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The Importance Of Gynecologist For Women Gynecologists are medical experts that deal with disorders related to the female reproductive system. A gynecologist can also be an obstetrician that help females in women to have a healthy pregnancy followed by delivery.

It is important for females to consult a gynecologist regularly in order to promote health related to their reproductive systems. The right time for a female to start consulting a gynecologist is from the beginning of puberty. This is the time when reproductive organs of a female began to mature and grow. They should ideally be examined between the ages of 13 to 15 or once they start being sexually active. Being the experts, gynecologists can answer even the most trivial queries about female body functions such as menstruation, pregnancy, etc. Also, older women can consult such physicians to gain an understanding about menopause in conjugation with hormone replacement therapy and its need. Visiting your gynecologist regularly in your puberty year will help you enjoy a healthy reproductive life later.

If you are living in Noida and choose to start consulting, the gynecologist will prescribe you a yearly well woman exam. The obstetrician/gynecologist will carry out a pelvic and breast examination during this test. The aim of the pelvic examination is to carry out an inspection of the cervix. The other procedure termed Pap smear or the Papanicolaou test is a method to screen the cervix of the presence of any cancerous cells. However, females should mandatorily get themselves checked for any disorders related to the cervix irrespective of the Pap Smear being prescribed or not. The best gynecologist in Noida will help in the early assessment of potential disorders related to your reproductive organs and prescribe the necessary treatments. A gynecologist can also test your reproductive health with the help of blood or tissue cultures.

Besides visiting the best gynecologist in Noida, a little bit of self - awareness can also help in the early detection of abnormalities related to the breast. Post that, the presence of any cancer -

causing cells can be detected using a Mammogram which in essence is an X-ray procedure. The digital imaging - based software used in this procedure potentially helps in removing errors in the detection. However, some disagreements related to the frequencies of a Mammogram have surfaced. Keeping in view the recommendation of the American Cancer Society, the best gynecologist in Noida prescribes that a woman till she turns 40 should be screened two to three times in case of continual absence of any cancer - causing factors. In case any potential causes of concerns arise, breast ultrasound and biopsies should follow next. During the period of pregnancy, abnormalities can be detected with the help of amniocentesis or ultrasound in the fetus. Another test termed as the Chorionic Villus Sampling tests the tiny vascular fibrils which are responsible for the formation of the placenta. This is essentially a laparoscopic procedure. In essence, it helps in the evaluation of the fetus wholly. While many of these procedures can be carried out in the clinics of the best gynecologists in Noida, a few might require to be carried out in a hospital or an outpatient surgical unit.

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a gynecologist includes is the detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). In case you happen to notice any unnatural vaginal discharge or lesions, you should mandatorily consult a gynecologist. The gynec would take smears of the discharge and detect whether it is due to any sore or STD. The best gynecologists in Noida will also help in the detection of other health threats such as endometriosis, cancer and fibroid tumors. A doctor in gynecology can help in the timely detection of these disorders and prescribe surgery or medications to treat them. Also, contraception plays a big part in the female reproductive system. You can consult a gynec for the various methods of contraception and what is the most suitable for you. Once a female reaches the age of menopause, they may or may not go through some physical or emotional or changes. In case they do, a gynecologist will help evaluate the hormone levels in the blood and prescribe therapy of hormone replacement if the need be.

Your health insurance company can also help you in finding the best gynecologist in Noida. This will benefit you as the charges of the gynecs they will prescribe will be in accordance with the policy cap you are covered for. Now that you are aware of the reasons for consulting a gynec, get going and show some love to yourself and all the ladies in your family by influencing them to consult the best gynecologist in Noida.

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The importance of gynecologist for women  

A gynecologist can also be an obstetrician that help females in women to have a healthy pregnancy followed by delivery.

The importance of gynecologist for women  

A gynecologist can also be an obstetrician that help females in women to have a healthy pregnancy followed by delivery.