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Reporting on our latest events and initiatives Issue 2012

Discover more inside..... - Shahin's experience in Nepal, - Nida Trust Sponsors Muslim Writers Awards, - You Teach Programme, - Professional Studies for Primary School Teachers' Foundation Level, - Professional Studies for Headteachers, - Muslim Head Teacher's Forum, - SCETT 30th Anniversary Annual Conference 2011: 'Teacher Education: Past, Present and Future', - Y-LEAD for Community Centres, - Y-LEAD for Schools, - An Insight into Islam Programme,

Shahin's experience in Nepal On the 10th of July 2011 Shahin Ahmed, our Y-Lead Programme Coordinator for East London and Trustee of Nida Trust along with 10 other international volunteers embarked on a 3 month journey to Nepal as part of a new scheme funded by the U.K Government known as International citizen service. The organisation he went to Nepal with was Restless Development. During his time in Nepal they set up a new library, raised money for the local school by organising a talent show and motivated the community to take positive action to improve their community. They also set up a new mentoring scheme in order to help the young people improve their reading, writing and speaking (English). By being part of Nida Trust and having the experience in leading Y -lead programme (youth leadership programme), Shahin was able to support some of the classes in the local schools which the young students really enjoyed. Overall his experience in Nepal was life changing and has made him appreciate life even more.

- Train the Trainer Workshop, - Parenting for Life, - School Home Partnership, - Nida Trust in Qatar

You Teach Programme The You Teach Programme support sessions have taken place three times since the start of the autumn term attracting nearly 30 trainee teachers, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and other more experienced teachers (Post-NQTs). Trainee teachers have learned about delivering

Nida Trust Sponsors Muslim Writers Awards good lessons, promoting behaviour for learning and applying for their first teaching post. NQTs have learned about delivering outstanding lessons, effective questioning and catering for Gifted and Talented students. The Post-NQTs have learned about successfully leading a school project, aspiration, influence and school culture, as well as about effective coaching and mentoring.

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Professional Studies for Primary School Teachers' Foundation Level All three parts of the Professional Studies for Primary School Teachers' foundation course were delivered over three consecutive Saturdays in London. The course was

Foundation who covered the topic of ‘Using Dialogic Principles to develop thinking in the Primary Classroom’.

Professional Studies for Headteachers The first two parts of our Headteachers’ course took place this term. Unit 1 was on ‘Developing Effective School Systems’ and was delivered by Sr. Firdos Qazi. Unit 2 was on ‘Ensuring accountability & Effective use of school performance data’ and was delivered by Humaira Saleem, Headteacher, Suffah Primary School. The remaining four parts will be delivered over the coming months.

Muslim Head Teacher's Forum Headteachers from across London and the surrounding areas have met four times since the start of the autumn term to discuss a variety of themes including: Bullying and delivered by three experienced practitioners, including Sr. Humaira Saleem, Headteacher of Suffah Primary School, who covered the topic of 'Classroom Management, Organisation and Delivery', Br. Majid Ishaque, Deputy-Headteacher of Al-Noor Primary School who covered the topic of 'Planning and Assessment', and Sr. Foziya Reddy, Headteacher of Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation who covered the topic of 'Children and Individual Needs'.

Professional Studies for Primary School Teachers' Advanced Level Following the Foundation Level course, the Professional Studies for Primary School Teachers' Advanced level course was delivered over three consecutive Saturdays in London. The course was delivered by three experienced practitioners, including Sr. Humaira Saleem, Headteacher of Suffah Primary School, who covered the topic of ''Creative Curriculum: How to plan an integrated, creative and skills based curriculum to reignite learning in children', Sr.

Someera Butt, Headteacher of Al-Noor Primary School who covered the topic of 'Unleashing Potential - Promoting the Emotional Development of Pupils', and Sr. Farah Ahmed & Sr. Foziya Reddy, Headteachers of Islamic Shakhsiyah

emotional development; Dealing with complaints; Whole School Literacy and the New Ofsted Inspection Framework and Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning. The forum has also had the pleasure of being joined by Siôn Humphreys from the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) who has contributed to the themes of each meeting.

SCETT 30th Anniversary Annual Conference 2011: 'Teacher Education: Past, Present and Future' On Friday 25 November, Br. Amjad Malik, School Leadership Development Coordinator for Nida Trust spoke at the SCETT (Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers) 30th Anniversary Annual Conference 2011 entitled 'Teacher Education: Past, Present and Future'. Br. Amjad presented a case study from Nida Trust which included the work of our You Teach Programme in supporting ethnic minority teachers in schools.

Y-LEAD for Community Centres

Y - Lead for community took place at Noor Ul Islam from the 8th October to 12th November 2011, every Saturday from 2pm-5pm. This 6 weeks professional youth development course targeted young people age 14-20. Youth Programme was based on the following topics: Effective Leadership Communication skills/Express Yourself Conflict resolution Influencing others Motivation Developing a campaign The course was structured in order to build a bridge between curricular studies and the world the youth encounters. Each week guest speakers were invited to deliver part of the session, enlightening and giving an in depth understanding and support to the participants. With over 23 participants each week, we have received the following feedbacks: “It helped me build skills that youth need in life” Yasmeen Mukadam “Motivates the youth in to good leaders and good people” Yahya Abdi “This type of programme is incredibly useful and it gives the youth in the community support and guidance” Ozma Najib

and to take the initiative when the feel they want to make a change however small and to understand their purpose and worth.

An Insight into Islam Programme

Insight into Islam was launched on 30th October 2011 at Ebrahim Community College. The main purpose of the course is to enable the participants to understand the practical implications of different aspects of Islamic teachings namely: Reforming Message, Knowledge, Leaders, Neighbours, Friends and Freedom. The course is designed to allow students to have dialogue, debate and discuss current issues from an Islamic and non Islamic perspective. The students feel overwhelmed to have a platform where they can freely express their views without feeling restricted and have shown a strong support for Nida Trust’s ‘Creative Delivery Style’.

Train the Trainer Workshop

Y-LEAD for Schools

Y-LEAD for schools is a six-week leadership course mainly aimed at school pupils between the ages of 14 to 16. The topics covered include conflict resolution, goal setting, communication skills, motivation, developing an effective campaign and the final session ties in everything the participants have learnt in the past two weeks into one session where the main focus is our best example the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We hope that by the end of the 6 weeks the pupils taking part increase their ability to communicate with others in their society using an open mind in order to understand and tolerate others and to be proactive

Over 22 young people participated in our training the trainer programme this year on Saturday and Sunday (1st & 2nd October). These young people were selected from the last year’s Y – Lead (youth leadership programme) to play a leading role in delivering the youth leadership programmes in various centres. On Saturday, the young people explored what makes an outstanding youth leadership session, how young people learn and did a draft plan of a youth leadership session which they shared with others in the class. On Sunday, each participant did a role of teaching part of youth leadership session while others in the class acted as students. They were observed by experienced youth leaders and were given constructive feedback on how well they did and what can be done to improve fur-

ther. One participant commented that the train the trainer programme boosted their confidence and is now far more confident to lead a session.

Parenting for Life

Community Development department launched its first ever ‘Parenting for Life’ workshop at Muslim Welfare House on 2nd November 2011. The course is designed to illustrate to parents the concept of positive, proactive and life-long parenting and empower them with skills and confidence to work with their children as they grow up. The workshop was delivered over 3 days with approximately 30 female participants attending, mainly from Somali and Arab background. It was delivered by Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari (a prominent author and a parenting consultant) and was simultaneously translated in both Arab and Somali language to ensure a maximum impact.

School Home Partnership Seminars

the Qur’an during that week. The week included a variety of school based activities which culminated in a very successful celebratory event at Suffah Primary School, in Hounslow, West London, where students’ work was exhibited as part of an exhibition and students also delivered presentations other students, teachers and parents.

Supplementary Schools Teacher Training Our Supplementary Schools Teacher Training courses have taken place twice since the start of the autumn term with 25 teachers from a variety of supplementary schools and Madrassahs learning about ‘Planning for Learning’ and ‘Learning Styles’. Other courses on ‘Assessing Pupil Progress & Providing feedback’ are scheduled for the coming months.

Nida Trust in Qatar

The School-Home Partnership Seminars have already been a huge hit this year with seminars being delivered to over 400 parents in community centres across London including Whitechapel, Wembley, Leyton, Greenwich, and Harrow. The seminars address some of the reasons why Muslim children in the UK are underachieving at school and highlight the impact of parental participation on a child's development and education. The seminars have also provided parents with practical tips to support their child's education at home and at school.

Qur'an Week The Qur’an Week was organised by the Headteachers’ Forum as part of an inter-school project, which took place on 28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2011. Many schools from across London and the surrounding areas focused on the theme of

Nida Trust continues to work on site at two large secondary schools in Doha, Qatar, providing consultancy on raising standards of teaching and learning and improving outcomes for the students who attend the schools. Nida Trust has also launched the first Cambridge University accredited International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers in Qatar.

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