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I won't bore you with what you already know about Katniss Everdeen, of course she is the protagonist, the main character and the narrator of this story but there is so much more to her character than this. Her olive skin, grey eyes and long braided hair have been portrayed so well by the Katniss Everdeen actress in the film that we see the images everywhere! There is no doubt that Suzanne Collins has written a very unique and complex female character who is going to be dissected for years to come. It was Katniss' father who took her to the woods and taught her how to hunt which essentially saves her life when she volunteers to take the place of her younger sister Prim in the hunger games. Katniss Everdeen's father died when she was 11 years old. This event is a major contributing factor to her character and the intense will to survive she has within her. She watched her mother slip into an inconsolable depression and therefore it became her job to manage the household and feed the family. This moment in her life also coincides with her first real memory of her fellow tribute Peeta. In the beginning of her hunting years she struggled greatly and one night found herself in the rain searching through a dumpster that just happened to be outside Peeta's family bakery. Although his mother yelled for her to leave Peeta snuck a loaf of bread out to her and literally saved her and her family's lives. Her life continued to evolve around hunting and survival and during her weekly hunts to the forbidden forest she met Gale. He quickly began her best and only real friend. The two of them have a great deal in common in terms of they both are there supporting their families. Although Gale was a few years older than Katniss the two of them had much in common. He too will be a part of the entire Hunger Games trilogy. Each character that interacts with Katniss does so for a reason, to highlight or bring to the surface characteristics of her that has not yet been seen. For example, the purpose of Gale is to show she does have a loving and fun side and is not always tough and serious. A love interest does transpire here and leaves readers wondering between Gale and Peeta. While at the hunger games Katniss learns how to survive on a deeper level, by giving the audience what they want, her love for Peeta. Although this love is definitely fictitious in the beginning it doesn't take long to see that through her tough exterior she feels something for Peeta. I don't want to spoil too much of the Hunger Games trilogy for those of you out there who haven't completed it but Katniss Everdeen become the Mockingjay Panem has been waiting for and her defiance of the Capital in the Hunger Games is all the rest of the districts need to see in order to set their plans in motion; plans to overthrow the Capital and use Katniss as the center piece in their game.

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