 10:00 am. Watch out for local notices. On 27 May, we will have a talk on the ‘History of Plant Medicine’ by Pam Towler, a pharmacist from Kirbymoorside has always had an interest in the exploration and use of plant as medicine. In order to make this a stimulating talk Pam avoids simply reeling off lists of plants and their associated medicines, ensuring an interesting evening of entertainment and enlightenment.


For more information about any of these events, please contact Helen Cunliffe on 331474, Margaret Green on 330242 or Brenda Short on 339948.

Saturday 12 April There will be a Table Top Sale in the Village Hall, 10.30 - 2.00. Coffee tea and bacon butties will be on sale. Tables £5.00, for reservations, please contact Barbara Taylor 330593.

KIRK HAMMERTON FILM CLUB Forthcoming Features are 28 April - “It’s Complicated” and

Saturday 19 April

26 May - “Captain Phillips”

We will be decorating St John’s for Easter. Please meet in the Church at 10:00

Performances begin at 7.30pm in Kirk Hammerton Village Hall.

Saturday - Sunday 5 - 6 July

Non-members are welcome for a fee of £3

We will be holding a flower festival in church with a cycling theme to co-incide with the Grand Départ of the Tour De France. More details will appear in the next edition of Niddside News.

For more information, please contact Elaine Matthewman on 330804

KIRK HAMMERTON GARDEN CLUB We meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7.30 in Kirk Hammerton Village Hall. It was good to welcome nonmembers at our February meeting. On April 29, we will welcome Jeff Coates, Volunteer Co-Ordinator of the North Yorkshire Rotters, a volunteer group 10


IN MEMORY OF SUE BENSON Barbara Taylor writes: Sue moved to Kirk Hammerton from York in 1992 when the family furniture business relocated to what had once been the Hammerton Hotel on the A 59. She relished the extra land that came with the building and as well as breeding Cavalier Spaniels and Japanese Chins, she subsquently kept sheep, ponies and hens. With her training as a vetinary nurse she was always willing to help and give advice to anyone with problem pets. Sue embraced village life and supported many organisations in Kirk Hammerton. She was a member of the W.I. , Film Club, the Art Group and always looked forward to Pottery classes in Val's studio. The church was very important to her and after joining the church choir she became a member of Kirk Hammerton District Church Council. As well as village activities, she keenly supported many animal charities, particularly Riding for the Disabled and Nuzzlets. Sadly, Sue's love of caring for animals and the outdoors were brought to an end when she developed Motor Neurone Disease about 5 years ago. She remained cheerful and welcoming whenever she had visitors and liked nothing better than to hear about village life, and whenever possible attended village functions. She was immensely proud of her family and their achievements, making supreme efforts last year to watch daughter Kate riding side saddle at various shows. The birth of Oliver's son, William gave her much joy and helped to sustain her through the last difficult months of her illness. Sue will be much missed but also remembered for the many good things that she achieved in her life. Our sympathies are extended to her husband, Martin, and all the family.

0142301423-330460 The photo on the front page shows a great piece of work by the children of the School displayed at Hammerton Station. Seb Watkins-Wright, a Whixley resident and Year 3 pupil at the school, said: "The banner is really bright and lets people know that our village and our school is here. It shows the history of the village and everyone in the school did a bit of it. I painted some of the cyclists on the section about the Tour de France." Yorkshire enthusiast Adam Tomlinson from Radio York came down to the station in early March to cover the story on his breakfast show - a full recording of the segment, along with some photos of the display, can be found on YouTube (search for 'Hammerton Station banner') or by visiting the school's blog and following the link. The banner's success follows in the footsteps of another Yorkshire-themed news story - the children's recording of 'Fairytale of Yorkshire' for Martin House's Goodnight's Sleep Appeal. Adam Tomlinson (right) also picked up the cheque raised from the proceeds of selling the CDs: the school raised ÂŁ248.43 in total.

Pupils prepare the poster 11

Blooming Seasons Gardening

COMING SOON TO THIS AREA A NEW PRODUCTION FROM THE BADAPPLE THEATRE A new comedy-drama by the Badapple Theatre’s Kate Bramley will be coming to our area this summer

Garden Maintenance Weekly or fortnightly visits undertaken, to suit your needs.

The Thankful Village tells the story of the village of Bottledale, a ‘Thankful Village’ in which no lives were lost amongst those who went away to fight in the Great War.

Weeding Pruning Grass Cutting Planting Plans Planting

Some 52 settlements were blessed in this way across England and Wales. The play will be peformed in Kirk Hammerton Village Hall on 30th April.

Call Victoria on 01423 331225 Mobile: 07549 836901 NC Hort,ND Hort, BSC (Hons) SLM, FD Hort

It will also be performed in Green Hammerton Village Hall on 10th June.

BEN GUY (Kirk Hammerton) Domestic Plumber & Handyman ALL ASPECTS OF PLUMBING

07888 - 742770 01423 - 339884



was diverted to a Post Office Box Number. Fire Departments, Police Stations and even US Army companies recorded special birthday videos for Colin. One US Comedian got his entire audience to be filmed wishing Colin a Happy Birthday. The original Facebook page grew to have 2.1 MILLION people liking it, with hundreds of thousands of greetings posted on it.

This is a story of now kind and generous people can be to complete strangers. The photograph above is of a little Michigan boy called Colin Cunnigham. Colin celebrated his 11th Birthday on 9 March, but when his mother, Jennifer, asked him if he wanted to have a party, his heart-breaking answer was: “There’s no point as I don’t have any friends” Colin has a social disorder similar to Asperger’s Syndrome which makes it hard for him to make friends, which leaves him very alone at school and not very popular. Jennifer wanted to do something about this loneliness, and decided to create a page on Facebook on which people could wish Colin a Happy Birthday and send him positive thoughts and wishes. As the news of this page, spread across the globe, it went viral. With Colin still being kept blissfully unaware of what was going on by school students, teachers and neighbours all sworn to secrecy, tens of thousands of cards and gifts began to be delivered to his local Post Office. To prevent Colin seeing anything being delivered to the house, two storage lockers were rented to keep them in, and all post to the house

Then, on the Friday before his birthday, Colin was invited to come to the New York studios of the ‘Good Morning America’ breakfast show. He was told that he was going to test some video gamesm but once he was on air, balloons dropped from the ceiling and a marching band came into the studio. Presenter George Stephanopoulos then told Colin that he would be spending his birthday in Walt Disney World in Florida. Although completely overwhelmed at the time, Colin recovered sufficiently to post a charming “Thank You” video on Facebook from his hotel room at Walt Disney World. Forever modest, he urged other people at Disney to come over and say ‘hello’ if they spotted him. Across the USA, teachers have been using the story of how Colin had very few friends because of his condition to raise the issue of how we should all treat one another. Sadly, when Colin returned to school after his weekend adventure one student made a wisecrack about how Colin had managed to go to Disney for free. Colin just shrugged his shoulders and said “It’s because I have 2.1 million friends !” Colin is now opening all his cards and presents in small batches, but his parents have already decided that with envelopes having arrived from all over the world, one thing he does need to do is take up stamp-collecting !


BEAUTY BY LESLEY Friendly & Professional Beauty Treatments for all Ages VTCT & CND Qualified Manicures and Pedicures Waxing Shellac and Minx Nails Eye Treatments 07807 - 827525

Local Business Established in Green Hammerton since 2006

Looking for an alternative to family, friends, house sitters or kennels? Let us arrange for your dog/s to stay with one of our local, carefully selected, very special familiesBecause at Barking Mad we believe that you dog deserves a holiday too! Call Amanda & Alan Hartley

01132870808 or 07816256587

AT YOUR SERVICE We are very grateful to our local advertisers who support the production of Niddside News. When you use one of these services, please make sure they know you saw their advert here. You can advertise your service here for only £17-50 per year (6 editions) Interior Plantation Shutters and Conservatory Blinds

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Quality hair design at home by Member of the FFHB

Lesley Revell 07717 - 395612

CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING JOHN GRATTON (est. 1990) evening appointments available

01423-867984 07980-386814 BROADLEY AND HAZELL LTD Electricians (Harrogate and Alne) 01423-507816 National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting Approved Contractor

NWS CARPENTRY & JOINERY Accredited Contractor


Fully qualified and insured unisex professional stylist for all of your hair needs in the comfort of your own home. Cuts, Colours, Perms, Restyles etc For all bookings and enquiries call Kate 07734 189758

Local Businesses are finding that ads in Niddside News bring them local customers at a very reasonable cost. Reach approximately 620 local households (as well as being on the Internet) 6 times a year for as little as £17.50

Creative Designs by Carys Harrison RHS Gold Medal Winner Funeral Tributes, Bridal Work, flowers for any occasion



Liz AmiesAmies-King Salon services in your own home

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PSN Services

John Wilson & Son (formerly James G Savage)

Undertakers Boroughbridge 0142301423-322508 2424-hour Service

Private Chapel of Rest

Golden Charter Funeral Plans Available

All Types of Car, Van & Trailers Repaired and Serviced

• Tyres • Exhausts • Batteries

Contact Phil or Sally 01423-339389 07713-270188 TIRED, ACHING OR PAINFUL FEET ?


• Servicing • MOT work • Welding


Catherine Tunnard MinstChP DChM 15 Years’ experience HPC Registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist


07771-858811 or 01423-358093

H. C. TOWNSEND & SON Incorporating BACKHOUSE of Hunsingore

FUNERAL DIRECTORS Family Run Business Established 1927

* Dignified and Caring Service * Private Chapel of Rest * Personal Attention Day or Night * Pre-funeral arrangements tailored to your needs * Free Advice and Quotations

HCT Established 1927

Tel: 01423 359190 / 871110 Web: E-mail: Oakfield House, Tofts Lane, Follifoot, Harrogate. HG3 1DY

Cut out the cross, colour in the picture and glue it onto piece of card. You can then hang it up on Easter Day


Nun Monkton


Kirk Hammerton

Sunday 6 April

10.30 am Family Service

6.30 pm Evening Worship

9.00 am Sung Communion

Palm Sunday 13 April

Hunsingore Procession of Witness and Holy Communion (please meet at 09:40 at Hunsingore Village Hall or 10:00 outside Church)

Maundy Thursday 17 April

Hunsingore - 7.30 pm Holy Communion Service for Maundy Thursday

Good Friday 18 April


2.00 pm Devotions for Good Friday

7.00 pm Devotions for Good Friday

9:30 am Sung Communion

6:00 am Sonrise and 6.30 pm Sung Communion

Sunday 27 April

10:30 am Sung Communion

Kirk Hammerton - 10:00 am United Family Service

Sunday 4 May

10.30 am Family Service

6.30 pm Evening Worship

9.00 am Sung Communion

Sunday 11 May

8.00 am Holy Communion

10.00 am Sung Communion

10.00 am (Methodist Chapel) Holy Communion

Sunday 18 May

10.30 am Family Communion

10.00 am Family Service

8.00 am Holy Communion

Sunday 25 May

6.30 pm Evening Worship

8.00 am Holy Communion

10:00 am Family Service

Sunday 1 June

10.30 am Family Service

6.30 pm Evening Worship

9.00 am Sung Communion

June / July 2014 Edition Copy Deadline Would you please send articles and photographs for the next edition to the Editor to be received by Saturday 17th May 2014 please at the latest. 19

Niddside News April - May 2014 Edition  

The April - May 2014 Edition of Niddside News, the Parish Magazine of the Church of England Parish of Lower Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

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