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New Product Nida-Core


This section is provided free of charge to anybody in composites industry as a means to buy, sell, or trade equipment and materials. Please contact editor of this newsletter Jack Lugus at to place your ads for quarterly publication. Space is limited so reserve your space now!

* 3 axis Warthog brand 4X8 light duty CNC mill, $6700.00 * A full off-spec/discounted core list available upon request.

October 2005. Nida-Core Corp. announces the master distributorship for Plastech RTM , VARTM equipment, consumables, and technology. The RTM injection machinery range includes systems with manual injection control, to fully automatic injection and manipulation systems, utilizing programmable logic controls. Optional equipment includes injection volume programming, catalyst flow monitoring, injection pressure monitoring and control, mixing and non-mixing machines and resin temperature control. Nida-Core Corp. and its worldwide technical sales representatives will consult with prospective

* 9 Balsalite chemical sloped bottom kits, 12’ diameter, slope 4”-1” , 10 available at 50% off regular price $900 EA *Nida-Core H8PP 5mm 48”X84” sheets, 100 only at this price $0.74 per sq.ft . Call 772-343-7300 for further details. *Nida-Core H8PP 45 mm 48X84 in our Montreal, QC Warehouse 50 sheets at $2.65 sq.ft USD Call 571-332-9903 *Balsalite 1 1/4” S2S/,Balsalite FPS 5/8,Balsalite 1” S2S Light, Balsalite 1 1/2" Rigid Balsalite 1 1/4" S2S 1"S2SLight 11/16" S2S 5/8" FP/S 5/8"Rigid 5/8"S2/S 1 3/16 Rigid 48" x 48 25% off list price.

FOR SALE or TRADE - cleanroom (1990) for composites, electronics, pharmaceutical industries. Port St.Lucie FL location, size 32X92, 9’6” ceiling height. Used for magnetic card stripe manufacture in the past. Price: $30,000 or best offer, (represents fraction of original replacement cost) 480VAC 3Ph 600A Honeywell controls,Trane AC, 40HP Blower.

Visit us Nov. 16-18 at Las Vegas, NV 2005, Pool and Spa show, Nov. 28-Dec.1 DMC show,Orlando, FL.

customers for a TURNKEY SOLUTION for conversion into closed molding. Nida-Core Corp., in cooperation with Mr. Alan Harper and Plastech will offer comprehensive training, equipment, tool design and fabrication, all necessary materials and consumables as a single source solution from a reputable, well established source. Nida-Core Corp. will also offer service and parts for all existing and future Nida-Core/Plastech equipment owners within North America.

NIDA FUSION infusion and rtm materials October 2005. Nida-Core Corp. introduces full line of SCRIMP, infusion and light RTM consumables, including bagging films, perforated film, flow netting, sealant tape, connector valves, breathers, peel ply etc. Complimenting our existing infusion and RTM core materials, STRUCTISO and STRUCTIFORM, and our new NIDAFLOW fiberglass reinforced laminar flow media , the addition of NidaFusion products makes it possible for our customer to purchase all training, equipment, consumables, core materials from one single source: Nida-Core Corp and its worldwide distribution network.

Allen Hung

Our Distributor

Taiwan, East China Sales Representative Nida-Core Corp.

Nida-Core Corp. is proud to welcome Mr.Allen Hung as our Taiwan/East China Sales Representative. Allen is a graduate of University of California at Irvine and Orange Coast College of California, majoring in Fine Arts. After graduating college, Allen returned to his native Taiwan to complete the mandatory 2 years of military service. Allen’s experience includes 3 years with Aegis Marine and TUNG HWA YACHT CO. An avid baseball fan with keen interest in yacht design and engineering, Allen will direct and service our customer base in the territories of Eastern China and Taiwan. Allen resides in Taiwan and he can be reached directly on his cell phone at 091-950-9076.

Our employees

Fiberglass Coatings, Inc. is committed to meeting the needs of their customers, from the hobbyist to the professional. They provide products and support to individuals and to major manufacturers of composite fabricated products alike. From their location at 4301A 34th Street N., St. Petersburg, FL, they offer a wide variety of product such as abrasives, acrylics, adhesives, caulks, catalysts, epoxies, fiberglass, fillers, foams, gelcoats (including color matches), polyesters, putties, reinforcements, releases, solvents, tools and much more. Products are available in many sizes and quantities. Fiberglass Coatings, Inc. offers a wide array of products.Their customer service staff is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to serve you. Their technical support staff with years of field experience is ready to answer your questions and help you get your applications right. Their full time chemists have extensive backgrounds and experience in coming up with solutions to your special needs and applications.

Dolphin Catamarans Dolphin Catamarans of Brazil used NidaCore H8PP in its hull, deck, pilothouse and interior structural bulkheads and non structural dividers. Dolphin reports that they found significant advantages by converting to the Nida-Core H8PP Structural Honeycomb from the cross linked PVC foam cores, as lamination resin can be used to directly bed the core into the wet laminate, as opposed to the costly and cumbersome core bonding adhesive, that the PVC core dictates. Dolphin manufactures sailing and power catamarans from 29-71 feet . More information about their offerings can be found at

Colunna Boats

Looking for an exciting ride? Hop in a XR2-S Jet Boat By Colunna Boats of Brazil and experience the most thrilling innovation in water sports today. In Memory of the late Ayrton Senna of the Formula One fame, XR2-S Jet Boat delivers all the thrills of personal watercraft, but also gives you powerful towing ability and lets you share the adventure with your passengers. This jet boat is going to make a new movement among the waters of the world, with a very modern and innovator style, the new XR2-S jet boat is the best option for having a good time and fun for the whole family. The jet boat has several options of colors, material and engine, so you can have an exclusive personalized jet boat that suits you. Nida-Core H8PP used in hull sides, deck, floor. To find out more about this exiting craft, visit

Fiberglass Coatings has 3 locations in Florida: St.Petersburg, Stuart, and Ft. Lauderdale. They can be reached Toll Free: 800-272-7890.



materials Check out our NEW, much improved website at

Inquire about our FREE new 92 page color RIGID-ELASTIC TECHNOLOGY Manual

Nida-Core Corp. representatives at a recent Guangzhou, China Composites Show and Exhibition.

Our Customers

An enhanced product application guide, how to work with Nida-Core and Nida-Core Panels section, mechanical properties section, comparison guide to alternative materials, soon to be available customer order tracking ; all part of the effort to enable the customer to save valuable time and bring essential information just a few mouse-clicks away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Newsletter 12

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