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N E W S Summer 2007

Foamline polyurethane foam is available in sheets from 3/16” to 24” (5mm-610 mm) thick blocks in densities from 2 lb/ft³, 4 lb/ft³ and 6 lb/ ft³. Standard sheet size is 48” X 96” or 1219X2438 mm but custom sheet sizes (to accommodate a need for no waste) is available on a special order basis, up to 16’ long. All Foamline products can be supplied in customer specified CNC cut kit form. NidaCore Foamline products are set apart form its competition as its one of the only LOW INDEX foams on the market. Low index means that the ratio between the polyol and isocyanate is very close to 1:1. By increasing the iso component, in relationship to polyol, manufacturers have been able to make the foam less expensive, but sacrificing elongation at the same time, resulting in a more brittle foam. NidaCore Foamline is more flexible and has higher elongation therefore making it more suitable for composite parts manufacture, than most of its competitors, who are designed with better fire retardant properties in mind for architectural applications. Foamline features a closed cell content up to 99% , is freeze and thaw cycle tested. On special order basis, following additives are available: anti-static additives, low-abrasion additives (for machining applications), fire-retardant additives, custom pigmentation .

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NidaCore Foamline is sold by the box of 48X96X12 in rigid or flexible-scored (by special order). Large stock for immediate shipping from 3 locations in North America and from many independent distributors worldwide.

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Catherine Le Lan Operations Manager Nida-Core Europe

Peter Legnos founded Legnos Boat Building Company in May, 1971. Originally, the company specialized in the construction of Hollow Wood Sailboat Masts and Spars and related marine repair fabrication. In the early 80's, LBI began packaging and selling proprietary products that we had developed over the years. These products are marketed to contractors and trades people through a printed catalog, web page, and through a local store front. LBI is popular with local Northeast marine repair facilities and boat owners alike , who can always rely on Peter’s and Deborah’s vast experience and technical advice. LBI retail store in Groton, Connecticut stocks a vast array of composite materials: resins, fiberglass reinforcements, Nida-Core core materials and putties, tools and solvents.

Check out our NEW, much improved website at An enhanced product application guide, how to work with Nida-Core and Nida-Core Panels section, mechanical properties section, comparison guide to alternative materials, online ordering, soon to be available customer order tracking ; all part of the effort to enable the customer to save valuable time and bring essential information just a few mouse-clicks away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Catherine Le Lan joined Nida-Core Europe in 2002 (formerly Structiso) in Aniche, France (in northern France close to the Belgian border) as operations manager, responsible for day-to-day operations and overseeing a busy office and manufacturing facility. Prior to joining Nida-Core Europe, Catherine worked for a decade in Paris, France responsible for human resources and communication for many large corporations, such a as Tarmac Ltd, Midas Europe, Ericsson and Ascom. She has also spent 3 years in Italy during the expatriation of her husband. Nida-Core Europe has experienced long period of sustained growth with its expanding manufacturing and converting operations.

Nida-Core Europe headquarters in Aniche, France

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Clark Island Boat Works was established in 1978 by Charles Daniel "Dan" MacCaffray. Dan's strategy is to build boats that are "built to last" at a price people can afford. The boat shop has been in its present location since 1982. Clark Island Boat Works is located in the active fishing community of St. George, Maine. You can find a Clark Island Boat along the Maine coast, as well as in many areas of New England. Dan's list of boats include over 40 lobster boats, a cargo yacht, 42-45' fishing draggers, Coast Guard certified sightseeing passenger vessels, sailboats and 12' custom skiffs. Clark Island Boats uses Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb extensively to lighten the boats, lower the center of gravity and dampen the vibrations caused by the diesel motors and generators to provide a quiet, tough workboat for the professional fisherman.

Clark Island 45, powered by 375 hp John Deere. Nida-Core H8PP is used extensively on every Clark Island Boat, from bulkheads to floors to pilot housings. Window perimeter need not to be sealed with this construction method as Nida-Core H8PP is not affected by eventual leaks.

Wrangler Boat Co. Wrangler Boat Company originally began as a boat repair shop, and has continually offered these services for the last two decades. All Wrangler boats are made with 100 % wood free construction incorporating an all fiberglass stringer system and have NidaCore Structural Honeycomb panels in their floors, transoms, and deck areas. NidaCore Honeycomb panels are rot proof, lighter, stronger, and more impact resistant then plywood. The honeycomb construction method also reduces noise, adds positive flotation, and have an increased insulation factor. They also make extensive use of biaxial and woven roving fiberglass fabrics through out every model. For all of these reasons and many more, all Wrangler Boats are high quality boats that will perform at an outstanding level for many years to come, all while keeping you extremely safe. All Wrangler Boats are backed by a five year structural warranty.

Wrangler Boat Company is proud that their boats are being used to protect our country. The United States Border Patrol has recently put the Intimidator LE to use in the New York waterways. Wrangler Boat Co. has specially modified their Intimidator 20 series hull enhancing performance, handling, and durability to accommodate the rigors of pursuit and intercept by law enforcement agencies. The interiors are custom rigged to meet the customers exact needs, from motors to lights and anything else from bow to stern. The Intimidator 20 LE comes standard in dark gray non glare gel coat finish. The Intimidator 20 LE is only available to registered law enforcement agencies.


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LAST ONE! 1 Balsalite chemical sloped bottom kit, 12’ diameter, slope 4”-1”, 1 available at 50% off regular price $900 EA Nida-Core H8PP 45 mm 48X84 in our Barrie, ONT Warehouse 50 sheets at $2.65 sq.ft USD Call 647 200 2900 Nida-Core H8PP 20mm+18oz WR panels 36”X144” can be cut in half, $50 discount per panel. Nida-Core HC 20 mm 85 sheets, green colored scrim cloth 60X84 50% off regular price. Nida-Core HC 13 mm 430 sheets 50% off regular price. Both 13 and 20 mm have slight delamination markings that are marked on each sheet. Matline 401 6” wide rolls, 84 rolls in all, special discount available, inquire with your area representative. A full off-spec/discounted core list available upon request. FOR SALE or TRADE - clean room (1990) for composites, electronics, pharmaceutical industries. Port St.Lucie FL location, size 26X92, 9’6” ceiling height. Used for magnetic card stripe manufacture in the past. Price: $30,000 or best offer, (represents fraction of original replacement cost) 480VAC 3Ph 600A Honeywell controls, Trane AC, 40HP Blower.

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