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Nico Salvador Age 21 Hometown Quezon City

Current setup Valo TV.2 white, Jug Precise Vent liners, GC Featherlite 2 Horn pro model, Eulogy Franco Cammayo 56mm 88A, Crap bearings

FAVES Favorite thing about your setup? The sound it makes when I land Worst part about your setup? Nagagasgas na D: Favorite terrain to skate? Spines, quarters Favorite skate spot? Sessions Skatepark (RIP) Favorite trick? Shifty airs, rocket fishbrains Favorite province? NCR, baby. Favorite movie? Love The Beast Favorite book? Rich Dad Poor Dad Favorite TV show? Top Gear Favorite band/artist? Up Dharma Down, Bloc Party Favorite snack while rolling? Snyder's of Hanover Favorite drink? Water? : | Favorite skate vid? VALO4LIFE Favorite jeans? Denim? Favorite wheels? 17" Enkei Tarmac EVO Favorite car? R34 Skyline GTR Favorite candy? Haribo gummi bears Favorite ice cream? Doppio cioccolato Favorite color? Blaugrana s贸n els colors, FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA! Favorite skater? Takeshi Yasutoko, Soichiro Kanashima

How did it you get into aggressive inline, and what was the key factor that had made you to put on a pair of skates? I'm not entirely sure. I guess I first started seeing it on the X-Games on TV. I had been skating ever since I was a little kid, and played roller hockey in grade school, so moving to aggressive skating seems like the natural progression. But the real catalyst was the first Jackass Project skatepark opening next to the used car lot we consigned at back then. Once I tried that out, there was no looking back. What sparks the motivation in you to skate? Who inspired you to get out there and blade? Who got you juiced? It feels good to finally land the tricks you've been working on. I think all skaters can relate to that feeling of not wanting to leave until you nail that one trick. And being with your mates is always a plus for egging you on, or giving you new ideas for tricks. Seeing my new skates in the morning always helps too :D What are you thinking when you strap up the blades and head out for a session? I usually have a trick or two in mind that I want to land in a session. Although it's not uncommon for me to think of something else on the fly and totally forget what I originally wanted to do :p How do you approach blading? Do you feel as if you skate a certain way for any reason? I grew up skating exclusively in parks, so that definitely influenced my style. I don't really like terrain that's too banged up, and I always look for a certain 'flow' in how tricks go together. What does "style" mean to you? What are your main influences for your skating? Style is whatever you make of it. A particular way of skating may be deemed as 'stylish' at a given time, but to me, whenever you inject a bit of your own personality into how you skate, that's style. When you don't look like a video game character skating, that's style. What other influences do you have in respect to blading from outside our culture? Parkour has definitely taught me to find new ways of using the environment, especially in maintaining the flow of movement. It's also extended my trick vocabulary with a lot of maneuvers taken from freerunning. Driving line techniques from circuit racing and drifting also help a lot with carving and keeping speed in park skating. What do you think about the local blading scene at the present moment? I love the mellow, laid-back, and friendly vibe our scene has. We've kinda accepted that skateboarding and BMX will probably always be more popular, so we just focus on doing our thing. Of course I'd love for it to be a bit more popular, but definitely not as much as the other 'extreme sports.' Thank yous / Shout outs First props to our motley crew (Metro Manila Greater East Side bladers?) - Yammy, Atong, Toy, Benny, Quincy, Sha, Bernonymous, Ogie, Enzo, Allain, Wilson, Kenneth, Junior, Kenji. Of course, can't forget the OG crew - Noli, Tong, Willy Boy, Mark Specks, Jojo, Melvin. Mentors who have helped along the way - Mark Schultz, Takeshi, Eito, and Yuki Yasutoko, Azikwee Anderson, Arlo Eisenberg. Board & bike friends - Armand, Ansey, Jojo Sanchez, Janelle, Jack, Monmon, Geno, Toto. Special thanks to the Salvador, Panlilio, Verzosa, and Espiritu families. Peace out!

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