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The Official Socialist and SLP Labour Party Manifesto July/August Chamber Session

Putting people before politics



The official election manifesto of the Socialist and Labour Party, published on 10th July 2018 for the Chamber election on 12th July 2018 with the full, official support and endorsement of the SLP cabinet and leadership. All cabinet members and policies are correct at the time of publishing.



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Foreword by Nico Muscat – SLP Leader We, are in politics to make a difference. Members of Parliament have the duty to change the United Kingdom for the better, and this can only be done by listening to the people. For far too long, most parties in the Chamber have forgotten who has the most important voice, and that is you, the voters. We all have a dream for the future, a country which is safe, a country which is fair and a country which makes everyone proud to be born there. The UK is currently facing new challenges, challenges which will change the way our country works. This is the time where we need your help, this is the time that we change the direction of this country and this can only be done by voting for the party which has since its very beginning put “People before politics�. This coming election is the first which the Socialist and Labour Party, the SLP will contest as a party. The SLP emerged after the sad demise of the Chamber Socialist Party, the party which for so long cared for the rights of the workers and those who believe in a fairer society. After its demise the members who had worked hard for the cause of justice and opportunity faced a choice, should we look back or should we move forward. The SLP was born after learning from mistakes of the past and also from the great


SLP achievements which the left managed to achieve. The founders of the SLP realized that now we needed to work harder than before to always put people first. The Socialist and Labour Party promises that it is willing to work with all parties to make sure that the greatest results can be achieved. While most parties on both sides of the spectrum have decided that a political alliance is beneficial, we believe that we can achieve more in this term by being open to working with all parties. We have seen in the past how infighting between parties of the same alliance changed the focus from aiming to change the country for the better to a focus which benefits no one. Our aim is to listen to you, it does not matter from which side of the spectrum you are, we know that you have the same dream as us. We, the SLP are presenting a manifesto which represents our dream. A manifesto which aims to make the United Kingdom more just, a country which looks at everyone equally, a country which is fair economically and a country which works for everyone. Our party represents a wide range of ideas, people on the left, people from the centre but most importantly we are all believers in a better Britain. Join us in this journey, vote for the SLP to make sure that your representatives will always put “People before Politics�. On the behalf of the SLP, I would like to thank you for taking the time for reading our manifesto. Feel free to ask us questions, make suggestions and get involved.

Together we can make a difference.




Culture Secretary Nathan Johnson We in the SLP recognises that culture is hugely important to our country We in the SLP recognises that culture is hugely important to our country, That is why we have a dedicated plan:

1. 1. Proportion of tax goes towards supplementing performing arts such as the theatre, opera, ballet etc so working-class people may be able to afford the prices of shows which they are usually priced out of. 2. More money given to museums and galleries, so they do not have to worry if they can afford to fund themselves or not. Also, this would allowmuseums to invest more in exhibitions and allow for museums to hire workers who specialise in historical research so special exhibitions can be bigger and better. 3. Allow for safe standing in football stadiums. 4. For all sports teams to have the 50+1 rule which allows for the

supporters to have greater say in their team and stops situations similar to what is happening to Blackpool with the Oystons. 5. All sports that are aired on TV are required to give the female and 6. male games equal air and ad time regardless of how many viewers they get. The only way to promote womens sport is to actually have it on TV. The quality doesn’t matter because if it did, no one would watch Manchester United.




Defence Secretary David Foster The SLP’s plan to promote security and safety at home and abroad 1. Recent events worldwide have shown that cyberspace is the next frontier in warfare. The SLP will lead the world in cybersecurity, through technological development, recruiting and school outreach, and increased funding for the upgrades of vital infrastructure and government systems 2. The austerity measures must end, and we pledge ourselves to exceeding the NATO 2% goal in keeping the British soldier an effective fighting force. 3. The SLP dedicates itself to the self-defense of Europe, and full cooperation and mutual assistance of to the NATO allies, as well as the UKs participation in UN peacekeeping operations. 4. Upgrading the defense forces of this nation is vital to staying relevant in the 21st century. The SLP commits that a 10

year plan will be undertaken to modernize all of the branches via development, or purchase, including finishing the deployment of Queen Elizabethclass carriers, an expansion and modernization of the Royal Navy, a replacement for the Tornado fighter-bomber, a new main battle tank to bring the Royal Tank Regiment up to par, along with other programs. 5. The SLP commits itself towards the goal of global denuclearization, while maintaining the submarine nuclear triad defense in full.




Chancellor Shaun Davies Junior Chancellor Kira Millana Lewis Forging a fairer economy 1. The SLP will impose a mansion tax based on the value of the property, taking into account the area of the country you live in. 2. We will impose a 10% luxury goods tax, and ensure that luxury goods are defined fairly so that only those with the broadest shoulders will be shouldering the burden. 3. A 4% increase in corporation tax, bringing it up to 22% to ensure corporations contribute their fair share. 4. We will empower the justice system to close tax loopholes and target those that flout tax rules aggressively. Nobody is above the law and nobody should avoid paying their fair share. 5. The SLP will invest in small business grants, to help millions of people contribute to the

economy and fulfill their dreams. 6. A Capital gains tax, a flat rate of a 15% tax on the sale of shares and stocks.


Education Senior Education Secretary Sam Fury Junior Education Secretary Sam Henshall Investing in the next generation 1. The SLP believes firmly in putting people before politics. That’s why we’re committed to creating an independent National Education Policy board, comprised of the people who actually experience our education system - students, teachers, headteachers and governors - to advise the government on education policy. 2. The SLP believes education is the ultimate investment a society can make, and a country that encourages its people to get an education is one that will thrive. To ensure our country has an educated and successful work force, the SLP will seek to abolish tuition fees. In addition, we will provide all university students with a £4,000 maintenance grant, and will offer up to £5,500 extra in means tested maintenance loans to help support students.

SLP 3. The SLP will reinstate EMA for college and sixth form students, to ensure all those that pursue a further education can be supported through their studies. 4. Though we recognise the value of more academic courses, the SLP also knows that to build a strong society, we must support students who want to pursue vocational subjects too. As such, the SLP will invest to build worldclass vocational colleges across the country. Furthermore, we will carefully review the curriculum for secondary schools and ensure that a range of vocational subjects are on offer. 5. The SLP will invest in primary and secondary schools, to ensure class sizes are capped at 30 pupils; this will make sure young pupils will be able to learn in a calm environment, free of distracting. 6. The SLP believes that no student, regardless of their class, should be denied the opportunity to get an equal education. As such we will abolish grammar schools and they will be converted into comprehensive schools.




Environment Secretary Jacob Taylor Responsible stewardship of our environment 1. The SLP will introduce a Clean Air Act which will codify into law safe levels of air pollution and empower the government to tackle pollution, to ensure a healthy environment for all. 2. We will increase the funding for clean energy solutions to ÂŁ1bn, paid for with a 1/5 diesel levy. This will allow us to truly invest in the future of our planet. 3. We will subsidise the production of clean electric cars. 4. Increase funding for local councils to fight climate change through subsidising construction and maintenance of cycle lanes, electric car charging points, creation of pedestrianised areas, community allotments. This will be funded through fines against those who act irresponsibly in regards to the environment.




Equalities Secretary Robbie Burgess Cherishing our diverse society 1. The SLP will make sure that all young people are protected within the equality act 2010. We will fight to ensure that no young person is mistreated or underpaid at work, in internships or in trial shifts. 2. After seeing slow but interesting progress in the USA of people being able to register as nonbinary on their driving licenses, the SLP will take this idea further in the UK. 3. The SLP will fight for the rights of EU nationals that reside in the UK through the Brexit negotiations. We will ensure all people, especially those who are vulnerable, receive full protection through the law. 4. With the SLP fighting for the people we are dedicated to legislating to ensure there is a fair gender balance on boards and panels across the UK. We will also ensure that there is no discrimination based on race or

religion. All voices will be heard. 5. We have an amazingly diverse society in the UK and many of our people experience disabilities. The SLP will increase funding for services for those who are not neurotypical or experience physical or mental disabilities. We as a society will truly thrive when all are able to contribute and live full lives.


Foreign Policy


Foreign Secretary Robbie Loughey Working with our international partners for peace and prosperity

1. The SLP believes that both Israel and Palestine have a right to a secure existence, and seeks to achieve this through a two-state solution. We do not support any military solution to this conflict and believe that all sides must avoid taking action that would make peace harder to achieve. Therefore, the blockade, occupation and settlements must end - as well as rocket and terror attacks. The SLP will immediately recognise the state of Palestine. A non-partisan panel will be appointed to solve border issues. 2. We support self-determination for Britain’s overseas territories. This means defending the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar against anyone who challenges it. Equally, we would accept the democratic decision of such territories to disassociate from the UK.

3. In other regions, such as the Korean Peninsula, an SLP government will work to reduce tensions through an insistence on multilateral negotiations. 4. The SLP accepts the result of the Brexit referendum and will campaign for the deliverance of a ‘soft’ Brexit. This would mean ensuring the maintenance of workplace regulations, environmental standards and a soft border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We would also guarantee the rights of EU living nationals living in Britain to remain here indefinitely.




Senior Health Secretary Joe Stanley Junior Health Secretary Ross McArthur Caring for all The NHS will once again go into public ownership, giving it the structure it needs by increasing funding. The NHS offers clinical expertise while the patient asseses their own health implications - this is done via a fully funded staffing team including consultants. The NHS is also applied at a macro level with things such as local practices and on a patient by patient basis. We must fund and help identify key issues to the sector and all those that the sector safeguards - this funding is vital for a successful health service. The SLP is committed to: 1. The SLP will stop privatisation and cuts into the NHS immediately and bring the NHS back into full public ownership. 2. We will reverse the NHS cuts and increase funding at once to ensure the NHS is once again the envy of the world.

3. Ensure those that work for the NHS receive the pay rise they desperately need and deserve. 4. A national framework for mental health issues and awareness 5. Enhanced mental health services for young people and children 6. Establishing Strategies for reducing the mortality rates for peoplesuffering serious mental health issues and for tackling the preconceptions and stereotypes about mental health issues. The SLP recognises that the strain on mental health services are increasing every year, and this demand creates delays for the health sector. The SLP aim to put in place yearly plans to cap waiting times for hospitals in general and alleviate this by giving more specialist attention to mental health; reducing waiting times in A&E.


Home Affairs


Senior Home Secretary Ollie Willows Junior Home Secretary Mackenzie Marshall The SLP understands hat secure our country from domestic threats we need a strong and sensible approach to home affairs The SLP Pledges to: 1. Repeal the investigatory powers act. 2. Establish protections for people’s personal information and establish a digital crime prevention commission. 3. Appoint a domestic violence/ sexual assault commissioner as well as establishing a national refuge fund and banning the use of community resolutions as a response to domestic violence. 4. Appoint community liaison officers and work with local authorities to cut down on FGM. 5. Abolish prevent and replace it with a community based antiradicalisation programme. 6. Recruit 3,000 more border

guards and administrators in order to eliminate human trafficking. 7. 2,000 new firefighters and mandatory flood response training for fire units across the country. 8. 8. Separate the running of fire and police departments to ensure maximum efficiency. 9. 9. Expand secret services and Increase intelligence officer numbers.




Justice Secretary Ben Lockley Creating a legal system based on honesty, fairness and liberty 1. We will open inquiries into Orgreave and blacklisting. We will release all papers relating to the Shrewsbury 24 trials and the 37 Cammell Laird shipyard workers. 2. We will immediately re-establish early advice entitlements in the Family Courts. 3. We will reintroduce funding for the preparation of judicial review cases. 4. We will introduce an amnesty on prosecutions, for all crimes committed as part of the troubles (1968–1998). With the goal of securing the Good Friday Agreement and ensuring equality under the law on all sides. 5. We will reinstate legal aid entitlements, in line with the recommendations of the Bach Commission.

6. We welcome the Supreme Court’s ruling that Employment Tribunal Fees are unlawful. We will do more to ensure the quick and full repayment of all unlawfully paid fees, with interest rates and inflation taken into account. 7. We will re-establish the mandatory minimum salary for trainee and legal aid lawyers, set at £25,000 per annum (adjusted each year for RPI inflation).




Acting Labour Secretary Sam Fury Junior Secretary Jawad Khan Fighting for a better deal for workers 1. Legislate to ensure that any employer wishing to recruit labour from abroad does not undercut workers at home. 2. Repeal the Trade Union Act and roll out sectoral collective bargaining. 3. Guarantee trade unions a right to access workplaces by removing employers ability to choose which unions they negotiate with. 4. Regulate Zero hour contracts to prevent abuses by employers, whilst upholding workers right to work flexibly. 5. Place trade union representatives on the largest company boards to give workers a say on decisions that will affect them.




Acting Wales Secretary Jamie Gooding Northern Ireland Secretary Dominic Breen Fighting for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland 1. We will empower the Welsh assembly by increasing its powers to be equal with that of the Scottish parliament. 2. We will review the Barnett formula to make sure it is fit for purpose and provides the best level of funding for all of the nations within the UK. 3. The SLP is committed to securing funding for the Swansea tidal lagoon, to create jobs and energy. 4. We will devolve further powers to Wales, including taxation powers. 5. Reassess the scope of Stormont’s devolved powers, and investigate areas that fall under remit of Stormonts assembly. 6. Legalise gay marriage and abortion bringing Northern Ireland into line with the rest of

the UK. 7. Support a referendum on Irish unity if such a vote is called for by the Stormont Assembly and commit to a 20-year reunification deal in the event that a referendum on the issue passes.




Technology Secretary Jamie Gooding Bringing Britain well into the 21st Century 1. We will provide a system of grants to existing and new technology (IT and manufacturing) startups to assist them in setting up a functioning and profitable company. The merits of each applying company will be assessed before grants are provided, with factors such as their benefit to the local area and whether they are a co-operative being considered in the process. 2. A national resource of technical jobs in industry and research will be set up to ensure that qualified professionals who have just finished their course at a further or higher education institution are able to use their skills to contribute to economic growth.


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