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Together we can help eliminate Newborn Tetanus

A Truly Truly Life-saving Story A Story The story of Pampers and UNICEF begins in 2006. In just five years, Pampers parents have helped provide UNICEF with more than 300 million doses of tetanus vaccine to protect 100 million women and their babies. The final chapter has not yet been written, but we’re confident our story will have a happy ending. Together we can help eliminate Newborn Tetanus. One story at a time. Each time the online version of this story is read, Pampers will donate one vaccine to UNICEF*

* Every time that a person finishes reading the full “Life-saving Story” on the Pampers website (, up to 100,000 reads by December 2011, Pampers will donate €0.053 to UNICEF to support the fight against Newborn Tetanus. This amount equals, for example, the cost of one tetanus vaccine. UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product. Pampers supports UNICEF.

Miffy and [NAME] help a friend!

It’s a pleasant day in [LOCATION] and Snuffy is in a hurry to get home.

When she reaches the house, Snuffy scratches and scratches at the door. At last Miffy arrives to let Snuffy inside.

Snuffy has found a teddy bear in the woods and brought it home to Miffy. “This lost Teddy needs our help,” says Miffy. “I wonder what to do?”

“Mother, we must get Teddy to the doctor to make him better,” says Miffy the next morning. “He doesn’t need a doctor, just love and care from friends,” says Mother Bunny.

Well, Miffy has lots of friends! She wonders who can make Teddy all better. Maybe Aunt Alice? Maybe Boris Bear? Maybe [NAME] in [LOCATION]?

Miffy decides to go and visit her Auntie Alice. “Auntie Alice, can you make Teddy all better?” Miffy asks. “Well, I can start by patching up those holes,” says Auntie Alice. “Which patches shall we use?”

[NAME] chose these patches for Teddy!

Miffy’s next stop is her good friend Grunty’s house. “Hello, Grunty. Can you make Teddy all better?” Miffy asks. “No, not all better, but I have some buttons for his eyes,” says Grunty.

[NAME] chose these buttons for Teddy!

Next Miffy finds Boris Bear in his garden. “Can you make Teddy all better?” she asks. “Hmm, let me see. I can give you a scarf to keep him warm,” Boris says.

[NAME] chose this scarf for Teddy!

Next stop is Grandma and Grandpa Bunny’s house. “Can you make Teddy all better?” Miffy asks. “No, dear Miffy. But I will help by knitting him his very own sweater,” says Grandma Bunny. “What colour should it be?”

[NAME] chose this sweater for Teddy!

At last, Miffy has all she needs to make Teddy better. What good friends she has! Auntie Alice made his patches. Grunty found two buttons. Boris Bear gave him a scarf. Grandma Bunny knitted a sweater.

And [NAME] helped put it all together! It’s hard to help when you’re all alone, but all together, it’s easy! Thank you [NAME]!

Thank you, [NAME]!

A Truly Life-saving Story Thank you for reading online and for buying this book! All proceeds from the sale of this book have been donated to UNICEF ‘Miffy helps a friend’ is based on the work of Dick Bruna Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2011 ‘Miffy and friends’ © copyright Mercis Media bv, all rights reserved